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[center [pic https://media.giphy.com/media/TjqvMZkHH4hJC/giphy.gif]

[center [b He] is a detective, a fresh face on the case of Angelmaker who is the Serial Killer that terrorises the nearby towns and cities. The killer has claimed four innocent lives and the authorities are growing desperate. So, they bring in the detective, who is new to the case, to bring a new point of view.]

[center [b She] has lived in the little town since her Uni days and has kept the same bartender job for six years. She's well known and liked around town and can often be found talking to the locals when walking the streets. No one knows her history, but no one asks.

[center [b They] meet on her bartending shift and after his long day at work. They talk and talk through her shift, sparks flying between them. It's the start of what appears to be a normal love story.

[center However, [b he] doesn't know that [b she] is the infamous Angel Maker


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Freya have a small laugh. "[b We have a restaurant upstairs that does breakfast and dinner.]" She explained, however, she did notice his slight shiver and she wondered why. It wasn't her place to ask and so, she did not comment on it. Being sociable and bubbly was part of the job description of being a bartender and she had long since learned of how to place on an act. It earned extra tips and increased the chances of getting that customer back. It also got people to trust her, talk to her and like her. She did not like any of the people that considered her their friend, but, to their faces, she loved them. Her whole life had practically become a lie. However, it was part of the reason why she was able to get away with her murders thus far. After all, who would suspect the perky bartender? Most definitely not any police officer or detective she had met.

It seemed that he did, in fact, want to speak to her as he offered his name. She then picked up a cloth and then began to dry glasses from the dishwasher and place them away.

[b "People like to drink their troubles away and they most likely feel more safe in here than they do in their homes.]" She replied, glancing up at him. "[b It's busier because no one travels alone anymore, not even to the shops. It's definitely scary times, I don't even feel safe walking to my car.]" She placed on this demeanour that she was trying to be stronger than she was. Though, in reality, with her being the killer, she felt more safe than she ever had. Seeing the people's fear made her feel powerful. "[b I really hope that the killer gets caught soon. What they are doing is so wrong and evil... I mean, to kill innocent people it's just]..." She shook her head and briefly looked down for a moment before back at Dominic.

"[b Sorry, I'm sure you came here to relax and not talk about Angelmaker.]"
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“Morning shift?” Dominic asked with a raised brow. “Sad life to be at a bar in the morning.” Though, Dominic wasn’t that all to surprised. Honestly, being the son of an alcoholic mother wouldn’t surprised. He had the memory of his mother hiding bottles around the house anywhere she could and going out for [I tips] at am and coming home plastered. He shuddered at those memories. Of course, that was his mother when his father was away at work. When his father as home, Dominic aw his mother change into betty Crocker herself it seemed like. He graciously accepted the beer, the first sip always the best of course. Dominic cold feel the dread from such a long day melting away. He wasn’t that frequent of a customer, but with the bar being so close he did come by on days and nights he just wanted to forget the madness he dealt with at work.

“I stop by occasionally,” he told her with a smile before taking another gulp. He looked around, not surprised to find that most people were with friends or a small group. That had to mean that she dealt with the sad lot of people if she worked mornings mostly. That had to be somewhat depressing he figured and yet she had such a positive demeanor. He figured it had something to do with tips and yet as she lingered, he found himself looking up at those catlike eyes. “I’m Dominic,” he said to her then. There was something crazy enticing about her, though maybe it was the fact that he had been single for so long and while he didn’t recognize many in the bar, she had found some way to capture his attention.

“I’ve never seen it so busy, hopefully the lot of them make it home safe. Dominic didn’t know why he had said such a thing, maybe it had something to do with him still having the case on his mind. Of course, as though speaking such a thought into existence he watched as his phone pinged with notifications about the recent body that was found. Surprisingly, the attest body had been found not too far from his place. “So, if you have been her this long, then it’s not crazy to assume its busier than normal. Scary time to be out don’t you think? With [I everything] going on” Dominic liked to study people, sometimes they could really give you an idea of the perfect victim.
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Freya, usually, planned her attacks. She stalked her victims, getting to know their schedules. Where they would be and when. She prepared herself with equipment that would help in disposing of evidence. She didn't even know the name of her last victim. She had been careless and she was lucky to have had a lighter, gloves and spare clothes on her. She was proud of herself for how she was able to not leave any trace of her DNA. Everything was either burned or handled with clothes. She even disposed the ashes by scattering them in a nearby field or washing them away with water.

She had acted on pure instinct and it was probably down to her not killing anyone in quite some time. It had months and months since her previous, she had felt deprived from the power that she needed and the opportunity had just seemed too perfect to pass up. Though, she was fortunate and she would go on to murder another day. The police had only just found the body and the murder made headlines. There was even a newspaper article, and in big, black, bold letters were the words 'ANGELMAKER STRIKES AGAIN'. She loved that nickname, finding it to be comical.

She had been called in for the night shift just as she had gotten out of the shower. She was temporarily covering for someone who would be back to finish the rest. Since it was so busy, they didn't want to risk being under staffed. So, they called her in. She hadn't been happy about it, but, she needed the extra money. She was running out of gasoline and matches. Fortunately for her, she had things in her home that needed to be supplied with the liquid, so, it wasn't suspicious for her to buy it.

She had only been questioned once by the police, but, it was only to ask about the victims personal life. With her so well known around the town and getting along with practically anyone that stepped through the bar doors, she knew a lot. However, they hadn't suspected. The questioning had been two years ago and so she, clearly, never was a suspect or, at least, if she was the idea was quickly dismissed.

Once she had heard the customers answer she gave a small nod of her head and then went onto pouring the drink. She had her hand on the tap, with the tilted glass in her other, and pouring it when he asked his own question. "[b No, I've worked here for six years]... [b I'm pretty much furniture. But, I usually do the morning or day shift. In rarely on nights]." She explained, finishing off the drink and sliding it over to him. Instead of walking off, she decided to stay. "[b I'm guessing you're not new here, but you only come on a night time?]" She offered, already knowing the answer. She looked at him properly, now that they were closer and tried to figure out his profession. Though, there were a couple of possibilities. "[b I'm Freya, by the way, normally I would have a name tag, but I left it at home]." She added with a small laugh. She also couldn't tell if he wanted to talk to her or not, so, she didn't add on anything after that.]
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“John Doe from the river finally has a name: Hunter Bishop. Twenty-eight, father of two sons to his ex-wife Sharon. He worked as a ranger.” Violet’s raspy voice had come from behind Dominic, before she took her seat across form him at their shared desk. He picked up the file she had slid his way, the manila folder thin now and probably would remain that way as there was always very little information to go on when it came to this killer. They were impulsive, their victim could be a man or a woman and unfortunately the victims weren’t the type of people to have any real enemies. At least, no bad feuds that would have someone brutally slaying them. Hazel eyes stared down at the crime photos, Dominic’s stomach turning just a bit. Though despite how gruesome the murder was, it seemed the killer was pretty meticulous which was trouble for the detectives as it meant less chance of incriminating evidence.

Dominic had been on the force for the last seven years. As the son of a man in the army, and with knack of getting into trouble as a teen, he signed up for the Military fresh out of highschool. It was a terrible wakeup call, but just what he needed to get his life on track. Dominic had surprisingly rose in ranks and found that he enjoyed his time in the army. Though, due to an attack while deployed, he’d almost lost his life and was honorably discharged. Wanting to serve his country still, he decided to go to school for law enforcement with the thought of becoming a cop. However, during his studies, he became close with a professor who suggested that his abilities would be better used and appreciated in the FBI.

Now at twenty-seven, he sat at a desk where he had the fortune of dealing with dead bodies and missing cases that led to dead bodies on a bad day. Sighing out, he dropped the manila folder on his desk and laid his head back, hands running through dark blonde waves.
“No prints?” He asked. “No hair or any trace DNA, am I right?” He sat up to meet Violet. They’d been partners for the last two years and go along well. She’d just finished pulling tight black coils of hair into a ponytail, raising a perfectly sculpted brow at Dominic as though inferring he should know the answer to his own question.

“Coroner is going to go over everything again with a fine comb. Also, Captain wants us at the crime scene tomorrow; [I both] of us.” Dominic hated reading a cold scene. Due to some mishaps with another agent, he’d now become head of this case which meant what little life he had was on standstill. He pushed back from his desk and stood up, grabbing his jacket.

“Where do you think you’re going?’ She asked him.
“I’m getting a drink and then I’m heading home.”
“So, you’re leaving me to finish the work?”
“I’m giving you a chance to escape if you don’t talk so loud and make it obvious.”
“Oh no, last time I went out with you I was sick for three days.”
“I didn’t force you to eat the bar nachos!”
“Well you didn’t stop me. Look, if you’re going home early than you have to at least do the prep.” Violet stacked the folders and hand them in his direction. Dominic sighed out and took them. “Tomorrow five a.m. Dominic, I mean it.” He knew she was serious as he walked out of the building and to the carport.

Dominic had parked in the parking garage of his apartment complex which was fortunately just a block away from a local bar. He was surprised to find how busy it was for a Thursday, though figured much of the crowd were working professionals who wanted a break like him. He took a seat at the far end of the bar, keeping to himself for the most part. As sad as it was, he’d spent the first couple of moments scrolling through a dating app to which seemed promising.

Clearing his throat, he quickly closed his phone and looked up, his cheeks a slight reed color. Hopefully with the dim lighting of the bar she wouldn’t notice.
“Hey uh, yeah guess I’ll start off easy. Can I just get a Stella on tap?” He cocked his head a bit then, she was a gorgeous woman, but he couldn’t recall if he’d seen her before, at least not during a night shift when he was usually around. “Are you new?” He asked.
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Freya's hazel eyes scanned the room of the bar, taking note of the amount of customers and trying to guess who would cause trouble, who was going to puke in the next five minutes and who came in with who. She had become rather good at reading people, six years of working in a social environment gave her plenty of time to study people's behaviours. She had also read several sociology books and taken some online classes. She passed it off as a simple interest of hers, but it was so she could better pick out her next victim.

She sighed as she picked up a cloth and spray and began to clean down the bars dark, wooden surface. It was a Thursday afternoon and it seemed all the locals were in that bar and then some more, the air smelled of stale beer and fries as well as cheap perfume. The customers were loud but cheerful and it seemed that nothing could go terribly wrong that night.

She didn't like working the night shifts, too many people and too much noise. She preferred the mornings and days, it was quieter and she would, sometimes, only have one other bartender. That night, there was another three. One was out in the crowd, collecting glasses, to put them in the dishwasher, and cleaning tables. Where as the other three, herself included, worked behind the bar, serving drinks and working the till. For the time being, all of them could rest whilst the customers chugged down their drinks.

She leaned her hip against the count and the memory of her last kill made its way into her thoughts. It had been three weeks, but, she could still see the man writhing underneath her as she held his head underwater until his movements ceased to a stop. She made sure he was dead by stabbing a knife into his chest, right where his heart was and then, after carving her usual Petrine cross into his forehead, she had pushed his limp body into the overflowing river. As per usual, she had burned the clothes that she wore to ashes. She had left the knife in his chest, but, she had worn gloves and so there was no DNA left on her weapon. After, she went back home, took a shower and went to bed with a proud smile on her lips and power coursing through her veins. What made the kill better was that she hadn't even planned it. She had been taking a walk through the woods of the nearby city and, unfortunately for him, so had the man.

The kill would satisfy her desires for a couple more months, but, she would need [i distractions] in-between. She was just thinking of that when a man, she hadn't seen before. Her eyes flicked over to the stranger and studied him very quickly, thinking to herself that he seemed like the perfect distraction. She placed on a flirty smile and walked closer to the bar surface as he approached. "[b Hiya sweetie, what can I do for you tonight?"]
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