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[center [pic]]
[center The small town of Moonbrook is to many a cute little town in the country side of England. To the public eye it was a cute little weekend retreat type of town where the older folk go to live or younger ones are raised. A town where everyone knows everyone, a single gas station, a few mom and pop shops, a public library, etc. To those who live here its so much more. Its a haven for their kind, many call them freaks others call them supernatural they are also called shifters, but to their own kind they are Pride, Feline like beings who shift between a human form and a larger wild cat, tigers, lions, panthers etc.]

[Center While Moonbrook is a peaceful place for the prides they still fight among each other, like all things territories, power, trades. In Moonbrook there are four major Prides. The Silver Sun, The Crimson Moon, The Black star, and The Golden Sea. Each one of these major prides is known distinctively by their smell and their brand found upon every member of their prides. Each was well known as well for the business they run. The silver Sun runs a major vineyard and distillery, they are believed to be a major player in crown royal and jim beam brands. The Crimson Moons run a major architecture and design business. They are believed to be the company behind the remaking of the whitehouse and other well known buildings. The Black star runs a major arms manufacture and guns. They have equipped the army with much better weaponry and artillery. The Golden Sea runs a business major of sea trades and ship building. They are rumored to have like the Black stars equipped the Navy of the world with better equipment and mass produce ships.]

[Center The pride leaders are all gathering for one final party of the year before school starts for the young ones and winter begins. At this party many major players from the four prides appear and even the "rogues" that run around each groups lands. Death however has come to the Prides, each of them has lost a very important figure within their prides and each one looks to the others for blame.]

[center [pic]]
[Center [B Details]]
Those of the Pride don't unlock their Felines until they turn the age of eighteen and upon their eighteen birthday its held a formal party for the pride. The entire Pride attends unless its the child of King/ Sola or the Lead hunter/huntress in which case the pride can choose to invite the others.
[Center [b Ranks of the Prides]]
[b King] - This rank is the Leader of the Prides, Title held by a male member and passed down by birth or by decision of Elders or previous King. He can accept or kick out members at his own, Makes all decisions to deal with the pride as a whole.
[b Sola] - This rank is the head of the Pride's home affairs, Title held by female, is usually the Mate to the King, or a female relative of his, or a female elder. She deals with all home affairs including meal plans, schooling plans for the young, and dealing with all daily affairs.
[b Lead hunter/huntress] This rank is held by both male and female pair. They are the second in command under the King and Sola. They lead the hunters and huntresses and are a major player when it comes to battle and are considered very hard to over come. Usually older then the others they have the experience to back up their position.
[b Hunter/Huntress] This rank is held by male and females alike. Trained from a young age in the ways of warrior and fighting skills. They protect their Pride and the lands to go with it. They also travel with the King on diplomatic matters as guards. They however aren't sent into actual battle until their Pride feels they are ready for one.
[b Cub sitters] - This rank is held by females. They are usually nursing or pregnant members of the Pride themselves. They tend to be the teachers, caretakers, house keepers, Nannies, etc.
[b Pride members] - This rank is held by male and females both. Pride members are those who do not fall under any of the classes specifically, but are still within the pride itself. Those of this rank can still be called to fight if necessary, but aren't trained as well as the hunters and huntresses.
[b Trainees/ cubs] - This rank is held by male or female members. Trainees and cubs are those to young to be considered adults, they go to school for one of three ways, To be hunter and huntress, Cub sitters, or the leaderships.
[b Elders] - This rank is held by both males and females who are to old to fight anymore. They are highly respected members of the Pride and can even put their opinions in on matters of house and of the Pride itself and have it actually weigh in.

[center [b Rules and Regulations]]
[center 1. No God moding...This is obvious no one likes it, blah blah blah]
[center 2. Please be courteous to other rpers. Swearing cussing and such are just fine, however drama between people will not.]
[center 3. Photos are to be artish, if necessary I can help you look for them]
[center 4. Fill out skeleton and Send it [ Here] With the Name of the Rp at the top.]

[center [b Skeleton]]
Puppetmaster: Who are you?
Name: Last, first
Nickname: what do others call you
Age: How old are you?
Pride: what Pride are you from?
Rank: what rank do you hold in the Pride?
Feline: What feline are you? Lion, panther, tiger, etc
Human Photo: What do you look like in your human form?
Feline Photo: What do you look like in your Cat form?]

[h3 [center The Silver Suns]]

[h3 [center The Crimson Moons]]
[center [pic]
Name: Duke, Jae
Nickname: Snowy
Age: 23
Pride: Crimpson Moons
Rank: Huntress
Feline: Snow Leopard]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Strife, Cloud
Nickname: Doesn't have one
Age: 21
Pride: Crimson Moon
Rank: King
Feline: Lion]]
[B Elder Reserved --- Eleet]

[h3 [center The Black stars]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Blind, Calaes
Nickname: The Gold Sun
Age: Twenty - six (26)
Pride: The Black Star
Rank: King's mate
Feline: Panther]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Chaxion, Jai
Nickname: Jinx
Age: 19
Pride: Black Star
Rank: Pride Member
Feline: Black Lynx]]

[h3 [center The Golden Sea]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Skana, Alina
Nickname: Punk Cat
Age: 28
Pride: The Golden Sea
Rank: Huntress
Feline: Lynx]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Bone, Cedar
Nickname: Acorn
Age: 17
Pride: Golden sea
Rank: Huntress
Feline: Lynx]]

[h3 Posting order]
Calaes Blind
Cloud Strife
Jae Duke
Jai Chaxion
Alina Skana
Cedar Bone


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A whole collection of lollipops. This was indeed the best reunion gift, and definitely well thought out. Some people were addicts for alcohol or for cigarettes, but for Alina it had always been lollipops. And with it being more of an and not so dangerous addiction everyone else found it uniquely weird; some of the people still found it offsetting with her lollipop habit. And just as everyone had their go-to brand and flavor, so to did Alina: grape-flavored tootsie pops. While she did partake in other brands of lollipops, tootsie pops were generic and easily available no matter where one went.

Alina pocketed the singular grape tootsie pop in one pocket and the bag in the other. [#9900ff “I’d like to have one right now, but it wouldn’t go with the uniform.”] Exhaling with a chuckle, she began walking towards where everyone congregated.

But she didn’t walk far before riveting herself on the spot while hairs rose all along her spine. A mysterious male voice spoke through the PA system, a chilling tone declaring war on them all. And she wasn’t anywhere near where her pride rulers were.

Quickly facing Cedar, [#9900ff “Go, make sure everyone in your pride is safe, I need to do the same with mine.@] Alina’s voice quickly became serious, her face matching the seriousness, and urgent. There was no time to waste, she had to make sure no one in the Golden Sea had disappeared in the same mysterious manner as the warring guest.
  Alina Skana / NorthernWolves / 2d 13h 18m 55s
[center [pic]]
[center Jae’s smile faded as she looked at the male who claimed to now be the King of Moonbrook. Who did he think he was? She was stuck between wanted to run and hide from the danger or fighting it. She looked to Cloud for answers. [+magenta “W-What is going on? What is he talking about?”] Jae looked around at all of the other confused pride members around her. Everything was calm and peaceful so why did this freak have to declare war on all of them?]
[center Jae looked back at the crowds as Cloud started to take her away. She looked at Cloud and spoke to him calmly. [+magenta “I’m fine. I want to stay and figure out what is going on. You don’t have to protect me like a child, Cloud.”] She took a step away from cloud and started to walk back towards the gathering of prides. She didn’t see herself as someone who needed to be kept in a protective bubble. She wanted to be the one to help in situations and get her hands dirty.]
  TessaFox / 3d 9h 33m 55s
Cloud growled at the other male and hissed at him. He did not like people who threatened his pride and wanted to kill the other male. He protectively guarded Jae and made sure that she would be alright before he escorted her to safety. Cloud shifted into a lion and let out a menacing roar before changing back into his human form.
[right [pic]]
Calaes had only a few moments with his sister before being called away, but he was much needed. Watching as things happened with guests something felt off, but what it was Calaes couldn't put his thumb on it specifically just something felt off for sure. [#b2840a "Jacob be on guard. I don't want anything funny happening. If tension gets to high we can always end the night early."]

a man appeared next to Calaes and only nodded. [b "Of course sir, But I must inform you. He is here."] With that a low growl escaped from Calaes, he knew exactly who it was Jacobs was referring to, but why would a rogue be appearing here in Moonbrook. A night of peace would either become a bloodbath or one of memory with everyone. Just as he was about to find this person a light tap came out over the microphone for the music which was cut short.

[b "If you escuse me, if I can have everyones attention please."] Calaes pushed through the crowd so he could get a clear view of the stage. There he was the Brown haired blue eyed male just a few years older then Calaes. [#b2840a " Gabriel what is it you want here?"] the peaceful male said with a low growl to his tone. [b " I am just here to inform everyone that I have taken something very important to each Pride, but know that if I'm harmed they won't make it."] Holding up his finger as guards started to make their way to take him a devil's smile appeared on his face. [b "Also know that one day soon Moonbrook will belong to me. I am declaring war upon the Prides. With that of my own. I am now King, King of moonbrook and King of the Pride The White Tree will be the only pride left in these lands."]

Calaes gave another low growl at this threat. [#b2840a "We will now take kindly to breaking the old laws Gabriel you of all people should know this. Its what got you removed form the prides and from these lands. The Kings agreed to never allow you into our Prides. You broke our most sacred rule which was do not kill or harm non Pride members. You hurt a human with intent."] a laugh escaped from Gabriel as he stepped down from the stage and only walked off into the forest. as he got to the edge he shifted into his cat, and was shown the reason why he was given the nickname Hellcat. He was the only known Pride person to have bright red fur.
  Calaes Blind / Colorful_insanity / 4d 2h 11m 13s
[#k1774n "Don't worry, I remembered exactly what you liked. Lollipops were always your favorite, so I figured I would get you some. After all, a well thought out gift means more then an expensive one".] She unwrapped the wrapping paper, to reveal a whole tootsie roll bag, full of lollipops. She opened the bag, and grabbed a grape one. [#k1774n "These were your favorite flavor, right"?] She grabbed an orange one, and unwrapped it, handing her the grape one. She popped the orange one in her mouth, trying not to seem too eager.
  Sklee / 6d 22h 58m 24s

That had been many years ago, in a time where she’d still been with the Black Stars. Alina didn’t remember what the talk between the Black Stars and Golden Sea had been about, one of the usual - money, land, trade - things, but that had been the first and last time Calaes had seen Cedar; sometime after that was when Alina managed in causing the family schism due to Pride Switching.

After sending off Calaes with a perfunctory but graceful head bow, Alina switched her attention to Cedar. A couple of years had passed , what with her naval service and Cedar’s apprenticeship; made Cedar’s, careful hug even more meaningful. A warm, rising smile dawned on her face while a hearty chuckle rushed from the lungs and through the open lips, embracing Cedar in a sisterly hug. Alina did want to pick her up and give a short spin, but that would ruin the uniform. [#9900ff “The apprentice comes with a present for the punk cat? Will you tell me? Or will I have to guess, or maybe even open it?”], looking into Cedar’s eyes with a face lit up with quipping amusement.
  Alina Skana / NorthernWolves / 8d 6h 28m 58s
[center [pic]]
[center Jae looked at King Cloud with confusion and shock written all over her face. [+magenta “Y-You want me to be y-your...”] Jae couldn’t comprehend what was happening. And he had been testing her? What were the things he tested? Did he know about her secret Manga collection? He better not tell a single soul if he knew or else he was dead. [+magenta “I-I am flattered at your request my king. Not everyone gets to be the mate to the Pride king.”] Jae blushed brightly but tried to hid the fact that she was flustered.]
[center [+magenta “I would be honored to be your mate so I accept. I know that I will never be as good as your first mate but I will try my hardest to please you.”] Jae made a polite bow to Cloud and and took the ring as she hugged him tightly. She smiled happily and hoped that the moment would drag on as she forgot about the party and the rest of the world slipped away. Jae understood why he had yelled at her now. He was probably just really nervous with all his duties and the stress of proposing. She forgave him him for it.]
  TessaFox / 11d 4h 54m 42s
Cloud approached Jae and slightly smiled at her. "I don't feel comfortable around large crowds but I think that the forest is the most dangerous spot at this moment. Also... Jae would you... be my mate. I've been testing you ever since my original mate died to see if you are worthy to be the next Sola of the Crimson Moon pride. And I'm happy to say that you passed the test flawlessly. Also I'm sorry that I yelled at you. I guess that I was just a bit on edge about you being late." He whispered to Jae. He gently gave her a small box that contained a ring. Cloud felt happy around her and wanted to let her know that she was special to him.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 11d 7h 53m 30s
Hearing the words of Cloud a nod passed from Calaes's head. [#b2840a "True everyone does indeed loose valuble people to them, be it mates, parents, siblings. We are not here for their loss we are here to make treaties and trade, and make sure Moonbrook stays a neutral territory. It is why the town is split into four sections like the rivers."]

Calaes stepped away from his sister. Of course family was a sour topic among them. He wasn't suppose to be talking to Alina on orders of his parents, and Alina refused to talk to him if the parents were close by. Something about in fearing him being removed from the Pride or something. Their parents had influence within the pride, but to go against the King's orders would be treason.

Calaes only smiled as Cedar stepped into the little family party gathering. [#b2840a "Well Cedar I remember when you were but a wee little thing. Your parents came to visit and my dear sister Alina was still apart of the Black star Pride. It was before the few disputes for power, land, money, etc."] Patting her head Calaes only gave her a smile. [#b2840a "I hope you enjoy yourselves, but I must return to the guests. There is much to do and so little time."]

[right [pic]]
[center [b [size20 Unknown POV]]
Pitiful, Look at all of them just casually throwing around themselves in the gowns, and dress suits like nothing in the world could affect them or their kind. It could be seen the glowing red eyes grew irritated with the more people who showed up the more irritated it got. [b "Commons, How goes the plans?"] a single male stepped up to the now shifted and nude black haired male. [#95132b "Its coming along as planned Hells, but the end of the night the Prides will feel our wraith."]

Turning the pair faced several hundred different cats of all sizes, shapes, and species. Each of them trying to show themselves off without alerting the party goers. The male held up his hand to still the growing crowd. [#95132b "We need to move quickly, this won't last long and many more are likely to follow. While the party is to big a target those who come into the forest won't be as protected."] a devil's smile grew on the male's face. [#95132b "Spread out. Make sure the bodies are marked accordingly. Do this and we will take over this town and run it how we want to."]
  Calaes Blind / Colorful_insanity / 11d 10h 2m 19s
[#k1774n “Oh, wow, I guess our family really is in high places. Hello, Calaes, I don’t think I’ve ever actually met you before.”] She let out a sigh of relief at the fact that he didn’t seem too uptight. Even though she, ironically enough, had stayed up all night making sure she knew everything about how to behave. She grabbed the gift, and handed it to Alina. [#k1774n “Here, I of all people should know how much you like these. For you, punk cat”.] She gave her a hug, trying her best not to wrinkle Alina’s uniform.
  Cedar / Sklee / 13d 15h 13m 51s

She had two purposes in heading for the forest. First, Alina wanted a quiet moment before the party/ball danced off at a full spring. She enjoyed the peaceful moments off the ship and Alina hadn't managed in finding such a moment; the party had surprised her, not expecting for a request to tag along with her pride king. Secondly, with all these pride members milling around Alina knew it’d be easier seeing her walk off than blending in with the party-going blob.

Alina, surprised, though a pleasant one, quickly became waylaid by first her brother and then her cousin. Calaes jogged up and hugged her, with Alina hugging back in such a way where the cleaned uniform wouldn’t be rumpled up. While in the midst of a hug, [#9900ff “It certainly is wonderful to see you Calaes. Hope the parents haven’t been too rough on you since last we talked”].

Politely disengaging from the hug, Alina hand pressed some of the small rumples away on the pants. A quick look at the other parts of her uniform showed no other marking, a small mental victory.

Turning towards Cedar, [#9900ff “And look who it is, my little cousin who’s managed to get to a high place@]. Alina gave her a sort of motherly look, having helped Cedar in training to become a huntress. [#9900ff “Calaes, this is my cousin Cedar, she’s managed to land an apprentice up with the lead huntress of the Golden Seas. Cedar, this is Calaes, my brother and the upcoming leader of the Black Stars.”] Introductions never hurt.
  Alina Skana / NorthernWolves / 14d 1h 28m 57s
[Varela+Round [size12 Jinx rested on the bench set outside the small, little shop. His eyes stared beyond the town, making it seem like he was in a deep trance or something. He does blank out more than he likes to admit. Closing his eyes, he finished off his first cigarette before lighting up another. The elderly woman stepped outside to place down an ash tray for him. As well as giving him a rather stern look. Smoking is one of his worst habits. He won't lie. He apologized with his eyes and gave a small shrug. He showed no caution on his overall health. He rested back into the seat, placing one hand in the pocket of his jeans. A few customers began to enter the shop. This signaled his breaktime over, even though he did not technically work here.

He snatched the ash tray away, throwing out the ashes before he stepped back inside.

He looked down at his watch. So late, he was. He couldn't let the couple handle all these customers by themselves. He gave himself an excuse to stay longer, dreading crowds as it is. He believed it had become so bad, he developed a phobia over time.
  {★} / Seki / 15d 4h 37m 10s
[center [pic]]
[center Jae walked in and saw that there were lots of other prides already here. Maybe she could blend in and no one would notice that she had come in late. She started to walk in behind a small group or girls from the Golden Sea pride. She looked around and noticed Kind Cloud talking to someone else and turn to look at her. Jae started to freeze when King Cloud started walking towards her. Too bad for thinking that no one would notice her.]
[center Jae started to look around for any potential escape routes. Maybe he was walking to someone else. However, the chances of that got slimmer and slimmer the closer he got. Maybe she could hide in the group of Golden Sea girls. Jae started to walk towards them but saw that they were too far away for her to catch up to them. Kind cloud was getting closer. Maybe she should just accept her fate.]
[center Jae stopped looking for away out of whatever punishment she would receive. Maybe he would go easy on her and let her go to the party. She stood and waited for Cloud to get to her. She looked down at the pavement and the lights from the Black Star’s Pride house shined down.]
  Jae Duke / TessaFox / 15d 6h 3m 5s
"Each of us has lost something here that mattered to us whether it was a sibling, a mate, a friend, a child or an alliance. However we have to keep moving forward even though the one that we lost may not be a part of this world anymore. The times coming forward might be tough but if we ally ourselves with one another than nothing can destroy us. I kinda ended up confusing Miss Duke with another member of another pride by accident. But that is not the reason why I came here today. I came in the name of peace to propose an alliance. Since we're all civilized here, we should not fight each other and make sure that we all get along peacefully." Cloud told everyone before walking towards Jae.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 15d 7h 15m 30s
Calaes greeted guests as they filed in by pairs. First was the few ruling members of the other Prides Greeted as they arrived and as they filed in the guards they had brought came with them. While not in pairs the Kings and Sola of each pride had at least three guards for each of them. Calaes understood the position of the guards as they wanted to make sure their Pride's ruling pair was well protected and if anything they can at the very least escape if a fight was to break out.

Calaes had heard Cloud as he spoke. His soft voice came across much like his name a Cloud. [#b2840a "King Cloud, you are correct you do deserve a mate, however I am sure the Goddess will allow you to have a second chance mate, that or a Chosen one."] he heard the low rumbling come from behind him as his own mate The king of The Black stars pride. It was nothing more then a warning really to Cloud, but a possessiveness to Calaes. Seeing Alina Calaes bound up to hug his sister. While she was no longer apart of the Pride, and "excommunicated by their parents Calaes was above their judgment and spoke to her on a regular bases. [#b2840a "Sis where you headed off to already? I see the Forest has called your name when there is but a ball inside going on."]
  Calaes Blind / Colorful_insanity / 15d 7h 27m 9s

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