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He’s a young detective YC/Male—one of the good ones—and when an undercover bust went bad three years ago, his wife and unborn child were killed. He swore he’d never love again, even though he was married young right out of high school. Then his old partner retires, only to be replaced by a wide-eyed, spunky rookie, Dawn MC, whose seemingly impossible innocence and zest for life remind him life is worth living again. This could only end in disaster…right? Dare he makes the first move toward new love?


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Dawn was surprised when Connor suggested getting out of there and getting lunch before going back. From what their interactions have been since the beginning, she thought Connor would be strictly business and work only. This almost made Dawn think he was starting to get comfortable around her, something that helped her confidence around him as well. If they were at least friendly with each other, Dawn believed she could do her job better than before.

"I love Thai food if that works for you." Dawn said as the two left the bodega with the tape, the old man behind the counter glaring at them for taking his tape. Dawn was excited to know the male actually was going to tell her about him. The more you know about a person, the better connected you are. The woman knew the more connected, the better they would work together in the long run. She wanted to make sure she was the best partner he's ever had.

Dawn knew of a Thai restaurant her father used to take her to all the time, [i The Floating Market]. "I'll take you to my favorite place. We can either sit there or get take out, your choice" she said as they got back into their car. She started the car up and starting driving. It was nice that the Thai place she knew was nearby their work, so they didn't have to go too far out of the way.

The Floating Market was a small family-owned restaurant, run and operated by a mother/son. They were such a sweet family, Dawn and her father had gotten friendly with them because of how often they went when they lived together. They had an extensive menu and made everything to order. Dawn loved to show other people because it was such a small, hole-in-the-wall place.

The pair pulled up not too long after and Dawn looked over to Connor. "Ya ready?" she smiled warmly at him, hoping this would be the start of their friendship.
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Connor wasn’t surprised to find that the owner of the store had an attitude, most people in this area were unsure of trusting the cops. He was just glad to find that he even bothered to have security footage. Many of these places were protected by gangs, but sometimes that protection came with the fee of having to cover any activities and that could very well mean destroying footage which could be considered as destroying evidence. He followed Matthews to the back room where the tv was and watched as his partner managed the ancient system. He didn’t expect it to be anything fancy and was just glad that the man even had something that was in working condition. Tired, Connor sank into one of the old creaky leather chairs. As expected, tapes were switched out daily. With the system being as old as it was, he wasn’t surprised to find that it would be taking them much longer to go through the footage.

Dawn was a bit jumpy, or maybe she was just nervous. It was her first time in the field after all. He realized that quite possibly he was coming off a bit too off with her and didn’t want Dawn to think that he was someone impossible to get along with, despite his track record when it came to having a partner.

“I’m not surprised – I mean when was the last time you saw anyone using a VCR?” Connor knew that lounging in the backroom of a bodega was not going to be productive use of their time. “Why don’t we grab some lunch and head back to the lab? I’ve got some things to check on and I suspect that they will have way better technology that will make this easier.” He came to a stand then and ejected the tape.

“Besides, if I’m going to tell you all about me, I would much prefer to do so on a full stomach.” Connor found an empty Ziploc bag and slipped the tape inside. “So, what’re you in the mood for?” He began out of the back room then. “We’ll be holding onto this.” He said as he waved the tape in the owner’s direction.
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Dawn listened as he mentions it probably being gang and drug-related, and she sighed. It hurt her heart kids and even young adults, like herself, getting into drugs and gangs. Dawn was lucky enough to live in a decent area growing up, mostly due to her dad's line of work as a detective, he wanted to keep his daughter safe. Even when Dawn moved out, she made sure she lived close by for the peace of mind of her father.

The women watched her partner walk into the bodega, and she followed behind. She watched as he started speaking to the older man behind the counter. "We don't have copies to just give out, what do you think this is? You can watch it in the back, we have them there." the man behind the counter said, crossing his arms over his chest. He opened a door behind him, letting the officers behind the counter into this back room he mentioned.

The room was grey, dull, and had an old tv, that flashed between the street corner and static. The older man leaned against the door, watching his store and the officers who went over to the tv. They had a stack of tapes, all labeled by date. Dawn grabbed the tape labeled Monday, handing it over to Connor. [b "This is the Monday one, the VRC looks kind of old. This might take longer than expected."] Dawn said. She began to examine the old VRC, pressing eject before the tape popped out, and fell onto the table. "Be careful with my things!" the man yelled back to them, as he was helping out a customer at the counter. [b "Sorry sir!"] she replied, before putting the tape to the side, letting Connor put the Monday tape in. It seemed tapes started at 12 am that day, and ended around 11:59 pm the same night. The store closed at midnight, so they change the tape out every night before they go home.

Dawn attempted to fast forward to later in the day, not wanting to watch nothing happen in the wee hours in the morning. It seemed like the fast forward button worked a little bit, but it only made the video play maybe 1x faster than normal. [b "Well, we may be here a while, this seems like the best we're gonna get."] she sighed. [b "Should we, like, get to know each other? We have nothing else to do, considering we have only got to 12:25 am so far."] Dawn smiled at her new partner, hoping they wouldn't have to sit in silence.
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Connor tried to remain low key and often didn’t mention his wife and tried to steer conversations away from that as much as possible. Though of course that was hard to do, considering him being a cop and the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death. Layla was an innocent schoolteacher who unfortunately made the mistake of falling in love with a man that had gotten himself into trouble.

After his rookie years, Connor took the step of joining the undercover unit. Of course, you thought it was like the movies: fake names and a cover story; you became a new person and the caught the bad guy in the act. That was just fiction of course and as you eventually you started to learn that of course things were different in the real world. No matter the fake alias Connor was still a real man that could still be hurt. He had hoped that he could protect Layla, but the an he was in contact with didn’t think that anyone was off limits.

Connor had been undercover for a year, working as a security guard for a crime lord named Yen Medina who had been pushing drugs into the city. He was one of the top and after he killed To Montoya, he soon became the highest paid drug lord known. That murder was something that Connor witnessed and not only that but had participated in hiding the body. Being undercover was tough work and Connor hated not being with his wife or having to keep her in the dark for so long. When Medina was charged for murder and drug trafficking, he was happy to return to his life. What Connor didn’t expect was one of his fellow cop undercover being a dirty cop and ratting him out. Connor couldn’t even look at his wife when she was in the casket, refusing to have that memory of her dead body in his mid.

“Well I suspected that would happen.” He said in regard to her info from Mrs. Connor. “The people he is messing with can quickly end the life of everyone you love or care about.” They were heading to the bodega then, Connor shrugging his hand in his pockets to keep from freaking out. Erick had got himself caught up in Medina’s gang and just because he was in jail didn’t mean that he wasn’t still calling shots. Though, while that may have been true, Connor had to figure if it was one of Montoya’s guys. This of course was dangerous territory and Connor wasn’t ready to go down that road, though he knew he didn’t really have a choice.

“More than likely got himself caught up in a gang, though the guy who called n after the shooting doesn’t have any priors.” Connor knew they would have to do some digging, this wasn’t right. They reached the bodega then, Connor walking up to the counter where an elderly man worked. He pushed up his glasses as they entered, Connor flashing his badge then.

He’d started tot talk to him then, asking if he could get a copy of the security footage. He could only hope that it worked.
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Dawn put a loaf pan filled with carefully kneaded dough into the oven, per Lillian's instruction. The older woman wrote carefully instructions on a small card, handing it to Dawn. [i "Now, after 25 minutes. You should have perfect crusty bread. It's the best."] the woman smiled at her. [b "Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to teach me."] Dawn smiled.

As they started cleaning around them, Lillian felt like she should tell the young deceptive girl something. [i Dawn, Erik said, on Monday, He was going to meet someone. He told me not to worry about him and that I shouldn't wait up for him. I always waited up for him, so I did. He never came home. I hope that information can help you help him."] the woman didn't smile much, so Dawn knew she was only trying to help. [b "Thank you. You truly are a beautiful woman, Mrs. Connors"] Dawn replied, and the older woman let out a small laugh.

As she did, Connor entered the room, stating that it was time to leave. [b "Thank you for allowing us in your home. Have a lovely day."] Dawn smiled, sliding the bread recipe in her back pocket. The two officers left the woman's home, and Connor asked her a question. [b "She gave me a little. Erik doesn't tell her much, assuming he doesn't want her mixed in whatever he is involved in. She said he said he was meeting a friend, and for Mrs. Connors not to wait up for him, as she usually does. He never came back to her place that night."] Dawn stated to the male.

The two walked toward a bodega across from the woman's home. She assumed they were going to ask around there, as it seemed to be open late. They also might have a camera there as well. Before going in, she turned to her partner. [b "Were you able to find anything around? Any kind of lead?"] she asked as she adjusted her glasses. The male in front of her seemed different than the person she met this morning. He was in his element, and it was exciting to see people transform before her eyes. He was also extremely handsome, but this was her partner. And there had been mention of a wife before, she had to keep it professional...until she knew more about him and his situation.
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Erik was a good kid, but Connor had no doubt that he had got himself caught up in a mess that he didn’t know how to get out of. More than likely, drugs were involved which already made Connor feel antsy considering his past. He walked down the hall, actually stepping into the bathroom to give himself. A couple of minutes to gain his composure. It was still weird when people mentioned Layla’s passing. He didn’t think that he could ever get over it. Connor of course knew all about the seven stages of grief, but he couldn’t see him ever truly being healed. His heart felt tight and he felt his hand run over his chest. He reached into his shirt to pull out the necklace he worse, his and Layla’s bands on a gold chain. He’d thought about having her buried in it, but something in him couldn’t part with any piece of her. It had been terrible enough getting rid of her belongings. Connor placed the necklace back into hiding before splashing some water onto his face. He knew he couldn’t hide in the bathroom the whole time he was there though.

Connor had exited the bathroom, walking down the hall. He entered the room where the door was ajar. It certainly wasn’t Mrs. Connor’s room, but he could tell that it had been lived in and had become more than a guest room. He could see magazine pictures of rappers and models covering the walls. [I Erik’s room] he thought to himself. It was pretty clean, which would make this a bit easier as far as snooping without praying, considering he didn’t have a search warrant.

He walked around, sitting on the bed in case there was something under the mattress that could easily fall out. He ran his foot under the bed which contacted a box. Connor then noticed something sticking out of the dresser. He checked over his shoulder, making sure he was still in the clear before walking over. Gripping the red cloth, he pulled it out; it was a bandana, one that he knew too well once he saw the symbol that had been sewn into it.

“Shit.” Connor quickly placed the bandana back before leaving the bedroom. He closed the door behind him. He could hear the heartwarming laughter from Mrs. Connor as he was rounding the corner. “Well then,” he started with a smile, so as not to give anything away. “We should be going now. We’ll be sure to follow-up once Erik gets out of the hospital. You be safe alright?”

Mrs. Connor was grateful hey were looking into the case, knowing that these types of incidents in the neighborhood were common and often overlooked. Once outside he looked around, noticing there was a bodega across the street on the corner, maybe they had surveillance footage. Connor looked to Dawn then. “So, what’d you talk about? She give you anything?”
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[i "I'm sorry about your wife."] was something that hit Dawn in the way she couldn't explain. She hadn't known anything about her partner and now knew something personal about him. Was she sick, or did something very very bad happen to her, she may never know.

Dawn was in her head for probably a few minutes before the sound of Connor's voice broke her out of her thoughts.

Dawn began to take mental notes about what the women said. Erik Tanner. Stays with Lillian Connors sometimes. He should be out of the hospital soon. She nodded her head as she listened to the women speak, mostly to Connor. Connor then pulled her aside, not very notable, but mostly to ask to distract Mrs. Connors. She nodded, affirming to the male she understood. She took a stance over a chair, watching the women carefully kneed the bread. That would be a perfect vehicle for conversation.

[b "Would you explain how you make your bread? I mean, if you'll share your secrets with me? My father loves freshly baked bread and I am a terrible baker, but maybe with your help, I can make him a really good one."] Dawn smiled. The woman's eyes lit up with the young girl asking for her expertise. The older woman went through the entirety of how she went from just some flour and water into her dough. She also began writing down how she made it. Dawn smiled, she probably never was able to share her love of baking with anyone else. It seemed the women lived alone, except for Erik who came and went.

Dawn smiled, she genuinely was having a nice time learning from the woman. The woman even seemed to want to tell the girl a little more about the real reason they were there. [i "Erik will help me bake sometimes. Sometimes, he comes in as I finish and will be my taste tester. I was waiting for him Monday...he never came back."] she spoke, not even looked at Dawn when she spoke. [i "He is a good boy, he wouldn't do anything to anyone."] she said, kneading harder than before. [b "We'll find the truth."] Dawn spoke, trying to calm the woman. [i "Thank you"] Was all she spoke, before dropping the subject and going back to baking.
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“A water will be fine,” Connor said with a smile. He was glad she let them in, knowing that had made their way in at least. He followed her into the kitchen with Dawn, the smell of fresh bread baking in the air. It was a warm and inviting space, much like your grandmothers and Connor knew that if she were his grandmother, he would want to make sure she was safe in her own neighborhood. He remembered a time when kids were running in the streets playing sports, not slinging drugs and playing with guns. Despite how much the city was trying to push out the locals and [I clean] up the area, crime was still deeply rooted in the community. Painting over a piece of shit didn’t make it prettier and thy had to get to the root of the problem instead of relocating these people or even worse – kicking them out and forcing them to fend for themselves.

“Nice to meet you dear.” She was a young girl, certainly younger than his wife. “I’m sorry about your wife,” she said. Layla’s death had made the news and very newspaper – but it wasn’t her death really that was highlighted; it was the piece of shit drug dealer that had managed to get out of jail time despite everyone knowing that Marco Francis was guilty of ordering out the hit after his undercover bust went left. Connor could still smell the metallic scent of blood that had drenched his hands when holding Layla’s lifeless body in his arms.

“Thank you,” Connor mumbled, not really wanting to even think about it and especially not discuss something so person in front of Dawn. He leaned against the tile countertop, accepting her offer of water and the cookie. Connor took a bite, of course it was good, and it did soften him up even more. He knew that he couldn’t come at Mrs. Connor too hard. He wanted her to be comfortable with opening up to them. He gently placed the glass on top of a coaster.

“So, Mrs. Connor. I think you know why we are here.” He said. She had paused briefly while kneading the dough, looking up at the both of them. “This is about Mr. Tanner, Eric Tanner.”

“I know him; he’s a good boy.” She was trying not to get involved which was common for those who were scared of retaliation. “He stays with me sometimes.” Connor already knew that which was whys he was the first one on his list to talk to. “He’s doing good. Should be out of the hospital in a couple of days. “Connor wanted to look around and see if he could find any info.

“That’s really good to hear.” He smiled and gently took Dawn by the arm. He leaned in close to her then, “I’m going to look around. Try to get her talking, I know this had nothing to do with a robbery.” He whispered. Connor looked up at Mrs. Connor then. “Bathroom, ma’am?”

“Down the hall on your right.”
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Dawn watched as the male had easily been able to identify with the women at the door. She knew him, and that was his in. This is what she needed to know before she was able to do these things alone. She needed to be able to identify with the people in this area. She would have to work on this, but she could get there. She kindly smiled back at Connor, following him into the women’s home.

As they entered her home, it smelled amazing. She had clearly been baking, due to the smells of the home, and her clothes covered in flour. Her home was the epitome of a “grandmother’s” home. She had dozens of photos displaying families, children, and religious figures. She clearly had a strong sense of faith as well. Dawn herself didn’t have any specific ties to religion, but she remembered going to church with her own grandmother at some point in her life, so she remembered some of these things scattered around the women’s home. She tried not to get lost in the life of this woman he was learning about just by her home.

The older woman led them into the kitchen, where she went back to her baking. She went back to kneading dough, Dawn assumed bread. [+blue “Do either of you want anything? A drink, a snack?”] the women, Lilian Connors asked the pair. Dawn entered the kitchen, smiling, [b “I’m alright. Thank you.”] Dawn nervously ran her hand through her hair, pushing the strands away from her face. She was uncomfortable in this woman’s home, she didn’t know this woman at all. Maybe, she needed to gain confidence in some way.

[b “I apologize, I never introduced myself. Dawn Matthews, I’m newly recruited and now partnered with Connor. He’s showing me the ropes.”] Dawn smiled, this helped her build some more confidence in the girl. Now that she introduced themselves, they were more than strangers. The older woman smiled, as she continued kneading, [+blue “He is a nice boy, he’ll help you out there.”] the older woman replied, looking up from her dough. She went over near her oven, placing a plate of cookies in front of the two of them. [+blue “Please, have one.”] the woman replied, going back to her dough. [+ blue “Just made them today.”]. Dawn took a cookie and took a bite, amazed at how delicious the cookie was. [b “Oh my gosh, these are wonderful. Thank you.”] Dawn replied.

Dawn was confused, she wasn’t sure how to take the hard turn of asking for information from this wonderful lady who just gave them cookies. Did they wait for the woman to bring it up? Were they to bring them up? This is definitely something school couldn’t teach her, but Connor probably could.
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He knew he was being a bit hard on her, but his expectations weren’t high. He really believed that she was smart and if they were going to paid Dawn with Connor, he didn’t want her to be hanging on his coattails their whole partnership. His previous partner was older than him and had treated Connor the same way. He wasn’t going to treat her different for any reason. Connor didn’t want to intimidate her into silence though and he knew that this was his final chance at a partner or else it was more than likely the captain was going to have a word with him and Connor was not going to be put on desk duty. They walked up to stone steps that led to the door of a brownstone. He watched as Matthews took the initiative of knocking. It took some time before the door had been opened to reveal an older woman. She had a head of full of beautiful silver hair, currently plaited to fall along her back. She wore a white dress with floral accents, a lace edged apron wrapped around her waist – currently dusted with flour.

Her expression was all but friendly as she saw them, she knew they were cops from their badges and by her tone, had no plans on helping them out. This was not surprising to Connor and he knew that her among the others they would visit would have the e same reaction. Nothing good came out of talking to the cops and despite how cleaned up the area was becoming; it didn’t mean that crime and those behind it had disappeared.

He looked toward Dawn who was disappointed her efforts didn’t pull any results and it did make him feel a bit sorry for her. He looked back to the woman. “Lilian Connor, right?” He asked with a smile. He saw the gold cross that hung from her neck and he had recognized her face from the many during services on Sunday. “From St. Peters?” She had opened the screen door then, eyeing him a little before giving him a smile.

“Oh my, how you’ve grown Lil Bo,” she said with a chuckle. He blushed somewhat at the childhood nickname he had. “It’s been so long.” He’d still practiced his faith but had changed churches. Since Layla’s passing though he hadn’t much faith and hadn’t been visiting the church. “Please come in.” He smiled over at Dawn as they were ushered inside.
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Dawn was surprised when he started mentioning her schooling. She had gone to a police academy, which she focused mostly on physical strength and agility while learning laws as well. She learned about witness accounts, but in a way that was ridged and structured. She knew that they wouldn't do it the way they taught her, and she really didn't want to look like a newbie, even though she was one. [b "They did...just in a mechanical kind of way. I want to make sure people don't feel weird talking to me like I'm reading a script."] she replied.

Dawn began listening as he described the case to her. [b "Hm, okay. Yeah, I'm ready."] she replied. [i I hope] she thought to herself. Dawn looked around the area. It seemed like a decent area, new and upcoming buildings seemed to kick out old smaller, family-run stores. She really never had been in this area of town. It seemed like the area had a heaviness in the air, and not many people were lingering outside. They approached a building, across from the corner where the assault took place.

Knocking, a woman answered the door, skeptically looking at the two law enforcement members at her door. [+blue "Can I help you?"] the woman asked, slightly annoyed at being question at the door. She kept the screen door closed and would only talk to the two through a screen door that separated them. Dawn spoke up first, trying to be a self-starter. [b Hello ma'am. We were informed of an incident that happened Monday around 8 pm, just across the road. We're just trying to get any information we can if you remember seeing anything."]. [+blue "No, didn't see anything. Are you done?"] the woman asked, trying to get the pair away from her door. Dawn looked to Connor, to see if he could get the women to budge.
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She was a good driver which was nice. Connor didn’t know if she picked up on his quiet demeanor or if she had nothing to say, but for the most part she had been pretty quiet. He’d lived in the city his whole life and for the most part he didn’t hate it. Though, day by day Connor was starting to reevaluate his life. Sometimes he thought about retiring early and moving to the country. Sometimes the city felt too busy and there were too many memories here. He wanted to get way and start over. He ran his hands through his hair then, noticing they were then getting closer to their destination. Thy were in what used to be considered the [I bad] part of town. Now, there were expensive organic markets, fusion restaurants and yoga studios which replaced mom and pop restaurants, a couple of liquor stores and the community center. It had just been purchased by multimiioniaire Gregory Barnes who planned to upgrade it and change it from free membership to paid. Of course, the people who grew up in the neighborhood were not a fan of these changes. Graffiti lined the wooden slats that covered the door, posters and flyers calling for the end of gentrifying neighborhoods of color floating around.

Despite being in an unmarked car, Connor knew that they stood out as cops. He’d shown his face in the neighborhood before though and for the most part had a good relationship with them. However, tensions were high since the recent assault in which a young male was holding on for his life in the hospital. “They didn’t teach you this in school?” He asked. He was a bit older but suspected their teachings couldn’t dramatically differ. Right, I should give you the run down on the case though. Monday on this corner,” he said as he pointed in front of them. “We received a call that a twenty-one year old was attacked by an older gentleman who claims the victim was trying to rob him. This was around eight pm. We’ll just be talking to a few people in the surrounding area, seeing if anyone recalls anything.” He had pulled out his notebook, checking to see who they had first on their list. “All set?”
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Dawn caught the keys with some fumbling but was able to not drop them. She unlocked and slid into their car. Wow, this was so cool. Dawn’s old job was strictly in house, she never left the office, except to go home. She was the one looking into everyone, not going out and talking to people. She was never an expert in fieldwork, so now would be the time to learn. She had an easy time talking to people, and sometimes people would come in and she would talk to them to get information on people.

Connor spoke to her about the car's features, which she took in. She learned how to use all the features quickly, and then was told to go. She smiled, adjusting the glasses on her face, adjusting the mirrors all around, as they were set too high, and started to go. She drove respectfully to the people on the road, but quickly. She watched the road, making sure she remembered all of the things her father told her this morning.

[i “Now Dawn, you have to be kind, respectful and professional. Remember to drive how I always taught you, be always be yourself like your mom always taught you. Don’t let the stories of these people weigh down on your soul, that can happen. Make sure you give yourself time alone at home after a hard day. I am always a phone call away when you get home. I love you” her father said over the phone last night] She wanted to show her dad she could do it, as he asked her many times if this is what she really wanted. Her father always worried her soul may crack under the pressure, but she knew this was her calling.

[u You have arrived at your destination] The GPS called as they arrived at their call. Dawn turned off the car and looked over at Connor. [b “Could you just give me a rundown of what I should be doing? Or should I just go with you and learn from the experience?”] she asked. The girl was called the day before for the job and wasn’t given zero training on fieldwork. She wanted to make sure she would do things correctly, and not just be thrown to the wolves. She attached the keys to her guard-like key ring and took a deep breath. [b “This is a call about assault charges?”] she asked, making sure to clarify so she had all the background info she needed. [b Anything else we already know?”] she asked, taking a small notepad out of her back pocket, writing quick notes in it.
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Her personality was a bit much for Connor, but he had to admit her smile was infectious and it was hard not to be excited about something that was so routine. It reminded him of his first ay on the job. He hadn’t been as wide eyed, but he had been a bit too cocky which had earned him the nickname Rooster in is previous unit. He’d thought he was big and bad enough to go on a collar on his own. He’d ended up making a fool of himself, and the perp nearly got away. He learned then that being. Cop wasn’t about being flashy and it certainly wasn’t a one man’s game. That said, he had to tell himself to be open to the possibility that Dawn would come to surprise him. He watched as she got her things, the pride in her face upon having that badge clipped to her hip.

He was glad to hear that’s he was a good driver which meant she wasn’t afraid of the road. His previous partner hated driving and what was worse was that he sometimes got car sick. Connor was more than glad that he had requested a transfer, though by that point it had been somewhat known that Connor was not the friendliest to his partners. He was a cool guy though, once you got to know him. Of course, he hadn’t always been that way. He often wondered if he’d eventually heal from losing his wife. When would come the moment of acceptance at losing her?

He tossed the keys to her, “Yeah, why don’t you drive,” he suggested. He started to walk with her out the steel door and into a parking garage, which lit at their presence. He pointed to their car. “That’s ours there,” he said. Connor was very particular about the lack vehicle, keeping it well maintained and clean at all times. He didn’t even eat in the car. She must have had very little field experience; he could only hope she’d be good at taking witness accounts.

Connor got into the car then, showing her where everything was and of course how it all worked. He tested the radio with her, explained the GPS and everyone’s favorite part of a car, the siren. “Alright, let’s roll.” He said, rolling the window down and putting on his sunglasses.
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As the male replied to her comments, he made it perfectly clear he had no choice in anything regarding her. Connor clearly didn't want a partner, but he was doing what was asked of him, which was kind of him. She would make him happy about having her as a partner. She would show him he would be an asset.

As she met a lovely man, Johnny, she smiled. [b "I think I can handle it. Thanks. Dawn Matthews."] she smiled, shaking his hand. He was able to get her badge and keycard for her, setting up it all for her. She looked over her new items, smiling at her badge. It was so different knowing this was what she was dreaming about. He clipped it to her belt, shoving her keycard in her pocket.

Dawn began thinking about how she was already going on the field, on her first day. He thought very highly of her to send her out this early. Her last boss talked about her all the time, and would never cease to tell Dawn about it. He would tell her about all the times he would talk to his higher-ups about how great she was. She never knew why he was so entrailed with the young adult, but she was now happy he did. It helped her get where she wanted to be.

Conner asked if she was a good driver, she smiled. [b "I'm an excellent driver."] Dawn replied. And that was true. Her father had taught her how to drive in his old car the day she turned 16. She was so timid about driving, and her father coached her through the whole thing. Her father taught her so many things, as he had to with her mother being sick and leaving so soon. He taught her how to think quick on her feet, how to be a good person, and how to live every day like it was your last. [b "Do you want me to drive now? Are we going to out!?] she asked. She was excited to be driving a squad car, but she tried not to show it outwardly, but failing pretty bad, due to the huge smile on her face.
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