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Jackson flew down and returned to his normal form before picking up the new student. "Hey I may have shadows coming for me but I'll help a friend in need" Jackson nodded before sprinting to his dorm while carrying Ikaru.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 8d 4h 23m 58s
Ikaru stared at the male before tiredly nodding and collapsing onto the ground. He was out like a light. He snored quietly while hugging his spell book to his chest. [+purple "Night.....night....I must...sleep now...."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 8d 4h 26m 8s
"Have you ever played a video game, using your magic eats away at what's called your Mana" Jackson explained, after all he had played almost every RPG game in existence.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 8d 5h 25m 23s
Ikaru whispered as holy spells was placed on jackson. To make him stronger against the shadows. Ikaru walked away feeling heavily sluggish. [+purple "God...I don't know so tired.."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 8d 5h 28m 36s
"Anytime I guess" Jackson said transforming into a hawk and flying up to the top of the tree to see if there were any other shadows coming for him and sure enough, there were fifty he made out at the entrance of the forest.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 8d 5h 35m 23s
Ikaru whispered the spell as his arms twisted back in normal spots, and they were good as new again. His body got up and Ikaru seemed like he was in less pain. He put his head back on his body and smiled. [+purple "Thank you Sir!"]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 8d 5h 46m 45s
Jackson flipped the page realizing his stupidity. "There, anything else you need me for" Jackson asked with a little bit of sass in his voice. He sat against the tree waiting for an answer.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 8d 15h 50m 34s
Ikaru's head looked at jackson like he was stupid. [+purple "Flip the page know no arms? I really need you to flip my page."] He said while sighing softly.
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 8d 15h 52m 35s
Jackson quickly handed Ikaru his spell book before hitting himself with a water balloon from his backpack in case he did something stupid so he could punish himself.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 8d 15h 56m 50s
Ikaru looked at his spell book and tried to grab it with his left. He had been in so much pain his body wont even stay focused with him. [+purple "I need my please"]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 8d 15h 58m 38s
Jackson looked at Ikaru's arm and felt horrible. "I'm so sorry is there anyway I can make it up to you Ikaru" Jackson asked panicking a little bit.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 8d 16h 4m 10s
Ikaru howled in pain as Jackson was standing on his now broken left arm. Slowly tears welled into his eyes. [+purple "O-oh my god that hurts so bad! I-is my arm ok!?"]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 8d 16h 5m 34s
Jackson was looking around when he fell off of the branch he was standing on and right on top of Ikaru. "Sorry about that, I'm a bit clumsy" Jackson said getting up.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 8d 16h 8m 23s
Ikaru looked at yasmeen as he rolled his head over to her. His purple eyes shining a little. [+purple "Hiya...Im a new transfer student from another country...Im Ikaru..Im from germany but I grew up in japan so I know 3 languages."]
  Felicia Wesker / NatakaStargazer / 8d 16h 11m 47s
"I'm sorry I was framed for the murder of my parents and about one hundred other people in an explosion" Jackson shouted down at Yasmeen to answer her question.
  Jackson Mainor / Character / 8d 17h 10m 51s

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