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[center [b Hyrule] ]
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[center [i Throughout the countless ages war has ravage the land once blessed by the three goddess. Ganon; fueled by his lust for power and his insatiable thirst for vengeance constantly ravishes the land with his horde. Killing women and children and enslaving others till at last he's goal is met. In response out of desperation the Princess Zelda calls forth a hero. Guided by the ancient spirits across the Land the hero comes and vanquishes Gannon once and for all. but than what?] ]

[center [i Hyrule rebuilds its towns. The orphans and widows bury love ones and the hero of time is sent away to return only when the evil once again descends upon the land. Such needless bloodshed always comes before salvation. Throughout the generation there has been no way to stop the continuous war brought about by the mad man's desire to unite the triforces and grant his wishes. Till now.] ]

[center [i Under the guises of Night, Zelda travels deep within the heart of the Desert of the Guerudo. Seeking out the king of evil himself, she comes carrying a proposal. One which might very well change the fate of the world of Hyrule forever and might well one-day stop the very bloodshed which has dyed the city in it's blood.] ]

[center [i Marriage. That is the proposal Zelda raises to Gannon, a chance to unite to different races of people. But the only question which can be ask is how will the Dark king himself take to it?] ]

[center [i Zelda; 19 Year's old and princess of Hyrule.] ]
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[center [i [b Gannon, 22 year's old and Chieftain of the exiled Guerudo's.] ]
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[right [i Disclaimor, this is base off of a manga called "the tale of two rulers. This isn't my original idea.] ]

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Of all the people whom the chieftain thought would help him regain his humanity Link was not one of them. Yet in the moment where his fist collided with his shield it happens. Eventually the anger subsided, and his sense of self was restored. Taking a step back he allowed himself to be consoled. Hands softly guided him towards the infirmary. All the while he kept his composer and within what felt like minutes, he found himself face to face with the princess once more. The pain of the scar upon his chest didn’t bother him more so than the fact that she’d had to see him loose his cool.

He’d unleashed a frighten display of his dark magic. No mere mortal stood a chance once the Dark king took hold of his powers and unleashed it. Indeed, now he worried what the Hyrulian people would make of such a scandalous tell. Perhaps, he doubt it, perhaps now they’d see what bigotry could cause. Or, would the story be twisted and Gannon the monster. Leaning forward, he place his head within the palm of his hands and closed his eyes. He had acted within the means of self-defense. Yet that did not absolve him of the blood on his hands. The irony of it all was that he had been trying. Deep down within his heart of hearts, he could honestly say that he had been trying with all of his might to not shed blood. The blood of his people were precious to him. Out of respect for the princess he felt like he needed to also protect Hyrulian blood as well. But during his rage he’d killed several men. How could this be reconciled? What would the king say?

[#cd0a0e “Zelda, believe me when I say that I did not want to shed Hyrulian blood.”] His voice came out a little shaky. Ashamed he couldn’t stand to look the Princess in her face. Instead he continued to stare into the palm of his hands. His Triforce was starting to burn both pieces were. It had soon become clear that all three wielders of the Triforce had gathered in the same room. Link was standing guard and the Princess was right before him. It seemed odd that the were not trying to do war against one another. [#cd0a0e “I did not wish for this..”] His voice came out again as he tried his best to make his point clear and his words honest and true.

Pressing herself against the male, his sister gave him a hug before the chief lifted his eyes to see all who were in the room to support him. He felt there love and there presence but still all he could feel was a deep sense of shame. Turning around Link slowly made his way closer to the Gannon and spoke. [#0df817 “Stop.”] Lifting up his heads the chief looked at the warrior but that’s all he had to said. Turning upon his heel he looked back at the chief and spoke again.

[#0df817 “Stop right there. I won’t let you manifest negative emotions. I’m the protector of Hyrule. My Mission is to bring peace; you are trying to establish peace in Hyrule. As long as our goals are the same we stand united. This was done to preserve the peace of Hyrule those soldiers were wrong. I won’t let you play martyr. I wont let you give into hate. We know you’re intentions are pure.. Now, I have a cake to get back to baking.”]

As he left the pair alone Gannon let out a sigh. Link had made him feel better and as he turned towards the princess he couldn’t help but to ask her. [#cd0a0e “Now what? Where should we go from here Zelda?]
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There was an itch she felt at the back of her mind that couldn't quite be scratched. Something was in the air tonight, some kind of foreboding presence looming over the Castle Hyrule... It was odd because the conversation Zelda had just had with Gannon was one that she felt had gone extremely well, and it made her look forward to the future. But she knew it wasn't Gannon or their conversation that made her feel this way. No. It was something else.

Either way, Zelda was still going to find Impa so they could discuss the Sheikah and the Gerudo military. She walks the brightly torch lit corridors, the outside sky black as night had fallen. And then suddenly, she stops, feeling a prickle of [i something] in the hairs of the back of her neck, and almost immediately after there's a bright flash that lights up the window she was standing next to, followed by a crash of thunder. Zelda frowns and turns towards the windows, inspecting the darkness outside despite not being able to see. It wasn't raining, but the thunder and lightning might be preceding the rain.

About to turn away from the tall window, Zelda feels that same [i prickle] again, and again, a flash of lightning and thunder. But this time, as the light flashes, it casts a shadow on the window, a [i shape]. The shape of a [i person clinging] to the window. She jumps back from the window with a small yelp, staring again in to the darkness of night before raising her hands, sticking her pointer, pinky, and thumbs out and making a circle in the air, a golden sigil forming and lighting up the window like a spot light... There was no one there. Strange. Her mind must be playing tricks on her.

Zelda turns away from the window, but stops when she hears footsteps coming her way. She turns to see Link coming, and with him, hands bound behind his back was Captain Harkness. Her mouth opens, but Link answers her before she can even ask. [b [+green “Zelda, your Captain just tried to assassinate Gannon. Come quickly before things get worse.”]] And she freezes for a moment. The strange feeling she had earlier... [i Magic]. Oh no.

Zelda's delicate features harden in to something that resembles a warriors, a scorching fire behind her electric blue eyes. [+blue “You do not understand the gravity of what you have just done, Harkness.”] He tries to speak, but the gag in place makes it unintelligible. It was no matter either, because whatever he had to say, muffled or not, was silenced by a swift back-hand from Zelda. [+blue “Take him to the dungeon; I will deal with this treacherous rat later.”] And with that, Zelda quickly makes her way to the medical ward, an increase in Royal Guard presence being around there, but none of the standard guards.

And outside of the door in to the ward was Impa, the woman she was looking for just moments ago. She always had a remarkably stern face, but now there was a measure of contempt behind it. She was leaning against the wall, but once she sees Zelda, she peels off of it and meets her halfway. [b “I rounded up the Captain's entourage. Even if they weren't involved in the attack they might still be culpable.”] Zelda nods and Impa pulls a face of disgust. [b “Four of my men are also being brought to the dungeon; they let Harkness and the other assassins on to the castle grounds.”]

[+blue “Thank you, Impa. We will talk later.”] Is all she said as her heart thudded in her chest as she entered the medical ward. Inside there were no Royal Guardsmen, just the healers, Urbosa, and Gannon. Her pace increase when she sees Gannon. Despite the fact that in the back of her mind she knew that he couldn't be killed by conventional means, she was still greatly concerned for his safety and well-being. [+blue “Gannon! Oh Goddess, I am so relieved that you are alright.”] However, it didn't escape her notice that there was now a scar formed on his chest from where he was no doubt attacked.
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Perhaps had the male lingered just a moment longer things wouldn’t have gone so awry. However, once time is set to move none can stop it. Turning his back upon the Princess he walked out of the Library and smiled as he was greeted once more by his sister. Urbosa had been standing guard it seemed like. Her instincts told her that not everyone was pleased with having the King of Evil alone with the princess of Hyrule. Coming alongside him the girl matched his pace as the pair walked from the library out towards the caste stable. He was deep in thought and as his sister asked him about how everything went, he gave her a smile. Things were shaping up to be promising; unity was finally going to be achieved. As they approached the Stables Gannon turned towards his sister and place a hand upon her shoulders. [#cd0a0e “Stay here with the Princess. Her safety is my number one concern. Now more than ever all eyes are on us Gerudo. We mustn’t give them reason to suspect us.”]

Holding on to his hand, his sister softly kissed it. She’d had a sinking feeling in her stomach that something terrible was going to happen tonight. However such a thing she couldn’t worry about. It was then that several Hyrulian soldiers approached the pair. Turning upon his heel the young chieftain blinked as he saw the soldiers. Gannon had heard that the captain of the Hyrulian guard was openly racist. His disdain for his people was something he couldn’t hide. Turning to his sister he motion for her to leave them group of men alone and before she could protest he gave her a firm look. Taking the reigns from his dark horse the male guided his horse towards the men before he nodded.

[#24abb2 “Gannondorf.”] The male spat.
Instantly, Gannon felt heat rise in his face. That was the name of his pig form he’d took long ago. Once he’d been overwhelm by the power of the Triforce but now he was clearly human. No longer did he had to worry about transforming into a beast. Letting out a dry cough the male slowly spoke. [#cd0a0e “Captain, I know you have disdain for me-“]

[#24abb2 “Shut the fuck up. This debacle ends tonight. I don’t give a damn about what that little slut of a princess says. You’re fucking dead!”]

Before he had time to defuse the situation the captain a soldier had come up behind Gannon and stabbed him through the chest. Widening his eye the male stood in disbelief before the captain charged in and stabbed him through his stomach. Spitting out blood the chieftain stumble before he saw a third and a fourth come towards him. Lifting his hands he acted as if he had a spear before throwing it and instantly a thunderbolt went through a soldier killing him where he stood. [#24abb2 “BASTARD!’] Roar the soldier, but now Gannon was aware of all those behind him. It was dark at night and none where around the stable to see the assassination attempt take place. Kicking the captain with his foot he sent him flying. Turning to the one whom he stabbed in his chest, he pulled out the knife lodge in his stomach and stabbed the soldier in the neck. Several times he stabbed and stabbed to at last his was gone and dead.

Magic were healing the wounds Inflicted upon him. Only one thing could kill the evil prince and that was the mystic sword created to vanish evil’s Bane. As long as one did not possess the Master sword all attempts were futile. Still, his eyes glowed a crazy flame and as he stepped forward towards the captain, he spun right as an arrow flew by. An archer was hidden in the dark. Once more, the Prince lifted his hands and hurl a thunderbolt at where the arrow was sent and the sound of a voice crying out in pain could be heard before a body falling. Turning upon his heels Gannon reached towards the captain and roared.


Stumbling through the halls of the Hyrule castle Gannon was dragging the gagged body of the captain as he struggled against the binds which bound him together. A visible scar could be seen upon his chest and there was still blood stained upon his hands and arms. As he bellowed for the princess again, Urbosa came running towards him before her eyes widen in horror. It was clear what happen, and as Gannon hurled the captain of the guard of his shoulders and slammed into the ground, Urbosa tried to stopped him but the King wouldn’t be stopped. Lifting his fist, he roared. [#cd0a0e “May the Goddess have mercy on your bastard soul! I WILL NOT!”]

Bring his fist down, he went to crush the skull of the captain before a shield caught his punch and instantly those brown eyes locked with blue. Pushing him back Link looked at the archnemesis before speaking; [b [#0df817 “You’re not the evil Gannon anymore. I will find the Princess.”] ]

[#cd0a0e “LINK!”]
[b [#0df817 “Gannon.”] ] Link didn’t have his sword with him only his shield. However that didn’t mean he wasn’t able to take on the chief before. Instantly, Link barked out orders asking for Gannon to be taken to the medical ward and as for the captain of the guard he’d see to him personally. Lifting him with one arm, he slammed him up against the wall. Those eyes were all that need to be said.

As handcuffs were thrown upon the Captain Link escorted him to where the Princess was and without knocking he barged him and spoke [b [#0df817 “Zelda. You Captain just tried to assassinate Gannon. Come quickly before things get worst.”] ]
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It seemed their conversation was coming to a close now, however the both of them lingered some. She couldn't quite place it, but for some reason she felt a measure of disappointment they couldn't talk more about... Well, [i anything], really.

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, though; if they were disagreeable to each other, then their conversation would have most certainly lasted much longer. So, she supposed it was a good thing that the two of them agreed on most of the topics. There was a lot of work to be done, but many of the details would be delegated to people who knew more than the two of them, particularly the geologists and the Hylian Generals. She'd also have to speak with Impa to get the Sheikah side of things, although that was going to be a bit of a difficult one to tussle with. Impa might be their representative, but she was not heralded well by some of her people; many bridges were burned when she became Zelda's Royal Guard Captain and Advisor.

As a result, there was a silence between the two for a moment, a comfortable silence, but one that Zelda found she couldn't inflate with words. None came to mind... Which was a little strange. Her powers of Wisdom for some reason failing her at this particular moment. So instead, when Gannon stood, she did the same, nodding her head at his parting words and smiling some. [+blue “I agree. I am so very glad that we could have this conversation, Gannon. I look forward to our next; have a safe journey back to the Gerudo Desert.”] And with that, despite wanting him to stay a little longer, she kept quiet and let him go. It was a strange feeling to have, wanting to stay in the presence of a man she had been at war with for all time, but she things were proving to be different now, jovial, even. Everything felt so much faster, and less foreboding, it was certainly a pleasant change of pace from the memories she often experienced from her past lives. What used to be a fearful patience or what happened next was now an uncertain excitement. Sure, she understood why others might feel some anxiety about this, but she was sure they could feel it in the air like her and Gannon could. Even though her father and Impa acted resigned, she was sure the two of them felt something bubbling under the surface. She knew that was a fact for Impa, at least; she could see it in the woman's eye.

Speaking of, she needed to go find Impa, and discuss how they planned to arbitrate with the Sheikah, as well as the Hylian Generals. She didn't want to make a Royal Decree for conscription in the Gerudo Armies, she'd rather it be voluntary, so perhaps with the Sheikah taking a first step it would help inspire the others to volunteer in to the Gerudo Army.
  Zelda / Renegade / 24d 16h 54m 21s
[#cd0a0e "No. To be frank I am quite satisfied with all which we had discussed. I see no further reason to continue our conversation."] The Male's voice came out slow and deliberate as he tried to find any more reason to linger. Despite the fact that he knew there were no I'll intentions towards him, he still felt a dark premonition hanging around his head. As if her were an albatross which attracted danger and death to him. Drumming his fingers along the counter he simply closed his eyes before letting out a sigh. He'd enjoy everything which the pair had spoken about and indeed he had no further need to linger about or waste time here. Still, he felt himself wishing to l iij anger but a tad bit longer in the presence of the princess she was kind to him. When all others might have treated him with disgust or hatred she'd alone been kind and had gone out of her way to ensure that peace was preserve between the two of them. Rising from his table he nodded his head before he simply bowed to the princess. Time was getting late and the geurdo desert was a formidable thing to navigate in the dark. Even to the evil king himself. However he was more than able to handle such a trivial matter.

[#cd0a0e "I'm excited for what the future holds. It's been a long thing in the making but it's important that our people are finally able to set aside our differences and work towards achieving peace. My people will be happy to hear of this. Till next time."] Gannon spoke and than he was away and preparing for the journey at hand.
  Gannon / Mr-X / 31d 8h 44m 51s
For the most part, it seemed like they were in agreement with nearly everything, and willing to compromise certain details if things were not working on one end. That was good, and important to Zelda. When she ascended to Queen, she wanted to be a just and fair ruler for all, and would need a King who was her equal in that regard. And it seemed Gannon wanted the same. Despite him having the face of the man who she has fought over countless millennia, she found herself forgetting that as they continued their conversation. It was like he was a completely different person now, and it was... Wow, she didn't even know how to describe it. Obviously some of the others had their reservations, but she knew once they got to know the real Gannon, they would see him in the same light she did.

[+blue “Taxes, yes.”] Zelda nodded along with what he was saying. [+blue “Nor would I want us to appear that we're playing favourites. I would not do anything to hurt or incur disadvantage of the Gerudo people.”] And playing favourites was a sure-fire way to do that. [+blue Much of Hyrule's tax revenue goes back in to the country; roads, public education, infrastructure, the guards services, and so on. I imagine that once the Gerudo lands officially become part of Hyrule, especially with the canal we have planned, there will be an economic boom and reform. Much like the taxes here, it will be put back in to the lands for what I have listed. We can work with percents instead of static sums, so no one is getting ground in to the dirt before the economy booms. Other than that, we'll make sure there won't be any racialized tax inequalities, disparities, or head taxes for the Gerudo. Equal and fair treatment for all.”] Plus, with the amalgamation of the Gerudo and Hylian lands, [i geld] would no longer have to be paid, saving everyone a fortune. [+blue “I believe those to be the most pressing concerns, and with what we discussed I can begin the implementation process.”] There was plenty of paperwork she'd have to get done and she was eager to get it started since there was still so much left to do.

Zelda was looking off in to the distance again, thinking, before a smile graced her delicate features and she looks back to Gannon. [+blue “I'm quite happy with our arrangement, Gannon. Before we wrap this up, is there anything else you want to discuss or need of me?”]
  Zelda / Renegade / 37d 18h 38m 9s
At times, Gannon forgot that he was talking to a what some would still consider a child. As he saw the way him bringing up the bedding ceremony made her flustered, he felt embarrassed. Even more so when she blurted out how she’d like to kiss him at the altar. Shifting in his seat uncomfortably he now felt himself growing hotter in the face. How thankful he was when she mentions bringing up the Sheikah! Furthermore, he felt himself happy to hear how she praised his older sister’s combat prowess. Indeed she was a powerful force to be reckon with and he doubt many men could best her in open combat unless she willingly held her self back. A thing the male hardly saw her doing if he were to truthfully honest himself.

[#cd0a0e “Truthfully, I wouldn’t mind adding the Sheikah to our numbers. They’ve always been feared throughout the kingdom. If I were to be frank, even once feared them in another lifetime. The methods which the Sheikah employ are… effective to say the lease.”] Gannon’s voice faded as he felt shudders creep up his shoulders and he before closing his eyes and opening them once more again. In the past life he’d tried to invade Hyrule but he found himself held captive by the members whom had been sworn to protect the royal family. What followed next were several days being held captive at the bottom of a well and being at the mercy of a woman who took pleasure in “taking care” of him.

Now That such matters were being discussed and openly talked about Gannon had one more final issue to bring up and that was the issue of paying Taxes. Part of being openly accepted in Hyrulian culture is yielding loyalty to all aspects of the government. While no one like the idea of giving momentary funds to an oppressive regime perhaps with Gannon in charge they would not see the Hyrule rulers as oppressive and would be generous when it came to giving taxes. Snapping his fingers the male used magic to refill his tea cup and he made it extra hot. Breathing in the steam before exhaling the male grinned finding it amusement the fact that he’d be able to use his powers for such trivial matters. Leaning forward he sipped from it before exhaling and slowly moving to speak on his final thing which he wanted to discuss with the Princess.

[#cd0a0e “Now, we move on to everyone’s lease favorite thing. Taxes. I wish for my people to be fully accept into Hyrulian culture and in order to do so it is important that we’re able to pay taxes to the crown. I wish to discuss methods to make sure that my people are not overly tax and our money isn’t going to go towards things which would harm us in the long term.”] Pausing here, he once more took a sip from his tea before he continued talking. [#cd0a0e “The Gerudo Desert is rich in gems, golds, and silvers. I’m sure that we would have no problem paying taxes that are just and fair Zelda. I want to make myself clear, I’m not seeking special treatment for my people. I only wish for us to be treated equally.”]
  Gannon / Mr-X / 43d 10h 11m 35s
Her hands clap together as she smiles brightly. [+blue “Really?”] She beamed at him. [+blue “That would be absolutely amazing! Our kingdoms would be unified in no time, and with the money we save it can be put directly in to the Gerudo economy!”] That was fantastic news! Although, she'd have to give some more thought to their actual execution of tunnelling through the mountain; Zelda herself did not hold any fear towards Gannon and his power anymore, but the people of Hyrule witnessing the man who many were still leery of punching a hole through a mountain might be... problematic, as the idea of what he could do to the kingdom with that kind of power would no doubt cross their minds. The Princess wanted Gannon to bee respected and revered, after all. Perhaps they could space it out, or Zelda could help with her own magic, and perhaps the help of other sorcerers throughout the lands. Little details to discuss later since they had the important details sorted out.

However, she was so caught up in her own thoughts about the future, that she didn't really hear Gannon until he mentioned their wedding night and her chastity. Fortunately she didn't have a mouthful of tea or else she would've choked on it because she was caught off-guard. She flushes some and looks off to the side, suddenly unable to keep Gannon's gaze. [+blue “Oh, please forgive me, I was not expecting a conversation about this to be so forward.”] She could still feel the heat in her cheeks and a strange heat growing in her abdomen at the thought. [+blue “It is not that I have not thought about it, Gannon, but I do appreciate your compassion and respect for me.”] She has thought about it. Usually in-between her duties... and a lot more than she would ever admit... To anyone... Even Impa. [+blue “I would like to kiss.”] She admits without thinking, but then her eyes grow wide when she realized what she had said. Now she [i really] couldn't meet Gannon's gaze, as her eyes searched around the room in a panic for a safe focal point. [+blue “Aaa, a-at... A-at the altar!”] And adds to the awkwardness by laughing gracelessly.

It seemed Gannon had much more grace and composure than Zelda, as she did not notice his own feelings of discomfort on the matter—probably because she couldn't currently look at him—so it was fortunate that he had the capacity to shift gears back to a topic Zelda could actually be coherent in. She takes to smoothing her clothes out, using it as a moment to regain her composure as Gannon speaks about another change. This was something Zelda had not actually thought of, despite it glaring her in the face and being acutely aware of the laws. The Gerudo were great warriors, there was no dispute there, so it was a surprise she hadn't thought about their current military status. Blame it on her privileged upbringing.

[+blue “I don't see the Gerudo having a formal military something of an issue, nor would I for the Gerudo to join the ranks of the Hylian military or vice versa. My men have a strong respect for the Gerudo warriors and Urbosa, as I'm sure you've seen their interactions with her.”] Even her father had a deep-rooted respect for Urbosa and the Gerudo warriors. [+blue “I would not see the Gerudo people unprotected, nor do I think occupation by Hylian guardsmen would be appropriate.”] That could lead to a whole sort of different problems. So if Gannon wanted to, an army could be raised and trained, borrowing soldiers as needed... Which gave her another idea.

[+blue “What would you think of the Sheikah padding out some of the numbers?”] The Sheikah were another race of gifted warriors and stealth practitioners, and also had been subjected to some ethnic cleansing in the past, although not to the same extent as the Gerudo. However, they were currently underutilized despite keeping to their traditions as being gifted warriors, and they could no doubt help with the raiders and bandits that currently plagued the Faron Region and the Gerudo's.
  Zelda / Renegade / 44d 17h 49m 33s
As he listen to her ideas more and more it he nodded his head. It seemed as if he'd truly underestimate how wise she was despite her young age. Setting down the tea once more; he slowly closed his eyes. There was no objection to the her plans to build the canal through the mountain so that the two people could be joined. It was what he wanted afterall, for his people to be safe and to be able to prosper freely without the risk of being persecuted. Not only that but, with his own powers and his own strength, he could single-handily clear away the path through the mountain within a space of a few hours. Thus was the perks of being able to have dark magic and the power of a Goddess upon his side.

[#cd0a0e "I do like the idea of carving a path through the mountains so that our people would have an easier time doing trade together. As a matter of fact, with my own power, I'd easily be able to clear a path within a matter of seven or eight hours. That way instead of spending extra money on demolition, you'd only have to concern yourself with the building the roads. Those Bandits have been troublesome... In the past life they... served me and did my bidden. Its.. an awful reminder of the man I was in the past. So blinded by rage. I do think that we can close the matter of trade for now, since I'm fully prepared to follow your lead on that."]

Closing his eyes he open them again before exhaling slowly. He'd drank all his tea and now he found himself thirsty for more. Yet the drink would have to late as he slowly spoke softly. [#cd0a0e "I want to talk to you about our marriage... Specifically, what it implies. I'll be upfront with you; I have no intentions of... taking your maidenhood like is the tradition of the man to do on his wedding night. You have my word, here and now.. I will not touch you unless I've have your explicit permission. This is a political marriage; I have no illusions that you love me or harbor lustful thoughts about me.. We don't even have to kiss at the alter.. If that is your wish."]

His words came out fluster and lifting a hand to his face he tried his best to hide his red-flush that came over him. He had to get it off his chest so that she'd know his intentions were purely to satisfied the needs of his people and not his own. It was awkward to bring up said things but it couldn't be help. Coughing, he once more straighten up and spoke again. [#cd0a0e "Alright, onto the second order of business. As you know the Gerudo were... have had... a past of being thieves. We were once, in a past life out of necessity. But our ways have change immensely. I'm sure if your aware of this, but 245 years ago.. before the Gerudo left, a law was pass banning the Gerudo from creating an arm military. To this day, we still do not have a former military. We have guards trained in combat, and skilled warriors, but no former military.. I'd like to have that law abolish, or at least amendment so that any Gerudo that wants to join the Hyrulian military can.. I believe that we can offer skiills and be of a valuable asset."] He spoke softly.
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She was surprised when Gannon said that building the temple was a bad idea, and couldn't help the frown on her face as a result. But instead of biting first, she let him explain his opinion about the matter before responding. [+blue “This is something we are going to fight about.”] She points out. Yes, racism certainly was a problem, and change was another, but Gannon underestimated the good in her people's hearts. Education and integration was their way to combat racism and ignorance, not hoping it would go away by itself over time. But she knew that was only his response out of fear for his people. This was a delicate matter, and one that needed to be handled with care. [+blue “We will pick this conversation up at a later date, then.”] Zelda says pointedly taking another sip of her tea.

[+blue “As for trading, as you can imagine one of the main issues with the Gerudo trade are due to our past conflicts. But another issue is also from the geography of your lands itself. Its currently something I've been toiling with as I've tried opening up trade between us, but it is slow; we have the Gerudo Mountains to contend with, and treacherous terrain that makes the use of large scale trading caravans nearly impossible. Not even mentioning the bandits both Hylian and Gerudo traders deal with. So we're trading pennies, so to speak.”] There was a big book sitting on a desk near them, and she retrieves it, placing it down on the table between them and opening it up. It appeared to be a sort of idea book for Zelda, and the page she opened to was a map of the lands. [+blue “If you look here, I've marked the trade routes I am already using and the ones I would like to use in the future. But, what if...”] She takes a pen and from one of the many rivers throughout the lands, draws a line from it and [i through] the mountain. [+blue “We had a canal through the mountain? It would be a large undertaking, I know, but it [i is] possible, attainable, and highly beneficial; I've spoken with some cartographers and Goron geologists and geographers who have some very positive things to say. And they know better than I on these things.”] Obviously this would take quite some time, but it would be worth it and would help unify the lands even more. [+blue “The Gerudo wouldn't be separated from us anymore, and instead of it taking weeks for large caravans to go to and from, it would take [i days]. It would also provide a greater means of fresh water acquisition out in the Gerudo Desert.”]
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[left [pic https://scontent.fatl1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/95141215_10223335155232912_2299904302098939904_n.jpg?_nc_cat=111&_nc_sid=8024bb&_nc_ohc=RXlOy4HraSEAX_VndZW&_nc_ht=scontent.fatl1-1.fna&oh=7c855d9e2309c9f15f7ccbfa248aab6f&oe=5F001D62] ]

[#cd0a0e “Zelda, I can see that you are a truly kindhearted Princess. Indeed, as much as I’d appreciate the construction of the sand-temple in Hyrule.. I think it is a bad idea.”] The voice of chieftain came out slow and steady. Sipping upon the tea which tasted reminiscent of home he’d like to say how thankful he was for her thoughtfulness. Indeed, he hadn’t expected her to go so far as to rebuild the Goddess of his people. However, it didn’t take away from the fact that the origin temple lay in ruins. Out there in what was once known as the haunted wastelands. Not only was there the temple which lay in ruins but there was also the issue of the fact that people’s hearts were not so easily swayed. While there are always newer generation interested in embracing all cultures, not everyone was like minded. Racism was steeped deep within the older generation. Preconceived notions were harder to dismiss and even nearly impossible to change. Once one saw an entire group of people as not one singular entity, but a collection traits and attributes racism is more easy to accept and practice. [#cd0a0e “While laws could be put in place to combat it, that which is rooted deeper within the heart of people is harder to change. I know you mean well, but to those who have seen my people as inferior, they might see the building of a our Sand Goddess temple as a threat to Hyrulian way of life. Even though it may take ten years to complete, it’ll take longer than a decade for acceptance to truly enter into the hearts of the majority.”]

Setting down his cup of tea he closed his eyes. He didn’t want to shoot down everything which the Princess proposed. Afterall, despite him being older than her it didn’t necessarily mean that he was wiser than her. She was known for having wisdom yet he could clearly see that wisdom couldn’t fully make up for her youthful naivety. Now, there were other business to discuss such as. [#cd0a0e “Moving on from such an unpleasant topic, let us talk about Trade. For centuries the Gerudo have had more access to gold and diamonds than any other race. While the Zora are known for fish and controlling the water network which extend out towards the sea, and the Gorons are skilled black smiths, I need to ask how is Hyrule when it comes to trading? Despite the fact that Hyrule and the Gerudo are… have a past, we’ve been able to get along and trade with the other races just fine. Even the Ruto people of the sky have worked out trade agreements with us. We normally trade gold and silk in exchange for metal for the Gorons, fresh water and fish for the Zora. I want to establish a healthy trade between the Gerudo and the Hyrulian kingdom. Since in the past wars have been fought mainly over items I’d like for such a thing to be prevent in this lifetime.”] Gannon spoke.

He’d come prepared to discuss many things to make sure that his people were well provided for. With an open mind and heart he’d listen to all which Zelda had to say.
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The two of them walked to the library in a comfortable silence together, and Zelda couldn't help the smile that graced her features. Everything seemed to be going exceedingly well, and Gannon—the most unpredictable piece—was such a gentleman and just ruler. It was hard to imagine this was the same man she had been fighting for, for millennia. Hyrule already felt like a more wonderful place, and its only been a week!

Once the two of them get in to the library, Zelda settles in to a chair across from Gannon, and as his slow gaze levels to her, her smile fades some. She could feel that this conversation was going to be heavier than she had originally thought. And as predicted, Gannon began with his concerns about his people and their treatment by the Hylians. It was no secret that racism was rampant in Hyrule, and that certain laws and institutions were in place that made it common practice and a generalized norm. It wasn't surprising that the two of them were talking about this now, because those were some of the issues she would like to address, and now that she was to ascend to Queendom, she had more power over the laws and governance of Hyrule, and as King, Gannon would be afforded the same privileges. But even now, despite still being a Princess, she had enough pull to make certain things happen, and considering her betrothed was persecuted under some of these archaic institutions, she had options. She could see the sincerity in his eyes, and was again reminded of the man he was now, and how starkly it contrasted with their past.

There were very few guards in the room, just the normal sentries guarding against intruders. In the middle of the conversation, one of the kitchen staff came in with a silver platter of assorted fruits, cheese, sliced bread, and Gerudo tea. Since her engagement to Gannon, she's been trying to learn more about and experience their culture, so she would try anything she got her hands on.

Zelda leans forward and takes one of the cups of tea, blows on it, and takes a sip before speaking. [+blue “Done.”] She says simply. [+blue “Those laws were something I had been meaning to discuss with you. With the abolition of those laws, I was also going to pass some new laws alongside it as well, namely the proscription and criminalization of racism towards the Gerudo Peoples. In our new Hyrule, everyone will be treated justly, fairly, and with dignity no matter their creed, origin, or religion.”] She takes another sip of her tea and puts it down on her saucer. She smiles slightly at him, mostly with her eyes. [+blue “There is something you should know about me before our marriage, and that is that I am [i terrible] with surprises, and I think you're smart and clever enough where you would have seen what I was doing anyway.”] She pauses only to chuckle lightly at herself, blushing slightly. [+blue “It is the matter of your wedding gift... With the help of Urbosa, some Gerudo stonemasons, and the Hyrule Stonemason's Guild, we are beginning construction of a temple for The Goddess of Sand here in Hyrule. I... I hope that is to your liking.”] The Princess seemed bashful now. [+blue “I also thought it might be beneficial for the people of Hyrule to learn more of the Gerudo; we hire Gerudo educators and scribes to tend to the temple and teach.”] Obviously racism wasn't going to disappear overnight, but these were the first steps. Acceptance and education.
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[#cd0a0e “Is it true Chieftain?”]
Gannon had just rode into the village on his black horse the two nights before it was time for him to get back to the castle to meet the Princess Zelda. Dismounting from his horse the young male eyed the Gerudo woman as she moved waited for him to enter into the village. It seemed as if she’d not come alone. Indeed behind her were many of the women of his tribes all eying him curiously. He guessed that the rumors of the wedding had spread far and wide and the male could not help but grin. The girl was a beauty; she was young, and she was also wise to. Holding a hand upwards he motion for them to be silent as he walked towards the entrance of the village. The fact that he’d been to visit the ruins of the ancient spirit temple to partake in the ancient bathing ritual also solidified the fact that he was betrothed to the princess and that it wouldn’t be long before the Hyrulian and Gerudo were once more brought together. However, it seemed slightly odd that this time there the reason for the two cultures to come together was for marriage instead of war and the violence which came with it all.

Upon entering to the village he saw that all the women had come out. His only regret was that his mother wasn’t here to see that the goddess had answered her prayers seemingly. Walking towards his throne the male rolled his shoulders forwards and backwards before turning around and lifting a hand upwards. He wore a smug smile upon his face and he stood proudly not as just a man whom was beginning to be married, but also a leader of them. Once more the voices of his people seem to clamor together as they started to ask again and again if it were true that he and was to have the princess together as his wife. Curling his fist into a palm he brought it down towards his side before letting out a low sigh. Enough with the dramatics. [b “It seems rumors travel far and wide. Yes, I am indeed getting married to the princess of Hyrule.”] Instantly there was a roar of applause along with the women finally letting out a sigh of relief. Deep down inside of his heart, he knew what the women were thinking even though they tried their best to hide it.

Many of the Gerudo grew tired of the never-ending conflict. All they desired was to finally have peace and not go to war in this life. He’d heard them hold their breath as he walked by. Felt the sensation of not being trusted but this was one thing which they would trust him on. He had no ill intentions on starting a war; in this life he was fully committed to bring peace to his people. [#cd0a0e “So! How will the wedding be like?’ Do you think the cake will be amazing!? Ooh~ Are we invited!? I’ve never been to Hyrule! Ooh Urbosa is so lucky that she’s able to stay there. I’ve never seen the princess Zelda. Is she beautiful!? Ooh!”] As the voices of the Gerudo women mingle and joined in a happy chorus Gannon went off to his bed chambers and slowly sat down.

It was another standard Tradition in the Gerudo that on a chieftains wedding night; he’d be able to lay with any women of his tribe. So it didn’t come as a surprise that a few girls were eager to experience the love making for the first time with the man to be. Instead he waved them away and slowly sat on his bed. For some odd reason he should be filled with happiness and joy. Yet he didn’t feel anything. Just an emptiness and a numbness that was persist stubbornly. Blinking his eyes he sat there as he let the tears fall down on his face one by one till there was a sudden stream of tears. It had been six years since he last cried this hard. That being of the funeral of his mother whom had went off only to be found in a river. She’d drowned herself thinking that she’d brought evil into this world as soon as he had been reawaken as the legendary king of Evil. A knock was heard on the door and he spoke gruffly but the woman walked in and it was an elder Gerudo. One whom was well into her sixties. Sitting down beside the male she wrapped an arm around the weeping boy.

[#cd0a0e “Gannon; make no mistake that your mother loved you. She praised the goddess the day you were born and did everything to protect you as best as she could. If she could see you.. here, now, grown and ready to become a prince of Hyrule… Why, she would surely be proud of the man you’ve become. It’s hard loosing a mother. The pain is immensurable. But yet you must be strong and brave.”]

[b “I… don’t.. understand.”] Gannon spoke inbetween sobs. [b “You… say she loved me. Than why didn’t she stay..”] He broke. [b “What mother leaves her child willingly.”]

[#cd0a0e “Your mother..”] She paused slightly before she moved to stroke his hair. [#cd0a0e “Your mother had demons. But you were not one of them. What happen… happen when she wasn’t in her right mind. She was possessed by the demon of depression. It caught hold of her… she fought it but sometimes no matter how may battles you win you can still loose a war. My beloved Chief, don’t blame yourself. No one is to blame for her suicide. Just know that even in death she watches over you. Loves you..”]

Letting go of him she stood up and kissed his forehead. Stepping out of the room she shooed away everyone and stood watch till the morning came and he was ready to head to Hyrule again.

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/b3/e8/e1/b3e8e1986cd3da4ba10d018d5d2646f1.jpg] ]

“Link is baking a cake, Zelda is getting ready to spread her legs like a whore to a fucking Doruka, and we’re suppose to let the black bastard walk in here.” Slamming down the mug of Ale the drunken captain of the Hyrulian guards leaned back as three other sat in the bar with him. While there were those who took happily to the wedding and were caught in the festivities to come; some were not amused at all. Another one chimed in to his comment as he sipped his beer and slurred his words getting drunker and drunker by the minute. Normally the guards wouldn’t dare be seen getting drunk whilst on duty. They had a reputation to uphold and were suppose to keep the peace. The punishment for doing otherwise was a dozen lashes for the first offense and a dozen more added for every offense afterward.

Calling for more alcohol one of the men leaned forward and hiccupped before sneering. [#24abb2 “I say we slit the Doruka’s throat the night before the wedding. I’d be Goddessdamned if we let Gannon lay a finger on her princess.”] With that, one of the guards counter equally as drunk. [i “She wears his fuckin’ ring like a necklace. I wouldn’t be surprise if she’s already parted her legs for him.”]
[#24abb2 “That Bastard! I’ll fuckin’ kill him tonight!”] Standing up the drunk soldier slowly took a step forth before tumbling over and instantly the two started to laugh before the forth slammed his hand onto the table and roared enough. Her wasn’t having none of ti and he didn’t find the drunken incompetence of his men cute. Reaching for his dagger he unsheathed it and held out a palm of his hands. Cutting into it, he watched as the blood dripped down and instantly the others watch as well.

[#24abb2 “if the king doesn’t give a damn about our people. Then we will do something about him. He’s coming here tomorrow to meet the princess. I swear, upon the pain of death, we will kill him. As soon as he walks out of his meeting with the princess!”]

Nodding there heads each one took hold of the dagger and copied his action of slitting their hands and swearing a blood oath to see to it that Gannon, the soon to be prince of Hyrule, would not live to see it come so.
[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/b68c09ab72b7c4b916b729d93685efc2/tumblr_inline_mxej76zHme1s2pyq9.jpg] ]
He’d been crying the night before yet as he strolled into to meet the Princess he had on his face a stoic look. Gone was the insecure boy in mourning and once more he stood proud and arrogant. Though his face soften upon meeting the princess and as he saw the his ring still around her neck he grinned softly. It was finally time to end the cycle of hatred which consume so many innocent lives. Reaching for her hand, he softly knelt before kissing it in returned and he spoke to her.

[#cd0a0e “Indeed there is much I’d like to discuss with you..”] Heading into the library the male sat down upon a chair and slowly looked at the princess. [#cd0a0e “It’s no secret that the reason why I’ve agree to this marriage was to protect my people from further persecution. People in Hyrule call us “Doruka” which in our language is what we called wild beasts… it roughly translates into “savage animal” in the Hyrulian vernacular. If we are truly going to achieve peace, then I need to know if my people will have protection against racism. Furthermore; there’s also the matter of our religion. We worship the Goddess of the sand. There are certain laws in place in Hyrule that forbid the open worship of any other gods except for the Trinity. Din, Nayru, and Farore. I want to make sure that persecution for religion and race is made unacceptable. These two conditions of mine are my only nonnegotiable conditions of agreeing to this unity.”]

Speaking his mind the male eye the princess with eyes that were filled with sincereity. He hope that such a thing wouldn’t turn her off. But he was adamant on equal rights when it came to practice of religion and racism being punishable.
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It was a simple nod that King Rhoam gave to Gannon when he requested to go back to the Gerudo Desert. To Zelda, that seemed like such an interesting tradition to partake in, and very different than that of Hylians. When it came to weddings, a lot of the 'tradition' came with the wedding itself, so beforehand a lot of time was consumed in planning it, and... Well, she couldn't help but feel a little excited at the prospect! Her memories of her past lives were always a little fuzzy, like trying to remember a dream, but she couldn't recall a life where she had ever wed... Nor had she given the act much thought up until recently.

When Gannon's ring is given to her again, she beams at him. [+blue “I patiently await your return, Gannon.”] She tells him before he leaves to complete his own marriage ritual. After that, well, it wasn't long before her and Gannon's engagement wafted through Hyrule Castle like wildfire, and it wouldn't be much longer until it spread all throughout Hyrule. It was inevitable that would happen, as a Royal Wedding was a big deal to Hylians, and once you put together Zelda and Gannon, two people locked in eternal conflict? Well, it made it all the more controversial and people liked to talk and gossip... Which was somewhat of a problem because there was one person she wanted to tell, so they'd hear it from her first, and she rushed through the castle to one of the gardens to hopefully find them.

[+blue “Link!”] Under one of the tall trees, Link was kneeling, plucking carrots from the garden as well as some other vegetables. It was a little known fact about Link, but he was somewhat of a glutton and he loved to cook, and was quite good at it. It made travelling and camping out in the more [i untamed] parts of the continent more bearable.

The Hero of Time looks up from the stubborn carrot he was trying to pluck and offers her a small smile. [+green “Princess. I missed you at breakfast this morning.”]

Zelda makes her way over to him, and with each step, she becomes a little bit more tentative, almost cautious. Link seems to pick up on that and raises an eyebrow at her once she's only a few feet away from him. The cool southwesterly wind picks up a bit, making Zelda's blonde hair flow off to the side like a river as her blue eyes take in her protector. Link's sunny disposition pares a little bit as he knows she is struggling with her words. They've known each other long enough.

[+green “What's on your mind?”]

She looks to the gathered vegetables on the ground, as they were suddenly more interesting. [+blue “Its, umm... Gannon.”] He goes back to the stubborn carrot in the ground.

[+green “You mean your plans to marry him?”] He asks casually enough where it takes the breath from her lungs, and he grins slightly at that. She was going to ask how he knew, but it seemed he was intent on answering that question without being asked. [+green “You and Impa can get pretty loud when you argue.”]

[+blue “So you've known all this time?”]

Link nods at the question, and then looks off in to the distance, in the direction of the Gerudo Desert. [+green “That was him today, wasn't it? The big guy on the black horse and why Impa was wound up so tight.”]

[+blue “That is... correct, Link.”] She manages to look at him again, and he was looking back at her, smiling slightly. [+blue “You're not upset with me, are you?”] And Link chuckles at that, which has the subsequent effect of taking some of the tension from Zelda's shoulders.

[+green “I mean, I'm not [i thrilled] by the idea, but you know me: I love Hyrule and her people, and if this is the best way for their suffering to end, then who am I to argue?”] He grins again. [+green “But if I come up with a better plan, you'll be the first one to know.”] And Zelda jumps at him, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. She couldn't be happier. [+green “Easy. Save it for the wedding, Princess.”]

With a small laugh, she untangles herself from him. [+blue “Is there anything I might do for you?”]

Link then thinks on that for a second, putting a hand under his chin, before he snaps and points. [+green “I want to be in charge of the cake.”] That was... an unusual request.

[+blue “You want to make the wedding cake?”]

[+green “No, no, just be in charge of it. Try some stuff.”]

She blinks at him and chuckles nervously. [+blue “I suppose that can be arranged... I'll talk to Tarin and his daughter.”]

Link smiles brightly and pats Zelda on the shoulder. [+green “Oh, Zelda, you've made me the happiest girl in the world.”]

[+blue “Has anyone ever told you how much of a weirdo you are?”]

Link snaps and points. [+green “Impa. Constantly.”] They both laugh at that and settle in to a comfortable silence. Once enough time had passed, Zelda excuses herself from the garden to attend to her royal duties and details of the engagement and wedding, the latter of which she would later realize, was something a lot more daunting than she would have imagined...



[i ..!]

For all that was good and holy! There were so many details she would have never thought of for a wedding, and a precision she would have only credited a skilled surgeon to have. She had requested that the wedding be a blend of Hylian and Gerudo traditions as to make a statement about the marriage, but that in itself also proved to become slightly problematic. Plus, her father wasn't entirely thrilled about it, either which led to more time wasting arguing. Fortunately though, they had Urbosa with them who used the benefit of the King's respect to get certain things done, and so they could tastefully and properly blend both traditions together. She was also of great help when it came to deciding on a proper wedding gift for Gannon as well.

It was lucky for Zelda that Urbosa was keen on helping, because the one who normally would help her with [i everything]—Impa—seemed surprisingly hands off about the wedding. Well, maybe it wasn't [i entirely] unsurprising... But there were plenty of occasions where Zelda would be walking down one of the corridors with a bouquet, some decor, or something wedding related, and Impa would see her from the other side of the corridor, turn on her heel to go back, and vanish when Zelda tried to catch up to her to get her opinion. Zelda had to resort to guerrilla tactics—ambushing Impa in her room or while she ate in the dining hall—if she really needed her opinion on something, and that still only worked [i some] of the time. It was fortunate Zelda had Sheikah training she could use so Impa could weigh in on some options, but any mention of clothing or anything about brides maid? She's never actually seen someone vanish in to thin air so fast before.

It was a stressful week of arguing, compromising, and chasing people around for things to get done; everyone was pretty keen on having the wedding come to pass as soon as they were able, which led to some difficulties juggling eberything. She never would have thought planning a wedding was so stressful and how many insurmountable details there seemed to be, not to mention the incalculable range of each! Florists, guests, musicians, decorations, food, accommodations, invitations, gifts, and so forth. Even her hair and make up for the wedding was a near impossible ordeal! And each had their own hoops and hurdles to jump; nothing was simple! Surprisingly enough, the only one who seemed to be having any fun was Link as he took to the kitchens with Tarin's daughter Marin and they baked different cake recipes, trying to find the perfect one for the wedding. It honestly was nice having a piece of cake every dinner to help narrow down the list, and something to look forward to after long days at a snails pace.

Walking down one of the corridors, Zelda was holding some invitations for the Royal Scribe to look over and help her choose, when suddenly... [b “What was that one from two nights ago?”] Zelda heard Impa ask as she was about to round the corner. Instead, Zelda crouches, her heels coming from the floor and she presses her back to wall. She keeps her ear open to listen.

[+green “You mean the cake?”] She hears Link ask. Seriously?! Impa [i and] Link were talking about cake? She had to do everything she could not to start laughing at the thought. This was so unlike Impa.

[b “Y-yeah... Its not a big deal or anything, but I thought that one was really good. What did you do to it?”] Impa sounded kind of bashful, like she was almost ashamed that she had enjoyed the cake as much as she did.

[+green “A pinch of Goron Spice and a little bit of—and I can't stress how minuscule the amount is—but the smallest, tiniest amount of Monster Extract.”] Oh yes, Zelda remembered that one. It was high on the list of cakes she had enjoyed trying so far. It was spiced beautifully and she thought it might be something the Gerudo guests would enjoy as well. Although, she wasn't aware of the use of Monster Extract, but it made sense since it'd help cut the Goron spice.

However, she was so engrossed in her own thoughts and the conversation, she didn't hear the guard approach. “Princess Zelda.” She nearly jumped out of her skin, standing up straight, and accidentally dumping the small stack of invitations on the ground. “Oh no, please forgive me, Princess!” He places his weapons on the ground and begins helping her pick up the invitations.

[+blue “No need to apologize, Sir. What can I do for you?”]

“Oh, uh, Gannon has arrived.”

[+blue “Oh, wonderful!”] She beams, and once the invitations are gathered she hands them to the guard. [+blue “Would you mind taking these to the Scribe? The two of you can discuss which invitation would suit the wedding best.”]

“I'll do my best, Princess!” There were about eight choices that she couldn't decide between, so it'd be nice to have someone else do that for her. One less thing of the proverbial million she currently had to worry about, and she could focus more of her attention on Gannon... Well, there were still some wedding specific details she also had to sort out with him as well, not to mention the several agreements, political settlements, and arrangements they had to figure out. She already had some trade routes opened up, hopefully with more to come, but there were also details in regards to the land and geography that needed to be discussed for them to continue further... And their own vows were another matter...

Zelda exits the sanctum to see Gannon and those who had escorted him to the castle. She touches the ring that was again hanging around her neck before approaching. [+blue “Gannon, I hope your journey was a contented one. Come, come.”] She holds out her hands for him to take. [+blue “I'm sure there is much that you wish to speak about, I know there's plenty on my end.”] They could do so in the library, which, evidently was also where she spent a lot of her time, especially now.
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The plethora of emotions that ranged through the room was enough to make the Chief grin like a fool. It seemed as if the hardest step had been done. Standing beside the princess he looked upwards towards the king and he could feel the hatred still radiating off him. Still the young male was glad the cooler heads prevail and indeed there were many things that had to be done. One being the fact that whenever a Gerudo got engage she’d was require to bath at the oasis which was located right beside the temple that was built for the Sand goddess. It was four hour’s journey outside the village and the male had to ready himself. Along with announce the news to his people that he’d be getting married to the princess. It, however, wasn’t lost to the male that he towered over the king. His words about him always stealing away the princess also were not lost to him. Yet now was not the time for him to give into the rage and allow himself to ruin the good things before such things could begin.

[b “Thank you for your blessing. Now, King, if I have your permission, it is tradition of the Gerudo’s to bath in our sacred oasis before we full give ourselves to marriage. I’d ask that you allow me to carry out said tradition.”]

He didn’t want to offend the king; yet it couldn’t be help that he was raised to follower a different religion then that of the Hyrulians. Despite him knowing full well the three goddess who had bestowed upon them him, Link and Zelda this curse due to their foolishness. Bowing his head to the king he turned towards the Princess and softly removed the ring which she’d returned to him. He wanted her to keep it to show that he had no intentions of doing her harm. As well as it would be able to her way to travel to and from freely to the Gerudo place. Looking at the king he bowed his head to him once more before turning around [i As soon as the purity tradition is done I shall return to you.”]

With that the Gerudo chief found himself heading back to his town and breathing a sigh of relief. Urbosa, of course, decided to stay at the castle in order to make sure that things went well. Along with making sure that the king didn’t decide to renege on his side of a bargain.

Heading deep into the Gerudo Desert the chieftain inhaled the desert smell as his horse led him into the temple. It was once rumored long ago that these sacred lands were haunted. Perhaps it was necessary for a ghost to lead the way through the harsh desert storms. Yet, now, it stood a calm desert with flag poles leading the way to the temple. He knew that the ride would be a long and hard one, yet it was worth it once he saw the spirit temple which was once built by his ancestors long ago.

Carved into the side of a great mountain was a woman in the lotus position. Her palms were stretched up high. It was rumor long ago that the Sand goddess was actually none other than Din. After all she was the goddess of power and that was the Triforce which Gannon held upon his palm. To the side of the sacred land was the oasis which many Gerudos had bathed in[ before seeking out a husband to marry. The oasis rested between two palm trees which stood out being the only vegetation which grew in the harsh environment. Another legend was said that these two were symbolic of the other two goddesses.

Stripping off his clothes he slowly walked barefoot across the sands into the water and hummed to himself. Dipping low into the walls he closed his eyes; he was surprise by how cold it was. He’d expected it to be warm and hot just as everything was in the desert yet here it was cool and calm. Sinking further down into the oasis he began to cleanse himself humming that same lullaby his mother once sung to him long ago before finally he’d emerge from the waters cleaned. This was but one half of the ritual

Inside the temple Gannon proceed to walked without clothing himself. It was said that entering the temple was symbolic of accepting ones past life was over. Once he emerged from the temple he’d be reborn a new man ready to begin stage two of his life married and as one with another being. Exhaling, he paused at the entrance of the temple. Before he step forth inside.

Of course “inside” was actually outside. The temple had been ruin and destroyed. The only thing that stood was the arch way and the status of the goddess which had been recarved into the mountain. Of course it was symbolic none the less. Turning around he walked through the arc again and sighed.

[b “Yeah, okay.. Maybe its time the Gerudo’s adapted new traditions.”] He muttered to himself before dressing and getting ready to head back to Hyrule.
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