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[jost [center [size14 Raizel is living with her uncle on his farm in Arizona to finish her education to become a vet. Caine, wounded, takes shelter at the stranger's. She discovers his body wounded and takes him in to patch him up. He's accustomed to a chosen lavish life of wealth and crime. Caine can only stay hidden for so long by the men that are wanting his head. They find him and the farm. Caine is only able to save Raizel and himself. Now they know Raizel's face, Caine goes on the run with her.

Feeling responsible and also finding her a hindrance, he plans to train her so she can protect herself and he can go back into his life of crime and wealth. He shows how fallen he is from his morals, and tries to get her to fall into his world too. ]]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/65/c0/c6/65c0c6dd2fec6d01dd5934789f8a4129.gif ]]

Age: 20
Plays the guitar, sings. Lives with Uncle. Has a horse named Noir
Birthday: June
Dream: To be a vet
She's had someone lifeless in her arms before Caine, unknown who it is.
Was bullied for loving animals too much at the city.

Shawn: A guy from Rai's highschool. Cop. He tried to assult Rai. Caine beat him up. He was arrested for sexual harassment.
Kristin: Best friend - a college friend
Axel: Boyfriend: blonde hair, works on the farm
Dawn: receptionist where Rai worked. Blonde hair

Age: 23
Birthday: August
Has a german Shepard, one eye brown, one eye blue: Fang

April: Caine's dog sitter
Addy: connection with Caine
Skye: Little girl
Brook: Ex-fiance, abused, rap, dead. Black hair, brown eyes.
three unknown members in his photo that all look like soliders. One girl.
Gemma: Girl from Rai's town, artist, looks like brook. Deceased? She betrayed Caine, afraid of her own life. Caine dated her.


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She was in the middle of packing when Caine came in. She felt startled, but when he saw her looking at her suitcase, she pouted [b "IT is? But it's a pretty thick jacket. I mean....if we have some time today I guess we can go shopping again"] she thought she did a pretty good job of getting all she needed. [b "I do like it when you keep me warm"] she admitted and would lean into him.

Rai kissed his lips and would run her fingers along his bare chest, thinking it was unfair he was coming in here in just his boxers. He felt warm against her touch as she ran her fingers down his chest to the rim of his boxers, wrapping her arms around him. When she leaned in to kiss his chest, she felt him backing her up as she sat against the bed. Rai looked up at him [b "I do....but I can't help it. I really like your attention"] she felt him caress her cheek and she'd lean into his hand and would kiss palm, feeling where his hands went.

Rai laid back and when she felt his lips on her stomach and it would make her squirm. [b "You won't. I know that you have good intentions. You can want me and think about me at the same time can't you?"] she asked, brushing her fingers through his hair slowly. [b "You won't hurt me again. I know you won't"] she ran her fingers along his shoulders and over his strong back. As she slid them down his lower back to his boxers, she would lean up to kiss his lips. [b "We can take it slow if we have to"] she assured him, wanting to know that either way, she'd be okay with it. At least he was trying.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 4d 23h 36m 46s
[b “You did?”] Caine tilted his head, thinking for some reason that was a while ago. He saw her looking back at him with a smile. [b “Mmm…”} He’d look at her suitcase [b “Rai… I’m not sure if that jacket will be enough. It’s really…freezing. I know a good brand.” ] He mentioned and then smirked a bit [b “But…I could warm you up.” ] He said.

He had his hands on her waist, lips on er skin. It was tempting. He wanted that touch but didn’t want to risk hurting her like that again. It…bothered him. [b “Yea, you could help me.” ] He said. He brushed her hair back and felt her leaning aginst him. [b “I do like seeing you in this, but it’s tempting.” ] He told her, seeing her coming to face him. He moaned when she kissed him. She was…always flirting with danger wasn’t she? He felt her hands on his chest. It was…nice. He held her by the waist, holding her in there. He watched her fingers glide down his firm abs. [b “I just came downstairs…” ] He’d reply quietly.

The way she was grinning at him when she said it – ah it was hard. He watched her, staying quiet. Her lips went to his chest. His hand reached for her hair to pull her head back and roughly play but he caught himself. Instead he just stroked it and then backed her up till she was forced to sit back against the bed. [b “Rai…haven’t you learned by now? What teasing does to me?” ] He asked her, caressing her cheek, [b “It’s hard to resist you enough, and you make it harder.” He said to her. His hand reached up her waist to her chest, giving it a squeeze and trying to push her down to lay back. He kissed her stomach. [b “I don’t want you to feel used.” ] He said quietly, looking up at her with worry, [b “I don’t want to hurt you.” ]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 5d 2h 39m 52s
She understood that he hadn't had a real relationship in a long time and it would feel new for him to try and get back into it. Rai understood that and didn't want to rush him or anything. They'd figure it out together even if it was slowly.

HIs words were sweet and she was glad he was thinking about her. She smiled and met his lips, kissing him slowly. SHe liked it when he was gentle with her and treated her with care. She stroked his hair and soon snuggled in, pouting a bit at his words. She ended up falling asleep beside him.

In the morning, Rai would struggle to escape his arms. She made some coffee for them and she'd take a sip. After ordering them some food, she headed into her room and would pull out her suitcase and start bringing out some clothes. She set aside what she thought about bringing and then even planning a few outfits Caine would like. When she put his scarf into her luggage, she felt something press against her behind. When she heard his voice, it startled her a bit. [b "Well....I did just wake up"] she looked back at him with a smile [b "I think I set out everything I need. Maybe you could give me advice on if these clothes are warm enough?"] she asked, pointing to a few in her suitcase.

She felt his hands going to her waist and then his warm lips, making her aroused as she leaned her head back and peeked up at him. [b "I can help you after breakfast?"] she offered and would feel him brushing her hair back as she leaned against him. [b "Are you sure? I think you like seeing me in this though"] she turned around to face him and then she leaned up to kiss him once more. Her hands rested on his bare chest, seeing him just in his boxers. [b "Is there a reason you're just in boxers?"] she asked, letting her fingers glide down his abs and then to his waist.

[b "You will? And what would you be sneaking?"] she grinned, leaning in to kiss his chest.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 5d 23h 32m 7s
Caine released a sigh [b “I know…but it’s been my default for a long while now.” ] He admitted. [b “You do know, I always know that it’s you. You’re on my mind Rai.” ] He said to her softly, kissing her lips gently. He liked the feel of her fingers through his hair.

Teasing was tempting to him. He wanted to feel her skin and do many things but he worried. She saw her pout and it was cute [b “Don’t pout like that, makes me want to…well do other things.” ] He told her. He chuckled at her talking about comfy clothes. [b “Oh is it? You sure?”] He let her hold him for a while. He liked it but it was hard for him.

Morning came in. He’d groan in his sleep when she ran his fingers through his hair. He felt movement in his arms. He held her there for a while, already awake at this point but would let her struggle a bit before letting her go – still pretending to be asleep. He rested a bit more and then would go the bathroom and come down. Rai wasn’t in the kitchen… Coffee was made. Usually Rai made breakfast, he wondered why she hadn’t.

He went to peak at her room, wearing just his boxers. He saw her taking out luggage still in her night gown. It was hard when he knew what was underneath. She was bending over the bed to put something in her luggage. Caine quietly snuck behind her and pressed his pelvis against her ass, just for fun. “Mmm…still not fully dressed huh?” ] He said, holding her waist in and kissed behind her neck. He’d let his hand glide down to her ass but he reminded himself of control. [b “Do you need help packing?” ] He asked and then thought about it [b “I till haven’t packed…by the way, aren’t we having breakfast?” ] He asked, and watched her, he’d brush her hiar back, feeling down her arm, spacing out and thinking about what he wanted to do. He took a breath and woke up from it again, “It sure is hard…” ] He mumbled to himself.

[b “Rai, get dressed, before I sneak a few more things.” ] He warned her, and noticed the scarf he gave her packed. It made him smile.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 6d 4h 2m 30s
She did want something real and she wanted to be able to be his center of attention. She knew it would be a stretch, that it was hard for him to pay attention to her like a normal relationship since he hadn't been in one of those for a long time.

[b "Did it? That's unfortunate"] she frowned a bit and would tell him about how she felt happy he gave her a chance, but he seemed to just ignore that. Maybe he was still rethinking things. She heard him and would nod her head [b "Yeah, I'll try"] she went to her room to change and then she laid beside Caine when she got into his room. Rai leaned into him, but still mentally remembered not to be too close. He pulled her in and she would hear him. He sounded confused and scared now of what to do. [b "Rough and primal isn't bad all the time. I'm not saying you have to change like that.....I like how you are in bed. Mostly just....don't lose focus. OR keep me in mind while you're doing it"] she told him. She brushed her fingers through his hair and then she would lean in to kiss him.

She heard him mention not to tease him and she would pout a bit and nod her head [b "Okay. I won't. I wasn't trying too...it's just these clothes are comfy"] she hugged him and would soon fall asleep. Her head resting against the pillow. She wanted to nuzzle up against his chest, but she decided against it for now.

In the morning, Rai would slowly face him and she'd look at Caine. He was fast asleep. She looked at his arm around her and she'd run her fingers through his hair slowly, pulling the sheets over him. She figured that maybe she'd give him some more space.

Rai would shimmy out of his arms and then she would slowly go downstairs, pulling her nightgown over her shoulders more. She went into the kitchen and would slowly feed the dogs and then she worked on making some coffee as she looked through the fridge. Rai felt pretty lazy, so she ended up calling the restaurant downstairs for food. SHe got Caine some steak and eggs since he usually ate a lot more than she did. Rai got herself some crepes.

While she waited for the food, she went into her room and would take out her luggage, slowly looking through the clothes she bought. SHe'd start packing and then putting in what she wanted. Rai would look at the scarf Caine gave and she'd put it in. SHe left her door open and would slowly get things ready since their flight was early morning the following day.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 8d 2h 23m 27s
Caine frowned and looked confused when she said wanted something real. [b “It didn’t seem like that to me. She kept sleeping with me.” ] Then again he knew he made a habit of leaving a girl the moment he found out that she wanted more. Maybe…April knew that. He sighed, thinking maybe he was too harsh on her. [b “Ask her for me… I don’t think I could fix things up with her before we leave.” ] He said.

Rai came into his room dressed up, and it was hot, seeing her dressed like that. He wanted her but he felt afraid that he’d make her feel used again. He didn’t want to do that kind of harm. Caine held his eyes on her when she talked about it [b “Well…that’s also a problem. I’m not sure if our dislikes and likes match up. Even…when I didn’t…lose everything, I still liked it rough and primal. Guess I don’t’ know how to turn it off anymore.” ] He said He felt her lips onto his, kissing him softly. He kissed her softly too. Teasing him like that…made it hard. He watched her smirking [b “I’ve noticed…but I’ve told you, you tease me too much and you’ll end up being fucked and feeling used. So…please for both of our sakes, don’t tease too much. It’s tempting.” ] He told her. He felt her hug him close and he would hold her too. He’d storke her back.

He’d smile a bit and kissed her back, and moaned when he kissed underneath his chin. He chuckled at her asking about the bug [b “I got…what an hour and half?” ] He joked. He’d watch her close her eyes. He let her rest next to him. He’d rest next to her too, on his side but would not hold her. Just for now. He liked watching her sleep though. He’d smile a bit to himself and stroke her hair for a bit [b “Goodnight Rai.” ] he said to her and closed his eyes to fall asleep too. In the morning he would end up half with an arm around her anyway.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 8d 5h 25m 39s
Rai knew that when she came in that night, Caine was really upset with April. She looked as if she was also really sad. Rai could only guessed that Caine told her the news of not seeing her anymore. It was probably really upsetting for her, but Rai still thought April was really genuine. It was probably better she asked her for the favor. [b "Was she? It seemed like she wanted something real with you....but I understand her situation. I'm just really glad you gave me a chance"] she admitted.

Rai went up to his room and would lay beside him. She dressed in her robe and lingerie, soon laying beside him in bed. Rai would feel him pull her in and when she heard him, she chuckled a bit. [b "Well...I guess I do?"] she smirked a bit and would run her fingers through his hair slowly, seeing him respond to her touch.

It wasn't like she expected anything and she felt fine just laying with him and falling asleep at his side. She heard him and would understand where he got that feeling from. She made him feel insecure and she only hoped he'd pay more attention when they were intimate, but maybe he needed time to take that in. [b "I know. We can try things, take it slower? I'm sure we'll figure it out together...what works....likes and dislikes"] she assured him, leaning in to kiss his lips softly. [b "I'm sorry. I love to tease you. It makes me happy to know I have an effect on you"] she smirked and would hug him in close.

[b "It makes me happy just being next to you, so don't worry"] she kissed his lips and then slowly underneath his chin. Rai snuggled up to him. [b "Let's just get some sleep, you must be tired today. Is your twenty four hour bug almost gone?"] she joked with him, soon resting beside him, closing her eyes.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 9d 45m 51s
Caine recalled how it went down with April. She was really offended…but he kept her at a distance for a reason – to be friends and not just sleep with her. To him it seemed like all she wanted from him was sex, so it agitated him. [b “I hope so too… Seems to me that she was only around me to fuck. Disappointed since I do like her as a friend.” ] Since he was together with Rai.

They met in his room. Rai came beside him, dressed up – at least in his eyes. She was watching too, he could see past her nightgown a bit. [b “Is it?” ] He chuckled. He pulled her in and let her wrap his arm around her waist. [b “Yea? Are you sure? What kind of women matches and wears a nice gown just for the hell of it?” ] He asked her. Caine smirked seeing her pull the side more open. He could see. [b “For whom?” ] He asked her, hearing her cute giggle. He felt his fingers through his hair, enjoying that touch so much.

Caine watched her, her eyes. He heard her question. It felt quite unfair, she made it hard sexually for him and then she got upset when he had trouble getting a grip of himself. He felt her hands running along his chest, he groaned. [b “Rai…you make it really hard for me to hold back.” ] He said to her and wasn’t sure if he could trust himself not to make her feel used. He took a deep breath. [b “You know I want to.” ] He ran his finger along her lips, [b “But…I’m afraid I will just make you feel used. I don’t want to see you sad again like that.” ] He kissed her lips softly, [b “Stop making me tempted.” ] He said to her.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 9d 3h 42m 38s
She wondered because they went into the car together and it seemed like they always came together. If that wasn't weird, then something must be going on. Caine also didn't seem to know but she didn't push it since they were keeping their own relationship a secret as well.

[b "As long as you're being smart about it and safe"] she told him, smiling a bit more when he kissed her. She enjoyed his attention on her, but she just hoped he didn't give up and continued trying. His lame excuse of being sick for twenty four hours really did make her sad. She didn't want him to do that again.

When they went home, Rai would listen to him mention April. [b "I can ask her, but you two left on kind of weird terms. Do you think she'll still look after them? I hope so"] she hasn't really talked to April recently, but they also weren't on bad terms, so she'd give it a try in the morning.

Rai would smile [b "I know you are. I'll try not to be so upset about it either"] she went to change and would meet him up in his room. She walked over and climbed into his bed beside him. [b "Hmm? Well it's comfy"] she admitted and would lay beside him, meeting his eyes. She'd feel his hand and would lean in to kiss him. Rai let him take care of pulling her in and she would press up against him. She wrapped her arm around his waist and would hear him. [b "Huh? No, I just wanted to wear something light. If you like it then I'm glad"] she smiled, looking down at her robe. SHe pulled one side more open a bit and would smirk [b "Well matching underwear is the best"] she giggled and would reach up to run her fingers through his hair. [b "Were you hoping for something?"] she wondered, running her fingers along his chest. [b "If you want, I might allow you to touch"] she teased him.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 10d 2h 4m 3s
Caine held Rai’s hand while they walked back to his car. [b “Between Sage and Killian? Sometimes I wonder if there is. Killian did have a thing for Sage a while back ago, but like I told you, it got complicated.” ] He reminded.

He recalled the day, [b “I did have a meeting for a potential job. I’m still deciding if I should take it.” ] He said. He saw her smile a bit when he kissed the side of her head. He smiled a bit too, glad that she liked that. He hoped that would make her feel like he was trying.

[b “We should get ready. But we can just buy what we forget.” ] He said. He watched Fang and Onyx. He’d have to try to make amends with April again to get her to watch the dogs. He wasn’t sure if she would forgive him. [b “I’m going to have to talk to April…or maybe you could. Fang and Onyx need to be watched, I don’t think it’s good to stress them out on a flight right since it’s a short trip.” ] He said, hoping that Rai could do it.

Caine nodded and smiled a bit [b “Yea, it’s okay. I want you to know that I’m really trying.” ] Cain headed up to his room. He went to clean up, and wore a t-shirt and boxers. He went into his bed and saw her coming into his room. Caine laid on his back, arms behind his head, smirking when she walked in her nightgown. [b “Mmm, there’s…” ] He paused not sure if he should use ‘sexy’ [b “my very attractive girl.” ] He fixed. [b “Are you dressed like this for a reason?” ] He rose a brow.

She laid next to him. He rolled onto his die. [b “Just a metting.” ] He told her and leaned into her too, caressing her cheek and kissing her lips – but reminding himself to be gentle on her this time. He pulled her in my the waist. He met her eyes and listened to her. [b “I’m okay,” ] He said to her. He took a breath, feeling hurt that she didn’t feel that he cared for her in a different way then other girls. He didn’t want to bring it up, because he knew a part of it was his own fault. He kissed her cheek and then stroked her arm. [b “Be honest with me, were you hoping…I’d get close to you dressed like that?” ] He winked [b “Because…it’s not safe to dress like that around me…all matching.” ] He said.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 10d 3h 59m 26s
She met his eyes and would hear him sigh. Rai would bit down on her bottom lip, figuring it was probably really hard for him to slowly give her affection. [b "I know. I told you, I can be patient"] she would lift a small smile, feeling glad that he cared for her. She felt like she was already invested in this relationship and couldn't really turn back. After all, she gave up her normal life for this one.

She admitted to him that she had an encounter on the way here. Rai saw the reaction he gave and she would admit that she lost him while on the way here. She felt him pull her in and she relaxed a bit, but it was too short lived. She saw Sage and Killian and would sit back up, looking pretty excited for dessert. [b "I'll bring something back too"] she smiled and felt much better. AFter dinner, she looked at Killian and Sage walk away together [b "Are you sure there's nothing going on between them?"] she wondered, looking back and then taking Caine's hand.

She nodded [b "I will. I just thought you were really busy today"] she admitted and lifted a smile when he kissed her. He did make her feel special when he was affectionate. She sat in the car and when they got home, she would pet Fang and snuggle in Onyx. She thought it was adorable seeing the two getting along. At least they had company.

Rai heard him apologize. [b "I found a few yeah. It's okay. We need to pack. Our flight is early Monday.....we need to get ready tomorrow"] she told him, watching Onyx follow Fang to his bed, staying beside him. She pet the two and would hear Caine's question [b "Is that really okay?"] she lit up and would nod her head [b "Let me change and I'll meet you up there"] she went to her room and put on one of her night gowns. It was a lavender colored gown and only wore some matching black lingerie underneath. She let her hair down over her shoulders. Rai wasn't planning on anything to happen, she just wanted to sleep beside Caine.

When she went up, she knocked and entered his room, soon climbing into his bed, laying on her side to face him. [b "How was your job today. You didn't get hurt did you?"] she asked, leaning in a bit and seeing if he was okay with that. If he didn't look uncomfortable, she'd meet his eyes and stay a bit back since the last time he pushed her away. SHe didn't want ot overstep again.

[b "If you ever want me to check up on you, just let me know. I don't like seeing you get hurt either"]
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 10d 23h 21m 45s
Caine released a sigh, [b “I’m trying. I’ve treated you better than the other girls I’ve been with. I’m showing you affection in the way I know how and are able to right now. Give me time. I care for you” ] He said ad was glad she agreed not to look so disappointed. He did care for her, but everything would take time.

[b “Don’t say that.” ] He spoke to her quietly. He watched her eyes wondering just how she could stick around him like this. He appreciated it but also worried for her. He

Hearing she was followed, he would stiffen. He did worry on who was following her. [b ‘You got rid of them then.” ] Caine pulled her in and saw her looking around. He guessed for sage or Killian. [b “You never know.” ] He said. He said [b “Do you remember what street?” ] He saw Killian and Sage come in. Rai pulled back from him and they sat normally. He would get dessert too. Caine nodded at them being okay.

[b “We’ll see you two after a week. I won’t forget to bring back something for the two of you.” ] Caine said. They paid for their meal and Caine walked with Rai outside. Killian and Sage went into their own car and drove off. Caine held her hand while they got the parking lot. [b “Call me for help next time. It doesn’t matter if we’re fighting.” ] He told her, leaning in and kissing the side of her head. He opened the car door for her and drove them back. They came home to two dogs coming at them to say hello.

[b “I’m sorry I didn’t go shopping with you. Did you find a nice jacket? We can go tomorrow if you haven’t.” ] He suggested. He pointed to the bed for Fang. He smiled at Fang when he listened [b “Good boy.” ] He said. He watched the pup and he followed Fang. He was glad that Fang was a good role model. He looked back at Raizel [b “Do you want to come to my bed tonight?” ] He asked her knowing she liked that, and he didn’t mind. It was nicer to have someone next to him. [b “I like it too…you know, having you next to me.” ]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 11d 4h 54m 48s
She met his eyes and would just glance away, nodding her head. If he was going to pick her up, why didn't he? She assumed he had his job to do. The dinner was going okay. Rai was relaxing in her seat, calming down slowly as she took a bite out of her food. She listened to Sage and Killian and she'd usually reply with one worded answers. She still wasn't really in a good mood, but she did want to hang out with them.

When they left, she opened up Caine's gift and smiled a bit. IT was something she needed for her trip, but at the same time, she also bought some as well. The color was pretty though and it looked well knit. She told him she wanted more attention and then when he looked confused, she just shrugged a bit. [b "Attention like....I'm your girlfriend attention. How would you treat your girlfriend?"] she spoke softly and then she nodded. [b "I'll try not to look so disappointed"] she agreed and would set the bag down.

She told him it was her decision and she wished he could see it as something to work towards too. [b "It's a little too late for that. I'm already invested in this"] she admitted and would admit to being followed on the way here.

[b "They wore a normal button up white shirt with a tie. I think they were just trying to touch me. The minute I turned the corner and lost them, they didn't follow me anymore"] she looked around and would shake her head. [b "I don't see him anymore"] she told him and would feel him pull her in close. She looked around, not wanting Sage or Killian to see. When she heard him, she shook her head [b "I'm sure he just wanted my attention. You don't have to, they're gone now"] she told him, seeing Killian and Sage come back.

Rai pulled back and sat in her seat once more, looking up at the two. [b "Did you two find your things?"] she asked, eating another fry. She saw Sage looking at the two of them curiously and she'd sit back down. "How about we get dessert Rai? This place as some really good chocolate brownie sundaes. Let's share one" she suggested.

Rai smiled [b "Okay. Yeah we can share. I've been wanting some dessert today"] she told the waiter and let the guys grab whatever they wanted. In truth, she had been thinking about drowning in froyo all day thanks to Caine. It sounded good, so she was glad Sage suggested it. "You two okay now?" Sage asked.

[b "Yeah, we've been fine"] she mentioned once more as the dessert soon came. Rai grabbed her spoon and would eat it up, feeling a lot better. She'd see Sage taking a bite as well. IT was so good.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 13d 2h 14m 44s
[b “Next time, contact me.” ] Caine said, not liking the idea of her wandering around alone lost- especially since it was dark out. She was rather quiet in their conversations. He knew it was his doing. Sage and Killian left them on their own. He got what she was doing but he decided to take the chance to give Rai the small git he got her and apologize.

Caine watched her open the gift and he wasn’t sure if it was to her liking, besides the color. It was a thick long knitted scarf. He wiped his hands and really wished he understood better on what she meant. [b “I’m not sure what giving you more attention means. I need more guidance then that. I can’t always be very affectionate or give you attention. Don’t look at me so disappointed when I can’t, it takes time. It’s not because I feel for you less – it’s because of my past.” ] He explained because he didn’t want to keep promises he was a hundred percent if he could keep. Realistically, it was a hard change to make for him and he had thought he was doing well considering.

He watched her shake her head, [b “Ahh…well…you’re call gets you in trouble is the problem.” ] He said. He saw her holding the scarf and was glad that she liked it [b “You’re welcome.” ] He said to her. He saw her brushing her hair back. She looked cute all cozied up.

He drank and started to give a dangerous stiff expression when he heard her frist few words of someone followed. [b “ What did they look like and where?” ] He asked her and would lean back into the seat, and looked around [b “Do you see anyone around resembling that person?” ] He asked. He would pull her in, to lean against him, watching for any eyes that fell on her. [b “I’ll hunt them...” ] He promised. He was glad at least she could make it here safely.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 13d 2h 47m 47s
She had gotten a lot more emotional since she spent time with Caine, but she also felt attached. She's liked him for a long time and it was really hard to not feel anything when he said some hurtful words.

Rai would help him bandage his hand and would go on a run with the dogs, but when she came home to hear that she had to decide what she wanted to do with their relationship, she felt defeated. All she wanted was for it to work and it wasn't even that long since they started dating.

She ended up going shopping on her own until dinner. Rai changed and went to look for the restaurant, but she got a bit lost since she noticed someone following her. Down a few alleyways and then around the block until she made it.

Rai sat down and would hear Caine [b "Oh it's fine. I know you were busy"] she looked through the menu and ordered as she listened to the two talk. From Caine's answers, they were still going to Switzerland. She didn't want to miss a chance to go abroad.

Rai was pretty quiet, only answering if Sage asked her a question. She'd eat up her wings and fries and would slowly relax more now that she was around them. [b "We're fine"] she told her and heard about April. Then the mention of Caine being a fuckboy. She knew that much was true. He was so much that he couldn't even differentiate sleeping in bed with her.

They were left alone and Rai was pretty much done eating. She wiped her hands and would hear Caine beside her. [b "I'm okay"] she told him, not meeting his eyes. A part of her wanted him there beside her, but at the same time, she was still upset he really ditched her today. When she saw him bring out a bag, she glanced over and just took it. Rai would look into the box and see the scarf. She really adored that color.

[b "I know you're trying. All I want is you trying. It's not going to be easy and I don't expect you to change into what I want....I just want a little more attention on me. Whether it's in bed, or out and about. I know it's new, but you're dating me now"] she spoke softly and would shake her head. [b "I am aloud to make my own decisions and what's right for me. I'll make that call"] she told him, reaching in and holding the scarf. [b "It's really nice. Thank you"] she spoke quietly and then she would take a sip of her water

Rai brushed her hair behind her ear a bit and felt so much safer with these three. Whoever was after her, would hopefully leave her alone. Rai fiddled a bit with her fork [b "Someone was following me here. I lost them and went around the area. I think they were just trying to get me to go home with them, but I was able to lose them. I'm okay now"] she told him, feeling like she should let him know.
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