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[jost [center [size14 Raizel is living with her uncle on his farm in Arizona to finish her education to become a vet. Caine, wounded, takes shelter at the stranger's. She discovers his body wounded and takes him in to patch him up. He's accustomed to a chosen lavish life of wealth and crime. Caine can only stay hidden for so long by the men that are wanting his head. They find him and the farm. Caine is only able to save Raizel and himself. Now they know Raizel's face, Caine goes on the run with her.

Feeling responsible and also finding her a hindrance, he plans to train her so she can protect herself and he can go back into his life of crime and wealth. He shows how fallen he is from his morals, and tries to get her to fall into his world too. ]]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/65/c0/c6/65c0c6dd2fec6d01dd5934789f8a4129.gif ]]

Age: 20
Plays the guitar, sings. Lives with Uncle. Has a horse named Noir
Birthday: June
Dream: To be a vet
She's had someone lifeless in her arms before Caine, unknown who it is.
Was bullied for loving animals too much at the city.

Shawn: A guy from Rai's highschool. Cop. He tried to assult Rai. Caine beat him up. He was arrested for sexual harassment.

Age: 23
Birthday: August
Has a german Shepard, one eye brown, one eye blue

Addy: connection with Caine
Skye: Little girl
three unknown members in his photo that all look like soliders. One girl.


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Raizel could hear him getting a bit annoyed about her mentioning about the money. She knew he had a lot of money, but that wasn't everything. She lived in the countryside and worked as a vet's assistant, but she was. content. She never wanted to be like her parents, where money was more important than their own daughter.

She told him about how her uncle lost his wife two years ago and that she was basically the only family he really had. She treated him like a father and her like his own. [b "IT's really sad, but my uncle only has me now"] she remembered how sweet her aunt was. She always made warm pies and would show her how to ride a horse. IT was hard when she passed, but they were back on their feet.

She gave him the gift she saved, surprised to actually hear he saw her messages. IT was upsetting though that he never responded because he couldn't. IT would make her a bit more happy at the very least if he told her why he couldn't give her an answer. When he leaned in, she felt his kiss and she'd smile up at him, but as he caressed her cheek, she brought his back down.

They sat together and she grabbed some popcorn, turning on the TV. She didn't know why he kept getting her things. Wasn't she just a fling? He didn't even have a picture of her on his phone. His words were still really sweet. He'd spoil her if he could? Whatever the reason may be, she wished he did.

She saw him catch the popcorn and that made her giggle as she invited him to the beach. [b "I don't mind. Do you have a swimsuit?"] she wondered, seeing the popcorn fly back. She'd try to catch it, but it would hit her nose. She'd giggle and take a bite before meeting his eyes and watching the movie.

AFter it was down, RAizel slowly got up, yawning a bit. [b "Yeah. Good night Caine"] she waved and headed up to her room, soon passing out to bed.

In the morning, Raizel slowly got up, she would wash up and put her hair up into a bun as she changed into a loose sweater and some shorts. She'd head down the steps in bunny slippers as she smelled the breakfast. [b "Mmm, that smells good?"] she looked around, remembering that Caine was here. When she saw him cooking, she'd walk up to his side, seeing the food [b "Is some of that for me?"] she rubbed her eyes tiredly and would take a seat at the table. [b "Did you sleep okay Caine?"] she asked, looking over him to see if he was alright.

[b "If there's anything you need, just let me know. I know you have money now, but if you want to go shopping we can. Axel is going to be here around lunch and then we can take my car to the beach"] she suggested.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 4h 2m 53s
[b “Yea, yea.” ] Caine replied, figuring she wouldn’t listen to him anymore about it.
They arrived at her house. He would thank her when she brought thigns down for him. [b “Yes, you do… I guess you’re like a daughter to him. ] He figured and frowned hearing that his wife past. [b “That’s upsetting.” ] He sighed. He watched her, seeing her shrug. Since she was graduating, Rai must have spend time with her aunt. [b “Must have been hard.” ] He knew too well.

The gift caught him off guard. [b “Yea…but…” ] He began and was just amazed that she got him a gift knowing that he may never come back. He lifted his eyes seeing her smile. He took a breath, and couldn’t help but feel touched that she got him a gift. Back then…

[b “I saw…your messages.” ] He said, but never replied to her because he didn’t awnt her to get used to it or hold on. Caine leaned in and kissed her forehead. He gently smiled at her, and naturally caressed her cheek. He would redraw his own hand but she helped him. He figured he hurt her and it was expected for her to be not okay with it. Even though, he fairly did warn her.

When they sat down, he would put the watch on and set it up quickly. Caine nearly put his arm around her when she sat next to him but caught himself. Caine nodded [b “I got you more chocolate…not from Switzerland but they’re good, and something else. It’s not as big as a car, don’t worry.” ] He said and then shrugged about not needing it [b “It’s not about needing it. Didn’t I tell you? That I’d spoil you if I had the money with me back then.” ] He’d would pop some popcorn in in his mouth.

He rose a brow and tilted his head like he was in thought. That would be perfect for him. He was sure Axel wouldn’t like that but why did he care? [b “I’d like to come. I won’t bug you two.” ] He promised. He just wanted to keep watch of her. He saw her throwing popcorn, and he caught it. He tossed popcorn back at her. He watched the movie with her and would glance back at her. He felt sparks of pain now and then. He’d make comments about the movie now and then. Soon enough, it ended and it was late.

[b “We should sleep.”] He said, stretching out his arms and yawned. He looked back at Rai, [b “See you in the morning?” ] He said. He watched her go up. Once she was up, he remembered to go into his car and grab his bag, that had a chance of clothes and everything else he needed. He would survey the home outside for a moment and then go inside. He would get changed and when he got out, her Uncle had just came back. Caine would greet him and thank him. He could tell that he was uneasy about letting Caine stick around after Rai not looking too happy but he’d allow it.

Once her uncle was up. He’d put some sensors outside on the door and the back door. It would detect if something got close, and send a message to his phone. He slept on the couch. He fell asleep shortly. He woke up just when the sun was rising. He would wash up quickly and then go for a run and exercise. He returned and they were all still asleep. So, he would make some scrambled eggs for them and bacon.
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She watched him wink and wondered what he was going to do. She had a stable relationship and everything seemed to be going well for her right now. She didn't want to mess up any one of them because CAine was back. For all she knew he was only here for a day or two. It was sad, but she knew that was all he could manage. She was sure, he was not here to see her, but probably just for his job. That meant she'd probably never see Fang, even though he looked like such a cute little puppy. To see something that Caine really loved would have been priceless.

It did upset her to hear about him comparing Axel to what he just did today. [b "Well of course the restaurant, but not everyone is as rich as you CAine. It won't matter as long as he treats me well...and at least he's here and tells me why he's here and why he's interested in me"] she mentioned, sighing a bit especially when she saw the picture of the girl. Of course he had that on his phone, he was a playboy after all.

They soon arrived home and she would lead him into the house. NOt much has really changed in two months besides the fact that the side of her bed was empty. At least while Caine was here.

She grabbed the essentials and brought it down for him. [b "I technically live with him. This is his fam and his house. His...um. Wife past away two years ago. She fell ill"] she shrugged, knowing her aunt was so sweet. She wished she could have lived a little longer.

She grabbed the gift she had gotten him a few months ago and then she'd walk over and give it to him. [b "Because it was your birthday? You really important to me back then....and I wanted to get you something. Especially since you got me a car for god's sake"] she saw him open it up and she would smile. [b "I know. Still. It was comforting for a twenty year old girl back then to know that there was someone on the other end of those text messages and someone still thinking about her"] she admitted and then she felt him press his lips against her forehead. IT stung. It reminded her of losing something she wanted to so badly.

Rai pushed those feelings aside and nodded [b "I'd like that"] she was glad he enjoyed the gift and hoped that he actually wore it. She felt his hand on her cheek and she would reach up and hold his hand, slowly bringing it back down. [b "Come on, I'll make us some popcorn"] she went into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl. She made some popcorn and took a seat beside him on the couch, slowly slipping out of her jacket and then turning on the TV.

[b "You got me more things? Caine....you know the car was like all my birthdays combined. I don't need anything else"] she told him, not wanting him to spend money on her. [b "Yeah it's Saturday. I actually am supposed to hang out with Axel. We're supposed to go to the beach. Would you like to come? I know you're only here for a short time, so I'm sure that Axel wouldn't mind"] she held the bowl and would throw some popcorn at him to see if he'd catch it. She did miss him and she knew that right now they were acting as friends, but she tried really hard to push those sad feelings away and just try to be normal friends with him.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 19h 46m 26s
Caine shrugged [b “For now.” ] He winked. It was hard not to tease her. He liked showing her Fang, feeling genuinely happy and at peace talking about his pup. [b “Yea…” ] He didn’t think she would see Fang, which actually disappointed him. He really did want to show Fang to her since she liked animals and Fang was the best animal he knew.

Axel didn’t sound impressive at all. [b “I don’t know Rai. What’s more impressive? A dinner at a nice restaurant or a bar?” ] He asked.

Caine saw her looking down when she accidently aw the photo. Was she jealous? [b “You’re upset?” ] He asked.

They went to the car.
Soon enough he was right back where hew was over two months ago. He could have stayed easily at a nice hotel, but that meant not keeping track of Rai. [b “How come your uncle lives just with you anyway? He doesn’t have a girlfriend or something?” ] He pondered. He never really asked. Her Uncle only really talked about life here, his job, dumb shit his friends did, and sometimes his parents.

He noticed Rai coming back down. He watched come toward him with a wrapped box. It surprised him to see it. [b “Why…would you get me something?” ] He said, knowing that he’d never come back. He opened it and realized how detached he’s been from having a life like this. Once he opened the package he saw the smart watch. [b “Rai…you…I might have never come back.” ] He said. He felt a knot in his chest. He leaned into her and would kiss her forehead, [b “Thank you. I love your gift. I’ll wear it.” ] He said and then smiled at her [b “I don’t deserve something from you but thank you. It’s been a while since I got a gift.” ] He felt the pain spread and he winced but he tolerated it. [b “How about we watch a movie together? It’s still something friends do. Right?” ] He said, and found himself caressing her cheek and then pulling back remembering the fact she had a life going on and he shouldn’t mess so much with it.

As they sat down he would put on the watch, and set it up quickly. He never got one, and he never really knew why, he just didn’t. [b “I got something to give to you too. But I’ll give to you tomorrow morning. You don’t have work tomorrow right? What’s your plans for the weekend?” ] He asked, mostly cause he wanted to follow…to make sure she was safe.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 21h 55m 51s
She didn't know why he was so interested in her boyfriend. It wasn't like she cared about all the women he was probably sleeping with. It definitely pissed her off that he was this way, but she couldn't really do anything about it.

She backed up when he flicked her forehead [b "I am....but I am also taken"] she smirked back at him and was soon distracted by all of the pictures of his cute puppy. She smiled and would see Fang and his little paws. He was definitely cute. [b "I'd like to see him someday"] she knew that probably wouldn't happen with how flakey Caine was. Better to not get too attached right now.

She told him about Axel and the places he took her too. [b "He's not trying to impress you. He's impressing me"] she reminded as she thought about going to Switzerland. Maybe some other time. She didn't think she could just up and leave her uncle alone right now.

Raizel saw the picture of the girl and his hands on her. Why would he even keep a picture like that on his phone? He never took any pictures with her.....wait why did that matter? [b "Oh. I see"] she slowly got up, knowing full well he was allowed to see whoever he wanted.

[b "I texted him already. I told him I was tired and I'm heading home"] she put her phone away and would sit in the passenger seat beside him. Once they got to her house, she'd head inside and gather everything that Caine needed. Once she headed down, she placed it all on the couch.

Raizel even went to grab one more thing from her room when she came back. [b "Just let me know if you need anything else. Uncle is on his way back. He had some deliveries he had to make, pretty late at night"] she then came over and would give him a small white box that was wrapped with a pretty blue bow. [b "You bought me something really nice for my birthday. In the off chance I might have gotten to see you again. I got you something too. Happy belated birthday"] she smiled and would let him open it.

IT was a smart watch. It was black with white dials. The strap had a bit of silver strips on it as she met his eyes. [b "I can't watch or look after you all the time. But this can monitor your heart rate and keep track of your health. I thought you'd like it. Even if you never got it"]
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 1d 7h 17m 29s
[b “I’ll find out.” ] Caine blurted out and give him a beating if he was. He avoided answering her questions. He would just nod and move on from it. She looked annoyed with it but he felt he really couldn’t tell her. For her safety and his.

Caine chuckeld when she backed up and pouted. [b “You’re the only person in front of me.” ] He teased. He showed her his puppy, geninually smiling when he was talking about Fang. [b “He is. I wish I could have brought him with me.” ]

Caine would look through his phone to find the photos while she told him what they have been doing. [b “Nothing fancy? I’m not liking Axel.” ] Caine said and showed her the photos, [b “Offer is always on the table.” ] He reminded. Her giggling was cute [b “I’ll send more to you when I go there.” ] He said and accidently showed her a picture he shouldn’t have. [b “Um…” ] He paused in thought and then said [b “A friend with benefits.” ]

Caine paid for their dinner. He saw her looking at her phone. [b “Mmm, wonder how Ken feels about me taking his girl home.” ] He teased. He got up with her. He was curious on what it was. They got to his car. He drove them back to ther workplace so she could get her car. Then he followed her to her house. He parked it and came out. He forgotten just how small the house was. It sure…felt so famailiar. He never thought he’d see this place again.

[b “Sure.” ] He said, going into the living room. He remembered laying on the sofa with her trembling while holding a gun. He would sit down on the sofa. Ahh…he missed his bed already. Caine would wait for her, and go on his phone in the meantime. He saw a few text messages popping up.
‘Where did u go?’
‘HELLO WTF. Did u 4real leave, AGAIN?’
‘Caine wtf.’

He rolled his eyes and ignored that for now and met message his pet sitter to ask how Fang was doing. Then he’d get up and make sure the door was secure. This house wasn’t bullet proof, so that concerned him. He knew he should be on high alert. When Rai came down, he said [b “Hey Rai, if someone who didn’t notify you that they were coming…don’t open the door. Wher eis your uncle anyway?"]
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 1d 7h 34m 38s
She kept quiet when he asked about her parents. All she did was shake her head. She didn't really care too much about the fact that her parents never showed up to anything or were too busy to even see their daughter get her degree. It made her sigh as she heard Caine judging her boyfriend. [b "It's fine. I trust him and he's not cheating on me. I least I don't think so...."] she honestly didn't care about it as long as he took care of her. At least that's what she was used to.

It upset her to hear all of these reasons why he was here and then him coming back into her life when he couldn't even give a valid explanation. [b "Okay. Okay. Close by, for your job....got it"] it did bother her when he told her not to dig into his privacy. She kept quiet and would get irritated at the fact that she was always left in the dark. Why couldn't he just tell her the truth? Raizel got distracted with the chocolate cake, but when he said he was with someone, she'd lean in and get flicked [b "Oww!"] she backed up and then she pouted [b "You know...How am I supposed to know"] she let out a sigh and would see his puppy.

She liked pets and when she saw how cute his puppy was, she smiled [b "He looks adorable. I bet he's a playful and loyal dog"] she watched more videos of him and was surprised to hear Caine mention how much he loved the pup. At least he loved something.

[b "He takes me mostly to the bars. We go out once in a while to eat, but nothing fancy like this. As long as I can spend some time with him, I'm happy"] she swiped through and thought Switzerland looked so pretty. [b "I want to go sometime"] she smiled [b "And eat more of their chocolate"] she giggled until she spotted the picture of him grabbing a girl's ass. She gasped and saw him take the phone away. [b "Who was that?"] she'd ask.

[b "Odd hmm. It was weird for me too. But I've been sleeping alone for a while, so it doesn't bother me too much"] she watched him pay for the food and she ended up nodding her head [b "Thank you for dinner"] she felt her phone buzzing and would see Axel's texts. She'd reply back to him, saying she was okay and that nothing was happening.

She'd put her phone back into her pocket and she'd meet Caine's eyes. [b "I'm okay. I've drank plenty. Let's go back to my house. There's something I want to give you"] she told him, slowly getting up and then waiting for him. SHe'd follow him back to the car and would take a seat in the passenger's side as he took her back to her workplace.

Once she got her car, she led the way back to her house in case he forgot where it was. Once they arrived, she'd park her car and lead him inside. [b "I already sent uncle a text that you'll be spending the night. Let me grab you some sheets and some blankets and a towel"] she said as she headed upstairs to grab what she needed.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 1d 7h 59m 49s
[b “You haven’t talked to them in a while have you?” ] He picked up. He didn’t want to dig into much about her parents. He remembered they weren’t close and that’s all he knew about them. He heard her and he wasn’t sure he trusted Axel. [b “Rai, you need to be less naïve…” ] He whispered.

She came in with questions he didn’t nor could he answer. [b “I told you, I have a job close by. It’s safer for me to come here and I wanted to see how you were doing.” ] He’d rather have her believe in that lie and not be aware of the reality since it could scare her. Caine sighed [b “Because I have jobs to do. I can’t stay.” ] He wouldn’t tell her more than that, [b “I told you before once not to dig into what I do.” ]

SHe was getting irritated and brought attention to them. He understood why she would be upset but there wasn’t anything he could do about it. He heard her but decided not to say anything about the reason behind him being here. The waitress came by, and he end up talking.The waitress left and then he heard Rai, seeing her raise her brow.
Caine motioned his hand to come closer, waiting for her, looking like he’d whisper it to her. Then he’d flick her forehead lightly [b “I’m with you. You’re sitting right with me right now aren’t you?” ] He chuckeld, [b “I don’t do the whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing. You’re the first since about…three years ago.” ]

He began showing her his phone. Letting her see pictures of his dog. [b “He is cute… He’d like you. His name is Fang. He likes to chew on things…bring things… I love him.” ] He said and showed her a video of Fang giving his paw, and then one of him chasing his tail.

The chocolate cake came in. [b “Go ahead.” ] He told her and watched her devour the cake. It was nice to see her look happier. [b “Does your boyfriend take you to nice dinners?” ] He asked, wanting to make sure, while he went on his phone to show pictures of him in Switzerland. He showed her buildings, sceneries, the city. He accidently swiped on one that had a picture of him grabbing a half naked’s girl ass. He would quickly swipe away from that. [b “All fed up?” ] Caine asked her, finishing another cup of wine. [b “You know. It was actually odd not sleeping next to you when I got back to my condo. You might not get to travel but, at least you got your Uncle out here and friends. You got it good.” ] He said. He would wave over the waitress so he could pay the bill for them. [b “Do you want to go out for more drinks? Or should we go grab your car and go back to your place.” ] He said.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 1d 8h 30m 12s
She sighed a bit [b "I did eventually. No one else would be sending me chocolates from Switzerland, or a brand new car. Not even my parents would do that"] she shrugged and then told him that her boyfriend hung out with his ex's, especially on those days she worked twelve hours shifts. [b "Caine, please don't be rash"] she told him, taking another sip of wine and just trying to relax more.

At least he would be careful and safe. That's all she really wanted from him. [b "Good. I don't want to see you hurt"] she admitted and then she head him say he missed her. He missed her and asked that crazy question, which made her upset. [b "I know you kept warning me, but why are you here now? Why are you coming back to me?"] she was so confused. [b "Why can't you stay?"] she didn't understand. She couldn't fathom how he kept being so secretive and leaving her int he dark. How could he do that to anyone.

She got irritated and slammed her food down, soon realizing what she did and then she'd sit down and try to calm herself down. She was in a better place than where she was a few months ago. At least he agreed to be nothing more than friends.

[b "It's fine. I hope you're able to explain that reason to me....or at least tell me something that you can't hide"] she finished up her pasta and saw the waiter come by, asking if they were a couple. She let Caine take over what to call them, but the woman had the audacity to ask for his number. It did surprise Rai to hear he was with someone. [b "So you are with someone?"] she asked curiously as she raised a brow. [b "He's okay. I've been taking really good care of him"] she saw him taking out his phone.

When she saw his puppy, she would instantly change her expression to happy. [b "He's so cute. Look at his pretty eyes. I'd want to meet him someday"] she held his phone and would scroll through the pictures of him. [b "What's his name?"] she asked, completely forgetting about how heavy the mood was right now.

She saw the chocolate cake come in and she looked really excited. Her loved of sweets never changed at all. [b "THis looks so good Caine. Can I?"] she asked, slowly digging in with her fork, enjoying the sweet taste. It made her feel much better and it definitely helped fill that void feeling she got. She'd let him show her pictures of where he's been and Raizel was so amazed with seeing how different the places looked. She always did want to get up and travel, but she was so focused on work, it never really happened. She felt so jealous.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 1d 9h 5m 58s
[b “I thought you’d figure out it was from me.” ] He admitted. Hearing Raizel talk about her boyfriend hanging out with exes didn’t sound right to him. In rare cases did he feel that was okay. [b “We’ll see about that.” ] He said, wondering if he should talk to Axel and keep track of him. No way in hell was he going to let Axel crush her over-considering he already did that himself.

It got him to be stern when he heard that. He felt satisfied enough when she said she got it. [b “I’ll be okay. I can’t be anymore careful than I am right now.” ]

He brought on a question that he wasn’t sure what she would say to. He knew normally a person would say no. After all, that sounded pretty crazy. But it was Raizel. He peered down at his glass when she said that. It was still odd to him that there were people who missed him, even though he had tried to cut attachments. [b “I couldn’t. It wouldn’t do you good to hang onto a guy that’s not good and dangerous to you.” ] He saw her looking upset, like she was remembering something. [b “Rai… you have to understand…it’s the nature of my life. I would have stayed but I can’t.” ] He would reach up to touch her, but thought it wouldn’t do good. He imagined it wouldn’t be too hard to fall into him again and cheat on her boyfriend. But that would be cruel.

He was surprised hearing her slam her foot into the ground, catching attention. [b “Okay, I understand.” ] He replied. He saw her looking embarrassed. He remembered her crawling towards him all bare, kissing her forehead. He felt the ache, feeling like he was falling into the past and that it would repeat again. She would wither away like everyone else. [b “I’m glad your safe too.” ] He said. He sighed about her crying in her room. [b “Don’t worry, we won’t get more than that.” ] He didn’t want to face that pain either.

[b “Thank you.” ] He told her and noticed her averting her eyes, [b “I’m sorry. For leaving suddenly, and suddenly coming back. I have a good reason.” ] He said sincerely. He would eat too and then would see the waitress. He called her over to get them chocolate fudge cake. “Sure, are you two a couple?” She asked.
“No, friends.” He said and she smiled, “Do you want my number?”
Caine paused in thought, thinking it wouldn’t be nice to do that in front of Rai, [b “I’m with someone.” ] He said and then let her go off. [b “How’s Noir by the way? Oh! And Rai,” ] He would open his phone and show her a picture of his puppy, a german shepard with blue and brown eyes, while he was little and then when he was one years old, [b “This is my dog. I should show you more pictures of him…I can show you places I’ve been too, since I couldn’t do that before.” ] He said, wanting to lighten up the mood.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 1d 9h 31m 24s
She admitted to him still being attractive. He was Caine after all. Even just sitting next to him in the car made her heart ache still. SHe really thought she was getting over him. [b "Well...someone also sent them without a note saying who they're from. I did enjoy them though. The necklace was also really pretty"] she told him, thinking it was funny he called her the little mermaid. Did he really still believe she was so little.

She said that her boyfriend was still seeing his ex's sometimes. [b "I mean...he says they're trust friends. I'm sure he's just hanging out, kind of like what we're doing"] she also didn't have a very clear understanding of someone being faithful. When she was with Caine, their relationship was so open that he could also do whatever he wanted.

He didn't mention anything about his job or what he was doing, so she didn't pry anymore. Typical Caine. His expression when she said she hasn't been practicing the self defense made her a little scared. She's never seen him looking so serious. [b "I got it..."] she was surprised to hear he was staying for a while. [b "Can't you be more careful? I don't want to keep patching you up. I want you to be okay"] she sighed and would meet his eyes, listening in on his question. IT was a big decision to make....and it didn't sound like it a question to answer for fun.

Then he brought out the I miss you and it hit hard. [b "You know how much I missed you? And you didn't do a thing"] she remembered sitting her in her room on her graduation night, sending him that text. She got upset and saw their food coming in. Raizel would take in a deep breath and push those emotions away as she twirled her pasta with her fork.

[b "You know....a trip with you and being spoiled by sounds amazing. It sounds amazing if it was two months ago. Not after you just left me without a word"] she slammed her foot on the ground, not getting more upset. She noticed people looking at her and she'd slowly sit back down in the chair, her face burning with embarrassment.

[b "I'm just glad to know you're safe. Friends for now is fine, but I don't want anymore than that. I don't want to be that girl crying in her room for weeks over someone that just vanished"] she stated, taking another bite of the pasta and another sip of wine. At least it was easing her up on her feelings and loosening her up. She didn't want to be so upset, especially since she shouldn't be upset. Her life was fine right now.

[b "You can stay at our place. I'll let uncle know....I'll even set up the living room"] she told him, averting her eyes. NOt wanting to meet them.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 1d 9h 56m 49s
It made him smirk a bit hearing her compliment him. Still, being around her brought old pains. He didn’t think he could last being with her for a long time. [b “Well that’s no way to enjoy chocolate, but I’m happy you enjoyed them.” ] He said. He heard her mumbling, ahd he shook his head [b “Fine, you’re the little mermaid.” ] He said.

It bothered him hearing that he was seeing his ex’s-clearly more than one. [b “And you’re okay with that? One but more? I’m starting not to like him.” ] He listened to what she wanted to do and he remembered. She was pouting and he forgot how cute she was. [b “It must be.” ]

Caine leaned back, [b “Like I said, I have a job to nearby, but I have to keep a low profile.” ] He said, not going to say more than that. Although maybe a dose of fear would do her good. Caine’s expression turned strict the moment she said she hadn’t been [b “learn it. Memorize it. Don’t forget it, it takes one moment for your life to turn around for the worst.” ]

Caine nodded about staying for a while. [b “Then…you’ll just have to patch me up, right? I’ll be fine.” ] He brushed his leg along hers. He held his eyes on hers but kept a neutral expression, so it didn’t look like it was entirely by purpose. He nodded and figured her response would be something like that.
[b “Make…that decision...now?” ] He began, raising a brow. So, there was a chance she’d drop it all. He then shrugged, [b “Curious… If you’d agree. If you would be willing to. Might just do it.” ] She was just like he remembered, so he said the words that he felt she might gave into…and give up here to be with him for a while. He’d leave her home again, once the threat was sustained.

Their food came in soon. He saw her expression and it looked like hearing it hurt her. He knew it would make her wavier. [b “Okay. But if you want to leave your Ken boyfriend, drop everything here for a trip, then say it. I’ll spoil you well for a while.” ] He would take a bite out of his lobster tail. He knew he wasn’t being fair, but it was safest for her. He knew that maybe if he made her emotions wavier to his favor then he can manipulate her into coming without knowing why she should. He knew she would be more broken hearted though.

[b “I won’t bring it up again. Unless you say. Swear it. We can be friends while I’m here…so don’t frown. I'll try to remember not to tease” ] He promised. He watched her and thinking some part of him would have loved to really go on a trip with her even with the cost of her being hurt at the end.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 1d 10h 36m 42s
She smiled a bit, brushing her hair behind her ear. She'd meet his eyes [b "Well if you say so. I think I look the same. You've definitely gotten a lot more attractive since the last time I saw you"] she admitted and was glad she could help him out. She wanted nothing more than to help people and animals alike, but she developed feelings for Caine.

She enjoyed the ride in his car, feeling that nostalgia of the month they were together. She could smell his scent lingering and she remembered those times he held her. It was actually making her heart beat quickly. [b "It was. No wonder the chocolate was so good. I kind of scarfed it down....."] she rubbed the back of her head, feeling pretty embarrassed about it back then.

[b "No! I am not a siren....even if I was....I wouldn't be able to lure anyone I wanted"] she mumbled the last part because she knew it wasn't enough to lure Caine in back then. She shrugged a bit. [b "I haven't seen you in months. He hangs out with his ex's sometimes. I'll be fine"] she assured him, taking a seat and sipping on the wine he's gotten. She did drink a lot back then when he left. She built up her stamina even with Kristin when they went out.

[b "I hope I pass. I can't wait to run my own business. I am learning a lot though. Having to put down some pets though is tough"] she pouted and was surprised to hear he'd be here for a while. [b "You are? How come?"] she asked, wondering if he'd tell her why he was here.

It did make her disappointed that she couldn't have his contact info or to just be friends. Why was he so secretive? Why couldn't she know where it was. [b "I have. I've been going to the shooting range, but I never really practiced the self defense. I don't need to use it.....or haven't needed to use it so far"] she frowned, hoping that didn't upset him.

When she heard he was staying over, she gasped [b "Wait! Really? You're going to stay here for a while?"] she figured his job was something sketchy. What if he was really involved in terrible things. [b "Caine...I hope you're not putting yourself in harms way. I'd hate to find you in my barn again looking that beat up"] she sighed, feeling his leg brush up against hers. She met his eyes and wondered if he did that on purpose. She would pull her let back a bit and then his question had her really confused.

[b "Huh? Drop everything to go with you? But....you barely even give me information....I can't even contact you? If I went....I'd probably be going in blind....not knowing what was going to happen. I don't think I could do that or make that decision right now.."] she found it to be such a weird question. She didn't think that she could decide then and there. [b "Why are you asking me this so suddenly?"] she faced him, soon hearing that he missed her. That made her chest ache.

[b "Caine....I....have been trying to move forward. You can't just come back here...and jumble up everything again"] she told him. It wasn't fair. He wasn't being fair. [b "You're not....being very fair"] she told him, letting out a deep sigh. It hasn't been that long, but at the same time, she was struggling to think about all of this. His smirk made her realize he was teasing. IT made her frown.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 1d 11h 5m 38s
[b “A lot can happen in a month.” ] Caine spoke softly. Caine would shrug [b “Yea, I’m healed up thanks to you.” ] He said, watching her and wondering if it was fine slipping back into her life. He didn’t feel like had much of a choice. He wouldn’t be here if he didn’t feel that she could possibly be in a dangerous situation.

Caine noticed her looking out the car window. He chuckled [b “Yea, I was pretty poor then. I had my reasons. The chocolate was from Switzerland. I went there again.” ] He mentioned. He did wonder about her new boyfriend. He was happy at least she was able to move on…probably. It would be pretty hard to move on from him but it was what it was.

[b “Mmm, not surprised. Lured him with your voice, sure you’re not a siren?” ] He teased. He brought her to the restaurant. It was at a higher end place. He made resverations already, planning that he would pick her up and take her here, to cheat. [b “No but…hanging out with your ex is a different story.” ] He mentioned and remembered how he never handled that well. But that was years ago.

They were seated. He got them wine, mostly because he wanted wine. Last time he was here, she wasn’t even allowed to drink. [b “Mmmm, a real vet. You’ll pass it and you’ll be a great vet.” ] He assured and remembered spending days with her Uncle. [b “I could help out a bit, while I’m here.” ] He watched her sip on the wine. She seemed more confident since last time, it was good. She looked happier, and it seemed like she got her life together. He felt good that he didn’t cause horrible damage…so far. Then…he listened more.

He grew a bit quiet. [b “Rai…” ] He sighed [b “You know I can’t do that. But, right now it doesn’t matter. I’m here for a while. By the way, did you keep up learning self defense and go to the shooting range?” ] He asked, bringing it like it was a casual question. He didn’t really want to reveal why he was here, because he felt that it would scare her. He felt content that she wasn’t asking him many questions.

[b “By the way, I was thinking about asking your uncle if I could stay over for a while, I’ll help your uncle out. I’d go a hotel but, they require an ID, and I’m not in a good position to be identified right now.” ] He added and then drank his wine and saw a waitress coming in. He smiled slightly at her “Garlic Lemon Lobster Tail.”

Caine turned his attention to Rai and would just run his leg ‘by accident’ along hers underneath the table. [b “Quick question. If I asked you to drop your career…your ken boyfriend and country life for a short few months to travel with me, would you do it?” ] He said, with a slight smirk, and then drinking again, [b “Mmm I do miss you.” ] He figured that would be much easier for him. He wanted to test how much he could push, and also feed his ego a bit.
  Caine Tsuji / Ravenity / 1d 11h 48m 7s
She knew it was his birthday and she wanted to send him something, but she didn't know where he was or what he was doing. It upset her that he just upped and left and couldn't even contact her or ask how she was doing. She wanted to at least be friends, but she guessed it was hard enough to know a single thing about the mysterious Caine.

She stepped out of work, going to her boyfriend's car when she saw Caine. She froze in her step, taking a few breaths, remembering that last night she was with him. She struggled to think for a second, before telling her boyfriend she'd meet him later. SHe really wanted to talk to Caine again and now that he was here, she knew all those times she thought about him, weren't just an illusion. What if he came back for her? OR what if he wanted her here with him.

She went into his car, telling Axel, it'll be fine as she sat down int he passenger seat. [b "Me? It's only been a few months Caine...I'm sure don't look that much different. You on the other hand....look really good. I'm glad that wound is all healed up"] she would meet his eyes, but found herself having a hard time looking at him. Looking at him still hurt. It reminded her of all the bittersweet moments they had.

She would look out the window, remembering a few things and then smiling [b "I know. You just showed up in the barn one day. I didn't think you really were rich"] she chuckled, glancing back at him. [b "I'm really thankful for the gifts you sent me. The chocolate was really good"] she remembered scarfing it down in one night.

[b "My boyfriend? Yeah, he's good. We met at one of my concerts. He takes care of me, but we've only been dating for a month. We'll see how it goes"] she admitted, still not having dated so many people since he left.

At the restaurant, Raizel looked around, knowing this place was pretty pricey. She wasn't sure how she felt about it, but he did say he was rich. [b "Oh....it's fine. He's had a few girlfriends before. HE can't be thaaat mad that I've had an ex"] she heard him mention the love of her life and she fell a bit silent. She only started to laugh when he said she was joking.

She'd walk with him to take a seat and then would look through the menu, still feeling a bit anxious. She had so many questions, she wanted to ask how he was doing, why he left so suddenly.....and why she couldn't contact him. [b "Ahh, I see. It's really good to see you too. I'm so relieved you're okay. My job is good. I've been shadowing a real vet. I just have to practice with her more and I should be able to take my test and pass the board to get my own license. Uncle is good. He's been getting more back pain and I've been trying to help him, but I've got a job too. I still take care of the farm though"] she spoke, taking a sip of the wine.

[b "To be honest, it hasn't been easy. It's been rough the first few months that you left. I...couldn't really focus....but now it's better. I....always wanted your contact information....to at least talk with you....or maybe still be friends if that was an option"] she told him, deciding to get herself some shrimp pasta.
  Raizel / ellocalypse / 1d 12h 48m 34s

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