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[center [i They called the twins Adam and Eve. Bio-mechanical human beings engineered brought about by the greatest advancement in modern day science. It was a fools errand to try and find immortality. However, that was the purpose behind the experiments. Many twins are birth were experimented on in the purpose of reinventing humanity and when the perfect subjects were found the scientist who'd done it were praise.] ]

[center [i With the discovery of the fact that it was indeed possible to wrap create man made machinery the flood gates of science was open instantly. Scientist rush to become famous in the new world and the next thirty years were called the Neo-Renaissance. Flying cards, teleportation units, advancement in modern medicine, no longer was mankind looking for God to the answers. For they believe themselves to be god.] ]

[center [i Of course, such blasphemy could not be tolerated among those who formerly held power. The more enlighten humanity became the harder control it was to exude over them. So with no other choices, the religious order began to conduct illegal experiments themselves and came out with there own version of humanoid cybernetic machines dubbing them angels of God. It was the church that declared that only certain pious beings could inherit the genetic blessings which allow humans to convert to being fully cybernetic and there was some truth in what they said.] ]

[center [i Besides the twins known as Adam and Eve, most humans were unable to undergo the mechanical transformation. Despite all of the technological advances of humanity the human anatomy could only go so far. It's been well over fifty years since the introduction of the cybernetics and less than .0001% percent of the population have undergone the full transformation. Sure, there are those who illegal get cybernetic transplants but it comes at great cost.] ]

[center [i When the religious dogma claim angels walked among the people, that created a desire to use said angels as weapons. Black markets pop-up and the hunt to capture or sell or create cybernetic parts was on the rise. Human argumentation became a capitol offense punishable by death. But thus the a group known as Herod's heralds were form. ] ]

[center [i Government approved full cybernetic humans who work under the direct authority of both the church and the State to hunt down the black market dealers of cybernetic enhancements. In the city full of danger and despair, Angels, humans, criminals, and thugs all have the part to play in our story.] ]

[h3 RULES]
[center [i I'm pretty laid back, so the only rules is as follows;] ]
[b 1. You must play two characters]
[b 2 You must be able to communicate plot ideas]
[b 3. Please give me something to work with and we'll be good.]

[h3 My characters]
[center [b Aku 47, Leader of the Black market in the Eastern district] ]
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[center [i Lillie 25, Angel officer of the law and collector of strange objects] ]
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a8/f3/a8/a8f3a83bb6b23ef97bd5a6270a01bdbb.jpg] ]
[center Seth 20, Scientist that hates being bothered]
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[h3 Navino's character]
[center [i Olivia, 25, black market escapee recruited as an Angel Officer] ]
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[center [b Aaron, 22, newly trained Angel Hunter] ]
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Whilst she was behind the wheel, she’d notice the male slowly following the pair in the car. Biting her lips she heard everything her partner said and was half tempted to close her eyes in order to take everything in. However driving with eyes close was a bad idea and even she knew that that could lead to some… more than idea issues. Turning the corner suddenly, she started to head towards the other part of the city. Of course, she knew full well that this road lead back into the Black Market which was insanely massive. It had to be in order to keep the cops from launching a full size raid on it. Or at least, that was the logic she heard her family members employ countless times while growing up. Now, however, she wondered if there really was some truth to it all. Driving back towards the way she hummed to herself before letting out a sigh.

[i “That’s crazy.. but I wouldn’t put that pass them. I’m sorry you’d had to go through something like that.”] she bit her tongue and continued to drive on in silence. She’d known that there were horrible people in the world. However, the depths if that horribilness was something that never occurred to her. Alwaus the optimist, she tried to see the good in others before accepting how truly terrible they could actually be. It worked sometimes. Other times not so much. She figured this was one of those times. Taking Everything she’d said to heart she suddenly took another sharp left and started to drive into the downtown section of the Black Market.

Here was where she was mostly familiar with. Afterall, this was well most of the small time and big times dealers all came together to sell product. Most of the time it was stuff you’d could find anywhere else but it had been modified to look deadly and illegal. She laughed at how she had fallen for that scam sometime. Looking in the mirror, she slowly reached towards the glove department and stopped at a redlight. “Can you get that walkie talkie for me?” she asked whilst driving she definitely would need some help. However she doubt that other angels would be to keen on coming to help them out on the black market. Once more making another right turn, she started slowly closed her eyes and stopped the car at a stop light. It was time she stopped playing easy to follow.

Slamming on the gas, the car suddenly lurked forward and she was instantly off to the races. Tearing up the steeets of the Black Market, she made seemingly random turns. In truth she was heading towards one of many exits out of the Black Market. Driving like a bat out of hell, she swerved to the left before she headed back towards base and wondered if that man was still following them. Hopefully she left him behind in her dust.
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Aaron was unfazed by Faye's attempt to threaten him. He had just stared down at her and then at Olivia. He watched them walk away before resuming his journey. He made his way back to Seth. He didn't want the scientist to think that he knew something wasn't quite right. So, he acted like normal. He handed the file back and said. [#FF8C00 "I'll be back in a bit, Seth, I've just got some shit to do."] With that, he left the scientist and quickly made his way to his motorcycle. He was intendeding to follow the two girls, see where they were going. If what he had been told was true, they would lead him straight to the Angel Officers base. By the time he got his gear on and was out on the road, the two girls were some distance away with some cars in-between them. But, he could still see them and it meant they wouldn't suspect him of following.

Meanwhile, Olivia rolled down the window to get some air. Her heart was beginning to slow but she couldn't shake the familiar feeling that she was trapped. She was glad for the silence, she was not in the right headspace to talk and she tightly shut her eyes. Her hands were curled into fists and her nails were digging into her palms. The pain brought a small sense of relief, it helped to ground her. Helped to remember where she was and who she was with. She took a couple of deep, steady breaths to calm herself. From the moment they stepped out of the car, she knew something bad was going to happen and it did. Aaron knew that she was alive and well, that information would be passed around. She would need to be more careful when in public... They had ties everywhere and at any moment she could be snatched away again.

By the time that Lillie spoke, she felt more at ease. She opened her eyes, loosened her fists and looked to her partner. At first, she didn't say anything. She was shocked to say the least, but not mad. [#DC143C "As long as you are not secretly spying or working for them... I don't care. You didn't know who I was when I was stuck there... And at the end of the day, you're still my partner."] She managed a small smile before looking forwards. [#DC143C "The man that came in. He's called Aaron and he was my partner in the Angel Hunter Training Programme. Last year, the Heads of the Black Markets decided they needed more protection than just some trained goons. So, they collected people who hated Angel Officers, they bribed mercenaries, Assasin's, gangs and they forced experiments like me to participate. After training, they officially become an Angel Hunter. Technically, the Hunters aren't linked to the Black Market as they work alone and outside of it. However, last I saw the programme was failing... It seemed they got it running again."]

She paused for a moment before speaking again. [#DC143C "He's dangerous, L. Him and I were top of the class when I was there... Not only is he very skilled, but he has this grudge against Angel Officers. He never told me what happened, but it wasn't good."]

She explained. She then looked out the window. As they turned the corner, she looked into the car mirror and she swore that she saw a very familiar bike. It couldn't be a figment of her imagination. It was clear as day. [#DC143C "L, don't go back to base just yet... We're being followed."] She was sure of it. [#DC143C "Just act natural and try to lose him. He's a couple of cars behind."]

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Lillie spun upon her heels as she heard what the male said to Olivia. She wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, but something within her snapped. She could sense that there was history between the two; perhaps it was part of Olivia’s painful past. However to see the male intentionally dig his nails into her and see him casually toss something as painful as her past up in her face made her snap. Stepping towards the male she could feel her hatred rising, the gears in her body turning literately. It would’ve been easy to speed past him and initiate a fight; but then what? Alert everyone to the fact that she’d had return to the Black Market after so many years? Of course, her family hadn’t kept her out of the loop of things. Intentionally tried to keep her hands clean; but now here she was taking on a job to bring it down from the outside. Furthermore she felt like whatever it was they were sent to investigate would just be another dead in.

Still she could feel that anger surging through her and she fantasize about just letting it go. Who’d stopped her? All she needed to do was speak his name; tell them of her lineage and no one would get in her way. Inhaling and exhaling she slowed her gears, slowed her heart rate and erected herself straight up again. “Kojin-teki ni anata o jigoku ni okurimasu.” Her words came out slowly before she turned towards her partner. She was craving a cigarette and she hardly smoke. Furthermore, she was more concern with the mental health of her partner. This wasn’t the only shock to her system that was in store for her today.

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He’d sent him to Seth to retrieve information on the whereabouts of the rumored angel police coming into his territory. He had been sitting at his own table before one of his men came up towards him. It was a bad mistake. Without warning, he instantly turned around and threw an open palm at the face of the man knocking him over. As if that wasn’t enough, he end up turning that strike into a grab and slamming him onto the floor. Fingers squeezed his jaw tight enough to crush it as he knelt down beside the male and murmured. “Never.. Sneak up on me..” His voice came out low and eerie as he let go of the man and stood up dusting off his hands. There was business to attend to which was finding the skull which was imperative. Something told him that a stranger had picked it up; he just didn’t know who.

It was at that moment that a knock came at his door. Letting out a sigh he closed his eyes and waited to see who it was that interrupted him. Walking up to him the man spoke softly. “You’ll want to see this boss..” Blinking the male took the tablet and watch as it showed security footage of his angel and two girls walking away from him. Stroking his chin the male suddenly grinned as he tapped his hands upon the screen..

“Ah..” That’s where she was he didn’t need to speak it but he knew it was true. Letting out a sigh he turned to his men and told them what their course of action would be.

On the drive back to the base Lillie sat in silence trying to figure out ways to console her friend. There wasn’t anything she could do to make up for the absolute clusterfuck of the situation that was. Worse, Seth almost come close to telling the truth. Not that it mattered. It would only be a matter of time before the whole thing was blown sky high and so why not come clean. As she drove on in silence Lillie spoke.

“I… wanted to tell you this before you found out not from me. When they found me they mistook me for one of Aku’s Harem girls.. The truth is, the reason i'm so familiar with the black market often…. The reason being my Family runs it. They always kept me away from the business, and never, ever let me see what was going on.. and Aku is… since we have a rather huge family, Aku is my older-brother.
[h3 Translation]
I will send you to hell personally.
  Lillie / Mr-X / 14d 50m 19s
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Panic settled in Olivia. On the outside, she remained calm, cool and collected. But, her heart raced inside of her chest and she felt sick to her stomach. She knew him. She knew him very, very well and by the look in his piercing, amber eyes, he remembered her. Whilst imprisoned, she was being put through the Angel Hunter programme. That was where she met Aaron. At first, he was another nobody who's mind had been poisoned by the Black Market. But then, they started getting partnered up for tasks and training, immediately there was a spark between them and they started spending time together outside of training. He was what made her last few months there just that bit bearable. However, things took a bitter turn for them on the day of escape. He had caught her and then tried to convince her to stay, that if she completed the ATP then she would no longer be experimented on. After her refusal and determination to leave, he grew violent and tried to force her to stay. In their scuffle, she had, somehow, managed to knock him out before leaving forever.

It was over a year since she had seen him and she hoped, she prayed that he didn't know that she was an Angel Officer . It would ruin everything.

She did not react to any pieces of the conversation and took over the role as a stoic Guard.

Meanwhile, Aaron's eyes narrowed slightly as they snapped to Seth and Faye. He couldn't tell if the scientist was lying or not. He knew that the scientist was a double agent. He also knew that the crimson haired girl was not called Bulma. There were several options to explain this situation. Either Seth was lying or he was being lied to. The former explanation would make more sense as he knew who Olivia had become.

His eyebrow quirked as Faye approached him. He was clearly not amused and he hooked a finger on his mask to bring it down to his neck, whilst looking at her as she spoke. Occasionally, his gaze wondered to Olivia. The woman didn't meet his gaze and she could see just how uncomfortable she was. It was amusing to see. Aaron was pulled out of his thoughts when the two women were leaving. He glanced at Seth before running after them. "[#FF8C00 Hey! Wait a minute]."

Olivia froze upon hearing his voice and she turned around to look at him, only to find he was right behind them. "[#DC143C Is everything ok?]" She asked, feigning innocence.

"[#FF8C00 Yeah, I just need you to give the file back]." He said this with a small grin and took it away from her when she offered it. "[#FF8C00 Thanks. I'll let you two be on your way]." He said, turning around to go back to Seth.

Olivia felt a sense of relief as she saw him walk away. However, just as they were about to do the same thing. He called out to them.

"[#FF8C00 By the way, it was really good to see you again Olivia. I can't wait till the next time.]"

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Lillie had been fixated on how much Seth had improved his setup since the last time she’d seem him. For a blind man the way he was able to create such an unique set up made the girl admire him more. So much so, that she’d hadn’t heard the footsteps sneak up on them as the angel hunter appeared. Turning her head towards him she froze; he didn’t look at all like a good guy. Blinking his eyes, Seth turned his head towards the man and Lillie felt her heart drop in her chest. Now, now, wouldn’t be a good time for her secret to come out. Not when she’d been assign to this case with Olivia who was the closest thing to a friend she had now. Stepping forward, Lillie decided that now was the best time to play up the fact that she had a rather eccentric personality. Afterall, explaining to her superiors and to her partner her full history would be more than a headache. But before she had a chance to explain Seth was already speaking for the Lillie instead.

[i “You’re new to the Black market and still can’t tell who the bosses Daughter is? This is Faye; Aku’s adopted daughter and to the right is her bodyguard Bulma.”] Seth words came out coolly and instantly Lillie shot the man daggers. Geez, thanks for the help. She mouth as she slowly clasps her hands together and tilted her head to the side. It seemed as if she had no choice but to not only play up her eccentrics, but also add another layer to her character. [b “whoa!~ What a beautiful body!”] She cooed as she step forth and looked at the male. Licking her lips she grinned.

[b “I’m a collector! And right now I’m collecting body guards; I’m so, so, conflicted. Don’t get me wrong, the Yakuza are wonderful… but, it gets boring hearing Japanese all the time. Do you speak Russian? German? French? Ooh~ I’ve never had a French body guard before, please tell me you can speak French so I can add you to my collection~”] Jumping up and down, she clasps her hands together before reaching out to touch him before Seth coughed loudly and stood up. Reaching out towards her the male slowly pet her head causing the girl to pout and wiggle out of his way. Turning on him, she began to whine before Seth held up a finger.

[b “Bulma~ I guess it time’s we went home.. Since Seth won’t let me add his friend to my selection of protectors..”] She pouted before she turned around and walked towards the woman. Normally she’d cling to her arm to sell the act but instead she slowly took a step forward and whispered something in her hear. [i “I need to explain it to you.”] And soon the pair were out the door.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FCocbxC.jpg]

Olivia had nodded her head, but, it didn't make her feel any better. Going back would make her re-live her past trauma. She thought of who they might bump into whilst there, what could wrong, how she would feel. She began to overthink and was finally snapped out of her thoughts when Lillie began to walk away. She followed after, her hands shoved into her pockets. By this point, she had gotten used to her partner's hoarding habits. Personally, she preferred this, neat and tidy. Everything had to have a place. In a way, it was a coping mechanism. Her room whilst living with the scientists was the one thing that she could control. They forced her to eat, drink and sleep. They forced her to endure their experiments. However, her room was hers to do as she pleased. So, she kept it as clean and organized as possible. However, her physical appearence didnt exactly scream tidy.

Once they were in the car, buckled up and music playing, they were on their way. She was glad for the silence on the journey. She couldn't find it in her to talk. She focused her mind on the music and her eyes on the passing scenery. The ride was too fast for her liking and they were soon in the Eastern Black Market. They were then parked up and, once again, her hands were in her pockets. She hoped, she prayed that she would not be recognised. Her hair had changed since then, but, if one looked closely they would see it was her. She tried to relax but her muscles were tense. She followed closely after Lillie, keeping her head down. She couldn't even be annoyed at her new name. Her hands were curled into fists in her pockets. She had appreciated Lillie trying to comfort her, but, it didn't quite work. It had only provided a small sense of security and she had to remind herself that she was an Angel Officer now, she was no longer their little experiment. She was there to bring them down so that no other had to go through the pain that she had.

Olivia took a deep breath and soon enough, they were in a room with a young man that she hadn't seen before. She could tell he was one of the scientists, he had the equipment for it. But, they had not met and she wondered why a scientist, of all the workers in the Eastern Black Market was a double agent. She didn't trust him, not one bit. As he spoke, she moved to get the folder and flicked through its contents. She then landed on a picture of the new device and her eyes widened slightly. She recognised it as one of her partner's latest findings. She moved to the other, tapped her and pointed at the picture. She didn't want this scientist knowing that they had the missing piece. However, the Angel Hunter was no surprise. The Angel Hunter programme was newly introduced just before she escaped, she was even being considered for it after completing several tests. The irony hadn't escaped her.
"[#DC143C Do you know anything else about the Angel Hunters?]

Just as Olivia asked the question, a loud bang was heard at the door before a young man with black hair and orange eyes walked into the room. "[#FF8C00 Seth! Have you got the]..." However, he didn't end up finishing the sentence as he saw the two girls standing there. One of them holding the file that he needed. [#FF8C00 "Who are you two?"] He asked, eyeing them suspiciously.

Aaron was a newly trained Angel Hunter, a group of individuals tasked in bringing down the Angel Forces. Each leader of the Black Market had come together and agreed that they needed more protection against the Angels, however, they could not be directly linked to bringing them down. So, they created Angel Hunters. Aaron had been one of the first to sign up. He hated the Angel Officers with a burning passion. They stood for peace but all they brought was chaos.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/vU5NmPv.jpg]
  canadonewithursh-t / 13d 19h 40m 56s
[i “Yeah.. Luckily our mission is just to make contact with an informant I met before I joined the angels. He’s pretty cool, though he’s blind. Just a heads up.”]
In truth, Lillie hadn’t told anyone besides the recruiting officers about her experience in the black market. Or the fact that she was hiding a dirty secret. The secret wasn’t exactly her thought since she couldn’t control whom her family was. Heading towards her own cruiser she grinned as she looked at the assortment of stickers which she’d collected and had put on her back-shield winder. Some were cutesy anime stickers; others were political statements which resonated with her. So far nothing truly gave her away the fact that she was indeed an Angel police. Once situated inside the car she found herself fiddling around with what type of music to play. L had a horrible habit of collecting anything that piqued her interest and in the back of her car were cds from different genres and eras. Deciding on some techno music she nodded her head before waiting for her partner to enter and started to head towards the black market.

On the surface, the Eastern Black market looked like a city within a city. For the first couple of miles there wasn’t anything necessarily illegal per say that one could find. Sure, illegal activities took place like robbing, stealing, extortion, but if one didn’t go actively seeking it that they’d be fine. Tapping her hand to the steering wheel the girl took everything in. It was hard to not get distracted by the gadgets and gizmos which hung in the air; but she had a clear-cut mission which she’d had to take care of. About fifteen miles into the market was were people lived and built houses. Security around her were tight and as the Yakuza were often the peace-keepers within the market they were the ones who made sure that no one was where they weren’t wanted. Luckily for her she’d knew exactly whom she was meeting. He sat atop of the building in a loft where all of his designs where.

Parking within the building, she turned towards her partner and gave her hand a tight squeeze. It wasn’t taken lightly. The courage it took to come walking back into the place where all her nightmares happen. Getting out the car, Lillie button up her jacket and brought her shirt down so that her pistol was conceal and kept tuck. Running fingers through her hair she led the way to the building where their informant was. Now all she needed to do was walk carefully and

“Tomaru. Nanishiteruno?” The voice of one of the guards that stood outside of the building could be heard. In front of them was a teenager that was being frisk thoroughly and as the exchange took place, Lillie paused before holding her breath. It was then that one of them turned towards them and blinked before pressing a device to his hear. Nodding his head, he walked towards them. The way he walk was slow and calming as if he wasn’t trying to alarm the two girls. “Faye Valetine and…. Bulma. Seth is waiting for you..”
Turning towards her partner Lillie mouth an apologize before they were taking to the top floor.

Electric cords stuck out of the back of the male’s head as he sat down by the computer. His cybernetic implants were self-made in the name of research. Doubling as both a double agent for the Angels and security for the Black market, his fingers were typing away at the screen before he spoke softly.
“Thank you for meeting me here, I’ve come to inform you guys of a new device Aku had me develop. Its revolutionary in terms of it makes spying extremely easy and hacking as well. On the left filing cabinet, atop is the folder. It’s recently gone missing and pretty soon the Yakuza are going to be out looking for it. I’ve even heard that He’s got some.. angel hunter that specializes in tracking angels down. Oolong? I think?” Seth spoke as he continued working.
  Lillie / Mr-X / 29d 23h 4m 36s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/FCocbxC.jpg]

It was ironic, that Olivia ended up being the very thing her family disagreed with. Her parents had been very much against the idea of humans undergoing mechanical transformation and having cyber enhancements. It wasn't natural in their eyes and the fact that people died from trying to have cybernetic parts just proved their point. However, when Olivia was a young girl, she had been in a car crash. She was one of the only survivors but, her life was hanging on by a thread. She had severe amount of blood loss and she had lost a limb. Just when her parents had given up hope, an engineer approached them, explaining how he could save Olivia's life with mechanical parts. He presented a contract in which gave him consent to work on their daughter and they hastily agreed and signed. They didn't care at this point about their previous statements and beliefs, this was their only chance of Olivia surviving.

Fortunately, Olivia did survive and her left arm had been replaced. However, before any of them could thank the engineer, he left with a single word. It was strange that he had taken no payment, but, he wasn't thought of for much longer. Overwhelmed with happiness, her parents took her home, let her rest, heal and adjust to her new arm before she was sent back to school. She lived a relatively normal life up until she was about fifteen years old.

One night, after school, she had been out with some friends and was walking back home. She had decided to take a short cut through a dark alley way, if she had walked her usual route, she was sure to have gotten a scolding from her parents. However, she would never make it back home. She walked into that alley unsuspecting to the danger that laid within. She was walking through when the back of her head was struck hard with an object, a sharp pain travelling through her skull and spine. Her vision them grew dark and the last thing she remembered was hitting the cold, wet stone of the ground.

When she woke up, her arms and legs were bound. Her surroundings were alien but the voice that welcomed her was all too familiar. The scientist that had saved her life was the one to kidnap her. It turns out, he had placed a tracking device in her arm and he was waiting for her to grow up, grow stronger before taking what was rightfully his. In their haste, her parents had not read the fine print that when she was old enough, the scientist would take her away. The next nine years was spent being modified on, tested on and slaving away. The scientist used her to experiment new enhancements, he borrowed her out and she travelled from market to market. She had long since given up fighting against them, she would only be punished for doing so.

She was twenty four when the Angel Officers raided the Black Market she had been kept up in. Within the chaos, she somehow managed to escape and fight her way through to freedom. The officers noticed her skill and offered her a position as one of them, she readily accepted. But, she had no other choice. She was far away from her home and she had nothing, the angels were offering her everything. They took her in and enhanced her robotic parts, at this point most of her body was cybernetic. They trained her, taught her their ways and showed her what differences she would be making as an officer. To say she had been inspired would be a lie. She had lost her feelings long ago and was simply using the Angels to get where she needed to be. Once the Black Markets would cease to exist, she was leaving.

Olivia sighed as she tugged on her clothes after taking a shower, looking in the mirror whilst doing so. She looked at the scars from her past. There was a couple on her human arm, some on her side above her hip, a few on her hands, several along the skin of her legs and back. But, her most noticeable one was slitting through her left eye. She couldn't remember how she had gotten that one, the memory too painful for her mind to store. Luckily, whatever had happened, it didn't hurt her actual eye. She traced her finger over it before snapping out of her trance and continuing to get ready.

So soon found herself waiting for her partner, Lillie. She liked the girl, but, even she could admit the other was a bit... Odd. It was what what she liked about her though. The two had been working together since Olivia became an officer and they had developed quite the relationship. Lillie was one of the few people Olivia trusted to be there for her. Though, she had never spoken of her time in the Black Market. It was too painful and she wasn't ready to show vulnerability.

She had her hands stuffed into her jacket pockets and she turned her attention as her partner approached. "[#DC143C Hey L]." She replied, however, at the question, she hesitated before answering. She had spent a lot of time in the Eastern Black Market as that was where the Scientist that had taken her, resided. She had even met Aku, the owner of that Black Market. "[#DC143C I'll be fine]... [#DC143C Bringing that place down will be like]... [#DC143C A peace of mind for me]..." She explained, though, she certainly did not feel fine.
  Navino / 13d 19h 41m 30s
[i Sore wa doko ni aru?]
[b Anzenda to omotta.]
[i Baka! Karera ga sore o mitsuketara. Karera wa sore o dōsa sa seru hōhō o hakken shita baai! Watashi wa anata ni shi o motarasudeshou.]

Aku, despite his name meaning evil in the common tongue, often practice the warrior philosophy of Zen. Serenity was his daily mantra as he went about one of the world’s largest Black markets. He was fear and rightfully so. Several Angel officers had fallen to his blade and being that he’s been around the marketplace for more than two decades he was a good judge of character. Often, he could see who was there and for what. Most of his those who ran smaller Black markets were to narrow minded. Specializing in only slaves, or cybernetic surgeries, or weapons, they were narrow-minded and offered nothing more. Be he, Aku, offered many possibilities. The only reason as to why he was at odds with the law is because he refused to be ordained as a catholic priest. A little dab of holy water, hand on the bible and mostly everything which he would be doing would be consider legal. The irony was not lost to the male who sat perched upon his office.

Sitting in the lotus position the male found it increasing difficult to peace. Not every scientist was willing to work for the government and for them his territory was a place of protection for them. Currently scientist was working on something revolutionary, a transportable skull capable that acted like a security camera. It was a two-way system a transmitter and a receiver. One could only transmit signals while the other receive. At first glance it looked like something used for decoration. No one would suspect it of being used as a spying device but somehow, someone, had dropped his receiver. If anyone was able to figure out how to work it than they’d have access to all the test footage they’d done in the past. Hopefully, it would not be an enemy.

Aku’s Eastern Black Market was currently in a state of inner conflict. In three years-time the man would be fifty. At the tender age of twenty he’d inherited his father’s position as “ボス” it was a position he took seriously. Of the twenty-seven years which he’d been running the Eastern market only one massive Raid happen and that was at the beginning of his career. Now that it had expanded and grown, the government knew that they had had to step carefully or to avoid a full out war. Hence why hardly any Angel officers bother to step foot deep within the heart of his domain.

Exhaling and inhaling, he’d rose to his feet before dusting himself off. [i “Iku.”]
“Hai Bosu!”

The moment that the door to his office closed he was on his feet again. Leaned back and spoke softly.
[i “Where are you... My skull?”]
[h3 Translation]
"Where is it?"
"I thought it was safe"
"Fool! if they find it and learn how to work it. I will bring you death."
"yes boss."
  Aku / Mr-X / 33d 21h 21m 22s
What exactly was the best way to describe Lillie? She was a talkative girl who kept to herself. Well, that is, until she found something that piqued her interest. Once her interest was fired up she’d stopped at nothing to discovering everything she could about what it was that piqued her interest. It wasn’t that she tried to pry into personal people’s lives. It just happens honest. Hence why, at the church where they angels were currently staying at, people tended to avoid the aloof room. Sitting on the corner of her bed, metallic hands where figuring about with a skull which she’d found whilst out on patrol. Completely mechanically it was an oddity that piqued her interest. It was true-cyber enhancements were what sold quite for the highest price on the black market. However, no one had ever tried to engineer a completely 100% android.

Humanity was complex. She doubts that anyone was able to duplicate the soul which brought breath into every living human being. So, lifting the skull upwards, those eyes of hers stared deeper into the closed sockets of the robot. A collection of things where scattered all over her room. Dolls which were carved lined her shelves. Weapons such as swords, knives, and even guns, laid on her work desk. And on her floor were sketches and notes of the places she has been and the people she’s seen. Organization seemed to be a foreign concept to the girl. Which was why she worked so well with her partner Olivia. Olivia was basically her opposite. Still, Lillie was more than thrilled to have a girl such as her on her side of the law instead of working against it.

Setting down the skull onto the bed, the young girl stood up before tying her messy hair into a semblance of a bun. The secret to it was something which she had had to ponder later since her shift was beginning to start soon. Angels were the law of the city. The leading authority in tracking down the criminals who worked in the black market and took advantage of people who were poor and in desperation. Cybernetic implants were something which still not a lot of people had. Scientist didn’t quite know why some humans were compatible with it whilst others weren’t. For as long as Lillie could remember, she’d had a cybernetic implant due to her having a bad heart.

It was right after she was born that the doctors delivered the news of her condition. The heart valves weren’t functioning properly. It was all fine and dandy till she turned 15 and shit hit the fan. One minute she was having problems breathing, the next she had been in a coma for six months and her heart was now 100% cybernetic. Lacing up her boots and she stopped by her desk and fiddle around with the weapons which laid down there. She was a pistol sort of girl. The design and the feel of it was something that she’d admire along with how it didn’t get in the way and was easy to conceal. However at the same time, her attention was turned towards the rapier. Its cross-guard was golden and it’s blade was excellent for thrusting. Swords weren’t a practically use on the field however. Pouting, nodded her head suddenly before turning around and heading out.

[b “Colt!”] She spoke as she ran into the first Angel officer she could find. Of course, there was a hesitation for him to answer. Lillie was notorious for starting conversations that could last up for hours but this wouldn’t take long. [b “Glock 19, Beretta, or Kongsberg, or Walther P99 or Ruger P89?”] Stopping in his tracks, the male turned around and blinked. He knew that Lillie was a collector of things, but she was the first woman he knew that collected handguns. With a shrug of his shoulders he spoke up. [i “Uh… 89?’]

It was already 10 in the morning when she met Olivia at the front of the church. Todays assignment did not sit well with the girl. Mostly because they’d been assigned to the Eastern Black Market where reports of criminal activities were going on. She’d knew full well that her partner had been victimized but to what extent she didn’t ask and she’d normally did her best to try find pick assignments for her partner and her that led them as far away from said market as possible. But the Father Anderson had insisted that this time she and Olivia had to go. As much as the girl didn’t like admitting it, the Eastern Black market was very, very familiar to her.

Once she’d gotten that heart transplant it made her extremely curious to the cybertronic parts which humans adapted. For the average person cybernetic implants overloaded the electronic impulses that the brain sends which lead to permanent paralysis. In the worst case scenario, the lungs end up being the first organs to be paralyze resulting in a painful death by asphyxiation. Between the ages of sixteen and 18 the girl found herself frequenting the Eastern market mainly due to her ethnicity being the same as those who ran it.

Most of the time she would collect weapons and gadgets. She had no idea the horrors of the black market till she was caught up in a raid. By that time, her chest had fully become cybernetic. It was an awkward experience for the girl. Since she was young and beautiful, they’d assumed the worst case scenario about her and assumed she had been traffic for…. Reasons best left unspoken. Once they discovered that she’d was just there to collect items and learn more about her new cybernetic parts that was when they offered to take her in and trained her to be an officer of the law. She never looked back since.

“Hey O.” Offering her a pack of cigarettes Lillie hesitated before shifting uncomfortably. “Are you going to be okay going back to the Black market?” She asked looking up at her partner.
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