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In 1910, a strange disruption caused all of the realities to collide. This disruption was very dangerous, it destroyed homes families and even people. The first sign was these human-like animals that appeared out of nowhere. They later explained everything that is going on and how many were lost. The next sign was some ships appearing decimating New York and a few other cities. Very few survived and many were yet again lost. the next was more destruction but no deaths just lost of homes and land.

in 1979 governments or what remained of them came together to talk about what to do with the new weapons and this disruption. Many took a vote to create a weapon of some sort and fight back. Others took the vote to stay neutral. the votes were 6 to 5 close but it was decided to make a weapon and fight back.

In 1980 the plan was active one of the Anthro governments gave an egg to the scientist and they got to work injecting different DNA and expected it to hatch in 1981 but didn't they gave it a few years.

in 2004 the egg finally hatched and they were amazed at how it came out perfect. They decided to test him at the age of 5.

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She smirked. [#981471 "Yeah, but the poison had already spread. She's still going to die, which is why you shouldn't have underestimated me. I can do a lot more then lose body parts. And I can hold my own. I wouldn't have tried escaping if I couldn't".] She pulled her tail out of his grip, and landed on the roof of a building, before running along the roof and jumping to the next one. She raised her head as something made a strange noise. She didn't dare make a sound.

She stopped immediately, and gestured at Alfa to get down to her level so they could talk. She looked around while she was waiting, and saw a strange person in a lab coat, pounding against something she couldn't see. Then, out of nowhere, he disappeared. She pulled her head back on instinct, and waited for Alfa. After all, he knew the scientists. She didn't. She had to wonder though, how did he get strange abilities, or even what Dark Dragon is supposed to be. A demon, another experiment? Who knew?
  Jessica / Sklee / 80d 12h 50m 29s
Alpha Chuckles at her remarks smiling even though she was pretty much going to die. She knew the only weakness ot the poison and ripped off her arm. she looked at her smiling viciously as she laugh, " think that work on me you're dumber than I thought next time think of your opponents before underestimated them got it also you know so the first time he actually faced against me without me getting him by surprise yeah... "

Alfa woke up and attacked Alpha hitting her with several laser shots without stopping. He was in deep pain in was very upset he didn't want to stop but she knew he has to run. Alfa grab Jessica's tail and ran, taking off into air ignoring the angered roar from Alpha, " so how is the fight now you know why I said don't stay but run yeah there was Alpha... She's a little bit too attached to her fur she will kill you if it's ruined and she's going to kill me now! "

Dark dragon appeared right next to him as they flew. Alfa looked at him and chuckle motioning him to disappear. He looked at him confused sighing before disappearing.
  Project A.L.F.A. / Alfa279escaped / 80d 14h 19m 26s
She felt the blows, and glanced over at Alfa. She growled, and jumped at her again, only to keep getting hit. She groaned, but then bit down hard. She smiled as her teeth released their venom, deadly as always, before collapsing. [#951371 "I really hope you liked living. I hope you liked not being in unbearable pain for the rest of your life, also known as the next five seconds. And I really hope you don't survive any of this".]

The only thing she could do now was wait and see, or more accurately, wait for her potential death. She growled at Alpha, trying to be menacing. The last scientist she had bit had died within two seconds, before she even registered the bite at all. [#951371 [I I just hope it works the same for her, but for all we know, she's immune. I just hope that wasn't in vain.]] She kept the same glare focused on her, making sure that Alpha didn't do anything. She waved her tail around, the only part of her body she could move without incredible pain, but she couldn't exactly stop Alpha from doing anything.
  Jessica / Sklee / 110d 23h 5m 7s
"You're resistant aren't you?" Alpha chuckled as she watched her pick her up. She then looked down and back at her shaking her head in disappointment. When she slammed her down and thrown a building she was still standing. Alpha looked up and smiled when the lasers hit her and shot one hitting Alfa's arm obliterating it, "You forget Anything reflected from you or him is delt to the other as well!"

When she hatched out of the egg and noticed Jessica was on the attack, she dodged and blocked most of the attacks. A few fists got through but that was all. Once she was done she played dead hoping she wouldn't realize she was faking it. She jumped out and punched her with a hot fist burning the spot she hit. Alfa got the same burn mark and started to scream in pain still being unconscious.

Dark Dragon came back and knelt down next to Alfa trying to calm down the pain. He looked up to see the fight and sighed before back to tending with Alfa. Alpha was just as flexible blocking, dodging, and countering almost whatever was thrown at her. Her strength was the resistance against a few blows. Every fist kick and scratch was met by something hard under the fur that she has, "Give up you can't win!"
  Project A.L.F.A. / Alfa279escaped / 113d 17h 10m 52s
She gritted her teeth, and grabbed Alpha, lifting her up into the sky. [#951371 "I don't love him, and making allies with threats has been a war tactic forever. Friendship isn't logic, but neither is this"!] She started to head down, using Alpha's body to absorb the force, before throwing her against the building. [#951371 "Also, he relies on me now, so I just made him the weakling. Think before you speak next time".]

She started to walk backwards, keeping an eye on Alpha, while reaching Alfa's unconscious body. She quickly transformed into Alpha's form, and continued watching her until she saw her move again. She knew better then to underestimate anyone, especially not an experiment who could take out Alfa like that. She saw her stir, and immediately shot her with lasers, making sure she didn't get out of that hole. She slowly pounded Alpha in deeper into the wall, before her body broke through the other side. She quickly flew over, looking around for her, in order to keep her down
  Jessica / Sklee / 115d 1h 20m 28s
As soon as Jessica kissed Alfa she can feel power beyond what she thought. She had to concentrate to a point for the wings to grow and to use the lasers. Every thought and dream that Alfa was having at that time was now her's as well. Dark Dragon watched with great amazement, "WOW, I thought you resisted kissing him!"

Alpha chuckled looking at her as she dodged each one growing closer. She stood there not flinching at Jessica charging. She shook her head at her words before being right up to her. She looked down at her, "First off I don't follow your rules and second of all I will not follow weaklings who rely on others. Friendship is for the weak. Friendship slows you down and so will love!"

Alpha started to head after Alfa who was still unconscious getting ready to punch him but Dark Dragon got int the way and got a hole blasted through his chest from her fist. She shook her hand muttering, "Damn Demon!"

() Alfa grinds his teeth as a memory was pulled from him and she could feel the pain of it as well as a memory of her parents disappearing. Alfa chuckled as she watched Alfa become in pain, "Good!"
  Project A.L.F.A. / Alfa279escaped / 115d 1h 52m 49s
She hissed as her parents were brought up. Alpha had made her more angry then she thought she had, and she instantly gave Alfa a quick kiss on the lips as soon as she heard that. She felt wings sprout from her back, her body feeling more flexible then it ever had. She smiled, and quickly shot a laser at Alpha. [#951371 "You want to know what? I really don't like talking about my parents. So, let's get some rules down. One, she said as fired a laser at her, I have left any connections to them behind. If I cared, which trust me, I don't, I would still leave them to rot in a hellhole! And two, she said, firing another laser at Alpha to make her point, if you ever speak to me about them again, you won't get any more warning shots. Ever. Again".]

She shifted into Alphas form, and started to charge at her, before changing her mind. [#951371 "Actually, I won't just kill you. You could be useful. Also, you don't seem like you would stay down, and you on revenge juice doesn't sound good. For any of us".]
  Jessica / Sklee / 118d 14m 18s
Alpha only stumbled, "Oh please you know your father wants to do good for you!"

She brought up her father and knew that was her weak spot. She was 1 when this female was moved to the facility and knew what to say to her. She chuckled as she stood up, "Your parents didn't just give you up they wanted to fix you and also I don't follow orders from you!"

She slammed her foot into the ground and it cracked, "I follow orders from my master!"

Dark Dragon appeared, "Alpha one second please!"

Alpha looked at him confused, "Okaay?!"

Dark Dragon walked to Jessica and whispered, "Look I know this is a long shot but you need Alfa's abilities or you won't win! Alfa is a power-up, he will help you against her. Even though many felt and went crazy over it. They had enough power to destroy the entirety of the lab but you need the power, you need to kiss him!"

Alfa grunts and sat up he was in pain and it wasn't going to get better soon. Alpha saw that he was getting back up she kicked his head and knocked him out cold. She shook her foot, "OW that hurt well that is a hard head."
  Project A.L.F.A. / Alfa279escaped / 121d 12h 51m 54s
She backed up. [#951371 “So what? Why would you kill me? Honestly, it just seems stupid. You not only lower your chances of surviving, but you have to deal with me”!] She jumped onto the wall, and started to climb up it, before realizing something. She jumped backwards, and landed behind Alpha. [#951371 “Actually, why shouldn’t I kill you? I could. It wouldn’t even be hard. After all, you were going to kill me. It only seems reasonable, doesn’t it”?]

She smiled, and put her claws around Alpha’s neck. She slowly dug them into her skin, trying to seem stronger then she was. If this thing had taken out Alfa, she needed to appear even more powerful then Alpha was. She grabbed her legs with her tail, and whipped Alpha’s legs out from under her, before jumping on top of her. [#951371 “See, you won’t stand a chance against me in a fight. So, come with us, or die. Your choice”.] She could only hope Alpha would believe her, because they needed all the help they could get.
  Jessica / Sklee / 123d 9h 33m 18s
Alfa walked out of the shadows and knew something is up. He continued to walk around keeping his guard up. Once he hit an alleyway he sad down and took a long breath of air, "There is an experiment on a lose not counting us and I know who it is!"

Alfa stood up his ears moving around like a radar dish. He is keeping his guard up heavily. Alpha chuckled as she watches them from afar wondering which one should she take out first. She decided to go for the lizard, she was hungry and a large two-legged lizard should feed her. She started jumping building to building with acrobatic speed.

Alfa was still listening and knew what to do. When he started hearing paw step he quickly turned around "We need to split now she can take us both out if we don't split!"

Alfa quickly turned around to see Alpha's tail flying at his face. Alpha hoped right when he spun right around spinning slamming her tail into Alfa's face and sending him into a building. She then looked at Jessica with a hungry look on her face, "Hello dear I hope you fill me because I haven't eaten anything today!"
  Project A.L.F.A. / Alfa279escaped / 123d 10h 19m 2s
She hissed. [#951371 “Idiot, why would you do that, he was just joking, and you let it get to you at a time like this”!] She sighed, and got ready for a fight. When the scientists appeared, she jumped onto one of them, and tore out his throat. She jumped again, and this time, grabbed the laser.

She smiled as she shot the rest of the scientists, killing them all almost instantaneously. [#951371 “Ok, we need to find somewhere safe, away from here, and try to survive there, and not call any extra attention to ourselves.] She threw the gun at one of the now very dead scientists, and started to climb up the walls. When she reached the top, she waited for Alfa to follow. While she was waiting for him, she looked around, and didn’t see any more scientists. This actually scared her quite a bit, so she waited for more to come out. None did, and she smiled widely.
  Jessica / Sklee / 135d 17h 34m 49s
Alfa was in the middle of something but when he heard her he turned around and without warning blew up doing some awful damage. When the cloud appeared there was an egg, laying on the ground. Alfa broke out of the egg and sighed, "Great now I have to wait a day for my abilities to be fully loaded back."

He watched her camouflage him and just sat there pouting. He knew she messed him up on accident but he didn't want to hurt her feelings. He looked up and saw Dark Dragon leaning onto him.

"So you think you're going to kiss her?" He asked devilishly, "Or are you going to just sit there and let her control you"

Alfa growled, "Shut up Dark Dragon I'm just doing this for now, and kissing her is out of the options range."

Dark Dragon whines, "Oh, come on you have a liking from her just admit it!"

Alfa punched him into the wall, "I said SHUT UP."

He roared the last two words and it echoed. Scientists started to head to the source as quickly as possible just to contain him quickly. Alfa stood there realizing he messed up on accident do to Dark Dragon making him mad.
  Project A.L.F.A. / Alfa279escaped / 136d 2h 46m 59s
Jessica sighed. She was hoping she would at least have one ally out here. She scuttled around, looking for anywhere she could stay for a bit, when she saw Alfa, hiding, and about to be ambushed. She let out a shout, yelling, [#951371 “Look up, they are trying to ambush you”!] She jumped over, and hit one of the scientists with her tail, before scratching the other across the face.

[#951371 “This is why we need to stick together, because there has to have been a reason you kept getting caught, at least let me look out for more threats”.] She sighed, and turned invisible again, knowing that heat sensors wouldn’t work either, she was completely invisible to any sort of sensor. She turned around, and grabbed his arm, pulling him away from the other scientists.

[#951371 “Just let me help you, and we’ll both be better off, alright”?] She camouflaged him again as the scientists ran by, and she started climbing on the walls, looking around for anyway they could go any faster.
  Jessica / Sklee / 138d 8h 43m 10s
He chuckled, "You need to part ways with me I'm too big of a target."

He stood up and started to walk away from her. "also there is more than you think. Just think my friends didn't back each other and they never cared. they are never true friends, I care for mine by leaving them be."

He looked at her and nods shifting into her and running off away from her. He knew what he was doing he was leading the guards and the scientists away from her he was risking himself just to save her. Once again he knew what he was doing and was keeping it a secret. He cared for her even though he had nothing to risk.

He ran into an alleyway and shot another laser killing those that were following him. He ran back out to find more. He chuckled as he watched more die he was enjoying it until he saw cheese the then ran away from that area. He thought, "Nope not that way."

He hid into a small alleyway and just stood there waiting for more to come by.
  Project A.L.F.A. / Alfa279escaped / 138d 8h 55m 43s
[#951371 “Well, I’m fine with what I have, so there is no way I’m kissing you”, she said, clearly annoyed.] She started to climb up the walls, and beckoned Alfa to follow, hoping they could find a safe place. [#951371 “So, you’ve been out here before, I haven’t for years, and I haven’t really had time to consider it, but what changed between twelve years ago and now”?]
She reached the top of the building, and climbed up, the bright sun blinding her for all but a second before her reptilian eyes adjusted, and she looked over the surrounding area.

She gasped at the sight of cities, people, animals and plants. She almost wanted to reach out, to make sure it wasn’t another skybox or illusion, but she refrained, all she would do was lose her balance like that. She smiled as she saw the possibilities in front of her. She started to climb down, but stopped when she heard a shout, and camouflaged herself, making sure no one could see her. The scientists were all long gone, except for one of them.
  Jessica / Sklee / 139d 17h 22m 34s

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