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[I I’m feeling great.] The words to his question made him smile.

He hoped that she was feeling great, despite her messages and missed phone calls on her phone. She had looked at him slightly different in the morning light. She knew what she had done, and it was clear that it slightly bothered her that she had moved forward with him probably with the guilt that was building in her mind. Eli wasn’t sure what to do with the thought, knowing that she wasn’t fully his, but he knew that she was a part of the plan, but he didn’t think that she was as beautiful as she was. He didn’t think that she could have such an affect on him.

[I And this is why we fuck whores instead of ones with morals.] The beast hissed.

Eli looked at her as he said that he was there to help her and ensure that she had help. [I Of course I would love your help, not sure I’d get much done properly by myself.] She said, her eyes falling from his as he was eating, her foot brushing up against his. Her subtle hints gave him mixed signals. He didn’t understand this woman. And he was allowing her to have such an affect on him. Pressing his lips together as he shifted slightly, his foot disappearing from her reach as he folded it underneath him under the chair. As she made the joke about last night. [b You’re funny. You were safe. Just with me.] He said softly with a wink as he pulled away from the table, finished with his plate.

As he had come up to the sink, it wasn’t much longer until she was finished herself, in which she made herself right at home and started cleaning the dishes. The way that she handled herself, despite her lack of clothing and her ass practically hanging out, he was forced to keep himself from growing stiff as he watched her carefully. [b You didn’t have to do that.] He said, coming up briefly behind her. He couldn’t help the draw that he felt for her. His beast was trying to resist it, but a magnetic pull had made him walk closer to her.

It was only for a moment until he pulled away. [b Thank you.] He said softly, glancing back at Ace for a moment when she was suddenly drying her hands and she was walking over to him and pressing her lips to his. Her whisper against his lips made him weak as he reached to grip her but it was too late as she was pulling away from him going to grab her clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. And he was left to stand there, his groin at half staff and he was pulsing underneath. He wanted her again so bad and he was barely getting a grip on breathing.

[I Get a grip of yourself.] The beast hissed and Eli nodded his head, running his fingers through his hair as he walked into the bedroom and pulled a new tshirt from the dresser and a new pair of jeans. He pulled the clothes over his body and by the time that she was coming out of the bathroom, he was spraying some cologne on. He had to take a deep breath as he looked at her again, her hair pulled up.

[b What is all that we have to organize today? ] He asked as he arranged his belt, tightening it slightly. The black shirt form fitted to his body, and his dark jeans hugged loosely around his waist. He would need to go for a jog later on tonight, get a good sweat session in while she dealt with her old life, her life that she was going to go back to no matter what he did. He walked out into the living room and let Ace into the back yard to let him run.

He had to remember that this was only to get the hands on the book that would allow hell to open and his kind to be released. And with that, it was demon’s dream…that was what made him different growing up. His entirety had been the push of the demons. they gave him the strength, the will, the push to keep going despite his childhood which is why they had found their way in. It was a weird feeling to have it happening, but he had gotten used to it over the years. Pressing his lips together, he grabbed the keys off the counter.
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How was she feeling? It was certainly not the type of question she wanted to answer let alone think about currently. Of course, the one-night Serenity isn’t lying in her bed at her apartment, Johnathan decided to come home. Though, granted she wasn’t sure if that was anything truly to be upset about considering she was plan b really. That didn’t mean it was okay for her to cheat on him. It certainly didn’t make it okay the way that Serenity was watching Elijah. She finished the piece of bacon, not bothering to hide the blush that crossed her cheeks as her eyes locked with Eli’s. He made her feel hot and dam was he tempting without even trying.

“I’m feeling great,” she said. She wasn’t lying, but she of course was trying her hardest not to think about what she and Elijah had done. He was so calm and collected. What was she to suspect though? He wasn’t the one who had broken some kind of vow. It would be just as hard to keep this to herself and Serenity was starting to regret that’s he didn’t have that many close female friends. Though, this wasn’t something that she felt she would get that great of advice on and by great – she knew that she would be told to do something she found to be a bad idea. She would have to tell Johnathan what happened. Right? “Vegan? Oh, I could never.” Serenity smiled and made her way over toward the spread. She grabbed a plate and started to fix it up, anything to distract herself from Elijah. It was quite hard though, his laughter making her heart flutter some in joy. Still, she knew that she had to play it safe. Though, a part of her was telling her that it was much too late to act humble now.

She’d already cheated o Johnathan, but it would make her even more of a terrible person she figured if it were found out that still she continued to fed into this fantasy with Elijah.
‘No, I want you to,” she said with a bit more intensity than she expected of herself. “Sorry. Of course, I would love your help, not sure I’d get much done properly by myself.” She could look Daniel in the eyes and was not going to ask him to take on the burden of driving down to see her. Though, Serenity knew that Daniel would certainly not mind. The minute he saw her though, Serenity was certain she wouldn’t need to [I crack]. Daniel would instantly read in her face that she did something wrong. Serenity took the seat opposite of Elijah, but that didn’t stop her from brushing her foot against his. She missed the feeling of his skin against her. As terrible as this situation already was, Serenity wanted to go another round with Elijah right then in the kitchen. He unleashed something in her that Serenity hadn’t known she could possess.

“That was supposed to be the plan last night wasn’t it? Getting me home safe?” Serenity was surprised at her bold jesting statement, but still gave a cheeky grin in Elijah’s direction as she took a forkful of eggs. She didn’t realize she was eating so fast, but she certainly was full. All finished, she had taken her place to the sink, hoping that Elijah wouldn’t try to object as he had already been hospitable enough and washing some dishes was not too much work. Maybe she was finding some kind of excuse to stay in Eli’s presence longer and not think about going to her apartment and facing Johnathan. Serenity dried her hands off and placed the towel back in a folded position onto the counter.

“I should get dressed.” Serenity said. She walked across the kitchen, just a small amount of space separating the two before kissing Elijah. She knew she wanted to and maybe getting through the desire would make it easier for her to get through these next few hours of being in each other presence. After today she wasn’t sure what she would mean to Elijah or what he would mean to her. She couldn’t have an affair and yet wasn’t all the way sure if things with Johnathan were off for good. Though, she was sure if he knew about what she had done, it would make her decision much easier. Still, she knew that she couldn’t resist kissing him any longer. “Thanks for breakfast,” she whispered against his lips. Serenity knew that if she stood around any longer that she would certainly more than that. She grabbed her clothes then and headed to the bathroom where she quickly changed and tried to do something to her tousled locks. She drew the dark strands into a high bun. She gently gipped Eli’s short against her, as though settling into a memory before tossing it into the hamper.

She knew that luckily her mother was an organized woman, so getting everything settled out of her room wouldn’t be difficult, but certainly emotionally would be hard for her. Eli made it easy to ignore those feelings though and she wasn’t sure if it was a bad thing that she was using him as a distraction; a very sexy distraction.
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[font “Times” The morning was quiet. He set down the food bowl for Ace, letting him eat his breakfast as he himself had started the morning. He needed food to be ready for the day and to be able to be do something productive. Otherwise he was complaining of hunger, and hangry for the most part. He pressed his lips together as he finished up, setting his coffee cup down and started chewing on a slice of bacon after toweling it down to get some of the grease off of it. It was after he had set the phone on top of her clothes, and having seen the phone calls and messages and the line of voicemails on the phone that he knew she would pick the man that she had history with.]

[font “Times” The man was not as important as she had been letting on, or if she was going to let his hands travel all over her. His demonic side had come out during the night, and always took over when he was having a sexual encounter, and times with her were not any different. However, when he woke up, having seen the messiness of her hair draped over her shoulder and the curve her lip as she slept, completely serene, he felt a softness toward her. [I Your walls are weak, human.] The beast whispered. It was right. The beast had a front row seat to all of his actions, and it was never without commentary. He nodded, and leaned heavily against the counter as he continued to eat the bacon, looking out the window, noticing the normal morning routine people had. The older gentleman across the street coming out in his robe to get the newspaper and sit down on the front porch to read it when his wife brings out his cup of coffee. There is a jogger that runs down his street right around 8AM on the dot and then another walker with a few dogs come in around 8:05AM without fail. The normal routine, and the normal calm was something else.]

[font “Times” He heard foot steps behind him, and it was a small slight voice that came second. He turned around, wiping his mouth briefly with a napkin. [b How are you feeling?] He asked, looking at her in his tshirt still. Man…he would have his way with her on the counter if she let him coming in looking all sexy like that. He pressed his lips together, trying to hold himself together as she noticed that her clothes were all piled up normally with the phone on top, she looked at it immediately as she opened it up and started listening to the voicemails. Incoherent voices were spoken into the silence as Eli walked back over to the spread of food he had made and started making his plate, giving her privacy just as she was coming in to eat a piece of bacon. ]

[font “Times” He smiled at her. [b Have I told you, I am really glad you are not vegan?] He chuckled as he watched her crunch down on the bacon as he started forking into his food, taking a full mouth bite before she offered an out of packing today. He lifted a brow and shook his head, giving the food a good swallow before he answered. [b I told you I would help.] He stated. Lifting his head to meet her gaze, [b If you don’t want me to, then all you have to do is say it.] He glanced down at his plate and picked up another fork full of eggs. [b There is a plate next to the eggs near the stove and silverware is in that drawer just below the plate.] He pulled out a chair beside him, but if she wanted, she could sit across from him. ]

[font “Times” It was obvious between the two of them, that the complicated situation was more than what she had let on. She hadn’t made her decision right, but then she decided to sleep with him anyways. He was going to be the gentleman all the way through. And if he lost, the beast could live for a few days while the human side of him took some down time to breathe and just gain some perspective as to what was going to happen. Never usually did women stay over. He usually kicked them out after the deed was done, with an uber already waiting outside if they were too drunk to get home by themselves.]

[font “Times” He always had a backup plan.]

[font “Times” And of course, this one, he didn’t have a back up plan. [I Because you are a smart ass, and decided to like her.] The beast pointed. He lifted a brow toward himself as he continued to eat, waiting for her to come and sit beside him or sit across from him. He wasn’t sure what choice that she was going to make. [b Either way, I would like to make sure you made it back to your mother’s house safe.] He said with a slight shrug of his shoulders. If she wasn’t going to keep him, then he would just be the one that she compared every other man to without a doubt.]
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Serenity somehow had managed to sleep throughout the rest of the night. Something about Elijah’s presence made her feel comfortable enough, which was a first considering she struggled in sleeping in unfamiliar places. Though, the feelings of his arms around her made her feel secure, especially as she was battling the reality that she had cheated on Johnathan. God, she didn’t know what to say to him or how to bring it up; should she bring it up? Maybe she could go on her whole life and not tell him. What would that prove though and did she have plans to see this relationship through? Serenity knew she couldn’t perpetuate the lie with him. How could she marry him and look him in the eyes on their wedding day knowing that she had fooled around with Eli [I twice] in one night. And she didn’t feel bad about it. Who was to blame if one was to blame at all? The relationship was failing – still she thought to herself that she was taking a coward’s way out. Just because they were having problems didn’t make it okay. She had to tell him, she was that girl – and now she was that girl who dared to sleep over with the man she committed adultery with.

Serenity felt the bed dip a little, as a light sleeper she was very much aware that Ace had come to reclaim his attention and cuddles while she was asleep. Her hand had reached out for Elijah’s in an attempt to keep him close, but he had gently pulled himself way and in her sleep, she brought the sheets closer as though she had managed to grab him into a hold. Serenity knew she couldn’t sleep forever, as though it would keep her from having to face Johnathan. Her eyes fluttered open and she sat up, saddened to see that Elijah was gone and by the smell of things, getting his morning started; no lazy day in for them. Sitting up, she ran her hands through the tangled locks, wincing at the pain of the tangled curls. Instantly she placed her hair in a messy bun, getting out of the bad and shivering from the draft against her bare legs. She should be so happy she could stand, though It was clear that she wasn’t used to her legs feeling like jelly. She was sore all over, but it felt good like how her body felt after her workouts.

Elijah had certainly disrupted her schedule. Usually she was up by now, not hungover and halfway through a protein shake before her morning workout and yoga. She still allowed herself to have her moment with God, closing her eyes, she recited her morning prayer:

[center [I Lord, I ask that You protect our minds. Father, the mindset on the flesh is death, but the mindset on the Spirit is life and peace. Let us not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds that we may prove what Your will is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. Help us by the power of Your Spirit to think on whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything is worthy of praise, let our minds dwell on these things.]]

“[i And God],” she whispered, squeezing her eyes tight. “[i Please forgive me for last night.]” Though Johnathan wasn’t her husband, she had certainly sinned last night. With an exhale, she came to a stand then form her kneeled position and walked out of the bedroom, following the scent of bacon and eggs.

“Good morning,” Serenity said, her voice small as she entered the kitchen. This was different for her and she wasn’t sure how to go about navigating the space around him as she wasn’t typically the one to just sleep with a guy on the first night and especially not with someone she had only just met. Her mornings were usually spent alone, Johnathan often gone already either at work or out with his clients to build relationships. She noticed her phone then, sitting nice on the neat pile of clothes. Of course, Elijah was the gentleman type which made this all the more confusing for the young woman. He was so complex: sweet and gentle and yet she had seen the crazed and intense look in his eyes during their coupling; there was more to him than he let on and maybe that was why Serenity let loose as she did with him. There was something in Elijah so primal; he was truly unlike any man she had met before.

She retrieved her phone then, sighing out at missed calls – surprisingly, most of the messages from Johnathan. “Sorry,’ she said with an apologetic smile before starting to listen to the voicemails, a raised brow as she wondered what Johnathan could have been calling her about. Now she was the one worrying. Daniel’s messages weren’t surprising. Of course, as expected he was worried when she hadn’t texted him that she reached her apartment. She chewed on her bottom lip, not sure what to say before finally typing an excuse about her phone dying and promising to call later. She knew if she didn’t get it out of the way, that he would continue to bug her. Johnathan’s messages hadn’t been as severe as she expected. He was drunk and locked out of the apartment wondering where she was; his messages just as incoherent as his slurred speech. He’d sent a message hours later – clearly sober and apologizing for the night before. He missed her. Serenity swallowed thickly; it was rare that he expressed himself like that. She promised she would be home, after packing up the last of her mother’s things. Serenity didn’t want to think about it anymore, seeing his name only making her feel guiltier. She entered the kitchen and grabbed a piece of bacon.

Serenity wanted to walk over and kiss him, she wanted to be wrapped up in his arms. “If you’re busy you don’t have to help with packing,” she suggested with a small smile, as though she felt like a burden already. How often did the women he sleep with stay over and were still there in the morning?
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[font “times” Eli knew how to touch the woman. His hands traveled her skin as if she was the master key that he knew all the answers to, as if he had traveled each back road a million times over again. He felt the heat between them and even the heat…the mist trickles over her body had basically led him to believe they were there to tell him where to put his touch. He smiled at her moans, listening to her breathing and catching the feeling of her chest rising and lowering against his body until they were both coming to satisfaction. He thought he had heard a small whisper of a negation, but she didn’t push him further. She didn’t stop him. She had let him do what she wanted.]

[font “times” And he wondered how many others had been able to get a rise like this out of the woman. She was one with boundaries, one that needed strategy to get. He had to work for every move, every moan, every lack of breath until she was finally sated and they were stepping out of the shower. He smiled at her, enjoying as she dawned his shirt over her body. She had decided the movie as they walked out. He put on a pair of shorts, watching her carefully as she had climbed into bed, their eyes linking as he turned on Netflix, letting her choose, and once they had settled on the choice, he leaned back, propping himself up on the pillow to allow her to get comfortable against him. It was about 15 minutes in before she was falling asleep. ]

[font “times” He smiled, falling deeper into the bed as she had snuggled closer to him. Giving her a light kiss on her forehead, he looked at her, watching her breaths even and her chest raise and fall slowly. She was beautiful. [u Yes, you are falling for the girl, and we still have hell to raise.] The beast stirred. Eli glanced upward to see Ace coming into the bedroom and there he climbed into his bed that was on the floor under the window. The husky’s eyes flashed toward his owners, the red beam appearing between the both of them. [b She will make a grand edition to the demonic race, I think] He thought inwardly, and he could hear the beast laugh maniacally. [u You are kidding? Once hell is risen, you will fall and I will rise. She was cease to exist. The human race will fall to its knees. If she tries to stop us, you will fall because of it, and she is living the best part of her human life right now. She has a man at home, and she has you. She’s playing the field better than you, pawn.] The beast continued.]

[font “times” Eli turned his eyes to the movie, watching it finish up with a big war scene as he sighed inwardly. [b I’m not stepping in the way of anyone, I’m not stopping the raise, and I’m not stepping in front of you.] The human side of him was at war with the demonic side of himself. The host was fighting it’s guest, but the guest had a stronger hand. At the single urge, he was pulling muscle strings causing small spasms, but he didn’t want to disturb the woman. [b Enough.] He spoke inwardly and the beast quit and he turned off the TV and slowly sank farther into the sheets, pulling her closer to him. Her sleepy body didn’t fight him too much.]

[font “times” Eli fell asleep quickly with the warmth of a body next to him. It wasn’t often when he was next to someone. He usually was one to kick others out, but there were a few that he didn’t mind that would stay next to him. The human side of him felt whole next to her as he fell asleep. And during the sleep, his demonic host was gracious enough to watch over the man, always sure to watch over his host and make sure that the host was always okay.]

[font “times” Eli had felt a small movement, but he didn’t stir when she had curled back up to him and the warmth continued. His body was too deep in sleep to fully recognize the movement that he continued to sleep through the experience, the body unable to dream at this time. ]

[font “times” When the sun peaked through the curtains and Ace was pushing his nose into Eli’s face to feed him, Eli groaned and stretched, slowly pulling himself away from the woman who was possibly still asleep in the bed. He crawled out of bed and walked with Ace into the kitchen where he gave him his morning meal and he started making coffee, looking out the window as he waited for the coffee to drip so he could finally get him a cup and wake up officially. He pressed his fingers against his face as he leaned against the counter and for a brief second, he glanced toward the broken picture down on the ground. He grabbed the broom and pan and picked it up as best as he could, trying to get all the glass and throw it away without making too much noise.]

[font “times” As he did so, he could hear buzzing and buzzing. He lifted a brow as he grabbed himself a cup of coffee as it was finally done making a pot. Mixing in a sugar or two, he walked over to the pile of clothes were strewn from the living room to the bedroom. Within the woman’s bottoms, her phone was going off. On the screen, it mentioned 20 missed calls from Daniel. Eli lifted a brow. And there was a text message from a number named Jonathan. He wondered if that was her significant other, but he couldn’t access it because of a password, so he just picked up their clothes and folded them before setting the phone on top. He wouldn’t even bother with it. She would choose him. He already knew.]

[font “times” The thought itself bummed him, but he knew it was going to happen. The woman had history with another man, he was simply the fling, the one who made her happy for a brief amount of time. He would be surprised if there was another route she would take.]

[font “times” From there, he drank his coffee and cooked up a few eggs, bacon and some toast thinking maybe she would be hungry for it. If she wasn’t he wouldn’t mind finishing it off. He would have to go run anyways.]
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Serenity was trying to keep her cool, but she was breathing mighty hard after her speech from nervousness. The room was getting a bit warmer as the water increased in temperature. She knew eventually all that heat would build up and soon there would be the formations of tiny beads of sweat forming along her body, sliding down the side of her face and dripping down the line of her jaw, trickling until resting just against her breast, teetering on the end of her bareness before meeting the tiled floor. She licked her lips then, Serenity trying her hardest not to stare at the magnificent man before her. There wasn’t a lick wrong with him. She watched as his muscles twitched beneath his skin, how she could tell he was hardening within those shorts of his. She was fixing to make a bad decision again within less of an hour. She meant what she said though, she was not someone to be toyed around with. Had she not allowed Johnathan to do so, she wouldn’t have been in this position – though Serenity hoped that didn’t mean she never would have found her way into Elijah’s bed.

Life was certainly throwing curveballs in her direction and Serenity was trying to handle it the best way possible. Her plans were falling through, but that didn’t mean that her future wouldn’t be what she expected; maybe not being with Johnathan and the passing of her mother was God’s crazy way of forcing her to decide the direction of her life. Sure, it sounded crass to consider that sleeping with Elijah was some kind of divine sign from the man upstairs, but there had to be a reason she’d allowed things to go this far. Things were still progressing between the two, Serenity allowing her hand to slip into Elijah’s. She knew what his touch did, and she was trying hard to fight against it, not wanting him to see her as weak or malleable. She hoped her sassy entrance into the bathroom had made him think twice about her – more than the fact. That she had done things with him that her mother certainly wouldn’t have approved of coming home with Elijah being the first [I mistake].

Serenity managed to stifle her gasp, her yes landing on Elijah’s as she pressed herself closer, her hands on his chest. Why did he have to feel so good? Her skin tingled form his touch and she found herself feeling like she was being spun around. Something about Elijah wasn’t right but dammit it felt spectacular. She looked up at him through thick curled lashes, closing her mouth to stop from interrupting Eli. A part of her felt like he knew about Johnathan; the lack of attention, the long nights at the office, and how day by day it seemed like they were losing any sense of idea about who each other was. That wasn’t to say that she didn’t care for Johnathan, she did love him – but it was easy to fall out of love.

Serenity stepped inside of the shower, surrounded by a thick cloud of fog, yet that didn’t stop her from finding Eli. She was finding that there was a lot not stopping her from being with him. Serenity wondered would things be the same in the morning. That didn’t t stop her from pulling out of his arms or fighting off his kisses – his hands against her body. Serenity knew that. She had to speak up or things would get out of hand at a time she was trying to think, though it was much too late now. Still – she was afraid to have this conversation when they were both sated and sober come morning; yet, she wondered would they leave this moment alone come tomorrow?

“Don’t” she had whispered, though there was no fight added behind her words, just a feeble attempt at trying to make Elijah work harder, though it didn’t take much for him to get what he wanted out of her. He was coaxing some naughty version of Serenity out. There was no sense in pretending she didn’t want him, no matter where this passion had come from, she was not going to ignore that it was practically spilling out of her. She loved the feeling of the hot water pounding down, Elijah expertly navigating her body as though he’d traveled the space of it for years. Her fingers trailed slowly behind, joining as though she couldn’t bear any part of them not touching.

Her head leaned back and eyes eventually closing, lips parting slightly with drips of water slipping in. She felt like she was drinking Elijah’s kisses, the sound of the roaring water from the shower reminding her of a waterfall. How was he able to do this to her? Each thrust and each deepening push into her only seemed to push her further and further to climax and definitely better than before. She had come in with such a dominant spirit and now was at the mercy of Elijah who, while careful, had still attacked her with such intensity.

Serenity stepped out of the shower satisfied and much more confused about what was going on than before she stepped in. Maybe tonight wasn’t the night to keep playing these games, she wanted to be clearheaded when two of them discussed what was going on. She only had one room left to clean after all and who was to say that come the end of moving everything out that Elijah would disappear. She couldn’t stay here forever an would eventually have to get back to her apartment . . . back to Johnathan. Serenity had dried herself off, wrapping the towel around her body as she walked out of the steamy bathroom. She didn’t have a problem with sleeping naked, but certainly didn't think that she could handle another round with Elijah. Though watching him, the way the towel wrapped low around his body where that v formation dipped - it did give her wild thoughts.

“A movie might help me sleep,” she said as she removed the towel, dropping it into the hamper before pulling on the shirt over her head. It was big, as expected, though fell perfectly to show the curve of her rump at the right angle. She climbed into the bed, shivering at how cool it fit, spots where she’d come in a fit still drying. Serenity couldn’t recall what the move had bene, falling asleep so easily once her head touch the pillow; though her sleep cam with a troubling dream as well.

Serenity could feel herself being watched then, by someone or [I something] dark in shadow, much like the flash she had seen in the corner of her ye earlier, something to which she had considered a figment of her imagination. Yet, it seemed so ideal then, as her body lurched somewhat, the last of the shadow escaping her body. She watched as the figure looked down at her something like a jagged smile presented before the shadow swooped in close to force its way back into her. Had she been herself that whole time or been influenced. She sat up then in a flurry, her yes looking into the darkness of what was an unfamiliar room before turning to se Elijah. She sighed out and laid back down, her body cuddling in close to him. She knew she wouldn’t be enabled to hold this in, but also didn’t want to be lectured by Daniel. She tried not to think about it, closing her eyes until sleep overtook her once more.
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[font “times” Eli watched her. The way that she smiled, the way that she was playing the game just as much as he. She was taken, and he was playing with fire. Playing boundaries was not going to get him anywhere, but he was going to milk it as best as he could and for as long as he could until the game had to come to an end and hell would open and Samael would be released. It would definitely be a change of scenery. Hell was not for the faintest of hearts and as he looked at her, he could feel the beast purring at the thought of hell opening up and the flames touching the humans skins, their screams apparent, and the never ending pain. A lovely feeling.]

[font “times” As he had given her the choice, a way out, she took it as something that he was giving her an ultimatum. When he started the water, he was pulling his boxers down again when she had come to the entrance of the bathroom. She called for him, standing naked in the door way with her body posed so beautifully. The curves right there in front of him, he could watch her all day. [I Don’t go getting cocky on me.] She said, their eyes meeting. ]

[font “times” He chuckled and reached a hand into the water, having looked at her again, his member stiffening again. She began to talk again, being smart, coy, and one who was more than a tease to the man. Her skin glistened, and he stepped away from the shower, knowing it was getting hotter by the moment, he walked up to her and grabbed her hand, pulling her toward him. [I And I’m not going to let you think that just because you’re worth the risk, you’re more than a prize than me. Am I right?] She said. He pulled her into his arms just a little bit more, their flesh touching again. Holding the curve of her neck and his hand releasing hers to wrap around her waist.]

[font “times” [b Baby girl, you are more than anything anyone has ever told you. I just want you to see that while being in my arms.] He whispered against her lips, letting his skin just above hers. [b And I can tell, your naughty tendencies liked my touch.] His smiled landed on hers as he pulled her into the shower, letting the water stream down on their bodies, wetting down the situation they shared. The steam surrounded them and he felt the urge to breathe, but he loved the sting of the heat against his skin and the heat of her kiss.]

[font “times” This woman was more than whatever the dude had ever told her. He clearly didn’t care about her otherwise it wouldn’t be Daniel helping her. It would be him. This dude wasn’t shit, and having her now, she was clearly missing something in her life that he wasn’t able to give her. Memories lasted, but if it was more than that, she wasn’t letting on that it meant much more now. She was in his arms, in his house, kissing him, and letting him touch her body. The way that she had leaned into him, screamed for him, he knew it had been a while or even at all since she had been satisfied the way that she had been. ]

[font “times” His hands traveled over the woman once more, finding her crevices that he had come across in the bedroom, finding her weak spots, ones where her breath stopped and ones that made her lean a little closer into his hand. He found her points of climax once more, knowing for sure that she was going to be sore in the morning, but he would still take care of her there. Within the shower, the marbled walls were high as the water streamed down like a rainfall over their bodies. The steam, water, and heat surrounded them that it fogged the glass, leaving them within the mist. ]

[font “times” Oh how this woman was going to get the best of him.]

[font “times” When they were done and washed up, he stopped the water and handed her a clean towel that was in the cabinet next to the entrance of the shower. [b We can head to bed, or we can watch a movie, your choice baby girl.] He said as he wrapped a towel around his waist, and picked up a smaller one and started rubbing his hair to dry it off as well. He walked over to the closet as she was drying off to grab one of his shirts and boxers. [b Here, you can sleep in this, if you don’t feel sleeping naked with me.] He said, trying to be a gentleman as best as he could. He wanted to be more to her…and he still wasn’t entirely sure where he was with her. She was still here yes, but maybe it was because he wasn’t home. So many scenarios. ]

[font “times” But he was going to enjoy the present as much as he could and as for as long as he could.]
  Elijah Davenport / AWritersLove_ / 29d 13h 22m 9s
He didn’t regret it. Serenity didn’t stop the grin that slid against her face, eagerly drawing into his touch, her foot gently grazing Elijah’s calf. She liked to watch very part of him, her body trying to remember every part of him. She could still feel his touch, how she opened with no restraints, wrapping tight. He was right in his thinking; though the experience was more than good and no word like euphoric could even come close to describing the climatic point of her night. No, it was something more than that. She had propped herself up then by her elbow, her head fitting comfortably, being cradled in the palm of her hand. Serenity liked to see him smile. His chuckle enticing her to smile in return. It was nice, for the time being, not thinking too much what’s he had done, but there was no way that she was going to ignore that she had cheated on Johnathan Serenity felt weird. She wasn’t entirely upset, as she was happy to for once go with what she wanted. She had finally trusted her gut and it felt [I good]. However, Johnathan didn’t t deserve this. Any problems they had: the whole spat about the school; that was all something that could have been fixed. Serenity had to be honest with herself though, Johnathan had made her happy, but as of late she was questioning if they truly were right for one another.

He hadn’t touched her like Elijah had and that had to say a lot didn’t it? Humans were not perfect and most fell victim to the flesh. Though by now sexuality had been popularized on Earth. Casual sex was not really seen as a bad idea; breakups and divorces were carried out on television. The fact she had waited so long to lose her virginity certainly said a lot about the woman. Cheating on Johnathan, a man that she could [I possibly] still be engaged to was wrong. It was an endless battle of tug of war in her mind about whether to feel guilty or not.

Serenity wanted to draw Elijah back, she didn’t like to feel him furthering himself from her and had frowned. Quickly sitting up she lazily held the sheet up to her body, the blanket folding just right against the curve of her breast, her shoulder showing with. Curtain of dark hair waving over. She didn’t think she was the only girl and some part of Serenity figured that she wouldn’t be the last – that didn’t mean that she was cut completely out of the running. It seemed quite silly to risk her relationship for Elijah if he expected her to fight over him. Her still being in his bed said a lot. Hadn’t he known that he was worth the risk when she didn’t refuse to accept his hand?

“Thank you,” Serenity said, not sure why it mattered so much that Elijah didn’t think differently of her for not being single. She was an adult though and she would have to own up to her decision despite Elijah decreeing she had nothing to feel bad about; that meant he certainly enjoyed what he got out of it. Serenity stared; mouth slightly parted as he walked off. Elijah certainly had made his peace with what had happened. While she had already made the decision to sleep with him, he was testing whether she had to balls to follow through. Serenity didn’t have much time to think about it she feared. She quickly got out of the bed, the air cool against her skin and she was too riled up to notice.

“Hey,” she said with a huff her hand braced against the entry of the bathroom, her body posed in a soft s shape. She wanted to yell at him, about how he shouldn’t be giving her any ultimatums. Yet, she didn’t want to sound crazy. She was supposed to be leaving for Chicago and had she not gotten caught up with Elijah, Serenity didn’t hope – no she trusted that she would make the decision to leave whether Johnathan accepted it or not. What was the point of her sleeping with Elijah then? Serenity was looking for an outlet, something to distract her from all the madness that was going on: a failing relationship and trying to figure out how to get through her life without the woman she counted on and trusted the most.

“Don’t go getting cocky on me.” She finally said, Serenity meeting his eyes. Though he had what he wanted: her not getting dressed to come out and find her sitting on the couch to take her home. And she could have what she wanted, one night when she didn’t feel like she was sleeping alone. “Besides awful waste of gas, seeing how I’m going to need you to come over to gather the rest of things.” She mumbled, trying to play coy. Maybe come morning she’d have some sense about what was going on. “I’m sure I can leave just as much a great ass impression on your sex life,” she whispered.

“And I’m not going to let you think that just because you’re worth the risk, you’re more than a prize than me. Am I right?” She asked with a smirk.
  serenity / SincerelyLily / 29d 11h 3m 24s
[font “times” [I You were – that was everything I expected and more.] The words had come breathlessly to her lips. His body was still raging of electrical nerve pulses. The beast had been satiated, moving backwards into its cave of satisfaction. She was curled up into the sheets beside him and he could feel her trying to catch her breath, but as they were sitting there, the longer he sat there, he could feel the guilt growing beneath her skin. There was a moment where it was right in the forefront, and it was without a doubt going to stay there. She was not the typical girl who could go around and act like nothing was wrong.]

[font “times” He turned onto his side as he looked at her. She was contemplating everything. Her eyes were glossy. She was satisfied, but he could tell that there were other things on her mind. Jealousy? He could practically smell it but it soon disappeared as she had looked at him, pulling her hair out of her face and gaining composure. He lifted a brow at her question, but she had every right to assume it. However, he wondered where the origin that it had come from and a pit of offense had grown, but he remained composed as best as he could. [b I’ll take that as a compliment with how good it was for my experience, but no. Not as often as you’re possibly thinking right now.] He said, letting her pull away from her as she immediately came back with saying she was a terrible person but not regretting it. He chuckled at her. [b I don’t either.] He stated, propping himself on his elbow to look at her straight. ]

[font “times” Her skin was perfect against the navy sheets. Her hair was touseled by the sex they had just had, and her skin was shining from the orgasms that she had experienced. It was always good to see the glow as well as the few wet spots that were in the middle of the bed. Her eyes had lifted to his and she was gulping, the exhaustion was there, she was getting tired. [I Are you going to ask me about him?] The simple question. The one that any woman would ask to see if there was jealousy. Of any sort…right?]

[font “times” The demonic host looked at his prey, the one who had succumbed to his touch, his seed, his everything and now she questioned him, asking if he basically cared for her. The beast, the demon, and the hell part of him wanted to throw her out once she was given him the book. The human side had looked at her, wanting to feel closer, wanting to be closer to her. It was a brutal, never ending war with himself and it was raging, battle after battle in his mind. Sparks were going off, and the beast was unraveling in his stomach, raging against the different emotions that he was facing. He was supposed to be a man of god. He was supposed to be the on that a woman could lean on and help her follow in the lord’s steps. However, he had fallen to the power of the flesh. As all demons did…as those with free will always did. ]

[font “times” He lifted his hand and placed it gently on her hip, looking at her as he leaned into his palm. [b That is a complicated question, my dear.] He said, looking at her, lifting a brow. [b Clearly, he hasn’t touched you the way I just did, but, he also know you personally more than I do.] He said softly, pulling away and getting out of the bed, pulling on his boxers. He lifted up one finger, [b But with that being said, are you worried that you are just another girl to me?] He asked, turning the table back on her. ]

[font “times” [b Basically what I am asking, are you worried if you give up your entire relationship of however long it was or is, am I worth taking the risk?] ]

[font “times” [b To answer both: you are not another girl to me. And second, I don’t think any less of you for having sex with me while having a ‘complicated’ relationship with someone else. So am I worth the risk, it depends on what you think your standards are.] He said shrugging his shoulders. ]

[font “times” [b But before you answer any of my statements or counter what I have to say, I’m going to shower and during this shower, I’m going to give you a choice. This choice being you either come and shower with me, or you get up, get dressed, and I will take you back home without any further questions asked. Will the latter hurt, most definitely, but I am not going to push you into a choice you don’t want to make. I feel like having great ass sex with me is enough to remember me by.] He gestured with his hands and walked away toward the bathroom at the far end of the bedroom. ]

[font “times” Was it mean that he was giving her a basic ultimatum? No. He liked girls who could make a choice. And really, if this man was very important to her, she would choose him, and Eli wouldn’t question it. That was it right? That was all he had to do? And if she didn’t choose him, he would still be nice and civil. It was what adults do. He wasn’t going to hide away as much as he would want to. [u You are going to have to face the fact your heart is being ripped out. And not by me this time.] ]
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His lips came crashing down on hers and god it felt so good. She pressed her body flesh against Elijah’s her tongue brushing against his own, fighting for dominance and she was every bit of a sore loser as she tried to gain control as best she could. Her heart was hammering against her chest, and with a gasp, Serenity found herself latched around his waist; she knew he’d be able to swoop her off her feet. Fingers grazed through the dark strands Eli’s hair as she kissed him, her need for air seeming so unnecessary. Yet, she allowed herself to come up for air, her head tilted back and pressing against the framed picture which crashed against the floor. Startled, she clung to him tighter, her chest rising and falling with each breath as Serenity looked down at the gentleman. She couldn’t believe she was going through with this. She could feel very part of her throbbing, a steady rhythm that only intensified as she squirmed against him, feeling his hardening. Her arms were draped across his shoulders then. She had no shame in the moan that escaped when he stopped. Serenity couldn’t break her gaze, staring down at him and not breaking eye contact as he walked through the dim lit hall to his bedroom.

Serenity settled on the navy-blue sheets; her eyes locked in as she watched Elijah remove his shirt. She could leave now. She had got what she wanted, didn’t she? Still, her tongue glided over her lips, tingling from his kisses still. She was careful as she removed the sweater then, the black lace bralette soon following. Serenity had paused then, her arms crossing over her briefly; she’d not had many partners, and this was different for her. She could hear Daniel in her head. What kind of woman was she? Yet, as Elijah hovered over her, uttering those three words, she let her arms fall from covering her bare chest without a care. Her hands had gently tugged at her jeans until there she lay for the taking. She felt like she was floating on water – yet her body was raging hot, moisture slipping through the crevices.

There wasn’t much time for her to think, for her to tell him to stop when her lips were occupied forming small o’s with pleasure at the gentle nips of Eli’s lips in places that she’d never been kissed before. This was everything she didn’t know that she wanted or missed and sadly enough only furthering confusing the woman when thinking of Johnathan. [I It’s complicated] had taken on a whole new meeting with each hitch of her breath. Serenity didn’t feel like herself and yet she knew she felt good and that made up for it.

Her hands had straggled against meaty skin, nails clutching into his shoulder blades. She wanted all of him to fill her – her mind consumed with thoughts of pleasure no matter how much of a sin it was to be this greedy. “Please,” she had found herself whispering, begging herself to stay strong against thee overwhelming pressure of release. [I Don’t stop]. She was lost in the moment of bliss, begging her body to hold out for just a bit longer.

Her curse was lost in the crook of his neck, her forehead resting gently on Elijah’s shoulder as her body trembled with release, hands slack against his chest. He felt good against her – the warmth now something she was used to. Serenity refused to part, though more so thought that her legs could do much for her at that moment. She’d rolled over on her back, holding the sheets up to her chin as her body came down from its high. Serenity turned her head to look at Elijah, proper satisfied and with all reason to be. She sat up a little, looking down at him, “You were – that was everything I expected and more,” she said. How long would this last though? She could already feel a small ball of guilt growing in the pit of her stomach.

She had cheated on Johnathan. Serenity hoped that her expression didn’t him off. The sex was great, but at what cost? What if she was just another stray cat that crossed his path? Yet, what if this was the sign, she had desperately been calling for to help her make the most important decisions in her life affecting her future?
Serenity had by no means been the poster child when it came to religious morals and values, but she’d thought of herself as a decent woman who abided by the standard rules of class and it certainly wasn’t classy sleeping with a guy on a first day especially whole being in a relationship.

That didn’t stop the pride she felt at hearing the sounds he made when against her or how just playing back the memories made her consider going another round. How could she keep this in? She was already dying to tell someone, and Daniel surely would not enjoy hearing about this. “Do you do this often?” She asked. She drew in closer, looking up through strands of her hair before tucking them out of her face. “I’m a horrible person,” she whispered as she closed her eyes then, resting her head on Eli. “But I don’t regret it.” She didn’t need to whisper as she wasn’t ashamed. She jumped a little then, looking down to brush her hand against her flesh, a small the cross tightly pressed against her skin and hot. Rubbing the twinge of pain away she thought about what this meant, but exhaustion was waving over. “Are you going to ask me about him?” She said softly, her throat raw from screams of pleasure. She’d never been made love to that way.
  serenity / SincerelyLily / 31d 10h 39m 43s
[font “Times” Elijah could feel the tender quiver under her lips as he touched the tip of his thumb across them. It was something soft and it was something he wanted to bite and use to his advantage. She had swallowed at the touch, almost leaning into him. [u She wants you, Eli. But remember she is taken.] The beast growled. It knew what it wanted and she was standing right there in front of him, within arms reach, within touching and kissing distance. Her lips moved tightly, but still aching in the way it arched toward him.]

[font “Times” She smiled at him as he explained the metaphorically colored picture in her head. She liked him like this. It was a method of getting him like this, and for a brief second, he thought this was going to turn into a game for her. He watched carefully as her lips parted to produce his name. [b Hmmm…] He let the purr escape his lips as he waited for her to ask him to get off of her and let her leave. Instead she stuttered, her lips allowing her tongue to glide over them. His breath was hitching at the sight, oh how this woman had him all unraveled and pushing past every single nerve he had. Everything was on fire as she leaned in, their breaths within tingling distance. It was a mere eternity by the time she spoke again. The heat radiating from her mouth onto his lips as he nodded slowly.]

[font “Times” It was in this moment that he knew that he would be in territory allowing him to touch her when she consented. Allowing him to enter her world and erase any past connections that she held. He wanted to show her a new world of touch and sensations. She could have called it off at this point and he would let her leave with a brief moment of regret, trying to get her to stay, but he would ultimately respect her decision to leave, but instead of letting his worries overtake his thought, his raw instinct was seeing a different picture. It saw her need, her heat, her desire for the man that stood above her. At his request, he told her to make a decision, to think about it all, to cut off ties and stand beside him and let him recreate her fantasies, or leave it all…]

[font “Times” [I I want you.] ]

[font “Times” Immediately their lips were together and he was kissing back, pulling her closer to him, the need dragging her to him. He linked an arm around her waist before their lips part as she was staring down into his eyes. Her hands, though looking thin and fragile, gripped him with strength, pulling him in. The beast purred at the touch, at the amount of domination that the woman thought that she had. It made him chuckle against her lips as he grinned against her lips, their teeth brushing lightly. Their lips parted as she asked him if he wanted her too. A simple question, and one that deserved to be answered. ]

[font “Times” Instead of physically answering the question, his free arm cupped underneath her ass and pulled her up to have her legs straddling his waist with ease. He picked her up swiftly and leaned her against the wall, not even caring the picture that he had falling to the floor and shattering. Ace ran through the doggy door and ran outside without a single word. His hips pressed against hers as his lips reunited with hers, wanting to feel that heat, his tongue gliding along the edge of her mouth, sure to only dance at the boundary and not force its way in like he so much wanted to. ]

[font “Times” As he was still playing a game.]

[font “Times” He moved away from the wall, parting their lips for a brief second as he carried her to the bedroom that was right across the way through the living room. With a chuckle, he entered through the threshold of his bedroom. The grand king bed was made with a few trinkets other than the lamp on the night stand. The dark navy sheets were soft as he set her down. [b I do want you by the way, if you couldn’t tell.] He said softly, as he leaned up, removing his shirt and tossing it to the floor. This way she could watch the muscles ripple as he gave her love with his mouth.]

[font “Times” It didn’t take long before both of their sets of clothing were on the ground and Eli’s beastly side was taking over him, wanting to feel every spasm, twitch, and release that the woman had to give. From bottom to the top, he had kissed every inch of her insole to the top of her head, having paid attention to every single crevice that he could, wanting to make it memorable and sensual. He had taken his time with the female’s body, sure to make sure that every one was satisfied, himself having already been dripping by the time he was entering her protected.]

[font “Times” When the deed was done, he pulled her close to him and apologized for a built up sweat he had gathered. [b You are a goddess.] He chuckled, whispering into her hair wanting to have her feel him against her. He was out of breath, breathing heavily against her, but fully satisfied…He wanted to know what she was feeling…]
  Elijah Davenport / AWritersLove_ / 31d 12h 9m 21s
Serenity leaned against the wall, her eyes looking down at her fingers. She was rambling, maybe some type of ploy to get him to change his mind; she hadn’t learned her lesson obviously. Her tongue ran over her lips then. They were sore and raw, but she couldn’t let up knowing how it turned him on. She watched as his eyes fell to her lips every time, she bit down on them. Sighing out, Serenity gripped the cross, watching as Elijah crossed the distance to stand before her. She was glad to know that he too was battling his own [I demon] – whether or not it was right for him to pursue her despite her situation.

Maybe he was going off her own vibes as well. If she wanted him, then it was okay for Elijah to take her as he pleased. God how she wanted him to have her completely. It was a bad idea, but she wasn’t sure she would regret allowing herself to fully relinquish her will and give control to her body. She had needs and Elijah was right there. Would she believe herself a bad person for giving into her wants?

Elijah stood before her then, his thumb brushing over tender flesh. She swallowed thickly as she looked up at him. Serenity tried not to show how excited she was to have him near again. Still, she closed her lips tight, body absorbing the tingling sensation from his touch.

[I Raw nerves]. She couldn’t help but give a smirk, proud of the way she had made him feel. “Eli,” she said softly. She was now faced with the biggest decision. Of course, Serenity knew when she first started this [I game] that she was putting her love life in danger. She couldn’t lie to Johnathan, but she also couldn’t lie to herself and everything in her wanted Eli badly. “I – I – “Serenity licked her lips then and edged in closer. He more than definitely could see her cheeks which at this point were bright red and would be for quite some time.

She could say yes and cross into a world she had never before, or she could go home She could call her ca and head home. Home where she would find herself alone and sleeping in a cold bed. She could imagine herself there in that big bed, eyes closed and thinking of Eli – fingers dancing across her skin; she’d not touched herself in quite a way in a while. Johnathan wouldn’t even be home.

“I want you,” she said, and Serenity had no time to take the words back before leaning up to kiss him. Her head was swimming and while she couldn’t blame her actions on the alcohol, she certainly didn’t feel all too much like herself. Serenity looked up at him, her eyes alight with desire and her hands reaching out to draw him in close before she changed her mind. She just wanted to [I feel] something. Johnathan rarely looked at her, her engagement was nonexistent, and her career was in the wind. Dammit, she wanted to just be able to make decision and not regret it and something told her she wouldn’t regret this. Right?

Her finger gripped his shirt gently and she drew in, her hips against him. Her lips brushed against his. She wasn’t going to make this that easy. Serenity could feel his hardening. “Do you want me?” Her nose had trailed along his jaw line and finally she was able to inhale him. His touch burned but she was running on high as well. Serenity whimpered just a little; some part of her wondered if she would even last.

Serenity’s thumb was looped in his jeans and she finally felt in control enough to meet Elijah’s eyes. “Say yes,” she whispered.
  serenity / SincerelyLily / 31d 14h 43m 47s
[font “Times” The demonic side of him wanted nothing more than to push her on to the couch and make love to the body that was so willingly open to him. She wanted it, oh how she wanted it, the way her eyes fluttered, the way that he could hear her heartbeat race in her chest. It was something of a miracle that pulled him away. He had to be a gentleman. If she was going to gain her respect, he had to be respectful of her already existing, while faltering and falling apart, relationships. She wasn’t going to have much more than that if he just let her take him…]

[font “Times” [u You are going to regret this.] The beast said. And without a doubt, his dick was already feeling blue balled in his now somewhat tight pants. The woman had touched his chest, enlightening all of his senses, arousing the beast with him, it took everything he had in him to say no. To push back. To be something that he knew he could be. She had gasped when he had said that she was temping. She was breathing hard, she wanted him, and her touches, kisses, ever so gently had led him to believe that she was actually not with anyone, but then she had said complicated…His somewhat tipsiness didn’t workout that way. She immediately pulled back, embarrassed now as her face completely red as she stumbled through her words. He was left standing after she mentioned going to the bathroom. He watched her walk away, straightening herself up and he was there to walk over toward the door to let Ace in.]

[font “Times” Each passing breath and ordering Ace to go lay on his bed, he held his head in his hands. He had pushed her away in the moment and he was regretting it. He wanted her so bad. He wanted more than what this was all coming down to, but he knew that he had to be respectful. He knew that he would have to play the part, get the girl, release hell, and be done with it all. His human form would no longer exist, and his demonic part of his body would completely take over and he would be in his true demon form. He wouldn’t remember. He would be able to step away as if nothing had happened. That was what was going to happen. He had to think about it that way…While his dick was not pleased, he was going to think about this in the long run rather than the short term… ]

[font “Times” He leaned up and put his elbows on his knees when she was walking out toward him. And what he thought would happen came next. She was without a doubt going to leave him and go back to her. He didn’t speak, but only stood when she was talking. Blabbering. She was going on and on and when she mentioned his complication and she looked at her phone that buzzed. Damn it Daniel. He whispered quietly in his head. Watching her carefully look at it, she responded quickly and looked at him, mumbling something about being something else and Eli simply looked at her. ]

[font “Times” If he was going to make a difference. If he was going to bring her to his side…and keep her close, he had to do something. It wasn’t until he had looked at her, watching her bite her lip, and he had to suppress a moan. She was being something else. She was being a turd for tempting him such as these. She had been standing near the wall when she had come around the corner. He had stood up, listening to her speak, listening to her go on and on, and when she was about to mumble, he walked close enough to where he could hear her breath again. [b Shh.] He whispered.]

[font “Times” [b You are something that is turning me into a mess of raw nerves is what you are.] He said softly, the tip of his thumb gliding gently over the bottom of her lip. He put his hand on the wall to the side of her head, his body towering over hers just slightly. [b Tell me you want me to kiss you right now, and I will. Tell me you want me, and I will take it in full stride…] He hesitated before speaking and there, he gulped in air in a deep breath. [b But with that decision to tell me what you want… is making your decision final of your complicated situation… Otherwise I can come over tomorrow…and we can keep on what we were doing before.] He whispered. His breath was faulty against his lips. His body was on fire, his beast raging within him, wanting nothing more than to take her.]

[font “Times” But he was giving her a choice…As a gentleman should.]

[font “Times” [u Fuck being a gentleman…good guys always finish last.] The beast said.]
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His place was more than nice; it was beautiful and for what appeared to be a simple man, he had bit of a lavish style. Tough nothing seemed outlandish – very piece made complete sense.
“What’s your middle name? She asked Elijah, her eyes flickering to the fireplace once more. This room must have been perfect during the winter. Serenity thought about cuddling up on the gorgeous plush couch. Serenity could imagine the peace that would come with being held, gentle kisses along the forehead and neck. Serenity thought then if it had been her fault; was she maybe unknowingly pushing Johnathan away? Here she was being so bold with Elijah – she was flirting, and he knew it as well. Couldn’t she have very well done the same with her own boyfriend? She chewed on her bottom lip in thought then, though of course Elijah capturing her attention. His voice stirred something in her, making her stomach feel like there were millions of butterflies trapped inside. She needed a release.

Serenity was close enough to grab him by the shirt; there was his scent again. She wanted her nose pressed against the crook of it, placing a light kiss along his neck just to see how Elijah would react. Still she tried to maintain any last shred of coyness with Eli. Serenity reached out, one hand on his chest above his heart. Her eyes scanned the slight wrinkles in fabric as they followed the curve of his pecs, and along the lines of his abs. She closed her eyes for just. Second as she looked down, her breathing still steady and calm despite the beating of her heart increasing in speed.

Serenity looked up at Elijah, somehow managing to turn those full lips into something of a smile that didn’t show just how nervous she was. She was trembling under Eli’s touch. Everything felt good in that moment and it seemed right by the glow from the pool. She liked the sound of her name out of Eli’s mouth and when placed his warm hand to her cheek she couldn’t help but lean into him, her lips grazing over the skin – calloused in some parts. The hands of a working man.

“Tempting . . .yes,” she gasped out. Serenity looked up at Elijah, his lips were so close. She could just lean in just a little they’d be hers. He wanted her, god she knew how badly he wanted her. So why wasn’t she pinned to the couch at that very moment? She exhaled out, a despondent chuckle tutting out. Right, the complicated situation. Elijah wasn’t falling for that though. Did he think badly of her or had it turned him on just a bit more to know that he had stolen her from someone he hadn’t even met.

“I guess – I mean,” She frowned just for a second, her cheeks flush from embarrassment and well other thoughts that were simmering in the back of her mind. “I’m sorry. He was just being nice, and she was vulnerable. She was stupid for letting things get this far and now she looked desperate she imagined. “Bathroom down the hall I’m assuming?” She couldn’t wait for his response, her ears burning, and she quickly let her hair fall to cover them. Serenity was thankful to be behind closed doors, her back against the white wooden doors as she covered her eyes with her hands. She’d quickly sobered up from that point, cursing under her breath and chastising herself for her actions. Her hands shook under the cool stream of water from the faucet. She gently shook them, pressing them against her forehead and cheeks. She moaned at the cool feeling, dropping her hands to look at herself in the mirror.

A flash of a shadow could be seen in the corner of her eyes to which she looked but of course found nothing. She felt possessed. Serenity knew she needed to get out of there before she embarrassed herself any further. Once cooled down, she left the bathroom.

Of course, she was trying not to be so obvious in her disappointment. “I should get going. I don’t want to put you out any further; I’m sure a cab ride will help clear my had so I can sleep.” It was a lame excuse, but she couldn’t imagine him taking her home. She couldn’t suffer through the excruciating pain of being so close and not acting out on her actions.

“I’ll probably just crash at my mother’s if I can’t sleep maybe I’ll finally just tackle her bedroom.” Serenity smiled, looking down at her feet then. What was she waiting for? Him to change his mind hopefully. “It’s not that complicated, I guess – I guess I just am too scared to make a decision.” She was so open with Eli and despite not really knowing him too well his opinion of her truly mattered. She wasn’t a cheater. Right now, she was just trying to figure everything out; how fitting for her life to start falling to pieces as her mother departed the dear earth. “I’m a mess,” she said with a sighed, running her fingers through her hair and gently massaging her scalp. She moaned out slightly at the release. Her pocket vibrated again, and Serenity looked down at Daniel’s name. She sighed out; Daniel was easy. She lied and promised she was home.

“You’re something else,” Serenity mumbled. She bit down on her lip; she hadn’t meant to say that aloud. Of course, she was just a bit bitter and also, thinking maybe bratiness would catch his attention.
  serenity / SincerelyLily / 31d 18h 23m 20s
Elijah had noticed the way that she was leaning into him. He noticed how well she was wanting to slip into his arms and never leave. Whoever had her attention before didn’t stand a chance next to the male, and the longer they spent together, the more he saw that. At this point, he wasn’t even thinking about the male that had helped them this afternoon, despite how strong the glare was at the male. He couldn’t help that the woman was attracted to the male’s curves…

Oh how the pleasure of the flesh won over so many things…

He smiled as she was loving on Ace, and Ace himself was loving every second of it. Walking through the mudroom into the house, the kitchen expansive with marble counters and light cream cabinets. He loved cooking in the kitchen, one of his past times. Pans hung above the stove, and plenty of cooking space with a flitter of machines all around that helped make his cooking life easier. He watched her carefully as he smiled at Ace who pulled away from the female for a moment to come say hi to him, leaning heavily on him as they walked into the living room that looked out at the back yard. It was a plain backyard, but under the porch, he had a fire pit with a grill built in and a pool located to the right of the property with rock sidewalks leading up to it. The lights were powered by the sunlight and they glowed steadily, almost as if they were lit by flames around the pool, flickering over the water.

The living room was filled with a long lounge couch, with matching end tables and lamps. A huge plasma hung on the wall across from the couch, and underneath a broad fireplace with a grand copper grate in front with his initials carved into it. [I EDD] in Monogram form.

[b Go outside Ace.] He said, opening up the door, before he looked back at the female, who was stepping closer to him. The alcohol was on her breath, and despite the wanting that he thought he wanted, for a brief moment, he didn’t want to take advantage of the alcohol allowing his arms to slip around her and she not put up a fight… For a moment, he wanted to do this the old fashioned way…

Oh how he was now stuck between a rock and a hard place.

[b Despite not having to do anything, I wanted to do it. Especially dinner.] He smiled at her as she had leaned against him, her hands in her back pockets, her chest arched slightly forward toward him in the moment. [u You are in for a hard time, buddy. You need to back the fuck up!] The beast warned, but knew that the flesh wanted to be pleasured.

He watched the curve of her shirt barely caress her skin underneath. The womanly curves she held, he wanted to touch every inch, to show her the touch that she had never been in touch with before. It was more than just tying up and taking over now. He wanted to give her senses that she didn’t know she had, and all surrounded with a single fingertip…oh what one digit across a body could do. Tantalizing, teasing, a fluttery kiss here and there along her body, he could practically feel her breathing hitch now.

[b You are one rare bird, Serenity.] He whispered, coming closer to her. He had left the lights lay low, and just from the flickering of the lights from the pool was cascading a soft light on her face, showing the curves in just the right light. He lifted a hand to touch her cheek, the soft touch, he felt such electricity. Oh how he wanted this girl. Oh how she was much stronger than she looked. She was definitely a game that he was now not sure if he should play. She was what was standing in his way to the opening of all Hell, and in the moment, he was willing to let it all go.

It was lust…it had to be lust…he had a job to do.

And he needed to do it right.

He leaned in just slightly, almost tasting her, but he stopped just an inch away, his hand holding at her hip and the other on her face. [b You are tempting baby girl…] He whispered softly. [b And I want nothing more to show you a good time, but the gentleman in me is stopped by your complicated situation.] He said, and with a very heavy hand, he pulled it away from her and stepped back from her.

[u Oh, you’re good.] The beast purred.

Women always loved a man they couldn’t have.
  Elijah Davenport / AWritersLove_ / 31d 23h 39m 31s

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