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Jadelynne lives on the rough side of town. She lives in a world where you might want to carry a knife in your pocket. Your Name lives on the rich side of town. Your Name lives in a world where they are headed towards great things. They also live in a world where if you were to write something on your skin, it appears on in the same place on the skin of your soulmate. Jadelynne and Your Name go to the same high school but have never talked to one another. Will they finally find each other?

This is a roleplay based on an Alternate Universe I read and I think it would make for an interesting roleplay.

This can be an M/F or F/F. My character is Bisexual after all. I like romance as much as the next person but don't take it too far.

I am asking for 300+ characters. I hope that shouldn't be too much to ask for.

Cursing is fine but I don't want to see any F-bombs anywhere near this roleplay.

PM me with the word Doodles and your skelly if interested.


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Jadelynne arrived at the bus stop just as everyone was getting on. She had only seconds to spare. She got in line to get on the bus and took one of the empty seats in the middle since all the good seats were taken from the back. She leaned on the window as the bus started to make its was towards the next stop. She wanted to take a nap on the way but didn’t want to be asleep when it got to school. So instead, she looked down at her phone and played candy crush.

When the bus got to the school, Jadelynne got off and looked at the time. She had 30 minutes till she would need to start heading towards her first block, History. She went over to a picnic table that was under a tree where her two friends were sitting, Dominic and Chloe. [b [+purple “Hey guys! I am going to take a nap so wake me up when it is time to go to class.”]] Jadelynne put her school bag next to her on the table. She closed her eyes and put her head down on the table.

As she waited for sleep to come, Jadelynne listened as Dominic bragged about how he and his soulmate had talked to each other late into the night and had even given each other cute nicknames. Chloe kept trying to get him to focus on helping her with the homework she had waited to do till the last minute. She ended up pinching him till he stopped talking and helped her with her Geometry questions.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/u7Zpit8.jpg]]

[center [size14 Greg woke up on cloud nine and layed in bed admiring the markings on his arm until he had to get out of bed or be late for school. Greg brushed his teeth and fluffed his hair a bit so it would still look messy but not like he didn’t try. He threw on a clean pair of jeans and his favorite hoodie before running downstairs and grabbing a GoGurt for breakfast.]]

[center [size14 “I’m going to be late tonight,” He told his mom as he grabbed his keys. “Play auditions are tonight and I don’t know how long they’ll last.” Greg headed to the door, grabbing his backpack as he walked out.]]

[center [size14 Greg greeted his friends in the parking lot, the place where him and his friends usually hung out before class started. He joked around with them and relaxed before class, not telling anyone about what had occurred the night before. Before class started he quickly scrawled across his empty wrist a good morning.]]
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Jadelynne was enjoying her chocolate icecream when she looked down and saw [b Lol. It's nice to finally hear from you. I was starting to get worried that I was soulmateless.] Her face started to get bright red with blush. She chuckled when she read the second sentence. There were some people that were known to not have a soulmate, but it wasn't very common. So must people just made jokes out of it.

Jadelynne thought for a moment and wrote [b I'm sorry that I haven't said anything sooner. I just never knew exactly what to say. Today has been the first day that I have gotten up the confidence to say something.]

She waited for their response, but after an hour of nothing and having eaten all of her ice-cream, she decided to just draw stars dotted randomly around her wrist. She hoped her soulmate didn't realize how sloppy they were, but she considered it to be an apology for not having said anything for such a long time.

She didn't notice the passing of time or how many stars she had drawn. So when Jadelynne noticed the sun coming in through her window, she realized that she had drawn stars scattered up and down her arm. [b [+purple "Crap. I didn't mean to draw that many. What time is it?"]] She looked at her phone and noticed that she had 30 minutes to get ready for school. She hurried to ger ready and fell out of bed in the process. When Jadelynne got up and dressed, she made sure to put a long-sleeve shirt on to hide her arms. Lots of her classmates liked to show off what their soulmates had written them, but she didn't want all that attention on her.

She quickly brushed her hair and her teeth. [i How could she have stayed up so long drawing on herself?] Jadelynne grabbed her school bag and nearly jumped down the stairs. She grabbed an apple to eat on the go and rushed out the door to run to the bus stop.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/u7Zpit8.jpg]]

[center [size14 Greg was excited and he was fighting hard to contain it. What he really wanted to do was jump around his room excitedly and shout. However, that wasn’t worth waking up his parents and explaining why he was still up after midnight. Instead he opted for tracing the words on his arm and smiling like a dork.]]

[center [size14 Waiting anxiously for their response stirred his excitement even further. “Me too. Of course, I wouldn't be writing to you if I were asleep.” The joke was cute, and dare he hope slightly flirtatious. Greg rolled over to his stomach and twirled his marker as he thought about what to say.]]

[center [size14 He started with an Lol because he didn’t want her to feel like her joke wasn’t appreciated. “It’s nice to finally hear from you,” he added. “I was starting to get worried I was soulmateless.” Greg capped the marker and rolled back over. He fell asleep waiting for their response but had wonderful dreams of the possibility of who his soulmate could be.]]
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Jadelynne sat frozen as she saw the words [b Most Definitely :)] appear on her arm. She was at a loss for words. She didn't know what to say or write back. While she was in shock, Jadelynne felt something slide across her leg. She jumped off her bed and screamed only to see that Oliver had rubbed against her leg.

Jadelynne sat back down on her bed and hoped that she hadn't woken anyone up. Oliver jumped onto the bed and curled up by her feet. [+purple "You crazy cat."] She leaned forward and stroked his head as she thought of what to say.

She held the sharpie above her arm and slowly wrote [b Me too. Of course, I wouldn't be writing to you if I were asleep.] Jadelynne cringed at what she had just written. It was a corny joke that had sounded funny in her head. What if her soulmate was the no-nonsense type? Would he even find it funny?

She decided to go to the kitchen and grab a light night snack to try to put her mind at ease. She crept downstairs, passed the creaky floorboards, and went to the freezer to hunt for her favorite chocolate ice cream. Jadelynne felt her away around the kitchen to the silverware drawer and pulled out a spoon.

Then she bolted up to her room as quickly and quietly as she could. She closed her bedroom door and ate her ice cream as she waited for her soulmate to write something back.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/u7Zpit8.jpg]]

[center [size14 Greg stared at his arm, tracing over the words he had written with his fingers. He always wondered about his soulmate, and what she would be like. Would she be funny and outgoing like him? Or was she more serious and down to Earth? How would she feel about all his ambitions for his life? These were the questions that kept him up at night.]]

[center [size14 The young boy was starting to doze off when he saw the words begin to appear on his arm. He sat up quickly, now wide awake, and stared at the delicate writing in awe. “Are you?” he said questioningly to himself. “Are you what?”]]

[center [size14 It figured that when he finally got a message from his soulmate that it would be cryptic. Greg pushed off the covers of his bed and went for his sharpie, he wasn’t sure what he would say but it didn’t really matter. His soulmate was finally talking to him.]]

[center [size14 He was contemplating what he should write back when two more words appeared. Still awake? Are you still awake? Greg smiled to himself as he sat on the edge of his bed. He uncapped the marker and wrote back, “Most Definitely,” and added a smiley face for emphasis.]]
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Jadelynne was in the middle of a drawing the chemical makeup for Olympiadane when she saw the word [b Howdy] appear on her arm. They had always appeared on her arm, every night like clockwork. She had once thought of writing something back but didn't know what to say. Something funny? Something casual? Or just say Howdy back?

Jadelynne looked back at her homework and thought about it for a second. She wanted to write something back, but her homework was number one right now. She sighed and slaved over her homework for another hour. When she finished it was half an hour after midnight. Jadelynne leaned back in her seat and smiled.

She put all of her books away and put all of the various papers in a folder. she stuffed it all in her school bag then put her bag by her bedroom door. Jadelynne looked down at the five letters on her arm. [+purple "Do I even have a marker?"] She went to her desk and searched through the draws endlessly. After a couple of minutes, she found a sharpie that was capless. [+purple "This is better than nothing."] She sat down on her bed and starts to write [b Are you still awake?]

However, before you could finish the work "still", the sharpie runs out of ink. [+purple "Shoot. This is what I get for using a capless sharpie."] Jadelynne throws the sharpie away and goes to look for another one.

She finds another one, after a couple minutes of searching, and quickly finishes writing the question. Jadelynne lays down on her bed and groans. [+purple "Good job, Jade. You just made the mistake of a lifetime. Hopefully, whoever it is wasn't awake to see it."]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/u7Zpit8.jpg]]

[center [size14 School had been long, too long in Greg’s opinion. If it had been up to him he would have dropped out by now. Not like he needed an education anyways, not when everything he ever wanted was literally handed to him.]]

[center [size14 When the time finally came to go home he wasted no time running out the school building and jumping in his Bentley, the nicest car in the student parking lot in his opinion. The drive to his gated neighborhood wasn't long. He smiled as he pulled up to the huge home. Most people would say there were more rooms then the family needed and he would have to agree. But when you can have everything, why downsize?]]

[center [size14 With a groan the young boy fell to his plush bed and buried his face in the pillows, soaking in the comfort that came with it. After a few minutes he rolled over and pulled out his phone. He spent some time hopping from one app to another, not really seeing anything that was too interesting.]]

[center [size14 When dinner rolled around Greg’s mom called for him to come down. He joined his mom, dad, younger sister, older sister, and her fiance in the dining room reserved for close family events. THe girls spent the dinner gushing over wedding details while Greg slid under their radar, pushing around the peas on his plate as he tried his best to tone them out.]]

[center [size14 After dinner Greg took a shower before going back to the scrolling he had been doing before dinner. A post on instagram piqued his interest, a relatively pretty influencer he followed announced that her soulmate finally gave her a message.]]

[center [size14 Greg rolled his eyes and set the phone to charge. Despite not caring about school, he still did what he needed to pass his classes. Failing them would be embarrassing. He spent some time doing his homework before grabbing his sharpie and going back to his bed.]]

[center [size14 Scribbling across the smooth white of his skin Greg wrote, “Howdy”. He had been doing this almost every night in hopes that his soulmate would eventually write back.]]
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Jadelynne stormed into the apartment. Another bad day at school. She had a plethora of homework and she was certain that she would be up late tonight working it all. She ran upstairs and tripped over her cat, Oliver, who was taking a nap in the hallway where there was still sunlight.

When she got to her room, Jadelynne tossed her school bag onto her chain and collapsed onto her bed. [b [+purple "Finally, school is over for the day... I wonder if anyone has posted anything interesting on Instagram."]]

Jadelynne rolled over and pulled out her phone. She scrolled through Instagram for a couple of hours before her step-mom called her for dinner. She plugged her phone up to the charger then went downstairs. Her two older brothers were sitting at the table and staring at a pan that looked too burnt to be edible. [b "Eat up, guys!"] Their step-mom looked at them expectantly. In truth, she was a terrible cook, but she kept trying to cook for them since their father was always at work.

After a terribly long dinner of pretending to like the burnt food that apparently was supposed to be lasagna, Jadelynne went to her room and looked at the time. 8:17. [b [+purple "Shoot. Now I am going to get less sleep. I better start working."]] She went to her desk and started to get ready for the long night ahead.
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