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[center [+maroon "Called it!"] Kyra sat in front of her monitor watching the case with her newly dyed hair, Kyra had already known what the verdict was going to be before the case had even started. [+maroon "Looks like someone owes me fifty bucks."] Kyra settled down as she knew that this wasn't something to get loud about. [+maroon "This is what money can do for the world sometimes."] Kyra had researched the case when it first came about. Anyone that wasn't stupid could have predicted what was going to happen just by knowing the name. [i [+maroon Richard Stowe.]]

Kyra couldn't help but laugh at the justice system sometimes. There was justice alright, but not for the people who deserved it. It was the reason Kyra didn't hand anyone over to the justice system without checking them out first. [+maroon [i Its not the first time this has happened. And it sadly won't be the last.]] Kyra had memories of the one of America's most hated criminals, John Gren, got away scot-free just because he had a load of money. Kyra put her thoughts aside, knowing that she had better things to do then think about the past.

After some consideration, Kyra figured out where she was going next. She knew others would be heading their way, but not many as far as she could tell. Kyra got suited and ready to go, grabbing some gear such as a few weapons, and headed out.

Turn after turn after turn, and Kyra had made it there within seconds. She stopped at the heavily guarded mansion and smiled. [+maroon "Well isn't this just going to be a blast?"] Kyra was going to continue on until she heard talking ahead of her, causing her to run behind them cautiously. [+maroon "I see I'm not the only one here then."]
  Kyra Allen / cookiecookie524 / 135d 2h 2m 31s
Richard Stowe. A depraved criminal who was on trial for doing unthinkable things to dozens of children and of course he got off on account of being a well connected piece of rich garbage. Just another complete failure of the system to protect the innocent. Molly had seen it often enough that she was not at all surprised as she watched the feed from the court room on her wall of monitors.

Unlike most heroes of her sort the facility she used was brightly lit and decorated in a variety of colors. Even her keyboards were lit in all the colors of the rainbow to complement the eclectic colors that made up the rest of the room. Similar to the Batcave though it did have a monitor wall of sorts, although hers was made up of almost a dozen monitors instead of one large screen. Another quirk of her facility was the small army of robot vacuums that happily whirred around under foot. It worked well for Molly though and she had done a great deal of work in the environment.

This would be the work she was most proud of she hoped as Dick was undeniably the worst criminal that she had targeted thus far. She had caught onto him from one of her other targets that bought a snuff film from him. The fact that the Justice League of all people would go in and ruin her work irritated her to no end, but she would clean up their mess nonetheless. Just like always she would also be sure to brag about it after the fact.

When she sat down with her hot chocolate and candy to begin her operation though the security system picked up a few people who did not belong. None of them belonged to the security services that Dick employed. They also did not seem like the kind of monsters that would work with Dick which left one simple conclusion that they were likely people like her. People who wanted real justice in place of the justice the system handed down. That she could work with well enough.

A benefit of her drones already being in position made it much easier to reach out to them via any nearby available speaker. Whether it be a cellphone, hearing aid, or some other utility belt item. [b “Nice to meet you new friend. My name is Chaos and you might know me from such classics as sending unionization materials to every LexCorp employee, deleting billions of dollars worth of student debt, or that time I used Wayne Enterprises money to pay for a national free ice cream day. Pretty sure you and I have the same goal in mind so let me offer some quick tips before you go in all guns blazing.”]

She made sure to keep the volume low enough that only her targets would pick up on it, although she was less worried as she knew the guard rotation well enough to account for that. [b “I am currently the one in control of Dick's security system and I have plans for it to be useless in less than two minutes. You'll be able to tell because my drones will fly in blasting Ride of the Valkyries to distract the guards once it happens. After that you will be free to do as you please to Dick. All I ask for in return is that you leave his computer stuff alone so I can download all the pertinent information on his companions. While I was planning on taking him out myself I am happy to just help out as long as I get the information I want on the next batch of people I need to ruin. Does that sound fair to you new friend?”]
  Molly / Tesla / 137d 8h 5m 5s
Michelle turned off her computer after reading the headline on the latest court scandal. It finally happened. Based on her research, the attorney had too high of a probability of getting Richard Stowe off on all counts. So, she had been getting ready for this moment. The half-Amazonian took off her blue light blocking glasses and walked over to a stand to pick up a long, shiny blade and took it with her to another part of her base.

She had the place built while she was still funded by Wayne Enterprises, and somehow she managed to still have it, despite her dad having to know about it. Most likely since it was outside of his typical jurisdiction… Either way, she'd keep using it. She had her computer and monitors, arsenal, furnace, smithing station, motorcycle for when she wasn't going to fly, and a few other things. It wasn't the batcave, but it worked well enough.

Once again, she was out in order to correct the oversight in the justice system. The irony, it just so happened that the Justice League was the one who created the opening in their trusted system. They did their lawful duty halfway and that cost everyone the case. If they were going to intervene, they shouldn't just hand the culprit to law enforcement. The criminals always got off or got out. The system wasn't reliable; and Stowe was just the latest case.

Michelle donned her fightware that included slots for darts on her arm sleeve, sai on each boot, and a little pouch of fun. With her sword ready, she took flight and headed to Richie’s stronghold. As she arrived, she let her altitude drop to almost ground level in order to avoid detection. There was a small breach in security and she didn’t hesitate to utilize it. Everything was going well so far. She made sure to memorize the layout prior to his exoneration. It definitely proved useful.

Further in, she sensed killing intent ahead of her. As she approached, she remained upright with her sword ready. However, it turned out to be a girl dressed in green with her focus on the mansion. Apparently, the girl didn’t notice the half-Amazonian’s presence at all. Although she wasn’t planning to attack anymore, the blonde should have noticed something at this distance. The girl then spun around, wasting no time to ask questions. [#981f52 "The name's Zonian Knight. That can happen when I'm busy taking out trash,] she eyed the rest of the compound and making sure they weren’t even close to earshot, [#981f52 especially, when I don't want the target or those soldiers to be alerted. I'm assuming you're also here for that serial child killer."] Zonian Knight's expression turned from serious casual to one more matter of fact. [#981f52 “You should do something about your killer intent. It’ll give us both away."]
  Michelle (Zonian Knight) / Yoruneko / 137d 10h 13m 7s
Helena watched on her phone as the jury announced the verdict of Richard Stowe.
[+green “Tch, not guilty. Typical. Why should I even be surprised that this rich prick got off?’]
Helena was furious. Richard Stowe was on trial or the kidnapping, torture, and murder of dozens of kids.

The kids were found in one of his houses outside of Star City. The reports were that the scene was too gruesome to make public. The children had been beaten, mutilated and crucified. Helena hacked into the police database to read the report and see the pictures for herself. There was no way this man should have gotten off. But because this was a rich prick who was the owner of one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, he could afford the very best lawyers to get him off.
Apparently the evidence was inadmissible in court because the damn justice league didn’t have a search permit to enter his property. And when the questions arised about it taking place there he claimed to have no knowledge and that the day he was caught was the first time e had been at that house in a year. Everybody could see it was a lie but the good ole justice system is a joke.

Helena grabbed her gear and suited up. At night the bell would toll for good ole Dick. When night fell she approached his mansion. He had turned it into a military compound. He hired military contractors to defend him. Just then Helena felt someone behind her and she spun around and saw a strong looking young woman with a sword in her hand and daggers on her boots.

[+green “Who are you and how did you sneak up on me?”]

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