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[center [pic]]
[center The small town of Moonbrook is to many a cute little town in the country side of England. To the public eye it was a cute little weekend retreat type of town where the older folk go to live or younger ones are raised. A town where everyone knows everyone, a single gas station, a few mom and pop shops, a public library, etc. To those who live here its so much more. Its a haven for their kind, many call them freaks others call them supernatural they are also called shifters, but to their own kind they are Pride, Feline like beings who shift between a human form and a larger wild cat, tigers, lions, panthers etc.]

[Center While Moonbrook is a peaceful place for the prides they still fight among each other, like all things territories, power, trades. In Moonbrook there are four major Prides. The Silver Sun, The Crimson Moon, The Black star, and The Golden Sea. Each one of these major prides is known distinctively by their smell and their brand found upon every member of their prides. Each was well known as well for the business they run. The silver Sun runs a major vineyard and distillery, they are believed to be a major player in crown royal and jim beam brands. The Crimson Moons run a major architecture and design business. They are believed to be the company behind the remaking of the whitehouse and other well known buildings. The Black star runs a major arms manufacture and guns. They have equipped the army with much better weaponry and artillery. The Golden Sea runs a business major of sea trades and ship building. They are rumored to have like the Black stars equipped the Navy of the world with better equipment and mass produce ships.]

[Center The pride leaders are all gathering for one final party of the year before school starts for the young ones and winter begins. At this party many major players from the four prides appear and even the "rogues" that run around each groups lands. Death however has come to the Prides, each of them has lost a very important figure within their prides and each one looks to the others for blame.]

[center [pic]]
[Center [B Details]]
Those of the Pride don't unlock their Felines until they turn the age of eighteen and upon their eighteen birthday its held a formal party for the pride. The entire Pride attends unless its the child of King/ Sola or the Lead hunter/huntress in which case the pride can choose to invite the others.
[Center [b Ranks of the Prides]]
[b King] - This rank is the Leader of the Prides, Title held by a male member and passed down by birth or by decision of Elders or previous King. He can accept or kick out members at his own, Makes all decisions to deal with the pride as a whole.
[b Sola] - This rank is the head of the Pride's home affairs, Title held by female, is usually the Mate to the King, or a female relative of his, or a female elder. She deals with all home affairs including meal plans, schooling plans for the young, and dealing with all daily affairs.
[b Lead hunter/huntress] This rank is held by both male and female pair. They are the second in command under the King and Sola. They lead the hunters and huntresses and are a major player when it comes to battle and are considered very hard to over come. Usually older then the others they have the experience to back up their position.
[b Hunter/Huntress] This rank is held by male and females alike. Trained from a young age in the ways of warrior and fighting skills. They protect their Pride and the lands to go with it. They also travel with the King on diplomatic matters as guards. They however aren't sent into actual battle until their Pride feels they are ready for one.
[b Cub sitters] - This rank is held by females. They are usually nursing or pregnant members of the Pride themselves. They tend to be the teachers, caretakers, house keepers, Nannies, etc.
[b Pride members] - This rank is held by male and females both. Pride members are those who do not fall under any of the classes specifically, but are still within the pride itself. Those of this rank can still be called to fight if necessary, but aren't trained as well as the hunters and huntresses.
[b Trainees/ cubs] - This rank is held by male or female members. Trainees and cubs are those to young to be considered adults, they go to school for one of three ways, To be hunter and huntress, Cub sitters, or the leaderships.
[b Elders] - This rank is held by both males and females who are to old to fight anymore. They are highly respected members of the Pride and can even put their opinions in on matters of house and of the Pride itself and have it actually weigh in.

[center [b Rules and Regulations]]
[center 1. No God moding...This is obvious no one likes it, blah blah blah]
[center 2. Please be courteous to other rpers. Swearing cussing and such are just fine, however drama between people will not.]
[center 3. Photos are to be artish, if necessary I can help you look for them]
[center 4. Fill out skeleton and Send it [ Here] With the Name of the Rp at the top.]

[center [b Skeleton]]
Puppetmaster: Who are you?
Name: Last, first
Nickname: what do others call you
Age: How old are you?
Pride: what Pride are you from?
Rank: what rank do you hold in the Pride?
Feline: What feline are you? Lion, panther, tiger, etc
Human Photo: What do you look like in your human form?
Feline Photo: What do you look like in your Cat form?]

[h3 [center The Silver Suns]]

[h3 [center The Crimson Moons]]
[center [pic]
Name: Duke, Jae
Nickname: Snowy
Age: 23
Pride: Crimpson Moons
Rank: Huntress
Feline: Snow Leopard]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Strife, Cloud
Nickname: Doesn't have one
Age: 21
Pride: Crimson Moon
Rank: King
Feline: Lion]]
[B Elder Reserved --- Eleet]

[h3 [center The Black stars]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Blind, Calaes
Nickname: The Gold Sun
Age: Twenty - six (26)
Pride: The Black Star
Rank: King's mate
Feline: Panther]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Chaxion, Jai
Nickname: Jinx
Age: 19
Pride: Black Star
Rank: Pride Member
Feline: Black Lynx]]

[h3 [center The Golden Sea]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Skana, Alina
Nickname: Punk Cat
Age: 28
Pride: The Golden Sea
Rank: Huntress
Feline: Lynx]]
[Center [pic]
Name: Bone, Cedar
Nickname: Acorn
Age: 17
Pride: Golden sea
Rank: Huntress
Feline: Lynx]]

[h3 Posting order]
Calaes Blind
Cloud Strife
Jae Duke
Jai Chaxion
Alina Skana
Cedar Bone


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She quickly reached the groups of clan members, and attempted to blend in, trying to find the head huntress. She might have some way to help when it came to the current situation, and if not she might at least get some info on the current situation.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 3d 20h 32m 38s

That, was slightly saddening. Alina had for awhile wanted a chat with the one teaching Cedar, especially when the one teaching had attained the rank of head huntress. A head huntress, or hunter, didn’t receive the title out of sheer luck of some other happenstance; years of dedicated work mixed in with a few battles. Yes, Alina was somewhat jealous of Cedar. Cedar was given the opportunity in having passed down to her all the tricks that the lead huntress had accrued over the years with the pride.

[#9900ff “Yes”], a single head nod, [#9900ff “let us go before we are chastised.”] Alina stretched her neck right, then left, before circling it counterclockwise.
  Alina Skana / NorthernWolves / 4d 23h 7m 54s
[center [pic]]
[center Jae nodded. [+magenta "King Cloud- I mean... Cloud is right. We are stronger in numbers and if they really are trying to whittle our numbers, it will be much easier for them to do so if we are all separated and in small groups."] Jae could see that Calaes was starting to get annoyed. Was he known to have ever done something if he lost his temper? She knew that long ago there had been a king who had frequently lost his temper on his pride till he was driven out for being a tyrant.]
[center Jae closed her mouth not wanting to say anymore in the conversation unless it was necessary. She didn't have much experience except for common sense to help aid them. So Jae just fiddled with her thumbs as she silently listened to the others whisper about the situation and their own opinions. She would support her king, Cloud, in whatever decision he would make. [+magenta "Cloud? Should we go back to the pride now and make sure everyone is assembled and knows what is going on? They are probably all needing some sort of guidance or direction. Some of them are probably still in shock and exhausted. And what about--"] Jae gasped as she realized something. [+magenta "W-Wait!! What about all the pride members that didn't attend?! Do we know if they are alright!?"]
  Jae Duke / TessaFox / 14d 21h 22m 14s
"Fighting our foe alone would prove to be our deaths. Everyone who is of the Crimson Moon pride will stay with the others until this threat passes. It would be wiser to stay with the other prides than to charge straightforward at the enemy. Charging headfirst into battle would mean certain death and as a king, it is my duty to protect my pride first and foremost." Cloud said.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 20d 20h 12m 25s
Calaes nodded to all the other Kings as they made their arguments against the process of moving all the pride into the castle grounds. [b "I understand Kings your issues with going into common grounds with the other three prides. Most of all The Pride I am here to represent, due to the loss of a person happening under our own noises and our guards, but know that we will redeem ourselves. I also understand it means those with shops in or outside of town will have to bare with smaller space for the time being, but we will try and accommodate everyone accordingly."]

Looking over to a of the Solas and such that had made their own comments or warriors even Calaes tapped his fingers on the table in annoyance. Calaes stood straight up and spoke. [b "If you would rather not join in this matter, then by all means attempt to fight this man and his Pride himself."]
  Calaes Blind / Colorful_insanity / 20d 20h 22m 17s
She suddenly jumped at the suggestion. [#k1774n “Uh, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. She.... She might end up upset with me over this”.] She was glad that everyone could stay in the castle, and a little surprised that there was that much extra space, but she couldn’t risk displeasing her mentor. She was smart, and one of the most supportive people she could have trained under, but she wasn’t exactly fond of Alina, although she’d never say so to her. She smiled, tried to appear less worried. [#k1774n “Come on, Punk Cat, we wouldn’t want them to know we were here, listening in, right”?] She started heading back to the castle.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 29d 10h 12m 59s

Everything seemed taken care as it concerned accommodations along with provisions to ride out this war until it ended.

Alina glanced at her own King and Sola. At some point she'd have to ask them to extend her leave away from active duty, they knew which bureaucratic strings needed pulling, but it seemed now would be not the best time; huddled together were they, discussing things in harsh whispers.

Turning once again to her cousin Cedar, [#9900ff "Since it looks like we're going to be stuck here, guess you could introduce me to your mentor"], a light, friendly side elbow nudge following.
  Alina Skana / NorthernWolves / 40d 21h 40m 25s
[center [pic]]
[center Jae flustered and tried to look confident as Calaes spoke to her. This was like a world from one of her dreams. Never did she think that all this would happen in one day. She was now a Sola, the prides were under attack, and the King's mate to another pride just responded to her question. Hundreds of people had been Solas and they had been fine so she should be too. Jae shook her head as she tried to focus on the situation at hand instead of the dream that she was now living.]
[center Jae jumped when Cloud kissed her. She was about to ask him why he did it but then she remembered that they were now together. Jae turned away from Cloud for a moment as her face flushed to the color of a tomato. [+magenta "Y-Yeah. We will have to make sure that everyone gets a bed and that no one is missing."] Jae took a deep breath to try and steady herself. She needed to calm down. She was asking like a cub by blushing over kisses and freaking out about the castle and all the Kings and Solas around her.]
[center She turned back to Cloud and tried to give her most confident smile. [+magenta "What else are we going to have to do? We will have to go back as soon as this meeting is over and get everyone safely to the living spaces. We don't want anyone to not be accounted for."]
  Jae Duke / TessaFox / 18d 21h 23m 52s
Cloud ended up pulling Jae close to him before he kissed her. "So I guess that we can all fit in there. Only to ride out the thing that is trying to brutally murder us in cold blood." He said.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 58d 22h 53m 52s
Calaes listened to all the other Pride kings and their answers while they did not disagree in voice, some had doubts upon their face about it. It wasn't until Jae Duke had vocalized a concern. Would the entire town of Moonbrook fit into the castle and fit comfortable? It was a concern all of them shared, while no one again voiced their concern about it accept for jae all their eyes spoke volumes of it. A deep seeded hatred could be seen among them all, be it towards another pride, or perhaps their own failures with today, but Calaes held himself at the highest to blame.

Calaes nodded his head slowly. [b "Yes everyone will be able to fit into the castle grounds."] Snapping his hand he pulled out a blue print of the castle's original plans. [b "The Castle held the Original Royal Pride of our kind. Thousands would flock to it every year to see the King and queen. All the Prides would come together and hold festivals for a month solid."]

The blueprints showed on the outside a small little house like structure, but you dug deeper into the mountainside they had dug into it and made huge rooms or several hundred smaller bedrooms. The castle itself was a self efficient place as well even with an area for growing food, another for animals, and an underground lake that fed the town itself.
  Calaes Blind / Colorful_insanity / 58d 23h 8m 47s
She watched too. The situation was very intriguing. She frankly didn't think that all the prides could fit in the castle. It would be impossible to fit everyone, let alone supplies to feed them all. At least, she thought so. She had studied the architecture of the castle but it might be possible for hidden areas of the castle to be unused. But regardless, uplifting the whole town was going to impossible. She stared closer, trying to figure out what the plan here was.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 61d 10h 36m 29s

The Grand Huntress was an excellent tutor, and Cedar had matured under such tutorage. Quite unfortunate that she’d be experiencing war at such a young age. War was never easy upon the younger ones, even more so when no choice but to fight remained.

The deliberations up to now had been quite interested. Calaes proposed a sensible idea, which the Crimson Moon’s king wasn’t completely on board with. The sudden attack by Gabriel’s pride didn’t exactly show confidence in having a secure location. Despite that, the other Crimson Moon member, staying close by her Kong’s size, asked all the right questions. Unless Calaes only planned keeping those that had come to the party in the castle, each pride had many members. Just those who served onboard ships for Alina’s pride numbered at least in the hundreds. And it wasn’t simply keeping people with enough for some privacy. Food needed to be moved here and continually stocked for increased mouths depending on how long this entire war lasted.
  Alina Skana / NorthernWolves / 62d 8h 28m 13s
[Varela+Round [size12 Much irritation.

It felt like his ear was being talked off. Yup, he knew he'd regret coming here. His gut feeling told him to stay out and away from here. He blew smoke into the male's face. God, this was very annoying. He shouldn't care really, since his parents forced him here. He did not give anyone the time of day, not here to make friends or even interested. With a dull look in his eyes, he cut his meal short and climbed up the stairs. He flicked the cigarette butt on the stairs, walking further away from all the commotion, finding somewhere to sleep.. or at least take a nap.
  {★} / Seki / 74d 6h 25m 15s
[center [pic]]
[center Jae stood next to Cloud now and listened to Calaes. She whispered to her king. [+magenta “I don’t think they are hiding anything. There are lots of strong people in this group and it wouldn’t be good to just attack us all. Plus, he looks just as anxious and worried as the rest of us. Don’t worry, Cloud.”] Jae looked around at the others and noticed some others were twitting anxiously and some were confidently looking to fight Gabriel.]
[center Jae nervously raised her hand to get Calaes’s attention and spoke up. [+magenta “Um. Do you think that all four prides will be able to fit in the castle? There are a lot of us combined and I am just not sure if there is enough living spaces..”] Jae put her hand back down and waited anxiously. Was speaking up wrong since she was new? What if they didn’t like what she had just said? She had only been to the castle a couple of times and it was large but was it large enough?]
  Jae Duke / TessaFox / 75d 7h 58m 14s
"I tend to agree unless the Black Stars pride is hiding something sinister that they want to share with the rest of the prides." Cloud said. He wasn't one who would go down easily with his sharpened perception.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 82d 7h 11m 54s

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