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[jost [center [size14 Raizel is living with her uncle on his farm in Arizona to finish her education to become a vet. Caine, wounded, takes shelter at the stranger's. She discovers his body wounded and takes him in to patch him up. He's accustomed to a chosen lavish life of wealth and crime. Caine can only stay hidden for so long by the men that are wanting his head. They find him and the farm. Caine is only able to save Raizel and himself. Now they know Raizel's face, Caine goes on the run with her.

Feeling responsible and also finding her a hindrance, he plans to train her so she can protect herself and he can go back into his life of crime and wealth. He shows how fallen he is from his morals, and tries to get her to fall into his world too. ]]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/65/c0/c6/65c0c6dd2fec6d01dd5934789f8a4129.gif ]]

Age: 20
Plays the guitar, sings. Lives with Uncle. Has a horse named Noir
Birthday: June
Dream: To be a vet
She's had someone lifeless in her arms before Caine, unknown who it is.
Was bullied for loving animals too much at the city.

Shawn: A guy from Rai's highschool. Cop. He tried to assult Rai. Caine beat him up. He was arrested for sexual harassment.
Kristin: Best friend - a college friend
Axel: Boyfriend: blonde hair, works on the farm
Dawn: receptionist where Rai worked. Blonde hair

Age: 23
Birthday: August
Has a german Shepard, one eye brown, one eye blue: Fang

April: Caine's dog sitter
Addy: connection with Caine
Skye: Little girl
Brook: Ex-fiance, abused, rap, dead. Black hair, brown eyes.
three unknown members in his photo that all look like soliders. One girl.
Gemma: Girl from Rai's town, artist, looks like brook. Deceased? She betrayed Caine, afraid of her own life. Caine dated her.


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WHen Rai got her day started, she did a few errands in the morning and would walk Fang to bring his energy down. By the time she got home, she went swimming on the rooftop and would head back down to check on Marcel after she cleaned up. Her eyes would look to make sure the blood bag was installed correctly and that his vitals were stable. HE looked okay.

He called her an angel and Rai would smile a bit. [b "Do I? Thank you"] she would mention how sometimes it felt like she was a prisoner, but then she cut herself off. It wasn't bad in reality. She could spend as much as she wanted and CAine gave her everything she needed. [b "No he's not. I just sometimes feel trapped. Not his fault"] she admitted, knowing this place was still new to her.

She helped him lie back and would give him some pain killers and water. [b "What happened?"] she asked, wondering how he got shot. [b "Do you know if Caine's okay too? OR is he just hiding it well?"] she wanted to know.

[b "Yeah I cook sometimes. I do live here. Caine's housemate"] she went outside and would cook him up some food that would be easy to swallow.

Rai would pass by Caine on the couch and try to wake him up a bit. [b "You can sleep more if you'd like Caine. I just...didn't know if you had any plans"] she told him, showing him the food she brought.


Once she was sitting beside Marcel, Rai fed him slowly, not wanting him to reopen his wound again. [b "It's okay. I'll feed you"] she brought the spoon to his lips and would let him sip on it slowly as she overheard Caine. [b "I got it Caine. I'm already feeding him"] she assured him. He should get more rest.

She saw him narrowing his eyes at Marcel and she wondered why? Once he finished his soup, she'd clean up the plates and bring them back to the kitchen. When she caught sight of Caine, she nodded [b "Okay. Want to watch another avenger movie?"] she asked, feeling a bit excited. She's been home alone for the past few days so having him back with a visitor was kind of nice.

Rai would work in the kitchen, grabbing a bowl of soup and bread as well before going over to the couch to sit beside Caine. She never heard him ever talk about her mission before and she wanted to ask. [b "DId your mission go well? I mean...besides Marcel being hurt?"] she wondered, taking a few bites of the soup and then eating more of her bread.

She saw him finish up his sandwich and she wondered if he was still hungry. [b "Do you want some soup too Caine? Are you still hungry?"] she'd ask, soon seeing Onyx hop onto her lap. She pulled him in and pet him slowly after she finished eating.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 8h 6m 54s
Caine nodded and crashed into the sofa. He was feeling nice finally be able to sleep. He full on passed out and would stay asleep for quite a while.

Marcel was waking. Marcel introduced himself while he tried to sit himself up. [b “You look like one.” ] Marcel smiled a bit. He heard prison and rose a brow [b “Caine trapping you here?” ] He asked, wondering what went down. Raizel got him to la back down. He took a deep breath and thanked her when she brought him pain killres. He took them down. He just noticed he had a blood pack attached to him and even a smart watch on. He wondered if Raizel did that.
[b “Yea…I’ll try not to.” ] He mumbled. He rested back, still feeling the pain coming through. “Right, I did… You’re cooking?”He asked. He saw her adjust the IV bag and remove the blood pouch. “Raizel, are you staying here?” ] He asked. He saw her go out of the room.

Caine faintly heard the noise going on. He felt someone touch his shoulder and then shake him. Caine opened his ees and saw Raizel’s face. [b “Hey… ] He whispered. Right sleeping. [b “No, uh….I’ll get up.” ] He said, yawning and feeling like he’d still want to get some more sleep. He knew he shouldn’t. [b “What time is it?” ] He asked her. He’d sit up and stretch out his arms. He was hungry -realy hungry. [b Thanks.” ] He said. He got up and noticed the food out, the sandwich. Mmm… He put the sandwhich in his mouth and noticed Rai going into Marcle’s room with soup. She was really taking are of Marcel…

Marcel saw Rai coming back in. He’d open his eyes more and helped himself to sit up. [b “I’m sure I can make it work.” ] He said. He groaned as he sat up more. It quite hurt to move his arms for some reason. He was going to reach for the food and then she came in, bringing the spoon to his lips. He smiled and took it, [b “Thank you.” ] He said to her. SHe was quite pretty too, prett and kind. He ate it happily, enjoying being fed.

Caine peeked in, seeing it all go down. He didn’t like it but hew knew Marcel couldn’t move much. [b “I can feed him.” ] Caine added.
“Nah, I’m good. She’s helping me.” Marcel assured .
Caine narrowed his eyes for a moment at him. Then he rolled his eyes [b “Don’t get cozy.” ] He warned.
“She’s just helping.” Marcel spoke slowly, being really worn out.
[b “Glad your good.” ] Caine said and decided to step out and finish his sandwich. He had no plan but to rest today. [b “Rai, watch a movie with tonight? I’ll send your payment by tomorrow.” ] He suggested, kind of wanting to pull her away from Marcel now that he was awake and could handle it.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 12h 28m 32s
Rai started her day by waking up and drowning out the thoughts for a while. She dressed in some shorts and a jacket as she got up to see Caine. His eyes looked really tired and she figured that he didn't have much sleep at all. [b "I'll check up on him when I get back. YOu get some rest"] she assured him and would feed the pups.

Fang looked like he had a lot of energy, so she took him out for a jog with her as she went around the neighborhood. She would grab some coffee and a sandwich and would soon head back to the penthouse, setting the food on the counter. When she saw Caine still asleep, she pulled his blanket over more and would set the coffee and sandwich by the table.

She worked out a bit and swam, practiced on the punching bag and then would head back down to shower and change. Once she finished, she would check in on his friend once more. As she stepped into the room, she looked at his vitals and saw that he was stable and doing okay. His voice startled her. She met his eyes and would smile a bit [b "Nice to meet you. I'm Raizel. Glad you're doing okay"] she saw his eyes and would laugh a bit. [b "No not an angel....more like a prison....Caine's house mate"] she told him and would grab some pain killers and hand it to him. She'd help him lie back down for a bit. [b "Try not to move. You'll open up the wound again"] she warned, looking at the time. IT was almost four and Caine was still asleep.

[b "I'll make you something easy on the stomach. You got shot near it, so we don't want to stress out your body too much"] she would adjust a few of the IV bags and remove the blood pouch after the transfusion. She noticed his color was so much better.

Rai stepped out of the room and would see Caine still fast asleep. SHe walked over and leaned down onto her knees. She looked over him and his sleeping, childish face. She wanted to run her fingers through his hair, but that would only remind him of his fiancee. Her hand went down to his shoulder, shaking him a bit. [b "Caine? It's getting late. Are you planning to sleep all day?"] she asked, seeing if he would wake. [b "If you're hungry I brought back some food this morning if you want"] she slowly got up and would head into the kitchen.

Rai would make some chicken noodle soup and some garlic bread in the kitchen. She'd then plate it onto a tray and would bring it back to Marcel's room, setting it on his bedside table. [b "Can you eat?"] she noticed him struggling a bit as she scratched the back of her head. [b "Here, I'll help you out"] she would scoop the soup and would bring it to his lips.

She helped feed him slowly [b "Eat up. You have to build your strength if you want to heal quickly"] she told him, giving him a piece of bread as well. She sat at his bedside and fed him the soup until he finished it all.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 1d 10h 9m 4s
He could see her trembling. He didn’t know if it was all appropriate, but he thought it might help her. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug. [b It seems like he’ll be fine.” ] He said. He let her goo off to sleep. He stayed up and dealt with the situation more. He got everything he thought he needed. He set up the room and helped him out.

By the time he finished…it was so late in the morning. Hereally couldn’t keep up anymore. Caine nodded [b Yea…he’s doing okay. I think. Check on him for me. I’m…really exhausted.” ] He admitted.

Caine went to sleep it off on the sofa. He passed out in an instant. He felt something over him, so he snuggled into the blanket. He would sleep for a long time.

Marcel woke a bit when Raizel was checking up on him. He’d catch a glimpse of her. He’d whisper to her “Thanks.” He dozed off too.

After awhile, Raizel came back into his room. Marcel had woken up. He tried to sit up. It ached. He wondered who was this girl. Caine never said anything to him, and he assumed that Caine wouldn’t tell him who she was after either. “That wasn’t a good way…to introduce myself. I’m Marcel.” He said and looked up and down at her, “I thought you really were an angel last night.” He said. He still felt quiet tired, worn with pain. He wasn’t as good as taking it as Caine. “Getting shot hurts like a fucker… Say, can you get me more pain killers pretty angel?” He spoke kindly, “And…could we order some food?” He did feel greatful.

Caine was slowly waking, but still laying down. The only thing he was really aware of was the sofa and being warm. He wanted to continue sleeping after all that. He’d heard some faint talking, but would for the most part drown it out.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 1d 10h 26m 21s
She didn't think she'd have to take care of someone like this in a long time. It scared her the last time, but when Caine messaged her beforehand, she had a little time to prepare at least.

When he was on the table, she had her tools out and would try her best to rescue this man. Caine made it seem like she had to. He was a close friend of his after all. He didn't have many friends.....well she thought he didn't.

After she finished up with removing the bullets and patching him up, Rai would wash her hands and help Caine move him to the couch. SHe held her breath, realizing that she just worked on a human. This whole time, she imagined it to be a horse or cow. SHe'd feel her hands shaking again when it hit her. Luckily the procedure went well. Caine helped her out throughout the process too.

Her eyes met his when she finished and she would tell him that his friend would be fine if he just rested, but a little more blood didn't hurt. [b "Okay. I'm glad"] she told him, about to head to her room when she felt him pulling her in. She'd hold her breath and her body was shivering, but she always had to deal with these things alone. He was comfort and she wouldn't lie. It felt warm....safe...but he was just a friend. [b "I tried. I hope so..."] she would say before slowly heading back to her room for the night.

Rai tried to sleep, but her hand kept shaking. She downed two sleeping pills and managed to get some sleep. It wasn't until eleven that she slowly got up. SHe had a bit of a headache and for some reason she could still smell blood on her fingers.

She quickly went for a shower and then she headed outside, a towel on her shoulders as she saw Caine. His friend wasn't on the couch anymore. [b "Okay. Is your friend doing okay?"] she asked, before seeing fang and Onyx. She fed them and would change into some shorts and a windbreaker jacket. Rai would take Fang on a walk and would stop by another coffee shop, sitting outside and ordering herself a breakfast quiche. She ate and would order a breakfast sandwich to go before heading back to the penthouse.

Rai would leave the sandwich on the table and a cup of coffee for Caine, seeing him asleep on the couch. She brought a blanket over and would soon clean up all of the tools she used before putting them away. She didn't know where his friend went, but she would peek into the rooms, soon finding him in the guest bedroom asleep. She saw the blood and figured Caine probably didn't get enough sleep. Rai approached the man and would see that he had a pouch of blood attached to his arm. Did Caine do this? He did well. She looked over the man and would pull a blanket over him more, checking his vitals, his heartbeat and then his breathing. He was doing okay. With the blood, she could see his heart rate and pulse on his watch. Everything was stable. SHe felt so relieved he wasn't dead and he seemed to be progressing well, so Rai would slowly leave the room.

Instead of making noise in the house, she would head up to the patio, changing into a purple and black one piece as she swam a few laps.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 1d 11h 43m 47s
Caine rested Marcel on the table. He kept calm. He went to wash his hands quickly, grab four pain killers. He went back to Marcel [b “open your mouth man.” ] He said.

Marcel looked at him confused for a second. Diane shoved those pills down his mouth [b “Swallow.” ] He said. Caine would grab anything Raizel needed. He hoped that Marcel would be okay. He stayed up, helping her as much as he could. He couldn’t do as much but he tried. He’d bring her a glass of water too. Three hours in, it was dealt with. Marcel looked worn out, pale and nearly a dead man but he was breathing and when Caine checked his pulse, he was definitely alive.

He did want to stay up and make sure that no complications happened throughout the night. He was exhausted too. He sat on a chair, one leg up. He looked back up at Rai. She was shaking. He frowned, seeing her trying to grip the sink. Caine got up to help her but she talked about getting him onto the sofa. Right. Caine brought Marcel to the sofa. He put a blanket over him. Thankfully, his sofa was comfy. He got an extra pillow too.

He stood next to Raizel and saw her holding her hands together. [b “Lost of a lot of blood… So you’re saying we need to bring blood? I can get blood by the morning, I know his blood type.” ] He said, going on his phone quickly and browsing through his contacts. He sent a message and then looked back at Raizel.

[b “No, I’m fine. No injuries on me.” ] He assured. He saw her lifting a small smile. [b “Rai…” ] He pulled her into a hug because he could see she was having a tough time. He needed her to do this though. He rubbed her back, [b “You saved someone. He’s a friend, thank you.” ] He said to her [b “Get some rest.” ] He met her eyes and patted her head [b “You did well.” ] He let go of her, and let her go into the bed. He knew that this kind of life was hard. This was only a small fraction of it.

Caine sat on the chair again by his friend. He’d check his pulse now and then. After two hours, he got a text that he could get the blood. He went to take the car to grab it. He came back at 8 am, with even the equipment. He figured they needed at one point too. He set it up in his guest bedroom. He got Marcel into the room. He started searching for how to do the blood transfusion and followed the instructions. He didn’t want to wake Raizel. He managed to do it, even used watch that would measure his heartbeat-even though it wouldn’t be that accurate. It would give him an alert. He felt exhausted since he got no sleep. Marcel was still alive…thankfully. He came out of the room and it was ten-thirty at this point. He ruffled his hair.

He went to go shower in his room, changed clothes, and went back downstairs. He pet Fang and Caine could tell he wanted to go for a walk but had no energy. He saw Raizel coming out, [b “Hey… You should order breakfast. I’m going to…uh…pass out on the couch…for an hour or so. Alert me if anything changes” ] He said. He couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore. He’d go to the couch cause it was closer than his bedroom upstairs to Marcel. He was a decent friend, so he cared that much. Caine laid down on the sofa and tried to sleep some.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 1d 12h 13m 19s
Rai would spend her night watching movies with some popcorn her on her lap and Onyx at her side. Fang was really good with her too. He was warming up to her. She'd pet his back and would watch with them until it reached midnight.

She would soon turn off the TV and put the dogs to bed before heading back to her room for the night. When she fell asleep, she heard her phone go off at 3am. As she opened her eyes and looked at the message, she let out a deep sigh [b "Fuck!"] she quickly washed her face and would set up the table in the living room. It turned out to be more of a body holder than anything else.

She grabbed some bandages, alcohol and even a med kit. She knew that she would be doing some jobs for Caine like this, so she even had a few medical tools just in case.

When Caine came in, she'd help him carry the man to the table. Rai stood in her sweatpants and a tank as she looked down at the bleeding man. THe last time she spoke with Caine wasn't even on good terms....and now he was bringing this?

SHe held her breath, seeing the man bloodied up on the table. [i He's just like an animal] she repeated in her mind as she used some scissors and cut his shirt open. When she heard him speaking, she glanced at Caine [b "We need four painkillers. Let him swallow it and I'll start"] she told him, moving to see where the gunshot was. She found two bullet wounds. One was beneath his rib cage and the other was on his side.

She soon got to work, using some tools to remove the bullets from beneath his skin. She had to dig in deep for the one in his chest as she used a towel to soak up the blood. She'd ask Caine to wipe the sweat from her forehead and would ask for some tools in the process. Rai would have to cut in deeper to get it out, but when both bullets were removed, she spent another hour stitching him back up. She put some ointment and cleaned up his wound before wrapping him in bandages.

It took about three hours until she finished. She sat back on the ground and she took a few breaths, biting down on her lips. Her hands were covered in blood and when she looked to see the man's face, she was reminded that this was a human being. A human life. It made her feel sick....

She hurried into the kitchen and washed her hands, nearly throwing up as she cleaned herself off. Her hands started to shake again and she would grip onto the sink as she drank some water. Rai would slowly make her way back and she would help Caine carry the man on the couch. [b "He'll be okay. Hopefully that was enough pain killers. I checked the rest of him, he seemed fine....and no other injuries.....He's lost a lot of blood through....so he might be weak in the morning"] she told him, gripping her hands together again. She hated how she couldn't work on humans, but had to.

Her eyes looked up at Caine's and was glad he was doing okay [b "Do you want me to treat anything? Are you okay?"] she asked, holding her breath a bit. [b "I can treat your wounds.....I'm glad you're okay"] she lifted a small smile and remembered that they were nothing more than friends. She did want to give him a hug though. Instead, she held it in and would slowly head back to her room, now feeling pretty worn out. IT was a lot of pressure on her and she still wasn't used to it.

Once she climbed up onto her bed, Rai would grip onto a body pillow and she would try to close her eyes and sleep again.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 1d 13h 17m 47s
By the time the sun rose, he was out the door. He spent the next two days on his job. It was 3 am on Wednesday where he was driving fast with a wound passenger. Caine knew who couldn’t take the guy to the hospital because of charges and being wanted. He knew the guy, he was worse off then Caine was in his life for certain.

He drove to the penthouse. He sent a voice message to Raizel ‘Bringing someone that’s been shot in the chest. Get prepared.’ Caine said. The guy looked faint. Caine parked the guy, helped him walk while they went to the elevator. He brought him up to the penthouse. Fang was barking loudly because it was a stranger. [b “Shh easy boy, down.” ] He told him. Fang kept barking, [b Fang sit.” ] Caine ordered and he sat down and grew quiet.

[b “Rai, this guy has been shot. He’s a friend, I need you to do your best to save him. Youre his last hope.” ] Caine said as he laid Marcel on the table. Marcel was pale, he was a fit guy, brown hair and light green eyes. “I’m starting to see stars.” Marcel mumbled. When Rai came over he’d mumbles “Or an angel…im dead…right.”

[b “Not yet… Rai can you help him?” ] He asked her, Caine’s hands bloody. He felt quiet panicked since he knew he couldn’t help much in this situation. But Raizel could. [b “I’ll take him the hospital if you cant.” ]

“No, no hospital. I’d…rather dead.” Marcel reminded, sitting up a bit and Caine pushed him back down, [b “I could get you out after, fuck sakes… Rai, can you help him? I”ll help as much as I can.” ] Caine said.
Marcel looked over at Raizel, blurry vision, “She…the doctor?”
[b “Yea… I’ll give him a pain killer or alcohol.” ] Caine said, knowing that it would hurt him whatever Rai could do. He’d grab it and would listen to Raizel’s instrucstions. When it came to this, she was in charge. He felt bad waking her up like this but he had no choice.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 1d 13h 39m 8s
Rai would hear him and she let out a deep. She has never been so disappointed in herself before, or felt so rejected. She knew that Caine was only trying to let her know how terrible he'd be for her, but she couldn't help the way she felt about him.

She said that it didn't matter to her what happened and that she would try to make it on her own if he really didn't want her around anymore. Sometimes she felt like she was only being a burden to him anyway. Someone mooching off of him.

When she stated they were friends, she left it that way and would head back to the car with him and thanked him for dinner. The ride back was silent as she headed into the house. HE was leaving tomorrow and she knew it sucked that they were separating on a terrible note. [b "You two. Be careful out there"] she nodded and would head back to her room for the night, feeling pretty defeated.


In the morning, Caine was already gone for his mission. Rai would stay in bed a little longer. She ended up crying last night and just letting it all out until she fell asleep. She even slept in her dress, which by now didn't mean much to her. After she took it off, she changed and went on a run and would look around a different area of the city each day. She oriented herself with restaurants and she would grab coffee at a few different places.

When she was home, she'd take the dogs to the park and play with them for a while before heading to the shooting range to practice firing. She did more of the moving targets and would slowly get better.

Once she was home, she'd cook dinner for herself and she even managed to play a few games with Sage online. SHe was a little new at it, so Sage directed and told her what to do most of the times. Once she figured out the controls, she'd help Sage out with her missions.

Raizel kept herself busy at night, watching movies on the couch with Nyx and Onyx. It was really quiet and she would always make sure the house was locked securely. She even found herself wandering towards Caine's room, but she didn't enter. She made sure the doors were locked and then she'd huddle on the couch.

She'd stare blankly at her phone, wishing she could call Kristin or her uncle. She wanted them to know she was okay....so she ended up just writing them letters instead about what she was up to and how the city was.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 1d 16h 58m 33s
It didn’t make sense in what Rai saw in him but he shrugged, and said [b “Alright…since I can’t change your mind.” ]

Caine rose a brow and looked at her as if she was kind of stupid saying ‘leave me on the streets’. [b “That’s not helping your case. You wouldn’t last making it on your own.” ] He reminded. He still felt responsible because of the mental damage that brought too.

She drew the lne, and he knew it was going to have to be kept that way. IT was what was best. He couldn’t give her what she wanted. He imagined she wanted a life where she could be an ordinary vet, settle down, have a family…

Caine sighed, telling that she was still upset. Of course she would be. It didn’t exactly make him feel great either. He was just better at storing it. He reminded that he would be leaving for a few days. He hoped that she would be fine and keep herself busy.

He saw her trying to lift a smile. [b You’re…welcome” ] He said, even knowing that she wasn’t enjoying it. He paid for it and they were making it back. He saw her looking cold, so he offered his jacket but she turned it down. He drove them back and it was quiet. He didn’t know what to do with the situation. Nothing he could say would make it better. It sucked and it was painful. If only she hadn’t met him.

They arrived back. He turned on the lights of the penthouse. [b “Sleep well Rai”] He’d reach out to touch her head and decided not to. He didn’t want to make it harder on her, or even harder on himself. [b “I’ll be out by the morning. Take care of Fang and Onyx while I’m gone. ] He said. He saw her walking back to her room in that pretty dress. He let regret. One thing he wanted but his history telling him he couldn’t and shouldn’t have. He ruffled his hair, [b “Be safe.” ] He said, heading to his room to sleep for the night. He knew he would be gone for two days.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 1d 13h 51m 3s
She heard him put himself down again and she hated that he did. He saw himself as always ruining everything, but she didn't think he did. [b "You always keep saying that you're ruining things, but you're really not. You know what to do to not ruin things. It doesn't matter what happened to me anymore....I'm already here and I already agreed on helping you. I won't change my mind on that"] she stated and could see he looked at her confused.

It made her upset, talking about how she shouldn't be with him. How she would only get hurt. SHe was tired of hearing it. [b "You don't have to owe me anything. I tried to save your life and then I tried to take it. You don't owe me anything anymore. If you want....you can even leave me on the streets or I can try to make it on my own"] she was upset and she really didn't want to be in the middle of this so called relationship if he would just keep driving her away.

She didn't want him to see her cry, so she hid it as best he could. She met his eyes and just kept quiet, finishing up the dessert and she made the decision to just draw the line as friends. She heard him pause and then he spoke. [b "I know it's not all your fault. It's my fault to. I shouldn't have done that"] she pushed the thoughts from her mind and would see him agree.

[b "Okay. I'm glad it's clear now"] she finished up her glass of wine and would look at the empty plate of dessert. IT made her sad she finished it all, but all good things come to an end. She heard his words and felt him rubbing her shoulder. [b "I don't. Even if there's a few, I'm here already"] she remembered he was leaving for a few days. Now that would just make her flat out lonely. She almost forgot after what happened.

[b "I'm okay. We should head back. Thanks for taking me out to dinner. It was good"] she lifted a small smile and she would get up, letting him lead the way back to the car. SHe felt really down, but what was knew. IT's been a few days here and she always seemed to cry herself to sleep lately. Maybe she was homesick....or maybe she just needed to be around more people that wanted to be close to her.

Rai would head back to his car. She'd rub her shoulders a bit, but if he tried to offer his jacket, she'd refuse and say she was fine. Once she took a seat in the car, she'd glance out the window and turn on the radio. THe food was good and the dinner was nice, but that wasn't the way she wanted to end dinner.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 2d 10h 24m 10s
[b “Yes they do Rai. I’m not deserving to have a relationship, or what I had again. I’ll only ruin it. You got a taste of what being in my life means. Torture, having to hide… I’m not worth dying and losing your mind over.” ] Caine stated. He didn’t get what she didn’t understand about that. Anyone who could sense that he was dangerous that was in the right mind would stay away. He remembered her looking at him with fear.

He could see she was upset. Caine drank more. He looked out and rubbed his neck. [b “You saved my life… I owed it to you and you also remind me of people I used to be close to.” ] He clarified. He saw her looking away but he could tell. He didn’t want to make her cry but what good would it be to try dating her? He couldn’t trust her well, and he knew it would be a shit storm even more if he did try. [b “Trust me…it’ll hurt more to be with me then the former.” ] He whispered.

He let her take the dessert to herself. He asked what he should do. Caine nodded [b “We’ll draw the line. Yea, friends.” ] Caine said and paused when he heard ‘fuck buddy’. [b “Well I was trying not to just fuck around but someone was being seductive,.” ] he reminded.

He drank a bit more and saw her looking at her eyes. He met her blue eyes. He felt like she wouldn’t be able to hold onto that. [b “That’s okay with me. We’ll be friends.” ] He saw her looking down at her dress, [b “Yea…it’s best this way. I’ll swallow it down too… I won’t sleep with you no matter how any of this turns out. I’ll catch myself better when I’m being too…cozy.” ] He said since he figured she wouldn’t want him to do that. It would make it easier on her. It didn’t feel great for him either but he didn’t want anyone that close. He felt afraid of what could come-to have something huge to lose again. He couldn’t do it.

Caine made himself smile a bit and rubbed her shoulder [b “It’ll get easier. There’s a million of reasons to hate being in my life. I’m leaving for a few days, that might help.” ] He reminded. He hoped this dinner to be quiet nice and casual. It didn’t turn out exactly that way. He would hug her but he knew that wouldn’t help her, so while he made the motion for a second, he’d stop. [b “Do you want another dessert?” ] He asked softly.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 2d 11h 1m 3s
She didn't want him to think about ending his life or not caring if he died or not. SHe was sure his friends would be sad and so would she. [b "We all make mistakes. THat doesn't mean people will want us to suffer because of them. We just have to own up to them and hope it's enough"] she looked back at him, seeing that he didn't want to talk about it much. She changed the conversation, but he made it clear that this wasn't a date and she shouldn't be affectionate at all.

She bit down on her lip [b "Yes....I know. You're also still nice to me. You still take care of me more than a friend should..."] she let out a deep sigh, hiding her tears as she quickly rubbed them away. THe dessert came in and she stuffed her face with as much as she could. She told him to have some, but he didn't. IT put her in a sad mood, but she also didn't want to cause a scene or anything. He made it pretty clear that this wasn't a date and their relationship was still vague.

She bit down on her lip and would finish off the rest of the dessert. She kept her composure and when he asked, she knew he couldn't give her what she wanted. [b "You don't have to do anything. But we should draw a line. I want to make it clear so you and I don't mess this up, whatever it is"] she faced him.

[b "How about we just stay friends? I don't want to be you fuck buddy and you don't want a relationship. I'm only staying with you as your friend"] she wiped her lips and would meet his eyes. [b "Is that okay with you?"] she asked, looking down at her dress. [b "At least I'll know and I won't try to provoke or do anything like that anymore...."] she spoke softly and would settle with that answer at least. She always kept hurting around him, but at least with this, it would just be a one time hurt and she could move forward.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 2d 16h 24m 43s
Caine looked at her puzzled and then she pointed at his chest. Caine felt the ache in his chest, not wanting to even think about it. [b I doubt that. I didn’t listen to them when I should have. Probably want me to suffer… I’d rather not talk about it.” ] He said, not liking thinking about the past. It just caused a lot of pain. It didn’t seem fair to live a full life when the people he cared for couldn’t.

He did like her in that dress. It was cute but he had a feeling now that she thought this to be something else. He didn’t have it in him to be with someone else, not really. They got dessert too. He wanted to move past this but he could see her looking more upset. [b “I’ve also put you in a dangerous spot. I’ve killed a man before, I can’t be in relationship, I fuck around, I can be demanding…lots of reasons. ] He reminded.

He patt her head and then dessert came in. It did look good. [b You dressed really nice. It made me smile seeing you in that dress.” ] He added. He took a peak and saw her eyes were warm and looked like she’d cry. [b “Rai…” ] He softly called her name. He didn’t even know what to do about it. Date her? Nah, he didn’t feel like he could trust her and he knew he’d fuck that up bad, plus it would be vulnerability.

SHe was glancing off but he already saw. He gave her a bite and she still looked sad. Her smile was fake. He leaned back and wasn’t sure if anything he could do would make her feel better at all. [b “Finish it, it’s for you.” ] He told her. He was still trying to think through it. Why not just ask. [b “What will make you feel better?” ] He asked her [b “What do you want me to do?”] He didn't know how to make this any better. Ultimately cut her off and not be that friendly would probably do the trick. That way she wouldn't be hurt. But she kept tempting him...dressing up in hsi favorite dress or teasing him like that before. It was hard to stop all the same.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 2d 16h 46m 45s
She said yes because she did wear it for him. She knew he probably would think that was a problem, but she wanted to do it. Even as a treat since he said he liked it a lot on her.

WHen the food came, Rai would try a few of the different rolls and she would take a sip of the miso. IT was so delicious. They didn't have anything like this back on the farm. He was right. The sushi here was more fresh and better prepared. It made her stomach happy and after being used like that in the bedroom, she needed to refill her energy.

She listened to Caine talk about his past and she thought it was sad, but he was able to build up from that to get to where he was. She mentioned that it felt like a date, but he didn't seem to show any interest. IT made her chest ache a bit, but she understood this pain. It was painful around him and she knew it always would be especially after what she did.

It must have been a bad past for him. It made sense. He'd do anything for his family and his fiancee back. [b "I'm sorry. I know all of it is worth trading, but they'd still here with you Caine"] she pointed to his chest. [b "THey wouldn't want you to keep suffering you know. They also want you to be happy and I'm sure they want you to keep moving forward, no matter how hard it is"] she patted his shoulder and would end up wiping a bit of sauce from his lip.

She didn't think it would trigger anything, but when he said that, she stopped. It made sense. He acted on his old feelings, but his mind and body wanted something else. Rai just ate the rest of the sushi and downed another glass of wine, letting the alcohol numb those painful feelings she had.

IT was a struggle to find some things in common, but she tried anyway. [b "I do. For some reason they fit really well all the time too"] she stared at her plate and would hear him say he liked her more. [b "I know. I'm trying to overcome my actions, but they don't seem to be working. I feel like I'm stuck at the starting line and never moving an inch. I get it"] she changed the subject to dessert and would anxiously wait for the waiter to bring it over.

He played the 'you'll like others way more than me' card and brought up why she tried to murder him. It made her chest tighten so much. [b "You've done a lot for me. Why wouldn't I like you?"] she held her breath and would feel him pat her head. She let out a sigh and saw the dessert coming in. [b "The food is good. I [i tried] to dress nice. It is a good dinner. And there's dessert...."] she felt the tears welling up in her eyes. It felt all too much and as much as she was trying to stifle it all in, it still hurt. Rai would glance off and just take in a deep breath. She quickly rubbed her eyes and would see the cake in front of her. She wasn't going to miss cake.

After taking a few sips of her water, she took the bite he offered. It was delicious. Probably the best cheesecake she ever had. It made it all more bittersweet. Rai grabbed her fork and would take another bite and would distract herself with how good it tasted. [b "It's really good"] she tried her best to smile and ended up eating more of the cake than she planned to.

IT did make her feel better, but with Caine there, it was a constant reminder that this was just dinner. Dinner with a.....she didn't even know what to call him. What was their relationship? [b "You should try some before I finish it"] she said, passing the plate to him.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 3d 9h 6m 42s

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