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Yeah itd be nice to know logistics wise. We cant all exactly be from the same place
Hey guys. Mikey and I were just talking about how Helena and Michelle live in Florida along the gulf, Atlan has a place in Maine, & Kwan lives in Las Vegas. Tesla & Phyto, where do your characters reside?
No problem. Great segway for Kwan to appear. Thank you for that.

I 2nd what Tesla said, Phyto.

Yeah, onto a new week.... & tomorrow a new month. No problem & looking forward to it too
A great suggestion Yoruneko and I think you did a great job with it Phytocanis324.

We are onto a new week and I hope it treats you all well. Thank you all for a fantastic roleplaying experience and I look forward to continuing it with you all. Cheers!
  Molly / Tesla / 49d 12h 15m 5s
Alright. This was a dark one. I do plan to expand on Grim's backstory when the time for that comes up.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 53d 3h 15m 19s
Man ya'll are active today. IF you wish to time skip past that part you can. it's solely up to you all.
Or you could go with the answers to the current questions. Hint to more and skip to where the interview has ended. BTW Kwan will reappear once Chaos has passed Grimoire in the interview.
Can't post right this second, but I have more than enough material I can cook up to make my answers interesting. So no need to worry about that. Though I'm not against skipping if that is the unanimous verdict.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 54d 5h 15m 15s
Glad to hear it is busy in a good way Yoruneko!
Also sounds like a plan to me regarding Kwan.

If Helena did then I can comfortably address it over private message and include it in my next post, or just have it happen next post cycle. Did not want to hold things up any on my account.

Also on a similar note if you need more than those two questions to answer Phytocanis324 feel free to message me and I will figure out what more she would ask. Honestly if everyone would rather time skip the actual interview I imagine that would also be fine given it is mostly going to confirm that everyone has similar ideas on where to draw the line between imprisonment and this person is irredeemable.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week thus far and continues to do so! Cheers!
  Spare / Tesla / 54d 12h 4m 14s
Hey Mikey. Would Helena have contacted Chaos during that time?
Hey guys. Awesome posts!!!!!

Mikey said he's skipping Helena bc she's just reflecting. So I'm going to post as Michelle next.
Just keep up the healing Phyto!

They are getting better. Just been busy in a good way. I'm looking forward to how all of this plays out too.

Kwan is going to monitor from the shadows for a little longer, so feel free to skip him this round.
Sometimes you got to do things in person. That said I am looking forward to how this plays out.

No need to apologize whatsoever! I hope things get better for you.

Good luck in your recovery Phytocanis324! Wish you well.
  Spare / Tesla / 58d 6h 51m 26s
I pray for a good recovery Phyto. I wouldn't worry about length as long as you got your point across.
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 59d 20h 28m 34s
Mine is short as well. Recently out of surgery and still in some pain, so its hard to concentrate. But I'm talking to people! Finally!
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 62d 17h 37m 36s

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