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He’s a young detective YC/Male—one of the good ones—and when an undercover bust went bad three years ago, his wife and unborn child were killed. He swore he’d never love again, even though he was married young right out of high school. Then his old partner retires, only to be replaced by a wide-eyed, spunky rookie, Dawn MC, whose seemingly impossible innocence and zest for life remind him life is worth living again. This could only end in disaster…right? Dare he makes the first move toward new love?


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Dawn’s chest rose and fell as she rested from the amount of activity the two had just completed. The alcohol was leaving her system, which caused her to be a bit more embarrassed than before, which shouldn't matter since there isn’t anything he really hadn’t seen yet. Their time together was uncoordinated, yet completely natural and normal. She rolled over onto her side to watch Connor as he breathed, a small smile resting on her lips as well.

The events raced through her mind and the fact that she had taken quite a dominant role. Dawn, in life, made herself seem more dominant than she actually was, to ensure she would never be underestimated. Because she was so comfortable around Connor, it translated into the bedroom as well. She got on top of him, allowing herself to let loose for a while. But she also let Connor have a chance to take control, and they were able to balance that so effortlessly. Everything that happened, every kiss, every touch, every dig felt like they had done this before. Dawn didn’t even realize how much she had wanted Connor until they were lying here with each other.

Connor turned toward her, Dawn’s cheeks blushing a light pink as he let her hair fall through his fingers. She lightly laughed, her eyes meeting his. [i “Yeah, I guess we are.”] she smiled, biting her lower lip lightly. Dawn was ready to go at it again, but she knew that they had to be ready and alert for work tomorrow, which she already knew would be a long day. They also had to be up early, so Dawn could change at her own house the next day before they arrived at work.

Right now, the two were content and happy. Dawn hoped that they could continue their friendship in a similar way after this happened. It was agreed between the two of them that they both wanted this, so there would be no bad blood. They would just have to keep it to the two of them, considering they both didn’t really talk much to other people besides each other. Dawn sat up, letting her arms stretched above her head, allowing her upper body to stretch as well. The sheets that had previously covered her torso had fallen, a chill creeping up her body.

Dawn looked over toward the clock, the clock reading almost midnight. Dawn had a rough time getting to bed anyway, so this time wasn’t unusual that she would be awake. She ran a hand through her hair pushing it away from her face, a slight yawn escaping her lips. He really had tucked her out. [i Hey, do you mind if I take a shower? I mean, you could join me if you’d like. Round two?”] she smirked, wondering what Connor's answer would be. She knew he’d allow her to shower, but would he join her? Would he be as willing as she was to jump back into it again?

[i “Or are you too tired?”] she teased, a smirk resting on her lips as she looked at him, as she held a hand out to him to take him with her.
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Connor looked down at Dawn then. Of course there was no telling what this would spark. They both were adults though and able to make rational decisions whether drunk or not. A part of him felt lie the more they talked, the easier it would be for them to talk their way out of doing this and then where would they be? Their relationship would seem forced and awkward instead of the natural and organic way it had been as of late. So Connor kissed Dawn, he allowed them both to silently make the decision that they were going for this. His hands gently laid her down and slowly roamed the expanse of her body, only further pushing him toward the point of excitement. There was no turning back at this point.

Connor lay next to Dawn then, his chest still rising and falling quickly as he tried to catch his breath. There was a grin of pure satisfaction slathered across his face as he looked at her. Memories flashed through his mind, the soft sounds Dawn would make, the way his breath hitched when enveloped by her warmth. She was soft and plush, yet nowhere near as docile as he thought. Despite such dominance, she carried herself well, bold and wild as she rode him like some kind of outlaw and he a stallion. There was beauty in their chaos and yet not one moment felt awkward or unsure. With each dig into her, whether quick or slow enough to marvel at the feeling of each stroke, there was something completely normal about the coupling. Maybe because there had always been that subtle wanting for each other that became much clearer surprisingly after a bottle of wine.

Connor switched to his side then to look at Dawn, his hand reaching to brush back her which had come loose from its ponytail. He thought about how soft they were as they slid through the spaces of his fingers. Honestly he didn’t know what to say, still coming down from the high of being with her. would he find the words in the morning he wondered.
“So,” he said lowly. “I guess we’re both taking the bed tonight then,” he teased. While being with her had certainly cured his appetite, he knew he could go for another bite and yet they both had to be sharp and ready for work the next day.
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Dawn was led upstairs by Connor, her heart pounding in her chest. She didn’t know what to do, or if she should continue. She wanted to continue being friends with Connor, and she didn’t want this to change the dynamic they started creating. As she arrived upstairs, he shut the door, his lips on her once again. Her shirt was slid off of her shoulders and two the floor as he directed her to the bed. He was on top of her before he asked her a very important question. [b “Just this once?”]

Dawn didn’t know what she wanted to come out of this, she had just been so in the moment that consequences hadn’t set in her brain yet. Her brain was still a bit fuzzy, and the future wasn’t resonating in her head. A few things circled in her head; she could run away, they could just have one night and forget it ever happened, or this could be a regular ‘friends with benefits’ type of relationship. She pursed her lips together, looking up at Connor who was supporting himself above her with his arms. [i “Maybe…”] she smirked.

Dawn was teasing him with her answer. She didn’t know if once they got together if she would want to stop. [i “Honestly, Connor, as long as this won’t ruin the dynamic we have created, I don’t mind.”] she spoke. The thing about the two is that even knowing each other for a short time, they already had very good communication. They knew how to speak to each other, and they didn’t really hold back. They had been through some rough times already, so she trusted him even being in such a vulnerable state.

Dawn propped herself on her elbow, allowing their lips to meet again. She knew telling Connor anything more than what she did would be too much, so would let him respond in any way he felt comfortable at this point. She enjoyed Connor, not just as a partner, but as a person. He was a person she could see herself around for a long time, either as friends, lovers, or partners in life. He wasn’t just her co-worker. Was he scared to commit to something like a friend with benefits, considering he had already married and now was widowed? Was he scared about Dawn getting hurt? She wanted to tell him not to worry about her, but she knew that would make someone worry more about her.

But on the other hand, was she scared? Dawn was absolutely terrified of anything happening to either of them. They were working on a rough case, and it was very likely something could happen. They just had to trust each other more than ever before. She cared about him but she wanted the two of them to just have this moment. This was their moment. As Dawn continued to kiss his lips, she began unbuttoning her pants, allowing them to be easily slipped off her body.
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It seemed that they had both decided to go against not trusting their inhibitions and they were enjoying one another. Connor looked down at Dawn’s body, the way that she had sat her breast up perfectly, lace which had turned him on beyond belief. They were moving so fast and yet allowing themselves to enjoy the feeling of another as though completely sober in knowledge to what they were doing. They could blame it on the alcohol, but Connor wondered honestly if that was really what had cause him to move forward in his advances with Dawn. It had been so long for him since he actually [I felt] a woman’s touch. So long since it meant something at least or evoked some sense of feeling in him and Dawn did that.

‘My thought exactly,” he whispered when they had finally pulled their lips from one another. “Let’s go upstairs,” Connor suggested. He came to a stand and took her hand leading her upstairs and of course he was nervous. There was some rational part in him telling him to just let Dawn go upstairs and tell her thy shouldn’t do this and yet, he knew that the part of him that wanted this outweighed that voice. Once in the room he closed the door, turning on the switch that only brought on the lamps situated on the end tables on either side of the bed. He kissed Dawn then, his hands now fully removing her shirt and his as they made their way to the bed. She wanted him and he wanted her, that was all that mattered right. He hovered over Dawn’s body then, his lips traveling along her neck and her chest toward her now exposed stomach.

He had to pause then, as now they had reached this point there was no turning back if they proceeded forward. He supported himself with his arms, looking down at Dawn.
“Just this once?’ he said. They could feed into this moment only once and from this point never speak of it again. Should they make this a habit, Connor just knew that feelings would get involved. Though he did thin, had a [I friends with benefits] situation ever been successfully handled? Especially between those who worked with one another. Though, he was sober enough to at least make sure this was really what Dawn wanted. maybe they were both acting out of some kind of desperation for human contact. but was that really so bad?
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As she kissed his neck, she felt Connor grab her hips, pulling her in closer. She pulled away from his neck, their eyes locking. She was a bit shocked when he picked her up to put her on his lap. Connor’s hand moved to her head, and then their lips connected. Connor’s kisses were passionate, exciting and she kissed back with the same emotion. His hands explored her body, his rough hands gliding over her skin. His lips eventually went to her neck and collarbone, sucking lightly at different areas of her décolletage. She let out a small moan, her head tilting to allow more access.

[b “I want you.”]

Dawn’s eyes widened when he spoke. The woman hadn't been in very many relationships or even been on many dates, but no one had ever told her the [i wanted] her. Just hearing those words made her want him too. [i “I-I want you too.”] she said, breathing a bit heavier than normal. She turned her body to face him, straddling his body, one leg on either side of his hips. She clumsily unbuttoned the buttons of the black silk shirt he allowed her to wear, opening the two sides to reveal her stomach, a lacey bralette covering her chest area. She played with the hem of the shirt he was wearing, helping him remove it before pressing her lips to his again. As they kissed again, her bare stomach was against his, a moan escaping against Connor’s lips at their skin touching. She could feel her skin tingle at his touch, in a good way.

As she kissed him, she could taste the wine that had lightly stained both of their lips. They both had quite a bit of wine, so they both were a bit more confident than normal but aware of what was happening. Dawn pulled back lightly, letting her hair down from the ponytail that she had pulled it into earlier, shaking her head to allow her hair to settle.

Dawn enjoyed the forcefulness of Connor’s kisses, as he was much more of a dominant person than she was. She could tell that he craved her as much as she did, which made her feel better about the whole situation. She hadn’t been intimate with anyone in at least 2 years, so she felt as though she might be a bit rusty. She did crave him though, so she took her hands into his hair, pressing her lips to his. As they explored each other's mouths, she played with his hair, slightly tugging as their kisses became deeper.

Dawn pulled away, leaning her head against his forehead, breathing deeply. [i “Whoa…”] she said, smiling as she continued to take deep breaths. [i “Best...sleepover….ever…”] she teased, taking breaths between words. She looked down toward his chest, allowing her hands to explore his bare chest, his body just as fit as she expected.
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She wanted to do it. She wanted to kiss him and that made Connor more happy than she could ever know and yet it was a scary feeling. He hadn’t been with a woman in a while and getting this close, this intimate just seemed like a bad idea. He didn’t want to get hurt again and he didn’t want Dawn to get hurt either. They were just starting off as partners and doing good so fa; what if this messes things up? Still, he could feel the desire to kiss Dawn lingering if not actually intensifying the more he looked into Dawn’s eyes and the closer they got. There was no slip of space between them then where with just a little bit of a lift, he would be able to kiss her no problem.

[I What did he want to do?]

Connor watched as her fingers went from where they rested on her chest before they soon wrapped around the back of his neck, slight fingers tangling with the short hairs at the nape of his neck. Connor’s breath hitched when he felt Dawn’s lips pressing against and delivering kisses. A moan had escaped through his lips as he tilted his head to allow Dawn with much more access. It was quite possibly the alcohol that had made Dawn much bolder and Connor didn’t mind at this point. He himself was drunk, but still very conscious of what they were doing. His free hand had reached to press against her hips, drawing her in close to him and soon Connor could feel the desire to want to feel Dawn close became too much. Connor had pulled Dawn into his lap, his hands now gripping her head gently as he looked her in the eyes before finally Connor leaned in and kissed her.

Connor knew there was no turning back after this, but he didn’t care. He kissed Dawn with hunger, his hands now exploring her body, pressing underneath the shirt to feel her skin and yes, she felt just as he had imagined. His lips had traveled along her jawline, Connor then suckling any patch of skin he could find, before landing on her collarbone. Yes he wanted her.

“I want you,” he had finally admitted.
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Dawn felt Connor take her hand, her stomach filling with butterflies that were not from the movie. He softly rubbed that back of her hand, her hand feeling warm under his hand. Connor was the one person that Dawn felt safe with. She knew if she was with anyone else in the situation she was in today, she probably would have broken down before she was even released. Just looking in Connor’s eyes, or feel his skin against hers gave her the biggest sense of security. His eyes made her feel like nothing bad would happen to her, but his touch was making her feel the same way right now.

When she looked up at him, his eyes wandered their way down her body. She could tell her had the same thoughts as she did, her other hand that he was holding she placed on his chest, feeling the muscles underneath the shirt that it covered. When Connor took her face, she assumed he was going to kiss her. All the bells and whistles rang through her head, but at this moment, she wanted to kiss him too. She slowly closed her eyes, but didn’t feel his lips on hers. He pulled away, but rested his forehead against hers. She could feel her cheeks begin to warm up, and she was a little stuck about what to say. The alcohol in her system maybe had something to do with what she decided on next.

[i “You don’t have to apologize…”] Dawn opened her eyes to lock with his. [i “I wanted to do it too.”] she said, her stomach filled with butterflies. Dawn moved her face closer to his, wanting to test the waters. Would kissing him be too far? Would he ask to switch partners? She didn’t think she could handle it if he didn’t want to work with her or spend time with her again.

[i “What do you want to do, Connor?”] Dawn asked, her eyes flickering to his lips and back to his eyes. She wanted to push him back, crawl on top of him and kiss him, but she had that small voice that warned her he might not want what she wants. Even though he did pull her face towards his, she didn’t want to assume anything. She let her hand that was settled on his chest slid up to his shoulder, letting her arm rest on his shoulder. Her liquid confidence was pushing her more and more to just let go and kiss him. She took a deep breath, and attempted something that maybe wouldn’t be as bad as pressing her lips to his. She wrapped her slim fingers around the back of his neck, pressing her lips to his neck. She pressed small kisses along his neck, her face becoming hot. [i “Is this okay?”] she spoke, her lips brushing his neck as she spoke.
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They got along well it seemed and it was a good idea for them to put on a movie. It gave them something they could do without having to worry about awkward conversation starters. They had done well during dinner, but Connor didn’t want their companionship to feel like a business. He didn’t think it normal for them to be interviewing each other about things. He felt it would be a bit more special and well more organic if they simply discovered traits and qualities the other had. In this case, Connor could see why Dawn liked scary movies, he was more so in it for the actual story and picking apart certain scenes and how they fit into the plot. Though, this experience was just as great and he had to admit it was a bit cute to see Dawn’s reactions. He felt her hand wrap around him then, which had distracted him from the way her head had fallen onto his shoulder. He was sure the wine paired with the movie was almost like a tug of war between staying awake and falling into a peaceful slumber.

Connor’s hand had reached to take hers suddenly, not sure why, but it felt normal. It gave him the same feeling as when he had hugged Dawn after she barely escaped that apartment alive. He found himself squeezing it gently, his thumb running over the back of her hand and enjoying the smooth silklike feel it had. Connor knew that they were possibly crossing a few lines, but hadn’t that happened when he suggested they have some drinks and dinner. He hadn’t mentioned they were doing so as friends though. Did she think otherwise? It wouldn’t be terrible for them to date, but it would certainly change the dynamic of their partnership and of course they couldn’t ignore them. obvious; what if things went wrong? A nasty split could sure put strain on their partnership.

Still, when Dawn looked up at him, he felt something stir inside of him. He watched as she bit down on her plump bottom lip and he was curious then on how she would taste. Would there be the slight remanent of the wine? Were her lips as soft as her hands? Connor’s eyes had trailed down her neck toward her chest; what other parts of Dawn were just as soft? There were alarms going off then as Connor knew where his thoughts were heading and yet, in a second his hand reached to cup Dawn’s face and he knew he should’ve asked or said something and yet something in him couldn’t wait. Though he soon realized what he had done and had finally pulled back, his forehead lightly rested against Dawns and his eyes closed.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” He said before pulling away, looking to gage her response then.
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Dawn didn’t have a boyfriend for a few reasons. One, trying to date while living at home when your dad’s a cop, doesn’t always work out. Secondly, Dawn knew she was an overwhelming person sometimes, and the men around her preferred woman who were submissive and quiet. And lastly, any dates we did manage to get, men were worried about her line of work, either saying it was too rough of a job for a woman or worried if she would get hurt while on the job. After a while, Dawn just assumed she’d put all dating on the back burner, but she did want someone to share her life with. Seeing how in love her parents were with each other made her want it even more.

[i “No no. I will take the couch, I’m the guest.”] Dawn protested.

She didn’t want her staying over to change anything that Connor would have to do, she hated to put anyone out. The woman was surprised about how quickly their friendship was growing. When first meeting Connor, he seemed cold and unwilling to build a friendship with her. As the spent more time around him, he seemed to soften and open up to her. She still didn’t know too much about him on a personal level, but they were still new friends. She wanted to know him more though. It was clear he was an attractive man, but they seemed to be a good team together. Although she didn’t want to overstep boundaries, she thought about what it would be like to actually get to know him on a different level.

The movie was going off without a hitch, Dawn still a bit tipsy off the bottle of wine the two shared. She was aware of everything that was happening, just with a bit more confidence than before. She leaned forward as the movie played on, the movie really drawing her attention. At one point, she felt Connor adjust next to her, their legs brushing up against each other. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, the small brushes and touches from Connor gave her tingles and butterflies. She looked toward him, a small smile crossing her lips. She leaned back into the sofa, her body jumped back at a jump scare that appeared on the screen.

There was another jump scare, this one a bit bigger than last time. Dawn was loving the adrenaline that the movie gave her. She jumped back a bit, falling into Connor’s shoulder, the girl’s legs jumping up onto the couch as well. She grabbed onto his arm, feeling his muscles in his arm as she grabbed on. She watched as another thing flashed across the scene, causing her to bury her face into his shoulder this time. She loved scary movies, and this was all part of the experience. She loved being scared, and reacting was all part of it.

As she pulled away from his large shoulder, she looked up at him. Their faces inches away from each other. In this moment of heightened confidence, she wanted to lift her face and press her lips to his. But she knew if she did it without his consent, their friendship and partnership would crumble. She bit her lower lip slighter, her eyes looked towards Connor’s lips. Her eyes flicked then back to his beautiful eyes that glowed with the movie still playing, illuminating his face in such a way that accentuated his features.
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She lived alone and didn’t have a boyfriend, Connor found that unusual. Though of course in their line of work, it was hard to find a significant other who understood that you would have to work odd hours and often tough cases. Layla had been a saint. Sometimes she would wait up for him, more so out of fear he knew. Shed tend to his sore muscles or if he happened to get involved in a scuffle, she would be there to soothe those wounds as well. Some days he slept at the station when a case took up most of his time and she would come in the morning with a change of clothes and homemade breakfast. Of course nothing had prepared them for when he had went undercover.

That hadn’t been easy.

They’d gotten into a nasty fight the night before when he told her he was supposed to leave. He had been putting off on telling her, Connor knowing that Layla would find this the hardest task of all. She wanted a normal life, with a husband to come home to and here he was telling her that for months she might not here from him at all, maybe once or twice and not even always directly through him. He remembered the night when he had his bags packed and was making his was saying his final goodbye She had been crying he could tell from how puffy and red her eyes were. He hated seeing her that way, curled on the couch and not even able to look at him. Maurice had to sense something was wrong as he had climbed into her lap, mewing. Connor didn’t want them to leave on such bad terms. He had walked over and leaned down to kiss her, promising he would return to her.

How ironic she had been the one hurt in the end, and him forced to deal with that pain every day.

Connor wasn’t surprised that Dawn even noticed that he had called her by her first name. He couldn’t help but chuckle at her reaction. She had a cute smile and he was glad to see that their conversation skills from earlier had greatly improved. He rose a brow at her last statement, a smirk befalling her lips at the cheekiness that was insinuated. Or was that him thinking too much into it?

“You can take my bed,” he told her as he finished his food. Dawn was quicker than him and already packing up their dishes to put away. He didn’t want her to sleep on the couch even though it was comfortable. He just felt it was his duty as a ghost. Connor didn’t usually use his dishwasher, though maybe that was because he usually only had to cook for one. There was of course still all the pots and pans that needed to be cleaned, to which he placed in the sink to soak. Conor had finished his glass of wine, and he had noticed then they had finished the bottle. This was fine though right? They’d be fine, just two adults watching a movie. So why was he nervous all of a sudden?

Connor could see that the wine definitely had started to effect Dawn. He looked down at their hands as she dragged him into the living room. He couldn’t help the chuckle that befell his lips. “Alright alright,” he commented with a shake of is head before taking a seat beside her. It seemed like Maurice had taken a liking to her and he had to smile as he watched cat knead against Dawn’s thighs before settling finally, his head tucked a little under his tail. Connor leaned forward to reach the remote, absentminded tossing his arm on the back of the couch behind Dawn. He surfed until he found the right platform and tapped on until he found the movie. He sat up a little, leaning over Dawn, the muscles in his arm flexing as he supported himself against the back of the couch. He turned off the lights before sitting back. He pulled the ottoman closer to them and lifted his legs. It was a bit of a sobering moment with the lights off, but Connor found that this wasn’t as awkward as he would’ve thought it to be.

As the movie wore on, he noticed how he would look to Dawn every now and then, the light from the tv illuminating certain parts of her. She seemed to be enjoying herself which he was glad for. Connor started thinking then about what it would be like to kiss Dawn or to bury his nose against her neck. Maybe it was the wine, but he looked toward that small bit of visible skin that peeked from the top of the shirt where she’d left the top two buttons undone. Connor shifted in hiss eat then, his leg bumping against Dawn’s and yet he didn’t move it. Maurice had long ago abandoned Dawns lap and was now curled on his bed in the corner.
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[i “Oh yeah! I’ve heard so many good things about that movie!”] Dawn smiled, taking another bite of the food in front of her. There was something about Connor that drew Dawn closer to him, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. She let her eyes settle on him as he ate, a smile smiling settling on her lips. When he spoke about his mom, she remembered cooking with her mom as well. [i “Reminds me of my mom and I. I used to sit on the counter and watch her cook, and then when she got sick, she used to sit and I would cook for her.”] she spoke softly, but smiled as she thought back to those times with her mom.

Dawn took another glup of her wine, finding herself feeling the very faint effects of the wine. Making her a bit more relaxed and smiley, but not enough to make her make any bad decisions...yet.

Dawn’s heart sped up a bit when he mentioned grocery shopping with her. She was worried about dinner and a movie sounding like a date, but now he was offering to do normal, mundane tasks with her. Not that she didn’t enjoy his company, she really did, but she now knew she wasn’t pushing it by asking him to spend time together outside of work. He continued to speak, so she let his current questions take over her mind. [i “My favorite? I can make chicken pot pie like nobody's business.”] she smiled. When she had time, she would take the time to make dough and filling from scratch, and it always came out perfect. It had been passed down from her great grandmother on her father’s side, so she knew she had to keep the tradition alive.

When asked about living with her father, she smiled. [i “He wishes. No, I moved out a year or so ago. I live alone.”] she joked. Her father was a wreck when his daughter moved out of her childhood home, but he knew it was good for her. Dawn’s father, Thomas Matthews, had been in the NYPD for many many years, but was able to reduce his time to mostly patrol, after spending years in the homicide department. All he wanted was for Dawn to join him on the force, and was so proud of his daughter for chasing her dream. He did worry, which is why, without Dawn’s knowledge, he asked the chief to put his daughter with a good partner. Give her someone who will help her, someone to protect her. [i “My dad used to work in our department. Really close to the captain.”] she responded. She always begged her father not to use his status to help her get the job, and he agreed. She wanted to get her job because she earned it, and she knew she did.

As Connor spoke more, she began to laugh. She appreciated what he said, but she couldn’t believe he called her Dawn. He had called her Matthews since the moment he met her, so hearing her first name come out of his mouth was different. She laughed to hide her nervousness, he was clearly comfortable around her...and being comfortable around people was nerve wracking. [i “Did you call me Dawn?”] she asked. [i “You’ve called me Matthews since you met me. Matthews was the first word you said to me.”] she teased lightly. [i “It’s me whatever you’d like”] she winked, a small giggle leaving her lips. She took a small bite of food, finishing her glass of wine at this point. The wine was helping her relax, which she seemed to need right now.

[i Oh...yeah. Maybe.”] Dawn began. Should she stay over at Connor’s home? They were police officers, they should never be drinking and driving, no matter what. Maybe staying over was the safe bet. [i “I mean, if you don’t mind. That would probably be the easiest thing. Now, I definitely owe you!”] she smiled. As the two of them finished off their plates, Dawn took both plates, rising them off before placing them in his dishwasher. [i “I mean, if we aren’t driving, we might as well enjoy ourselves!”] she smiled, taking the bottle of wine and filling both of their glasses again.

The wine was letting Dawn be a bit more silly than usual as well, more small laughs and her voice volume rising just a tad. She took his hand, leading him into his living room. [i “Movie time…”] she spoke quietly as she walked into the living room. [i “Hmm, now, where can we find this movie? It is streamable?”] she asked, taking a seat on the couch. As she sat down, Maurice jumped onto the couch, curling up into Dawn’s lap. Dawn gasped, looking up at Connor with an adorable surprised face. [i “Oh my gosh, it’s so cute”] she mouthed toward Connor, slowly taking a sip of her wine to not move too much.
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Connor looked up when he heard Dawn coming down the stairs. The shirt looked perfect on her and he hadn’t realized he had been staring until his eyes stung from not blinking. He cleared his throat and looked away, glad for the steam from the food acting as a way for him to excuse his tearing up eyes. He tried not to notice the hint of cleavage that he could detect when she came into the bright lighting of the kitchen, or how the shirt hit just a little before her waist, a hint of smooth skin peeking from beneath the shirt.
“Well I’m sure it smell s as good as it tastes,” he said with a smirk as he took a lick of the sauce on the spoon before tossing it into the sink. Connor had looked back then at Dawn who was a bit closer to him to get a look at the dish.

“A scary movie this late” He asked, feigning a sense of shock. Honestly, it had been a while since he watched a movie with anyone other than Maurice and as expected, he wasn’t that much of a talker. “Sounds good, I’ve been dying to see that new movie on Stephen King’s novel.” He suggested. Dawn grabbed the plates and he refilled the glasses of wine, placing them on the table after they both grabbed their own portions. They soon took a seat at the table. Connor was used to sitting there alone and sometimes he didn’t cook, he still had a bunch of tv dinners he would heat up on his most exhausting days.
“I try to cook as much as I can, but sometimes you get tired on the job you know? My mother cooked a lot though and I would sneak in the kitchen when I was bored. Soon boredom turned into genuine interests.” He told her before taking a forkful of the pasta.

“Well if you ever need someone to go grocery shopping with, I’m very good at making detailed lists,” he suggested. It wasn’t clear if he was joking or not. Honestly, Connor did sometimes miss doing the most simplest tasks with another person. ‘What’s your favorite cuisine?” he knew she mentioned her father being on the force. “Do you stay with your father?” he asked, not sure what the importance was. Would she ever invite him over for dinner? Connor was trying not to focus on Dawn too much, though she was a gorgeous girl, maybe it was the wine that was making it easy for him to relax. He looked up from his plate then. “Hey what are partners for? I’m just really, [I really] glad you’re okay Dawn.” It was strange for him not to call someone by their last name and yet Connor felt so comfortable with Dawn. “I probably should’ve rethought the wine, if you want to stay over . . . you can. I can drop you at your place to change in the morning if you want.”
  connor / kshahidx / 18d 22h 9m 58s
As Connor left to find her something to change into, she tried dabbing out the stain. He replied with a black silk shirt, and she took it in her hands. The fabric was soft and she wondered why he had women’s pieces just sitting around in his home, but she was thankful for it. [i “Thanks. I’ll be right back.”] she replied, and took off upstairs.

Dawn entered the bathroom, taking off her sweater and making sure to add a stain remover she found near the washer before putting the sweater in the wash. She turned toward the mirror and pulled the shirt he gave her over her frame. The shirt fit her well, the shirt fitting a bit snugger than she was usually comfortable with, but she could handle it. The shirt was cut a bit shorter than her sweater, showing off her waist and her tighter fitting pants she was wearing. She noticed the fact that it was a bit see-through, but she hoped Connor would be obvious to that fact. She double-checked her pants, making sure nothing spilled on them as well. Once she realized she was good, she exited the bathroom. Being alone upstairs, Dawn wanted to look around but knew that wasn’t smart of her to do. There was no reason to snoop on her partner, as he would tell her what she needed to know.

The woman bounced down the stairs, smelling the amazing dish on the stove. [i “Wow, that smells insane! I’m excited.”] she responded as she rounded the end of the staircase, standing next to him at the stove. She stood next to him, their arms brushing up against him as she put her head closer to the pan to smell the food again. She smiled, looking up toward him without turning her head toward him fully. She noticed now how much taller he really was than her, probably 6 inches, at least. [i “Well, considering you have all these movies, maybe we should watch one? Are you up for it?”] she asked. She wondered if that was too forward at this point, as he was basically planning a date at this point. But she knew once she went home, her mood would plummet and crash. She wanted to stay with Connor for as long as possible but didn’t want him to know that.

Dawn saw an open cabinet that housed plates and bowls and headed toward it. She grabbed two plates, handing one over to Connor. Both of them took their portions, sitting down at his table. The two of them started eating in silence, which started making Dawn antsy. [i “ you cook a lot? I wish I cooked more because I enjoy it. But I never feel like I have the time, or I am always missing like one ingredient.”] she laughed as she took a forkful of pasta, taking another bite of the amazing food Connor has mostly prepared. She took another sip of the wine as well, really impressed with him as a person. She wondered why he didn’t have a girlfriend, but then thought back to his wife and what happened to her, and realized why he didn’t. He was most likely worried about losing someone again and hoped she didn’t worry too much about her. [i “Oh, and thanks. For everything today. Really, I mean it. The hug, dinner, and even the moments of silence you allowed me to just exist in. It’s more than I could ever ask for.”] she spoke, locking their eyes for her words before directing her eyes back to her food as she pushed some pasta around with her fork.
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“Half Italian and half Irish interesting mix.” He said with a smirk. Of course that meant for crazy nights between his parents – his father not afraid of liquor an d his mother not afraid to hold her tongue. Still they loved him, despite the trouble he often found himself getting into which was why the army was suggested. He never did very well in school, but something about the army sat with him. And when he went into the academy he realized he did have an eye for education, but his focused lied on certain things – critical thinking and more hands on teaching. His father was still alive, but his mother had passed due to cancer almost a year ago. At least she had been able to attend his wedding.

“Scary movies? Really?” He questioned. Of course you couldn’t judge a book by their cover, but Connor never would have considered Dawn to be into horror films or anything scary for that matter. Still it was something that he seemed to connect with when it came to her. ‘I too am into that genre. I have almost any movie you can imagine on DVD, though with streaming services I guess it’s more for a nostalgic feel.” He said. He knew it came off as forced conversation, but they both seemed to be navigating it well enough. He had moved on to the sauce then after prepping for the pasta. They worked well with one another, though a casual bumping into another here and there, but still it seemed to prove that they so happened to just be a good team.

He'd another sip of wine and was just finishing the pasta when he noticed the stain on Dawn’s shirt. Red wine, not a pretty sight and hard to get out once it set. He was a bit thrown off then. Though she was about the size of Layla. It was an odd thought but anything he gave her she would be swimming in. He’d been meaning to give her clothes to the Goodwill anyways.
“Yeah I may have something,” he suggested. He disappeared and headed toward a closet in the hallway, digging through a few items. He knew well enough not to linger. He located a black silk shirt, something Layla had never worn as she always liked bright colors, but Connor had bought it thinking it was her style. It was their first anniversary. He had learned a lot about her after that. The shirt was a bit see-through if you stared at it in the right light, but he figured if Dawn had an undershirt on it should be fine.
“Yu can use the bathroom upstairs, that’s where the washer is.” He explained as he handed it over. “I’ll finish up, it’s about done.”
  connor / kshahidx / 20d 20h 9m 28s
Dawn noticed a looked she got from Connor, and he seemed to need to distract himself from her. She gave him a questioning look but ended up forgetting it when he started mentioning food. She smiled at his slight accent when he mentioned the pasta dish, [i “Can I guess you’re Italian then?”] she asked, a small laugh escaping her lips. She picked out the garlic and tomatoes from the many ingredients he set on the table, grab a cutting board and knife. As she got ready to start cutting, she felt a hand rest on her hip for a moment, her face feeling a bit warm. Dawn hadn’t had a relationship in a long time, so she wasn’t used to being so close to any men. She shook her head, fixed her ponytail, and started on the garlic, breaking it open and dicing it up. Dawn had learned how to cook by watching food shows as a kid and then practicing in the kitchen. Her mom would show her recipes before she passed, and loved the time she was able to share with her mom back then.

Dawn’s mom, Alice, was such a beacon of light in her home. Always smiling, she made sure no one left a room upset. She made jokes, and just had a pleasantness about her. When Dawn turned 10 though, everything changed. Her mom became very sick, but no one could diagnose her with anything. She deteriorated quickly and was in and out of the hospital. Dawn would miss school just to take care of her mom, worried about her more than anything. All Alice wanted was for Dawn to follow her dreams and do what made her happy. She wanted Dawn to always wear a smile, and help others feel that happiness as well.

When Alice finally passed, Dawn made it her personal mission to make everyone she encountered smile. Dawn fell deep in a thick fog right after her passing but was able to be pulled out, and then took on her mom’s persona. She would have given anything to hear her mom’s voice one more time.

Dawn was a bit taken aback when he asked about movies. It felt awkward, forced almost. She hadn’t really heard Connor speak about anything but their job, so it was nice to hear him break out of his comfort zone with her. She looked up, a smile playing on her lips. [i “Well, I love comedies, obviously. But, I really enjoy scary movies as well, even though it might not match my personality very well. I loved being scared, like haunted houses are my favorite. What about yourself?”] she asked.

Dawn enjoyed this time with Connor and smiled when he broke out the wine as well. She took a small sip of her wine, her eyes widening at the glass. She swallowed, looking toward Connor. [i “Oh my god, this is amazing. What is this?”] she spoke, shocked at the amazing flavor it had. She went to take another sip, spilling a bit of wine on her light grey shirt she was wearing. She groaned, looking toward Connor. [i “Any ideas? I don’t have anything extra to wear.”] she spoke, hoping he could help her out. [i “Can I borrow something? Maybe throw it in the wash, I don’t want the stain to set.”] she asked a slightly concerned look came across her face.
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