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"Wait why didn't anyone tell me, one who did it, and two where does he or she live so I can murder them" Jackson sat up almost choking on a chip and snarling.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 6d 17h 14m 49s
Ikuru stared at jackson before smacking his forehead and looking at Tanya while gesturing to Jackson. [+red "Nah Broseph my little bro is totally hyped and not having flashblacks about the night he was raped then got each of his limbs cut off when he fought back while being raped righteously"]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 17h 16m 48s
"Hey Ikuru is he okay" Jackson asked before using a sticky hand to grab a big bag of dill pickle potato chips and a two liter bottle of mountain dew. He opened the snacks and enjoyed them.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 6d 17h 20m 15s
Drakyto rolled his eyes in a playing manner before responding jokingly. [+blue "Yea its totally about to happen in 5 we have 2 hours to be ready..."] He kissed her lips again loving the feeling, it was felt like a drug...a drug he needed badly.
Ikaru tried to stand but screamed before hiding behind Tanya, he was having flashbacks of what the murderer did to him. He hugged onto tanya's leg as he began to cry. [+purple "N-no more please...i wont fight back any more...please no more..."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 17h 21m 47s
[+maroon "No way to make Drakyto scared unless you threaten Yasmeen in some way, shape, or form. But that might just make him angry, but it could work."]

Yasmeen smiled, [+brown "god, I can't believe you right now. I should probably get dressed for it though, shouldn't I? Or is it not for a little while?"]
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 6d 17h 27m 30s
"I get it if you don't wanna do it I can do it with Ikuru" Jackson smiled returning to normal and flopping on his bed. He threw a bouncy ball at the right angle and it bounced around before turning on the AC.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 6d 17h 27m 46s
Ikaru froze up in fear and stayed still as a statue. He was truly afraid, he dropped the zombie blood and cried. Ikuru noticed this and laughed uncomfortably while comforting his little bro. [+red "My little broseph has trauma from the night he died..."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 17h 29m 49s
"Good now how does this look" Jackson said turning into the man from the picture but with added blood and rusty chains around his wrists. He snarled making his voice deep sounding like a real life serial killer.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 6d 17h 33m 6s
Ikaru smiled and pulled out zombie blood. [+purple "I was gonna use a prank similar to this for yasmeen and I..but I guess me and her will have to think of another one."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 17h 34m 35s
Drakyto smiled and kissed her back, he held her in his arms slightly lifting her off the ground. [+blue "Oh Im serious, and I got the perfect dresses for you. Ones that really go with your eye color and personality."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 17h 38m 55s
Tanya laughed from the corner, [+maroon "you really think either of those two would be afraid?"]

Yasmeen looked at the necklace and smiled until he said something about the expensive date, making her jaw drop. [+brown "Babe. Are you serious right now?!?"] Yasmeen smiled and kissed him, [+brown "I love you so much. You really didn't have to."]
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 6d 17h 52m 45s
"Y'all ready to read my plans for possibly the best prank ever" Jackson smiled evilly before showing them the plan. He planned to transform into some giant man wearing a paper bag and wielding a chainsaw hand. "So you are going to remove your heads and make them look dead as I hold them and make Felicia and Drakyto think they're next" Jackson chuckled evilly.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 6d 18h 4m 10s
Ikaru smiled and cracked his neck forgetting that he was a necro he cracked it too far and now his head was turned around wrong. [+purple "Could I get a little help please?"] Ikuru grabbed his head and snapped it back into place. [+red "I got chu my righteous lil broseph!"]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 18h 6m 47s
Jackson looked down at the several sheets of paper filled with planning, steps, and a diagram of what the epic prank that will get pulled on Drakyto and Felicia.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 6d 18h 9m 32s
Drakyto wiped his tears and laughed a little before helping her put it on. He just smiled, she was already drop dead beautiful to him and this just made her ratings break the scale completely. [+blue "So What if I told you I planned a expensive date for us? And I may or may not have bought you expensive dresses and shoes for the date."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 18h 10m 50s

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