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(Hehe I made a succubus prince aka the person Shay guards =3 lookie in the thread description! hes so adorable plus hes....18 [b cough cough lewd] I think I like him the most.
  Drakyto Sakakiyo / NatakaStargazer / 23d 4h 46m 34s
"Crystal! Hey! Im taking Rosie clothes shopping and im paying cuz I have money for being a guard to a royal. He should be coming here next...week I think! Drakyto doesn't like him much cause...youll see when he gets here. >.>
  Drakyto Sakakiyo / NatakaStargazer / 23d 16h 34m 52s
Crystal reached them and had to stop a moment to catch her breath. “Hey, Shay, and., um, who are you”? She shrugged it off and smiled.

  Crystal / Sklee / 23d 22h 37m 46s
Yasmeen stared at the sign-up sheet, wondering if she should sign it or not. [+maroon [i I'm going to get eliminated so easily, so what's the point?]] Yasmeen skimmed through the sign-up sheet and saw Tanya and Drakyto on the sign-up list and sighed, [+maroon [i either one of them could destroy me easily.]] Yasmeen looked as if she had made up her mind, [+maroon [i that does it, I'm not going to do this.]]
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 23d 22h 43m 57s
“Fine, but I am not wearing anything that isn’t practical”, she said, looking around. Unfortunately, that would be harder then it looked. She returned her attention to Shay as Crystal ran up to them.
  Rosie / Sklee / 24d 1h 13m 56s
Shay was smarter than that to be tricked like that. She took her into the clothing shop and unchained her. With a huge smile and stars in her eyes she began looking for outfits.
  Drakyto Sakakiyo / NatakaStargazer / 24d 1h 18m 53s
“Ugh, only if you put me down”, she groaned, and desperately tried to think of a way out. She couldn’t run or Shay would catch her, and there were no excuses she could make. Looks like she was stuck like this for the long haul.
  Rosie / Sklee / 24d 3h 3m 39s
"I'll buy it! also I will carry you to the dang store Rosie, try me” She said with complete seriousness, before her kunai came from the ground below her and wrapped around her arms and legs tightly. Shay picked her up and carried their drinks with her right arm and carried her over her left shoulder.
  Drakyto Sakakiyo / NatakaStargazer / 24d 4h 42m 42s
“What, no, I like my uniform, and I don’t have money for anything else, she protested. Besides, you can’t make me”, she pointed out triumphantly.
  Rosie / Sklee / 24d 9h 46m 49s
Shay drunk some of her stuff before getting up to go to the clothing store with Rosie. ”Lets go and dont fight me, you and I are going shopping and you're gonna like it.”
  Drakyto Sakakiyo / NatakaStargazer / 24d 9h 48m 18s
“Yeah, I’m sorry, I’ve just never had it before, it tastes great”, she said. She smiled and looked down at her drink, which she had almost emptied already.
  Rosie / Sklee / 24d 9h 51m 23s
Shay couldn't help but to laugh when she randomly commented on the peanu butter smoothie. Shay laughed until she finally calmed herself down. "That was a weird thing to say.."
  Drakyto Sakakiyo / NatakaStargazer / 24d 9h 53m 45s
“So that’s what peanut butter tastes like, I like it”, Rosie exclaimed. She quickly realized how weird that sounded and stared at her drink, drinking it in silence.
  Rosie / Sklee / 24d 9h 59m 34s
As she was about to get up the waiter came over with their drinks, Shay snapped out of it and sat back down to drink her stuff. "Its so good” Shay pulled out her credit cards and paid for both of their drinks.
  Drakyto Sakakiyo / NatakaStargazer / 24d 10h 2m 5s
“Yeah, if it were a simple club you hang out in I would be fine, but not one like that, she said, what is it”? She followed her eyeline to the clothing shop and sighed.
  Rosie / Sklee / 24d 10h 7m 0s

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