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Ikaru looked at yasmeen as he rolled his head over to her. His purple eyes shining a little. [+purple "Hiya...Im a new transfer student from another country...Im Ikaru..Im from germany but I grew up in japan so I know 3 languages."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 3d 10h 5m 0s
"I'm sorry I was framed for the murder of my parents and about one hundred other people in an explosion" Jackson shouted down at Yasmeen to answer her question.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 3d 11h 4m 4s
Yasmeen had shown up in cheetah form, changing back into human form as she caught her breath. [+brown "God... someone tell me wh-whatever it is with you boys and trouble."]
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 3d 11h 5m 50s
Jackson pushed Ikaru off of him. "Nice to meet you I guess" he sighed before climbing a nearby tree to scope out to see if any other shadows were coming.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 3d 11h 9m 33s
Ikaru stumbled around losing about 20 mana, he fell onto jackson and spoke quietly and shyly. [+purple " transfer student..."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 3d 11h 11m 39s
Jackson looked at the boy standing in front of him with a confused look on his face. "Who are you and why did you save me just barely" Jackson asked.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 3d 11h 25m 44s
Suddenly a feminine looking male jumped infront of Jackson and said a spell as a huge seal gate appeared under the shadows and completely sealed them. The male had short purple hair,eyes, and looked more feminine then masculine. He also had noticeable stitches around all his limbs. He also had pale skin and stood at 4 feet. [+purple "DARKNESS SEAL!"]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 3d 11h 27m 15s
The shadows ignored him and started running after Jackson. Jackson noticed this and realized he was going to die after being framed for the murder of his parents.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 3d 11h 33m 12s
Drakyto flipped them off before putting his hands together. [+blue "SCREW YOU YOU'RE NOT REAL BITCH DIE!"]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 3d 11h 37m 13s
The shadows fused together and towered at 30 feet tall towering over Drakyto and showing him his scariest dreams and memories from his past. They glared at him.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 3d 11h 39m 15s
Drakyto cracked his neck before pulling out a katana from nowhere. [+blue "Shut it, ill kill em myself."] There was a voice that yelled [+purple "Darkness begone!"]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 3d 11h 39m 54s
"No these shadows will fuse and if you haven't noticed, there are ten of them who can fuse into one, we need to run, now" Jackson said starting to run off.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 3d 11h 58m 54s
Drakyto's ears twitched as he appeared beside jackson, he grabbed his collar and pulled him away as flames appeared around them. [+blue "Fusion. now."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 3d 12h 2m 17s
Jackson was running back to campus when he was stopped by a group of shadow people. "We got you Jackson, now you will pay for your sins" one of the shadows growled. "Look that wasn't me I was framed" Jackson shouted getting backed into a tree then grabbed by his throat. "SOMEONE HELP" Jackson shouted as loud as he could.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 3d 16h 26m 36s
[#234876 “I’m not sure if I should be disgusted or love this”.] She approached the clone carefully, looking for any sign that it would still be alive.
  Sklee / 3d 16h 28m 28s

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