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Jadelynne lives on the rough side of town. She lives in a world where you might want to carry a knife in your pocket. Your Name lives on the rich side of town. Your Name lives in a world where they are headed towards great things. They also live in a world where if you were to write something on your skin, it appears on in the same place on the skin of your soulmate. Jadelynne and Your Name go to the same high school but have never talked to one another. Will they finally find each other?

This is a roleplay based on an Alternate Universe I read and I think it would make for an interesting roleplay.

This can be an M/F or F/F. My character is Bisexual after all. I like romance as much as the next person but don't take it too far.

I am asking for 300+ characters. I hope that shouldn't be too much to ask for.

Cursing is fine but I don't want to see any F-bombs anywhere near this roleplay.

PM me with the word Doodles and your skelly if interested.


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Jadelynne shrugged. [+purple "'S no big deal. Just don't let the teacher catch you with that one and take it from you."] Jadelynne looked down at her paper and focused on it instead. She didn't know what exactly motivated her to do that for someone she had never interacted with. Typically she would just keep to herself but this boy seemed... different.

Jadelynne's eyes flicked over to her arm when she saw more words appear but with a reddish tint. Something in the back of her mind found the ink familiar but she shrugged it off. All red pens were the same so it couldn't be anything important. Right?

As the bell rung, Jadelynne was about to rush into the hall but Greg started talking to her so she stopped. Was he really going to walk with her? She normally would feel awkward walking with some who wasn't her soulmate but Greg had a comfortable vibe to himself so she walked along with him. [+purple "I-It is no problem."] As she walked, Jadelynne looked down at her arm and messily scribbled down a response. [b That sounds like fun! I want to become a photographer and leave my gosh forsaken town as soon as I finish school. There are no opportunities for me here. I was to leave and see the world and document what I find with my camera. S-Sorry for ranting..."]

Jadelynne flinched when Greg held out his hand. She nervously reached her hand out and shook his. It was warm... [+purple "You can call me Jade. I am surprised that you are talking with me. The only people that ever talk to me are my two friends. Don't you rich kids normally try to stay away from us poor people? N-Not to sound rude. I am just confused about why you would talk to a loner like be in between classes."]
  Jadelynne Cross / TessaFox / 33d 12h 32m 27s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/u7Zpit8.jpg]]

[center [size14 Greg was a little surprised that the girl in front of him was willing to lend him a marker. “Thanks,” Greg whispered gratefully with a smile. Greg checked for the teacher before going back to his arm and replying to his soulmate.]]

[center [size14 [i I want to be a movie actor,] Greg wrote back. He kind of liked the way the red ink looked on his skin. [i WBU? What do you want to do when you’re out of high school?]]]

[center [size14 Greg tapped the marker shut and shoved it in his pocket. Before his soulmate had a chance to respond the bell rang and class was dismissed. Greg shoved his books into his bag and stood up.]]

[center [size14 “Thanks again for the marker,” Greg said as he fell into step next to the girl from his class. “I’ll make sure to get it back to you tomorrow, uh….” He blanked for a second racking his brain for her name. “You know it’s funny, we’ve been sitting next to each other but I’m not 100% sure I know your name. I’m Greg.” He stuck his hand out and offered her a smile.]]
  [G]reg / -Mercy- / 35d 16h 39m 29s
Jadelynne was focusing on her word and looking at her arm every so often to see if her soulmate had written her anything back. She felt a little bad for writing to them during school. But at the same time, the lesson was dragging on and she wanted to focus on something that was a little more enjoyable.

Jadelynne quickly put her marker away and focused on her work intently when she saw the teacher walk around the classroom. She stopped in front of the boy that had knocked her down earlier and held her hand out. It looked like he had been writing on his arm. Jadelynne knee she was a good student but she felt the need to keep writing to her soulmate despite what the teacher had just said. She looked down at her arm as the teacher turned her back to the class to write something into he board. [b An actor?! That sounds like so much fun! What kind of actor? Broadway? Movies? And I have an adorable cat that likes to tear me up with his claws.]

Jadelynne watched as the teacher walked back to her self with the boy’s marker. She felt back for him. Jadelynne reaches into her school bag and pulled out a red marker that she had used for a science project. Jadelynne leaned over to the boy who was apparently named Greg. What a short a simple name. It wasn’t as long or hard to spell like Jadelynne. [+purple “Here. Use this. You shouldn’t keep your soulmate waiting. But give it back to me tomorrow please.”] She leaned back into her seat right as the teacher looked back at the class. Hopefully Greg didn’t get caught again and get into more trouble.
  Jadelynne Cross / TessaFox / 78d 1h 51m 2s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/u7Zpit8.jpg]]

[center [size14 Greg tried to focus but it was a futile battle. Everything the teacher said went in one ear and out the other as he scribbled nonsense in his notebook. Honestly, it was surprising he hadn’t actually dozed off by now. It was always hard to stay awake in History, especially since it was his first class of the day. Maybe it was just the buzz of excitement of waiting for his soulmate to write back that kept him up.]]

[center [size14 Greg smiled at her response to her message. How cute and innocent her questions were. ‘I’m not a fan of school,’ he scrawled across his arm after making sure the teacher wasn’t looking. ‘I’m going to be an actor so high school is just a stepping stone. But I do have two dogs. Wbu?’]]

[center [size14 He was still smiling at his arm when he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. Greg looked up at the teacher and let out an audible groan. She had her hand out stretch to him and motioned to the marker in his hand. Greg rolled his eyes and handed it over.]]

[center [size14 “I want to remind anyone else who may feel tempted to write to their soulmates during class that this is not the time for this. You can do that after school on your own time.” She walked up to her desk and put his marker away. “Greg you can get your marker back from me at the end of the day.”]]

[center [size14 Greg felt panicked. Great he literally just heard back from his soulmate and now he would have to spend the whole day ghosting her. He really hoped that she wouldn’t be hurt. Maybe he could find another one in his locker, surely that wasn’t the only marker he had.]]
  [G]reg / -Mercy- / 81d 12h 58m 52s
Jadelynne’s heart fluttered when she saw that her soulmate has written something back. She now understood why people would risk their education just to talk to someone. She looked up again to make sure that teacher wasn’t looking as she wrote more. [+b I would love to. I just don’t want to get into trouble. You should be careful too.]

Jadelynne hid her marker as she focused on the teacher. She wrote down some notes and answered the first half of the questions on the worksheet. These weren’t that hard of questions. You just had to have focused in class to know the answers. That reminded her of the offer the teacher had given her of tutoring. She had put the offer aside for the moment. Why would she tutor someone for a subject that she didn’t like? Sure, she was really good at history but still. She didn’t see the point.

Looking up at the clock, Jadelynne could see that they had an hour left of class. That wasn’t too bad she thought. She pulled her sharpie out again and looked down at her arm, trying to think of what to write. [b So, you like school? You have any pets?] She didn’t really know what to ask. She didn’t want to sound too pushy for information but she really wanted to get to know her soulmate. What were they like? Who was this person that was her perfect match?
  Jadelynne Cross / TessaFox / 83d 4h 12m 24s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/u7Zpit8.jpg]]

[center [size14 Greg had a hard time focusing on the worksheet in front of him. The words all ran together as he tried to show interest in it. Maybe he could take it to study hall with him and get one of his friends to help him with it. Or maybe he would just guess on everything and see where that got him.]]

[center [size14 The teacher's voice was monotone and did not help his focusing issue. He honestly wished he could just drop out and move to L.A. now, but his parents told him they would not support his acting career without a high school diploma. School was a necessary evil to achieve his goals.]]

[center [size14 Pushing his sleeve back he was pleased to see that his soulmate had written. Greg smiled and uncapped his marker. ‘It’s pretty boring rn,’ he wrote. Then he thought of something. ‘Wanna ask each other questions? Get to know each other?’]]
  [G]reg / -Mercy- / 83d 10h 55m 36s
Jadelynne rolled her eyes and smiled when she saw her soulmates response. [b Oh great. So my soulmate is a murderer and their weapon of choice is a backpack. That is nice to know.] Jadelynne covered her arm and hid her marker as the teacher started to walk around the classroom and inspect everyone’s work. She focused on her work at that point and read the History questions.

She thought about the fact that her and her soulmate both had history as their first class of the day. It really did go to show that they were soulmates. Jadelynne started to scribble some circles on the worksheet as she looked up at the teacher ramble on.

Maybe she could talk to her soulmate during class. That is what lots of people did anyways. Of course, you could get into trouble if you were caught. Jadelynne looked around the classroom of 30 or so people and saw about five of them focused on some part of their skin. They must be talking with their soulmates. She was sure of it. Why else would you look at your skin with a smile on your face? She looked up at the teacher and quickly pulled out her Sharpie again.

Jadelynne didn’t really know what to write so she just wrote whatever first came to her mind. [b So.. How have you been?] It wasn’t the best topic but after not saying anything for the longest time, she at least wanted to let whoever her soulmate was know that she cared.
  Jadelynne Cross / TessaFox / 88d 4h 28m 12s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/u7Zpit8.jpg]]

[center [size14 It was hard to suppress a smile. This girl was kind of cute and Greg was kind of disappointed that he hadn’t found her before his soulmate. He could have had fun getting to know her. Maybe he could make a friend out of her.]]

[center [size14 Making sure no one was looking, Greg pulled back his sleeve and was happy to see his soulmate had already written to him. ‘Just embarrassed myself with a stranger.’ Greg smiled and let air from nose to stifle his laugh.]]

[center [size14 ‘That’s nothing,’ he wrote on his arm, ignoring the teacher as class started. ‘I just nearly killed a girl with my backpack in history class.’ It was now Greg wished he could use emojis in all this. I he had the talent he would of drawn a guy facepalming.]]
  [G]reg / -Mercy- / 88d 12h 34m 45s
Jadelynne grunted as she was pulled up almost effortlessly. Was it because she was just that light or he was just that strong? She didn’t think that she wanted to know the answer. [+purple “I-I’m fine. J-Just a couple bumps. Not enough to go to the nurse though. I will p-probably just put ice on it when I get home.”] Jadelynne brushed all the dirt from the floor off of her clothes. [+purple “A little. Two fingers. And I don’t know. Thursday maybe. But I don’t need a brain surgeon you weirdo!”] Jadelynne quickly say down in her chair, embarrassed.

Over half of the class was looking at her as she tried to hide her embarrassed face. Why did this have to happen to her? And especially with someone who looked so out together and cool. She looked up to see the teacher walking in and starting to call the role. She quickly pulled out a sharpie from her school bag and hide her arm. [b Just embarrassed myself with a stranger.]

She didn’t know why she was telling her soulmate this. Maybe she just wanted someone to confide with about the embarrassing thing that just happened. Or maybe she just felt that she and whoever it was, was already close to her and they could tell each other about their daily lives.
  Jadelynne Cross / TessaFox / 97d 2h 21m 53s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/u7Zpit8.jpg]]

[center [size14 Greg bit his cheek at her sarcastic remark. It was funny, but did he really want to let her know that when the sarcasm was directed at him? Who even was this girl? Had she always sat in front of him? This is why he tried to sleep through class.]]

[center [size14 Greg hissed air in through his teeth when she fell a second time. It sounded like it hurt. “Here just let me help you,” Greg said reaching over the seat and grabbing her by her upper arm. It took almost no effort to pull the small girl to her feet.]]

[center [size14 “You’re not dizzy are you?” Greg asked as he looked her up and down. He held up two fingers to her eye level. “How many finger am I holding up? What day is it?”]]

[center [size14 All the concern for someone he had never spoke to for more then five minutes before. He couldn’t help feeling bad since technically it had been his fault that she fell. If it came down to it he would have to pay her hospital bills. “Don’t worry, if you have to have brain surgery I know a pretty good surgeon who can hook you up.”]]
  [G]reg / -Mercy- / 98d 6h 16m 53s
Jadelynne woke up as Chloe nudged her shoulder. She was groggy as she lifted her head up and looked around. [+orange “Wake up sleepy head! It is time to head to class.”] Chloe and Dominic headed to their respective classes as Jadelynne wiped the sleep from her eyes. [b [+purple “Okay. Thank you for waking me up Chloe.”]] She grabbed her school bag and started walking towards her first class of the day: History.

Jadelynne was good at History but she didn’t particularly like it. How would knowing all of the presidents or knowing the famous war generals help them in the future? She couldn’t think of any situations that they would need the information. She wondered what her soulmate was doing. Probably something much more fun then lousy school work. Many she would write to them later in class when she got bored.

Jadelynne shuffled into the History classroom and went to her seat near the back. Most of the kids would probably end up copying her answers anyways. She was their free ticket to passing since she was good at the subject even while not liking it. Jadelynne pulled her sleeves farther down her arms as she adjusted the textbook in her hands.

She was almost to her seat before she felt something bump her and cause her to fall to the ground. [b [+purple “Ow..”]] Jadelynne looked up to see the boy who sat behind her. She had never talked to him but he looked like a pretty put together person. [b [+purple “I-I’m fine. Don’t worry about it. The floor is very comfy. You should try it some time.”]] Jadelynne tried to make a sarcastic joke to lighten the mood but realized it sounded mean. Good going at embarrassing yourself and then sounding like a bully. She reached for the desk seat to pull herself up but didn’t reach far enough as she fell back down and hit her head on the tiled classroom floor. [b [+purple “OW!”]]
  Jadelynne Cross / TessaFox / 104d 13h 22m 30s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/u7Zpit8.jpg]]

[center [size14 The morning before class was filled with the usual. Greg and his friends messed around in the hallways, throwing around a football that someone had brought from home. His friend Bryce bragged about how he managed to get his soulmates number and stayed up texting her. Apparently she was a total babe from California.]]

[center [size14 Greg rolled his eyes at him while another friend aimed a particularly hard throw at his gut. “You guys laugh now,” he shouted to them as they walked away from him, “but at least I know who mine is.” Greg wasn’t stupid, that was a direct hit at him because everyone in the group knew that Greg had desperately been waiting for his soulmate to write him back.]]

[center [size14 He bit his tongue as he made his way to history. Part of him wanted to shout back that his soulmate had finally wrote back, but the sane and logical part wanted to keep her all to himself and enjoy the moments he was going to take to get to know her before his friends started teasing him about it.]]

[center [size14 History was Greg’s least favorite subject. He spent most of the class scrolling Tik Tok and not paying attention. Like every other class he did the bare minimum to pass and get by so that he could graduate.]]

[center [size14 Greg made his way back to his assigned seat, the teacher had been kind enough to put him in the back where she could pretend he wasn’t there. It really worked out best for him and her.]]

[center [size14 He went to take off his book bag before he sat but lost his grip and smacked it into the girl that sat in front of him. Horrified Greg dropped down next to her. “Oh my God, are you okay?” He asked, trying to get a good look at her. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hit you.”]]
  [G]reg / -Mercy- / 106d 12h 13m 37s
Jadelynne arrived at the bus stop just as everyone was getting on. She had only seconds to spare. She got in line to get on the bus and took one of the empty seats in the middle since all the good seats were taken from the back. She leaned on the window as the bus started to make its was towards the next stop. She wanted to take a nap on the way but didn’t want to be asleep when it got to school. So instead, she looked down at her phone and played candy crush.

When the bus got to the school, Jadelynne got off and looked at the time. She had 30 minutes till she would need to start heading towards her first block, History. She went over to a picnic table that was under a tree where her two friends were sitting, Dominic and Chloe. [b [+purple “Hey guys! I am going to take a nap so wake me up when it is time to go to class.”]] Jadelynne put her school bag next to her on the table. She closed her eyes and put her head down on the table.

As she waited for sleep to come, Jadelynne listened as Dominic bragged about how he and his soulmate had talked to each other late into the night and had even given each other cute nicknames. Chloe kept trying to get him to focus on helping her with the homework she had waited to do till the last minute. She ended up pinching him till he stopped talking and helped her with her Geometry questions.
  TessaFox / 132d 23h 17m 8s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/u7Zpit8.jpg]]

[center [size14 Greg woke up on cloud nine and layed in bed admiring the markings on his arm until he had to get out of bed or be late for school. Greg brushed his teeth and fluffed his hair a bit so it would still look messy but not like he didn’t try. He threw on a clean pair of jeans and his favorite hoodie before running downstairs and grabbing a GoGurt for breakfast.]]

[center [size14 “I’m going to be late tonight,” He told his mom as he grabbed his keys. “Play auditions are tonight and I don’t know how long they’ll last.” Greg headed to the door, grabbing his backpack as he walked out.]]

[center [size14 Greg greeted his friends in the parking lot, the place where him and his friends usually hung out before class started. He joked around with them and relaxed before class, not telling anyone about what had occurred the night before. Before class started he quickly scrawled across his empty wrist a good morning.]]
  [G]reg / -Mercy- / 133d 6h 22m 49s
Jadelynne was enjoying her chocolate icecream when she looked down and saw [b Lol. It's nice to finally hear from you. I was starting to get worried that I was soulmateless.] Her face started to get bright red with blush. She chuckled when she read the second sentence. There were some people that were known to not have a soulmate, but it wasn't very common. So must people just made jokes out of it.

Jadelynne thought for a moment and wrote [b I'm sorry that I haven't said anything sooner. I just never knew exactly what to say. Today has been the first day that I have gotten up the confidence to say something.]

She waited for their response, but after an hour of nothing and having eaten all of her ice-cream, she decided to just draw stars dotted randomly around her wrist. She hoped her soulmate didn't realize how sloppy they were, but she considered it to be an apology for not having said anything for such a long time.

She didn't notice the passing of time or how many stars she had drawn. So when Jadelynne noticed the sun coming in through her window, she realized that she had drawn stars scattered up and down her arm. [b [+purple "Crap. I didn't mean to draw that many. What time is it?"]] She looked at her phone and noticed that she had 30 minutes to get ready for school. She hurried to ger ready and fell out of bed in the process. When Jadelynne got up and dressed, she made sure to put a long-sleeve shirt on to hide her arms. Lots of her classmates liked to show off what their soulmates had written them, but she didn't want all that attention on her.

She quickly brushed her hair and her teeth. [i How could she have stayed up so long drawing on herself?] Jadelynne grabbed her school bag and nearly jumped down the stairs. She grabbed an apple to eat on the go and rushed out the door to run to the bus stop.
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