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The place to chat among ourselves and discuss the RP. For example how we will start and posting order


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*Gasps* Chaos is going somewhere in person!? Truly this is A sight to behold
I must say that I am quite liking the direction that the roleplay is going. Hope the meet up with Grimoire continues this positive trend.

Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself as well Phytocanis324! Honestly I do not think he is being grating at all, but given Chaos' penchant for performance I am not sure I would be the best judge.

That is an excellent stance to take Mikeymickeymike and is one I will readily second.

Hope everyone is staying safe and has gotten to enjoy the weekend some!
  Spare / Tesla / 3d 14h 34m 32s
I just dont want him to become too grating on anyone. I want people to enjoy this character as much as I do.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 3d 17h 43m 18s
I can definitely tell. do you man. I have no problem with making your character how you want.
I really hope you guys can tell how much fun I'm having playing this character. I also hope he isnt getting too grating. Please let me know if and when I should tone things back.
  Phytocanis324 / 5d 15h 45m 7s
I'm interested in seeing how we meet up with Grimoire. This is starting to really heat up.
& don't forget to use close bracket after what you want colored, made bold, italicized, underlined, etc. Otherwise, it'll affect everything after command.
Yes that is perfect. See not too difficult. Also if you want to bold, italicize, or underline you use the bracket and b,i,or u no plus sign.
[+orange This, then, should be orange if I understand correct.]
  Phytocanis324 / 10d 14h 54m 45s
So the text color is pretty easy. You open a bracket + color then the text you want] for example [+blue glad to have you onboard]
  Mikeymickeymike / 10d 16h 11m 6s
Okay, so... I've posted and left a description of the weapons Grimoire has. If anyone needs a visual aid, I do have a picture of the weapon that I've drawn and will forewarn in advance that I am no artist.

Secondly, because I do not use this site very often, I am unaware of how to change my text color and other things of the like. If anyone could PM me and show me the ropes it would be appreciated so I feel less basic. :P
  Phytocanis324 / 10d 16h 37m 16s
& posted!

Welcome Phyto~~ I'm glad you joined us. This definitely is going to be a really fun rp.

Thank you Tesla. Yeah, things are getting better.

I like that posting order

After we get a post from yoruneko as Kwan we will go to grimoire and this will be the posting cycle
  Mikeymickeymike / 21d 2h 26m 30s
Well better handling is at least something. Still hoping things get better for you though Yoruneko!

Thank you kindly for the well wishes.

Honestly happy to help! Especially as it seems to have been quite well received.

That seems like a perfectly reasonable next threat and so since I included a few names you may choose which one will pop out as that role!

Welcome Phytocanis! This is a comics universe so no need to worry too much about lore. A ton of it gets shuffled around every few seasons anyway.

I made my post to keep in line with last turn, and am happy to discuss the new order when possible. Hope everyone has a good end to their week!
  Spare / Tesla / 21d 6h 43m 24s
No problem at all. Ask away, for the most part we are doing our own thing so we dont have to worry too much about the cannon characters

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