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Even before he told her his name, Enid knew that he was a powerful, high ranking Demon. She felt it in his aura. She wondered if he could tell that she was a powerful Angel. Then, he told her his name and it was confirmed how powerful he was. She had heard of him and, somehow, had never met him up until this point. She wasn't intending to annoy or probe the demon. Quite frankly, she didn't have it in her to do so. Seeing a soul being taken always left her feeling slightly weak.

She stepped away from the body of Rose, and the wailing baby, and ended up being closer to the Demon. "I'm Enid. Angel and Guardian of life." They were polar opposites. Even in physical form. She gave life and she fought for it, where as he took it. She looked up and studied the tendrils for a moment, she almost wanted to touch them. She stopped herself from doing so and she looked back to Graves. She had so many questions and yet, didn't know how to ask them.

"How do you make the decision to take a soul? Like, what's the process?" She asked him curiously. It was not often that she was able to share a room with a demon and not fight with them. So, she decided to take this opportunity to learn about them and their ways.
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As the soul of Rose dissipated in the palm of his boney hand, their little spot of time resumed around them. The woman’s chest fell still as the doctors and nurses poured in, activating various machines. Graves took a step back, letting mortals do what they do to save a life and, in this rare case, give birth. Choosing to stay longer than he normally would, he analyzed the angel at work giving a luminous light to the little one coming into life without a mother.

The reaper looked up at the holy entity when she spoke, asking for a name. [i A name? Why would she even care for a low life like him?] “We have not,” he replied, curious of her true intent. “I’m Graves, a reaper and demon... and you are?”

Graves stepped around the crowd of mortals, his black tendrils shifting around him as he maneuvered closer to the angel. Was she trying to relive her boredom by trying to bait an experienced grim reaper? She may not have known who he was but she would learn quickly if she crossed the dangerous line.
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Enid felt her heart sink as she saw the light fade from Rose. She always did hate seeing a life pass, it was the opposite of what she stood for. As a matter of fact, the demon that was collecting the humans sole represented the opposite to her. His aura felt dark and cold, it made a shiver run down her spine. She understood that this was just the circle of life, it was meant to happen so that more life could be created. But, that didn't make things any easier for her. She didn't look at the demon. Her eyes were on the woman as her soul was collected. She wanted to reach out and grab it. But, the chance was soon lost.

At his words, a small frown settled on her brows. A look of determination written across her features as she reached out a hand and pressed it to the bump of the late woman.

It started out as a soft, warm glow at her finger tips. But, as it spread to her palm the light grew stronger, brighter and then the room turned a blinding white for a brief moment and then there was crying. The wail of a baby as the doctors and nurses managed to pull the child out. Enid dropped her hand back to her side and smiled gently at the fact the baby had managed to survive. She then looked to the demon and studied him carefully. "What's your name? I don't think we've met before."
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The demon looked over his shoulder, seeing the holy creature appear out of thin air. Burnette and radiant, the angel stepped into the hospital room a moment too late, the last breath leaving the unfortunate young woman. The patient’s room instantly felt dead like a light had been shut off. For a few seconds , time was stopped giving Graves the opportunity to take the soul from her body before life continued around them. [i Why?]

His soft glowing eyes landed on the angel beside him, her pure aura making his shadowy tendrils writh away from her. Polar opposites... To be honest, there was no evil reason why Rose Claude should have died today. [i All thanks to bad circumstances and fucking karma]- as Satan would put it.

“Poor self care had the baby taking more toll on her body than expected. They were fighting in opposition for her life.” The reaper wondered if that sounded more cruel than helpful. He had very little experience in speaking to angels, more on the lines of angel slaying.
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Angels are supernatural creatures that can be found in many human religions. Abrahamic religions often depict them as celestial beings that are the intermediary link between Heaven and Humanity. However, in others, they act as a guidance and protection to human things. Angels, in fact, are all of those things. Each of them will represent something different, one particular Angel called Enid, represents life. She gives life to the mortal world whether it be in physical form or the will to live. She has a rather fiery spirit and has even gotten herself a bit of a reputation with demons as she will often argue over a life.

She had been sitting in the sunlight on her apartments balcony, enjoying somewhat of a day off when she felt the tug and soon enough, she found herself in a hospital room. Her eyes were immediately onto the mother. She could see her light fading, but could feel her fighting. Fighting to live to see her child, but, if the mother survived then the child would pass instead.

It was confirmed that at least one soul would be taken when she saw the demon. She didn't know what to say to him or do. There was nothing she could do other than give life to the mother or the child. This, was the worst part to her position, having to choose between two souls. Two deserving the souls. The child was innocent and deserved the chance to see the world, but, the woman was young. She had a family, friends. She had so much more to experience.

She didn't hate demons, they were just doing their job after all. She just disliked what they did, what they represented and strived for. It was the opposite of what the angels did.

Enid didn't reveal herself until it was too late. It had been decided that the child would live. Very few humans got to see her, but, she decided that Rose would find comfort in knowing her baby would be okay. When the woman did see her, the Angel smiled gently at her as she let her soul go. Her attention flicked to the Demon and she couldn't help but ask. "Why?"
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[i I am so sick of screams.]

Mr. Graves stood at his grimed window and glanced down at the perfect view of the fiery torture pits filled with the souls of everlasting sinners. This apartment was one of the high end residential dwellings in Hell but he found it more of an annoyance than an act of 'good' nature. Being one of Satan's higher ranking generals, he was granted the most comfortable of living conditions with a view of his handiwork, magma room lighting and a black hole portal for easy transport.

Graves was a Grim Reaper, the highest elite among Reapers that took the souls of the living, ordered hordes of demon souls and masked destruction in a cloak of darkness and pain. Too long he’d been doing this and it was growing to be a routine of eternal imprisonment. These were dangerous thoughts, so he never changed.

There was an image for Grim Reapers from old human legends. They were creatures who had skulls for faces, cloaks for attire and scythes for soul ripping. This was almost true. The only reason they were skeletons to begin with was because, once upon a time, every Reaper was a human soul. Their sins were so vile that when they died and entered Hell, their skins were burned off.

Cloaks were traditional of the elite Grim Reapers. It represented old times and the truth of reign and evil. Grim's only had to wear them when in public service for Satan, otherwise they were free to choose attire as they so fit; except in battle where armor was preferred.

Scythes were like guns. It was fashionable to own one and impressive to know how to wield it correctly. They weren't the only soul ripper weapons available but for eons the job was only done right with a scythe at hand. Graves had revolutionized the art of Death with combining tools but all of that was history. He was a life taker and that's all he was ever going to be... and duty called.


The young woman laid out on the hospital bed, legs spread wide and sweating profusely as a nurse tended to her growing fever. The reaper stepped out from the darkness of the shadows behind the curtain drawn close by, tendrils of black caressing every movement. No one could see the demon unless the soul was breathing their last minutes. This woman, too distracted with her pain, hadn’t recognised his presence just yet as he inched closer to her bedside. Twenty-four year old Rose Claude wouldn’t survive her pregnancy... and she was utterly alone.

Graves had years to practice the art of emotional separation. Someone of his caliber couldn’t afford to have weaknesses like that. The others would never let him hear the end of it.

The heart rate monitor began to beep quicker and the nurse hurried to grab a doctor. Alone, he finally stepped into her line of sight. She was utterly terrified but didn’t speak. Most didn’t when they saw him, figuring he was an apparition or illusion-

Then he felt it.

Something rare in his line of work. A feeling of holiness that chilled his bones. [i An angel?]
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