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The place to chat among ourselves and discuss the RP. For example how we will start and posting order


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Just wanted to be sure because of the timeskip that happened.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 6h 59m 48s
Nah I just used the wrong character is all. Accidentally used canary I stead of Atlan but I post as both on both profiles a lot so no biggie. Its tiger claw next then you phyto
  Green Canary / Mikeymickeymike / 7h 3m 14s
I think he meant to post a Atlan, but was still on Canary
alright. Is this also a soft reset of the posting order as well?
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 7h 19m 28s
Hey guy and gals. Hope yall are having a great week. I want for this guy to get away this time from the group after embarrassing us from rushing in blind. It's gonna be a lesson for Canary
  Green Canary / Mikeymickeymike / 9h 40m 17s
If this is a pie vs cake kind of thing, no offense to cake, but I can eat pie more consistently. That and pie doesn't really have a chance to dry out unless you're talking savory pie, which I have had no so good luck with before.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 3d 14h 24m 44s
Yes! Finally another man besides the rock and ai who likes pie
  Green Canary / Mikeymickeymike / 3d 14h 28m 59s
To answer your question in as plain terms as I can: I ADORE pie.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 3d 14h 58m 27s
Hey phyto I wanna ask you something. Do you like...PIE?
  Green Canary / Mikeymickeymike / 3d 16h 49m 15s
No scapegoats. Plus, no one has seen Chaos' face. So Chaos isn't truly outed. Grim's face has already been seen and doesn't necessarily need a lineup of which guy was it.

The best thing is lay low. Keep the criminals as the target and scared without putting signs up to direct people to the target on their own backs.
I mean, Grim has non-issue being the spokesperson of the group, considering he has no criminal history , his face and prints aren't in any records and he isn't a registered citizen of any place anywhere. He's a mostly-demon with only his new friends to lose, and I don't think that's going to happen if the worst he's known for is what they're already intending to do, and being spotted in a North Carolinian church.

He's a legitimate nobody.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 3d 18h 22m 52s
I checked and Chaos didn't directly say there'd be more promotions. She just said there'd be more targets and a next time. If they display the "promotions" without any incriminating evidence to their actual audience, that'd also be a big enough change to wonder if something is different. Michelle won't like doing something so cowardly as hiding behind a teammate; but since Chaos already put herself out there, Michelle would have to agree to some extent of it. If Chaos leaves all names out of it, except the decreased target, and maybe even randomize how soon after the disposal the video or pictures are sent out.... that may help throw things off for a while. Again, it wasn't specified whether next time was more proof or another death. More deaths and lack of proof of who did it may cause a bigger stir in the criminal community but keep the innocent out of it and allowed to focus on the next new thing to talk about. Chaos can set that up, whatever that will be.

Oh, one more thing. It was mentioned in your post that Chaos has eluded the justice league for a long time, but wasn't that without outing oneself before?

Btw, nice post! I hope you get some rest
Once again I am writing and editing while low on sleep, but I will try to read over it all again once I am awake again. That said if there are any questions that come up before then I will be happy to answer them then as well.

I included a potential slight skip forward as well since the discussion of the publicity of the group might be better handled OOC? Chaos has no problem being the pseudo scapegoat of the group and taking on all the blame for their actions. My thought was with Green Arrow being the issue that she could hack him to pay for a charity event as payment for her losing out on such a valuable teammate. That way Green Arrow is confident Chaos and Canary are no longer allied and the team can still brag about their activities although with only Chaos and willing volunteers appearing in the promotions to take all the blame.

Figured it could also include the basic description of the target so that further details could be handled by Mikeymickeymike since this is Canary's target.

I hope that all makes sense and that the post finds you all well. Have a lovely day friends!
  Spare / Tesla / 3d 23h 39m 15s
Lol that's perfectly fine. I actually love it. It'll give the two of them something to bond over and hopefully help with their arcs. Btw I will ha e my post up after work tomorrow. Have a good night everyone!!
  Green Canary / Mikeymickeymike / 7d 5h 6m 8s
Just as you hoped not to overstep sensing Grim's darker association Mikey, I would hope that Grim knowing about spell casting from past experience isn't so out of nowhere. I didn't give him explicit knowledge, but he understands how they function.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 7d 5h 23m 55s

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