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[B This will contain mature scenes of violence.]

20 Years after the death and revival of Superman, most of the original Justice league members have retired. Only those heroes with longer lifespans like Superman, Wonder woman and Martian Manhunter are still active from the old regime. Those who were once young heroes such the teen titans are the new face of the League.

This story follows those who were castoff from being the "Hero". They did't fit the mold because maybe they were to brutal or didn't follow rules well. These Castoffs do what they want without a care for what anyone thinks. They don't submit to any authority.

If interested submit a skelly with the following
[b picture]
[b Controller:]
[b Character name:]
[b Code name:]
[b Powers/abilities:]
[b Very Short backstory:]
[b Age:]
[b hero/villain parents:]

[b For story purposes we are not doing lanterns or kryptonians]

[U Antiheroes accepted]

[b Controller]: [ Mikeymickeymike]
[b Character name:] Atlan
[b Codename:] N/a
[b Powers/abilities:] All the abilities of an Atlantean with a strong affinity for magic
[b Backstory:] Oldest son of Aquaman, Atlan was banished from Atlantis and now seeks retribution.
[b Age:] 26
[b Parents:] Aquaman

[b Controller:] [ Mikeymickeymike]
[b Character name:] Helena Queen
[b Codename:] Green Canary
[b Powers:] Excellent Marksman with any weapon and has the canary cry
[b Backstory:] Disowned by her parents for killing criminals and those who wronged her. Helena believes in being jury, judge, and executioner.
[b Parents:] Black canary and Green Arrow
[b Age:] 19

[b Controller:] [ Yoruneko]
[b Character name:] Michelle Wayne
[b Alias:] Zonian Knight
[b Powers/abilities:] weaker version of Wonder Woman & gadget mastery
[b Very Short Backstory:] Grew up in Themyscira until she was about 7 years old. Met and trained under her father afterwards. However, she found the Bat's rules too domineering and constantly leaving his enemies up to law enforcement was ineffective.
[b Age:] 24
[b Hero/villain Parents:] Daughter of Bruce Wayne (Batman) & Diana
Damian's half younger sister

[b Controller:] [ Yoruneko]
[b Character name:] Kwan Wilson
[b Alias:] Tiger Claw
[b Powers/abilities:] Deathstroke genes with training as an assassin and martial artist from his Lady Shiva
[b Very Short Backstory:] His dad wasn't around much, but would show up randomly during different times of his life. The focus was on his preexisting family. However, his mom expected this of Slade and he became indifferent rather than angry over the years. This indiferrence allowed him to become the skilled, yet unforgiving martial artist he is today
[b Age:] 24
[b Hero/villain Parents:] Son of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) and Sandra Wu-San

[b Controller:] [ cookiecookie524]
[b Character name:] Kyra Allen
[b Code name:] Flashed
[b Powers/abilities:] Super speed
[b Very Short backstory:] Kyra caused too much trouble for her parents to deal with so she was cast out
[b Age:] 23
[b hero/villain parents:] The Flash

[b Controller:] [ Tesla]
[b Character Name:] Molly Mason
[b Code Name:] Chaos
[b Powers/Abilities:] Unique Physiology , Psionics , Superhuman Intelligence, and Technological Engineering.
[b Backstory:] The daughter of the Tomorrow Woman ran away at a young age and was raised by Anarky. There she developed skills as a hacker and sought to help the world in a much different way than the superheroes that came before her.
[b Age:] 21
[b Parents:] Tomorrow Woman


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Kwan remained silent and unmoving as the broad in front of him angrily balled her eyes out. Honestly, her kid did die in a sloppy, messed up way. No matter how many times he witnessed this kind of scene, the look in their eyes was always the same. But hey, those desperate emotions were the reason why he stayed employed.

It took a while, but the lady eventually calmed down. His assignment was to kill Richard Stowe. He was recently acquitted on all counts including serial murder and torture of children. Since one of those was hers, she hired Tiger Claw to satisfy her need for justice, or more accurately, vengeance. He didn't judge it though. The system failed her just like it failed many before and will continue to fail many after. It sucked, but again, that kept him in business. His client was the judge and jury. He was just the executioner.

Being the executioner this time led him to the Stowe estate. When he got there, everything seemed to go as planned as he made his way up to the mansion. Then, out of nowhere, the whole place lit up like a prison break. Tiger Claw remained hidden in one of the trees as he assessed what was going on, and how he should move forward from it. From what he could hear, there was a commotion in another part of the estate.

This was the perfect chance to get inside the mansion. Most of the guards were all heading in that other direction like idiotic moths, leaving only a few where he was. Parkouring his way among the trees, the assassin worked his way to the roof. From up there, he could see what had everyone's attention. There were three supers and a drone. Oh, they were killing their opponents. They definitely weren't the typical heroes then. The one with the dark hair had just made a meta's face a permanent part of the earth.

More metas made themselves known to the group below. Tiger Claw felt like he should help, but they were the perfect distraction for him to get in and finish the job. However, if there were this many metas outside, Stowe's last line of defense would probably be a pain. Unless he was an idiot who sent his last line outside with the others… Oh well. They were obviously against Stowe. Worst case scenario they could be another distraction indoors.

Tiger Claw unlatched two large double-edged daggers from his back. With a click, they each extended to a 4 bladed shuriken. He sent them flying down to cull their opposition. As his shuriken came flying back he grabbed them at a different point and sent them down again.
  Kwan Wilson (Tiger Claw) / Yoruneko / 9d 20h 41m 15s
Molly was about to make a witty retort when the blonde attacked the facility before she disabled the security system. Thus alerting every guard to the fact that there was an actual siege and not just a prank going on. Also making sure that they focused all of their attention on the trio of super heroes and the one odd drone out front. Perfect.

[b “This is exactly what I had hoped to avoid new friend. If the computer is of no importance to you then please just do not destroy it as I know our types tend to cause collateral damage. You do that much for me and I promise to help you out at least!”]

Of course Molly would help them out anyway as otherwise her drones would not be able to get in through the security system Dick had in place. Even if it meant she had to change her plans to accommodate their reckless behavior. Thankfully the third person seemed more cheerful than the first two were and so she hoped at least one of them would be agreeable to her presence.

[b “Hello other new friend! In case you did not hear my earlier introduction I am Chaos and I have currently hacked a large amount of the surrounding area. I intend to help deal with everything on the tech side and maybe even some of the security guards if I can. However it would be greatly appreciated if you could leave the computers of our target alone for me. If you promise to do that I'll even make you a special offer of being your guide through this heavily guarded facility. Sound good?”]

While her initial drone reached out to the third arrival over a dozen other drones flew in doing just what she had said earlier. Blasting Ride of the Valkyries to ideally spread out their defenses some. Her control of the security system dimmed the lighting so that while they all had room to react that they were no longer at risk of waking up the whole neighborhood. Combined with her redirect system for outgoing messages and she could be sure there would be no cavalry coming in to help Dick.

Coordinating all of them was a bit of a chore, but once one of her new friends spoke up to ask for help she was more than happy to provide it. These were not her best combat robots, but they packed enough firepower to help provide some cover. She would trust Zonian Knight to handle the heavy meta that was causing the quakes and just try to keep the rest of them off of her with hit and run tactics. They would become fast friends for certain!
  Molly / Tesla / 13d 22h 42m 37s
[#981f52 “I never disagreed with that. However, you never know what type of people these guys hire,”] Zonian Knight glared back at the girl in the green outfit. When the drone appeared, she didn’t want to agree with her, but the drone really did spout a resume on an assassination mission... This was about stealth. If one more person showed up, there was no way they wouldn’t attract attention, assuming they hadn’t already. [#981f52 “I’m with green blondy here. This isn’t an interview or the time for an advertisement. Also, his computer is of little importance to me.”]

After that, the half-Amazonian was ready to separate before her position was exposed. Yet, of course her concern happened. Another person showed up and it became a party. That was just wonderful. Before making her own exit, the blonde made a reckless one. She shot up a few floodlights, alerting the whole mansion to their presence and set off countless other lights… There went her hope for any subtlety. Zonian Knight felt the ground shake and pinpointed the meta causing it. She took flight once more to balance herself.

She charged towards the meta and ended up dodging some icicles mid air sent from another meta somewhere around 2 o’clock. [#981f52 “Hey Chaos, Greeny, do you have anything to take care of those? Speedster, the meta’s around my 2 o’clock. You got it?”] Hopefully the drone had lasers to take care of those flying icicles. Zonian Knight could then take out the quaking meta and allow everyone to have solid ground again, especially since she and the drone were the only ones airborne. From what she’d seen, the speedster would probably be best against an ice meta.

Unsure if it was because of the others, but she didn’t have to dodge as many icicles as she got close to the targeted meta. The meta put up a solid rock dome around him, however that was futile. Zonian Knight punched right through that dome and grabbed him by the neck. As she squeezed, the dome crumbled. She lifted him up and slammed his head into the ground. Once that amateur was silenced, other metas began to show all around the area.
  Michelle (Zonian Knight) / Yoruneko / 15d 11h 29m 34s
Helena looked at the woman intensely. She began to lower her bow. [+green “Don’t tell me what to do. I need to get into that building. He must die.”] Just then a drone approached them and a voice began speaking about wanting a laptop.

[+green “Listen I couldn't care less who you are or about your resume. You aren’t even here, so keep that thing out of my way. I am not your friend.”]

Just then another woman popped up and Helena rolled her eyes and jumped over the bush she was hiding behind and fired arrows at the floodlights. She then took cover behind a tree when the shooting started. Being this outnumbered wasn’t in the plan. Once again she had been too reckless and emotional. Some trick arrows would have been nice in the situation but she swore off non lethal arrows, not wanting to be like the rest of the arrow squad. She moved from that location firing arrows at the men while taking cover again.

[b “Great, at this rate I’ll never get in that house.”] she thought to herself. Then she felt the ground shake and saw a man with his hand on the ground. [b “Oh great, they employed metas too.”]
This was going to be a long night. To make matters worse, she had only blown out a few of the lights and the area she was in now was as lit as a christmas tree.
[center [+maroon "Called it!"] Kyra sat in front of her monitor watching the case with her newly dyed hair, Kyra had already known what the verdict was going to be before the case had even started. [+maroon "Looks like someone owes me fifty bucks."] Kyra settled down as she knew that this wasn't something to get loud about. [+maroon "This is what money can do for the world sometimes."] Kyra had researched the case when it first came about. Anyone that wasn't stupid could have predicted what was going to happen just by knowing the name. [i [+maroon Richard Stowe.]]

Kyra couldn't help but laugh at the justice system sometimes. There was justice alright, but not for the people who deserved it. It was the reason Kyra didn't hand anyone over to the justice system without checking them out first. [+maroon [i Its not the first time this has happened. And it sadly won't be the last.]] Kyra had memories of the one of America's most hated criminals, John Gren, got away scot-free just because he had a load of money. Kyra put her thoughts aside, knowing that she had better things to do then think about the past.

After some consideration, Kyra figured out where she was going next. She knew others would be heading their way, but not many as far as she could tell. Kyra got suited and ready to go, grabbing some gear such as a few weapons, and headed out.

Turn after turn after turn, and Kyra had made it there within seconds. She stopped at the heavily guarded mansion and smiled. [+maroon "Well isn't this just going to be a blast?"] Kyra was going to continue on until she heard talking ahead of her, causing her to run behind them cautiously. [+maroon "I see I'm not the only one here then."]
  Kyra Allen / cookiecookie524 / 20d 13h 26m 38s
Richard Stowe. A depraved criminal who was on trial for doing unthinkable things to dozens of children and of course he got off on account of being a well connected piece of rich garbage. Just another complete failure of the system to protect the innocent. Molly had seen it often enough that she was not at all surprised as she watched the feed from the court room on her wall of monitors.

Unlike most heroes of her sort the facility she used was brightly lit and decorated in a variety of colors. Even her keyboards were lit in all the colors of the rainbow to complement the eclectic colors that made up the rest of the room. Similar to the Batcave though it did have a monitor wall of sorts, although hers was made up of almost a dozen monitors instead of one large screen. Another quirk of her facility was the small army of robot vacuums that happily whirred around under foot. It worked well for Molly though and she had done a great deal of work in the environment.

This would be the work she was most proud of she hoped as Dick was undeniably the worst criminal that she had targeted thus far. She had caught onto him from one of her other targets that bought a snuff film from him. The fact that the Justice League of all people would go in and ruin her work irritated her to no end, but she would clean up their mess nonetheless. Just like always she would also be sure to brag about it after the fact.

When she sat down with her hot chocolate and candy to begin her operation though the security system picked up a few people who did not belong. None of them belonged to the security services that Dick employed. They also did not seem like the kind of monsters that would work with Dick which left one simple conclusion that they were likely people like her. People who wanted real justice in place of the justice the system handed down. That she could work with well enough.

A benefit of her drones already being in position made it much easier to reach out to them via any nearby available speaker. Whether it be a cellphone, hearing aid, or some other utility belt item. [b “Nice to meet you new friend. My name is Chaos and you might know me from such classics as sending unionization materials to every LexCorp employee, deleting billions of dollars worth of student debt, or that time I used Wayne Enterprises money to pay for a national free ice cream day. Pretty sure you and I have the same goal in mind so let me offer some quick tips before you go in all guns blazing.”]

She made sure to keep the volume low enough that only her targets would pick up on it, although she was less worried as she knew the guard rotation well enough to account for that. [b “I am currently the one in control of Dick's security system and I have plans for it to be useless in less than two minutes. You'll be able to tell because my drones will fly in blasting Ride of the Valkyries to distract the guards once it happens. After that you will be free to do as you please to Dick. All I ask for in return is that you leave his computer stuff alone so I can download all the pertinent information on his companions. While I was planning on taking him out myself I am happy to just help out as long as I get the information I want on the next batch of people I need to ruin. Does that sound fair to you new friend?”]
  Molly / Tesla / 22d 19h 29m 12s
Michelle turned off her computer after reading the headline on the latest court scandal. It finally happened. Based on her research, the attorney had too high of a probability of getting Richard Stowe off on all counts. So, she had been getting ready for this moment. The half-Amazonian took off her blue light blocking glasses and walked over to a stand to pick up a long, shiny blade and took it with her to another part of her base.

She had the place built while she was still funded by Wayne Enterprises, and somehow she managed to still have it, despite her dad having to know about it. Most likely since it was outside of his typical jurisdiction… Either way, she'd keep using it. She had her computer and monitors, arsenal, furnace, smithing station, motorcycle for when she wasn't going to fly, and a few other things. It wasn't the batcave, but it worked well enough.

Once again, she was out in order to correct the oversight in the justice system. The irony, it just so happened that the Justice League was the one who created the opening in their trusted system. They did their lawful duty halfway and that cost everyone the case. If they were going to intervene, they shouldn't just hand the culprit to law enforcement. The criminals always got off or got out. The system wasn't reliable; and Stowe was just the latest case.

Michelle donned her fightware that included slots for darts on her arm sleeve, sai on each boot, and a little pouch of fun. With her sword ready, she took flight and headed to Richie’s stronghold. As she arrived, she let her altitude drop to almost ground level in order to avoid detection. There was a small breach in security and she didn’t hesitate to utilize it. Everything was going well so far. She made sure to memorize the layout prior to his exoneration. It definitely proved useful.

Further in, she sensed killing intent ahead of her. As she approached, she remained upright with her sword ready. However, it turned out to be a girl dressed in green with her focus on the mansion. Apparently, the girl didn’t notice the half-Amazonian’s presence at all. Although she wasn’t planning to attack anymore, the blonde should have noticed something at this distance. The girl then spun around, wasting no time to ask questions. [#981f52 "The name's Zonian Knight. That can happen when I'm busy taking out trash,] she eyed the rest of the compound and making sure they weren’t even close to earshot, [#981f52 especially, when I don't want the target or those soldiers to be alerted. I'm assuming you're also here for that serial child killer."] Zonian Knight's expression turned from serious casual to one more matter of fact. [#981f52 “You should do something about your killer intent. It’ll give us both away."]
  Michelle (Zonian Knight) / Yoruneko / 22d 21h 37m 14s
Helena watched on her phone as the jury announced the verdict of Richard Stowe.
[+green “Tch, not guilty. Typical. Why should I even be surprised that this rich prick got off?’]
Helena was furious. Richard Stowe was on trial or the kidnapping, torture, and murder of dozens of kids.

The kids were found in one of his houses outside of Star City. The reports were that the scene was too gruesome to make public. The children had been beaten, mutilated and crucified. Helena hacked into the police database to read the report and see the pictures for herself. There was no way this man should have gotten off. But because this was a rich prick who was the owner of one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, he could afford the very best lawyers to get him off.
Apparently the evidence was inadmissible in court because the damn justice league didn’t have a search permit to enter his property. And when the questions arised about it taking place there he claimed to have no knowledge and that the day he was caught was the first time e had been at that house in a year. Everybody could see it was a lie but the good ole justice system is a joke.

Helena grabbed her gear and suited up. At night the bell would toll for good ole Dick. When night fell she approached his mansion. He had turned it into a military compound. He hired military contractors to defend him. Just then Helena felt someone behind her and she spun around and saw a strong looking young woman with a sword in her hand and daggers on her boots.

[+green “Who are you and how did you sneak up on me?”]

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