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[center [pic]]
[center The small town of Moonbrook is to many a cute little town in the country side of England. To the public eye it was a cute little weekend retreat type of town where the older folk go to live or younger ones are raised. A town where everyone knows everyone, a single gas station, a few mom and pop shops, a public library, etc. To those who live here its so much more. Its a haven for their kind, many call them freaks others call them supernatural they are also called shifters, but to their own kind they are Pride, Feline like beings who shift between a human form and a larger wild cat, tigers, lions, panthers etc.]

[Center While Moonbrook is a peaceful place for the prides they still fight among each other, like all things territories, power, trades. In Moonbrook there are four major Prides. The Silver Sun, The Crimson Moon, The Black star, and The Golden Sea. Each one of these major prides is known distinctively by their smell and their brand found upon every member of their prides. Each was well known as well for the business they run. The silver Sun runs a major vineyard and distillery, they are believed to be a major player in crown royal and jim beam brands. The Crimson Moons run a major architecture and design business. They are believed to be the company behind the remaking of the whitehouse and other well known buildings. The Black star runs a major arms manufacture and guns. They have equipped the army with much better weaponry and artillery. The Golden Sea runs a business major of sea trades and ship building. They are rumored to have like the Black stars equipped the Navy of the world with better equipment and mass produce ships.]

[Center The pride leaders are all gathering for one final party of the year before school starts for the young ones and winter begins. At this party many major players from the four prides appear and even the "rogues" that run around each groups lands. Death however has come to the Prides, each of them has lost a very important figure within their prides and each one looks to the others for blame.]

[center [pic]]
[Center [B Details]]
Those of the Pride don't unlock their Felines until they turn the age of eighteen and upon their eighteen birthday its held a formal party for the pride. The entire Pride attends unless its the child of King/ Sola or the Lead hunter/huntress in which case the pride can choose to invite the others.
[Center [b Ranks of the Prides]]
[b King] - This rank is the Leader of the Prides, Title held by a male member and passed down by birth or by decision of Elders or previous King. He can accept or kick out members at his own, Makes all decisions to deal with the pride as a whole.
[b Sola] - This rank is the head of the Pride's home affairs, Title held by female, is usually the Mate to the King, or a female relative of his, or a female elder. She deals with all home affairs including meal plans, schooling plans for the young, and dealing with all daily affairs.
[b Lead hunter/huntress] This rank is held by both male and female pair. They are the second in command under the King and Sola. They lead the hunters and huntresses and are a major player when it comes to battle and are considered very hard to over come. Usually older then the others they have the experience to back up their position.
[b Hunter/Huntress] This rank is held by male and females alike. Trained from a young age in the ways of warrior and fighting skills. They protect their Pride and the lands to go with it. They also travel with the King on diplomatic matters as guards. They however aren't sent into actual battle until their Pride feels they are ready for one.
[b Cub sitters] - This rank is held by females. They are usually nursing or pregnant members of the Pride themselves. They tend to be the teachers, caretakers, house keepers, Nannies, etc.
[b Pride members] - This rank is held by male and females both. Pride members are those who do not fall under any of the classes specifically, but are still within the pride itself. Those of this rank can still be called to fight if necessary, but aren't trained as well as the hunters and huntresses.
[b Trainees/ cubs] - This rank is held by male or female members. Trainees and cubs are those to young to be considered adults, they go to school for one of three ways, To be hunter and huntress, Cub sitters, or the leaderships.
[b Elders] - This rank is held by both males and females who are to old to fight anymore. They are highly respected members of the Pride and can even put their opinions in on matters of house and of the Pride itself and have it actually weigh in.

[center [b Rules and Regulations]]
[center 1. No God moding...This is obvious no one likes it, blah blah blah]
[center 2. Please be courteous to other rpers. Swearing cussing and such are just fine, however drama between people will not.]
[center 3. Photos are to be artish, if necessary I can help you look for them]
[center 4. Fill out skeleton and Send it [ Here] With the Name of the Rp at the top.]

[center [b Skeleton]]
Puppetmaster: Who are you?
Name: Last, first
Nickname: what do others call you
Age: How old are you?
Pride: what Pride are you from?
Rank: what rank do you hold in the Pride?
Feline: What feline are you? Lion, panther, tiger, etc
Human Photo: What do you look like in your human form?
Feline Photo: What do you look like in your Cat form?]

[h3 [center The Silver Suns]]

[h3 [center The Crimson Moons]]
[center [pic]
Name: Duke, Jae
Nickname: Snowy
Age: 23
Pride: Crimpson Moons
Rank: Huntress
Feline: Snow Leopard]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Strife, Cloud
Nickname: Doesn't have one
Age: 21
Pride: Crimson Moon
Rank: King
Feline: Lion]]
[B Elder Reserved --- Eleet]

[h3 [center The Black stars]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Blind, Calaes
Nickname: The Gold Sun
Age: Twenty - six (26)
Pride: The Black Star
Rank: King's mate
Feline: Panther]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Chaxion, Jai
Nickname: Jinx
Age: 19
Pride: Black Star
Rank: Pride Member
Feline: Black Lynx]]

[h3 [center The Golden Sea]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Skana, Alina
Nickname: Punk Cat
Age: 28
Pride: The Golden Sea
Rank: Huntress
Feline: Lynx]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Bone, Cedar
Nickname: Acorn
Age: 17
Pride: Golden sea
Rank: Huntress
Feline: Lynx]]

[h3 Posting order]
Calaes Blind
Cloud Strife
Jae Duke
Jai Chaxion
Alina Skana
Cedar Bone


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[Varela+Round [size12 Much irritation.

It felt like his ear was being talked off. Yup, he knew he'd regret coming here. His gut feeling told him to stay out and away from here. He blew smoke into the male's face. God, this was very annoying. He shouldn't care really, since his parents forced him here. He did not give anyone the time of day, not here to make friends or even interested. With a dull look in his eyes, he cut his meal short and climbed up the stairs. He flicked the cigarette butt on the stairs, walking further away from all the commotion, finding somewhere to sleep.. or at least take a nap.
  {★} / Seki / 17h 15m 28s
[center [pic]]
[center Jae stood next to Cloud now and listened to Calaes. She whispered to her king. [+magenta “I don’t think they are hiding anything. There are lots of strong people in this group and it wouldn’t be good to just attack us all. Plus, he looks just as anxious and worried as the rest of us. Don’t worry, Cloud.”] Jae looked around at the others and noticed some others were twitting anxiously and some were confidently looking to fight Gabriel.]
[center Jae nervously raised her hand to get Calaes’s attention and spoke up. [+magenta “Um. Do you think that all four prides will be able to fit in the castle? There are a lot of us combined and I am just not sure if there is enough living spaces..”] Jae put her hand back down and waited anxiously. Was speaking up wrong since she was new? What if they didn’t like what she had just said? She had only been to the castle a couple of times and it was large but was it large enough?]
  Jae Duke / TessaFox / 1d 18h 48m 27s
"I tend to agree unless the Black Stars pride is hiding something sinister that they want to share with the rest of the prides." Cloud said. He wasn't one who would go down easily with his sharpened perception.
Calaes had only barely gathered up the kings and their Sola's when whispers began to keep going. Why would they have them go into the Pride's home? More over if this was war could the Black stars be declaring war themselves by killing the king's of the other prides? Of course no one knew that Calaes was the mate to the Black Star's King or well were not suppose to know until the end of the night.

Their king had just turned the age of eighteen, the ripe age of when one could first change into their cat. It was on this birthday they would find their "mate" the word was interesting as it was. The young king was made such upon his birthday yesterday and had yet to face any major crisis and seeing his sister dead would affect him the rest of his life. It would be it seemed up to Calaes to help the pride's Sola to run the Pride itself, but who could Calaes trust enough to place as the Sola?

Taking his mind away from it he turned to the kings after getting to the main floor's war room. [b "It is known fact. Gabriel and his pride are the enemy to us all. Gabriel has been a member of all of the prides present and has done a major crime to be removed from all of them. I propose one thing and one thing among all of us. Peace for the time being until Gabriel and his pride are completely wiped out from the living world. We can not allow a single one of them to escape and return again with an even bigger pride."] Placing out a map of the town on the table. [b "The pride's have split Moonbrook into four and have kept the peace sense its founding. Now that it is threatened we need to stand together more then ever and not have in fighting. I propose that we move all the Prides to the Castle in the middle of the town. The meeting place for all the pride's annual meetings. At least until we can have this problem eradicated."]
  Calaes Blind / Colorful_insanity / 18d 2h 34m 0s
[#k1774n "Not really. The Grand Huntress has been teaching me a lot. Now shush. We need to make sure nothing fishy is going on. After the whole "at war" thing, we need to make sure no one tries anything. And please stop jogging. It's much too loud".] She walked next to her, keeping up the pace and staying as quiet as possible. She knew it was unlikely anything bad would happen, but you can never tell with war. After all, war is uncertain. If it was certain, it would be one single battle, not a war.
  Sklee / 29d 10h 3m 29s

Only after starting to jog and finding her king did Alina realize her mistake. Both she and Cedar were in the same pride of [i Golden Sea], not in separates ones as it had been many years ago. Seeing family after so many years must have brought up some memories and temporarily realigned her brain.

Out of the two, Alina though Cedar performed the smarter move. The best way in grabbing attention was the public announcement system. Alina stopped as she scanned the crowd while Cedar’s voice rang throughout the hall. Some heads reacted towards the suggestion, or order, and began congregating away from the main crowd.

With the Golden Seas in one area it made for an easy walking towards them. She arrived to her king and a few others discussing in harsh whispers. While the king acknowledged her presence, he didn’t her getting closer. Alina bowed politely in response and walked a few steps away.

Once Caleas rounded up all the pride kings to discuss war strategies Alina followed this impromptu group. Noticing Cedar, Alina jogged up besides here. [#9900ff Definitely a good thinking you did, I wouldn’t have thought of that”], keeping her voice a whisper and directed only at Cedar.
  Alina Skana / NorthernWolves / 29d 12h 19m 43s
[Varela+Round [size12 Jai glanced down at his watch. An hour or so has passed, he should make his presence known, he guessed. A loud sigh fell from his lips, lighting another cigarette and placed it between his lips. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he exited the shop and waved bye towards the elderly couple. They ended up closing shop since most places were closed up. Tch. Doesn't understand why the whole city needs closing for some stupid party. So fucking dramatic. He clicked his tongue in annoyance, taking a long drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke into the air. He dragged his feet along the concrete, sighing once more. He finally stepped within a few feet of the pride home. No one stood outside talking amongst themselves. Strange. This place should be crowded with people, despite the various cars here.

He wore casual attire, unaware if it was a formal party or not. Shrugging, he walked up the stairs and opened the door, stepping inside. Many other pride members had concerning expressions on their faces, some were scared shitless. Raising a brow, he took another drag from his cigarette and exhaled the smoke from his nose. [i Why does this feel more like a funeral than a party?] A passive expression remained on his face, not knowing a thing.

[b [#006520 "Did someone die?"]]

Jai gazed at various faces, none that looked familiar. A pride member approached Jai, but he turned away and shuffled towards the buffet table. Something happened, but he must've missed it. Oh well. He'll eat then go up to his room.
  {★} / Seki / 37d 4h 40m 0s
[center [pic]]
[center Jae listened to Calaes and walked closely behind Cloud. She could see that he was getting anxious about this whole ordeal. She had to admit that she was too. Jae calmly put her hand on his shoulder. [+magenta “Cloud, it will be alright. He most likely isn’t leading us into a trap. He wouldn’t want to harm his mate after all.”] Jae was trying to use logic in this situation and she didn’t see any logical reason why there would be a trap.]
[center Jae looked around at the walls of the pride house to the Black Stars. They were very intricate and detailed. Why were they going deport into the house to talk though? Shouldn’t they need to stay near their prides and protect them? But maybe they were going out of earshot so that no one overheard them and more panic wasn’t caused. That is the only explanation she could come up with. She snapped out of her deep thoughts and noticed that she was at the back of the group.]
[center Jae quickened her pace with the group. It felt awkward to walk with the Kings and their Sola’s. She had never really been included in a group of such powerful people. She took a deep breath as her anxiety was growing from the intimidating people who walked in front of her. She would have to get used to it. She was one of them now. The mate to a King and the Sola to her pride.]
  Jae Duke / TessaFox / 40d 20h 58m 30s
Cedar quickly handed over the microphone, and receded into the crowd. She had done what she had been trained to do. She took command and resolved a situation. At least the Grand Huntress would be proud. She let out a sigh, and took a look around. Calaes was gathering up all of the kings, and she found herself wary of him. She tried to shake it off, but most of her training wouldn't let her. She decided to follow behind them quietly, although it was harder then it would be if she just had her cat form yet.
  Sklee / 42d 23h 59m 48s
Cloud followed Calaes however he was careful and aware of his surroundings. "I feel like you're leading me into a trap." He hissed at Calaes before he saw something eeriee.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 44d 7h 54m 34s
a low growl had escaped Calaes's mouth as his mate had told him that he had found her body in their nephew's bedroom. His eyes turned a bright gold yellow as his cat side wanted to take control and chased down Gabriel and kill him. Of course Calaes had not allowed his cat to do so, but instead his anger came off of him in waves. He called all the warriors from the Black stars, even gathered up the Pride members themselves. [#b2840a "We are going to send out a search party. I want to know where it is these rogues came from and how it is we have not seen them beforehand."]

Looking to the other prides Calaes just watched as Cloud seemed to grow protective over Jae Duke, he must have claimed her as his chosen mate and would act accordingly. Gathering the kings from the other prides Calaes joined up to Cloud, [#b2840a "We have matters to discuss King Cloud."] Looking towards Jae [#b2840a "No offense Ma'am Duke. It is private matters. The Prides are at war and we must coordinate a counter."]

Not waiting for an answer Calaes walked towards the pride house. Those few who followed went with.
  Calaes Blind / Colorful_insanity / 44d 13h 34m 36s
[center [pic]]
[center Jae jumped when she heard Cloud come up from behind her. She had snuck off to the edge of the group that consisted of her pride. Jae had been planning to sneak off and investigate on her own. She should have known that since she was the King’s mate now that she wouldn’t be able to go anywhere alone. She turned around to face Cloud and try not to give away the intentions of what she was planning. [+magenta “I am here. Don’t worry. I am not missing. You should double check the Elders just in case though, my King. Er... Umm... Cloud.”]]
[center Jae tapped her foot anxiously. All she had to do was sneak away while no one was looking. It had been easy as pie when she was just your everyday Huntress. And Cloud was still young for a King so it didn’t seem like he had set up guards or any protectors to watch her. Now just to keep up the innocent act while Cloud was here so she could slip away.]
[center Maybe what she needed was an excuse to slip away. That would certainly make it a lot easier. And if anyone saw her she could just claim that she had gotten lost. [+magenta “Do you need anything? Maybe I could run an attend for you real quick. Do you need anything to drink? Or I can run and tell the King to the Black Stars that we have everyone.”]]
  Jae Duke / TessaFox / 61d 6h 43m 39s
"Is everyone alright over here? I have gotten word that somebody from the Black Stars pride got taken so I came over here." Cloud told the members of his pride. He was worried about then and stopped walking when he reached Jae.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 61d 7h 32m 45s
Calaes watched as Gabriel went into the forest. Out of all the things to go wrong he had to show back up. He was declaring war and to know he had his own Pride that would stay and even take over Moonbrook. As he returned his attention to the guests who whispers and such started coming around and even the guests started to panic.

Raising his hands Calaes looked to Cedar and held his hand out for the microphone. As he got a microphone, if it had come form Cedar or another person he didn't know, but it didn't matter at the moment. [#b2840a "Please Calm down folks. This is nothing new to Moonbrook we have had war declared upon the prides before. If you do not mind Folks Group up based on the prides you are in. Head count yourselves, check in. Whatever you want to call it, however just find out who it is that Gabriel has taken from us."]

It was then the screaming came from the house as the King of the Black stars came out of the house covered in blood, In his arms he carried the Luna to the Pride his twin sister. Screams escaped from the King of the pride and Calaes's mate as the entire Black star pride started screaming into the air. It was only then did Calaes remember. [#b2840a "Jacob where is Max?"] Looking around for a moment Jacob spoke into his sleeve, Of course it was a communication between the guards and they would search for the Child. [b "He is missing. His room is a mess like a fight broke out in his room. There is also blood in the room."]

Calaes eyed his mate and the body. [#b2840a "Baby, where did you find your sister at?"] Tears burned his eyes as the king looked up at Calaes. stuttering he answered. [b "I...I found her in Max's...In Max's room."] Then it clicked Gabriel had taken Max.
  Calaes Blind / Colorful_insanity / 61d 7h 36m 30s
She nodded, and ran inside, towards her pack, making sure everyone was there. No one seemed missing, but you didn't always remember everything. It was times like this where she wished she had her cat form, but there were still a few months to go until then. She decided that it was better to make herself known, that way at least she would know if anyone had disappeared. She ran for the mic, and grabbed it quickly. [#k1774n "Everyone in the Golden Sun, group together, and if anyone is missing, say so"!] She smiled, before listening for anyone who might be missing. She had trained for this after all, she wasn't botching it up.
  Sklee / 65d 2h 51m 10s

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