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I watched the timeline episode Becuase I wanted to and didn’t care
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 15h 13m 20s
Who gave you spoilers, at least I watched the episodes first!
  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 15h 13m 55s
I know, Steven leaves to travel Becuase Connie inspires him
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 15h 19m 14s
You need to, it’s great, and I think you’ll love it’s climax.
  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 15h 19m 52s
I haven’t watched future, but I heard about it in the timeline
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 15h 21m 56s
I actually really loved what they did with her, she’s a little British gremlin.
  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 15h 22m 22s
How did you feel about bluebird azurite? The eyeball aquamarine fusion
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 15h 25m 23s
Ehh, either way it’s up to Rebecca, so this really isn’t up to us.
  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 15h 26m 55s
Peridots don’t have faceted faces, and we can tell by Aqua rid other and peridot
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 15h 30m 16s
I mean, if it wasn’t for squareidot, I would say yes.
  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 15h 30m 53s
What about her forehead gem? It’s a faceted triangle, are we gonna say it’s a peridot?
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 15h 42m 22s
Yeah, but it’s just what makes the most sense, plus as far as I know no other gem has that exact cut.
  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 15h 42m 58s
A lot of gems have that cut, triangle faceted. Not just sapphires
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 15h 45m 36s
She has the same sapphire cut we see on all sapphires, unless we just got unlucky
  Carnelian / Sklee / 54d 15h 46m 21s
She has a sapphire? How do we know that? Is there any way to know?
  HydreigonMaste / 54d 15h 49m 0s

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