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I had thought Atlan and Helena had joined them, but if not then yes just those two.
  Spare / Tesla / 19d 20h 11m 43s
I take it that you are talking to tiger claw and ionian knight right?
Thank you kindly!

Not entirely sure my post is fully comprehensible, but if there is anything that needs clarification or addition just let me know! For now the post is up and I hope it will provide adequate material.
  Spare / Tesla / 19d 22h 24m 13s
I'm glad you're recurring well. Thank you for the update & I hope the same for you!
I have spent the past few days recovering, but should be able to work on a post tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and I hope the week gets off to a good start for everyone!
  Spare / Tesla / 20d 14h 32m 29s
Okay. its finally done. I apologize, I'm a little tipsy tonight so the thoughts might be a little disjointed. basically I've left time for the two parties to meet up and converse for a little bit between when Chaos and Tiger Claw arrive and when their phones start blowing up. I also didnt want to go too dialogue heavy so as not to step on Kwan's or Chaos's toes.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 27d 18h 48m 2s
Also keep in Mind that the only two who know who have met Atlan are Helena and Michelle. I look forward to the post
Grim is open to trying new things. Molecular reconstitution in a separate location would still fall under "new things".
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 32d 6h 52m 30s
Not that it'd matter with the tech but it's not across the world. We decided Raleigh, North Carolina. & it'll be a week later since not everyone is able to teleport & they're already almost a week ahead in the timeline. So, feel free to timeskip. U can still teleport Kwan if you guys still want to use that method of travel.
We are pretty settled as far as wrapping up the scene goes.

Regarding getting the two halves of the team together we just need to know where Michelle/Helena/Atlan want to meet up. Along with whether Grim and Kwan would be comfortable making use of Chaos' teleportation technology. I could understand turning down a hacker you just met from being able to teleport your molecules across the world after all.
  Spare / Tesla / 32d 20h 35m 6s
Sounds like a plan Mikey. I'll get something put together.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 33d 2h 7m 30s
Hey phyto since this seems to be over now. Can you coordinate with tesla to wrap it up in your post and to have her contact helena and Michelle that way In the next posting round we can all just meet up
Hey guys. Mikey wanted to skip Atlan this time around. So I finally got a post up. I'm sorry it's short, but that happens sometimes. Can't wait until the team gets together
Somewhere in Colorado so that she can have a particularly deep underground base of operations is what I would say.

Post is up. May the weekend treat you all well!
  Spare / Tesla / 44d 7h 49m 0s
In my head it makes the most sense for Grim to live in New York City. A concrete jungle to hunt in.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 46d 22h 42m 30s

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