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Pm me if you are interested in role playing with IZ ocs. 13+, so no nsfw content, ocs only, and I have to go over everyone’s Oc before I can let you roleplay, no canon characters, romance is fine but not with canon characters. And no Mary Sues or tallests because plot wise it will not make sense. Obviously no being rude to other people, but characters can be mean to other characters. No power playing, and those are the only rules that I have for characters.

The plot is the tallests have accidentally glitched out the massive and might destroy the universe if you can’t stop it with time travel shenanigans. They sent out a distress signal but it rebounded and reached a bunch of random people. Later I’ll continue with other plots and side plots, but this is for introducing characters.

I want fifteen individual characters at maximum, and you can only roleplay three characters at once, I have two characters, my irken and her sir, and I might have a vortian character later. I will also act as all canon characters for the sake of simplicity, but they won’t be very active plotwise.


Name: Sklee
Species: Irken
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 3’4
Weight: 68
Skills: Technology, engineering, combat
Strengths: Smart, powerful, good with leadership.
Weaknesses: Cocky, cold, and bossy
Likes: Maria, efficiency, power, freedom
Dislikes: The tallests, humans, and uselessness
Appearance: Light green skin, yellow eyes and elite uniform, with her scientist goggles around her neck, and an orange pak. In disguise she has tan skin, black hair, and blue eyes.
Personality: Cocky, and believes that everyone would be better following her. She has trouble hiding her feelings, and tries to find herself above other races, even against all the evidence. So, in summary, full of herself but insecure about the fact she’s a defect.
Backstory:She was in training to become an invader when the control brains decided her skills would be of more use as a scientist. She ended up rebelling because being an invader was her dream, and escaped with an outdated invasion kit and sir. She patched them up and set up base on Uranus because the tallests wouldn’t go anywhere near Zim. She ended up having a trade system set up with him. She helps with repairing and upgrading his tech in exchange for parts he doesn’t need. She got the message from the tallests, and as much as she hates them, she doesn’t want the universe to end.
Relationships with canonical characters: Helps Zim sometimes, knows who Dib is through Zims rants, but has never met him or Gaz.

Name: Maria
Species: S.I.R.
Gender: None, uses female pronouns
Sexuality: None, so asexual
Role: Sklee’s S.I.R.
Height: 2’1
Weight: 45
Skills: Combat, communication, and general S.I.R. skills
Strengths: Intuitive, curious, and accepting.
Weaknesses: Obliviousness, carelessness, and not understanding her own strength
Likes:Sending letters, Sklee, shiny things, and Earth
Dislikes: The tallests, rudeness, and gross things
Appearance: A dark grey S.I.R. bot, with yellow markings and a symbol reminiscent of a beaker, and in disguise, a grey bird with a yellow underbelly.
Personality: Sweet but easily angered, she is constantly caught up in her own whirlwind of events.
Backstory: Sklee made her, gave her a personality chip, and programmed her to be more useful than your average S.I.R. robot.
Relationships with canonical characters: She and Gir are pen pals, but she doesn’t really understand his letters. She and Zim ignore each other, and she knows dib exists because of his rants as well, but also hasn’t met dib or gaz.

Twigs character:

Name: Twig
Species: Goat monster
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Role: Citizen
Height: 4’2
Age(human): 11 years old
Skills: Energy ball she can summon and throw, and super hearing with range of 50 miles
Likes: Drawing, pink, green, mushrooms, Minecraft, Spiders, bamboo, mice
Dislikes: Cake, creepy stuff, SPIDERS, Invader Jim
Appearance: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=410161 Basically
Backstory: She remembers nothing of her past
Relationships with canonical characters: Confused by what Dib even is, kind of an acquaintance with Gaz, doesn't know who Zim is.

NatakaStargazers character:

Name: Yuya Muto
Species: Neko
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 4 ft 5in
Weight: 70
Skills: Martial Arts Combat, Singing, Friendship, He can withstand a full on bat to the head. He can use energy from any source of power and make blasts to domes of energy.
Strengths: Singing,Friendships,Trusting,Smarts,durability and strength.
Weaknesses: Snacks,Snakes, and Spiders.
Likes: Maria, efficiency, power, freedom
Dislikes: Seeing people angry, arguing, and giving up.
Appearance: Blue hair and Chocolate colored skin with Blueberry colored eyes. His pupils are different because you can see yellow star shaped pupils than normal ones his parents have. He also has blue neko ears and a cat tail. The clothing he prefers is a White hoodie with a blue inside. With a yellow star on the back, around his neck he wears a blue bandana. he also wears blue ripped jeans, and white high tops.
Personality: Shy, Caring, Helpful, and Trustworthy. The perfect friend to depend on to come to your play or concert.
Backstory:A only child with parents that try to get to understand why he is always happy about helping others, he makes music and can make anyones day better somehow.
Relationships with canonical characters: Gaz's gaming partner, Dib's number one target to try and get him to touch his tail and ears, Zim's sorta friend....he can understand how he feels sometimes.

Witchies character.

Name: Lyxane
Species: Irken
Gender: Female
Sexuality: asexual/demiromantic
Role: traitor/rebel
Height: 4’6
Weight: 72
Skills: Technology, stealth, blackmail, deal-making, manipulation
Strengths: street-smart, cunning, determined
Weaknesses: Cocky, not a team player, selfish
Likes: PIR, money, independence, getting away with stuff
Dislikes: The Tallests, responsibility, authority,
Appearance: Light green skin, orange-yellowish eyes, and spy uniform . In disguise: slightly tanned skin, Ambar eyes, dark blue curly hair in a high ponytail.
Personality: she’s pretty neutral towards everything. She doesn’t live by a set of morals. She mainly does what benefits her the most. She’s confident in her abilities and isn’t afraid to use them for her advantage. If you watched She-ra, she’s a lot like Double Trouble
Backstory: She was an elite spy agent. She is was one of the best in the Empire, but one day while infiltrating the Resisty, she made a deal with them and became a double-spy. Why? Why not, she was bored. And they offered good pay. She doesn’t really care about anyone, except her robot assistant PIR. PIR was the first prototype for what became the SIR units. Lyx found her while stealing information from the research and technology department for the Resisty. Lyx: “I’ve only had PIR for a day and a half and if anything happened to her, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.”
Relationships with canonical characters: She doesn’t really care for them just like everyone else. She does enjoy watching Zim annoy the Tallest tho. Speaking of the Tallests, she doesn’t necessarily have anything against them, but they are authority and that doesn’t really vibe with her.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

  Sklee / 7d 41m 1s
  TwigTurner / 7d 19h 6m 42s

  Sklee / 10d 17h 38s

  Yuya Sakaki Jr. / NatakaStargazer / 10d 20h 24m 14s
Sklee activated the disguise for both of them, and took a step out of the door.
  Sklee / 11d 14h 16m 51s
The mansion was fully loaded and everything looked normal.
  Yuya Sakaki Jr. / NatakaStargazer / 11d 14h 23m 0s
She finished downloading the disguise, and put the other hologram in Maria’s data.
  Sklee / 11d 14h 48m 12s
The computer made the ship transform into earth's typical mansion. Also they have killed a whole entire family while landing the "Mansion" down.
  Yuya Sakaki Jr. / NatakaStargazer / 11d 14h 50m 12s
She adjusted the holograms until they looked just right, then added the data to her pak.
  Sklee / 13d 5h 10m 33s
Yuya had noticed a ship high in the sky. He just sighed and walked to the local skate park to skateboard.
  Yuya Sakaki Jr. / NatakaStargazer / 13d 5h 12m 9s
She smiled. She began to set up the holograms, picking out a disguise for her, and one for Maria.
  Sklee / 14d 10h 59m 27s
[+lightblue "Sklee in t-minus 10 seconds we will be entering earth's atmosphere. 10....9....8....7....6....5....4....3....2....1"
  Yuya Sakaki Jr. / NatakaStargazer / 14d 11h 44s
[#86e523 “I made her to count, and regardless, every other irken ever, even zim, doesn’t do that, seriously, I’m looking at your circuits”.]
  Sklee / 14d 14h 56m 16s
[+lightblue "What im suggesting is that there is nothing wrong with making companionship with others that aren't of your race. You especially look like you need companions. How long have you been lonely for? And The Unit known as M.A.R.I.A doesn't count."
  Yuya Sakaki Jr. / NatakaStargazer / 14d 15h 1m 17s
[#86e523 “Well, you sure aren't acting like it, suggesting that there’s nothing wrong with lowering yourself down to inferior beings levels”.
  Sklee / 14d 15h 34m 39s

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