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Ella Hart knew that she was a lesbian from the start, but she planned on keeping it secret from her father, who was solely against same sex relationships. Ella never expected to get caught by her father, until he walked in on Ella and her girlfriend kissing. As a result, she is sent to an entire all girls christian school. The result ended in the opposite direction he had expected.


Ella goes and makes a few friends since all of the girls are new. Ella ends up having a roommate with y/c and finds out that y/c is a lesbian too. But they don't end up getting along at first.

Will that change? Will they become closer than ever? Or will they end up ignoring each other and going on with their lives?


350 character limit

y/c must have a reason for getting sent to this school

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Kim held her hand and walked into the busy hallway. There were girls bumping and shoving each other from every direction as Kim pulled herself and Ella through. She squeezed Ella’s hand and pulled her harder through the students till they got through the major hallway. Kim released her hand and fixed her uniform. [+purple “That wasn’t too bad now was it? You didn’t get separated.”] Kim smiled and pat the top of Ella’s head playfully before continuing to walk down the hallway.

Kim counts see the doors to the garden just up ahead at the end of the hall. [+purple “Just a little bit further.”] Kim clutched her satchel and started to walk a little faster. She wanted to make sure that they could get there and have time to hide before anyone questioned their presence in the halls. She looked back to make sure that Ella was still following her and keeping up with her fast pace.
  Kimberly(Kim) Bright / TessaFox / 2d 4h 38m 34s
[center Ella followed Kim and had been thinking exactly what Kim had thought, except she hadn't known where the major hallways were, so she couldn't worry as much as she would have if she would've known where everything was around the school. She just had to trust that Kim wouldn't take them anywhere that could risk them getting caught.

On the other hand, Ella had no clue where they would go once they had gotten passed everyone around them. She saw a few students trailing into classes, but groups of students were still in the hallways finding their classes. Ella nodded when she heard Kim speak to her. Ella knew that Kim taking precautions to make sure they stay together would be best since Ella tended to get lost even if it was easy or hard to get lost. [+hotpink "I don't think that would end well, so that might be best."]
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 2d 7h 19m 34s
Kim smiled back at Ella and led her through the halls. They were not to any of the major hallways yet that were filled with people. She had heard some girls from earlier whispering how there were so many students going to and fro them everyone was shoved together. She tried to avoid those hallways but knew that they were going to have to go through one sooner or later.

She thought that a better place to go would be the garden. Lots of trees, bushes, and flowers to hide in or between. She through about where the best place to hang out would be. If Ella was up for it, they could hang out in the trees. No one would look for them there. She turned and looked behind her to make sure that Ella was still following.

Kim noticed that they were coming up to one of the major hallways and she stopped. She turned to Ella and held her hand out. [+purple “We are coming up on a hallway with lots of students walking through it and I am taking precautions so that you don’t get separated. And it will only be till we get past the worst of the crowd.”]
  Kimberly(Kim) Bright / TessaFox / 16d 4h 31m 38s
[center [+hotpink "I guess it would, wouldn't it,"] Ella said back as if trying to sound like she agreed with her. She followed her like a lost puppy, even though she wasn't lost around the school, at least she hoped Kim knew her way around more than she did if they were going to school.

Ella didn't know if she had liked Kim or not at first, but the more she talked to her, the more she was into her. It felt weird to Ella, but she accepted it. [+hotpink "Now we're talking,"] Ella replied to Kim as she said her last statement, grinning.
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 16d 5h 22m 19s
Kim shrugged. [+purple "Alright then. You can walk with me to class then. It would be a shame if you got in trouble for getting lost."] Kim thought about all the hallways and which way the class was. She remembered and started walking down the hallway, hoping that Ella was following her.

Kim had seen Ella watching her from the corner of her eye a moment ago. It shouldn't have been such a big deal since everyone watched everyone. She just didn't want to scare away the only person that ever truly understood her. Maybe she would lay off on the tough act around Ella.

After a minute, Kim smirked wickedly to herself. [+purple "However, what is so wrong about two students who just happen to get lost on the first day and were wandering around the outer grounds or the garden area."]
  Kimberly(Kim) Bright / TessaFox / 28d 7h 27m 50s
[center Ella shrugged, [+hotpink "either works, I don't really care to be honest. Which ever one works for you."] Ella thought about it more, [+hotpink "although I would probably get lost on my own."] Ella smirked and whispered under her breath jokingly, [+hotpink "maybe it would be better that way."]

Ella had seen how Kimberly had looked at the girl who had bumped into her, or she had bumped into, Ella couldn't tell, she hadn't been paying full attention. All that Ella saw that was note worthy was the way she looked at her. Ella thought of it as a mean look. As if she was going to bark something at the random girl but decided against it. Ella shrugged the thought off, thinking it was just nothing.
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 28d 9h 6m 53s
Kim pulled her schedule out of her satchel. She put her finger on the paper as she skimmed to where it said First Block. [+purple "I have Bible History also.."] She didn't know how to feel about having the same class together. Was it fate or just luck? Maybe this first day wouldn't actually be too bad.

[+purple "I know how to get there if you want to walk with me."] Kim smiled at Ella. She normally tried to put on a tough girl act, but she felt like she could be herself around Ella. She didn't know why that was but she could think about the reasons later.

When the 10 minutes bell rang, students started to disperse and head towards their classes. There was a small group of girls that walked passed them, and one of the girls bumped into Kim. She was about to make a rude comment at her but thought better of it. Kim put her schedule back in her satchel and looked at Ella. [+purple "Or I can give you the directions. I just don't want it to be weird."]
  Kimberly(Kim) Bright / TessaFox / 28d 9h 36m 26s
[center Ella laughed, [+hotpink "Your fine, I honestly don't blame you."] Ella thought about how many times she had done the same, to herself of course. Now that she looked back at it, it was fun to laugh at how crazy she had seemed back then. And Kim did have a point about her parents, it wasn't a wise decision to send girls who like the same sex to an all girls school. It's literally the opposite of solving the problem if you ask her. Ella was lost in thought until Kimberly spoke again, her question causing Ella to fumble for the schedule she had just had in her hands minutes ago. [+hotpink "I should probably get to class as well. I have bible history for the first class of the day. What about you?"]
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 28d 16h 18m 15s
Kimberly looked at Ella, shocked. She didn't think that she would encounter someone with the same preference as her. Of course, there were plenty of LGBTQ people in the world but she didn't think to meet one here. She never really had a figure to look up to and since she was bullied, she never openly told people that she was a Lesbian.

She nervously laughed to herself. [+purple "I am glad that I am not the only one here. Of course, I don't really understand why our parents would send us to an ALL GIRLS school when we like girls. They think we have a disease! It just isn't right!"]

Kim noticed that she was ranting and getting a little loud. She stopped and took a step away. [+purple "Sorry for ranting all of a sudden like that. I just get upset about what people say or think about us that isn't right. I should really start heading to class... Where is your first class?"]
  Kimberly(Kim) Bright / TessaFox / 33d 16h 2m 52s
Ella knew she might have overstepped for a second until Kimberly stepped close and whispered into her ear. They were here for the same reason? Well not the same exactly, but roughly around the same reason. Ella didn't expect to find someone that liked girls at this school on the first day, in fact, she wasn't expecting it at all. Ella did the same as Kimberly when she looked around to see if anyone else heard. Ella looked at Kimberly with a reassuring smile as if to say that the secret was safe with her. Ella got close to Kimberly's ear just like Kim had done to her a few moments ago.

[+hotpink "I was sent here by my father for liking girls as well. I had relationships in secret for the longest time until he caught me one day, and now I'm here since its a sin for me to love someone."]

Ella stepped back and glanced at anyone who might've heard. No one seemed to be eavesdropping or anything, so Ella returned her attention to Kimberly with a smile.
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 34d 15h 1m 59s
Kim chuckled when Ella continued to say sorry. She thought for a moment if she should tell Ella the reason. She seemed to be a pretty decent person. Hopefully, she wasn't homophobic like every other person in this school.

She took a step closer to Ella and whispered to her. [+purple "I was bullied for liking girls. So my parents kept sending me to different schools to try to give me a new start and avoid being bullied. However, every public school apparently had the same ideals, and I would end up getting bullied again. So they decided to try a Christian school. They don't fully support my choice in who I love, but I don't care. It isn't their decision to make."]

Kim took a step back so that she wasn't standing close to Ella anymore. She looked around and hoped that none of the teachers overheard her. She knew that some of the teachers had strong religious beliefs and would not agree with what she had just said.

Kim looked up at the clock and saw that they had 20 minutes. She didn't know what to do or say so she just started to fiddle with her uniform.
  Kimberly(Kim) Bright / TessaFox / 36d 9h 37m 55s
[center Ella smiled, [+hotpink "I know, its just a habit I guess."] Ella was glad to see that everyone wasn't surrounding them, despite the one girl, but why would they? Ella asked herself that last year, but she never got an answer. [+hotpink "Do you know why you're here at this snobby school? You don't seem like the type to get into trouble, was it your choice? It definitely wasn't mine to some here."] Ella realized the amount of questions she was pouring all over Kimberly and knew she might need to take it a little bit slower. [+hotpink "I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was asking so many questions. You don't have to tell me why your here if you don't want to."] Ella looked at her small watch that was hidden under her sleeve and saw that it would be time for her first class soon, but she still had a little while before first period.
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 36d 15h 11m 59s
Kim watched as Ella silenced a girl who had snickered with a single glance. Why won't other people just learn to mind their own business? You don't have to stick your nose into everyone else's life.

Kim looked at the flustered Ella and smiled. She sure apologized to her more than necessary. [+purple "You say sorry a lot."] It reminded her of the situations that often happened in her books. However, those situations were often the result of an accidental kiss, which she was glad wasn't the case here. [+purple "But it is alright. I'm Kimberly Bright but the few people that know me call me Kim."]

Kim looked Ella over to make sure that she looked alright. She had never been good at interacting with others and itched to getaway. Instead, she just stood there watching Ella.
  Kimberly(Kim) Bright / TessaFox / 40d 9h 56m 29s
[center Ella felt embarrassed and stupid for already causing trouble. [+hotpink "I am [b so] sorry! I swear it was an accident."] Ella spotted the rainbow on her arm that she had messed up due to Ella running into her and decided not to say anything about it until later. [+hotpink [i Way to go Ella. Only been at this school for about 5 minutes and you've already screwed up.]]

Ella heard a girl snicker until Ella snapped her head back to shut her up. [+hotpink [i I'm already the laughing stock of this school. That didn't take long.]] Ella smiled as she took her schedule from her, [+hotpink "thank you. And again I am so sorry. My name is Ella, and again, I am very sorry."]
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 40d 12h 51m 43s
Kim felt someone run into her and the sharpie made a long, red line across her arm before it slipped out of her hand and onto the ground. [+purple "Hey! What was that for? And look what you did to my rainb-"] Kim stopped herself because if she finished her sentence then someone nearby might see that she had been writing on herself. She wasn't about to let anyone see all the rainbows that covered her arms.

Kim quickly picked up her sharpie and shoved it into her satchel. She looked around to see if anyone noticed. No one appeared to have seen what had just happened or if they did, they quickly looked away.

She looked up to see who had run into her. It was a girl who appeared to be having a rough day. Kim saw her schedule on the floor and decided to pick it up for her. [+purple "Here is your schedule that you dropped."] Kim held her hand out with the schedule for the girl.
  Kimberly(Kim) Bright / TessaFox / 41d 7h 33m 13s

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