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He’s a young detective YC/Male—one of the good ones—and when an undercover bust went bad three years ago, his wife and unborn child were killed. He swore he’d never love again, even though he was married young right out of high school. Then his old partner retires, only to be replaced by a wide-eyed, spunky rookie, Dawn MC, whose seemingly impossible innocence and zest for life remind him life is worth living again. This could only end in disaster…right? Dare he makes the first move toward new love?


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Dawn followed Connor out. [i "Nice to meet you both."] Dawn spoke as she closed the door behind her. [i "I got Tessa to tell me why she works for Vicki and a little about Eric. She seems close to him or something, maybe she liked him or something."] Dawns said, making sure to write everything down in a notebook in the car. She obviously didn't want to take notes in front of Tessa, but she didn't want to forget anything. She quickly scribbled down the things Tessa said, making she would be able to read it later.

Once done, she turned to Connor. [i "Sorry, didn't want to forget."] she smirked, gesturing to her notebook. She put her book away, looking back to Connor. [i "Okay, so she works for Vicki cause her father doesn't make enough for rent and food. So she worried. Seems like Vicki has helped out Tessa with food and work, and gives her more money than if she had a job. She knows Eric, apparently, he was doing some high-class job. But turns out he takes some out of the stash and sells it on the side. I guess he got caught."] she spoke. [i "Honestly, I'm worried about her. I know she's not our case right now but she reminds me of me."] she spoke. Tessa did remind her of herself, of course, it was hard for Dawn to get involved with anything but she could understand the loneliness and the worries of money.

[i "Nevermind, yeah, let's go stake the place out. They work out of two different apartments, in the same complex."] Dawn smiled at Connor. As much as she wanted to worry about Tessa, she didn't. She clearly didn't want to be associated with Gidecci, but she wanted to help the girl. She had to remember to separate work and personal life, which she kind of already was doing by wanting to spend time with Connor.

Dawn cleared her throat, [i "Learn anything else from Jeremy? Is he okay?"] she asked.
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Connor could see that Tessa’s father was struggling with bills and being a single father. Things were tough and he was just getting by. It was sad to say but Jeremy had lost his daughter to the streets and he was just trying to get by. Vicki was doing some god, but she was also managing this family in the process. Connor nodded, giving him a light shoulder grip to know that he understood the loss of a wife. He was fortunate that he had no kids with his wife, yet that was destroyed at her killing. They’d told him she was just a month long in her pregnancy when he got the medical report. It still pained him to know that their child had also been murdered, but they weren’t yet [I human], so it didn’t matter. But it mattered to Connor a lot
“Thanks for your help” he said

He wondered if Dawn had managed to get anything out of Tessa while they were away. If anything, they had an address for Vicki. She obviously had moved as it was not the one that was given in the files. Though, he wouldn’t have been survived if they had any other pip up shops in other houses or apartments, more than likely places that were abandoned to stay off the record. They soon headed into the living room area then.

“Well, I think we’ve got all we need. We’ll stay in contact” he said as he gave a look to Dawn. Tessa seemed to aver relaxed some and he knew he made the right call in letting Dawn take over the questioning. He wasn’t mean, but many would find his bull tactics could come across as a bit of bullying. He said goodbye to the family and offered his card as well as a one for some family counselling and resources to Jeremy before leaving the apartment with Dawn.

“So, any info” he asked as they were leaving the building. “The dad gave me an address. Guess we’ll ride out there and stake the place out to see if there’s anything abnormal to give us reasoning to bring them in,” he suggested.
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Connor led Tessa's father out of the room they were in, and Tessa seemed to relax some. Her father made her tense, probably because he was keeping her home more than usual. Dawn kept a small smile in her face, in order to not worry the girl in front of her. Her arms that were still crossed in front of her fell to her sides. Her grey eyes looked up at Dawn. [b "I'm tired."] Tessa spoke quietly. [i "Why, what's wrong?"] Dawn spoke, leaning in. Dawn was specific with her body language and spatial reasoning, as it showed what people were thinking before they even spoke.

Tessa looked around once more, making sure her dad truly couldn't hear her. [b "Dad's trying, but we just don't have enough money. These jobs help him pay rent and make sure we have food. They aren't what I want to do, but my dad has too much pride."] Tessa spoke. Dawn's smile dropped, [i "Why can't you get a real job, like at the library or a grocer?"] Dawn asked. Tessa chuckled, [b "I make more money this way. Vicki has been nothing but nice to me and always make sure I eat."]. Dawn sighed, obviously grooming the girl to make sure she'd always be loyal.

[i "Tessa, I don't know those people like you do. But from my understanding, they aren't good people. Someone recently got hurt, and I just want to help. I think they were involved in this as well. Do you know Eric, Eric Tanner?"] Dawn spoke. Tessa got nervous, rubbing her palms against the thigh area of the sweatpants she wore. [b "Yeah, we've worked together. Is he okay?"] she asked, attentively. So, she was clearly worried about him. [i "I don't know, we are trying to get any info you might have."] Dawn stated, trying to get to the point. [b "Uh, he was doing a big job downtown. Like multi-steps and stuff. Had to go to secret meetings, I wasn't allowed. He's really a good guy. I really don't know much."] she spoke and Dawn could read that either she was a good liar, or telling the truth. [i "But what do you know?"]
Tessa took a deep breath and spoke low, [b "Eric was trafficking stuff to really important people, business people. They usually work out of one of two apartments in the same building. I think Eric was trying to take some and make an unauthorized sale."] Dawn leaned back, [i "I see. I'll make sure to let you know about Eric. Tessa, if you wanna talk to someone who gets it, call me, okay? I got a dog, we can take a walk."] Dawn smiled, handing her a card with her name and number. [b "Maybe."] Tessa smiled, putting the card in her pocket.
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Connor didn’t expect that Tessa would make things easy. Of course, she felt some kind of loyalty to Vicki and more than likely Gidecci That wasn’t uncommon and there were other young girls who were just like her. What she dint know though was that they were just pawns in their world, being used so as to prevent themselves from being forced to cop to their crimes. Often juveniles were used because they got lighter sentences and of course, they were easy to manipulate. Essa was putting up a front again and she was beginning to close off. Despite how well Dawn was doing. He thought maybe she would feel better talking if he wasn’t in the room nor her father.

“Jeremy, why don’t we step into the kitchen and have a chat.” Even if her father wasn’t around, he had to notice some changes in his daughter or maybe saw someone hanging around, anything that could be of help. The man was hesitant, but son followed Connor. He’d started to prepare some coffee.

“So, how’s Tessa been sine the trial?”
‘She’s been fine,” he said with a shrug as he grabbed a mug from the cupboard. “A bit quieter, but I mean she’s a teenager. What’s to expect? Am I right?” Connor chuckled a little and nodded.
“Have you noticed anyone hanging around or maybe overheard something?” Jeremy had paused then, lacing his mug in the coffee maker and watching as the brown liquid began to pour into it. The words ‘#1 Dad’ were peeling off of it. “Listen Tessa is not in any trouble, but if we don’t get any answers she might be, and she might also be in danger. That’s not what you want, is it?” Tessa’s father sighed then, his shoulders sagging.
“No, it isn’t. I just don’t know what to do anymore it feels like. Things are so tough.” Connor could only imagine the stress the man was under. His daughter was hanging with the wrong crowd and he was busy trying to make a living to stop her. “This woman, Vicki – a couple times she’s helped me out with rent. I didn’t know she was wrapped up with that Gidecci guy, but Tessa promised that it was nothing to worry about. I think she has an apartment on 5th and Slauson. Sometimes Tessa helps her out with some kind of home business she has.”
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Dawn watched Connor as he pushed her to say anything. Of course, they didn't get very far. Tessa seemed to put out a tough front, but she probably was worried about looking weak. Her arms crossed in front of her showed her closed-off personality. [i "Tessa, let me introduce myself. Dawn Matthews. It's much easier to talk if we know each other a little bit, huh?"] she smiled. Tessa's face softened a little, as she looked up a Dawn. [b "I guess."] she responded. Dawn leaned in, not trying to draw attention from Tessa's father, as he distracted himself with the paper, but close enough to listen to their talk. [i "You're dad works a lot, huh. Mine did too, I was home alone a lot."] she spoke, trying to pull any connection she could to the girl. [b "Sounds familiar. Moms not around either, so when my dad's off, I'm here alone."] Tessa spoke quietly, refusing eye contact.

[i "My mom's not around either. What do you do when you're alone?"] Dawn asked. [b "I'll usually call Vicki. She's really nice to me. Sometimes I do a job or something for her and she'll give me a cut of the money."] Tessa spoke, looking at Dawn. [i "Does she come here, or do you meet her somewhere?"] Dawn tried to get something else. Tessa realized what she was saying, falling back into her chair, crossing her arms again. [b "Nothing."] Tessa said, looking away from both of them.

Dawn sat back in her seat as well, sighing. She looked over to Connor, running her hand through her hair. [i "Tessa, listen. Vicki isn't someone you should be hanging around with."] Dawn tried to get her to talk again. [b "How would you know? All you cops wanna do is take people away from other people. You took Vicki's husband and put him in jail. How do I know you won't take her away too?"] Tessa shot back at the two of them. Dawn looked over at Connor, [i "We're in."] she mouthed, hiding it from Tessa.
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Connor wasn’t surprised to find Tessa’s father looking a bit ragged. He looked incredibly exhausted, but from what he could tell so far from outside of the home, the man was put together. He soon let the two of them in, which allowed Connor to get more of a better look. A suspected, the house was maintained well and looked like any other average apartment. Jeremy was not unused to having to speak with cops when it came to her daughter, especially after getting her out of the mess she had been in when she was located. Though, if the cops were here then that meant she more than likely had gotten herself into quite a bit of trouble again. Taking a seat at the table, he waited for Jeremy to return, finally coming back with a girl about five foot, short to her father’s staggering six foot, who walked behind him. She took a seat clearly irritated, though he knew that the attitude was very much a façade to hide the fear she had. She had to know the people she was working with were dangerous and though if she wanted their help, it would be smart to talk; she knew very well that her and her father’s life could be on the line if she said anything that would get Gidecci or Vicki in trouble.

Connor watched as the young girl’s grey eyes looked down at the pictures. She shook her head.
“Look carefully,” Connor said. He didn’t want to push her, but he knew that if they applied just enough pressure, she was likely to break her silence.
“What exactly is this about?” Jeremy asked then, of course becoming defensive of his daughter.
“Sir, please.” Interviewing a minor was hard with a parent present, but she was underage. Tessa had shifted some in her seat.
“She’s my friend, sometimes she asks me to run errands for her. That’s all.” Connor sighed out, they were getting somewhere, but it was going to take more to crack her. He wondered if Dawn could do just that.
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As Dawn listened to Connor talk about the girl and her father, she started thinking about her and this girl was similar. Living without your mom and a father who isn't around can be hard growing up for a girl. These girls need a figure who provides them safety and security. Unfortunately, some of these girls find themselves wrapped up in drug dealers, gangs, and pimps. Dawn was fortunate to have school teachers and tutors who she was able to find safety in when her mother died. Unable to leave her house due to her mother's death, they were able to come to her house when possible to help her continue school. This helped Dawn excel in school later on, and continue to follow in her father's footsteps. She honestly could be the best thing for this girl.

As the exiting the car, Dawn started to recognize the area. Her father would drive her around, telling her about different cases he had worked on. When her father learned she wanted to also go into the police force, he wanted to give her as much knowledge as he could. This was one of the areas they drove through quite often.

[i "Me? I guess I can try. As long as you will be there in case I fall."] Dawn smiled at him, heading over to the door with him. Connor introduced himself to the man who stood at the door. The man looked tired and sighed when Connor mentioned NYPD. [b "God, did Tessa do something again?"] he asked, looking at the two in front of him. [i "No sir. We just have a couple of questions about a case we're working on."] Dawn smiled. [i "Dawn Matthews."] she added, introducing herself. [b "Oh, alright. Yeah, I'll get her for you. Come in."] Jeremy replied, opening the door for the pair.

As they entered, he led them to a small kitchen table. Dawn took a seat, seeing family pictures scattered around the home. She watched as Jeremy headed behind a wall, going to grab his daughter. A girl entered, her arms crossed in front of her chest. She plopped down, looked past both Dawn and Connor. She pushed some of her curly hair out of her face, her arms returning to being crossed across her chest. [i "Hi. Tessa right? We had a couple of questions to ask you. Some things about people you might have some contact with. Anything you can tell us about these two?"] Dawn asked, sliding a picture of Gidecci and Vicki across the table to the girl. She thought using pictures instead of their names may make it easier for her to talk, as her father wouldn't know specifically who they were speaking of.
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Connor had reached the carport, turning to find Dawn almost out of breath as she tried to catch up to him. He chuckled. “Well, you’re the new girl. Everyone will want. Apiece of you – I mean, it’s not usual we get new blood here and for them to be young and already on patrol. It makes you more interesting.” He told her as he got into the car. He’d finally got the information from the girl’s file sent to his home. “Alright, her name is Tessa Burgess. Her father is clean as a whistle, looks like he works as a trucker.” He knew that would explain why the girl had so much freedom to do what she wanted and why it possibly took him a while to realize that she had run away. “Hopefully he should be easy to talk to or at least of some help.”

He started the car then and began to drive out, heading toward an area where there were a lot of apartment complexes, it wasn’t necessarily a bad neighborhood, but it had a reputation as it was state funded housing. He soon reached the complex h was supposed to eb staying at, taking a look around to make sure there were o suspicious characters, he wasn’t trying to deal with any roughhousing or shootings. It was Dawn’s second day and he suspected she too didn’t want to go through that. He realized then how easy it was to worry about her. His past with partners wasn’t so good. Maybe his captain was right to pair the two together.

“You want to take the lead?” He asked as he got out of the car and headed up the cement steps. He pressed the buzzer into the apartment, waiting for the father to answer.

“Jeremy Burgess? I’m Connor McCarthy with the NYPD. I’m here with my partner just wondering if we can come up and talk a little about your daughter Tessa.” There was silence then before they were finally buzzed in. He headed toward the elevator, pressing the fourth-floor button once the doors opened and they stepped inside.
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Dawn smiled and raised an eyebrow, [i “Next time huh? Liked hanging out that much.”] she joked. This meant there would be a next time. She enjoyed spending time with him, around him. She wanted to get to know him on something other than a co-worker level, more like friends. Just someone else in this town to talk to besides her dog and her neighbors. She then grabbed her bag and jacket she had just put down.

Dawn nodded, [i “I hope that is what she needs.”].

[i “Ready as I’ll ever be!”] Dawn smiled, grabbing her coffee and following behind Connor. As they walked through the office, different people started introducing themselves to Dawn. She tried to be polite, but she was losing sight of Connor as people wanted to just tal. [i “Hey, I’m really sorry. I’m actually on my way out with my partner. When I get back, I will be wide open to talk.”] she smiled. She then turned to walk a bit faster to catch up with Connor. By the time she finally caught up, she took a deep breath. [i “Damn, some of these people love to talk.”] she joked to Connor. [i “Surprising, people usually avoid talking to me. I usually start to ramble on and on and people get sick of it. Usually people are asking me to stop talking because I won’t. Like...oh god I’m doing it right now. Sorry.”] she replied, playing with her hands lightly.

The two made their way down to the cruiser, opening and getting into the passenger side of the car. She’d let Connor drive today, maybe they could trade later. She looked out the window, watching the area change around it. [i “So, she's with her dad, huh? Does he have any criminal activity or anything? Or is he clean? Good to know to see his reaction to us.”] she asked, looking over to Connor when she spoke.
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“Well I’m glad you got some rest. I promise not to keep you out so late next time,” eh teased. The idea of there being a next time didn’t seem like. Big deal when he said it, but he had sounded a bit eager when implying they would be spending more time together. She had wanted to spend time with him outside of work though. Connor just wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. He wanted d them to get close, but worried about the repercussions of that. Connor was familiar with office relationships between different officers. Often, they didn’t work out and some men had not grown out of the highschool mentality which meant talking about every woman they had been with. Being married had made it easy for him not to have to worry about such things. Of course, Connor had tried to date, but it still felt too soon for him to commit to anyone.

“Younger and younger, so much so that it’s scary.” Connor said with as hake of his head. The troubling thing with being a cop was that you were exposed to the many evils of the world. He wasn’t at all surprised now which was a warning sign that maybe he had been in the field too long. Though, Connor couldn’t imagine doing anything other than being a cop. He was searching for info on where the girl was last seen hanging out during the time of her arrest. Often, these criminals and their child victims didn’t learn from their mistakes, still resorbing it the same corners they were caught on. Jail was usually the only way to solve the problem, but these crimes were often taken lightly, especially when teenagers and kids were involved which meant as little as a year in juvie, sometimes probation. Though it didn’t matter, they went right back to the streets.

“Looks like was released into her father’s care. She ran away when she was 14, got caught up with Gidecci. After he sent to prison, her father was contacted that she had been found and they’ve stayed here since.” It looked like she had gotten back into their old ways though if she were hanging out with Vicky still. “Who knows, maybe a nice face is just what she needs to see. She’ll probably open up more.” Connor grabbed the keys to the car then, coming to a stand. “Ready to head out?”
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Dawn smiled, so early in the morning and he was already enveloped in work. She looked over to his things, looking at him when he spoke. [i "I mean, I have trouble sleeping. After some sleep aid, I was out."] she laughed. Before she had a chance to ask him the same, he started on about work. They were never going to be able to talk about themselves unless it had to do with work. She'd break him out, but no need to do it now, it was only her second day.

[i "Sixteen? Man, they get younger and younger these days."] Dawn said. At sixteen, she was barely out of the house. She was always helping her dad, him being out all hours of the day. He would be out early in the morning, and late at night. She could relate to him, considering they now had the same career. She would wait up every night for him, making sure he came home safe. She couldn't lose her dad too.

[i "I'll try. I am not the scariest of people, but I will be as static as I can. I basically have "resting nice face". "] Dawn laughed. Her face had a permanent smile on it, the kind of face people on the street would go up to if the needed something. [i "Is she at a facility? Or home?"] she asked. If she was home, Dawn worried a parent would hold them back from her. If she was at a facility, it may be a bit easier to get something out of her. She hoped they could explain the dangers of working with these people too, help her out as well.
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He noticed that the sendoff was a tad awkward. It was too soon for a hug and yet they had known each other long enough where he suspected that a handshake would come off too stiff. Still, he took Dawn’s hand with a smile.
“It was nice working with you,” he said. “Have a good night, be safe.” He watched her walk out and he was glad the driver confirmed she was picked up. Of course, he was worried about her. He didn’t know her well enough to assume she couldn’t take care of herself, but it was a dangerous time they were living in. Especially with them stepping into this case, he worried for her safety. He didn’t want her getting hurt like his wife.

Connor headed to the kitchen, like most nights it was a bit troubling for him to sleep, especially now that he was falling back into the hands of a very dangerous man that he had tried to forget about. Connor found his stash of liquor, pouring him. Glass of brandy before heading to the couch. He turned on the tv and along with Maurice, relaxed on the couch. He must’ve passed out eventually, when he woke up it was near 2am and he was still parked on the couch. He sighed out, getting up and trudging upstairs to his bedroom where he didn’t even have the strength to remove his clothes before falling asleep on top of the covers.

He woke up early, groaning and rubbing his face to clear the hangover and the exhaustion that still clung to him: a typical morning. Connor got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. He felt a little better after that. His phone chimed off as he was brushing his teeth. Dawn was already proving to be caring. He didn’t really drink coffee, but he felt rude if he didn’t say anything. Plus, he still felt a bit groggy. He asked for a black coffee, one cream. He headed to work soon, not forgetting to feed Maurice Driving into work wasn’t always a pleasure, especially so early in the morning, but Connor couldn’t stand the subway. He sat at his desk and started searching through files, seeing if they could find someone, they could talk to about the shooting that was still involved in the gang.

Looking up he saw Dawn walking in.
“Thanks,” he told her. “How’d you sleep? “He pulled out a mugshot and showed it to Dawn. “I was thinking we go visit this girl. She’s involved with Gidecci and Vicky. She’s sixteen. I figure we can scare her enough to give us some information.”
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[+grey[i Girls like me?]] Dawn thought. Was this a roundabout way of telling her she was pretty or something? She shouldn't be thinking like that, this was her partner, he was just looking out for her. She had to remember what he was going through, the loss of his wife, he probably wasn’t even interested in dating and definitely not dating her. Even though they were in the same line of work, and understood the lifestyle, it wasn’t what was best. That didn’t mean she couldn’t think he was attractive and be attracted to him, that wasn’t something that could get her in trouble.

Dawn laughed when he mentioned his cat. [i My old cat was the same way. Patches doesn’t leave my dad’s house ever, she fights whenever she has to move basically. Winston, my pup, loved to leave the house. I had to chase him down the street when he got out once.”] she laughed lightly. She covered her mouth as she yawned again, after running her hand through her hair. [i “Well, keep it in mind. If you ever take a day off. It might be good to not think about work for one day.”] she smiled, bumping her leg against him playfully.

As he mentioned the car arriving, she grabbed her things. [i “Thanks.”] she smiled. The two walked downstairs, seeing the car as she opened the door. She didn’t know how to say goodbye, so she settled on a handshake. She held her hand out, smiling. [i “See you tomorrow, partner.”] she smiled. After their hands parted, Dawn headed to the car. [b “Where can I take you, Ma’am.”] the driver asked. She quickly gave the man her address. She waved to Connor as the car pulled away, smiling as she leaned back into the seat.

Dawn kicked off her shoes as she walked in, Winston running to her feet. [i “Hi baby. I’m tired, let’s head to bed.”] she replied. Dawn ended up taking a quick shower, before putting on some sweatpants and a tank top on. She brushed her teeth and hair, looking in the mirror as she did both. Dawn wondered what Connor was doing about now. Did he immediately go to bed, or did he have trouble sleeping like she did? She went to her bed, took her melatonin, taking a few drops on her tongue before laying back on her bed. She had been taking sleeping medicine ever since she lost her mom, she couldn’t bear waking up to a loss again, so sleeping didn’t come so easily to her. She would easily be up all night, no matter how tired she was. This was the best way for her to drift to sleep, and that’s how her night ended.

Dawn woke up early, ready for a new day. She got ready quickly. A tight black shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and some combat boots. She pulled her hair into a ponytail, and grabbed her glasses. She sent a text to Connor, asking him for his coffee order before getting into her car. She ordered them both their coffees, getting to work a little bit earlier. She knew now she wouldn’t have to leave that early. She locked the door to her car after parking, walking in. She was starting to learn names of people, hoping to be friendly with as many people as possible. As she saw Connor, she smiled. [i “Good morning. Here’s your coffee.”] she smiled, putting her bag down, sitting down at her desk.
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Connor could understand what Dawn meant. His wife often worried about him being in the field and she had every right to. Being a cop was a dangerous business and putting your life on the line day after day could really strain one’s relationship. There were countless of times that he and his wife were fighting about him not being around. Things were especially tough after she lost the baby. Connor dealt with it by going deeper undercover, leaving her at home alone. Things were going to change though; he had promised that he would change. He never got the chance to make good on that promise, however. Now, he was single and while he had opportunities and had attempted dating through various online websites and apps, Connor found that ultimately being alone worked for the best really.

“Well just don’t let the guys at the station know. They can get a bit loopy around girls like you.” He was slipping up again, making comments that were a bit out of the range of someone who was your colleague. He knew it was the liquor and the sleep deprivation. Dawn yawning seemed like a food sign to prove that they both needed to catch some sleep.

“Day off? I haven’t heard that in a while.” Often his boss was the one forcing him to take some time off. Connor had plenty of vacation hours stacked up. After the funeral, he couldn’t bear to be home and would pretty much sleep at the station. “Read, catch a game – I don’t know, guess I haven’t had [I fun] in a while. Things just aren’t the same.” He knew his statement was a bit out of context, but he figured that Dawn had to pick up on the news of his wife. It was in the papers after all, though he didn’t want to say anything. He wasn’t sure if he could have that conversation with her as things were going so well.

“Maurice wouldn’t leave this apartment even if it was on fire,” he said. He looked over to find the cat peacefully sleeping on the blanket his wife often would be cuddle up in, waiting for him to come home; sometimes waiting days. Being undercover was tough and it required days or months from your partner with no contact. Sometimes Connor thought if it was worth it; he saved plenty of lives and put a criminal behind bars, but he lost the woman he loved.

“We can be friends,” he said. He didn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea though. ‘Maybe one of these days we can set something up.” Connor got a notification on his phone then that the car had just pulled up. “It just arrived actually; I’ll walk you out.”
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[i “Wow, I impressed you. You do know how to flatter someone.”] Dawn joked, following him out of the room. She mentioned calling her a car and smiled weakly. “Thanks. I appreciate it.” she smiled. Then, it was silent. She really liked Connor, he was well researched, and obviously well respected in their profession. He was kind, but he had a bit of a rough exterior. She was happy she was able to learn from a person like him. She hoped he wouldn’t be discouraged when she didn’t know things, although he seemed okay when she wasn’t sure of things today. But it was only her first day. She yawned, realizing now how tired she really was. She was happy she didn’t have to drive herself home, she probably would have fallen asleep on the way.

Dawn was confused at his question. [i “Huh?”] she asked before he clarified his question. [i “Oh, uh, no. I don’t really date much, or at all I guess. Not that I am against it! Once people find out what I do, or what I wanted to do, they usually run. Worried about getting involved with all of this. Or people think I’m a lot, which they aren’t wrong. It’s fine though, I’d rather be with someone who liked me and didn’t care what I did. Whatever happens, ya know.”] Dawn replied, smiling. She did have a lot of trouble meeting people, and everyone she did meet she usually did see or talk to again. [i “I go home to my dog, he’s as close as I’ve gotten to a boyfriend.”] she laughed and yawned again. [i “Sorry, I didn’t realize how tired I really was. Big day, I could hardly sleep last night.”] she smiled.

Dawn looked around, she couldn’t think of much to say at this point. She usually would ask him about his love life, but it seemed to be a touchy subject unless he brought it up. She was always a good listener, never judged people on things like that. She actually enjoyed that they understood each other, the death of someone close to you can do a lot of damage to a person. [i “What do you do on your days off?”] she asked. He seemed to be a ‘all work, no play’, she wanted to have him do something fun. [i “Maybe we could go and do something fun. Like going down to the boardwalk, I could bring my dog. I don’t know if Maurice is that kinda cat, but my dog loves others.”] she laughed, looking out toward the street. [i “Just because we work together, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, right?”] she smiled, looking toward him. She adjusted her glasses, noticing how beautiful his eyes were. She moved her gaze back out to the street. [i “Oh, when is the car supposed to get here?”] she asked, looking down at her watch.
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