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Make a custom hen, join a group of gens who have recently been popped out of the beta kindergarten. A deformed gem has been spotted, and she is the good deformed, she’s giant, perfect entry hole, and her name is jasper. You need to help your family and destroy jasper before she shatters everyone

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"No. Tigers eye, she had the fang. You know the one".
  Deleteddonotcontact / 21d 23h 4m 10s
“Nah” she said “jasper got shattered” she ssaid, yawning
  HydreigonMaste / 21d 23h 31m 59s
"Tigers eye, i, uh, I think that was Jasper. Shapeshifted.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 22d 1h 17s
Tigers eye trailed behind her “why are we running?” She asked
  HydreigonMaste / 22d 3h 44m 59s
She backed up. Not again. Never again. She grabbed Tiger eye and ran.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 22d 18h 48m 14s
She sliced it at her, and smiled, revealing the signature fang of jasper “leave,
  HydreigonMaste / 22d 20h 14m 36s
"Oh. So, so sorry. We won't bother you again". She walked out.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 22d 20h 19m 15s
She took out a new weapon, a scimitar, and held it at he r”don’t talk to me”
  HydreigonMaste / 22d 23h 16m 19s
"Huh? Oh, right. Maybe we could talk to you later" ?
  Deleteddonotcontact / 23d 2h 49m 15s
“You and the tigers eyes look together” she aid, walking further away
  HydreigonMaste / 23d 3h 6m 38s
"The jasper? Right, no memories. We came out together" ?
  Deleteddonotcontact / 23d 3h 7m 25s
“Who?” She asked, confusedly backing away and putting her hands up
  HydreigonMaste / 23d 3h 18m 6s
"Wait. That cut. From the jasper! You are her! I'm so glad we found you"!
  Deleteddonotcontact / 23d 3h 27m 9s
She got closer to her to look at her,and it became apparent there was an ancient cut down the middle that had been repaired
  HydreigonMaste / 23d 3h 47m 52s
"Well, she was rejuvenated before that event, but she might have been rejuvenated since. You look just like her though" .
  Deleteddonotcontact / 23d 3h 54m 28s

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