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“Stop, she could be useful”, she yelled at jasper!
  Starfish / Sklee / 58d 12h 39m 4s
A tigers eye fell out of her hole clumsily, and jasper shot towards her ferociously as she held her head, her eye gem gleaming “hi?” she asked them
  HydreigonMaste / 58d 12h 57m 48s
“Ok, we aren’t dead, which is something, but we need to find out why she is doing this, so we can save the rest, and we need to find new recruits to stop her”, she whispered.
  Starfish / Sklee / 58d 12h 59m 27s
“Um” she said, taking out her war hammer “kind of” she muttered, as jasper snorted, and curled into a wheel, streaking away
  HydreigonMaste / 58d 13h 1m 8s
“As long as you don’t shatter onyx here, she can be useful”!
  Starfish / Sklee / 58d 13h 2m 29s
The jasper took the gem shard “Hmm” she said in a gruff voice “you’re all right” she said as she stomped on a small carnelian who had just emerged, shattering her into dust
  HydreigonMaste / 58d 13h 6m 17s
“Um, we can shatter things too, she said, stepping back, here”. She stabbed one of red agates gem shards in a desperate attempt to not die.
  Starfish / Sklee / 58d 13h 7m 39s
Soemthing woooshed a lot of air behind them,,and onyx turned to see a giant jasper soldier with her helmet right next to carnelian gem
  HydreigonMaste / 58d 13h 9m 47s
“Hmm, she was able to shatter her just like that, we might want to join this gem, at least until we know what she is planning”. She yelled, “ Alright, we want to help you instead of being shattered”!
  Starfish / Sklee / 58d 13h 11m 50s
Another gem popped out near them, but as onyx turned to look, they were gone, 3 shards of a square jasper on the floor
  HydreigonMaste / 58d 13h 14m 17s
“That was her, I figured our commander shattered her”! She yelled at the realization that someone from the kindergarten had destroyed the leader.
  Starfish / Sklee / 58d 13h 15m 39s
“Our commander? Oh, you mean red agate. I think” she looked aepund, then yelled at 3 glistening shards of a red agate gem on the floor
  HydreigonMaste / 58d 13h 17m 24s
Carnelian walked up to the onyx, and asked: “Where is our commander, we need to move out at some point”.
  Starfish / Sklee / 58d 13h 18m 13s
Someone popped out from below her, an onyx who groaned, and looked around
  HydreigonMaste / 58d 13h 19m 52s
Carnelian popped out of her hole, and immediately drew her sword from her gem, glancing around.
  Starfish / Sklee / 58d 13h 24m 6s

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