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Chaos gave a nod of approval to Tiger Claw's plan of being the stealthy support unit of the team. Their stealth skills were more than good enough for her to trust him there and if she played up her performance she could be sure to draw attention away from him. She did so right from the start by levitating over to the abandoned apartment building first.

Before they went inside she made sure to scan the building for any potential security systems or security vulnerabilities. There was nothing noteworthy relative to her level of technological defenses and so she proceeded with standard caution level. Just as discussed she took point and was the first to reach the apartment where she could detect the cellphone of the dead gangster. Instead of knocking she positioned herself to be visible through the peephole with a bit of levitation before delivering messages through the cellphone and television. A flair for the dramatic was one of her calling cards after all.

Chaos did not have to wait long for the door to be thrown open to reveal an apartment in less than ideal condition and what looked to be its demonic resident. A figure that would be imposing if not for her armor and levitation. Their countenance could be considered frightening if not for the massive grin that they wore despite the strange situation they were in at the moment. It made Chaos more confident that they were friend rather than foe.

[b “I am indeed the foremost hacker of the universe Chaos. Thank you for welcoming me to your home,”] she had to cut herself off there as they had not yet introduced themself. She did as requested though and steadily levitated into the apartment where she made use of her psychic powers to detect any potential dangers. [b “I love fans, but I have to say I am not used to inspiring work like yours. It was quite interesting.”]

A benefit of the armor was that there was nothing that could be told of her facial expressions, although her body was relaxed as she floated inside. Given the levitation though she was unsure if that would put her host at ease or not. [b “That work is why I am here as we may have an opening in our group. Given the risky nature of our work though you have to be cautious about who you work with you know. While I know about my other new friends; I don't have any data on you to defend your recruitment. If that interests you we could go about one of two ways; a formal interview process like any other job, or I can be given a tour of your thoughts with my telepathic talents.”]

Chaos did not pause before explaining why the options were being presented. [b “While I might be the foremost hacker I consider consent when it comes to matters of the mind to be of the utmost importance. Especially when it comes to someone I expect to get along with long term. So if you are uncomfortable with someone rummaging around up there I am happy to handle things the old fashioned way. Just let me know what you prefer.”]
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Michelle gave Helena a serious look when she pointed that arrow at her. She was two seconds away from side-stepping and snatching it out of her drunk hands, hopefully without injuring her. However, Helena lowered her bow and chose to pick up her drink instead. She then became more reasonable. [#5a72d8 "I get what you're saying about the criminals. They need to know they can't just do whatever and expect no one to truly punish them. I agree. That's why I was there in the first place.

However, that video is about more than you. Atlan and your own father easily found you merely because of Chaos capturing your hands and not just the corpse. What about next time? Especially now that the League has seen the broadcast too. Better yet, everyone with a working screen has. If I end up working the same target as you all, I don't want such recklessness repeated."]

Needing a moment, Helena went to her piano and started playing. Atlan apparently knew the song and they had an impromptu jam session. There was a magical effect when he joined. Michelle could feel it. After that whole thing, Helena was willing to cooperate by letting Chaos know to reach out to her. In the same breath, however, she shared how Atlan and Michelle needed to leave. [#5a72d8 "Thank you. Same with Oliver Queen. We'll head out now. "] Michelle stopped for a moment and gave her a card with her name and number on it. [#5a72d8 "Just in case it comes in handy."] She then proceeded to make her exit.

Once they did such, Atlan asked Michelle for advice about Helena. She was surprised. Atlan never asked for girl advice. He would just do whatever he felt like to win one over, bed her, and move on. Cycle. Repeat. [#5a72d8 "Oh. You're serious about this one."] What did he and Mr. Queen talk about then? Michelle doubted he would tell her. Did he ask to date her or something? He seemed emotional when he came back…

[#5a72d8 "Are you trying to marry her or something?"] Mr. Queen would have nearly killed him if he came to him without some solid intentions, especially after what he just found out… Or at least, that's how she perceived Mr. Queen. But this was Atlan… Maybe he threatened that he'd tell Mr. Curry if he didn't look after Helena… but he was still acting weird, like he genuinely wanted to know rather than being obliged.

Michelle put her hand on his forehead. [#5a72d8 "You don't have a fever…"] She was back to thinking about his question though… [#5a72d8 "Either way… I'd be surprised if she didn't get mad, but if you buy it, she can't stop you from what you do on your property. I'm sure she'll grow to at least appreciate it, if not enjoy it. And she really does need an upgrade… desperately."]

Michelle thought about how hers blended in with her community from the outside, but the interior was fitting for who she was and what she did. There was even a secured hidden lift that went from her underground base to her garage floor… Helena's was a little too humble… However, no one would guess a Queen was living there, let alone the heiress herself.
Helena pointed an arrow at Michelle saying, [+green “Don’t tell me what to do. I listen to no one. I serve no one but myself and my own interests.”] She stopped pointing the arrow at her and grabbed her bottle saying, [+green “Look, I agree with not leaving evidence however, I will still show the bodies of those who have been punished. That is how criminals will be afraid of me. Criminals are not afraid of being arrested. They know that if they are well enough connected they can get off. Nobody will get off if I'm after them.”]

Helena then walked over to the piano in the other room and put the liquor down and began playing the one song that always brought her comfort. Her dad had taught it to her and whenever she played it, she would feel at peace. While she began playing Atlan looked up in disbelief. That was the song of the royal family of Atlantis. He couldn’t believe that she knew it. That was a secret tune, never to be learned by anybody outside of the royal family. It was a song with magic imbued in it’s notes to calm one's souls and heal wounds. Of course since Helena wasn’t part of the royal family and couldn't use magic she couldn’t use the latter of the effects.

Atlan touched his necklace and it turned into his bone wand. He waved his hand over it and it took the shape of a guitar. Atlan began playing the song with her using its full magical effects. Everyone in the room would feel all wounds, aches, and pains disappear. After they finished the song, Atlan said to Helena [+blue “Looks like you’ve calmed down now. Where did you learn that song?”] He wasn’t going to tell her or Michelle its significance. [+green “Yeah, I’m good now. I learned it from my dad when I was younger. Those were happier times.”] She then turned to Michelle.

[+green “Now that all that is finished, I will gladly text chaos and tell her to contact you Michelle. Wow I can’t believe Bruce Wayne had a daughter. Now If you two don’t mind getting out of my house.”]

Atlan complied and walked out. When He and Michelle got out he said, [+blue “Do you think she’d be mad if I bought this whole block? She deserves a better home and a base befitting a Queen.”]
Grim sat in front of his television for a few hours, all-the-while getting messages and notifications that were less than happy to know that the original owner of the phone was dead. Each new notification gave him a little chuckle, but he did keep tabs on the social media page to see if anyone had decided to speak to him in a more friendly tone. The hours came and went as did the shows he was watching. A few trips to the bathroom, a snack here and there... And a slowly mounting sense of anticipation. It made him want it more. To meet new people. To have new friends. All things he'd been missing out on because of what he was.

The sound of a plane overhead was new though. Not something that happened often since he didn't live anywhere near any airports. He turned his TV down and just listened for a little bit. He couldn't prevent the oncoming grin from sweeping its way across his face in a crusade of manic glee. His heart pounded. His breathing hastened somewhat. And he nearly jumped out of his skin when his phone made a sound he'd never heard a phone make before.

Pulling the phone out revealed Chaos' message to him. [i [+orange 'A chat, you say?']] he thought to himself. How could he refuse? Grimoire moved to the door and tried to calm himself a little bit but ultimately ended up nearly throwing his door open. His orange eyes were heavily emphasized by his smokey skin tone. [+orange "You must be Chaos, I hope."] His grin was still stretched across his face. He was clearly very excited to be talking to her. [+orange "Come in, come in! Its not much, but its home."] he said while doing everything in his power not to pull her into his apartment.

[+orange "I love your work, and I'm so glad you seem to like mine."] he said with a somehow-sultry tone. He was completely unaware of Kwan's presence.
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Kwan got a quick reply from Chaos about meeting up and Chaos taking point. As long as they investigated this call to them, it didn't matter who took the lead. Looking at the location, Kwan replied, [#6b7f94 "I'll be there."]

[H3 Tiger Claw]
The meet-up spot wasn't exactly in his backyard, but he managed to finish his day and get to it by nightfall. He couldn't fly naturally. However, it paid off to have a close buddy with a few private jets and planes. He decided to get a lift this time, dove from the plane and parachuted at the last moment to safely do so.

When Chaos arrived, Tiger Claw was surprised to see an actual human and not a drone. [B “Good evening friend. I am happy to see you here healthy. So they are in the abandoned apartment building two doors down and once there I can direct us to the specific room. Given I am the face of our little endeavors and my costume is more heavily armored I think it best if I take point. You are welcome to follow along close behind or at a distance whatever you prefer.”]

[#6b7f94 [b "Evening. I'll stay hidden until you've made contact or there's a threat."]] Chaos intended to take over his television and phone with a message, alerting him that Chaos was just outside and was interested in having a chat with him. Once they came to an agreement on the plan, they headed out.
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Atlan went to fetch some beer from the fridge. Helena looked to Michelle and replied [+green “Dad was never a big fan of the league. He only joined to be a watchdog to them and he and my mother eventually left when it was found out that the bat was doing things behind the scenes. They never brought league business home and from what I’m told, they quit when mom was pregnant with me. Mom eventually went back to be a part time psychologist for them after I was born. Dad did hero work within the city but that slowed up as he got more hands on with Queen industries. They both taught me to fight that way I could defend myself and archery gave me an outlet. I was a tomboy growing up. I went hunting with a bow with him frequently. I never knew of any other second generation kid. I only just was reminded that Atlan and I met. I know that my parents were still really good friends with Aquaman but I didn’t remember Atlan.”]

Atlan walked back in with three bottles of bud light. [+blue “Not a bad selection of beer Helena.”] He said handing them their drinks. Helena got back to answering the question by picking up her phone and saying, [+green “Chaos gave me her phone number. We talked earlier about the broadcast and the next target. I told her we should target Peregrine Abernathy. He was an old business partner of my dads. I never knew why my dad broke off business with such a brilliant man. I guess my dad had a hunch that he was a rotten human being. Chaos will be getting back with me on the details later.”]

Atlan smiled and said [+blue “Great, now I can see the powerful and beautiful green canary in person. By the way,”] Atlan sat next to Helena and looked her in the eyes showing compassion, [+blue “Did you inherit your moms ability?”] Helana looked away and blushed. She noticed Atlans eyes and thought they were pretty.

She replied [+green “It’s complicated. I did but I can’t use it. My mom’s eardrums are covered and protected by a thick membrane that protects her from her sonic screams. I wasn’t lucky enough to be born with them. So if I use the ability, I will render myself deaf.”]

The room grew quiet and Atlan gently touched her face, turning her head and said, [+blue “I can help you with that. If I read up on it I can use my magic and create that membrane for you.”]

Helena stood up and slapped him. [+green Don’t fucking touch me.I don’t need your help.”] She walked away and walked to her garage and began tinkering with the arrows again. Atlan looked at Michelle [+blue “Now come on. I was only trying to help her.”]

[#5a72d8 "Only help? Even you don't believe that."] Michelle raised up her bottle and said, [#5a72d8 "You're not the only one who knows the game, Atlan."]

Helena was crafting arrows when she heard a bump in the other room. She quietly began walking toward it and opened the door to see her father standing in the doorway. She put the knife away [+green “What do you want dad? You kicked me out and cut me off. What reason could you have for breaking into my house.”]

Oliver pulled a phone out of his suit pocket and showed a screenshot of the skinning video. [+green “What? Are you accusing me of this?”]

[b “Those are your hands Helena, I see that arrow scar underneath the blood. The same scar that you got from your first hunting accident.”] He took a deep breath, [b “We tried to keep you out of this. I wanted more from you. You are brilliant. You were meant to take over queen industries not end up like this.”]

[+green “You don’t get to tell me how to act. You and mom did this for a decade and never did what as necessary to end crime.”]

[b “And you think this is the way? What gives you the authority to decide who lives and dies.”] He screamed [b “We don’t cross that line. If you wanted to fight crime there is a way to do it. This isn’t it.”]

[+green “Oh yeah then what is it? Your own former business partner, Peregrine Abernathy is running around committing heinous acs. Human trafficking and experimentation, and illegal drug testing. Why didn't you do something about that.Oh because you couldn’t because of the quote unquote right way.”]

[b “Baby girl, I’m warning you. Stay away from him. That is a very dangerous and well connected man. What happens if he hurts you? What happens if the league catches onto you huh? In case you don’t remember there’s still a kryptonian and static up there. What will you do if they come after you?”]

[+green “Dad I want you to leave. They won’t come after me. We are better than that and won’t be caught.”]

[b “We!?”] He said running upstairs to the living room. Atlan saw Oliver come up the stairs and said [+blue “Mr. Queen, How are you?”]

[b “Atlan, Michelle? You two are a part of this? What happens when your parents find out? Do you think they will let it slide if they found out you were responsible for what was shown?’]

[#5a72d8 "Hello, Mr. Queen. I just wanted him dead. I'm also concerned about the League... and that's why I'm here, sir."]

[+blue “I just got here today like you.”] Oliver shook his head and walked out of the house and Atlan followed him. [b “Protect my daughter Atlan. Please guide her back to the light. She won’t listen to me or her mom.”]
[+blue “I will pops. That’s why I have decided to stick around.”]
[b “I remember the promise your father and I made to each other. I know what it looks like but I raised her to not be a part of this life. Bring her back Atlan.”]
[+blue “I will and I know of the promise you two made each other. I won’t let her down.”] Oliver got in the back of his Rolls Royce and drove off.
Atlan walked back in and said, [+blue “Well that was eventful. I guess all that’s left is to prepare for when Chaos calls back.”] He said as he went to a corner by himself to reflect.

[#5a72d8 "Nope. You're not going to get all broody after that just happened."] Michelle then grabbed Atlan by the arm and dragged him to where Helena was. She then addressed Helena, [#5a72d8 "Before all emotions go everywhere, what just happened is why I wanted to find everyone. We need to agree and tell Chaos no more videos or any other evidence. None."]
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Whoever did the deed of killing that gang member made it easy enough to track them as they boasted about it through the gangster's social media account. Luckily Molly caught the message early and set it to private just to be safe. There was still the possibility that someone else saw the alert to find the phone, but a quick change to the database of the phone service saw to it that anyone else would be tracking the second in command of the gang. After that it was easy enough to get coordinates on the location of the actual perpetrator, although she waited until they were stopped before she jumped to further analysis.

An abandoned apartment building was an appropriate hideout for someone capable of such an act. Molly had used something similar before she established her much more high tech main base of operations just a couple of years ago. There were also a few other young aspiring heroes on either side of the killing divide that had done similar that she had encountered. Now she just had to go down and find out whether this person truly was friend or foe.

While she was mapping out her approach she received another message from the ninja with a file about more suggestions. Since he was kind enough to provide them she was kind enough to cross reference their two data sets. That way their next target could be more befitting for his needs; whatever those needs might be. However it was the follow-up message that drew more of her brainpower as he asked her to find the location of the person she was already tracking for herself.

A moment of thought later and she sent a reply with coordinates to a nearby building. [b “Meet me on the rooftop tonight and I will take you to them. Since you are not on the footage I think it would be best if I make the approach, however I would welcome you having my back for the meeting.”]

She knew from their one mission together that he was the stealthiest of her new friends and that was enough for her to trust him the most in a support position. Not that the others kick in the door style disagreed with her flamboyant nature. An operation like this one though where they were uncertain of the nature of the target meant that more care was necessary. Her telepathy would mean they could more easily discover the nature of the target and his stealth meant she would be in good hands if things went south.

She made sure to memorize not only the layout of the apartment building, but they layout of the surrounding city blocks before the meeting time. Additionally she saw to it that all cameras in a mile radius that might spot them were on a stable loop. It took an enormous amount of effort which meant her computers would be tied up for the duration, but thankfully she could control her custom Hush Tube that would teleport her there quietly Stealth was key when working with a ninja and she was happy to do her part even if her costume did not exactly help.
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Michelle glared at Atlan as he brought her into his making fun of Helena's place. [#5a72d8 "You know I don't answer to bat lady."] Did her place need work? Yes, definitely. However, Michelle wasn't joining him in his nonsense when he had the nerve to call her that. Bats were her dad's thing, far from hers.

Although she was there with the archer she had just met within the last 48 hours, it was weird meeting her as Helena Queen. Since when did the Queens have a kid? Most of the league children knew each other, even Damian and her, as secretive as their father was. However, Mr. Queen never really got along with her father. So, that actually did make sense.

Helena shared her piece first when it came to Atlan's questions. At the end, she mentioned taking down the boyscout. She must have been a lightweight. THE boyscout wasn't a target one just takes care of. Regardless, she was done. So, Michelle announced, [#5a72d8 "My turn."] Michelle stepped up to Atlan's face with a harsh look, [#5a72d8 One. Don't call my parents psychos. They have their extremes, but so do most people. Two. I'm not Damian, nor am I becoming like him."] She took a step back and relaxed with a smile before continuing, [#5a72d8 "Though, he is doing well by the way. And yeah, I highly doubt he's changed his mind on that."]

[+blue "You get so emotional. I only speak the truth from an outside observation but fair enough. I'll avoid insulting your father."]

[#5a72d8 "And mother."]

Michelle walked over to and leaned on a nearby wall. Taking her time with her drink, she then took a sip from her glass of whiskey. [#5a72d8 "Now, back to your actual question. Along with what Helena said… Villains can't come back and cause more trouble when u take care of them in a more permanent manner. My father's countless battles with the same people cost him a sidekick and many innocent lives. All he did was send them back into the system they kept being freed from. Even Amanda Waller couldn't keep them in check for long, and that was only with the threat of death looming over them."]

Archer girl decided to then send the questions back at Atlan. So, she added [#5a72d8 "And from what curiosity are you asking these questions? I doubt it's mere concern."]

Atlan walked over to Helena and leaned over and kissed her. Helena swung and missed trying to punch him for that. She was already intoxicated. [+blue "I'm here for two reasons. The first being is that I currently hold a different vision than King Arthur does. The second is to make sure what was promised is kept safe. Now as for my abilities, I am the most adept magician in my kingdom. I'd like to say the world but we have a few lords of chaos and order still running around. The only thing stopping me from being the most powerful user is the trident that only the ruler of Atlantis has. Until he steps down and gives me the throne, I won't have it. I am also a great drinking buddy."]

He then looked toward Michelle [+blue "And as far as your question, part of it was already answered and i'll go into it in time but for now let's just say I'm deciding if I want to stick around or not. From what I see at least one of you could use my help. Now who wants some beer?"]

[#5a72d8 "I'll take some, thank you."] Michelle then addressed Helena since she wasn't going to get anymore information from Atlan at the moment. [#5a72d8 "Helena, before you get any more drunk… I don't remember you in our generation's inner circle. Did Mr. Queen keep you out or have you met others? But more importantly, have you heard from Chaos?"]
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Helena punched Atlan when he dissed her place again. [i Why is he so carefree?] she thought to herself. She was still taking in everything that had transpired in the past few hours. What was happening? She never anticipated seeing the warrior woman again much less the prince of Atlantis. When he offered a refill she took the bottle after he poured his second drink. She drank straight from the bottle and got ready to give her life story.

[+green “Yeah I just don’t believe that the justice system actually serves justice. People with money get off scot free. People tend to get a slap on the wrist because of who they know. I want to change that. Our parents had the power to serve true justice but refused to do it. They said that they couldn’t cross that line and it was illegal but vigilantism is illegal as well. There is no line. That’s an imaginary fairy tale that they tell themselves to take the moral high ground. There is scum on this planet and it’s going to take extreme measures to get rid of it. My extreme measures will make people realize that nobody is untouchable and to think twice before being a shitty person. I will do what my parents wouldn’t do and when the time comes. I’ll take care of the boyscout too if need be.”]
Helena sat back like a guy and took another swig of whiskey.

[+green “So you keep asking all these questions when you’re the one who broke into my house. How about answering a question then. Why are you here and not sitting on a pretty throne mister prince? And also, what can you do? What are the extent of your abilities?”]
Grimoire didn't have a phone. Well... He did have a phone, it just wasn't his phone. His television at home wasn't exactly a fossil, but it also wasn't capable of watching him while he slept. Knowing this he had 'requisitioned' a cellular device from a 'willing' donor. He didn't have hands anyway, so what was he going to use it for anyway? Fortunately for Grim the 'upstanding citizen' didn't have the wherewithal to log out of his social media before 'donating' his phone.

In a hellishly cheeky act of camaraderie-to-be, Grimoire posted a new status update to the gang-member's wall. [+orange "LOL I'm so fucking dead, died like a little bitch. If you're looking for the one who did it, find my phone. Name should be in the news by now. If not follow the bad tattoos."] Good advice to give, since the poor bastard didn't have fingerprints. Or a face. Or teeth.

With a feeling of pride in his heart and in his grin he began to make his way home. It was a little bit different traversing the concrete jungle when the sun was still up. Though, he was never against going out in the day time. It was everyone else that freaked out after all. But maybe that would be changing. Probably not, but at least now he might have a few people to be openly abhorrent with. Getting back into his apartment he took off his shoes and coat, strode whimsically to his recliner and fell into it with a contented sigh. [+orange "Ahhhh... And now? We wait."] He switched the phone over to high volume and vibrate and turned his TV on.
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A message from Chaos arrived soon enough. [#6b7f94 "Peregrine Abernathy. Got it."] With the target identified, he could then search for people requesting for that man's demise and capitalize on this. Before getting started, Kwan finished up his workout and got cleaned up. Now fresh, he spent the next couple hours sorting through individual requests and managed to find some offers. Having a target first was a bit out of order, but he still made it work. He'd contact them within a day or two since Chaos would seemingly need a few days to prep.

Wondering who else was popular in requests, Kwan compiled a list of his own targets. He prioritized the highest paid to the lowest and sent the file to Chaos as 'More Suggestions'. If they were going to work together, they needed to do jobs where they could all make a profit from it and not just get scraps or a job well done. Speaking of which, he had a good chunk for that archer girl from his last job. He couldn't just keep all of it since they all contributed and she was the one who killed the bastard.

After sending that file, Kwan received a notification about a mutilated ranking gang member. The work was well done and unique. This greeting to them was worth checking out. He then sent that photo to Chaos and asked [#6b7f94 "Can you find out the location and send it to me? I'll answer it."]
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Atlan left enough money on the table to pay his server's rent. The trio headed back to Helena’s place.When they got there he said, [+blue “So bat lady, what do you think of this lair.”] He laughed at his own joke and Helena hit him and he stopped. [+blue “You know I find it hot when you get violent.”]

Atlan walked over to her kitchen and returned with a bottle of whiskey and glasses for them all. He poured Helena a drink first. He knew she definitely needed it after this wild afternoon.
[+blue “So what made you two decide to go all vigilante psycho? Don’t get me wrong the guy definitely deserved punishment but why you two? Your parents would flip if they found out.”] He turned to Michelle [+blue “Especially yours. I can’t believe you would do that with the set of psychos that raised you.”]
He chuckled and took his drink to the head and said [+blue “It’s almost like you’re becoming like your brother. How is the demon’s head anyway? It’s been a while since I've seen him. That’s right it was when I stole an ounce of water from him after he wouldn’t trade for it. I wonder if he still wants me dead. Anyway, back to the original question. I want to know what was going through each of your minds.”] He said pouring himself and Helena another drink and sitting down.
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Molly raised a brow at the archer willingly outing herself like that, but shrugged it off as she realized the woman probably realized it was pointless to try to hide your identity from the world's foremost hacker. She was already decently well aware of who she was after all. Despite this her tone was level as she gave her response. [b “Peregrine Abernathy. I'll have a plan ready in a few days.”]

It would not be easy to deal with him thanks to his smart investment in a new Steranko Security System. The setup he had rigged would probably keep Martian Manhunter out long enough for Abernathy to make an escape through the safe room. Luckily Molly was quite a bit better with technology than Manhunter, and she would make sure to be in control of it before they made their siege. Just like Stowe though he also had hired some serious super powered mercenaries to keep himself alive. If she were alone she would almost certainly have to go in person if she was to have any chance of success, however now that she had friends to work with she could trust them to handle some of the harder parts.

Well friends might have been a bit of a stretch if not for a message from ninja man asking who was next. Not as verbose as Molly, but she could respect a man who was to the point. Especially when he had such a good point to his weapons. [b “Peregrine Abernathy. We'll have a plan sent to you in a few days, but keep your blades sharp in the meantime.”] She considered including some emojis with the message, however decided against it as they had not had as much time to get to know each other yet.

Several hours of work towards gaining control of Abernathy's Steranko system later and a different news alert popped up across her screen related to their recent case. A higher up of a gang had gotten on the wrong side of a particularly creative killer. Lost their hands, their face was left looking like it was rendered on an Amiga, the word Stowe was inside a circle with a line through it was carved into his chest, and most importantly a smiley face carved just below it. Molly could not help but to grin at the sight of a potentially nice new friend to join their cause. Although the communication was a bit lacking in the details department; she was sure she could make up for that with her superb sleuthing skills. Worst case scenario she makes another broadcast to get their attention, however that last resort would surely be unnecessary.

She could not guarantee that the person who made such a wonderful introduction for themselves was on social media, but with all of the groups she managed she could be sure if they were social at all that she could get in touch with them through that. Just a few messages from Chaos written in the form of a missed connections ad was all it took to get her followers to keep an eye out for any means of contact. That was not the only method she used to attempt to track the perpetrator down though as she also hacked into every local camera to see if she could get a look at who was last seen with the gang member. While also being kind enough to them to erase the footage once she had secured a copy of it. Odds are there were detectives working the same leads she was, but a benefit of her position meant she did not have to concern herself with warrants. The Justice League did not concern themselves with that either, but they would have to contend with her hacking skills to get to it before she could.
  Molly / Tesla / 45d 21h 46m 40s

Michelle rode back to her house after leaving the shop. She wanted to tweak a new mod on her bike before heading to Tampa to send a message to Chaos and the others. She needed to make a statement that’ll go viral quickly. Luckily, that was always easy to do in the streets. Since Sarasota’s housing laws were lax, Michelle was able to expand her home the way she wanted and needed to. It being on the other side of the country from Gotham was a big perk as well. None of the main league members even lived in her state. It was beautiful.

After finishing up in the garage, her bike was ready to head out. After some bobbing and weaving through on the interstate, she arrived in one of the shopping districts. Michelle had her gear hidden in a compartment in her bike so that she could switch to being Zonian Knight once she found her target. In the meantime, she’d get a feel for the area and most likely grab something to eat. There was no rush since most activity happened at night and the day was still young.

As she browsed through, she was passing a cafe that looked promising. Casually looking through the glass walls, she pondered if she wanted to eat there. Then Michelle noticed a familiar face sitting with a blond. He shouldn’t have been there. Why wasn’t he in the ocean… or at least along the North Atlantic. This was the Gulf of Mexico. Yet there he was, now flirting with the waitress. Michelle rolled her eyes at his typical behavior never ceasing to change in any way. However, his magic could help her track down Chaos and them. Guess that’s where she was going to eat.

On her way in, her phone buzzed. Apparently a picture of a maimed gang member was trending. He had the crossed out name Stowe and a smiley face on him. [i [b Well this person has a fun personality with it. Very nice.]] She’d have one more thing to mention to everyone when she found them. First things first. She walked up to the guy as there was a break in conversation with the blond.

[#5a72d8 “Hello, Atlan.”]

[+blue “Well if it isn’t my favorite Amazon goddess.”]

[#5a72d8 “As if it isn’t the ever flirtatious prince of the sea.”] She looked over at the blond, [#5a72d8 “Do you mind if I borrow your date for a moment?”]

Helena scoffed. [+green “I would never date this pig.”]

Atlan then retorted, [+blue “Come on baby. Give it a try. You never know, you just might like it.”]

[#5a72d8 “One woman to another, I’m glad to hear you have standards.”] Back to the said pig, Michelle leaned in and whispered in a volume only those with enhanced hearing could pick up, [#5a72d8 “Atlan, I need your help finding the person who made that broadcast, or at least the woman with her hands in it.”]

Atlan’s ears perked up and his eyes opened up. He said, [+blue “You're looking at her. Michelle, meet Helena Queen. Helena, meet Michelle Wayne.]

[+green “What the fuck. You just gave away my identity.]

Michelle rested her palm on her forehead and shook her head. She lowered her hand and glared at Atlan. [#5a72d8 “You’re just as careless as ever. Can you at least respect other people’s choice not to flaunt their real name everywhere they go?”]

Atlan responded, [+blue “Oh whatever. All of our parents know each other. You would have found out in the next 10 minutes anyway.”]

[+green “This is getting too personal. We’re about to head back to my place anyway. We can talk there.”]

[#5a72d8 “Let’s.”]
Helena heard the list of names Chaos was rattling off and said [+green “Abernathy, I know that name. He used to be a business partner of my fathers until my dad cut him off. I never knew why he got rid of such a bright businessman. I guess I know now. Alright get back with me on the details later.”]

Helena decided to go get some work done in her garage. Helena was in the garage putting together new arrows and refurbishing old ones. She was jamming to Jinjer and all of a sudden heard a man's voice behind her. Helena spun around and fired an arrow into the stranger. Helena then began to pace back and forth now. Her alarms should have gone off. How the hell did this guy get in and who is he? She walked over to his body and he took the arrow out of his chest and sat up. Helena freaked and hit him with her bow and began kicking him.

[+green Who the hell are you? How did you get in here? How did you find me?”]

Atlan who now had enough of the violence said [+blue “If you stop hitting me I can tell you.”]

Helena backed up and grabbed a crossbow and aimed it at him. [+green “You better get to talking or this will be in your head!”]

Atlan stood up and said [+blue “Well I guess that could have definitely gone better. You really swing first huh? I like that”]

[+green “Talk!’]

Atlan let out a laugh and said [+blue “I am Atlan, prince of the sea and heir to the throne of Atlantis. To answer your next two questions, magic. I am the most skilled magic practitioner in Atlantis. But never mind me, you’re the one who skinned that surface trash. I came here to meet the hands that did that.”] Atlan raised an eyebrow. [+blue “I never imagined those hands belonging to such a beauty. Tell me now, are you sing…”]
Helena shot him in the chest with the crossbow. The force from it at such a close range propelled Atlan backwards. Atlan pulled the arrow all the way through while getting up.

[+green “What the hell does it take to put you down? Atlantean’s aren’t invulnerable. What the hell?”]

[+blue “I’ll take that as you are definitely single. I’ll have to change that soon. Oh, that’s simple. I put a protection spell on myself before walking in here. So this is your home huh? Not bad but doesn’t a billionaire daughter have a more luxurious taste? Oh and I bet your parents don’t know what you do. There is no way in hell canary is going for this.”]

Helena threw her hands up [+green “I can’t even believe this. An annoying man crashes my place, knows who I am, criticizes my house and to top it all off I can’t kill him. Wait, how do you know who I am?’]

[+blue “Oh come on, You probably didn’t remember but i met you when we were kids. My dad took me everywhere when he thought it was time for me to learn to be a man. I even went to that watchtower. If I haven’t met I should know all the heroes and their families. But you know,”] He said caressing her shoulder, [+blue “You were but a girl then. Now you’re a woman, and a very beautiful one at that.”]

Helena grabbed his arm and threw him. [+green “Hands off! Ok you’ve found the person responsible for Richard Stowe, now leave!”]

[+blue “Oh come on now. I can’t leave without at least treating you to lunch. Come on I’m not going to leave without a yes.”]

Helena shouted and reluctantly agreed. [+green “Ok but you leave after.”]
[pic] Helena changed her clothes and left with Atlan. They chose a restaurant that had patio seating outside. When they sat down and ordered Atlan flirted with the waitress. And turned his attention back to Helena.

[+blue “So you never answered my question earlier. Why do you live in such a low standard place? It can’t be the best option for suiting your needs with this line of work. You need a proper workshop.”]

[+green “It’s all that I could afford. When I left home I was cut off from the family fortune because of my approach of dealing with villain. Mr. Queen can’t finance something so unethical.”] She said, mocking her dad.

[+blue “Well I feel you on that. I got banished...for now. But I am still as rich as I want to be. I use magic to make gold. We should look into getting you a more suitable hideout.”]

Helena scoffed [+green “You can’t just show up and buy me.”]

[+blue “Call it an apology for my rude entrance earlier. Had I known it was you that I’d be meeting, I would have never barged in. I can make the gold when we get back.”]

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