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Elijah was gone, the man she had once shared a bed with disappeared in a split second. She watched the light go from his eyes, replaced by bright red ones that could only express fury. She resisted the urge to scream, though figured it was the fear inside of her that made it hard for her to do so. Scrambling back, she felt the rocks beneath her palm digging into her skin.

“No. no, bring back Elijah!” Serenity felt like a fool. Was it stupid of her to even assume that he was ever to come back? Was Elijah even at all real? Serenity had tried her hardest to hold onto the box, but her strength was unmatched for the demon who snatched it away. The force causing her to fall forward. She scrambled to her feet, blood seeping from her hands. She had no chance to stop him before the box was unlocked then. Serenity was unsure what to do. He could kill he surely if she got too close and he already had the book in her hands. If she stuck around and di nothing, she and the rest of the world would become victim to the hell that was to be unleashed. [I what do I do?] she asked.

[I Pray] her mother said. Luke seemed to be mesmerized by the book and more than likely saw Serenity as no threat as he had finally got his hands on what he needed. Had that been why Elijah seemed so interested in her? She was an idiot. [I Serenity focus! You need to pray.] Her mother’s voice was much clearer now, as though she had found the right channel to reach her daughter. She knew that earlier in her mother’s bedroom, the prayer had seemed to help with keeping the demon away. Maybe, she could weaken Luke enough so as to get the book out of his possession. Her hands gripped the cross around her neck tight then as she vegan to pray.

“You will not win!” She called out as she began to pray.
[I Aloud Serenity!]
“Saint Michael the Archangel Defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.” She didn’t want to peek, afraid that’s he would finds a darkness unlike anything one could find in their nightmares. She squeezed her eyes much tighter than and continued, feeling as though a weight were lifted from her chest. “I take authority and I bind all powers and forces in the air, in the ground, in the water, in the underground, in nature and in fire.” Serenity’s chest was rising and falling quickly then and it was at that moment she opened her eyes, terrified but trying her hardest not to show it. She was not going to be bullied into fear. The air began to grow colder though.

“Luke!” She called out with the hopes of gaining his attention. “This is not a war you will win!” Serenity was shocked then, to find that the words out of her mouth were directly from her mother. With a gasp, she felt the burning pain in her back, as though someone were splitting her in two. Her mother’s spirit was pushing through her frail human body. [I Keep praying Serenity!]
“In your name I bind all demonic forces that have come against us and our families and I seal all of us in the protection of Your Precious Blood that was shed for us on the cross.” She was gasping for air then, her vision turning white. The wings had broken from her back, blood seeping through her shirt. She could no longer pray as the pain was unbearable, and the scream erupted. She was fighting her mother now, who was trying to get to the book, but Serenity was too weak. She was not prepared for this.
“Elijah please,” she begged again, but had it been too late at that point?
  serenity / kshahidx / 9d 7h 19m 49s
She didn’t answer his question, and his obliviousness was running to the point where it was without merit anymore. He had to get on with the plan now. He had to move on, and do what he was brought here to do. A single smile, he moved away from her after helping her into the truck, giving her the keys. She let herself turn on the truck in her own time, and soon it was running as he was loading up the rest of the boxes of the assigned things. He organized them as needed as he felt the summer heat starting to prickle his skin, burn the cells on top.

[I It is time, boy.] The beast growled.

He climbed up into the truck. She didn’t look at him now, and he was for a moment worried that she was no longer going to look at him the same. That there was going to be some sort of truth spilled. The angels were behind now. He had the box within his grip, and the key in hand. He needed her to lay down, as they drove, or she would automatically know where they were going. He needed her to remain calm while he did it, as he wasn’t sure how she would try to get him to stop the truck, or would try and bail out the side. He was not sure how it would cause her to be now that she would know when they stop…

When he asked where she lived, she answered softly, and when he was pulling up to the cemetery, the gates were right in front of the truck. She didn’t recognize the place until she was sitting up and calling his name as he was already pulling himself out of the truck and walking through the gates…Bodies, momentous, flowers, carved stone, and etched words were all around him as he walked down the worn paths.

She asked why they were there, but his skin was prickling the longer that he held the box in his hands. When she was reaching for him, screaming at him now, and knocked the box out of his hand. The demon inside of his chest…the one that gave him life now took over and immediately the flash of red overtook his irises. [b YOU WILL NOT TOUCH ME.] The demons lowered tone growled toward her as he seethed at her. She was enough, and Elijah was forced to the back. [b The beloved Elijah has taken a step aside. I, Luke, will step forward…] He murmured as he moved toward her as she gripped the box to her chest now.

She really thought that she was going to be able to keep the box away from him. He only chuckled as she whispered not to hurt her. [b I will not hurt you, but you will feel the pain we have since the beginning.] He snarled, ripping the box from her. [b Move aside, petty human.] Luke continued to speak as he held the key within his hands, unlocking the box.

He could feel the power and heat surrounding him, as he opened the box, seeing the one book inside, a glow within the pages and the wrinkled cover, it caused him to hold it safely within his hands and drop the box all together. He was mesmerized.

Elijah was shoved to the back, only to watch what was going on through the lenses as if he was shoved into a room with two windows, looking out. He was screaming, fighting against his cage, but he was not able to move much farther. [b NO! Serenity!!] He called, screaming over and over. It was no use and he felt heaviness of chains. The metal surrounded his ankles as he tried to move forward, but he couldn’t.

As Luke lifted the pages, it was within there was a secret compartment of which would allow the opening of the gates. He smiled and stepped forward, his wings opening underneath the skin of his back as he walked. The leathery midnight wings spread freely and he groaned with satisfaction. [b Freedom.] He smiled as he carried it forward, walking up to the mausoleum where he could release it….
  Elijah Davenport / AWritersLove_ / 11d 2h 44m 58s
She was struggling to stay afloat, her legs barely able to hold her weight. There were so many thoughts running through her head that she was beginning to get a headache. She thought about Elijah’s words earlier, how they had trailed off toward the end.
[I What purpose do you think it had in her part of the church? Since she was so closely tied with the workings…] What had he meant by that? She knew that he would visit the church and worked there and that her mother knew him. Why would he lie to her though? The thought angered her and yet she dint have the strength to fully allow herself to be engrossed by the emotion. Was he tricking her? The dinner, the sex and the way he acted like he cared about her – did he have ulterior motives? Such thoughts made her even more nauseous, yet it didn’t stop her from falling into his arms and clinging to him again, this time Serenity not daring to move away from Elijah. Though something inside her was screaming for her to do so. She couldn’t leave on her own though, her car was still where she left it, parked in the assigned space at her apartment complex.

Serenity thought of Johnathan then, but knew he’d make a big fuss about driving down to come get her and Daniel would worry too much to the point it would make her feel worse, if that were at all possible. It seemed, Elijah was her only choice and she had to trust him. She had to believe that he would never harm her. The thoughts she had were confusing, but that’s all they were right? Just thoughts? Still, she could feel that hot grip of the creature’s hand as it tried to stifle her from breathing, clutched so tight on her face that she thought it’s claws would draw blood.

She felt herself being lifted then, her eyes looking up at Elijah. She felt overwhelmed, like she had been staring at the sun for too long. The shadows around him danced and the pain became too much that she had to close her eyes. Laying down felt good, but his touch was hot and heavy. She didn’t even bother to take his advice and turn on the car. Though eventually the heat was becoming unbearable and she mustered the strength. The cool air pushing from the vents helped some, but she still couldn’t trust herself to sit up without feeling like she would pass out. The door had opened then and there was Elijah’s presence once more. She felt his strong hands, gentle as they brushed through her hair.

[I Don’t]. She frowned a little at the sound of her mother’s voice. Serenity believed in heaven and she believed in hell, but she had never been faced with the challenge of having to decide while living if such places truly existed. “Uptown,’ she said to him. She wanted to sit up, but Elijah was not allowing her to. The drive had done her good, but Serenity was starting to wonder why It had taken so long. She sat up then, looking around to find they were nowhere near her apartment or town. Instead they were at the cemetery near the church.

“Elijah,” she said in worry, exhaustion now taken over by fear. She could feel the adrenaline shooting through her. Her eyes searched the landscape, nothing but trees waving in the wind. The sun had died down a little. “What’re we doing here?” He’d the box and keys in his hand then. “A pit stop?” Serenity didn’t know if it was safe to stay in the car or go after him.

[I He cannot open that Serenity!] She placed her hands to the side of her head then trying to concentrate. Was she right to assume that Elijah was not being truthful with her? Everything that was happening, had only occurred since her meeting him and now those feelings were growing even more stronger. She quickly scrambled to get out of the car, her feet finding the ground, but her hands gripping the door handle just long enough until she found her footing. She was angry now.

“You lied to me!” She yelled as she followed him, though what he lied to her about she really couldn’t say. Serenity had reached for Elijah’s hand, the box clanging to the ground. “Just wait! What’s going on? What are you keeping from me?” Serenity could feel her hand tingling, burning almost it felt like. He’d been hot to the touch since meeting him, but this was different.
[I Don’t you see my dear? Use your sight.] Serenity didn’t loosen her grip, no matter how much it hurt. She looked at Elijah, wanting to see into his eyes. She was worried; was what she saw in that mirror Elijah? Serenity removed her grip, backing away only to trip over the box. She stared up at him for a second before reaching to grab it, clutching it to her chest. She didn’t know what was going on or understood the importance of it, but her mother was telling her not to let it in his possession.

Elijah was much stronger than her though, he could easily overpower her and take the box from her. He did have the keys as well. Holding the box close to her chest, she could feel that thumping once more. She looked around then her surroundings starting to become familiar once more as she recalled the vision from earlier. She’d no clue that she could be a part of it. That could only mean . . . the images she saw of the demons and the angels – it was all real. Serenity was in fear then, was this going to be how she died? Her mother wouldn’t allow that se could only hope, as she had been there to guide her as of late. Though did she have much of a choice.
“Please don’t hurt me,” Serenity plead, hoping maybe that Eli wasn’t playing her. Their time together, the way he smiled at her and held her – didn’t that mean anything to him?
  serenity / kshahidx / 12d 2h 31m 28s
[b What purpose do you think it had in her part of the church? Since she was so closely tied with the workings…] He asked. What was he doing? He knew exactly what it was for. He knew exactly why it was being protected. Though besides that, the demon inside of him was growing weary from the lack of movement, and lack of progress from where they were moving now. Even despite their continuation of moving and packing up some boxes from the house, it was as if something was still hanging between them.

She had reached for him and he held her tightly against him, but she wasn’t there long. The demon that laid rest in his chest, burning fire on his insides had come out and tried to physically see it for himself and put his hands on it. It caused Eli to feel how it would be without the demon. The return of lack of desire for life overwhelmed him. He had blacked out for a second, having not even the point to move away from what he was doing. There was so much work to be done and seeing her now, seeing how shaky she was when she had looked at it, but still trying to show that she had some strength, he was seeing what the box itself was opening…without even the key opening it. It was already changing the world around them with it’s presence. That is power that which hell would have on the earth.

Serenity had looked at him after her questioning if he had seen it, and he didn’t exactly mention that he had seen it. Vaguely danced around it, without physically telling her [I yes darling, that was my demon, my other half that gives me life and this amazing strength.] He thought shakily in his own mind. As they finished up, they looked around the mess of boxes, separated by where they needed to go. Her affirmation of needing to take the boxes to the storage and the rest of what was left would be taken to her apartment. She seemed almost bothered by showing him where she lived…[I because he is there.] The beast growled. [I Get on with the break up. Go ahead and just take the box, open up the gates of hell that way our brothers and sisters can be free!] The demon murmured as Eli was carrying out the boxes to the living room when she said that they needed to get going and that she didn’t want to take much of his day. He shrugged at the thought. He would give her all the time…[I NO YOU WILL FUCKING NOT.] The demon was testy now. They were so close.

It was in that moment as she said ‘the box’ and without a single hesitation or second later, she was running out the door with worry and there she was standing outside of his truck with the door open. He brought the boxes out, almost sure to drop them from her urgency, but he wasn’t sure what she was meaning…Maybe she knew where the key was? He lifted a brow as he started down the stairs to the front yard when he could hear the motherly voice telling her not to. She had found the key, but left it locked. And there, she stood frozen. What was she showing her? [I She is getting the vision of what will happen if she opens the box! If she opens that box everything will go to shit! The angels are fighting! We need to do something NOW!]

She loosened up and she leaned heavily against the door now. He saw the door move as she tried to find herself to hold herself up. She was reminiscing as he had dropped the boxesnext to the passenger tire and came around the corner. She set the stuff back into the seat and there was closing the door, but her knees looked shaky. She looked almost unsteady. As she practically slurred the lack of energy through her lips, the words seemed almost unlike her. To go home? He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him, helping her stand up a little more. [b Let’s get you home.] He whispered. Picking her up, cradling her in his arms, he opened up the door, moved the boxes and put them on the floor boards. Picking up the middle part of the seat, exposing the bench seat, he urged her to lay down. [b Let me load up the rest of the boxes. Here are the keys to turn on the truck and you can keep it cool while I bring the rest of the boxes out, and then we will take you home. Just rest.] He said softly, rubbing her legs softly with the palm of his hands.

From there, he closed the door, allowing her to turn on the truck. He finished loading up the boxes, taking a few minutes to organize things in the back where they were supposed to go before he walked to the driver’s side. He crawled up into the truck, unsure if she would still be laying down or if she would be sitting up now. He ran her fingers through her hair either way. [b We can get you something when we get you back to the apartment.] He whispered…

As he pulled out of the driveway, leaving her car once again, he drove down the street. Urging her to lay down again. [b It’ll help, just rest.] He murmured.

[b You say you live closer to uptown? ] He mentioned as he was driving, taking a couple of turns, here and there. He slowed for lights and pulled up to different city squares. He was nervous now, his heart racing in his chest. This was where it was going to happen…

He pulled up, but instead of parking garages, there were trees that flew back and forth with their branches in the wind in the windows.

He was not in her garage, nowhere near her apartment like she had mentioned last night. He could practically see the way the lights as it was sparkling off her golden skin and the way that she was smiling at him over dinner. Drinking that drink in her hand, watching it go down her throat, she was more than what he could ever want…And it was about to go away. It was about to be ruined by everything he had a piece of him.

[b We had to make a pit stop…But we need a couple of things. ] He said softly as he pulled out of her grip, grabbing the box and the keys. He could feel the power overwhelm him. The demon was about to take over, but he held tight as best as he could.
  Elijah Davenport / AWritersLove_ / 12d 19h 56m 41s
“Maybe she was hiding it because she thought it would protect me, from what I’m not sure.” It was unlikely for her mother to have secrets. She was a holy woman, there wasn’t anything in her life that she did that would make her have to hide it and especially not from her own daughter. Still, Serenity couldn’t deny what was clearly presented in front of her face. And, as much as she was trying, there was no way she could ignore the box. There was no way to shake the image and feeling of what happened earlier from her body; it clung to her in a way that, made her uncomfortable, like wet clothing when coming in from heavy rain. She wanted so badly to peel the skin she was in.

Serenity looked up at Elijah who was agreeing something had happened, but not confirming if what she saw was real. He hadn’t seen it. At least, that’s what he said and yet something inside her wanted not to believe him. Why was she wishing for it to be true when it was something so scary and terrifying; something she ever wanted to encounter again. She’d relaxed some to his touch but didn’t want to stay too long in his embrace. Her eyes had closed, and she had leaned against him just trying to capture her breath.

“This should be it,” she said. “Just need to take it to storage.” Anything personal and of great value from her mother had been kept at her apartment. She figured she needed some rest. “After that we can head to my place to leave the rest of the items.” She hoped Johnathan wasn’t home, though knowing he drunk the night before, it was likely it was his day off. She wasn’t sure she could handle talking to him after everything that had just occurred, but she knew she couldn’t stay away from their apartment for long without him suspecting something was up. Still, it took every bit of strength she had to pull herself from Elijah’s grip. “We should get going, I don’t want to take too much of your day.” She wanted to keep the box in her sight and held it in her hands, much the same as the box that held the items from her mother’s office. They were still in the truck she remembered then, considering she hadn’t gone home.

“The box,” she whispered to herself. She pulled from Eli and practically ran downstairs and outside. She yanked open the door, searching for the box where she last left it in the backseat rifling around until she found a keychain, a couple of keys gold and silver dangling from it. None of them looked too different from the other, and she suspected it would take time to see which one would fit.

[I Serenity, don’t.] She’d clung to the keys tighter, feeling as the sharp ends poked into her skin as she searched around her to find the source of the warning voice. She felt sick again. She tried to pretend she didn’t hear it, humming to herself softly as her hands shook and she began to try another key. [I [b Don’t!]], the voice announced again and though it was far and fading, she could tell it was her mother. As soon as the thought came to her, she found herself locked up again and she was terrified that the beast had come to haunt her once more.
“Please no.” Her begging went unnoticed though as she felt invaded, a burning heat pricking her in the middle of her back, her eyes now overtaken by a white glow. The vision was fuzzy, but she could make out fires blazing from beneath the earth and the horrifying screeching of dark figures clawing their way from underground. She’d looked around her, surrounded by balls of light, the flicker of soft large wings rushing pass her. She stared down at her hands, soaked in a dark black blood that slipped through her fingers like oil.

They were outnumbered.

Serenity’s body violently shook as the [I intruder] left. Was her mother trying to warn her of something? And what was it if so? Every time she had one of these moments, she was gathering bits and pieces, but everything still didn’t make sense. What if she was going crazy? She had known a girl that happened to. Her mother used to work with her at the church and on occasion she would come over. She was a street girl, who still valued going to the church and keeping up with her faith. Until one day she had a violent seizure in their home, rambling about the light and protecting it. [I He] was coming. They were to keep the gate closed at all cost. She had saw how her mother looked at the girl as she was carried away on the stretcher. She didn’t want to look crazy.

And she didn’t want to open the box.

Serenity placed the box and keys away, closing the door and leaning against it. Things weren’t making much sense and yet she was having a hard time not believing it was true.
“I should just go home,” she told Elijah, her words slurring as she found it hard to even stand.
  serenity / kshahidx / 13d 2h 34m 57s
As they sat there, Elijah was leaning up against the doorway when he looked at her. She was breathing hard, and her body was flush of color. As she choked out that she was not okay, he nodded, looking back at the box. It sat menacingly so far away right near the dresser. He pressed his lips together as he watched her carefully though as she continued to say that she didn’t know what it was. He was glancing backward, feeling it’s pull. He could hear the beast howling in his ears telling him to move, telling him to pick up the box and run, and continue out without a single glance backward.

She looked at him carefully, looking as if she wanted to come closer to him, but he himself was on the edge. She was hesitant, he could practically see her heartbeat in her lungs, having seen what had come out of her stomach, he wanted nothing more than to comfort her and hold her closely. The way that she was looking at him led him to believe to give her some space, especially as she moved toward the sink…

He watched her stand as he did the same and she washed her face with some cool water and dried her face. He felt his body sweating from looking at her and feeling the heat of the demon trying to get his frustration out. The fire was growing within him and he was trying to keep himself cool. He needed to breathe. [I I’ve never seen that box before; my mother has never mentioned it, and she told me everything…] She emphasized the everything and he nodded, showing that he had heard her. He watched her carefully, [b I’ve never seen it in my life either.] He mumbled. He wasn’t sure if she had heard him. She went and picked up the box, holding it within her hands as she took in a deep breath. Now it wasn’t quite as strong. He could feel the pull from his demon in his chest, but he held himself strong, holding back as best as he could.

[b Do you think that she had put it there? Since you don’t have the key? I’m sure that you would have gotten it somehow… I think it might be important to keep it…] He asked, his words trailing off as he looked at the doorway. He felt eyes on him, but there was nothing there. He was trying to breathe, trying to keep the demon under control the best as he could as he physically touched his chest. He had to move forward and keep his head down, keeping up the picture that he had known her mom and had kept his promise to ensure that she was going to be helped.

As they moved to keep boxing things up, he carried the assigned boxes out to the truck, he put them in where they were supposed to be, trying to keep the light up that everything was going to be okay…Until he looked at her now as he walked back in to see her. She was tired still, and he could see that she was burnt out and they hadn’t been working that long. He came up to her and rubbed her shoulders, and she looked up at him to ask him the dreaded question. [b I wasn’t sure exactly what I saw, but I saw you freeze, but time like…stopped…] He looked into her eyes, holding her arms tightly.

[I Dammit Eli, move in and get that box! You need to open up the gates of hell NOW.]

[b What else did you need to get together?] He asked, looking at her. They needed to move on, they needed to get the key…they needed to get it to the specific area.
  Elijah Davenport / AWritersLove_ / 13d 16h 53m 15s
Serenity was trying her hardest to catch her breath. When she felt her stomach had settle, she then dared to open her eyes. The light hurt, bouncing off the white tiles. She closed her eyes again, willing the nausea to go away. She turned her head slightly to look at Elijah who looked just as disturbed as she felt.
“No, I’m not okay,” she said, her voice strained, and she was trying her hardest not to be annoyed or turn her anger out on Elijah. Getting angry wasn’t going to solve anything and it certainly wasn’t going to help make sense of whatever happened in her mother’s room. Truthfully, she was too scared to even consider going back inside. She felt like a little girl, when she would think there were monsters in her closet or under the pillow. Her mother would always tell her that as long as she had faith, she would be safe. It seemed she was right but was what she saw real?

“I don’t know what that is,” she finally said. She felt silly though, as though she were confirming some crazy hallucination that she couldn’t and hadn’t even confirmed that Elijah saw himself. Serenity had found the strength to come to her feet, walking over to the sink and turning on the water to wash her face. She hoped the coolness would help. “I’ve never seen that in my life,” she said as she pat her face dry with a towel. Of course, it had been hidden, which meant it hadn’t been meant for her eyes. Her mother was by no means a secretive person, so this concerned her, and it worried her even more considering what happened when it came into her hold. Tossing the towel to the side, she walked to Elijah, she wanted to hold him, or to fall into his arms, anything that would bring some comfort, but in all honesty being close to him made her a bit antsy. He didn’t seem like [I himself]. That was a stupid thought to have, she’d just met him yesterday and he’d just witnessed her spazzing out like manic.

“I’ve never seen that box before; my mother has never mentioned it and she told me everything – [I everything].” Serenity sighed, walking out toward the bathroom. She noticed how timid Elijah was and she expected that, as she too took her time before fully entering the room. The box was still locked, on the floor where it had been dropped minutes before, or hours? She couldn’t tell how much time had passed, but her watch showed nearly an hour. That couldn’t have been possible had it? She pressed her hand to her eyes and breathed, she was having trouble thinking. When she felt somewhat collected, she walked closer, leaning over to pick them. box up. It was heavy, scriptures inscribed on it in what she figured was Hebrew. The lock had a key that didn’t look like any of the ones that she had obtained with her mother’s belongings after her body had been cremated and materials returned. She ran her hand over it, feeling as though the box was pulsating. She felt a bit more in control but made sure to avoid the mirror afraid that she would be captured again.

She thought about what she had learned in class once, about how mirrors in some sense reflected the truth; a capture of your soul in a sense. Wasn’t that why breaking mirrors being a sign of bad luck? Yet, what was the truth in what had happened to her. Something like that had never occurred to her a day in her life. Maybe her mother was right when it came to her thoughts on evil and good; was it possible she had invited evil into the home? She thought about what she did the night before with Elijah.

[I Don’t be silly Seren.] She was trying to talk herself out of thinking that it was at all possible that this was some way God was telling her what she had done wasn’t right. Still, she couldn’t not be plagued with thoughts about what was inside. “I don’t have the key,” she mumbled, shaking the box. She thought she heard screams, like screeches caught in a gust of wind. Serenity had shoved the box in its own separate medium sized ox. “Let’s just get this over with.” She said, trying not to think about it. Of course, she found it incredibly hard to do so. Maybe she had to go through the things she had kept from her mother’s office from the church and it would be possible she would find something to unlock it. If she dared to unlock it at all.

She tried her hardest to busy herself with packing and by the time everything was boxed up, she felt a bit better. She’d stood up after taping the last box, turning to Elijah then. She was curious; had he saw what she did?
“Elijah, about earlier. . . Did you see it?” If he hadn’t, then truly she was crazy. Maybe it was the lack of sleep lately or her brain having some sort of glitch. She would believe him, hoping he would prove that she wasn’t at all crazy.
  serenity / kshahidx / 13d 19h 43m 21s
[I Yeah, everything is fine. It’s just weird.] Was what she said softly into the silence. The silence was penetrating his ears. It was beating, and he could hear the breathing of the demon that laid rest in his chest. He took in a soft breath, filling his lungs, pushing pressure on his stomach as he felt something growing there. There was a lump in his throat as he felt the pressure of something in the room. It was in here…it was so close that he could taste the opening of hell, he could feel the burning of the fire’s of hell against his skin. His eyes flashed red as he looked around, trying to pinpoint the area at which it was happening…at which it was hidden, but quickly returned his color to the emerald and golden hue by the time that he looked back at Serenity as she walked ahead of him now.

He watched her carefully, her limbs carrying her over to the dresser. She spoke of getting started, and he was almost frozen in his place, but he nodded, moving to get some boxes that he started to put together as she walked back into the bedroom, looking through the drawers, pushing aside some things and there, she froze, speaking of an oddity. He practically heard it both and felt his own demon launch at the sight. The demon that had remained in his body lurched from his rib cage and enveloped around the woman. His vision blurred and he leaned heavily against the door, pushing it roughly against the wall, scraping the paint with his weight. He groaned as the demon was tormenting the woman.

He was blacked out until he heard her scream and felt the electric rush as the demon entered his body again. Blinking heavily, he watched her run into the bathroom connected to the bedroom and there on the floor was the book. His demon was growling over and over. [I It is right there. You need to grab it. You need to run. We need to release everyone. You need it now.] It was pushing him forward, but he didn’t move. He was stuck there, like a lodged stone. He was implanted into the floor and with as much strength as he could muster, he pushed himself from the space and dragged himself to the bathroom, asking if Serenity was okay as she leaned against the tub. [b Are you okay? What was that?] He acted oblivious. He couldn’t admit that the demon…the cloud…the dark shadow that surrounded her was now living in his chest…

He bit his lip as he glanced backward, seeing the box, feeling the pull on his cage, his sternum, his pressure in his stomach growing. His muscles were aching to reach for. It was what he prepared for his entire life. To lift the box that would hold the key to let the demons of hell free from their holy cage. [b What is that?] He asked, glancing backward. He was scared to go next to it, otherwise she would know everything…She would know how much of a liar he had been…how little of a human he was…and then the protection that was granted on the house would almost smite him…He needed her to carry it out before he would begin to touch it…

Right? That would be the right thing to do?

[I You need to grab it now. You need to get it out of here. You need to go to the holy spot and release the cage’s lock!] He knew where the demon was talking about…It was within the Cemetery that was close to the church where he had grown up. The mausoleum where a heaven’s angel protected it…guarded it. He would need all the help he could get, but looking at her now, seeing how much it affected her, he wasn’t sure if it might take a little longer…

He saw a flash of fire in his eyes as if he was seeing a vision of what was to happen…the burning flames of the mausoleum, and the brightness of the angels, moving to fight the demons that were escaping, and screams of humans running for their lives…and the silence and just burning of bodies…

It was everywhere….
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Serenity was standing at the bottom of the stairs, her hand on the rail as she looked dup at the door. She was scared for some reason, her stomach turning a bit as she slowly made her way up. She’d nearly jumped out of her skin when Eli came up behind her. Her cheeks burned red. She looked over her shoulder at him, smiling apologetically. The words were there, but she struggled to get them out. She watched as Elijah walked pass her. He seemed to have picked up on the strange feeling, but either wasn’t worried or maybe better at hiding it. Serenity stuck close, relieved to find that there was nothing wrong. Well, it would appear that way. Her mother’s room still looked undisturbed, yet there seemed to be something [I present] it seemed.

Breathing out, she hoped he would take her r=weird behavior more as a symptom of her grief. “Yah, everything is fine. It’s just weird,” she said softly. Serenity tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear She walked toward he mother’s dresser, her hands gentle as they dragged over the ivory painted wood, pass the small trinkets she kept. Her little toys of protection she would often call them: little angels made of glass. Of course, resting in the middle was her mother’s bible. There was never a place her mother went, and dint have a bible on hand.

“I suppose we should get started right?” She asked. She moved back into the hall to grab a few of the boxes. She had started with the clothing, figuring it would be the easiest to get out of the way. Some of the clothes still smelled like her mother. She held her robe in her hands, it was made of silk – her mother wasn’t really a woman who flashed her riches in one’s face, but she always took great pride in her appearance. It was inside of the dresser she came to find a box which drew her eye of course. If it was in her dresser, it was meant to be hidden.

“That’s odd,” she muttered. She was careful as she reached for it, unsure how heavy it was. That same feeling plagued her then. The icky sense of being watched and she felt hot. Serenity was nervous but pushed through to still pick it up. Her body went stiff then and she felt herself rooted in her spot. Staring straight into the mirror attached to the dresser, the image before her was so terrifying, it could turn one’s hair white. She couldn’t scream though, no matter how much she wanted to, and she realized, the dark figure had wrapped itself around her, his sharp black claws covering her mouth. There was a putrid smell infiltrating her nose, making her eyes burn. They soon began to pool with tears.

[I Elijah], she had tried to say, though the grip only grew tighter.
“Give in Serenity, don’t be a fool.” The voice was low, and it shook her, like the sound of bass pouring from a stereo. Was she seeing this correctly or was this just her having a mental breakdown? She did what she had been taught to do. She closed her eyes tight, tears streaming down her cheek. The creature hissed, the tears dropping onto his hand with a sizzle. She knew she couldn’t speak aloud, but she didn’t have to. Behind his palm, her lips moved at a frightening speed as she began to pray. She prayed for protection, to shield her from whatever harm this creature intended for her.
“Stop that! It barked aloud, it’s body trembling then, but she only continued. It was enough to release its grip on her. She gasped for air then, the creature soon disappearing.

The scream that had been lodged inside of her finally was released and the box she held was dropped to the ground. Serenity placed her hand against her mouth, quickly rushing out of the room to head to the bathroom. She bent down to the ground, gripping the porcelain bowl and beginning to heave. It was painful and burning as the breakfast from this morning came out in a big black gunk. She stared down confused. What was going on? Her ears were ringing, that thumping from earlier returning for a while, before slowly disappearing. She leaned back against the tub, her eyes closed; the cold tile floor was seeping through her clothes, sobering her up some, but she still felt terrible. What had been that [I thing]? Was it a trick of the mind? Surely something like that could only exist in nightmares.
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[I Your feelings are getting entangled with this girls because you are thinking with the heart in your dick. You like her pussy. Get over her, and get under some other whore.] The beast whispered into his ear.

Eli brushed the thought off as he looked at her as they were cleaning up. She was running her hands through Ace’s fur and he liked the view of her doing so as he was pulling his clothes on. She was watching him, more so than what he was expecting her to do. She wanted him. She wanted more with him, but seeing her again and stepping closer to her even just to move around her, her eyes darted to the side as if she was keeping herself from him. She was holding back. She wanted nothing more than to be with him. She felt the pull, she felt the magnetic pulse that was shared between them.

Yet…he had to act like he didn’t feel it either. She was learly taken, and it was clearly bothering her that she had slept with him. She would remember him for sure. He had to remember what his purpose was. They had to get the free pass for the key…for the book that held all the answers to the freedom of hell, and the release of his kind. He pressed his lips together as he walked out to the truck with her beside him. He glanced backward and saw Ace on the couch looking out with his sagging tongue. He smiled back at him and unlocked the truck, opening up the door for the woman before making his way to the driver’s side. There was only a little bit left, but it was within that room that he felt the pull the most.

He pressed his lips together as he gripped the wheel, glancing over to see her on her phone returning some messages. He moved his eyes forward, slipping on his sunglasses as the sun was shining brightly through the windshield. He let the soft whisper of the music carry over them as he tried making small talk but it wouldn’t come out his lips. He would smile at her, but his house was not far from hers and together they pulled up into her driveway and there she plopped out and he watched her walk in front of him, tracing her curves from the backside. He had to take a deep breath and not voice his opinion of what he thought of her. The way that her hair swayed and the way that the heat as it draped him that he wanted nothing more to wrap his arms around her again and give her a new piece of him.

As they walked up and she unlocked the door, he saw her look around and he could practically see her shoulders drop a little lower. She was not happy that she was having to move her mother’s stuff, but he knew that it had to be done. He bit his cheek as he watched her carefully as she moved through the house, her head cocking slightly to the side as if she noticed something was ajar.

[b Is everything okay?] He was in line with everything that she was feeling…thinking…being in mind…He was intune or at least he felt like he was. She had given a part of herself, and he wasn’t going to ruin it. The door to her mother’s room was slightly creaked open. He stepped in front of her and opened up the door slowly, and made sure that no one was in the room before she was to step in. everything looked somewhat in place. But he didn’t know what exactly the room looked like before he had opened the door yesterday.

The room still had a pulse to push him away and it was hard to push against it as he opened the door to see what was inside. He felt the drag away and he made sure to step aside so then she could enter without problem. He let her look around, sure to not invade her space as she did so.
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Serenity knew she had to get some space between her and Eli. She could feel his wanting, practically pulsing on beat with what she knew to be a growing member. Still, she had to control herself. Serenity had already crossed the line. She’d [I sinned] and yet that didn’t mean that it would be right or okay for her to continue sinning. The best thing was to not think about Johnathan and while that would be hard, she knew that would help her get through this day. She’d finished dressing and exited the room just in time to see the black shirt falling over Eli’s muscular frame. Serenity chewed on her bottom lip as the muscular back was no longer exposed. Leaning against the door frame, her eyes traveled toward those strong hands as they tightened the belt.
[I ‘Don’t], she warned inside of her mind. Funny enough she felt like she was battling another side of her, something in her that had been awakened by Eli and she was struggling to figure if it was bad or not. She had pretended that she hadn’t watched him as she walked back into the living room, distracting herself by petting Ace who fortunately was a fan of her presence. Though that was never a problem really, Serenity had always ahead a liking for animals of all kinds. Though, she never managed to convince her mother to allow her to actually take on the responsibility of having a pet. Johnathan certainly was not a fan of it.

“We just need to clean out my mother’s room. I don’t think it should be too much work: just packing up a few books, moving some furniture.” Serenity had decided to store her mother’s belongings, knowing that what she had kept she would once like to put in a home of her own. The idea of keeping her family home was still in the air and she wondered when she would finally make the decision to maybe make a space f her own. How had life become so complicated with decisions in such a short amount of time? Maybe rushing into school would be too much. Though, she wondered if she was just making an excuse considering what she had done to Johnathan.

Serenity tried to relax, not wanting to make things awkward between her and Eli. Was it possible he was thinking about their night together just as much as she was? After noticing he had his keys, she began toward the front door to. Leave. Of course, once the door was unlocked hopping into the truck proved to be a bit difficult, but once buckled in, she allowed herself a moment to catch her breath. She sent a quick text to Daniel, promising she would call him later that night and it would take everything in her not to admit to what she had done. Daniel certainly would chew her out.

Serenity was completely unaware however of the greater evils and troubles to be worried about should a certain book fall into the hands of Eli, who she had considered at this point to be an acquaintance at least; that said, her trust for him outweighed that as she had trusted him with her body. Serenity was unaware of the past of her mother and the life she lived; there were many things she hadn’t told her, and Serenity wondered if going through these things would open up pandora’s box.

Finally reaching her home, she sighed out and ran her hands through her hair. She got out and stretched, realizing just how long it had been since she indulged in her [I nightly] activities. Her eyes looked toward Eli at that thought. [I ‘Focus. That was a one-time thing Seren.’] She could already feel the heat though and the intense desire to be with Eli again. She pulled out the house keys and had unlocked the door. The home seemed so much emptier today, before she turned on the lights. Though, it still felt like home. Could she turn her back on the place she had grown up in? Up the stairs, her eyes landed on her mother’s bedroom. Something wasn’t right though, the door cracked. Hadn’t she closed it? Serenity had started for the stairs when she heard a slight creak.
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[I I’m feeling great.] The words to his question made him smile.

He hoped that she was feeling great, despite her messages and missed phone calls on her phone. She had looked at him slightly different in the morning light. She knew what she had done, and it was clear that it slightly bothered her that she had moved forward with him probably with the guilt that was building in her mind. Eli wasn’t sure what to do with the thought, knowing that she wasn’t fully his, but he knew that she was a part of the plan, but he didn’t think that she was as beautiful as she was. He didn’t think that she could have such an affect on him.

[I And this is why we fuck whores instead of ones with morals.] The beast hissed.

Eli looked at her as he said that he was there to help her and ensure that she had help. [I Of course I would love your help, not sure I’d get much done properly by myself.] She said, her eyes falling from his as he was eating, her foot brushing up against his. Her subtle hints gave him mixed signals. He didn’t understand this woman. And he was allowing her to have such an affect on him. Pressing his lips together as he shifted slightly, his foot disappearing from her reach as he folded it underneath him under the chair. As she made the joke about last night. [b You’re funny. You were safe. Just with me.] He said softly with a wink as he pulled away from the table, finished with his plate.

As he had come up to the sink, it wasn’t much longer until she was finished herself, in which she made herself right at home and started cleaning the dishes. The way that she handled herself, despite her lack of clothing and her ass practically hanging out, he was forced to keep himself from growing stiff as he watched her carefully. [b You didn’t have to do that.] He said, coming up briefly behind her. He couldn’t help the draw that he felt for her. His beast was trying to resist it, but a magnetic pull had made him walk closer to her.

It was only for a moment until he pulled away. [b Thank you.] He said softly, glancing back at Ace for a moment when she was suddenly drying her hands and she was walking over to him and pressing her lips to his. Her whisper against his lips made him weak as he reached to grip her but it was too late as she was pulling away from him going to grab her clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. And he was left to stand there, his groin at half staff and he was pulsing underneath. He wanted her again so bad and he was barely getting a grip on breathing.

[I Get a grip of yourself.] The beast hissed and Eli nodded his head, running his fingers through his hair as he walked into the bedroom and pulled a new tshirt from the dresser and a new pair of jeans. He pulled the clothes over his body and by the time that she was coming out of the bathroom, he was spraying some cologne on. He had to take a deep breath as he looked at her again, her hair pulled up.

[b What is all that we have to organize today? ] He asked as he arranged his belt, tightening it slightly. The black shirt form fitted to his body, and his dark jeans hugged loosely around his waist. He would need to go for a jog later on tonight, get a good sweat session in while she dealt with her old life, her life that she was going to go back to no matter what he did. He walked out into the living room and let Ace into the back yard to let him run.

He had to remember that this was only to get the hands on the book that would allow hell to open and his kind to be released. And with that, it was demon’s dream…that was what made him different growing up. His entirety had been the push of the demons. they gave him the strength, the will, the push to keep going despite his childhood which is why they had found their way in. It was a weird feeling to have it happening, but he had gotten used to it over the years. Pressing his lips together, he grabbed the keys off the counter.
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How was she feeling? It was certainly not the type of question she wanted to answer let alone think about currently. Of course, the one-night Serenity isn’t lying in her bed at her apartment, Johnathan decided to come home. Though, granted she wasn’t sure if that was anything truly to be upset about considering she was plan b really. That didn’t mean it was okay for her to cheat on him. It certainly didn’t make it okay the way that Serenity was watching Elijah. She finished the piece of bacon, not bothering to hide the blush that crossed her cheeks as her eyes locked with Eli’s. He made her feel hot and dam was he tempting without even trying.

“I’m feeling great,” she said. She wasn’t lying, but she of course was trying her hardest not to think about what she and Elijah had done. He was so calm and collected. What was she to suspect though? He wasn’t the one who had broken some kind of vow. It would be just as hard to keep this to herself and Serenity was starting to regret that’s he didn’t have that many close female friends. Though, this wasn’t something that she felt she would get that great of advice on and by great – she knew that she would be told to do something she found to be a bad idea. She would have to tell Johnathan what happened. Right? “Vegan? Oh, I could never.” Serenity smiled and made her way over toward the spread. She grabbed a plate and started to fix it up, anything to distract herself from Elijah. It was quite hard though, his laughter making her heart flutter some in joy. Still, she knew that she had to play it safe. Though, a part of her was telling her that it was much too late to act humble now.

She’d already cheated o Johnathan, but it would make her even more of a terrible person she figured if it were found out that still she continued to fed into this fantasy with Elijah.
‘No, I want you to,” she said with a bit more intensity than she expected of herself. “Sorry. Of course, I would love your help, not sure I’d get much done properly by myself.” She could look Daniel in the eyes and was not going to ask him to take on the burden of driving down to see her. Though, Serenity knew that Daniel would certainly not mind. The minute he saw her though, Serenity was certain she wouldn’t need to [I crack]. Daniel would instantly read in her face that she did something wrong. Serenity took the seat opposite of Elijah, but that didn’t stop her from brushing her foot against his. She missed the feeling of his skin against her. As terrible as this situation already was, Serenity wanted to go another round with Elijah right then in the kitchen. He unleashed something in her that Serenity hadn’t known she could possess.

“That was supposed to be the plan last night wasn’t it? Getting me home safe?” Serenity was surprised at her bold jesting statement, but still gave a cheeky grin in Elijah’s direction as she took a forkful of eggs. She didn’t realize she was eating so fast, but she certainly was full. All finished, she had taken her place to the sink, hoping that Elijah wouldn’t try to object as he had already been hospitable enough and washing some dishes was not too much work. Maybe she was finding some kind of excuse to stay in Eli’s presence longer and not think about going to her apartment and facing Johnathan. Serenity dried her hands off and placed the towel back in a folded position onto the counter.

“I should get dressed.” Serenity said. She walked across the kitchen, just a small amount of space separating the two before kissing Elijah. She knew she wanted to and maybe getting through the desire would make it easier for her to get through these next few hours of being in each other presence. After today she wasn’t sure what she would mean to Elijah or what he would mean to her. She couldn’t have an affair and yet wasn’t all the way sure if things with Johnathan were off for good. Though, she was sure if he knew about what she had done, it would make her decision much easier. Still, she knew that she couldn’t resist kissing him any longer. “Thanks for breakfast,” she whispered against his lips. Serenity knew that if she stood around any longer that she would certainly more than that. She grabbed her clothes then and headed to the bathroom where she quickly changed and tried to do something to her tousled locks. She drew the dark strands into a high bun. She gently gipped Eli’s short against her, as though settling into a memory before tossing it into the hamper.

She knew that luckily her mother was an organized woman, so getting everything settled out of her room wouldn’t be difficult, but certainly emotionally would be hard for her. Eli made it easy to ignore those feelings though and she wasn’t sure if it was a bad thing that she was using him as a distraction; a very sexy distraction.
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[font “Times” The morning was quiet. He set down the food bowl for Ace, letting him eat his breakfast as he himself had started the morning. He needed food to be ready for the day and to be able to be do something productive. Otherwise he was complaining of hunger, and hangry for the most part. He pressed his lips together as he finished up, setting his coffee cup down and started chewing on a slice of bacon after toweling it down to get some of the grease off of it. It was after he had set the phone on top of her clothes, and having seen the phone calls and messages and the line of voicemails on the phone that he knew she would pick the man that she had history with.]

[font “Times” The man was not as important as she had been letting on, or if she was going to let his hands travel all over her. His demonic side had come out during the night, and always took over when he was having a sexual encounter, and times with her were not any different. However, when he woke up, having seen the messiness of her hair draped over her shoulder and the curve her lip as she slept, completely serene, he felt a softness toward her. [I Your walls are weak, human.] The beast whispered. It was right. The beast had a front row seat to all of his actions, and it was never without commentary. He nodded, and leaned heavily against the counter as he continued to eat the bacon, looking out the window, noticing the normal morning routine people had. The older gentleman across the street coming out in his robe to get the newspaper and sit down on the front porch to read it when his wife brings out his cup of coffee. There is a jogger that runs down his street right around 8AM on the dot and then another walker with a few dogs come in around 8:05AM without fail. The normal routine, and the normal calm was something else.]

[font “Times” He heard foot steps behind him, and it was a small slight voice that came second. He turned around, wiping his mouth briefly with a napkin. [b How are you feeling?] He asked, looking at her in his tshirt still. Man…he would have his way with her on the counter if she let him coming in looking all sexy like that. He pressed his lips together, trying to hold himself together as she noticed that her clothes were all piled up normally with the phone on top, she looked at it immediately as she opened it up and started listening to the voicemails. Incoherent voices were spoken into the silence as Eli walked back over to the spread of food he had made and started making his plate, giving her privacy just as she was coming in to eat a piece of bacon. ]

[font “Times” He smiled at her. [b Have I told you, I am really glad you are not vegan?] He chuckled as he watched her crunch down on the bacon as he started forking into his food, taking a full mouth bite before she offered an out of packing today. He lifted a brow and shook his head, giving the food a good swallow before he answered. [b I told you I would help.] He stated. Lifting his head to meet her gaze, [b If you don’t want me to, then all you have to do is say it.] He glanced down at his plate and picked up another fork full of eggs. [b There is a plate next to the eggs near the stove and silverware is in that drawer just below the plate.] He pulled out a chair beside him, but if she wanted, she could sit across from him. ]

[font “Times” It was obvious between the two of them, that the complicated situation was more than what she had let on. She hadn’t made her decision right, but then she decided to sleep with him anyways. He was going to be the gentleman all the way through. And if he lost, the beast could live for a few days while the human side of him took some down time to breathe and just gain some perspective as to what was going to happen. Never usually did women stay over. He usually kicked them out after the deed was done, with an uber already waiting outside if they were too drunk to get home by themselves.]

[font “Times” He always had a backup plan.]

[font “Times” And of course, this one, he didn’t have a back up plan. [I Because you are a smart ass, and decided to like her.] The beast pointed. He lifted a brow toward himself as he continued to eat, waiting for her to come and sit beside him or sit across from him. He wasn’t sure what choice that she was going to make. [b Either way, I would like to make sure you made it back to your mother’s house safe.] He said with a slight shrug of his shoulders. If she wasn’t going to keep him, then he would just be the one that she compared every other man to without a doubt.]
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Serenity somehow had managed to sleep throughout the rest of the night. Something about Elijah’s presence made her feel comfortable enough, which was a first considering she struggled in sleeping in unfamiliar places. Though, the feelings of his arms around her made her feel secure, especially as she was battling the reality that she had cheated on Johnathan. God, she didn’t know what to say to him or how to bring it up; should she bring it up? Maybe she could go on her whole life and not tell him. What would that prove though and did she have plans to see this relationship through? Serenity knew she couldn’t perpetuate the lie with him. How could she marry him and look him in the eyes on their wedding day knowing that she had fooled around with Eli [I twice] in one night. And she didn’t feel bad about it. Who was to blame if one was to blame at all? The relationship was failing – still she thought to herself that she was taking a coward’s way out. Just because they were having problems didn’t make it okay. She had to tell him, she was that girl – and now she was that girl who dared to sleep over with the man she committed adultery with.

Serenity felt the bed dip a little, as a light sleeper she was very much aware that Ace had come to reclaim his attention and cuddles while she was asleep. Her hand had reached out for Elijah’s in an attempt to keep him close, but he had gently pulled himself way and in her sleep, she brought the sheets closer as though she had managed to grab him into a hold. Serenity knew she couldn’t sleep forever, as though it would keep her from having to face Johnathan. Her eyes fluttered open and she sat up, saddened to see that Elijah was gone and by the smell of things, getting his morning started; no lazy day in for them. Sitting up, she ran her hands through the tangled locks, wincing at the pain of the tangled curls. Instantly she placed her hair in a messy bun, getting out of the bad and shivering from the draft against her bare legs. She should be so happy she could stand, though It was clear that she wasn’t used to her legs feeling like jelly. She was sore all over, but it felt good like how her body felt after her workouts.

Elijah had certainly disrupted her schedule. Usually she was up by now, not hungover and halfway through a protein shake before her morning workout and yoga. She still allowed herself to have her moment with God, closing her eyes, she recited her morning prayer:

[center [I Lord, I ask that You protect our minds. Father, the mindset on the flesh is death, but the mindset on the Spirit is life and peace. Let us not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds that we may prove what Your will is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. Help us by the power of Your Spirit to think on whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything is worthy of praise, let our minds dwell on these things.]]

“[i And God],” she whispered, squeezing her eyes tight. “[i Please forgive me for last night.]” Though Johnathan wasn’t her husband, she had certainly sinned last night. With an exhale, she came to a stand then form her kneeled position and walked out of the bedroom, following the scent of bacon and eggs.

“Good morning,” Serenity said, her voice small as she entered the kitchen. This was different for her and she wasn’t sure how to go about navigating the space around him as she wasn’t typically the one to just sleep with a guy on the first night and especially not with someone she had only just met. Her mornings were usually spent alone, Johnathan often gone already either at work or out with his clients to build relationships. She noticed her phone then, sitting nice on the neat pile of clothes. Of course, Elijah was the gentleman type which made this all the more confusing for the young woman. He was so complex: sweet and gentle and yet she had seen the crazed and intense look in his eyes during their coupling; there was more to him than he let on and maybe that was why Serenity let loose as she did with him. There was something in Elijah so primal; he was truly unlike any man she had met before.

She retrieved her phone then, sighing out at missed calls – surprisingly, most of the messages from Johnathan. “Sorry,’ she said with an apologetic smile before starting to listen to the voicemails, a raised brow as she wondered what Johnathan could have been calling her about. Now she was the one worrying. Daniel’s messages weren’t surprising. Of course, as expected he was worried when she hadn’t texted him that she reached her apartment. She chewed on her bottom lip, not sure what to say before finally typing an excuse about her phone dying and promising to call later. She knew if she didn’t get it out of the way, that he would continue to bug her. Johnathan’s messages hadn’t been as severe as she expected. He was drunk and locked out of the apartment wondering where she was; his messages just as incoherent as his slurred speech. He’d sent a message hours later – clearly sober and apologizing for the night before. He missed her. Serenity swallowed thickly; it was rare that he expressed himself like that. She promised she would be home, after packing up the last of her mother’s things. Serenity didn’t want to think about it anymore, seeing his name only making her feel guiltier. She entered the kitchen and grabbed a piece of bacon.

Serenity wanted to walk over and kiss him, she wanted to be wrapped up in his arms. “If you’re busy you don’t have to help with packing,” she suggested with a small smile, as though she felt like a burden already. How often did the women he sleep with stay over and were still there in the morning?
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