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[B This will contain mature scenes of violence.]

20 Years after the death and revival of Superman, most of the original Justice league members have retired. Only those heroes with longer lifespans like Superman, Wonder woman and Martian Manhunter are still active from the old regime. Those who were once young heroes such the teen titans are the new face of the League.

This story follows those who were castoff from being the "Hero". They did't fit the mold because maybe they were to brutal or didn't follow rules well. These Castoffs do what they want without a care for what anyone thinks. They don't submit to any authority.

If interested submit a skelly with the following
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[b Controller:]
[b Character name:]
[b Code name:]
[b Powers/abilities:]
[b Very Short backstory:]
[b Age:]
[b hero/villain parents:]

[b For story purposes we are not doing lanterns, speedsters, martins or kryptonians]

[U Antiheroes accepted]

[b Controller]: [ Mikeymickeymike]
[b Character name:] Atlan
[b Codename:] N/a
[b Powers/abilities:] All the abilities of an Atlantean with a strong affinity for magic
[b Backstory:] Oldest son of Aquaman, Atlan was banished from Atlantis and now seeks retribution.
[b Age:] 26
[b Parents:] Aquaman

[b Controller:] [ Mikeymickeymike]
[b Character name:] Helena Queen
[b Codename:] Green Canary
[b Powers:] Excellent Marksman with any weapon and has the canary cry
[b Backstory:] Disowned by her parents for killing criminals and those who wronged her. Helena believes in being jury, judge, and executioner.
[b Parents:] Black canary and Green Arrow
[b Age:] 19

[b Controller:] [ Yoruneko]
[b Character name:] Michelle Wayne
[b Alias:] Zonian Knight
[b Powers/abilities:] weaker version of Wonder Woman & gadget mastery
[b Very Short Backstory:] Grew up in Themyscira until she was about 7 years old. Met and trained under her father afterwards. However, she found the Bat's rules too domineering and constantly leaving his enemies up to law enforcement was ineffective.
[b Age:] 24
[b Hero/villain Parents:] Daughter of Bruce Wayne (Batman) & Diana
Damian's half younger sister

[b Controller:] [ Yoruneko]
[b Character name:] Kwan Wilson
[b Alias:] Tiger Claw
[b Powers/abilities:] Deathstroke genes with training as an assassin and martial artist from his Lady Shiva
[b Very Short Backstory:] His dad wasn't around much, but would show up randomly during different times of his life. The focus was on his preexisting family. However, his mom expected this of Slade and he became indifferent rather than angry over the years. This indiferrence allowed him to become the skilled, yet unforgiving martial artist he is today
[b Age:] 24
[b Hero/villain Parents:] Son of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) and Sandra Wu-San

[b Controller:] [ Tesla]
[b Character Name:] Molly Mason
[b Code Name:] Chaos
[b Powers/Abilities:] Unique Physiology , Psionics , Superhuman Intelligence, and Technological Engineering.
[b Backstory:] The daughter of the Tomorrow Woman ran away at a young age and was raised by Anarky. There she developed skills as a hacker and sought to help the world in a much different way than the superheroes that came before her.
[b Age:] 21
[b Parents:] Tomorrow Woman

[b Controller:] Phytocanis324
[b Character name:] Grimoire
[b Code name:] N/A
[b Powers/abilities:] Cognitive Dilation , Above-human strength, 5ft prehensile tail, durable skin, longevity ,
[b Very Short backstory:] Birthed of a twisted ritual, Grimoire broke free of the cult that caused his conception when he learned of their motivations for his creation. Finding purpose in correcting injustices, he feels that the best way to permanently stop a criminal is to kill them rather than punish.
[b Age:] 27

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Atlan reached under a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of bourbon. He opened it and began to drink. He sighed and looked at Michelle. [+blue “She’s going to have to wait till tomorrow. That tank sucks the magic out of me to accelerate the healing, In short, i’m spent and now i’m about to get hammered and find someone to lay under.”] Helena jerked at him but couldn’t get up. Atlan stood up and walked out of the room but before leaving he said [+blue “Canary, I’m warning you now. When my magic returns, I’m not just healing you but I will be making those membranes in your ears. Then you will start training. This will be harder than anything the arrow posse ever put you through.”] He left the room and signaled the doctor. [+blue “When everyone is finished, sedate her.”]

[pic] The next day Atlan woke up to a curvy lady in his bed. [i Well I guess I really do have a thing for blondes.] He thought to himself. He walked down to the medical bay and reset the spell on his tank. He then sighed before going to the human bay. When he got there he saw Helena sitting up in bed. He drew a triangle around her and began chanting. The thick membrane was created in her ears then he healed her. He told her. [+blue “Go find Tiger Claw and ask he and Knight to assist us. Your training starts now.”]
Molly's left eye twitched as she set herself up at her primary battle station now that she was safe at home. Overestimated. It brought up one of her worse habits as she began to talk to herself despite the fact that there was no one in the vicinity to hear her. [b "I used to laugh at all of those television series where they demand the world of their technology experts as surely the rest of the team would have a better idea of things. She is right that we have only had one real meeting at this point, but who can teleport a large group of injured to a place they have never been before in a matter of seconds? Doctor Fate maybe?"]

Molly continued to grumble to herself, but she let none of it slip back into her response to Zonian Knight. [I “Once everyone is stable you can consider it done. Just have to get a drone inside to do some reconnaissance to make sure that none of us end up inside of a wall.”] It would also give her a bit more time to analyze Atlan and Grim's energy signatures to appropriately account for them. One mistake was one too many even if she had helped make up for it already.

Priority number one get a drone inside of the Tampa facility to prepare for their next mass teleportation to make sure that Atlan could get his special tank. Priority number two calibrate the hush tubes to the absolute limits of her ability. Priority number three get as much information from Anarky that she could about how to handle things from here on out with the potential threats. Finally priority number four get some scouts out and try to get a good lead on Abernathy.

The benefit of being at her main battle station was the immense amount of processing power that she could tap into there to help coordinate many more tasks simultaneously. Four was easy enough for her to handle by herself under normal circumstances. A fifth would be added though as her security systems picked up the conversation between Atlan and Zonian Knight. It was easy enough to know the Oliver that they were talking about and it only served to increase rate at which Molly's left eye twitched.

[b “So I am not allowed to brag about our successes for fear of alerting the Justice League, but one slight misstep by our dear leader being a bit too big for her britches and they are ready to run to daddy. Children.”]

Thankfully Grim should be in a good mood as he was able to find the break room that she left open to them. He had also helped himself to the hot chocolate which was a welcome behavior. [I “I regret to inform you that the rest of the team has decided to alert an ally of the Justice League to the situation and have them meet us when I teleport us to the Tampa facility. My intent is to send an armor drone in my stead as I have no intentions of getting caught. If you want to go then I will promise to stick close in case things go sideways, however if you would rather stay here I promise to open up some of the more entertaining parts of my facility to you Grim. It is up to you.”]

Just as intended she teleported the group only after she sent a drone in ahead of them to make sure they could teleport into the facility proper. A fringe benefit of the advanced scout though was that she successfully took over the technological side of things. Atlan might be a magical powerhouse, but when it came to hacking Molly had no equal. It also allowed her to be a bit more aware of when their only partially invited guest would arrive to the party to put on her best shocked voice.

Before that turn of events though Atlan had to be put in his special tank and Canary had to receive some special care. She had not been fully patched up by her drones before arriving, although Chaos would be happy to provide more care. Fixing a meta like her was a bit more complicated than a normal human after all. Acquiring new research though was a favorite pastime of Chaos' and she would be happy to dedicate some of her considerable resources to restoring Canary to full health.

Given two of their comrades were out of commission though there was not much for Chaos to do there in the interim. So she made her armor drone available in case one of the others saw need to talk. All while her main body continued at her primary battle station to monitor everything from a much safer distance.
  Molly / Tesla / 7d 16h 3m 17s
As bad as her condition was, and it was bad, she was lucky to be alive. They all were with that stunt she pulled. Zonian Knight knew Atlan could heal her with his magic. But the fact that he hadn't yet, meant something. Zonian Knight personally was glad he hadn't. She was livid. [#981f52 "Wipe those tears. You have the nerve to cry after that stunt you pulled? We all could have died if Atlan didn't create that opening... This isn't a barbie dreamhouse world. You're lucky you can even breathe, let alone hear what everyone is saying, even with an aid."] With all that out of her system, she then more calmly added, [#981f52 "However… good job securing our escape. I wish that didn't cost you as well. The rest though, are well earned."]

Zonian Knight wasn't sure if the others would agree with how she handled this with an injured person. Honestly, she didn't care. Those from typical origins tended to coddle people in such a state regardless of what the cause was. Zonian Knight spent the first 7 years of her life in Themyscira, an ancient Greek island hidden away with only female inhabitants. Then the rest of her formative years were under the most prominent paranoid detective as well as co-founder of the Justice League. Neither place was typical, nor forgiving. There were always consequences for your actions. Sometimes that included injuries and casualties. Luckily, thanks to Atlan, Canary’s consequences didn't have to be permanent.

[#981f52 "Atlan, are you ready to heal her or want to let her face her consequences a little longer? Unless… wait, is there another reason why you didn’t do it the moment you came into the room?]
Atlan held tight to Michelle. He guided her to his tank in the med bay. A doctor was there looking at something under a microscope. He stood up when Michelle brought in Atlan and gave her directions to putting him in the tank. He attached different aquatic friendly monitors to Atlan to monitor his vitals. As soon as Atlan hit the water, there was a powerful magical surge that knocked out the power in the room temporarily. Atlan began to move in the tank. [+blue “Doctor Rostova, it’s been a while. Michelle, meet doctor Henry Rostova. He is one of the few humans who my father trusts to take care of Atlanteans. Don’t have any reservations about identities here. He is trustworthy. Every medical personnel employed here has been thoroughly vetted and is trustworthy, not to mention well compensated.”]

Glaring at Atlan, and looking around to make sure the others weren't nearby, she replied, [#981f52 "Please refer to me as Zonian Knight when I'm in this attire. I'd like that to become a habit in case of sensitive ears."] She then turned to the doctor, [#981f52 "Hello, Doctor Rostova. It's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for being here and saving Atlan."]
[b “Of course miss. The prince should be recovered enough to be about in an hour. That immense amount of magic earlier rapidly sped up his healing process.”] He said exiting the room.

Hours later, Helena woke up in the med bay. There was a nurse in the room. Helena noticed that she was in a hospital gown. She immediately grabbed for her mask. It was gone. She began to freak out. She tried to yell but felt a sharp pain in her throat. The nurse pleaded with her to stay laying down and gave her back her mask saying that they had to remove it for the tests. Helena tried to stand up but fell as the room spun and felt warped around her. Dr. Rostova walked in with the others and laid her back down. Saying [b “Ms. Canary, you need to stay in bed. Your injuries are bad.”] He then noticed that she didn't have her hearing aids yet and he placed them in her ears and repeated himself. The rest of the team was now in the room. [b “You virtually don’t have vocal folds anymore. Your eardrums are damaged beyond repair and you have a severe concussion likely caused by the vibration of your ability, You won’t have the equilibrium to stand for quite some time.”]

Tears began to stream down her face. As Dr. Rostova and the nurse walked out of the room. Atlan let out a sigh and sat down shaking his head at her.
  Green Canary / Mikeymickeymike / 12d 3h 15m 46s
With Abernathy having taken so little damage from Zonian Knight and his own attacks, Grim pulled his hooks out from his shoulder and leapt backward, keeping his eyes on Abernathy at all times. As he did so, he fired his other shotgun directly at Abernathy, which only served to further annoy him rather than anything meaningful. It was smart to move away when he did, because a halo of magic fireballs circled around his head as Atlan weakly chanted a lesser explosion spell. When they went off Grim laughed a little bit, the cracking boom going off right in Abernathy's face. This too only served as little more than an annoyance, but he still flinched. [+orange [i 'Guess he doesn't like loud noises. Lets see how loud I can be.']] he thought.

Before he could act on that, Green Canary was on her feet again and taking a deep breath. Hearing this, Grim backed off farther and waited for what could be coming. Fire breath? Acid spit? Energy beams? Or maybe-

A sonic screech. One so loud Grim turned his bullet time off and covered his ears so he wouldn't have to experience it any longer than anyone else. Pointed ears like his channeled sound better than normal ones. At least Abernathy was taking the brunt of it, and from the pained expression on his face it was effective. Really effective. [+orange [i 'Damn.']] he thought. [+orange [i 'I'm gonna need bigger guns if I want to make booms [b that] big.']] That thought put a sick grin on his face even as Abernathy jumped away and Canary's ears started bleeding.

The others who were still capable of moving quickly gathered their fallen comrades and started to head all in one direction. With no one telling him what the plan was, where they were going or even why they were going, Grim decided it best not to be left behind and quickly followed them. [+orange "Someone want to fill me in on what the-]

[+orange -plan is?"] And suddenly, puppies, kittens, rainbows. Luckily for Grim, his magical reservoirs didn't put him a few city blocks away from his originally planned destination. Or somewhere inside a wall. Or someone else. [+orange "Ohhhhh... I see the plan now."] he said, chuckling to himself as he watched the drones take Atlan and Canary to get fixed up. Knowing that Zonian Knight would likely want to be left alone with her friends and that Tiger Claw didn't seem like the social type, Grim spoke up. [+orange "I'm going to take a look around, see what 'toys' I can find"]

[#981f52 "Don't get too comfortable. We aren't staying long."] She said with a somber look. [+orange "Oh no? And why's that?"] Grim replied [+orange "Your friends aren't exactly jumping up to leave."]

[#981f52 "Because Fish Boy over here is going to miss his magic water when he wakes up."] She shot back. Grim smirked at this and shrugged. [+orange "Fair enough."] He said, turning to the med bay door and making his way out. As he started walking down the hallway Grim heard a voice sounding like Chaos in his head which stopped him, if momentarily. She explained that if he so chose, he could opt out of being teleported a second time to reduce the risk of displacement. She also warned him not to go snooping around because she had most of the facility on lock down. Grim replied and told her that he would rather risk another 5-minute adventure than take a boring 12-hour flight. Also, he was going to look around anyway.

Shortly after Zonian Knight had left the med bay to talk to Tiger Claw, she could see Grim walking back toward them with what looked like a paper coffee cup in his hand. [+orange "Well that was no fun. Almost all the doors were locked and the only thing I could find that wasn't nailed down was a hot water pot and cocoa powder."] He said before taking a noisy sip. [+orange "So, how's Fish Stick and Screamy?"] he asked before licking the small line of cocoa powder from his upper lip with a pointed tongue.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 14d 13h 37m 34s
[#981f52 [I 'No, I don't. You say all that as if you also expect me to know your limits after only one other combat mission. I do not know your tech. For all I knew, it would take you not even a half second to cross-reference, copy and paste the new coordinates into your system with everyone already calibrated for any transport. He would not have returned during that extra time. However, if it's ever too much, I do expect you to do what's in your capabilities rather than jeopardizing our safety. Although you met my expectations, my apologies for overestimating you.']] Zonian Knight tried to not be irritated when responding to what Chaos said, but it couldn't be helped at first. Chaos seemed to be deflecting her stress onto her. [#981f52 [I 'When Atlan stabilizes, he'll need his magic-infused tank to finish up his healing process. He'd definitely have the system set up in the Tampa location. So, when that happens, can everything be ready for teleportation?"]]

As they were teleported to Chaos' base, Atlan was going in and out of consciousness. He had a memory of being young and visiting the surface world for the first time. He remembered his father warning him to behave and introduce himself. They were at the Queen residence. Atlan remembered meeting a baby Helena for the first time. She crawled up to him and wanted to be picked up. As he came back to consciousness, Atlan looked for her. He saw her laying on a table parallel to his. He looked around for Michelle. [+blue "Michelle where are we?"]

Seeing him finally awake, [#981f52 "You don't want to know. Now that you're stable, we can get you to your tank. Still, don't try to move."]

[+blue “The base. My tank. If I can’t get there and this protection spell wears off, I’ll die. I’m extending the effects of the protection spell but I only have so much magic. I might be able to keep this up for a day if I can stay conscious. But if I can't, the spell will end. I can’t channel a magic stream like this in my sleep.”] He turned his head toward Helena. [+blue “That idiot. How is she doing? She might have damaged her brain with that scream.”]

[#981f52 "I already told Chaos while you were out. We should be able to leave soon…"] She then looked over at Canary. [#981f52 "She's stable… No internal bleeding. Her vocal chords and ear drums are destroyed. We won't know if there was any mental impact until she wakes up."]

Atlan sighed [+blue “That fool. Why the hell would she rush in with no concern for danger? If I hadn’t rushed in after her that kick would have split her in half.”] Atlan thought for a second about what Michelle said. [+blue “What do you mean you already told Chaos? Are we at her base? Michelle get me the hell out of here before I end up being a “Casualty of War.”]

[#981f52 "Don't get all riled up for no reason. You're on your way out. We were waiting for you to stabilize before moving you again. As for Barbie? It would've been that or her head would have popped off like an angry kid and the doll."]

Altan relaxed a bit and said, [+blue “I need you to call Oliver. Have him meet us at the compound in Tampa. I don’t care how much Helena hates it. It’s time for an intervention. She’s going to get herself or one of us killed.”]

Understanding the severity of everything, she didn't protest. [#981f52 "On it."] As she stepped outside the medical bay and took out her burner phone. She paused before dialing Mr. Queen's number. Canary needed help. He couldn't do it all this time. What would calling him now do? This jeopardized all of their identities… but for Atlan's sake, she'd do it.

After the call, she felt a presence approaching from down the hall within the bunker. Tiger Claw appeared, [#6b7f94 "Seeing you out here now... Is there an update?"] Tiger Claw had gone into the medical bay initially, but Zonian Knight was the only one who hadn't come out since.

[#981f52 "Yeah, Atlan's fully conscious. So, we need to transfer them to another location immediately to finish his treatment. Has Chaos appeared yet?"]

[#6b7f94 "Not yet. I'm sure we'll be leaving soon."] And that wasn't a lie. Not too long later, Chaos' drone returned and had everyone gather for transport. Before they knew it, they were at the new base. The first thing Zonian Knight did was take Atlan to the tank to heal while Tiger Claw took Canary to the medical bay there.
Just as Chaos got everything into position the royal pain proved to be useful even in his wounded state. Although the blue flames did no real damage; they were enough to shake his attention. Long enough for Canary to kick Abernathy to the curb with a canary cry that could shatter steel. A fitting enough distraction to give the team time to get to their instructed warp point, however Chaos continued the plan with her armor just in case. Any extra time it could buy would be beneficial here after all.

Unfortunately things took a bit of a turn as Zonian Knight thought of a response that threw things a bit for a loop. Chaos carried on as planned though and had the hush tubes activate as necessary for the group to get them all to an appropriate safe haven. One that was thankfully equipped with a state of the art medical center that should be able to provide all the requisite rejuvenation the team would need. Although not the one located in Tampa.

The location they were teleported to was as bleeding edge as they come and equipped with quite a few drone doctors. Sterile is the name of the game for a medical facility, but it looked more like a pediatrician's office with all of the colorful murals on the wall of various uplifting things like rainbows and puppies. Even in the quarantine room where they found themselves there were positive sayings on the wall; including the stereotypical 'hang in there' kitten.

[I “Do you have any idea how complicated it is to teleport a group our size any distance using a system that requires three dimensional coordinates? Especially when you have to calibrate it specially to account for the massive amount of magic the flows off of a couple of those teammates. You all are in one of my bunkers and I can promise the care is good. If there is something we absolutely have to have from that other location I will get it as soon as possible, but I had to be able to do the calculations quickly in case Abernathy decided to make a comeback. I am not exactly built to buy time against someone like that.”]

It was the nicest way Chaos could phrase it as she thought her way to Zonian Knight. Just like the team she had been warped back to her home base, however she found herself in a much different part of the facility. She might trust the team enough to go with them in person on a mission or two, but she trusted none of them with her face. Especially given who she now knew they knew.
  Molly / Tesla / 23d 1h 48m 34s
After Abernathy blocked her blade, she slashed it away from his bleeding palm, creating a slightly deeper cut and stepped back. His body was so tough, on a level she hadn't seen before. His hand should have been cut clean off. Either way, she created an opening for Grim. That was her goal in the first place since she reached the target first. As Grim's assault proved to not be so effective, Abernathy flinched when the guns went off. Utilizing that, Michelle followed up with more attacks. This mission was botched. They merely needed to stall for time until they could safely regroup. Tiger Claw should have grabbed Atlan by now, but Canary was down too.

Abernathy had a lot of power behind his attacks, but they were slow and unrefined. He obviously didn't have much fighting experience, but that brute strength and durability was enough to hold his own very well… Zonian Knight wouldn't want to take multiple blows, and she had enough combat skills to last as long as she didn't get caught off guard. However, he still wasn't taking enough damage fast enough…

When Chaos entered her mind, she was relieved but pissed off. Having someone in your mind always felt intrusive and wrong. Yet, in this case, it was probably the best choice. They were getting out of there. Grim and Zonian Knight had less than a minute after the signal to get to that part of the yard.

There it was. Atlan'a explosion. If that wasn't the signal, that was still a great opportunity. Zonian Knight ran over to the spot when she noticed Canary walking past her going back towards Abernathy. She let out a cry and collapsed. As Abernathy freed, Zonian Knight went back to pick her up and carry her to the rendezvous point. Once everyone was there, Zonian Knight noticed Atlan's blood message. [#981f52 "Chaos, teleport us to the address in my mind."] She thought of the base that Atlan built over Canary's old block. She had that Tampa address memorized so that the moment it was done, she could drop Canary off there. Now, it was needed for more urgent matters.
Canary's desire to charge in was one that Chaos could respect even if she disagreed with it on a personal level. Her stance had always been to move in the shadows and brag only after the fact. That was why Chaos made sure her position was secured elsewhere before the arrow disciple displayed her cacophonous talent. Immediately there was something amiss though as all of the guards that were supposed to be on staff were nowhere to be seen.

When the door was broken down to reveal a man with an exquisite build who brutalized Atlan with a single kick it was clear why the guards were gone. This man no longer needed them. They should still be around based on her analysis of the security footage, however his statement of introduction easily explained just how he covered those tracks. She should have been smart enough to see this coming.

Unfortunately it looked like none of her teammates were aware enough to spot it either as Atlan was down for the count immediately, and Canary quickly joined him after her neck was almost snapped with a simple grasp. Right around that time Tiger Claw made the smart decision to maneuver Atlan's body to a corner of the property before requesting an exit strategy. He then went back in to get Canary while Grim and Zonian Knight drew Abernathy's attention.

Chaos was quick to act once asked as she divided her attention four ways to accommodate her plan of action. First to connect with the supercomputer at her base of operations to make sure that it was prepared to coordinate hush tube activity with her drones to get them out of there if the plan went off well. They want an escape route then she would give them the best one out there. Although her destination left something to be desired as she would have to rely on one of her scanned locations to get the calculations done fast enough.

Second was a telepathic contact to the ninja who requested her aid. “Consider it done Tiger Claw, but you will have to gather yourself and our two injured companions in that corner of the property to make it happen. Also be very still once you are there as I am guessing Atlan's juice will similarly cause some problems for my calculations.” Grim's had only adjusted his destination, but given this was all being done at the speed of necessity she wanted every precaution she could get.

Third was a quick blurb to the other two upright members of the team as even though they might be the toughest she still wanted to provide them an opportunity out. [b “I am going to try to bring a distraction for you two. When you see the signal you need to get to the Northeastern corner of the property as fast as possible. By my estimate you will have less than a minute, and once you are there you are going to have to be bone still for this to work. Trust me.”] Grim had already dealt with it once, but she hoped that Zonian Knight would be prepared for the experience.

Fourth was the aforementioned distraction as she stripped off her armor and reconnected it as a makeshift decoy. Combined with her technopathic and telekinetic influence she would buy them some time. Thirty seconds if they were lucky, but she could only promise five while guaranteeing her own safety. Even without the suit she still had face covering comparable to a niqab courtesy of a full body suit. The protection it offered compared to her armor though left her anxious against Abernathy as her armor set out to fight.

Atlan watched as canary was thrown clear of the fight. With Grim and Zonian knight holding off Abernathy, Atlan was able to begin a slow chant. He coughed up blood and struggled while chanting his explosion spell. It wouldn’t be very powerful but enough for a distraction. Blue flames began to slowly appear in the air around Abernathy. Atlan immediately detonated them as soon as Zonian Knight and Grimoire were clear. The spell didn’t do anything but surprise Abernathy.

The explosions seemed to hurt his ears but he barely flinched. Atlan began to black out when he saw Canary getting back up and walking towards Abernathy like a zombie. She took a deep breath and let out an immense Canary cry. When she finished, Abernathy with his hands over his ears, jumped across his estate and ran away. Canary collapsed with her eardrums completely ruptured and blood coming from her ears. Atlan took his blood and wrote “Base is finished”. Then he blacked out fully.

He hoped Zonian knight would see the message and take them back to the compound he was having built. He had taken more gold and used it to make a state of the art medical bay in the compound that even included a saltwater tube in case he was mortally wounded.
  Green Canary / Mikeymickeymike / 32d 14h 50m 49s
Grim felt a looming sense of disappointment in himself for not having kicked down this dirtbag Abernathy's door himself, considering how quickly Canary had beaten him to the punch. This feeling was quickly overshadowed with a mix of relief and excitement. Watching Atlan get a steaming slice of humble pie was still satisfying to watch after their less-than amicable greeting. Hearing his spine implode was marginally less so. Before he could stop Canary from charging in again, she was already grabbed by the throat and hoisted off her feet.

Grim pulled his shotguns as he ran up, stopped behind Zonian Knight and Tiger Claw to allow them their moment of looking longingly into each other's eyes, and when Zonian [b finally] pulled her sword and waved him on Grim could only respond with [+orange "I thought you'd never ask!"] Canary was tossed away from Abernathy which meant Grim could fight with a little less abandon, prompting him to activate his powers.

With a wild, gleaming grin he charged in after her, his eyes ablaze with power and sadistic glee. As Zonian Knight dashed into the fray she threw a heavy sword strike horizontally as Grim leaped over where it would go and swung down with the hooks on the ends of his guns. Abernathy had only just tossed Canary away, so his hand was already in a good position to catch Zonian Knight's sword. While her strike was easily blocked, he still winced as her blade made a shallow cut into his palm. Grim's attacks were at a technical advantage since Abernathy was not a trained fighter, and hooks being more difficult to block made things worse. Even still the points of the blades barely dug into his shoulder, feeling more like bee stings. Seeing how little damage his strikes would do without a little more help Grim pulled the triggers on both of his guns, the magnum shells propelling the hooks farther downward and driving them another couple millimeters into Abernathy's shoulder.
  Grimoire / Phytocanis324 / 35d 15h 12m 12s
Tiger Claw and Zonian Knight should’ve seen it coming that Canary was going to go rambo into his place. However, they didn’t. No one did. However, there was no way to change that now. Not even a moment after she kicked down his front door, a foot came kicking down Atlan’s spine as he tried to save her. Although he teleported in between the foot and Canary’s face, he wasn’t able to teleport back out in time. With the thunderous sound and how he didn’t get up from the man’s front lawn, it was shattered.Two seconds and the mission was already to shit. As they ran to the entrance, Tiger Claw and Zonian Knight looked at each other. The silent looks told an entire plan. Tiger Claw was to save Atlan while she created a distraction. They both then looked to Grim. Tiger Claw then nodded back to Zonian Knight for her to coordinate with him as he ran over to Atlan.

[#981f52 “Hey Grim–”] Zonian Knight cut her sentence short when Canary got back up without Atlan and charged at the guy with a fucking knife. He has just shattered an Atlantean’s spine… Like common sense would predict, her attack failed and backfired.

Abernathy held Canary by the throat, being careful to not break her neck. [b "Do you know why you can't beat me? I'm better than that bastard superman who thinks he's God. My researchers and I worked for years to synthesize the Doomsday DNA that was recovered after the last fight with him and superman. After so many failures of human synthesis we finally got the formula correct. My own DNA has been fused with that kryptonian juggernaut. I get all the strength, all of the raw power, and none of the kryptonite weaknesses. Superman isn't God. I am."]

Wasn’t that lovely… He had Doomsday in him. No wonder he was ready for them, he probably heard them arrive. [#981f52 “Let’s do this, Grim.”] Zonian Knight drew her sword and went after Abernathy with Grim. When he saw them coming, Abernathy tossed Canary to the side to deal with them.

By this time, Tiger Claw had already moved Atlan to a corner of the yard. [#6b7f94 “Chaos, we need a way out.”] Once Atlan was secure, he then went after Canary.
  Kwan Wilson (Tiger Claw) / Yoruneko / 35d 16h 42m 35s
Helena completely agreed with still releasing the video even if Chaos revealed herself nobody else would be revealed.

When it came time for the mission, Helena and company went to the estate to find Abernathy. Helena was itching to get the man who used to work with her dad. When Chaos asked if they wanted to redirect or charge in, Atlan began saying, [+blue “We should be covert.”] Just then he heard Canary doing a war cry as she jumped over him charging straight in. [+blue “Canary what the fuck!?’] There wasn’t an armed guard in sight. Just grounds keepers.

Atlan didn’t like the look of this, Something was not adding up. Why did this guy have no guards? Atlan gave chase to Helena. He activated his protection spell over himself. Helena Kicked through the front door and yelled, [+green “Ding dong bitch, ding dong!”] In that instant a man appeared and front kicked. Atlan grabbed Canary and took the kick to his back, shattering his spine and sent him flying with Canary in arms.

[pic] Abernathy stepped outside and smiled. [b “You all are going to pay for that door.”] Helena charged him firing arrows in succession. He caught them all in one hand then dropped them to the floor. [b “Really? How archaic. You must be a new addition to the arrow posse. Tell me, child. Do you scream as much as speedy?”]

Atlan you still couldn’t move barely got out the words [+blue “No...Run.”] IT would take some time for his body to heal even with the protection spell. Canary, being hard headed, ran up on him with a bowie knife. Abernaty put his hands up and welcomed a slash. She couldn’t get through his skin. He grabbed her by the throat and lifted her in the air. [b “Years of experimental research and I have finally achieved it. I have made myself perfect. I assume you lot are here because of the missing people that I worked on. Nobody will miss them. THey were runaways and homeless. Society is better off without them.”]
  Green Canary / Mikeymickeymike / 36d 18h 3m 26s
Atlan was considerate enough to apologize to Grim only after the women he cared about threatened to decapitate him. A step in the right direction at least. Grim was far kinder in being willing to accept the apology at face value and shake the aberrant royal's hand. It just made her more sure of the fact that it was the right thing to bring him here.

It was his statement towards her directly that she had to address though as he stuck to his guns about his stupid royal etiquette and machines being untrustworthy. [b “I am so concerned that I cannot be trusted by the man who threatens to level a city at the drop of a hat. No surprise you are a royal given your head is so far up your ass you can wear your collarbone as a crown.”]

She would have laid into him more, but then Zonian Knight spoke up as the voice of reason once again. His magic power was significant and that was certainly a value worth considering, although the hair trigger attached to it at the moment made her understandably more hesitant as the one who stared down the barrel. The fact that he was willing to apologize after being stopped even if only to Grim was also a positive sign. It was only his willingness to swear on the honor of his stupid royal title that she was willing put her hands up and nodded her head in agreement.

Before she could get another word in edgewise though the two women at the center of the group were off to the races as they spoke at an almost inhuman pace through an argument about evidence. Unfortunately there was no mention of why she wanted there to be no evidence. Meanwhile there would be an issue with her suggestion of it just being a random group given Chaos' own coverage of the previous incident. That would need to be addressed before they could go murder some shitheads as Canary so eloquently put it.

Chaos allowed them to work their argument out of their system before bringing it back to the forefront though. [b “There is a slight issue that needs to be addressed before we can go after our next target and I cannot be so easily swayed be crackers when it comes to it; regardless of how delicious said crackers might be. When I made my announcement to the world I did so with the promise to act again with thr group. No amount of cover up is going to prevent the Justice League from realizing that I am tied to these acts after that announcement. Now at the same time I have eluded their clutches for almost a decade now; so I speak from experience when I say I can keep them from finding our group. I believe given recent additions and revelations that I will have to do something special for at least one of you in that regard though. Once we get that out of the way we can carry on with cleaning up the streets.”]

[h3 [center After Time Skip]][b “Now just like last time I have hacked into their security systems and taken control of any communications within a certain radius of their home. That means we only have to deal with the actual guards, and my drones can redirect them if we want to go the easy route. However based on how the team handled that offer the last time I am going to guess we would rather judge them guilty for defending a piece of trash. I am happy to go with what the group says, although I do think Green Canary's vote should count the most in this instance given they are the one who chose this target. Does that sound reasonable to everyone?”]
  Molly / Tesla / 40d 8h 34m 4s
[#981f52 “Now that Atlan made up with Grim and gave his word not to breach our agreement, I guess we’re all on board. I’m curious what this group will turn into. So, I assume there’s a target lined up.”] Zonian Knight snapped at Canary, [#981f52 “By the way, who are you calling Xena?”]

[+green “The only warrior princess here.”]

[#981f52 “Okay, Paris Hilton.”]

[+green “Hey. Hey. Too close to secret identity.”]

[#981f52 “You started it.”]

[+green “You’re the one that looks like one. All you have to do is swap out outfits and add a chakram.”] Zonian Knight glared at her. [+green “I bet you can even yell like her. Ye Yeeeee yeeeee ayyee ayee ayeeee aye aye!”]

[#981f52 “All you need to do is swap colors and add a tote with a chihuahua in it.”]

Helena steps up. [+green “Want to say that again, Rambo? You’re such a giant that you look like a man.”]

Zonian Knight steps closer, [#981f52 “Too bad you can’t say that to my face instead of my chest.”]

[+green “How about I cut you down to say it to your face”]

[#981f52 “As if you could.”] Zonian Knight stood her ground for a moment, before realizing this wasn’t going anywhere. She then turned her back on her and waved a hand in the air for truce. [#981f52 “Let’s end it there and you’ll still get your crackers, Polly Pocket.”]

[+green “We’ll pick this up later.”]

[#981f52 “Sounds good to me.”] Zonian Knight walked over to Chaos. [#981f52 “So, who’s the next target? I think we could all release some tension right now.”]
Canary walked forward and gave Grim a fist pound. [+green “Good shit. I’m Canary, I can’t wait to see what you can do on the battlefield.”] She then turned to the rest of the group.

[+green “So what now? I’m good with this current group. Chaos, I know you clearly don’t like Atlan and he clearly doesn’t like you. However, there's no getting around that he won’t let Xena or I do this without him so even if you don’t want him in the group there really isn’t anything we can do to stop him from tagging along.”]

She then walked up to speak to her personally. [+green “Look, there is a lot that we don’t know about him. Xena over there seems to be the only one who knows anything about him but I doubt that she’ll just give up any information on him.”]

Canary sighed and got serious. [+green “As for the target comment, nobody is to touch him. I haven’t seen the extent of his power but I believe he hasn’t even shown one percent of his capabilities. I doubt his sister has either. Don’t take any hasty action. Besides, you won’t believe how hard to kill he is. If anyone would be hunting him, it will be me.”] She then walked back and said [+green “Well I for one completely support this group formation.”]
  Green Canary / Mikeymickeymike / 42d 20h 7m 33s

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