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[B This will contain mature scenes of violence.]

20 Years after the death and revival of Superman, most of the original Justice league members have retired. Only those heroes with longer lifespans like Superman, Wonder woman and Martian Manhunter are still active from the old regime. Those who were once young heroes such the teen titans are the new face of the League.

This story follows those who were castoff from being the "Hero". They did't fit the mold because maybe they were to brutal or didn't follow rules well. These Castoffs do what they want without a care for what anyone thinks. They don't submit to any authority.

If interested submit a skelly with the following
[b picture]
[b Controller:]
[b Character name:]
[b Code name:]
[b Powers/abilities:]
[b Very Short backstory:]
[b Age:]
[b hero/villain parents:]

[b For story purposes we are not doing lanterns, speedsters, martins or kryptonians]

[U Antiheroes accepted]

[b Controller]: [ Mikeymickeymike]
[b Character name:] Atlan
[b Codename:] N/a
[b Powers/abilities:] All the abilities of an Atlantean with a strong affinity for magic
[b Backstory:] Oldest son of Aquaman, Atlan was banished from Atlantis and now seeks retribution.
[b Age:] 26
[b Parents:] Aquaman

[b Controller:] [ Mikeymickeymike]
[b Character name:] Helena Queen
[b Codename:] Green Canary
[b Powers:] Excellent Marksman with any weapon and has the canary cry
[b Backstory:] Disowned by her parents for killing criminals and those who wronged her. Helena believes in being jury, judge, and executioner.
[b Parents:] Black canary and Green Arrow
[b Age:] 19

[b Controller:] [ Yoruneko]
[b Character name:] Michelle Wayne
[b Alias:] Zonian Knight
[b Powers/abilities:] weaker version of Wonder Woman & gadget mastery
[b Very Short Backstory:] Grew up in Themyscira until she was about 7 years old. Met and trained under her father afterwards. However, she found the Bat's rules too domineering and constantly leaving his enemies up to law enforcement was ineffective.
[b Age:] 24
[b Hero/villain Parents:] Daughter of Bruce Wayne (Batman) & Diana
Damian's half younger sister

[b Controller:] [ Yoruneko]
[b Character name:] Kwan Wilson
[b Alias:] Tiger Claw
[b Powers/abilities:] Deathstroke genes with training as an assassin and martial artist from his Lady Shiva
[b Very Short Backstory:] His dad wasn't around much, but would show up randomly during different times of his life. The focus was on his preexisting family. However, his mom expected this of Slade and he became indifferent rather than angry over the years. This indiferrence allowed him to become the skilled, yet unforgiving martial artist he is today
[b Age:] 24
[b Hero/villain Parents:] Son of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) and Sandra Wu-San

[b Controller:] [ Tesla]
[b Character Name:] Molly Mason
[b Code Name:] Chaos
[b Powers/Abilities:] Unique Physiology , Psionics , Superhuman Intelligence, and Technological Engineering.
[b Backstory:] The daughter of the Tomorrow Woman ran away at a young age and was raised by Anarky. There she developed skills as a hacker and sought to help the world in a much different way than the superheroes that came before her.
[b Age:] 21
[b Parents:] Tomorrow Woman

[b Controller:] Phytocanis324
[b Character name:] Grimoire
[b Code name:] N/A
[b Powers/abilities:] Cognitive Dilation , Above-human strength, 5ft prehensile tail, durable skin, longevity ,
[b Very Short backstory:] Birthed of a twisted ritual, Grimoire broke free of the cult that caused his conception when he learned of their motivations for his creation. Finding purpose in correcting injustices, he feels that the best way to permanently stop a criminal is to kill them rather than punish.
[b Age:] 27

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Helena received a phone call from Chaos. She wanted to bring another person into the fold and wanted everybody to meet up and vote on it. She wanted to meet in Raleigh, North Carolina in Pullen park by a gazebo. Helena relayed the message to Michelle only to find out that Atlan was tagging along, She felt annoyed as she put on her uniform.
[i Why can’t he just leave?]
She then remembered that he was building a new state of the art home for her and she let it go. After she finished getting ready and loading her bow, she went to the garage and started her bike. After she got on she felt someone heavy get on behind her and grab her around the waist.

[+blue “I’ll happily ride behind you.”] It was Atlan. Just when she thought that this couldn't get any worse.

[+green “Get off! You’re too heavy for my bike.”] Atlan frowned and got off of her bike. As he backed up he looked at how good the bike looked.

[+blue “You keep up well with it. This bike really suits you.”] Helena couldn’t believe it. Did he just give a compliment with no sexual innuendo at all? She started her bike in disbelief and waited for Michelle so they could leave.
  Green Canary / Mikeymickeymike / 9h 8m 51s
Alas, Grim did not have green tea. Or a water pot. Or a stove.

Just one short week had passed. An agonizingly exciting week. With the thoughts of two up-votes for his joining this new group, Grimoire was walking on air. His nightly hunts had become more unnerving and brutal as the week had drawn closer to a close and authorities were starting to triangulate where it was that he was centered at. This was for naught as on the day they would have possibly found him, Tiger Claw came to him and uttered those words: [#6b7f94 "It's time."]

He had appeared to Grim in his apartment just after one of his "outings" and managed to make him jump if only for a moment. He seemed more on edge and excitable than ever before. There had been a real threat of being caught until now. He'd gotten a little bit sloppy, but would not anyone when given the promise of new friends? New experiences?

A quick explanation and an even quicker ammoing up later, Grim had taken to the rooftops with Tiger Claw and begun to follow him to Chaos' rendezvous point. When they had arrived, Chaos greeted them and gave them a quick rundown of what was going to be happening. They were going to theoretically have their atoms pulled apart so that they were essentially disintegrated, their atoms sent at close-to-light-speed to a separate location, and then reintegrated in the exact same structure as they had left in. She assured them that it shouldn't be too painful, but that she couldn't promise anything. She told them both to stay as still as they could, started the activation sequence and after a short delay they were off.

Tiger Claw and Chaos found themselves suddenly before the gazebo in Pullen Park, a small amusement park in Raleigh, North Carolina. They did not, however, find Grim to be with them.

A while later Grim found himself inside of a small, dark room with what looked like someone in pastoral clothing in the same room unconscious on the floor. While attempting to discern exactly what had happened a door opened in the adjacent room to him, which was separated by a metal grate covered with a screen. A man on the other side spoke, saying "Forgive me father, for I have sinned." Grim chuckled a little bit and pulled the screen away, smiling a gleeful smile through the grate and responded. [+orange "Me too."]

Shortly thereafter everyone who had a phone began getting news bulletin messages explaining that there had been a "Mass Demon Sighting at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church", which happened to be a short distance from the park.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 1d 7h 59m 59s
After listening to Chaos' response to Grimoire, Tiger Claw gave his own reply. [#6b7f94 "I'm just a man who enjoys my line of work. I try to avoid casualties. But if someone tries to kill me, they should be ready for the reverse."]

Tiger Claw paused a moment before revealing his vote, [#6b7f94 "You pass, Grim."] He then looked to Chaos, [#6b7f94 "We need to meet the others. Can you reach them?"] Chaos definitely had the archer's contact information, but he wasn't sure if Chaos was in contact with the warrior already. If not, he was sure it wouldn't be hard to do. He was looking forward to this meeting. However, there was no telling what part of the country they were in. He already flew from Las Vegas to New York to meet Grim. He wondered where they were going to go next. Oh well, [#6b7f94 "Grim, do you have green tea?"]
  Kwan Wilson (Tiger Claw) / Yoruneko / 6d 19h 49m 30s
[b “Agreed Grim and I am glad to hear it.”]

A benefit of wearing a mask was that no one could notice your raised eyebrows or your mouth dropping open. It was of particular use here as ninja boy responded far differently than expected. Apparently he misunderstood what she had meant when she said she would win a split vote between the four of them. That would be easy enough to clear up though.

[i “Allow me to clarify friend. A tied vote would mean that we have to deliberate yes, however my position as our primary researcher gives me a strong edge in any negotiation that we might have as an ensemble. That said if it is profits that are your concern then I can happily pull some money from the funds I took from Dick for you. Normally I earmark most of those funds for charitable purposes, but I have no problem spreading some of his wealth to you if that is what you are after my dear.”]

Not exactly short and concise, but an honest offer of her ill gotten gains. The response this time made her thrice as thankful for her mask though as it revealed the vast difference in their morality. She did as requested though and rescinded their telepathic link. Just in time for the man to reveal himself to Grim and announce himself as Tiger Claw.

The widened eyes turned into a widened grin as Tiger Claw spoke though. She kept silent throughout his piece on how she was not the member of the group responsible for the killing of Dick. It was true after all that she was support more than anything else. Support that could have been a great deal more valuable had anyone bothered to listen to her, but support was where she drew the line. It was a well crafted argument for why she should not be considered the head of the team.

When Grim gave his response and turned his attention to her she was quick to respond herself. [b "It seems our opinions differ on motivation, although not by enough for me to be concerned. My stance is once someone has done something unforgivable they have forfeit their right to life. There are those who successfully change who I welcome, but people like Dick whose crimes are so abhorrent do not even deserve the opportunity to prove themselves capable of that change. Regarding your question presuming I understand it correctly; someone trying to kill me is unforgivable as far as I am concerned."]
  Molly / Tesla / 17d 21h 2m 51s
[#5a72d8 "I don't doubt that for a moment. No, but you'll be riding as one until you buy a car. Your convenience won't be coming out of my paycheck. And it is not terrifying, it's a thrill. You might not understand unless you drive."] Michelle went over to her bike and turned it.

[+blue “Fine by me I’ll wire you the money to go buy a truck with three rows.”] Atlan said, making his helmet. Helena pulled up and smirked, saying [+green “How you gonna buy a car if you can’t drive fish boy.”] Caught off guard he stuttered, [+blue “Erm, um, I uh, How did you even know that?”] [+green “Sense. You traveled here from Maine and you showed up on foot. If you could drive you would have driven not walked to my house.”] Atlan stood dumbfounded and got on the bike without saying another word.

[#5a72d8 "I'm glad someone pays attention,"] Michelle said before putting on her helmet. Noticing that Atlan wasn't holding on properly, Michelle did a quick wheelie. [#5a72d8 "Make sure you hold on."]

After almost falling off, Atlan hugged tightly around her waist for the entire ride. He noticed Helena weaving in and out of traffic and shootin the occasional bird at him. When they got to Michelle’s place, Atlan jumped off the bike and was on his hands and knees thanking Neptune that the experience was over. He walked into the house and ran to the kitchen to drink straight from her faucet. After he felt recovered he said, [+blue “Alright where am I putting these clothes?”]

[#5a72d8 "Are you sure you don't need another moment? Neptune might need more praises. Wait, doesn't your father pray to Poseidon?"] Michelle had been debating on if she should keep Helena in the main house or down in her base. The guest bedroom in the main house won. That way she still controlled who went in and out of her base. [#5a72d8 "Bring her clothes this way."] She led them to a room down the hall. [#5a72d8 "Just lay them on her couch at the bottom of the bed."] Michelle turned to Helena. [#5a72d8 "Here's where you'll be staying. There's a tv on the wall, and a mini-fridge over there. Your closet is on that side. Your bed is a queen like you. There's a bathroom across the hall… and if you need access to my base, I'll let you in. You'll be able to construct your arrows and string your bows down there. I'll give you a tour later."]

Atlan wiped his face off and said, [+blue “We don’t really pray to anyone anymore. Dad changed that when he became king. If there is a Posiedon or Neptune why haven’t we seen him? Why hasn’t he made himself known? Because he doesn’t exist. We hold the power. Me saying that is just a saying. Kinda like how americans talk about Odin like he’s real or saying they will go to valhalla.”] Although she hadn't met any Americans that did that, his explanation made enough sense for her not to comment at the moment. Atlan moved into position and conjured up three candles. He lit them on the floor and sat down and began chanting.

A strong barrier was put up and a small portal opened up behind him, Helena looked at Michelle and asked, [+green “Um why did he just put up a barrier?”] Michelle facepalmed, figuring nothing good was about to happen. Clothes began falling on the couch until it was full. Then the portal moved as he kept chanting. It was above his left hand and a second appeared over his right. Then panties began falling into his hands and he began to laugh maniacally. Helena now both embarrassed and infuriated began pounding on the barrier. [+green “You fucking lecher! Put down my underwear!”] They finally stopped and he stood up dropping the panties on top of the clothes. He turned around with a thong in hand. [+blue “Will you model these for me? I just have to see you in them.”] Helena screamed and Atlan dropped the barrier. Helena went in for the attack and Atlan sidestepped her and let her land on the bed, He jumped on the bed next to her and held the thong in front of her. [+blue “You should really calm down. It’s bad for your skin.”] She snatched the thong out of his hand and Atlan jumped up and walked out of the room.

[#5a72d8 "I'm sorry about that, Helena."] Michelle followed him out of the room and slapped him upside his head. [#5a72d8 "What the hell, Atlan. She just lost her home. I supported that because it needed to happen. But now you're messing with her clothes? When you're supposed to be helping her transition, you decide it's a good idea to mess with her underwear?"]

[+blue “I couldn't help it, Michelle. She’s just so pretty and when I thought about her wearing those, I couldn’t help it. Besides, I need to make her get used to me. I’ll be sticking around her for the foreseeable future. And, I just might be getting her back for all the assault. Even if I earned it.”]

[#5a72d8 "Earned? You're continuing to earn it, constantly. Normally, I'd brush it off. You know that. But you just took over her home. At least give her 24 hours. She'll have plenty of time to get used to your nonsense after that."]
Helena was restringing one of her bows in a shirt and underwear, when she heard a bunch of loud noises coming from outside. When she looked out of her window, she saw construction crews everywhere. [i What the hell is going on?] She wondered to herself. There was a loud bang on the door. She put on a pair of boy shorts and answered. There was a man in a hard hat from the construction crew there. [b “Excuse me miss, but we have orders to demolish this house along with the rest of the block.”] Helena went off [+green “What the hell do you mean!? This is my house.”] [b “Look I’m just following orders. There's a new tycoon that just bought this whole block and is tearing everything down to make a giant complex of some sort. Here's the paperwork.”] Helena Looked at the paper and saw that it was signed by Atlan Curry. In a rage she slammed the door and started breaking things.

An hour went by and another bang on her door. She went to it with a bat in hand ready to tell off the construction foreman again. When she opened the door she saw Atlan and Michelle. She was infuriated and yelled, [+green “You! How dare you!?”]

Atlan smiled and said, [+blue “Surprise! I bought this whole block and I’m tearing it down to build a base of operations suited for a Queen. You come from money. Honestly you shouldn't have been living in this…”] Helena cut him off and began beating him with her baseball bat until the wood shattered. She then began kicking him in the balls while he was down.

[+green “You asshole! I never asked for your help. I was doing fine on my own. You can’t control me. You’re acting like my father.”]

When she tired Atlan stood up and said, [+blue “Look I’m concerned for you so I decided to take initiative. Anyway Get your bike ready to go. I have
them working on an expedited schedule. I’ve put out millions of dollars to have about twenty major construction crews to work around the clock to have this finished.”]

[+green “Go where? You’re destroying my house?”]
Michelle was having fun recording Atlan's beating when Helena asked where she was going to go. He didn't answer. She had to.... Michelle stopped the video and put her phone away. [#5a72d8 "That's where I come in. You'll be staying with me."]

Atlan then said [+Blue I said that i would get us adjoining hotel rooms but Michelle thought it better to let you stay with her.”] He looked her up and down and said, [+blue “By the way, you have a sexy pair of legs on you.”]

Helena then said [+green “Thank you Michelle I would love to be a guest in your home. I’m definitely not staying anywhere near him. Atlan I
better have a say in what my part of the base will look like.”] She went inside and changed.The garage opened and she walked her Harley out.

[+green “How are my clothes getting there?’]

[+blue “Does nobody own a damn car!? Ugh I can Teleport them with a
portal spell. Leave it to me.”]

[#5a72d8 "No problem, Helena. Nothing good would come of that."] Michelle laughed at Atlan's outburst. [#5a72d8 "I guess not. Now whose bike are you riding bitch on this time?"] Atlan looked at the both of them and sighed. Atlan looked at the both of them and sighed. [+blue “She’s gonna kill me so I’ll ride with you Michelle. And I’m not a BITCH. I just don’t see why nobody has a car. This mode of travel is terrifying.”]
  Helena Queen / Mikeymickeymike / 19d 23h 29m 26s
Grim smiled from ear to ear when Tesla sounded so positive about having him join the group she was in. [+orange "I'm so glad to have made a good first impression. I only hope that I can make a similar one with the rest of your team."] It was going to be so nice to have more people to talk to. [+orange "And even if I can't, I'd be more than happy to take you up on your little offer."] Chaos seemed to understand him at least somewhat which was more than a little refreshing, and he figured that the rest of her team would have similar mindsets. Little did he know that he would be meeting another member of her team that night, and in his own house.

When Tiger Claw appeared to him, before he could speak at all, Grim's eyes began to glow brightly. They followed Tiger Claw intensely while his hands hovered readily over the guns on his hips. He wanted to be as ready as possible for what may come. And then, almost as quickly as it had happened, Grim relaxed. Had this person wanted to cause any real harm, they'd likely have done so from the comfort and anonymity of the shadows. When Tiger Claw began talking it was that much more evident that there was no harm to be done, at least not yet. [+orange "Well Tiger Claw, you seem like you've been hanging around long enough to have heard our little chat and how I like to do things and that I do [i like] to kill things. As to why?"] He closed his eyes and put his hand on his chin, crossing his legs to make an almost dignified pose of reflection and contemplation.

[+orange "Because people have a hard time changing. Lock up a killer and let him out, they could kill again. Set free an extortionist and see if they're not still vengeful and greedy. And I hear you asking yourself, 'What about innocent people? The one's caught up in the scheming and pain-mongering of the truly cruel and disdainful?' I try not to kill when it doesn't [i need] to happen, but one can't exactly excuse lethal opposition, can they?"] He asked the questions back to the both of them, eyes first landing on Tiger Claw and shifting over to Chaos. The glow behind them was gone, but there was a sinister sense of inquiry behind them. Were they willing to do the same if their lives were threatened? He was confident of Tiger Claw's answer, but Chaos was a mystery. He wasn't to be the only one being interviewed this day.

[+orange "That aside, how do you vote?"]
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 20d 11h 53m 10s
Seeing how this whole encounter panned out, Grimoire was far different from what he assumed. However, Chaos was starting to act like the ringleader of the whole operation. Dictatorship? He didn't like that even being an idea. Tiger Claw worked solo for the most part. So, he didn't need others to lead or be led. He'd work with another every now and then, but on a very temporary basis. However, that group they formed had potential. It was just a matter of will it stick or not. If this mindset continued, he'd be out.

[#6b7f94 [I "No. A tied [b vote] would mean we would need to deliberate until there's a majority. I'm here to collaborate with everyone and maximize our profits. I said you could take point on this mission, not take control over the collaboration."]]

[I "Allow me to clarify friend. A tied vote would mean that we have to deliberate yes, however my position as our primary researcher gives me a strong edge in any negotiation that we might have as an ensemble. That said if it is profits that are your concern then I can happily pull some money from the funds I took from Dick for you. Normally I earmark most of those funds for charitable purposes, but I have no problem spreading some of his wealth to you if that is what you are after my dear.”]

This mission was proving to be more insightful than he thought. He needed to learn even more about Chaos, and that wasn't going to happen in a telepathic chat. [#6b7f94 [I "I'll pass. I have my honor. Now, get out of my head."]] Tiger Claw didn't take money from his kills, only his clients. Donating the money to those that need it was the best thing to do. However, if Chaos was donating the money, why wasn't it done yet? There shouldn't have been money to offer from that.

Once Chaos left his head, Tiger Claw decided to appear. Positioning himself in plain view and no longer blending his presence with the environment, he did this at a safe enough distance to not come off as a threat, but be ready to defend himself if needed. [#6b7f94 "Hi. I'm Tiger Claw. Like Chaos said, this is a democracy. We're all partners in this. You already have the tech's vote. You'd still need my vote as an offensive part in Stowe's assassination. You'll also need them from another vital asset in killing Stowe and/or the one who took his miserable life. Neither of them are present at the moment."]

As laconic he could be, Tiger Claw wanted to make the point that Chaos did not act alone or did the majority. Everyone played key roles to Richard Stowe's demise. He especially wanted to clarify that Chaos was not the one who did the actual killing. This wasn't to downplay Chaos' contribution, but to even it out properly.

There would be no pawns in their group. So, he wanted to make sure that everyone got their recognition they rightfully earned. That way Grimoire would be able to interview them as well since even there being a group was unofficial. Chaos said four of them, so that warrior woman must have been contacted, right? That was a question he'd have to ask later. Right now, he was interviewing both Grimoire and Chaos.

[#6b7f94 "You've proven your skills and experience, but why do you kill?"] He paused for a moment, [#6b7f94 "Should I call you Grimoire or Grim?"]
  Kwan Wilson (Tiger Claw) / Yoruneko / 21d 16h 26m 57s
Atlan finished up sparring and as to be expected, Michelle won every round. Though he was getting better at hand to hand combat his forte was magic. After they were finished sparring Michelle mentioned a saltwater pool. Atlan ran to the pool and dove right in. The saltwater felt incredible to him. After rejuvenating in the pool They were off to the refinery. Atlan still held tight during the bike ride. He hated this contraption. When they arrived, Atlan opened a mall portal to Atlantis where all the seized treasure was held. Before long he had four treasure chests full of pure gold. The appraiser couldn't believe it. They cut a 43 million dollar check to Atlan. They headed to the bank. Being a dual citizen had its perks. Atlan opened an account and deposited the check. When the bank teller told him that it would be weeks before the funds would be available. Atlan asked to speak with the manager and used his magic to have the system overridden.

Feeling accomplished Atlan said to Michelle, [+blue “All right let’s go buy some property.”] During the course of the next few days the two of them contacted the owners of the building on the block and made them offers too ridiculous to pass on. Atlan then paid for a construction company to come demolish the whole block. [+blue “Hey Michelle, How do you suppose we tell Helena that I own her house and I'm tearing it down?”]

[#5a72d8 "Can you cast a telepathic spell? Though, I think in person is the most respectful. I'll go with you for emotional support."] Michelle totally planned to record the whole thing for laughs.

[+blue "Nah thats too impersonal. I want to do it in person. Crap I didn't think about where shed stay until the new place was built."]

Michelle suppressed her enthusiasm over being able to record the whole thing. She needed to bring her bulletproof bracelets she forged. [#5a72d8 "Not a hotel?”]

[+blue "Oh I guess that could work. I'll get her a room next to mine."] He said grinning. [+blue "Come on, Let's go tell her."]

[#5a72d8 "Do you want to have her slit your throat if your protection spell dispels in your sleep? No. Plus, she wouldn't be able to craft her arrows there. It needs to be a place where she could do that..."] After she said that, a place came to mind... [#5a72d8 "Shit."]
  Atlan casual / Mikeymickeymike / 22d 12h 22m 18s
Once the actual interview got underway Chaos was able to see that this Grim was far different than she would have guessed at first glance. The way he spoke was far more pleasant than she anticipated. It was also nice to see the energy he brought to the table as someone who seemed to get similarly gleeful over punishing the wicked. Compared to some of the fuddy-duddies on her team who just seemed to feel it a necessary job it was quite welcome.

The actual answers were a bit more cause for pause though as Grim's memory of his firsts was not what she expected based on the lead up to the interview. His initial iterations of the stories left several questions unanswered. Since she agreed to leave his mind untouched meant she had to be careful in navigating the interview questions in such a way that she could research these individuals on her own. One lobe of her brain was dedicated to that throughout the extensive interview process.

Grim shined through the back nine hitting par or better as far as Chaos was concerned on all the questions. All while giving her time to see just what those filthy creatures did to deserve Grim's ghastly response. It seemed his struggles started far earlier than hers and in far greater earnest given his unique existence. Chaos' runaway story paled in comparison, but it was good to have teammates from different walks of life.

A thought of the time came up just as Grim finished answering the last of her most important questions and so she decided it best to call things there. [b “I must say I am impressed by you Grim. Your enthusiasm after going through so much is downright refreshing and I do hope to bring you aboard. Much as I might consider it a dictatorship though; our team is a democratic affair which means the others will be given the right to comment before we make things official. That said you have my full support and I am confident I can convince them of the value that you bring to the table.”]

Chaos stood up at that and returned to her levitation. [b “That and even if they are not as keen on working with you as I am; I believe you and I could make a few good partner projects for us on the side at the least.”] With that line she offered a handshake as it felt the appropriate custom at the end of an interview.

She also sent a telepathic ping to her ninja friend in case he wanted to reveal himself and lend his support. [I “If you agree with my assessment that this person provides a valuable talent to us then you may want to reveal yourself here. Since we are currently a little four piece we would have a split vote at worst, and as the backer of this operation I am confident the tie break would go to me. Now if you have any hesitation you are welcome to share them over this channel if you would prefer, however you could also ask a question of your own here. Grim's response to your demonstration of stealth would certainly be a good one to measure by, and given your talents there may well be a question you have that I did not anticipate. What do you say?”]
  Molly / Tesla / 23d 1h 53m 38s
As Atlan complimented her place, Michelle realized she really had put it together well. It was hers and it showed. Yes, she learned some basics from her dad, but hers had life to it. It was clean, bright and open. The best part… it was all hers. [#5a72d8 "Thank you. The currency here is dollars. Yeah, the next places we go to can be a refinery and a bank. I know a really good one."] She paused a moment. [#5a72d8 Speaking of going places, wasn't riding a bike exciting?"]

[#5a72d8 "Over this way."] She left the computer and guided the wandering Atlantean to a modest fighting arena. After Atlan listed his normal restraints, Michelle added hers as she took off her leather jacket, [#5a72d8 "and no flight."] Their matches were always hand to hand. It was a mutual understanding that that was the type of combat they'd be doing ever since they were little. She placed her leather jacket off to the side. [#5a72d8 "I usually use practice dolls and obstacles in this space. It'll be nice to use it against a person."]

Five rounds later, Michelle reigned undefeated. It was really nice to spar with another person. Although he didn't win, he gave her a challenge she didn't get to have in a respectful setting outside of it. [#5a72d8 "Maybe next time."] She stepped out of the ring. [#5a72d8 "Also, I have a saltwater pool for us to cool down in. It's irrigated from the gulf."]

Michelle directed him to the pool area and told him she'd be right back. Unlike Atlan, she couldn't change her clothes with magic. So she went to go change into the swimsuit she kept in her little locker room. Atlan just got his ass whooped after his first ride on a bike while going at her normal speed, she wasn't worried about him following. When she came back, she dove into the pool. She surface all refreshed, [#5a72d8 "This was needed."]

After some time, they were out of the water and ready to head out. Hopefully, the time in the water would help Atlan feel relaxed enough to enjoy the ride more. After collecting his gold and precious materials, Michelle and Atlan rode to BMX Metals to exchange them. It was good that they were going from place to place like this. Michelle couldn't wait for him to get used to riding.
[+orange "True to your word. I like that. And who knows? Maybe I'll give you a little insight after we get to know each other a little more."] Grim let Chaos sit in the chair and get comfortable before listening to the questions she had.

[+orange "The others? Well, that would need some expanding on. Do you mean my very first kill? My first killings since coming to this city? Or perhaps the first kill I even remember doing? How about I just tell you about all of them?"] He leaned back in his seat until the front legs came up off the ground. [+orange "Hmmm... Lets start at the very beginning then. My first kill ever... Its hazy, I admit. That happens when you're angry enough, I suppose. I don't remember doing it, but I remember finding her afterward."] He leaned forward again to look straight at Chaos again. [+orange "I know she was the first because she was closest to where I first lost time in a blind rage whose context I will keep to myself for now. I found her face-down, and she had a dagger in her back. Long one, too. I couldn't roll her over at first. The blade had gone all the way through, from spine to sternum and was stuck in the floor."] He spoke about the whole thing with an anecdotal tone, as if a fond memory.

[+orange "As for my first since coming here, it was a couple years since my arrival. Got here by ferry, stowed away of course, and had taken to stealing food from people at night to keep from starving to death. Ahh, good times. Anyway I'm trying to get into this building down by the wharf and I see a group of these guys, they're all waving around guns and yelling at this [i other] guy who owes them money or something. The leader of this little gang grabs the other guy and they all start ganging up on him. Now, I won't go into too many details, but extorting and using people for personal gain hits a little bit of a nerve for me. So I wait til their deed is done and follow them back to their little hideaway, in which you now sit."] He motioned around to the building for a little bit of dramatic flare. "The last guy in the pack, he lags behind before coming inside. I think he was supposed to keep guard or something because he has a shotgun on him. So I set up a little distraction and jumped him when he went for it. Broke his arm, got the gun, and when he started screaming I put the gun to his stomach and blew a hole the size of a baseball in it. I won't bore you with the rest of them, just know they didn't try hard enough to live."]

[+orange "The first kill I ever remember doing though? It wasn't too long after the first woman, and presumably a few others."] he said with a chuckle. He closed his eyes and smiled widely. [+orange "I felt myself starting to wake up, and I had something in my hands."] He kept his eyes closed and outstretched his arms toward Chaos, curling his fingers and pressing his fingertips together like he had them wrapped around something. [+orange "When I could see again, I had this kid pinned to the floor, my knees on his arms and my fingers tightly wrapped around his throat. I could see the fear in his eyes, the pain on his face... and my blood on his chin. I had locked his bastard father in that little cell in the room, too..."] His smile stretched wider and became toothier. [+orange "I don't know what finally killed him: asphyxiation, the pain, or when I finally crushed his little windpipe."] He sighed a little and opened his eyes, relaxing his arms. [+orange "Oh, but dont worry about me killing kids too much. I was a year younger than he was when I did it. Little 11-year-old me."] He smiled warmly at Chaos.

[+orange "So... Any more questions?"] He cooperated fully throughout the interview, answering any other questions Chaos may have felt the need to ask. Grim was hopeful that he was the man for the job.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 26d 16h 10m 9s
Atlan laughed and said [+blue “You’re right, it’s about time. This time I’ll win more than one round for sure.”] He looked at her bike and felt hesitant Atlan was only accustomed to cars on the surface world. Just looking at the bike made him nervous. He made the helmet and got on the back holding on tight to her. The ride was unpleasant and adrenalizing.

When they arrived at her place he stood there impressed. [+blue “I imagine it’s nothing like your dad’s creepy lair. I like it. It’s spacious enough and secure. You’re doing well for yourself. So let’s find somewhere that I can parlay gold into whatever currency you people use here. And I guess that I’ll have to open a bank account as well.”] He Said all of this while walking around her hideout and picked up a bo staff. Atlan smiled puting it doan and used his magic to change his clothes.

[+blue “So where are we going to spar? Same rules as usual right? Magic only for physical enhancement so it’s a level playing field.”] They had a rule with their sparring that he was not allowed to use spells on her. It was hand to hand combat and to close the gap between their skill level Atlan wold make himself stronger, faster, and more durable.
  Atlan casual / Mikeymickeymike / 27d 9h 35m 19s
Grimoire. That raised an eyebrow behind her mask as her modified mind brought up all the memories of her mentor discussing magic with her. He had a fair amount of experience with it thanks to taking control of Blasfemy to talk to Etrigan. Unfortunately that story was all that he had shared with her during her tenure as his apprentice, and so she would have to be sure to talk to him more about magic later.

[b “Thank you for the honor Grim.”]

Their response to the interview option caused her to bite her lip to keep silent. Her body remained loose as it levitated in place though while Grim explained their circumstances as to why they preferred the interview. It seemed their outward appearance was not the only thing about them that could be scary. Although Chaos was happy to go along with the interview process as it would be more beneficial for the spy among them anyway.

[b “I appreciate the consideration, although I admit hearing that just makes it a more appealing option to me. Just as I said though I will respect your privacy and keep this to a professional interview.”]

Before she could say anything more Grim raised a finger to request a moment before rearranging the furniture. Bringing up a chair to a coffee table and leaving her with the option of the more relaxing looking recliner. Always a good house guest Chaos gave a nod as she reduced her telekinetic barrier to be armor tight before taking a seat. She had to be cautious of course, but did not want to appear impolite by just hovering above the chair.

[b “Thank you very much. Now let's start with an easy question then. Given the brazenness of your cover letter I think it safe to say that was not your first time. Do you remember the others? More importantly are you willing to share about them?”]

This question would serve a couple of purposes by establishing Grim's experience level for these kinds of jobs. While also allowing her to see what kind of people they had targeted in the past. Best to know early where someone draws the line after all. It was also a common occurrence in her circles to have to prove oneself capable of the crime they intend to commit and having more examples the better. There was a reason she occasionally introduced herself with a resume of her accomplishments after all, and it was not just for self-aggrandizing.
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Michelle laughed right back. Still laughing, she replied, [#5a72d8 "I know right? That makes a lot more sense. Imagine you even thinking about anything serious. You don't even know how to date one person for more than a day. In fact, if my guess was actually right, that’d be the day I accept a date from Jakob Adam, and he’s almost as arrogant as his dad. That’d be some twisted dimension."]

Both were impossible in this one. Jakob has had this weird crush on her for who knows how long now. However, his dad was Black Adam and Jakob definitely got his ego from him. Oversized egos were such a turn off for her. So, just like Atlan being serious, there was no way. What was she thinking? Her deduction skills must have died in a corner somewhere. He just wanted an IOU from her dad. That’d be tempting for anyone. Michelle knew one of them must have gone crazy. It turned out she was the one who needed her temperature checked. [#5a72d8 "It has been a while... at least a year, right? We’re also even more overdue for a sparring match."]

[#5a72d8 "Are you done shooting your dramatic scene?] Having his two puffs of a random cigarette and speaking all philosophical was too much not to mock. [#5a72d8 “So, Biggest Playa in the Sea, we can sort out those details at my place. We'll be there in less than an hour. That way we'll have my setup to search and draw up some blueprints."] It was so weird how close the two of them lived. Out of all places in the entire country, the two heiresses lived only an hour away from each other when they were away from their parents.

Michelle picked up her helmet from her bike and put it on. [#5a72d8 “Can you go ahead and manifest a helmet with your magic? There’s no need to get a ticket trying to explaining why we don’t need them.”] Like most people, Michelle didn’t drive the speed limit. However, because of her enhanced reflexes, she did more bobbing and weaving through the cars than the average person on a motorcycle. It wasn’t anything dangerous or illegal, but it attracted attention and would be illegal without a helmet. It’d be so idiotic and embarrassing to have been doing what she did at night, but then ended up caught with a traffic ticket during the day.

She got on her bike, turned, and patted the seat behind her as she waited for Atlan to get on. It was an understatement to say Atlan wasn't too thrilled to ride like that. She laughed and tapped the seat again, [#5a72d8 "Come on. Sit, Atlan. You want to buy that property, don't you? Just hold onto me until we get there and lean as I lean."]

The ride was smooth and quick. When they arrived, they entered through her garage. She instructed him how to get off and she dismounted the bike too. Michelle then activated the entrance to her underground base. The floor around them shifted and began to descend as another flooring sealed up the entrance now above them. [#5a72d8 "Welcome to my knight base,"] Michelle said once they hit the ground. She then went to her computer area in order to start the search for the owners and get ideas for the new architecture.

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