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Welcome to Morningstar Academy! The on campus academy with its very own dorms, teachers, courtyards, gardens, Track, and Cafeteria. This is a school for all those of supernatural capabilities, There is also different class types for the grade levels. Offensive,Support,Tank,and Defensive.
Participate in daily training's and class type fighting exams. There may also be tournaments!
Outside the campus enjoy beautiful woods, A cafe, The Gym, A gaming store, and Club!
What Im looking for is 6 people who can play as either a teacher[max is 4] Nurse, or Office secretary.
I will also need 20 people to play students, you may also use more than one oc![max is 4]
There may be romance but if goes +18 find somewhere else to finish that.
Pm me if you want in!
Please Use this Template:
First and Last Name:
Racial Ability:
Miscellaneous Ability(s):
Character's Characters
First and Last Name: Jackson Mainor
Age: 17
Height: 6'0
Weight: 135 lbs
Gender: male
Sexuality: bisexual
Species: Half-human
Class: Offense
Racial Ability: none
Abilities: Shapeshifting, fire control
Miscellaneous Ability(s): none
Appearance: blood red hair, orange eyes, pale skin
Likes: Pranks, Acting, video games, skateboarding
Dislikes: Jerks, government
Bio: Jackson was born into a family with his mom being human and his dad being a sorcerer, Jackson had half of his dads blood and therefore magic, he never knew until recently and used his abilities to pull huge pranks
[+cyan My Characters
First and Last Name: Felicia Wesker
Age: 16
Height: 5ft 4inches
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Dark Neko
Racial Ability: Shadow shift!: Felicia can go silent and shift into the shadow realm to attack her opponent, The shadow realm is an alternate realm of the location she is currently at the only changes is that she can move faster and is more deadly, she can attack you from her realm but opponents cant reach her from the shadow realm. So they will have to try their best to guess where she will attack next to counter her and knock her out the shadow realm.
Abilities: Ghost Butterfly-She can move faster than the eye can see and attack opponents. At times when she is trying to get close to her opponent she can shift and teleport right to her opponent.
Shadow claws: Her cat paws come form in place of her hands and feet. She may seem more cute and cuddly but her claws can pack a serious punch. It is believed that a single claw from her can send opponents 4 ft back.
Kitty dash: She will go into a ball like sonic type ball and literally spin dash at you, she can bounce her spin dash off of you and go for a devastating uppercut known as
Tiger Uppercut!:Felicias most devastating attack, a Darkness fire infused uppercut.
Miscellaneous Ability(s): Fire pounce!:She will pounce on her opponent and scratch them up as fire would burn them.
Her special attacks: Kitty Rush!:She will go into her spindash roll and if she hits her opponent she will get out of it and do a combo of kicks and punch claws before hitting them with a tiger uppercut.
Maximum Meower!: She will go full black and darkness will surround her allowing her to create dark orbs of fire and darkness and launch them at her opponent, she can also go fast as light travels. If she wants to end the battle quickly she will hit you with her Maximum Meower rush which allows her to shift in and out of reality rapidly while she attacks the opponent, She will launch herself at the opponent which will cause serious damage to them but they cannot hit her back.
Appearence: She has light brown skin with golden hair, her eyes are a beautiful shade of ruby, and she has little kitty fangs showing when ever she speaks. Her hair is long like long where it drops to her halfway of her back. Her neko tail and ears are also golden As well as her paws. She usually keeps her hands and feet normal like without the kitty paws until battle. She has more of a thick body in the thighs and upper body region. But she is fit everywhere else.
Likes:Butterflies,Petting,Snuggling,Hugging everyone, and food.
Dislikes:People being mean, Not being able to hug everyone, and Not getting sleep.
Bio: I win! I won! I wo---[b Sees butterfly as I was going around jumping in excitement of winning, gets on all fours and pounces towards the butterfly and catches it softly before smiling with my eyes closed and purring.]
First and Last Name: Yuya Muto
Age: 14
Height: 5 feet
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: ???
Class: Offense and Defense
Racial Ability: Summoning, Reality shifting.
Abilities: The power of Duel monsters!:He has a deck of cards completely in a random order that can summon monsters or affects such as stop the enemy from attacking for 3 of his turns...or stop the enemy from attacking ever or giving a monster attack or defense points. and another set of cards that can be summoned requiring materials from his normal deck of cards. Those cards are different monsters that usually can do stronger attacks and have devastating effects.
He also can use the art of Krav Maga which is the most dangerous form of martial arts to throw your ass out of a window. Also he can sing and rap while playing guitar,drums, or piano.
Miscellaneous Ability(s): The Dark of the Cards It is believed that when he cannot win different spirits can take over...depending on which special monster Yuya summoned before believing he cant win.
Appearence:Chocolate colored skin with crimson eyes, and dual-colored green and crimson hair of average length sticking out in downwards pointing spikes all around his head. With the exception of one long upwards pointing spike of green hair. He wears his good-luck charm pendant on a simple string around his neck, and a buckled choker, and a pair of golden goggles with orange lenses on his forehead, with a blue star obscuring the right lens. While awakened his eyes become an ominous red. His hair becomes frizzled and sticks up on end. When the darkness inside Yuya takes over he continuously emits a dark aura from his body.
Likes: Being nice and happy, dueling with a smile, and using his skills to make the world happy.
Dislikes:People bringing up his father.
Hanging out with friends and doing skill and challenging things. He also likes singing and doing parkour.
Bio: "I will use my power not to hurt someone or destroy the world, but to protect everybody's smiles!"
Backstory about his father: He idolized and loved his father very much and wishes to become an entertainer like him one day. After his father disappeared during an important match, Yuya was left heartbroken and traumatized by the event because his beloved father was labeled as a "coward". His mother stated that Yuya acts like a fool merely to beat people for insulting him about his father disappearing.

Name:Shay Sakakiyo
Height:5ft 10.5in
Species:Elite Kitsune
Racial Ability: Dark Illusions-Suddenly you arent where you thought you was, instead your head to head with your worst nightmare.
Rising Darkness:What you had thought been the battle, Shay doubles even Septuples her power,speed, and strength.
Abilities:Kunai Chains of destruction-2 kunai with chains shoot from her sleeves, they go right at the opponent and can change direction.
Darkness attack: A maximum of 16 minimum 1 shadows that looks like shay attack the opponent, using kicks and punches. Then to finish the job..she does her Photon beam of destruction.
Final burst!: She forgets not trying to kill you and multiplies her speed,strength,and abilities by 20.
Appearance: Long black flowing hair, purple eyes, and pale skin.
She has a thin fit body, and the guts to show it. She also has the left tip of her fox ear missing, and a large X scar on her right cheek.
She wears dark clothing, a tight leather vest with a white sweater underneath, dark fingerless gloves, tight black jeans and leather boots.
Likes:Friends,being protective, Training.Fighting,Anything sweet.
Hates:Everyone trying to protect her, admitting she needs help. Being asked perverted questions.
Bio:"This is my Elite Pride, And You will fall!”

First and Last Name: Rain Danamura
Age: 18
Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 110lbs
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Species: Succubus prince
Class: Offense
Racial Ability: Can get stronger from blood,life force, cough cough Semen, and Dark energy. He can fly or transform into bats.
Abilities:Can Seduce anyone with something lewd, Illusions, Blood magic.
Miscellaneous Ability(s): He can freeze time when he counters an attack, He uses blades which can summon wind to cause some havoc they can also be used with his blood magic to make them come from the ground, transform into one huge blade and a scythe.
Appearance: With short purple hair and red eyes, he is pretty short. He has a little fang that sticks out his mouth when he isn't talking, it's adorable! When he does open his mouth you can notice he does have his 2 top fangs. He has more a feminine touch to his body. He also stays in his succubus clothing more than he wears normal clothes. He has black marks on his cheeks that look like small hearts, wings on his back, and his signature succubus tail.
Likes: Getting what he wants, Being pampered, Cuddles, His food, Teasing or Seducing.
Dislikes: Not getting what he wants, Not having his energy to feed on, Being Cranky.
Bio: My guard Shay is amazing, shes pretty cool but she wont let me help her with anything.

First and Last Name: Drakyto Sakakiyo
Age: 15
Height: 6ft 7in
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan
Species: Kitsune Experiment
Class: Offensive
Racial Ability: Oblisk's revenge: He uncovers his right eye and it flashes red, suddenly you arent on the battlefield no more, you are in darkness and the only light seems to be a red glow casting over you. In order to break out you must either be knocked out by him or you focus on where you are really at.
Rising Darkness:What you had thought been the battle, Unlike his sister he can multiply his power,speed, and strength by 1 to 20.
Abilities:Darkness attack: A maximum of 20 minimum 4 shadows that looks like Drakyto attack the opponent, using kicks and punches. Then to finish it
Final burst!: He pushes his limits and multiplies his speed,strength,and abilities by 40.
Miscellaneous Ability(s): His transformations can help him do elemental damage, Red=fire, Yellow=Lightning, Green=Poison, Blue=Water, White=Holy, Black=Darkness, Rainbow=???UNdefined! Danger Danger!
Appearence: Dark skin, Green eyes, Short spiky hair that is half green going up and half red going down. He is a more of a skinny but fit male, he wears the coat of his master like a cape before he was killed. The coat is all white with the cuffs being red and yellow, The inside of the coat is seen as red. He wears a weighted uniform. He covers his mouth with a white mask and wears a white eye patch on his right eye The rest down is a white vest with the same red and yellow streaks on the sides.(1000kilo) Underneath the vest is a tight white long sleeved shirt. His pants are tight but are all white, the boots the same but with red symbols on the foot of them.(900kilo)
Dislikes: People asking about his past, People asking about his mask and eyepatch, People trying to touch his tail or ears without his permission.
Likes:Friends, Everyone who is nice to him, Mint Cherry boba tea, and being pet, Fighting in tournaments.
Bio: Drakyto was adopted from the young age of 1 after his mother had died from giving him birth, soon he was adopted into what seemed like a normal family was a secret business that experimented on kids and tortured them to make them stronger for their bidding. He gained his abilities and used them to eliminate those who made him suffer. After searching for a place to call his own he found a man who believed he had amazing potential, he trained under him and had a father son connection. Until one day he was taken from him by a gang of people stronger than him, that was until he snapped and reached the realm of the demi gods power. He murdered them and took his successors cape and promised to avenge him and be the best he could reach.]

[+lime Sklee's Characters

First and Last Name:Crystal, Setlin
Racial Ability:Transformation
when they are angry enough into a horse
Abilities:Water manipulation, seahorse spy
Miscellaneous Ability(s):swimming, and making drinks
Appearance: Dark teal skin, dark green seaweed hair, yellow glowing eyes
Likes:Being alone, reading, swimming, her seahorse pet
Dislikes: People, hiding, and cowardice
Bio: A girl who was captured by a kelpie, and unlike all the story’s, found the kelpies dive does not grantee death. They hid from normal people for years before finding out about the academy, and they can’t really talk to people because of this, so their seahorse has to translate, so that just doesn’t work.

First and Last Name:Rosie, Frank
Age: 16
Height:five feet, six inches
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Bird
Racial Ability:Multiplying her abilities
Abilities:Martial arts, and mimicry
Miscellaneous Ability(s): Acting and singing
Appearence: A short girl with light blue hair and dark skin, who is always wearing an amber earring in her right ear.
Likes: Attention, fair play, animals, and musicals
Dislikes: Bullying, quiet, bugs, and fear.
Bio: A sweet girl who was experimented on by accident, and ended up with an unnatural gift for mimicry, being able to copy almost any move or technique effortlessly. She grew up in a house of fighters, and she learned fighting styles incredibly quickly. She also grew up with an affinity for animals, because they treated her fairly. She decided to gain her singing ability naturally, and it is the thing she is most proud of to this day. She is afraid that fear might immobilize her, like it has before, and she goes out of her way to stop or avoid things that bug her. She is overprotective of her friends, and will do anything to protect each and every one of them.

First and Last Name: George Canon (nurse)
Age: 32
Height: 5'9
Weight: 162 lb
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Species: angel
Class: nurse
Racial Ability: flying
Abilities: healing, light manipulation
Miscellaneous Abilities: gives off light in dark, reads people like a book.
Appearance: Usually wears his normal clothes, a shirt with some color or design along with jeans and some normal sneakers. He has blond hair with blue eyes and a white skin tone.
Likes: Steak, nature, watching criminal documentaries
Dislikes: Liars, losing anyone he loves, being late, traffic
Bio: George married at a very young age, 23 years old. When George turned 27, his wife got fell ill, causing her death when he was 28. George got a new job at a school to start his life over, this would be his first time doing anything since his wife died. George doesn't plan to move on
anytime soon, but he hopes to.

First and Last Name:Mark, Coratani
Racial Ability:Illusions
Abilities: Blacksmithing, Hand-to-hand combat, Weapons
Miscellaneous Ability(s):Great chef, and voice manipulation.
Appearence: White hair, orange skin, and brown eyes, tends to look intimidating.
Likes:Baking, teaching, and crafting elaborate illusions.
Dislikes:Noise, dogs, and Mondays
Bio:A nice teacher who just wants to help teach self-defense techniques. He loves most of his students, and will go out of his way to make sure they feel comfortable. He didn’t have a great childhood, but he wants to make sure everyone at the school has what he never had.]

[+red Cookies Characters

First and Last Name: Tanya Dragomir
Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Weight: 148 lb
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Species: vampire
Class: Defensive
Racial Ability: Compelling people into doing whatever she wants by staring into their eyes.
Abilities: she can feed off of humans, regeneration
Miscellaneous Abilities: vampire speed and strength, enhanced senses
Appearance: Brown eyes and hair along with tan skin. Usually wears a short sleeved shirt with a jacket and leggings or jeans. Her jacket covers up bite marks where her brother fed off of her. She wears a necklace that allows her to walk in daylight without getting hurt. Tanya is pretty short for her age which is why everyone thinks she is a easy target and weak, but she is actually strong.
Likes: People she can trust, Carolina Jessamines, friends, books, drawing,
Dislikes: People that break her trust, fire, wooden objects, silver bullets
Bio: Tanya was abandoned at the age of 6 and sent to an orphanage where she was adopted by a family of vampires who raised her and took care of her except for her brother, who used her as a blood bag. One day, she decided she wanted to turn and was a vampire thanks to her adoptive sister.

First and Last Name: Yasmeen Farrow
Age: 15
Height: 5'6
Weight: 124 lb
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Species: shape shifter
Class: Offense
Racial Ability: none
Abilities: shape sifts into anything she sees or wants
Miscellaneous Abilities: acting, enhanced sight
Appearance: Yasmeen has brown eyes along with brown hair and a white skin tone . Usually wears a maroon hoodie with leggings or jeans along with either sneakers or heels.
Likes: Family and friends, human form, salads, bird form
Dislikes: brats, liars, overreacting people, drama queens
Bio: Yasmeen was sent to this school after spiking up some trouble at her last one.]


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Roleplay Responses

“You lift?” Ritaka said pulling off his gi’s boots to drop a bunch of 10 ton weights. He did a backflip and dropper 100 weights each. “These weights always hold me back
  NatakaStargazer / 11h 56m 37s
[+darkorange "I'll say. Training equipment is way more boring than some actual action that apparently goes on around here."] Kyra had been leaning against the wall with an earbud in her ear.
  Kyra Allen / cookiecookie524 / 17h 55m 25s
“Alright....” Yuya said tiredly and semi annoyed.
Ritaka had been training in the gym now slightly bored of the weights and treadmill. “Ugh..boring”
  NatakaStargazer / 1d 16h 10m 13s
[+darkblue "Well then you might want to get some rest. That might help your leg, and if it's still hurting in the morning, we can bring you to the nurse since I don't think we can go there this late."]
  Hassan Callum / cookiecookie524 / 1d 20h 48m 0s
Yuya shook his head no quickly not wanting to move to prevent himself from getting more hurt. He whimpered and was really hurt in his leg he felt like amputation would be a better risk than this.
  NatakaStargazer / 7d 4h 4m 4s
[+darkblue "I can help you get to your place if you want, unless you want to stay here. You can even have my bed if you want."] Hassan had finished the last bit of his water before getting up to place his glass in tne sink.
  Hassan Callum / cookiecookie524 / 7d 14h 40m 37s
Yuya pulled off his pants and held the ice over his leg. His shirt was kinda big for his size. It covered his upper thighs and hips, he winced in pain.
  NatakaStargazer / 9d 15h 21m 9s
[+darkblue "Hopefully it's not broken or anything, but I don't think it would be. I just got my cast off a few months ago, and I was not able to do much of anything with it on."] Hassan walked towards the freezer and grabbed a pack of ice, bringing it to Yuya.
  Hassan Callum / cookiecookie524 / 9d 15h 32m 25s
Yuya nodded and began to sigh, he looked away as he sat back down and felt sad. " Ugh....this is absolutely irritating. I hate being like this"
  NatakaStargazer / 9d 15h 43m 22s
[+darkblue "That sound very cool, but I bet I wouldn't want to go against one of them,"] Hassan looked at the water and took a sip. Hassan rushed over to help Yuya, [+darkblue "I'm sorry, but I don't think I have anything that could help you with your leg, but I can get you some ice for it if you want."]
  Hassan Callum / cookiecookie524 / 9d 15h 49m 17s
" cards, I come from a world where we battle using monsters called duel monsters." Yuya said while drinking the water a bit. He yawned and sat up before stumbling. "I-I legs hurt."
  NatakaStargazer / 9d 16h 9m 31s
Hassan nodded, [+darkblue "anytime mate."] He was on his feet, grabbing a water for the both of them. He handed it to him and looked at him confused. [+darkblue "Cards? Like game cards?"]
  Hassan Callum / cookiecookie524 / 9d 17h 12m 44s
"T-Thank you Hassan.I had no idea you saved my life. And thank's for taking me to a safe place" Yuya said happily smiling, he did a thumbs up and checked his duel disk. " Phew...all my cards are here"
  NatakaStargazer / 9d 18h 20m 39s
[+darkblue "My apologies, I'm Hassan Callum, and this is my dorm. Some man had attacked you earlier and knocked you out, so I chased him down and took you from him and brought you here."] Hassan looked at Yuya and nodded towards his bike. [+darkblue "Your free to leave whenever, I just brought you here because I had no clue where you were headed to or anything."]
  Hassan Callum / cookiecookie524 / 9d 20h 3m 42s
Yuya yelped and his head shot towards Hassan. "AH! Who are you?!?" He said while looking around. " w-wait a sec....where am I" He asked while calming down a bit.
  NatakaStargazer / 9d 20h 8m 0s

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