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[center [b Hyrule] ]
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[center [i Throughout the countless ages war has ravage the land once blessed by the three goddess. Ganon; fueled by his lust for power and his insatiable thirst for vengeance constantly ravishes the land with his horde. Killing women and children and enslaving others till at last he's goal is met. In response out of desperation the Princess Zelda calls forth a hero. Guided by the ancient spirits across the Land the hero comes and vanquishes Gannon once and for all. but than what?] ]

[center [i Hyrule rebuilds its towns. The orphans and widows bury love ones and the hero of time is sent away to return only when the evil once again descends upon the land. Such needless bloodshed always comes before salvation. Throughout the generation there has been no way to stop the continuous war brought about by the mad man's desire to unite the triforces and grant his wishes. Till now.] ]

[center [i Under the guises of Night, Zelda travels deep within the heart of the Desert of the Guerudo. Seeking out the king of evil himself, she comes carrying a proposal. One which might very well change the fate of the world of Hyrule forever and might well one-day stop the very bloodshed which has dyed the city in it's blood.] ]

[center [i Marriage. That is the proposal Zelda raises to Gannon, a chance to unite to different races of people. But the only question which can be ask is how will the Dark king himself take to it?] ]

[center [i Zelda; 19 Year's old and princess of Hyrule.] ]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/tL5mAP9.jpg?1] ]

[center [i [b Gannon, 22 year's old and Chieftain of the exiled Guerudo's.] ]
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[right [i Disclaimor, this is base off of a manga called "the tale of two rulers. This isn't my original idea.] ]

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The two of them walked to the library in a comfortable silence together, and Zelda couldn't help the smile that graced her features. Everything seemed to be going exceedingly well, and Gannon—the most unpredictable piece—was such a gentleman and just ruler. It was hard to imagine this was the same man she had been fighting for, for millennia. Hyrule already felt like a more wonderful place, and its only been a week!

Once the two of them get in to the library, Zelda settles in to a chair across from Gannon, and as his slow gaze levels to her, her smile fades some. She could feel that this conversation was going to be heavier than she had originally thought. And as predicted, Gannon began with his concerns about his people and their treatment by the Hylians. It was no secret that racism was rampant in Hyrule, and that certain laws and institutions were in place that made it common practice and a generalized norm. It wasn't surprising that the two of them were talking about this now, because those were some of the issues she would like to address, and now that she was to ascend to Queendom, she had more power over the laws and governance of Hyrule, and as King, Gannon would be afforded the same privileges. But even now, despite still being a Princess, she had enough pull to make certain things happen, and considering her betrothed was persecuted under some of these archaic institutions, she had options. She could see the sincerity in his eyes, and was again reminded of the man he was now, and how starkly it contrasted with their past.

There were very few guards in the room, just the normal sentries guarding against intruders. In the middle of the conversation, one of the kitchen staff came in with a silver platter of assorted fruits, cheese, sliced bread, and Gerudo tea. Since her engagement to Gannon, she's been trying to learn more about and experience their culture, so she would try anything she got her hands on.

Zelda leans forward and takes one of the cups of tea, blows on it, and takes a sip before speaking. [+blue “Done.”] She says simply. [+blue “Those laws were something I had been meaning to discuss with you. With the abolition of those laws, I was also going to pass some new laws alongside it as well, namely the proscription and criminalization of racism towards the Gerudo Peoples. In our new Hyrule, everyone will be treated justly, fairly, and with dignity no matter their creed, origin, or religion.”] She takes another sip of her tea and puts it down on her saucer. She smiles slightly at him, mostly with her eyes. [+blue “There is something you should know about me before our marriage, and that is that I am [i terrible] with surprises, and I think you're smart and clever enough where you would have seen what I was doing anyway.”] She pauses only to chuckle lightly at herself, blushing slightly. [+blue “It is the matter of your wedding gift... With the help of Urbosa, some Gerudo stonemasons, and the Hyrule Stonemason's Guild, we are beginning construction of a temple for The Goddess of Sand here in Hyrule. I... I hope that is to your liking.”] The Princess seemed bashful now. [+blue “I also thought it might be beneficial for the people of Hyrule to learn more of the Gerudo; we hire Gerudo educators and scribes to tend to the temple and teach.”] Obviously racism wasn't going to disappear overnight, but these were the first steps. Acceptance and education.
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[#cd0a0e “Is it true Chieftain?”]
Gannon had just rode into the village on his black horse the two nights before it was time for him to get back to the castle to meet the Princess Zelda. Dismounting from his horse the young male eyed the Gerudo woman as she moved waited for him to enter into the village. It seemed as if she’d not come alone. Indeed behind her were many of the women of his tribes all eying him curiously. He guessed that the rumors of the wedding had spread far and wide and the male could not help but grin. The girl was a beauty; she was young, and she was also wise to. Holding a hand upwards he motion for them to be silent as he walked towards the entrance of the village. The fact that he’d been to visit the ruins of the ancient spirit temple to partake in the ancient bathing ritual also solidified the fact that he was betrothed to the princess and that it wouldn’t be long before the Hyrulian and Gerudo were once more brought together. However, it seemed slightly odd that this time there the reason for the two cultures to come together was for marriage instead of war and the violence which came with it all.

Upon entering to the village he saw that all the women had come out. His only regret was that his mother wasn’t here to see that the goddess had answered her prayers seemingly. Walking towards his throne the male rolled his shoulders forwards and backwards before turning around and lifting a hand upwards. He wore a smug smile upon his face and he stood proudly not as just a man whom was beginning to be married, but also a leader of them. Once more the voices of his people seem to clamor together as they started to ask again and again if it were true that he and was to have the princess together as his wife. Curling his fist into a palm he brought it down towards his side before letting out a low sigh. Enough with the dramatics. [b “It seems rumors travel far and wide. Yes, I am indeed getting married to the princess of Hyrule.”] Instantly there was a roar of applause along with the women finally letting out a sigh of relief. Deep down inside of his heart, he knew what the women were thinking even though they tried their best to hide it.

Many of the Gerudo grew tired of the never-ending conflict. All they desired was to finally have peace and not go to war in this life. He’d heard them hold their breath as he walked by. Felt the sensation of not being trusted but this was one thing which they would trust him on. He had no ill intentions on starting a war; in this life he was fully committed to bring peace to his people. [#cd0a0e “So! How will the wedding be like?’ Do you think the cake will be amazing!? Ooh~ Are we invited!? I’ve never been to Hyrule! Ooh Urbosa is so lucky that she’s able to stay there. I’ve never seen the princess Zelda. Is she beautiful!? Ooh!”] As the voices of the Gerudo women mingle and joined in a happy chorus Gannon went off to his bed chambers and slowly sat down.

It was another standard Tradition in the Gerudo that on a chieftains wedding night; he’d be able to lay with any women of his tribe. So it didn’t come as a surprise that a few girls were eager to experience the love making for the first time with the man to be. Instead he waved them away and slowly sat on his bed. For some odd reason he should be filled with happiness and joy. Yet he didn’t feel anything. Just an emptiness and a numbness that was persist stubbornly. Blinking his eyes he sat there as he let the tears fall down on his face one by one till there was a sudden stream of tears. It had been six years since he last cried this hard. That being of the funeral of his mother whom had went off only to be found in a river. She’d drowned herself thinking that she’d brought evil into this world as soon as he had been reawaken as the legendary king of Evil. A knock was heard on the door and he spoke gruffly but the woman walked in and it was an elder Gerudo. One whom was well into her sixties. Sitting down beside the male she wrapped an arm around the weeping boy.

[#cd0a0e “Gannon; make no mistake that your mother loved you. She praised the goddess the day you were born and did everything to protect you as best as she could. If she could see you.. here, now, grown and ready to become a prince of Hyrule… Why, she would surely be proud of the man you’ve become. It’s hard loosing a mother. The pain is immensurable. But yet you must be strong and brave.”]

[b “I… don’t.. understand.”] Gannon spoke inbetween sobs. [b “You… say she loved me. Than why didn’t she stay..”] He broke. [b “What mother leaves her child willingly.”]

[#cd0a0e “Your mother..”] She paused slightly before she moved to stroke his hair. [#cd0a0e “Your mother had demons. But you were not one of them. What happen… happen when she wasn’t in her right mind. She was possessed by the demon of depression. It caught hold of her… she fought it but sometimes no matter how may battles you win you can still loose a war. My beloved Chief, don’t blame yourself. No one is to blame for her suicide. Just know that even in death she watches over you. Loves you..”]

Letting go of him she stood up and kissed his forehead. Stepping out of the room she shooed away everyone and stood watch till the morning came and he was ready to head to Hyrule again.

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“Link is baking a cake, Zelda is getting ready to spread her legs like a whore to a fucking Doruka, and we’re suppose to let the black bastard walk in here.” Slamming down the mug of Ale the drunken captain of the Hyrulian guards leaned back as three other sat in the bar with him. While there were those who took happily to the wedding and were caught in the festivities to come; some were not amused at all. Another one chimed in to his comment as he sipped his beer and slurred his words getting drunker and drunker by the minute. Normally the guards wouldn’t dare be seen getting drunk whilst on duty. They had a reputation to uphold and were suppose to keep the peace. The punishment for doing otherwise was a dozen lashes for the first offense and a dozen more added for every offense afterward.

Calling for more alcohol one of the men leaned forward and hiccupped before sneering. [#24abb2 “I say we slit the Doruka’s throat the night before the wedding. I’d be Goddessdamned if we let Gannon lay a finger on her princess.”] With that, one of the guards counter equally as drunk. [i “She wears his fuckin’ ring like a necklace. I wouldn’t be surprise if she’s already parted her legs for him.”]
[#24abb2 “That Bastard! I’ll fuckin’ kill him tonight!”] Standing up the drunk soldier slowly took a step forth before tumbling over and instantly the two started to laugh before the forth slammed his hand onto the table and roared enough. Her wasn’t having none of ti and he didn’t find the drunken incompetence of his men cute. Reaching for his dagger he unsheathed it and held out a palm of his hands. Cutting into it, he watched as the blood dripped down and instantly the others watch as well.

[#24abb2 “if the king doesn’t give a damn about our people. Then we will do something about him. He’s coming here tomorrow to meet the princess. I swear, upon the pain of death, we will kill him. As soon as he walks out of his meeting with the princess!”]

Nodding there heads each one took hold of the dagger and copied his action of slitting their hands and swearing a blood oath to see to it that Gannon, the soon to be prince of Hyrule, would not live to see it come so.
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He’d been crying the night before yet as he strolled into to meet the Princess he had on his face a stoic look. Gone was the insecure boy in mourning and once more he stood proud and arrogant. Though his face soften upon meeting the princess and as he saw the his ring still around her neck he grinned softly. It was finally time to end the cycle of hatred which consume so many innocent lives. Reaching for her hand, he softly knelt before kissing it in returned and he spoke to her.

[#cd0a0e “Indeed there is much I’d like to discuss with you..”] Heading into the library the male sat down upon a chair and slowly looked at the princess. [#cd0a0e “It’s no secret that the reason why I’ve agree to this marriage was to protect my people from further persecution. People in Hyrule call us “Doruka” which in our language is what we called wild beasts… it roughly translates into “savage animal” in the Hyrulian vernacular. If we are truly going to achieve peace, then I need to know if my people will have protection against racism. Furthermore; there’s also the matter of our religion. We worship the Goddess of the sand. There are certain laws in place in Hyrule that forbid the open worship of any other gods except for the Trinity. Din, Nayru, and Farore. I want to make sure that persecution for religion and race is made unacceptable. These two conditions of mine are my only nonnegotiable conditions of agreeing to this unity.”]

Speaking his mind the male eye the princess with eyes that were filled with sincereity. He hope that such a thing wouldn’t turn her off. But he was adamant on equal rights when it came to practice of religion and racism being punishable.
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It was a simple nod that King Rhoam gave to Gannon when he requested to go back to the Gerudo Desert. To Zelda, that seemed like such an interesting tradition to partake in, and very different than that of Hylians. When it came to weddings, a lot of the 'tradition' came with the wedding itself, so beforehand a lot of time was consumed in planning it, and... Well, she couldn't help but feel a little excited at the prospect! Her memories of her past lives were always a little fuzzy, like trying to remember a dream, but she couldn't recall a life where she had ever wed... Nor had she given the act much thought up until recently.

When Gannon's ring is given to her again, she beams at him. [+blue “I patiently await your return, Gannon.”] She tells him before he leaves to complete his own marriage ritual. After that, well, it wasn't long before her and Gannon's engagement wafted through Hyrule Castle like wildfire, and it wouldn't be much longer until it spread all throughout Hyrule. It was inevitable that would happen, as a Royal Wedding was a big deal to Hylians, and once you put together Zelda and Gannon, two people locked in eternal conflict? Well, it made it all the more controversial and people liked to talk and gossip... Which was somewhat of a problem because there was one person she wanted to tell, so they'd hear it from her first, and she rushed through the castle to one of the gardens to hopefully find them.

[+blue “Link!”] Under one of the tall trees, Link was kneeling, plucking carrots from the garden as well as some other vegetables. It was a little known fact about Link, but he was somewhat of a glutton and he loved to cook, and was quite good at it. It made travelling and camping out in the more [i untamed] parts of the continent more bearable.

The Hero of Time looks up from the stubborn carrot he was trying to pluck and offers her a small smile. [+green “Princess. I missed you at breakfast this morning.”]

Zelda makes her way over to him, and with each step, she becomes a little bit more tentative, almost cautious. Link seems to pick up on that and raises an eyebrow at her once she's only a few feet away from him. The cool southwesterly wind picks up a bit, making Zelda's blonde hair flow off to the side like a river as her blue eyes take in her protector. Link's sunny disposition pares a little bit as he knows she is struggling with her words. They've known each other long enough.

[+green “What's on your mind?”]

She looks to the gathered vegetables on the ground, as they were suddenly more interesting. [+blue “Its, umm... Gannon.”] He goes back to the stubborn carrot in the ground.

[+green “You mean your plans to marry him?”] He asks casually enough where it takes the breath from her lungs, and he grins slightly at that. She was going to ask how he knew, but it seemed he was intent on answering that question without being asked. [+green “You and Impa can get pretty loud when you argue.”]

[+blue “So you've known all this time?”]

Link nods at the question, and then looks off in to the distance, in the direction of the Gerudo Desert. [+green “That was him today, wasn't it? The big guy on the black horse and why Impa was wound up so tight.”]

[+blue “That is... correct, Link.”] She manages to look at him again, and he was looking back at her, smiling slightly. [+blue “You're not upset with me, are you?”] And Link chuckles at that, which has the subsequent effect of taking some of the tension from Zelda's shoulders.

[+green “I mean, I'm not [i thrilled] by the idea, but you know me: I love Hyrule and her people, and if this is the best way for their suffering to end, then who am I to argue?”] He grins again. [+green “But if I come up with a better plan, you'll be the first one to know.”] And Zelda jumps at him, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. She couldn't be happier. [+green “Easy. Save it for the wedding, Princess.”]

With a small laugh, she untangles herself from him. [+blue “Is there anything I might do for you?”]

Link then thinks on that for a second, putting a hand under his chin, before he snaps and points. [+green “I want to be in charge of the cake.”] That was... an unusual request.

[+blue “You want to make the wedding cake?”]

[+green “No, no, just be in charge of it. Try some stuff.”]

She blinks at him and chuckles nervously. [+blue “I suppose that can be arranged... I'll talk to Tarin and his daughter.”]

Link smiles brightly and pats Zelda on the shoulder. [+green “Oh, Zelda, you've made me the happiest girl in the world.”]

[+blue “Has anyone ever told you how much of a weirdo you are?”]

Link snaps and points. [+green “Impa. Constantly.”] They both laugh at that and settle in to a comfortable silence. Once enough time had passed, Zelda excuses herself from the garden to attend to her royal duties and details of the engagement and wedding, the latter of which she would later realize, was something a lot more daunting than she would have imagined...



[i ..!]

For all that was good and holy! There were so many details she would have never thought of for a wedding, and a precision she would have only credited a skilled surgeon to have. She had requested that the wedding be a blend of Hylian and Gerudo traditions as to make a statement about the marriage, but that in itself also proved to become slightly problematic. Plus, her father wasn't entirely thrilled about it, either which led to more time wasting arguing. Fortunately though, they had Urbosa with them who used the benefit of the King's respect to get certain things done, and so they could tastefully and properly blend both traditions together. She was also of great help when it came to deciding on a proper wedding gift for Gannon as well.

It was lucky for Zelda that Urbosa was keen on helping, because the one who normally would help her with [i everything]—Impa—seemed surprisingly hands off about the wedding. Well, maybe it wasn't [i entirely] unsurprising... But there were plenty of occasions where Zelda would be walking down one of the corridors with a bouquet, some decor, or something wedding related, and Impa would see her from the other side of the corridor, turn on her heel to go back, and vanish when Zelda tried to catch up to her to get her opinion. Zelda had to resort to guerrilla tactics—ambushing Impa in her room or while she ate in the dining hall—if she really needed her opinion on something, and that still only worked [i some] of the time. It was fortunate Zelda had Sheikah training she could use so Impa could weigh in on some options, but any mention of clothing or anything about brides maid? She's never actually seen someone vanish in to thin air so fast before.

It was a stressful week of arguing, compromising, and chasing people around for things to get done; everyone was pretty keen on having the wedding come to pass as soon as they were able, which led to some difficulties juggling eberything. She never would have thought planning a wedding was so stressful and how many insurmountable details there seemed to be, not to mention the incalculable range of each! Florists, guests, musicians, decorations, food, accommodations, invitations, gifts, and so forth. Even her hair and make up for the wedding was a near impossible ordeal! And each had their own hoops and hurdles to jump; nothing was simple! Surprisingly enough, the only one who seemed to be having any fun was Link as he took to the kitchens with Tarin's daughter Marin and they baked different cake recipes, trying to find the perfect one for the wedding. It honestly was nice having a piece of cake every dinner to help narrow down the list, and something to look forward to after long days at a snails pace.

Walking down one of the corridors, Zelda was holding some invitations for the Royal Scribe to look over and help her choose, when suddenly... [b “What was that one from two nights ago?”] Zelda heard Impa ask as she was about to round the corner. Instead, Zelda crouches, her heels coming from the floor and she presses her back to wall. She keeps her ear open to listen.

[+green “You mean the cake?”] She hears Link ask. Seriously?! Impa [i and] Link were talking about cake? She had to do everything she could not to start laughing at the thought. This was so unlike Impa.

[b “Y-yeah... Its not a big deal or anything, but I thought that one was really good. What did you do to it?”] Impa sounded kind of bashful, like she was almost ashamed that she had enjoyed the cake as much as she did.

[+green “A pinch of Goron Spice and a little bit of—and I can't stress how minuscule the amount is—but the smallest, tiniest amount of Monster Extract.”] Oh yes, Zelda remembered that one. It was high on the list of cakes she had enjoyed trying so far. It was spiced beautifully and she thought it might be something the Gerudo guests would enjoy as well. Although, she wasn't aware of the use of Monster Extract, but it made sense since it'd help cut the Goron spice.

However, she was so engrossed in her own thoughts and the conversation, she didn't hear the guard approach. “Princess Zelda.” She nearly jumped out of her skin, standing up straight, and accidentally dumping the small stack of invitations on the ground. “Oh no, please forgive me, Princess!” He places his weapons on the ground and begins helping her pick up the invitations.

[+blue “No need to apologize, Sir. What can I do for you?”]

“Oh, uh, Gannon has arrived.”

[+blue “Oh, wonderful!”] She beams, and once the invitations are gathered she hands them to the guard. [+blue “Would you mind taking these to the Scribe? The two of you can discuss which invitation would suit the wedding best.”]

“I'll do my best, Princess!” There were about eight choices that she couldn't decide between, so it'd be nice to have someone else do that for her. One less thing of the proverbial million she currently had to worry about, and she could focus more of her attention on Gannon... Well, there were still some wedding specific details she also had to sort out with him as well, not to mention the several agreements, political settlements, and arrangements they had to figure out. She already had some trade routes opened up, hopefully with more to come, but there were also details in regards to the land and geography that needed to be discussed for them to continue further... And their own vows were another matter...

Zelda exits the sanctum to see Gannon and those who had escorted him to the castle. She touches the ring that was again hanging around her neck before approaching. [+blue “Gannon, I hope your journey was a contented one. Come, come.”] She holds out her hands for him to take. [+blue “I'm sure there is much that you wish to speak about, I know there's plenty on my end.”] They could do so in the library, which, evidently was also where she spent a lot of her time, especially now.
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The plethora of emotions that ranged through the room was enough to make the Chief grin like a fool. It seemed as if the hardest step had been done. Standing beside the princess he looked upwards towards the king and he could feel the hatred still radiating off him. Still the young male was glad the cooler heads prevail and indeed there were many things that had to be done. One being the fact that whenever a Gerudo got engage she’d was require to bath at the oasis which was located right beside the temple that was built for the Sand goddess. It was four hour’s journey outside the village and the male had to ready himself. Along with announce the news to his people that he’d be getting married to the princess. It, however, wasn’t lost to the male that he towered over the king. His words about him always stealing away the princess also were not lost to him. Yet now was not the time for him to give into the rage and allow himself to ruin the good things before such things could begin.

[b “Thank you for your blessing. Now, King, if I have your permission, it is tradition of the Gerudo’s to bath in our sacred oasis before we full give ourselves to marriage. I’d ask that you allow me to carry out said tradition.”]

He didn’t want to offend the king; yet it couldn’t be help that he was raised to follower a different religion then that of the Hyrulians. Despite him knowing full well the three goddess who had bestowed upon them him, Link and Zelda this curse due to their foolishness. Bowing his head to the king he turned towards the Princess and softly removed the ring which she’d returned to him. He wanted her to keep it to show that he had no intentions of doing her harm. As well as it would be able to her way to travel to and from freely to the Gerudo place. Looking at the king he bowed his head to him once more before turning around [i As soon as the purity tradition is done I shall return to you.”]

With that the Gerudo chief found himself heading back to his town and breathing a sigh of relief. Urbosa, of course, decided to stay at the castle in order to make sure that things went well. Along with making sure that the king didn’t decide to renege on his side of a bargain.

Heading deep into the Gerudo Desert the chieftain inhaled the desert smell as his horse led him into the temple. It was once rumored long ago that these sacred lands were haunted. Perhaps it was necessary for a ghost to lead the way through the harsh desert storms. Yet, now, it stood a calm desert with flag poles leading the way to the temple. He knew that the ride would be a long and hard one, yet it was worth it once he saw the spirit temple which was once built by his ancestors long ago.

Carved into the side of a great mountain was a woman in the lotus position. Her palms were stretched up high. It was rumor long ago that the Sand goddess was actually none other than Din. After all she was the goddess of power and that was the Triforce which Gannon held upon his palm. To the side of the sacred land was the oasis which many Gerudos had bathed in[ before seeking out a husband to marry. The oasis rested between two palm trees which stood out being the only vegetation which grew in the harsh environment. Another legend was said that these two were symbolic of the other two goddesses.

Stripping off his clothes he slowly walked barefoot across the sands into the water and hummed to himself. Dipping low into the walls he closed his eyes; he was surprise by how cold it was. He’d expected it to be warm and hot just as everything was in the desert yet here it was cool and calm. Sinking further down into the oasis he began to cleanse himself humming that same lullaby his mother once sung to him long ago before finally he’d emerge from the waters cleaned. This was but one half of the ritual

Inside the temple Gannon proceed to walked without clothing himself. It was said that entering the temple was symbolic of accepting ones past life was over. Once he emerged from the temple he’d be reborn a new man ready to begin stage two of his life married and as one with another being. Exhaling, he paused at the entrance of the temple. Before he step forth inside.

Of course “inside” was actually outside. The temple had been ruin and destroyed. The only thing that stood was the arch way and the status of the goddess which had been recarved into the mountain. Of course it was symbolic none the less. Turning around he walked through the arc again and sighed.

[b “Yeah, okay.. Maybe its time the Gerudo’s adapted new traditions.”] He muttered to himself before dressing and getting ready to head back to Hyrule.
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The laughter from both Impa [i and] Urbosa was something that shocked Zelda greatly. Although Urbosa had more of a range of emotions that she has seen than in Impa, the Gerudo woman was always so composed. But of course, she was more worried about her father than the two laughing advisors, and followed along with Gannon as he stalked towards the downed King.

She knew herself that Gannon meant no harm, but the guards and Royal Guards seemed unsure, but the Chief of the Gerudo soon made his intentions clear. With uttered words, Zelda could feel the power used on her father, and in an instant, her father was back on his feet, accusing Gannon of... Well, he started to seem very unsure of what he was accusing Gannon of when he looked down at the man kneeling before him, and then inspected his own hands.

When Urbosa spoke, he looked to her and then slowly to Zelda, his icy gaze melting when they rested upon his daughter. She gives him a patient smile before nodding at Urbosa for speaking on her behalf. [+blue “I know this is a strange solution, father, but I believe it is one that will work. We can't keep fighting, destroying, and rebuilding; we owe it to the people, to all of the people to do everything and anything we can to stop this.”]

Impa was suddenly there, beside Urbosa, having contained herself and with the same aloof disposition she normally has. [b “My King, if I may; I too have my own reservations about this. I don't agree with it, but I respect the Princess' wisdom above all.”]

King Rhoam looks down at Gannon. [+00CED1 “I have my doubts...”]

[+blue “But don't we all?”] Zelda counters. She looks down to Gannon, and then slowly bends, taking a knee beside him and bowing her head towards her father as well. [+blue “All I ask is for your blessing. This could be the miracle to stop this eternal conflict. This is the choice we are making to save the future.”]

The King stares down at the two before he looks up, glancing around at all of the faces staring at him, waiting for him to make the call. There was a great tension hanging in the air, because there was really only two choices at present. Either King Rhoam agreed to leave Hyrule in Zelda and Gannon's hands, or he gave in to his hatred and ordered Gannon to be executed on the spot... But it appeared that this was a game of chess, and Zelda had him in Check... No matter what the decision, the King could lose his daughter to Gannon, one way or another. Marriage seemed like such a simple solution, but Zelda meticulously crafted everything around this so the King could have as few choices as possible. How long had she been planning this?

[+00CED1 “I do not know what the future holds, but I always knew one day Gannon would come to take my daughter from me... I would be a stubborn old fool if I thought that I could stop that on my own; my part to play in this wheel of time is insignificant compared to that of the Holders of the Triforce.”] He takes a tentative pause. [+00CED1 “I know there is nothing in all the powers I hold as King to stop the inevitable, so it would be best if I listened to those with power greater than I. Rise, both of you.”] And once they do, he looks between the both of them, obviously what came next being very difficult for him to say. [+00CED1 “The two of you have my blessing to wed.”]

Zelda nearly jumped with joy [+blue “Oh father, you won't regret it! I-”] He holds his hand up to indicate to let him finish.

[+00CED1 “But I would like to be part of the process to make sure everything... Runs smoothly.”] The King looks to Gannon. Obviously he wasn't going to win King Rhoam's trust over night, but the over all feeling of the crowd was now one of joy and happiness. Before that it felt like everyone was waiting for a fight; even Impa seemed less tense now that the King had agreed to Zelda's plan.
  Zelda / Renegade / 26d 13h 4m 36s
Gannon knew full well that his hands weren’t clean. Afterall, the first time he saw enter into Hyrule was because he coveted the wind. Yet, he did not assassinate the king during his first life. No, instead he served under him for seven long years. He was pledge a allegiance in hopes that his people would be provided for and taken care of. From deep within he could feel that flame of vengeance rising from within him. His rage was justifiable and how he’d long to kill the king now and be done with it. To hell with this futile peace treaty and the insolence lectures of a girl was naïve an-

One touch. All it took to calm his rage was that of one touch and the beautiful gazing eyes of Zelda. Of course he’d taken in the whole scene before him and before the King had fallen to the ground he’d mouth a thank you. Finally. She was naïve; she was foolish. Yet, she had spoken the words which Gannon had long for another Hyrule monarch to speak for so long. Gripping his hands in his own he let out a grin but that quickly turned to shock as he saw the way the King fell backwards. Then came the laughter of one which he’d not even expected. Normally Impa had been stoic and calm. So seeing Impa bust out into laughter was something Gannon hadn’t thought her capable of. Furthermore, Urbosa was loosing her composer as well.

At first she was stoned face and sincere. Than her hand went to cover her bottom lips and finally she broke out into full on laughter as if it couldn’t be help. Tossing her head back her voice of gleeful laughter joined that of Impa and soon the two women were doubling over trying to keep one another from laughing. It was all in vain. The Gerudo Chief didn’t know what came over him at this moment. As the guards came rushing to make sure that the king was fine and one went to bring him water; he’d made his way towards the king. His right hand was glowing with the golden hue of the Triforce. He’d only once used his power for healing and that was long ago when he was just a little boy.

Of course as he walked slowly towards the fallen king the guards turned towards him. It wasn’t surprising to him that they’d felt the need to stop and try and tell him to not come closer to the king but upon seeing his face they stopped and allowed him to kneel beside the king. Placing his hand upon his head- he murmured something. It was then that the king’s eyes flew up and he pushed Gannon away before standing up and pointing a finger at him.

[#10dada “SEE! Gannon cannot be trust! He healed me…. He… healed me…”]

Once more Gannon found himself upon his knees before the king. Head bow he swallowed his pride. Urbosa was soon beside him with a hand upon his shoulders and she was giving the king a look of kindness. Urbosa knew that the king always had a soft spot for her so she’d prayed that that same soft spot was still in him for her as she spoke up once more. [#da3510 “Please, hear your daughter out.’]
  Gannon / Mr-X / 29d 2h 12m 46s
The conversation with her father was... [i eventful], to say the very least. It would've have became a much headier debate if Urbosa was not standing by her side, so her father had to choose his words a little more carefully, and it subsequently had the effect of keeping him calm... Or rather, [i calmer] than he would have been if it had just been Zelda on her lonesome. Even so, the conversation got heated, even more so than the one she had with Impa last night, and as a result... Zelda couldn't tell her father straight that her inviting Gannon to Hyrule Castle was for an answer on a proposal of marriage on her part. Instead she tried to keep the conversation short, and details even shorter.

Once the conversation was over, the King resolved to join her when Gannon arrived, but once he was finished with the duties he was currently attending to, and dismissed Zelda and Urbosa. With her head hung a little low, Zelda and Urbosa leave and walk the corridors to head to the entrance of the Sanctum. Once they were close, Zelda turns her blue eyes to Urbosa. [+blue “Please do not be disappointed in me. This is a... difficult situation. For all of us.”] And from the fatherly anger that Zelda could see that the King was keeping under the surface in front of Urbosa, she feared he would become untenable and irrational if he knew the full story before Gannon's arrival. At least with Gannon there, it was added insurance that her father would keep himself in greater check as to not appear weak and unreasonable in front of the man he considered to be his own greatest enemy. A minor manipulation, but for the greater good. Zelda would rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission in this regard... Speaking with Link about his immortal enemy was going to be a difficult one as well.

The breach the entrance and stand upon the steps of the Sanctum, King Rhoam joining them shortly thereafter. In the nick of time as well, as it appeared Impa was leading Gannon to them. Her confidant did not look pleased, but she sometimes wondered if Impa's face wasn't simply a permanent scowl. Although, seeing her, and seeing Gannon, she couldn't help but smile a full smile, touching the ring that hung around her neck... However, Zelda's smile quickly fades when Gannon accuses her of going back on her word, his fiery eyes levelling at her father, the King, and who—despite his potbelly—puffs his chest out defensively. Oh no, no ,no, no, no!

[+blue “No, Gannon, I promise you that-”]

[+00CED1 “You do not get to come here and cite the past actions of my ancestor as if your own hands are clean, Gannon. Nor do you-”]

[+blue “Father, please!”] She insists, cheeks turning red. [+blue “I invited Gannon here. One crown to another, and I will not, no, [i cannot] stand here and let you deprive him of the respect he deserves!”] Zelda pauses for a moment, collecting herself, taking in a deep breath. [+blue “When I crossed the Gerudo Desert last night,”]

[+00CED1 “You [i what]?!”] And then came that same electric gaze that she had given Gannon last night, and the King's mouth closed.

[+blue “Gannon could have taken me or killed me, but instead he offered me safe passage and an [i emissary] back [i here], to the safety of my own lands!”]

[+00CED1 “But Zelda, he's Gannon, he-”] She rips the chain from her neck and thrusts the ring in to her fathers face so he can look at it.

[+blue “Do you know what this is?”] And he nods, clearly keeping his creeping anger from boiling over. [+blue “It is as he said: he is not the same Gannon, and his people deserve the same respect and dignity that our people take for granted every single day.”] She turns to face down the steps of the Sanctum, looking at Gannon before descending the steps to stand before him, presenting his ring back to him. Her face softened; not the thing of electric and iron it was just moments ago.

[+blue “As I have promised: a treasure returned to you.”] She waits for him to take it before speaking again. [+blue “It was not my intention to betray your trust, and I apologize if I had made it appear that way. As King, I wanted my father to bear witness so he might understand who we are and who we want to become, and although we are bonded in eternal conflict, there is [i one] bond that may undo what is doomed to repeat forever,”]

[+00CED1 “You don't mean-”]

[+blue “Marriage.”] She takes Gannon's hand in her own and looks up at him again. [+blue “I will ask you again to take this leap of faith with me so both of our people may be free from our war throughout infinity... And so us, the Holders, may finally find some peace as well.”]

There's a solid [i thump!] at the top of the stairs to the Sanctum, and a few gasps from surrounding observers and guards. And, for the first time in a long time, there was what sounded like a chuckle. It was small at first, barely audible, but growing until it was full blown laughter, and what was the most shocking about this was it was who it was coming from. [i Impa].

[b “Princess, you proposed to Gannon so hard you made the King [i faint].”] And she couldn't stop laughing hysterically, even as some of the castle guards surrounded the King to sit him upright, fan him with their hands, and they even sent one of the [i Royal Guards] to fetch him some water.
  Zelda / Renegade / 29d 13h 37m 58s
[b “I never understood the practicality of the shield and sword. Personally, I’ve always prefer the idea of wielding two blades or just one.”]
Sitting in the courtyard Gannon was standing by his horse as the guard was showing him his sword and shield. The silver shield was a signature hyrulian shield with the Triforce the centerpiece of it all. Red-rings adorn the golden figure and in the center was nothing more but just blue paint. Shifting form one side to another the male looked at the Gerudo chief as if he were crazy to not understand the use of the shield. [#3be83d “How can you not understand the use of a shield? It’s made to protect you from danger and parry attacks. Also, whilst someone is thrusting at the shield is perfect for blocking. You can then come underneath with a thrust.”]
Pausing for a second the male closed his eyes stroking his chin before opening them again, [b “That’s very well and dandy, but what you fail to mention is what will one do when a weapon is lodge in your shield? With two blades both hands are free to attack and defend. Anything once can do with a shield, another sword can do. Also, there’s grappling for instance. What happens when someone throws you to the ground? Then a shield is practically dead weight.”]

Shaking his head the male closed his eyes. He felt like this stranger was a powerful warrior in his own right. However the two just didn’t see eye to eye when it came to fighting style. Lifting up a finger suddenly, Link turned and smiled. [#3be83d “Urbosa! Urbosa uses a sword and shield to defender herself!”] Link blurted out, and before Gannon had a chance to rebuttal that was when Impa arrived. Turning his eyes towards the Sheikan he instantly went cold. Memories came flooding in one after the another and for a moment he’d forgotten where he was. His purpose here was to simply meet the princess and do his best to broker a peace between the two races. Ignoring the conversation which the two had he followed the woman and slowly trotted behind her.

In the first life they met she was one of six sages who sealed him away in the spiritual realm. It was because of her that he’d lost the most precious prize which he valued above all, eyesight. Now that he was walking behind the female and taking in the calls of the castle his eyes study her form and he let out a smirk. Her ass was well shape and her legs quite tone. It amused him slightly to think of her in a such a way. He’d yet to find himself a woman to take to bed. Perhaps once this peace was settle he’d be able to see if Impa would be so kind as to service him in bed. All jokes aside, as he was taken into the great halls he lifted his eyes from the female and turned his eyes upon and Zelda. Ah, what a beauty she was. For some reason he felt a warmth within his breasts. Turning his eyes slightly to the left that all vanish the moment when he laid eyes upon him.

Urbosa was standing right beside Zelda and she’d didn’t think to tell her? Whatever Zelda had to say fell on deaf ears as Gannon turned to look the king right in the eyes. His fist clenched. There was nothing in his eyes but darkness.

[i It was midday when Gannon found himself kneeling before the king of Hyrule. They called him the red lion; in battle he’d earned his title. In this life-time Zelda hadn’t been born and so the King had no heir to call his own but still, Gannon lived. Beside him were his servants and boxes full of gold and silver. It wasn’t much but it was enough to buy what his people so desperately need. Grain to bake bread and jugs of water to state the thirst which many of his people were dying of. [b “Oh Great king of Hyrule, the red lion, I beseech of thee. Lend aid to my people.”] ]

[i Sitting upon his throne the male looked at Gannon. His eyes filled with hatred and loathing. Tossing his head back he laughed and laughed. Growling Gannnon snarled [b “Children are dying! My people are malnourished and dying! I ask you not for charity; but for a trade to save our people! What more could you ask?’] ]

[i Looking down upon him, the king simply smiled as he stood up. “Bring you me a hundred virgins of the Gerudo. We find you’re…. brown skin and redhair to be exotic. They’ll make excellent whores in our brothels.” [b “You.. dare insult me?”] ] [i Gannon growled as he looked upwards at the king. His anger was slowly rising and he snarled. [b “I come begging you for help and you command me to condemn innocent girls”] ] [i “Innocent!?” The king roared. “No Gerudo is innocent. I’d gladly kill you all. I am the king of these lands. I am the king of even the Gerudo! Every land upon this continent belongs to me and me along! Defy me and I’ll see it as an act of war and rebellion. You, and your people, will pay for all the crimes which Hyrule has suffered within the past.”]

[b “What is this?”] Gannon spoke as his eyes laid upon the king. [b “I confide in you Zelda and you go and break my trust? You say you want peace, yet you force me to stand within the presence of a man who loathes my people and they're very existence.."] He slowly took a step back and spoke softly. [b "King... I do not fault you for the crimes of your ancestors. Know this, I am not the same Gannon as the past. I only wish to do what's best for my people. Make no mistake, as chieftain that is why I'm here."
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Sleep was something that didn't come easily. When Zelda finally made it to her room and got ready for bed, she still felt [i on] from this evenings events and despite the late hour, she didn't feel very tired. However, she still tried her hand at getting some sleep; tomorrow might be an even more eventful day than what had happened this evening... She couldn't say she was looking forward to it.

For Zelda, sleep did eventually come, but it wasn't restful. It almost felt like she could stay in bed all day if it wasn't for-

[b “Its time to get up.”] Her comforter is thrown off to the side, and almost in an instant the curtains are drawn open, the light of the new day filtering in throughout the room. Zelda recoiled from it and almost wanted to hiss like a vampire. Impa then loomed over Zelda, casting her shadow and the Princess looks to her as her eyes adjust from the sudden shift in light. [b “Your breakfast is getting cold.”]

[+blue “Breakfast? Oh! I overslept!”] She's out of bed quickly, and moves to leave, but Impa places a hand on her shoulder.

[b “You just missed the King. He is in his study. Eat your breakfast first please.”]

Zelda didn't protest, instead she rubs the sleep from her eyes and covers her mouth as she yawns. [+blue “Where is Urbosa?”] Zelda asks, suddenly feeling tired again.

Impa frowns a little bit. [b “In the courtyard training... And showing some of the guards Gerudo manoeuvres.”] Zelda couldn't help but giggle lightly at that; it sounded just like something Urbosa would do.

As instructed, Zelda first got read and then went to eat her breakfast in the dining room. As she did this, Zelda asked Impa to go fetch Urbosa for her, as she wished for the Gerudo warrior to be with her as she spoke with her father. Obviously Impa wasn't the most thrilled with the request—there seemed to be some form of rivalry and health competition between the two, but she wasn't sure if Urbosa reciprocated. Impa was to her what Urbosa was to Gannon, so Zelda found it a little amusing, and she knew nothing bad would ever happen between the two... But that made her think of what she had to do next, and even though she was halfway through her breakfast, she suddenly lost her appetite. Perhaps it was time to get this over with.

Zelda waited halfway down the corridor to her father's study until Impa brought Urbosa. It brought a certain amount of relief to her, and she couldn't help but smile. [+blue “Thank you for doing this with me, Urbosa. I think it will make this conversation easier on everyone.”] She looks to Impa who nods and leaves to continue on with her duties as the two walk towards the King's study. Once outside, the two guards standing there move aside a few paces to let the two through. However, Zelda doesn't go in straight away, instead she pokes her head in to look first. Her father's back was to her, so she clears her throat.

King Rhoam turns and at first there was a stern expression on his face, but once he saw it was Zelda, his features softened. [+00CED1 “Ahh, Zelda, I was not expecting to see you at this time! To what do I-...”] She steps in, and motions for Urbosa to step in with her.

[+blue “There is something you and I need to talk about.”] The King's expression goes stern again.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/txpdnTY.jpg?2]]

For the most part, Impa was glad that she didn't have to hang around for the talk with the King. It was no secret that he hated the Gerudo, and Gannon most of all. He was protective of Zelda, being obsessively familiar with the legend, and if he could keep the princess locked in her room and away from Gannon for all eternity, then he most certainly would. However, with Impa and Link around, she was confident nothing would happen to Zelda... Speaking of which, she hadn't seen Link at all today. He wasn't around the castle then, so maybe he was in the town?

As Impa pondered this, the Royal Crier was making a hastily ascending the castle steps, clutching a roll of parchment. Impa moved to intercept. The younger man almost ran right in to her, but skidded to a halt in the nick of time. [b “What are you doing?”]

“I have an announcement for the King and Princess. The Princess has a visitor who claims to have a audience with her.” Her tanned skin pales a little bit, and the Crier looks surprised. Oh, fu- “Are you alright, Lady Impa?”

[b “I'm fine... May I see that?”] She holds her hand out, and the Crier hands her the parchment. She opens it briefly. It was just a brief description of Gannon and his proclamation of having an audience with Zelda. [b “Ahh, yes, I see.”] And she rips it in half, cinders coming from her hands and the papers burst in to flames.

“What are y-” She grabs the Crier by the lapel and is easily able to lift him from the ground, bringing him to her glaring face.

[b “You heard nothing, you saw nothing, you know nothing. Got it?”] The Crier gulps and nods. [b “Wonderful.”] She drops him. [b “Now run along and I shall deal with this myself.”] Time had to be bought for Zelda; they only just began speaking to the King, and with Gannon's arrival... Well, things could get messy.

With incredible speed, Impa makes it to the courtyard. There was a heavier guard presence here now, and she couldn't exactly blame them. Atop a giant black horse sat the King of Evil himself. Some might recognize him, but most would not, including... [b “Oh for the love of the Gods...”] Escorting Gannon was none other than the Hero of Time himself. Apparently the two of them did not recognize each other, and that was perhaps for the best; she wasn't sure if either of them would impulsively try to kill the other... Impa herself wanted to draw and quarter Gannon, and she wasn't even fated to be his enemy eternally like Link was. But, she would respect the Princess' wishes. Right now she just needed to avoid any unnecessary trouble from Gannon and the guards alike.

She approaches the two. [b “You're dismissed, I will be taking our guest to his audience with Princess Zelda.”]

Link looks a little surprised. [+green “Are you sure, Impa? I know you're busy, so I don't mind.”]

She frowns. [b “I [i said] I'd do it. Why don't you go pick some carrots or something.”] Impa takes the reigns of Gannon's horse from Link.

[+green “I know you're trying to be mean, but I [i am] going to do that because I find it enjoyable.”] He could be such a ponce sometimes. Link then looks up to Gannon and gives him a wave. [+green “It was a pleasure. I hope we can meet again.”] Great, crisis averted.

And with that, Impa turns to look at the heavier collection of guards in the courtyard. [b “And if anyone's assignment is [i not] to the courtyard, I'll personally see to it that a months wages is forfeited if they do not return to their posts in the next thirty seconds.”] And like magic, a third of the gathered guards begin to leave to head back to their posts. Impa was known throughout the castle to be a little high-strung, but she was also a woman of her word.

Holding the reigns, she glimpses over her shoulder at Gannon before looking forward again. [b “Come, [i Chieftain], I will show you to the Sanctum. The Princess will be waiting for you there.”] She leads him through the castle grounds, and towards the Sanctum, slower than she normally would. Buying time.

Travelling up the hill to the Sanctum was uneventful, and Impa keeps her comments and voice to herself for the time being. Zelda would never forgive her if she ran Gannon of or started a fight with him; it'd ruin everything the Princess was trying to do, and Impa wouldn't allow that to happen, even if she didn't completely agree with it.

The Sanctum was finally in sight, and standing just outside of its entrance was Zelda, Urbosa, and King Rhoam... And the King did not look pleased. [i Fantastic].

Once the two get close enough, Zelda beams. [+blue “Gannon, I am so happy that you could meet with me today. Have you thought about my proposal?”]
  Zelda / Renegade / 33d 4h 1m 57s
She was not entirely sure when or how it had happened. These familiar walls becoming akin to a second home for the woman. Along with the respect which came from the guards which tended to her horse and led her to the room that she felt was to big to be a guess room. The anxiety that came gnawing at her gut was something to impossible to ignore now. Clearly, the memories of the past life came flooding back to her like rain drenching her very skin. Shivers crept up her spine, yet try as she might she, she ignored said feeling. Her composer was that of a calmness and as she sat unto the bed her hands moved to her hips as she felt that presence over her once again. The Gerudo and Sheikah were well familiar with one another. Furthermore, her and Impa shared a bond closer than most people could suspect. Heading towards the window, her hands gripped the silky sheets before she felt the door close. Without even needing to see her directly face to face, she could feel that rage directly aimed at her.

Truthfully, Impa could never bring herself to be angry at the princess. So the seething rage had to be direct towards someone, and why not her? Beneath the rage was something deeper and more understandable and that was fear. Fear of the [i calamity] which threaten to consume and wipe out everyone and everything. Urbosa herself feared the events repeating once more again. In the past, she had been just a sage. Now, here she was blood kin to the very Prince of Evil. So, there was no need for mere words to pass between the two. Turning her head towards her old friend, she nodded her head in acknowledgement. No harm would come to the princess Zelda, of that the woman would see to it. Turning back allowed the woman to leave before letting out a sigh and rubbing her temple. One could only imagine what was going through the head of her little brother as he sat alone.

Bending onto her knee, she looked towards the sands and place her palms together. How long had it been since she prayed to the Goddess of the Sands? It felt a little weird doing so in a foreign land. But their temple stood still in ruins. Another example of prejudice against the Gerudo people. Their temple was destroyed and a prison was made where the spirits of the condemn were set to haunt till the end of eternity. She’d never been one to believe in such notions. Instead, it was the evidence which could be observe which guided her own thought process. Right now, she needed desperate have peace brought upon her and so she opened her mouth and prayed.

[i “Oh Goddess of the Sand, mother of the Gerudo. Grant our Chieftain, my brother, wisdom and patients. Let not the blood of innocents run black in this lifetime or any other. May the curse be broken which was cast in lives past many, many, centuries ago. May you grant understanding to the King, my alley. May you direct me to do thy bidding.”]

[right [pic https://scontent.fatl1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/95141215_10223335155232912_2299904302098939904_n.jpg?_nc_cat=111&_nc_sid=8024bb&_nc_ohc=-smQ8AHpwTUAX_2RtEK&_nc_ht=scontent.fatl1-1.fna&oh=08dcd7ed5348cf9808152dcb27bb0bee&oe=5ED0A762] ]

As day light broke across the land it brought with it a certain uneasiness that the Gerudo male couldn’t shake. Blue was the color of royalty in the Gerudo people’s eyes, so he the young male found his best silky blue toga and pot it on. Golden earrings adorn his ears and light pants hugged his waist. A thousand centuries of misgivings and mistrust stirred within the soul of the male and yet it was all he could do to keep his composer. Turning his heel towards the doors of his palace walls, he started heading out into the bright light. For twenty-two years all he’d ever known was the blistering heat and the feminine looks of his people. His mother had kept him shelter all his life. It brought a smirk to his face as he remember the exchange which took place long ago in the very sands which he was getting ready to leave behind.

[i [b “I want to leave the Palace walls! I want to go and explore!” ] ]
[i “No! I forbid you to step foot past even the entrance of the Gerudo walls. You must be kept a secret, hidden to the world my beloved.”] ]
[i [b “Is it because I’m a boy? Mother, are you ashamed of me? Ashamed that I’m not a female? I’m the only Gerudo male born. Do you hate me?”] ]
[i “No… it’s… its… Oh Gannon, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I’m your mother. I’m sorry that I wont be able to protect you for much longer.. Link, he’ll..”] ]
[i [b “Link? Whose Link? Mom, Mother? Whose Link?”] ]
[i “Please, stay a child. Please never become a man. Stay my little boy, maybe then.. You won’t die. I don’t want you to die. Please don’t die. Please, please, please. Goddess of the Sand, if ever you can hear my cry, change his fate! Let not the Hero of time pierce his heart!”]

It wasn’t even two years later upon his sixteenth birthday that all which he’d done and all which’d happen to him returned to him. Upon his memories returning that was when his sister started teaching him the ways of the sword. Often, he wonder why the Gerudo women looked at him with contempt. Perhaps they resent him for his past actions? Or maybe they hated acting ignorant of they’re proud history as a warrior race in order to coddle the boy and prevent his memories from returning. Well, that all change when he ascended the throne. Taking back his place as Chieftain he spent years formulating and plotting revenge not for his sake. But for the sake of those underneath his hand which had been oppressed and brutalize. No words on earth could properly convey the horrific tragedy which his people were subjected to. Now, that was all in the past. It was time to move forward and travel to Hyrule.

Walking towards the stables his royal guard bowed to him. Gannon notice that his sister had yet to return from the castle and so he opted to go to Hyrule himself. Of course objection came from those who feared the worst. Afterall, what would happen if they’re chief was struck down and killed unjustly? It wouldn’t be the first time Hyrulian metal tasted innocent Gerudo blood. To that, he lifted his hand in the air and summon a ball of light. It’s crackled like and roared like thunder before he dispersed it. The blinding light made those around him shiver in fear and he smirked confidently.

[b “I am not one who is easily killed. Now, my sister awaits me at Hyrule.”]

In truth, Gannon looked different from his previous incantation. His hair flowed wildly like a lion and his skin was a sun kissed brown. He smiled and laugh jovially as he rode his Black horse towards Hyrule. With the wind in his hair and his horse beneath him he looked like a mere boy than that of a evil reincarnated. He knew not when to come to the gates of the castle and so he’d decided to come during the day close to noon. Upon entering Hyrule his face lit up in amazement as he saw the greenery and felt the cool breeze. It was just as he remembered it in a past life. This wind which brought life instead of punishing heat and blistering cold.

Dismounting his horse, he walked towards one of the guards. [b “Excuse me.”] His voice came out and at once one of the guards looked at him. It was a blonde one with pointy ears and a bright blue eye. [#459b31 “Can I help you?”]

[b “Yes, I have an audience today with the Princess. I’ve never been to Hyrule can you show me to the castle?”]

[#459b31 “Sure!”] The male spoke smiling, before he turned and looked at the man. [#459b31 “You’ve never been to Hyrule? Weird. I’ve feel as if I’ve seen you here before?”] He spoke softly.
Taken aback, Gannon looked at the young guard before stroking his chin.
[b “How strange. I feel as if you to, are someone I’ve know from a past life.”]

With that the guard escort Gannon to the gates of the Castle before announcing to King that the princess had a visitor.
  Urbosa / Mr-X / 35d 4h 23m 18s
Once outside to the stables, Zelda waits for Urbosa, and again is reminded how strong the woman is as she hoists the Princess up on to the horse like she was made of straw. A few seconds later, they were headed back to Hyrule, the horse braving the desert sands and the grasslands of Hyrule with ease. This all felt so... warm and familiar, like she was a child again. With Urbosa riding the horse and keeping Zelda on against her body... It felt matronly, and nice, and it was hard to believe that there was so much tension between the Gerudo and Hylians, but the past spoke for itself and she guessed with Gannon as the Gerudo's ruler, they felt like it was only a matter of time before they would go to war. Even Zelda felt that way sometimes, and she considered herself lucky that someone as level-headed as Urbosa was the diplomat for the Gerudo. Anyone else and things might have fell apart sooner.

Sooner than she had thought, they were approaching the gates of Hyrule Castle. Despite the time of night, there were still some people about, as well as the Hyrule guards, who upon seeing the two, pretend like they were suddenly not there. Zelda couldn't help but smile a little that that; she wasn't supposed to venture outside of the castle walls without some form of escort, and she had easily slipped passed them and went all the way to the Gerudo Desert by herself... Her father would not be pleased if he discovered who had seen her and did not report it to them immediately; the fact that this was her returning made the notion worse. So, they let them pass through the city, and in to the castle proper where they could dismount Urbosa's horse and carry on from there tot he courtyard.

Zelda smiles up at Urbosa and her words. [+blue “Thank you for everything, Urbosa. Your words mean the world to me.”] However, her faces drops slightly, as if she was pondering something. [+blue “My father will not be pleased with this development, so I will have to sort this out before Gannon's arrival... But since I have invited him here, the King cannot stop what is already in motion.”] And she had [i never] mentioned her plans of securing peace through marriage with Gannon. Her father might not be a belligerent man, but he was passionate, protective of Zelda, and despite his notable respect for Urbosa, his distaste for her people ran quite deep. It was why there was so much tension on their borders; he was waiting for the [i Calamity] to happen.

As Urbosa turned to leave and head back in to town, Zelda reaches her hand out and grasps the Gerudo woman's wrist. [+blue “I will have you set up in one of the guest rooms in the Castle. I... I would be much more at ease tomorrow when I face my father if you were by my side.”] She turns and looks at one of the guards patrolling, and nods her head. He approaches them tentatively. [+blue “Please bring the horse to the stable, and show Urbosa to the guest room. If she needs anything, see to it that it is brought to her.”] She smiles again at the Gerudo and with a nod, the guard would take the horse and lead Urbosa to where she would be staying.

Finally though, she was alone in the courtyard and lets out a breath. Finally she could feel the nights events creeping up on her and the weight of it all. She was tired, so it would be best to turn in for the night, especially since tomorrow might be an even [i more] eventful day. She turns around to leave the courtyard and head back to her chambers, but stops immediately, nearly jumping out of her skin as she walks in to someone.

[b “So I see you went through with your little scheme.”] Zelda looks up to see the woman in question. She already knew who it was the second she opened her mouth, but with the red eyes, darkened skin, and bone white hair, it was a dead give away to anyone who it might be.

[+blue “Impa! I-I-I...”] The Sheikah holds up her hand for Zelda to calm herself, but it quickly turns in to her fingers almost squeezing together, as if to measure something.

[b “I was [i this] close to gathering men to search for you. Had I not known of your scheme beforehand I would have assumed the worst.”] She narrows her eyes slightly at the Princess, her eyes panning down to the Gerudo ring that now hung around Zelda's neck from a chain. [b “Now I know why you've been taking your Sheikah training so seriously these last few months.”] Well, that was fair for her to say. Zelda studied many subjects, magic, history, and literature being her favourites, but she was also taught how to use a sword, a bow, and Impa even showed her the ways of the Sheikah. Normally when it came to subjects not considered to be more studious in nature, it was clear her heart wasn't in it when she practised. But the more and more she thought about her idea, she began taking the others more seriously, the Sheikah training in particular as it would help her get to Gannon without being noticed. [b “You should have told me, I would have come with you.”]

[+blue “No, you would have tried to stop me.”] Zelda protests.

Impa gasps, as if offended. [b “That's not... [i entirely] true.”] And the Princess rolls her eyes at that, to which Impa responds with a grunt. [b “I would have supported you after I tried to vigorously talk some sense in to you.”] She pauses for a moment before indicating the ring hanging around Zelda's neck again. [b “I suppose it worked since you are here, alive, and brought Urbosa.”]

Zelda's eyes fall to the ground. [+blue “He will be coming here tomorrow to give me an answer to my proposal.”]

Impa was aghast, and Zelda could see all the scenarios and calculations playing behind her friend's eyes. This wasn't going to be fun. [b “Have you lost your goddamn mind? You are literally bringing your eternal mortal enemy [i here], in to our sanctuary, and he didn't even tell you yes or no?”] She raises her hands in to claws in to the air. [b '”UUUUGH!”] She curses the Heavens. [b “This is a trap. He's luring you in to a false sense of security so he can take what he thinks is his.”]

[+blue “No, no! He isn't like that!”] Zelda protests, and Impa cocks an eyebrow at her, which makes her blush and look down at the ring. [+blue “You weren't there, Impa,”]

[b “Something I am acutely aware of.”]

She ignores the biting remark. [+blue “He was [i different]. Reasonable, kind... I don't know how to explain it, but it seemed like something was different; he could have just killed me.”] And Impa is quiet for a moment at that, chewing on the information.

[b “I suppose that is true... Killing you outright would have been the easiest option or holding you captive. Unless he's coming here with an army, it would not be expedient to try something within the walls of Hyrule castle; it would be a quicker end.”] She thinks some more about it, tapping her chin as she thoughtfully looks off in to the distance. Zelda held her breath, staring at Impa, waiting for her next words; this would be the deciding factor. [b “That said,”] And Zelda knew immediately she had her! [b “I don't like it, I don't like him, and I don't trust him. The atrocities he has committed cannot be forgotten, but I cannot [i currently] think of a better way to end the cycle you, Link, and him are trapped in.”]

Zelda was trying very hard not to grin, hiding her mouth behind her hands, as Impa looked at her and started to look impatient. [b “I will be gathering our best men and if he so much as [i twitches] wrong, I will personally drain his carotid artery over the castle steps.”]

[+blue “I'm sure he will be a perfect gentleman. Good night, Impa. Sleep well.”] Zelda says down her nose to which Impa grunts in response. Well, now that this was all out of the way, it would be best to turn in since she had a lot of preparing to do for tomorrow, including facing her father about this. So, she turns and begins to leave the courtyard to head back to her chambers.

She got a few steps away before. [b “Have you told [i him]?”] Impa asks, and Zelda freezes in place, a figurative dark cloud forming over her head as she looks at the ground. That was something else that she had been dreading since the conception of this plan.

[+blue “... No. Not yet.”] There was a long pause between them as the answer hung in the air like a toxic miasma.

[b “That is probably for the best... Good night, Princess.”] And when Zelda looked over her shoulder, Impa had seemingly vanished in to thin air, like she had never been there in the first place. But her words stuck with her, even as she went back to her room to try and rest for tomorrow... It was an eventuality. Even if she didn't tell him, he would find out soon enough, and she didn't know what would be worse... Only time would tell, and she could figure that out in the morning.
  Zelda / Renegade / 35d 6h 43m 15s
Had he made her blush? It was a curious thing to see the way the girl reacted to him giving her such a valuable trinket. Moving backwards to his throne the chieftain slowly exhaled his breath before closing his eyes. Indeed, he was rather an imposing figure. His full stature came to that of almost six foot nine inches. Furthermore, he was muscular and exuded a power which course through his veins and was infectious towards those who opposed him. As those eyes of his watched the retreating figure of the woman, his fingers curled into a ball. He’d remember surely, how it was like when he first step into the lands of Hyrule in his first life. Coveting power he had bent the knee to the King only to usurp him seven years in the future. However tomorrow, when he would ride into the heart of the castle it would be to broker a peace and strive forth for a better tomorrow for all.

Urbosa led the way confidently towards the stables where the horses lay. Despite it being late into the night the horse still lay attended by guard. Turning towards the princess she slowly asked of her to wait by the stables before securing a horse to travel on. Hoisting herself up, she reached out a hand to the princess below and easily pulled her up onto the horse before flipping the reigns and off there were into the desert night. Below the hooves of the earth the sands were like a sea of silver. The moon illuminates the pathway and, in the distance, stood the castle in all of its glory. Regardless of how many times the Gerudo woman found herself traveling into the heart of Hyrule the feeling of amazement never left her. That, along with the feeling of unrest. Being the face of the Gerudo surely did make her popular; she’d yet to meet a Hylian who didn’t love her. However, that still didn’t make her exempt from experience the racism of past generations that spew like a toxin and consume her.

Over the wind, Urbosa shouted back to the princess in words that were motherly and yet stern. She despised lying above all things. Yet, for Impa and the princess sake, they had to come to a reason as to why Urbosa found the princess outside the castle. It was simple, she mourned the lost of her mother. As much love as the woman felt for the princess, she could not be the motherly figure the girl needed in her life. Her instincts to nurture where overshadow by commitment to her people and upkeeping the peace which had come at long last.

Nearing the gates of Hyrule, she gently pulled on the reigns and slowed the horse to a trot. At night, the city was still live as the people were a jovial sort. Outside of the castle stood guards and as they saw the hooded figure sitting behind Urbosa they were immediately suspecting that it was none other than the princess. But how’d they explain letting a teenage girl get past well trained and elite soldiers of the king. To save face they turned the other way and acted as if the pair were invisible to them. Placing a hand upon the young girls soldier, she smiled at her warmly before speaking.

[#d10000 “Princess; I will always lend my support to you and the crown of Hyrule. So, perhaps it would be best if I stay the night here. I do enjoy the idea of a political alliance through marriage, but I want to be there to show my support when you ask if Gannon can be invited for a peace talk.”] Taking the princess face in her hands, the Gerudo softly kissed her forehead before smiling lightly. [#d10000 “If only your mother was still with us to see the woman you’ve grown into. Truly, she’d be proud.”]

With that, Urbosa led the horse into town to find a place to stay and allow her brother to think alone.
  Urbosa / Mr-X / 35d 5h 43m 9s
At first there was fire in Gannon's eyes, and Zelda thought that perhaps maybe she should have chose her words more carefully as her opposite had said. However, the increasing anxiety she felt simmered down as Gannon spoke again, commending her own her bravery for coming to him alone... She couldn't help but feel slightly bashful at the compliment, her eyes becoming suddenly more interested with the floor that Gannon was standing on, and her face suddenly feeling warmer. This was going smoother than she had prepared for.

The clap of Gannon's hands and the clinking jewellery brought her eyes back up from the ground. In came Urbosa, currently the only familiar contact that Zelda has had with the Gerudo people. The woman was present at her birth, and despite the divide between the Hylians and Gerudo, she was respected by all for her strength, both in regards to her skill as a warrior, and in her character. And Zelda couldn't help but feel the flood of relief at the sight of her. She smiles warmly at Urbosa when she tells Zelda she is proud of her, but her words about how this could be misconstrued as a kidnapping... Well, that was troubling. [+blue “I-I had not thought of that. My apologies.”] It was a potential hazard she had overlooked, but hopefully one she had avoided. This night was one full of risks she had to take.

Zelda looks to Gannon as he evidently and carefully considered her offer. Despite the status of their relationship until moments ago, she has always known him to be a shrewd man, and something like this... Well, it was a history changing moment, one that couldn't undo the past, but one that had the potential to build a better future for everyone. But there was more to this than a simple union of two rulers—much more, in fact—but it would be a start. She wanted no more bloodshed, and she had the distinct impression that Gannon wished the same for his people. So, of course he would need time to think about her offer of marriage, and she was willing to give him as much time as he needed to consider it. But still, time was of the essence, and it seemed Gannon knew that, resolving to give her an answer tomorrow.

As Gannon approached her, Zelda became acutely aware of the difference in their height and stature. The Gerudo were generally more long-limbed than Hylians, but he was [i huge], and she couldn't help but feel the anxiety welling up inside of her again, especially as some... [i Memories] played out in her head. Although, when the ring is presented to her, she looks at it curiously as it glints in the torchlight. It had the Gerudo seal upon it, and would be an auspicious way to present their mutual understanding, even if it might only be temporary. The decision to give this to her carried an immense weight, and as she held out her cupped hands to receive the ring, she could [i feel]. This gesture may appear small, but it was tremendous, and despite being a ring, she felt like she had to protect it with her life even though it was in her possession to protect hers.

Looking down at the ring, Zelda brings it close to her chest before looking up at Gannon again. The heat in her face was beginning to return. [+blue “I will treasure this until I see it returned to you. Thank you, Gannon... for your time and your consideration.”] Her eyes linger on his for a moment longer before Urbosa wordlessly urges her to hurry. It was only a matter of time before it was noticed that she was not in her chambers, and a search party could already be on its way; Impa knew Zelda better than anyone, so it would not take her long to deduce where she might have run off to.

So with one last parting smile, Zelda pulls the hood over her head and follows Urbosa out.
  Zelda / Renegade / 36d 3h 29m 47s
As she lifted her hands before speaking his anger rose. He need not a reminder of the eternal bond which connect her to him. As the glow upon his hand burnt bright his eyes closed. Taking in every word there was for her to say he paused within his steps. Eighty years ago, was when his people once more tried to find home in these sacred lands. For nearly a ten centuries his people refused to look back on the land which had hated them so. Even still, though tensions were not as high as before, the racism was still apparent. Crossing his hands, the male shifted from side to side. Her words were chosen quiet carefully and now in turn, it was his to choose his words wisely as well. For it was foolish to so hastily threaten that which his own people had strive so hard to achieve before his birth was even brought forth.

[i [b “You’ve truly come alone by yourself? I’ve great admiration for the bravery it took to cross the desert and set foot in our town.”] ] Clapping his hands once more he summoned the woman whom Zelda was surely familiar with. Urbosa was the unofficial, official diplomat of the Gerudo. Skill in the art of sword and shield and wise, despite only being a young thirty, the Sister of Gannon was well respected by all. In the silence of the room only the gold of her outfit could be heard clinking within the throne room. Placing a hand upon the young girls, shoulders she grinned offering her that motherly look she’d oft did. In truth, she was there to celebrate the birth of Zelda. So, quite literately, Uborsa had known the princess since birth.

[i [#eb1a0a “Zelda, you really shouldn’t act such recklessly. Giving the bad blood between us, if anyone were to see you here they’d assume we kidnap you.”] ] Giving the girl a squeeze on the shoulder she lean down and whisper briefly how proud she was before her brother turned and once more resumed his cold demeanor. Whilst it was true that marriage was used throughout centuries to broker peace, such a thing has never been done on the lands of Hyrule. The weight of marriage, of unifying the two races of people was something the male felt heavily upon his shoulders. Stepping forward he spoke softly. [i [b “I truly appreciate this offer. To treat you as a child was not my intent, but still, it is as my sister said. Urbosa shall escort you back to Hyrule and tomorrow I’ll shall give you my answer. The last I thing I need is for my potential wife… to be harmed. Also,”] ] Taking off his middle ring which bore the Gerudo seal upon it, he walked over towards her and held it out to the princess.

[i [b “Take this, so that you might know that my word is my bond. As long as you hold this, I shall lay no hand upon you, and neither shall the Gerudos.”] ]
  Gannon / Mr-X / 35d 12h 44m 58s
[+blue “There's no need to be so rough.”] Zelda imparts as the two Gerudo guards essentially drag her through the Gerudo's town, up the lofty staircase, and towards the throne room. They let her go just outside with a small push, and she catches herself from stumbling, looking at the two guards angrily. [+blue “Or rude.”] She dusts herself off slightly, looking to the maw of the throne room... It was quite nerve wracking now that she was here and about to face down Gannon by herself. Could she really go through with this? Everything before and between?

Her mind became awash with doubt briefly before she shook her head, her long golden locks feathering about her head. Zelda [i had] to do this. There was no sense in having cold feet now. Worst case scenario, Gannon killed her, beginning the cycle again. Mild case scenario, he laughed her out of the town, and inevitably the cycle would continue as tensions between both sides rose even further... And best case scenario, he accepted her offer... But was that [i really] the best case?

No going back now, she supposed.

Standing up straight, and letting her features relax, Zelda walks in to the throne room where Gannon stood before her. With a gesture, his guards left the two of them alone. Even Urbosa wasn't in sight. She had certainly expected more people to be present, but this worked as well; the less prying eyes the better... As she was about to open her mouth to speak, Gannon's booming voice shocks her in to silence, but she listens to his words, feeling the weight that they carried. For a brief moment, she almost felt like she was simply speaking to another ruler, and not the force of evil that Gannon was known to be. However, when her life was threatened by Gannon, her softened expression became steel once more, and her delicate blue eyes became electric with a determined intensity. It was as if all the doubt and fear she was feeling was suddenly washed away. There was no longer any doubt in her mind: they [i had] to make this work.

She lifts her hand in front of her, the Triforce of Wisdom burning with power on the back of her hand as the Triforce of Power did the same, signifying the eternal bond they were forced to share. [+blue “That is the very thing I am here to stop; this endless cycle of violence that has plagued both of our people, and that centres around [i us]. So, if my words do not please you, then by all means, you can kill me, but you know what will follow, and it [i will] be your demise... Then we wait and we start this madness over again.”] Zelda crosses her arms and turns her head so she could look off in to night sky behind Gannon. Her features soften some again as she blows out a small breath.

[+blue “I am no mere child, Gannon, you know better than that, so do not disrespect me in such a way. I am not here to brandish you with threats or death, I have come alone, and I have come in secrecy so none of my most trusted would be tempted to interfere. I am here with a purpose, and one I hope would see our people prosper from instead of the alternative.”] She turns her head to look at Gannon, her fierce gaze meeting his. [+blue “I've come to ask you to marry me.”]
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