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  HydreigonMaste / 54d 17h 43m 24s

  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 17h 44m 47s

  HydreigonMaste / 54d 17h 45m 39s

  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 17h 46m 3s
The scythe sank below her gem, ripping it out, then did the same to tigers eye, their gems collapsing into her hands before she smashed them
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 17h 46m 41s
Carnelian just took the hit, she had accepted her fate.
  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 17h 47m 25s
The agate raised the scythe, and it became apparent, this wasn’t a ejucanator,Mathis was a shattering weapon
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 17h 48m 55s
Carnelian smiled, and said, “I want you to know that you will never survive”, she said, letting the agate rejuvenate her.
  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 17h 50m 2s

She followed sadly, and there was allready a white agate standing there, a scythe raised
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 17h 52m 57s
Carnelian let this realization sink in, and she stood up, and started walking out of the temple.
  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 17h 54m 10s
She shook her head “our lives are pretty much over. I’m sorry”
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 17h 57m 4s
“But, we could hide, or run, or, anything, I don’t know”, she shouted.
  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 17h 59m 51s
She shook her head slowly “I don’t know. But what I do know, is that the diamonds are going to shatter us”
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 18h 1m 15s
She gasped, and turned away quickly. “So, what do we do now”?
  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 18h 2m 4s
She pointed at the bubbles above them, most of corrupted gems, and then below her, at a tunnel down to a giant cluster of rebel shards
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 18h 4m 50s

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