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Drakyto playfully rolled his eyes and acted like he was thinking. [+blue "Dang my bad....I forgot that U,R,A,Q,T"] He said smiling while holding her close, loving the warm of her while being this close.
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 11h 20m 24s
[+brown "I guess so,"] Yasmeen said through a smile. [+brown "And how is that?"] She ignored the fact that he just said 20 instead of 26, thinking maybe he meant it or something.
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 6d 11h 26m 10s
[+blue "I've been trying to take his head off since the first day he was here! I'm sure if I wasn't making friends with him you weren't either."] He said shrugging before playing with a bit of her hair. [+blue "You remind me of the 20 letters in the alphabet."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 11h 31m 57s
Yasmeen nodded and sat down beside him. [+brown "Your cousin is really cool, to be honest. And I don't think I'm going to be making a friendship with Jackson anytime soon. Just doesn't seem like my type of friend."]
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 6d 11h 37m 17s
[+blue "No we still would be, it would've probably taken longer...cause I did have a crush on you not even through the first week of school."] Drakyto said honestly before looking at the time. [+blue "I can only stay for 30 minutes before we have to get ready for our date."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 11h 40m 54s
Yasmeen glanced over at the safe then back at him, [+brown "I have no clue why."] Yasmeen thought about something for a second, [+brown "wait, if you hadn't gotten chased by Rain, would we even be here together right now?"]
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 6d 11h 45m 55s
[+blue "You just smell like one big chocolate chip cookie"] He said chuckling a little. Drakyto smiled brightly at her, while doing a little purr.
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 12h 9m 17s
[+brown "You smell something?"] Yasmeen looked at Drakyto confusedly, completely forgetting about her safe full of cookies and the box she left under her bed.
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 6d 12h 11m 51s
Drakyto smirked and kissed her neck softly. He giggled and pulled away, he sat on her bed and realized...her room smells alot like chocolate chip cookies.
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 12h 19m 9s
Yasmeen laughed, [+brown "I don't know, depends."] Yasmeen smiled as she looked around until her phone buzzed once again. [+brown "Can't I just have some fun for 30 minutes?"] She picked up her phone and shut it off, not even taking the chance to look at the message. [+brown "I need a new phone number or something."]
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 6d 12h 24m 57s
Drakyto kept on kissing her, for about 15 minutes nonstop. He smirked and pulled away from her. [+blue "Hehe you think we could ever beat 15 minutes again?"]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 12h 56m 7s
Yasmeen smiled back, loving the feel of his ears. She kissed him as she pet his ears softly, making sure to avoid his sensitive spots without even looking.
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 6d 14h 33m 58s
Drakyto sighed and smiled. [+blue "Fine...just dont be too rough and dont rub my sensitive spot too me...ill begin to feel....weird you could say"] He leaned his head down to both kiss her lips for a while as she touched his ears.
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 6d 15h 2m 11s
Yasmeen kissed Drakyto back, not wanting the kiss to ever end. She pulled away and sighed, [+brown "I think we wouldn't have stopped if I hadn't done that."] Yasmeen smiled, [+brown "you have no idea how long I've been wanting to do that."] She looked at his ears, giving him a look as if to say, "may I?"
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 6d 15h 7m 15s
Tanya's eyes widened as she tried to help him but had her own flashbacks of her brother. She was used to it to the point that she was able to shrug it off. [+maroon "Ikaru, I promise you your safe now. I know exactly how you feel right now."] Tanya shivered after speaking, memories going through her mind as if on queue as she tried to ignore them the best she could.
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 6d 15h 9m 49s

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