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No problem at all. Ask away, for the most part we are doing our own thing so we dont have to worry too much about the cannon characters
Hello everybody. Glad to be back into something that I can really dig into. Forgive me for being less familiar with the universe lore and characters, I may be asking a fair few questions if I get confused. This still seems like it will be a lot of fun.
  Phytocanis324 / 89d 19h 20m 30s
Alright guys I'd like to welcome Phytocanis to the RP. We will review the posting order momentarily. I think this round we all threw it off lol. For the story i believe we need a post from Tesla and Yoruneko. After that we will review the posting order and modify it if necessary. Until then those two posts go up I would like to encourage Phytocanis to read what we have posted to ensure that he is caught up. It is not a lot as this RP is still a baby. I think we have all posted maybe or 4 times.
Also Tesla I was thinking about who the next target should be. I think to smoothly transition into this Short Helena arc let's make it a former business partner of Oliver Queen. That way there's a reason for her short arc and we can run through it and get to all of the rest as well
this is awesome. Thank you for incorporating that Tesla. I was stumped on how to suggest a team up
Things got worse, but handling better. Was going to post tiger claw's following day in the same post, but decided against it.

I hope ur better. & yeah, that worked out. Thank you for going ahead. I needed that relief.
No need to apologize whatsoever as I completely understand. I do hope that things get easier on you. One of my illnesses after I made the offer which is what delayed me and so I totally understand.

Post is up though and with the information on the broadcast for when we decide to timeskip so everyone can react appropriately. Hope everyone has a better week this time around!
  Spare / Tesla / 92d 2h 1m 25s
Yeah, that'd be great. Sorry for the inconvenience. Been kinda lethargic on my off-days from work.... I was in & out of sleep this whole afternoon to evening.
It is a fabulous post MikeymickeyMike and I approve wholeheartedly. Also thank you for the acceptance.

Yoruneko would you like me to post as Chaos next to give you some more time and more to work with?
  Spare / Tesla / 97d 2h 38m 50s
Alright guys i've put up my sadistic post lol I will begin advertising this now to try and get one more person to join.
  Mikeymickeymike / 109d 19h 32m 41s
Sorry. Please skip me this round. Sorry for the extended wait.
Hey guys. Sorry. A lot happened this past week. Gunna post soon.
Alright guys we will write the flash girl out of the story. Pretty easy. We'll recruit somebody else later on but for now let's proceed with just the three of us
  Mikeymickeymike / 122d 1h 5m 36s
Yeah I figured you were going to let this go. Oft of course there's no hard feelings. Have fun with your other projects.
  Mikeymickeymike / 122d 6h 48m 20s
I'm leaving this rp. Its too much to deal with ontop of everything I already do. At the time I joined, I had time for it. I'm sorry for any inconvenience and feelings that I may have hurt or upset. You have every right to be angry with me, and I understand if you are. Thank you for the experience and the short journey, but I hope that you all have fun on this rp and this doesn't stop any of you from role playing with me in the future, and again, I'm sorry.
  Kyra Allen / cookiecookie524 / 122d 18h 27m 21s

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