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Roleplay Responses

The benefit of me already having an idea of what I wanted to do with the post and my turn landing on a free day for me. I do hope it provides some useful material to work with.
  Molly / Tesla / 126d 11h 8m 48s
Lol dang tesla, you really got to it. I did not expect to see a response so quickly.
Yeah, I was gonna say something, but I had to wait until later. Go ahead and skip me, sorry for the hold up.
  Kyra Allen / cookiecookie524 / 144d 20h 9m 3s
Hey cookie I understand your busy schedule so if you need us to skip you for this rotation just let us know what you would like your character to do. That way we are not just completely ignoring her.
It's all good. Again no rush I just wanted to make sure that you were aware
It's all good Cookiecookie. Thank you for letting everyone know
  Michelle Wayne (Zonian Knight) / Yoruneko / 149d 16h 54m 17s
Sorry for not posting in a bit, just been busy with school work and I've also been busy with other roleplays that are always going on constantly. The reply should be up soon for you guys. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the wait. And yes, I did have to be reminded since I had kind of forgotten with all of my other work.
  Kyra Allen / cookiecookie524 / 149d 17h 56m 34s
My condolences to you and yours Yoruneko.

My post is made and I hope that it provides ample material for everyone. Hope you all have a good weekend.
  Spare / Tesla / 157d 5h 43m 56s
Alright looks like we are back on track so the next person to post would be tesla followed by yoruneko and then cookie
A close family friend just passed away. Cookiecookie can go ahead of me
  Michelle (Zonian Knight) / Yoruneko / 163d 22h 4m 32s
And we are a full go guys. Let's have fun with this and get some villains.
Perfect then we have the order
3 Tesla
5. Cookie
*6. Mikey when character is brought in
  Mikeymickeymike / 166d 23h 3m 29s
Sorry I'm late to the party, but I'll gladly take last. And I love your idea of all of them chasing the same villain by the way.
  Kyra Allen / cookiecookie524 / 166d 23h 4m 58s
Awesome we'll wait for cookie to see the chat and I'll start this evening. Now as for how we all meet for the first time. Yoruneko and I were talking and we like the idea of all of us chasing the same villain for whatever reasons our characters have. For going after him. Again I'll set it up in the first post.
Thank you for the welcome! Looking forward to roleplaying with you all.

I will readily volunteer for third position.

That sounds like a solid strategy to me if I am understanding it right.
  Claymore / Tesla / 167d 49m 34s

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