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When the bartender had walked down the few short steps towards the woman all Victor could feel or hear was his heart beating harder and faster like he was in the gym lifting weights the pure adrenaline was pumping through his veins and he had to admit that the rush and high he was feeling from just simply buying a drink was already blowing his mind. If he had to be honest this was the first time he had ever feeling anything like this since the first time he saw his wife naked before they had gotten married and he had forgotten what it felt like to have this much energy flowing through his system at one time and he knew that he probably could honestly be satisfied with just this action, he looked back down the bar and the bartender was placing the drink down in front of the woman and their eyes meet and she saluted him.

The woman had raised her drink to her lips and had down it once the bartender had given it too her, Victor had to smile a little bit on the inside he respected this woman just a little bit now because anyone who could take a shot of something strong and straight was alright in his book, for just a rew moments he considered not going through with his plan and just letting this woman leave the bar and he would keep up with his lie of a life, but when he saw she was starting to pack up to get ready to leave he decided to make his move no he might no carry out his full plan,but what was stopping him from having a nice night and a decent conversation.

He slowly stood coming to his full hight of six foot one and took a small step towards the woman and once again he felt his heart jump start the energy flooding his system right now was almost making him feel sick on top of the alcohol he had downed in the brief time that he had been sitting inside the bar. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out his wallet and placed the bills down needed to pay for his drinks and took another step towards the woman he had captivated his attention since she had walked through the doors and om the inside he knew what he was doing was wrong seeking conversation in deep with a woman who was not his wife and the thoughts of making her his own and been so rash and hard it he caught him by surprise.

He thought back to his younger self the boy who only knew how to love and put himself into everything at one hundred present there was no holding back for him. When he had agreed to marry his wife because she had came up pregnant he had known it was the right thing to do and he needed to support her and their baby, the life that they would have together. His family had been ashamed of him and basically banished him from their lives being brought up very religious his mother had refused to even look at him as he had packed his bags and walked out of his family home at eighteen years old his father shaking his had telling him that his life was over and he could no longer be a boy, but he had to be a man and do him proud and then he had told him to never return.

His wife's father had been the one waiting there to pick him up and place all his bags in the trunk of the car, his wife had not even come to witness what he had just went through she had been to busy laying in her bed crying all of her ruined youth. Victor slowly shook his head and rested his eyes on the woman once again as he was now only a few feet away from her he stopped making sure he stayed within a comfortable distance from her not wanting to spook her by invading her personal space. "Excuse me, sorry to bother you
.I couldn't help to notice you were about to leave and I saw that you were alone..and I am alone. I was wondering if you would like to drink with me." It as corny it was all he could think of and he quickly realized that as soon as he had stopped talking he hadn't even introduced himself, but thinking about it maybe it was better this way.

He would just be the nameless nice man who had bought her drinks and asked her to stay a little longer he figured he could try down playing it somehow, but he wasn't very sure what to do he had never tried talking to another woman like this before. Of course he dealt with them through work, but his wife had been the only one he had ever wined and dined before and his track recorded with her wasn't the greatest proof of his skill or personality. His eyes went to meet hers once again and the thoughts he had had earlier came rushing back to him about misleading her, making her his own controlling this woman who he did not even know. The shame of it was so heavy he thought about making an lame excuse and walking away he didn't know how he should feel about himself with the thoughts he had about an complete stranger, but now the alcohol was getting to him making his body feel warmer and his liquid courage was peaking and a simple thought run through his head there was no harm in trying.

This woman after all was a stranger the chances of him ever seeing her again was next to impossible after today if she said no. The evil part of him that had been hiding in the shadows through all this marriage was once again raising its ugly head only this time it was backed up by the alcohol which seemed by pushing it through all of his rational side. Slowly a smile spread across his face which changed his appearance from a lone wolf to a bright lively interested face, but in his mind it was over he had finally stopped battling his inner demon he was going to try to do this once way or another he would make a pass at this once try to bend her to his will and turn her into everything he wanted her to be and everything his wife would never be and he would do everything he had always wanted to do to her.
  Victor Martinez / FadingReality / 13d 32m 10s
Such a perfect entrance, it was.
The lip of the door guard upon the ground was somewhat lifted, which caused the female to almost trip.
The last thing she needed was to fall flat on her face as well as being rejected from a night out, with a brother who was all about drinking and having a good time.

It was just her this evening and that was embarrassing enough.

Even the ones who love you most will let you down. They are the ones who will disappoint you more because your expectations of them are higher. When you feel like they have let you down, you need to realize that it is not them who have let you down, but it is only your expectations that were not met.

Shaking out her jacket that was dripped wet from the rain that poured outside, Valentina soon found herself a stool at the bar and became greeted by a Bartender who smiled softly - asking what it was she wanted to drink.
A moment went by until she finally opened those pouty lips and spoke on wanting an Old Fashioned in a small glass with a single ice cube. Just one.

Placing purse down onto the countertop, Valentina soon found herself with the drink in front as well as another. Two drinks ere before her and her eyes narrowed - wondering what was going on, up until the Bartender spoke on the other drink was bought by the man down the way.

[b "Oh?.."] she spoke, eyebrow raised before turning her head and looked down - eyes resting upon a man who was indeed attractive and seemed to be alone.
No one was with him, no female - no male, completely alone to bask in the drink that was clutched in his grasp.

[b "Thank you.."] she spoke out - the glass she took in between thumb and the remaining fingers - picking up the drink and holding it out in front almost in a salute'.
How kind this man was.
Maybe there were actually gentleman out there, maybe Valentina did not look hard enough.

It was a nice gesture to buy another a drink.

Valentina gave off a smile towards the male before bringing the glass to her mouth and gently - slowly - took a sip of the drink that was strong, something she did not mind.
She did not mind a strong drink, nor a strong man, but even a man she had not had for quite a while.

Looking away, Valentina sighed deeply and continued to drink from the glass.
The moment shared between the two people over and now - her eyes glanced down at the blue lit phone, reading a message from her brother - apologizing on how he had ditched her at the last minute and that he would make it up to her.

[b "Damn right, you will.."] she whispered, another sigh down and another swig of the drink skidding down her throat.
That came the moment she felt stupid.
A woman at the bar, on her own - Valentia felt as if she was desperate and maybe tonight - was going to be cut short.

Time just to go home.
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 31d 8h 3m 8s
When the woman walked into the bar his eyes followed her from the door to the barstool, his eyes moved over the curves of her face, the roundness of her nose, the way the soft light hit her eyes. In this room she was stunning almost otherworldly, he lifted his glass to his lips taking a sip a glint of gold shining caught his eyes as he looked down at his hand the ring on his finger bringing him back to the harsh reality that he was married and no matter the lighting or how the woman looked she was unavailable to him because of this small gold ring.

He reached up and took it off his finger and dropped it into his pocket his eyes which had been amused and interested just minutes before where now cold and distant as he glance down the bar again lifting a hand he signaled the bartender. "Whatever she is having I will take the tap, and take her another one on me." The bartender looked at him than back to the woman than shrugged his shoulders before grabbing the glass and walking back down the bar towards the woman to let her know that her drinks had been paid for the night.

He wondered what had came over him to take off his ring to buy this strange woman a drink and the rest of her drinks for the night what was his plan here what did he want from her? Company? Someone to talk to? Someone to spend the night with? Cheating, the idea was something that had never entered his mind before, but now the coldness in his eyes had entered his heart and now he would finally get back at his wife he would hurt her the way she was hurting him and this woman would be his pawn in his game if he could somehow capture her.

Capture her? That was a weird thought, like she was some wild thing for him to catch and tame with his own two hands and create into his own. His eyes lifted once again the bartender was pointing down towards him and the woman's eyes was following the finger and their eyes meet for the first time and he smiled for the first time in a long time as he felt something twisting inside of him. Yes he would capture her, this strange woman would become his and not just to hurt his wife with, she would be the one who would turn to and let out all this emotions.

Mistress, that was his plan. He wanted to have a mistress to do what he said when he said basically his own little slave, the smile on his eyes barely hide the coldness in his eyes as he lifted his glass in the air towards the strange woman in a toast almost and whispering to himself. "To new painful beginnings." He wondered if he should make another move now or wait to see if she joined him, but by the end of the night he would own this woman's heart and soul no matter what the cost to himself or his family.
  Victor Martinez / FadingReality / 38d 20h 39m 43s
[b "Yes, I understand what you are saying, but you did promise to meet up with me tonight ---- no I'm not pissed off, I'm just..disappointed Frank-----you hardly come into the city, what will Mom say? ---- I will have to tell her----okay..okay fine, I'll call you tomorrow. Bye..."]

Valentina hung up and flung her phone to the side where it landed upon the cushion of a couch that had not seen action for some time.
It was the same story about her bed.

Her life was a mess and the one person who would often come into her life and fix it was her Brother who had just blown her off for the sake of work.
Turning her head to the side, her eyes stared upon the clock seeing it just turn 6pm which caused her eyebrow to raise.
6pm and he was still working?

[b "That ...lying, prick..."] she spoke before sighing loud. Frank had ditched a night out with his sister either because he wanted a night in to re centre or perhaps he had a date.
Valentina knew it was the latter, she just wished her Brother would be upfront and honest.

Being alone was something she hated.
All she had ever wanted was a companion or even a best friend but due to having trust issues, it was hard.

Throwing up her hands, Valentina turned upon her heel - grabbed her jacket that was upon a hook by the front door, keys and purse in hand and it was not long until the blonde hair beauty left her apartment and hailed a cab.
Any bar at this point would do her some good, but the rain she did not expect.

It was drenching.

As the cab came to a stop in front of a bar that had neon lights flicking to attract attention, Valentina reached forward, paid the driver and got out only to shut the door behind her.
Gripping the purse tight, Val ran to the front door and pushed it open - almost tripping from the slippery ground underneath the heels on her feet.

Inside, Valentina shook out her jacket that was a little damp and stepped into the bar, wandering to the countertop and took a seat upon the stool.
Peanuts in a bowl in front of her, one long leg crossed over the other as her eyes looked at the bar tender to approached - wanting to now what she wanted.

[b " old fashioned. Small glass. One ice cube, thank you."] she spoke, giving off a smile, turning slowly to look at her surroundings.
The bar was nice.
Dim lit, music soft from the jukebox in the corner.
A pool table that was being played.

It wasn't the night she expected but it was a night out, none the less.
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 41d 10h 6m 7s
It had all started with a business trip, two weeks of going to meetings and shaking hands with the people who paid your Bill's and kept the lights on, however this trip would be the one that changed his life forever. Victor was still a very young man soon to turn thirty, but he had been working for this company ever since he was 18 and fresh out of high school. He had been a fast learner and soaked everything he could learn up like a sponge many people thought he had just been handed his position because he was married to the bosses daughter, but he had his ass busted starting from the lowest paying job to where he was now, but what were you to expect when you get your boss's daughter pregnant fresh out of high school.

It had been young love that started under the bleacher of the high school football stadium, small little neck kisses, hands exploring the body, until one night they had finally ripped off each others clothes and spent hours in the back of her car, once he had found out she was pregnant, Victor had done the right thing going to her father to explain that he would be there for her. That little trip had cost him two weeks in the hospital, a black eye, bruised ribs and a wounded ego, but the main had gave him a job and set up a quick wedding than preceded to work him to the bone until he sweated and bleed for him.

It wasn't long after the marriage his wife had miscarried, losing their little boy, this had been the breaking point for Victor. He throw himself into work and when he wasn't working he was drinking he had spent hardly any time at home, but his wife didn't care she was so lost in her grief and she blamed him for everything, she hated him for it would not ever look at him or even think about touching him. It was this that had changed her Father's attitude towards him the two had actually grown close, but the closer he got to her father and the higher he moved up the Corporate ladder the worse she hated him saying he was moving on to quickly in his life and never even thought about their dead son and she had hit him.

Victor's eyes hardened and grew cold no he had not hit her back, but that was when he knew anything he could have ever imagined having with her was dead, so gone was his kindness that had brought them together replaced with a cold hard business man who saw their exchanges as nothing more than unpleasant business deals. Her father knew this because she called him and told him every little thing about their married life had he had set up the business trip which was a vacation without being a vacation and his 'Loving' wife had stayed at home having no desire to be in the same room with him for more than a few hours.

Victor's eyes went out over the sand dunes to the beach that was nearby, hut all the calm and beautiful it was here, he could no longer feel it or be at peace with it, darkness clouded his face as his thoughts turned towards his son he would never see or hold. He shook his head there would be no meetings today he picked up his cellphone and placed a call apologizing and saying he had good poisoning than he pulled off his shirt and put on a pair of shorts and started down knowing there was a bar on the beach and the waves sounding more like home than his own.

Victor was not the perfect breathtaking man, but he worked out daily and tried to keep himself in good shape so when he walked onto the hot sandy beaches a few eyes looked up and followed him, the men untrusting pulling their women a little closer, and the women watching his muscles ripple as he moved down the beach towards the bar, his skin was dark with a natural tan his muscles hard, he smirked at all the attention he was getting it was moments like this he lived for when he entered a room and everyone noticed him he felt as if he was in complete control.

Entering the bar the bartender looked up seeing Victor he nust nodded it wasn't the first time or the last time he had been here. It was the one habit he had not kicked getting drunk to wash away his pain of losing a child and losing his marriage because he knew they were both dead. Sitting down he ordered his usual drink nothing strong just a draft beer and made himself comfortable it was about to be a very long day and he had no plans of going anywhere his eyes moved around the bar resting on uneasy mens faces and blushing women who's eyes traveled up and down his body and his eyes did the same, but he didn't see anything to stare at so he looked back towards the door not really seeing it, but waiting for what he didn't know, but he just felt as if his life was about to change forever.
  Victor Martinez / FadingReality / 42d 1h 57m 10s

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