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Hallowed be Thy Name

Gravity Falls meets Little Hope

Current cast - Calvin Hulls and Elodie Connelly

Calvin Hulls is my central character.

A teenager with a nihilist outlook on life. An atheist who has no belief in anything mystical or holy.

Adopted into a dysfunctional family and spends as much time away from the house as possible. Is surprisingly pretty chummy with Elodie, but doesn’t really consider her a friend. A loner who prefers his own company.

Has no clue who his real parents are and has no interest in finding out because, in his mind, they abandoned him and haven’t tried to reach out to him either.

Elodie Connelly is my side character.

The granddaughter of the town’s former preacher who works at the church teaching Sunday school. Is highly religious and devoted to Christianity, but also has a surprisingly open-mind to other things.

She comes as as very put together and disciplined, but is actually struggling with some personal issues. A borderline alcoholic who basically drinks the church’s wine supply after closing hour.

Cold Springs is the name of the town. A small town of only 600 in Salem, Massachusetts. Plagued by the witch trials that killed 50 innocent people, including women and children, in the 1600s. Some say the town is cursed and haunted by the spirits of those who died.

Set in the 70s.

The town is quickly dying due to the shutdown of multiple factories and important workplaces that kept the town afloat. I imagine the town to have a similar feel to Gary, Indiana.
I hate the fact that the priest in Little Hope is so hot cause he’s evil as fuck and definitely did some weird shit to Mary, but goddamn. I guess I sorta understand cause sin in the bible and religious stories describe sin to be attractive and all that and being attractive has proven to make you appear more trustworthy and charismatic , but oh my god. The priest is like the ultimate sin.

Anyway. Just got done playing Little Hope and I thought it was really good. I get that people weren’t too fussed with the ending, but I didn’t mind it at all. Though I do agree that the story would’ve done just fine as a ghost story with demons instead of facing your past trauma, but I still like the OG ending. I can definitely see why people are bothered.

Gotta love 1600s witch trial ghost stories with hot priests.
  | Eden | / AbsoslutVodka / 18h 19m 14s
A great fog had always enveloped the town, trapping the townspeople inside and causing outsiders to become lost and confused. It came to a point where nobody ever left in fear of losing their way in the forests that encircled the town, and outsiders had stopped trying to visit for the same reason. The fog has surrounded the town since forever, or for as long as they could all remember. There were good days were the fog receded and the town was almost normal. There were times where the fog had completely covered the entire town.

A reincarnation story where all the townspeople are reincarnations from the past. Basically, no one in the town is [i new], they have always been there since the town was first built in the 1600s, forced to endure countless lives of suffering until they can atone for their sins. But each time they reincarnate, they lose all memory of their past lives, losing all progress and having to start from the beginning all over again.

The town's history is plagued by the gruesome witch trial events that took place in the late 1600s, just a few years after the town had been built. Countless women and children, even men, were executed for no reason other than for suspicion and false accusations that meant nothing. This was the ultimate sin for them, all the deaths of innocence had finally taken its toll and the town had become cursed.

No one can leave the town, ever. If they try and wade through the fog to escape, they will end up in the exact same place they just started from. Essentially, they all trapped in this endless loop.

The townspeople are able to recover their past memories, they just have to work for it. Reincarnations have very similar names to their past lives, for example, the first letter of their first and last name will always be the same.

So, I imagine this to be about two people who try and escape the town, maybe learn more about the town's history and discover their past lives and the truth behind the fog.
  | Eden | / AbsoslutVodka / 16h 59m 2s
The more I watch TV shows and films set in the UK, the more I love all the accents, but as an English girl myself, I fucking hate half the accents in real life. It’s like all the accents somehow sound different on screen even though they aren’t that different at all, literally, I can name like 20 characters with the exact same accent as me and I love them, but I’m super insecure about my accent in real life.

Yorkshire is my favourite accent, though. Oh BOY!
  | Starless | / AbsoslutVodka / 1d 3h 28m 7s
A priest or priestess who falsely accuses others of witchcraft to cover his or her own crimes? They could secretly be a satanist this whole time and accuse others for their wrongdoings for their own benefit and selfish reasons.

A witch or warlock who is rightfully accused, but witchcraft is not as evil as the townspeople think? I like the idea of witchcraft being a product of satanism, but that doesn’t mean it has to be totally evil.

I really want this to be set in the 1600s, but I might twist this into a slight fantasy version. It’s still the 1700s, but things are slightly different just to make things easier.
  | Starless | / AbsoslutVodka / 1d 14h 17m 25s
Am I in love with an evil priest?

HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha.... hahaahaaa... hehehee... heh

  | Starless | / AbsoslutVodka / 1d 17h 41m 34s

A school for witches in the 1600s to protect young witches from execution and torture by the nearest town.

Witches are anyone who possess strange powers and abilities. Not all witches and warlocks possess the same abilities, and some are naturally stronger than others. Witchcraft is just an umbrella term.

Warlocks are male witches, but are a lot less frequent and common. There are some warlocks in the school, but they are vastly outnumbered by witches.

The school is under threat of being discovered by the town’s puritans.

Could be set during modern times.

Witches no longer face the threat of death, but are still under protection as many face scorn and hatred for the powers they possess.

School functions very similarly to the one in Coven.
  | Starless | / AbsoslutVodka / 2d 2h 11m 52s
Dreamt that me and a few other girls were being forced to do an exam by a bunch of WWII Japanese soldiers in the middle of a field. Then we all got nailed to the floor by them with stakes through our throats, and I just remember being alive throughout it all but afraid of dying whilst dying. With this big wooden stake stabbed right through my throat, I started making a speech and I could literally feel all the warm blood in my mouth and throat as I spoke, I could even taste it. Then this girl got up without any injuries and grabbed a teddy bear and left. She was Japanese as well and I said something to her about the whole situation and she said it wasn’t any of her problem and left us all to die.

At some point in the dream I ended up in a pet shop and bought myself a turtle, and then I played a version of Petscop that was going to be released to the public but was cancelled twice. I was super bummed out about that, but you could play the unfinished game.
  | Starless | / AbsoslutVodka / 2d 15h 37m 2s
[i Gone are the gods, now are the servants.]

I guess a rebellion story? A historical plot, sort of like the French Revolution. Set during that time at least or a dystopian future that is sort of set back in the past, like the Fallout series and The Handmaid's Tale.
  | Starless | / AbsoslutVodka / 3d 17h 1m 25s
Something Mandalorian related.
A bounty hunter versus their target?

I kind of want to do something involving a Mandalorian who follows the Creed's code to an absolute T and one who has rejected everything the Creed stands for.

A cat and mouse plot? I don't want the characters to be constantly chasing after each other, though.

So, this roleplay is far removed from the Star Wars storyline, and by that, I just mean that this is taking place in the background whilst all the canon stuff is taking place. Anything that would really affect our story in the canon will take place, but that's about it.
  AbsoslutVodka / 3d 18h 43m 43s
It’s not like disabling or anything, I can still see about as normally as the average person with 20/20 vision, just with the extra spiciness of static.

But I watched a video that said that Visual Snow could be a symptom of psychics or something who can see and manipulate energy. I have no clue if that’s even real, but I now feel low-key special.

Haha, no. I’ve just got shitty eyes.
  | Shadows | / AbsoslutVodka / 5d 3m 16s
I just found out I have a super rare medical condition called Visual Snow which basically means that I can see static all the time.

This is what my vision normally looks like. I’m basically blind at night because all I see is white static.

I thought this was super normal until today. Apparently your vision is supposed to be crystal clear at all times? There is no cure and glasses don’t do anything. My world basically looks like a VHS tape recording.

When I said I wanted to live in my 80s-90s fantasy, THIS ISN’T WHAT I FUCKING MEANT!!!
  | Shadows | / AbsoslutVodka / 5d 6m 41s
My dad gave me his rosary today. Well, it’s not really his since someone gave him the rosary to give to me, but still. He got two rosaries whilst in Iraq on his bed and one was to protect him and help him come home safely, and the other was for me to presumably protect me . He doesn’t believe in God, but he does cherish these kinda things, so he kept them for all those years, but never gave me my rosary until today.

Now, I’m religious but not really that much. I’m more agnostic than religious, to be honest, but I do value and respect all religious items and effigies. I believe all religions are valid and have a purpose in this world. If someone gave me an item from Hinduism, I’d keep it and respect it for my entire life, the same way if someone gave me something from Buddhism, etc. My mum is Pagan and taught me a lot of what Paganism is and means and I used to think I was Pagan, but I never truly resonated with it.

I’m religious, but I suppose I don’t really have a set religion. I sort of believe in everything as long as they don’t overlap and contradict each other. I suppose there is an almighty God somewhere and a Satan, but also a bunch of other gods and demons as well. I do believe in angels and demons, but not necessarily in the biblical way. It’s very confusing...

If someone was to ask me what my religion was, I’d probably just say Catholic. I mean, I have the rosary which I’ve started praying to. But I’m not really sure what I’m doing.

I do believe in science, though. Don’t confuse me with the proper religious folk who claim dinosaurs aren’t real and the Earth was made in 6000 years or something. No, I do seriously believe in evolution and science, but also in religious stuff too.

It’s weird. If I was to talk about this in detail, I’d be here for hours.
  | Starless | / AbsoslutVodka / 5d 15h 10m 34s
There was a time where the planets ruled the cosmos. A time before even the gods were a mere concept, ready to be borne into the world and reign upon the celestial body of Earth, but that time has since faded, forgotten the same as the dying stars in the night sky.

As soon as Earth had birthed the gods and humans discovered their rulers in the sky, the Planets had become nothing but a mere myth, a mystery passed around until they crumbled into just a short story. They were always there, the Planets, for they had complete and utter reign over the boundless void of Space, a place where nobody could venture, not even the gods themselves. But Earth was beyond their reach, only Earth herself could manipulate those who lived within her domain, but humanity's mistakes and the god's cruelty and ignorance could not be helped, even by Earth. They were a colony that was doomed to fail, another race that was bound to destroy itself, but humanity had potential.

Space was full of life, but this corner of the endless void was barren, only Earth held intelligent life, and the planets all cherished that. But they were fading away, more and more every day, and the gods couldn't care less, even if they needed humans to sustain their power.

The Planets have created avatars for themselves to live on Earth, demigods as the humans would call them, to do their bidding and save humanity from their own destruction. But the avatars are unaware of the origins as they essentially different beings from the planets, only having been created and not transferred. Before they are able to save humanity and prevent their demise, the demigods must first discover who they truly are, a task that could take years to complete.
  | Eden | / AbsoslutVodka / 5d 17h 38m 11s
Gods in a fantasy setting.

Made up gods instead of real ones from mythology, but they can be based on mythological gods, such as a forest god being based on Pan.

I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to face claims for gods. I think I'm more than prepared for this, lmao.

Not sure what the plot would entail. I do have a plot about the Planet Gods, could use that but with these instead. I'll repost it in a second.
  | Eden | / AbsoslutVodka / 5d 17h 45m 14s

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