A Chance with Lady Luck

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[center [font "Century gothic" [size20 A Chance with Lady Luck ]]]

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Lady had gotten a good distance away from the building. People were fleeing from the scene in state of panic. Hearing the roaring from her pet really seemed to shaken people up. By the time Lady had made a good distance away she notice the moon wasn't in the right position. She would have to free her companion from that bloody stone tomorrow when the moon was high in the sky.

It was still risky with everyone out for her. It was going to be difficult. She could easily go out to the woods but the only problem was the ritual was still going to cause a disturbance. More than likely she would be noticed. It wasn't like she couldn't get away but she was going to have Retsujō to worry about. That damn cat was filled with rage.

She couldn't blame him for being so pissy. She too would be pissed if she got locked away. Lady looked at the green emerald she had tightly in her hand. The stone felt hot, she could tell Retsujō was active trap inside his tiny prison.

It was hard tell what he would do when he was freed. Would he go on a murderous rampage or would he clam just happy to be out? It was so hard to tell with him. She was just happy to have him back. She had missed him over the years. That cat had been around since she was a child.
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[center As soon as Stella found out that the jewel was missing she went after the one person that seemed to have caught her eyes the lady that had a flower smell.]

[center ~~~~]
[center She smelt the air smelling a spring flower smell coming from the lady behind her and kept a note of it secretly.]
[center ~~~~]

[center She used her assassin skills to get onto a ledge and pulled out her pistol. She scanned the crowd until she found her target but she was already at the door, not her. She quickly made her way to the door as fast as possible and ran out following her, [+darkred "HEY, YOU STOP IN THE NAME OF THE... Um... is it the law or is it assassins?... Oh well, GET BACK HERE!"]]

[center She was following her but knew this wasn't a normal robbery there was a different catch to... Wait are those wings? How didn't she noticed them or are they tattoos. She was staring at her back as she followed her. She found a car that was a recognizable car, it was her hirer's car and what did you expect he sent her weapons straight to her. She snatched her scythe since she was good at it and followed her still but ended up losing her.]

[center [+darkred "Shit!"] She stood there looking around knowing she failed her mission and her first failer all thanks to grabbing her weapon. She spun around before walking into an alleyway and vanishing.]
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Lady snickered as the emerald started to glow. It wasn't long before the emerald form started to change shape, revealing a large cat. Lady had been waiting for this emerald to emerge. Not many people knew the story behind the jewel or if they did it was consider a fairy tale.

Lock inside the emerald was large cat named Retsujō. This beast used to stay beside a beautiful witch named Luna. Luna was kind-hearted but was often misunderstood. She was blame for many wrongful doing.

Lady shatter the glass case and pulled the emerald out. It wasn't going to be an easy escape with the crowd and that woman. Who was screaming something about her necklace. She darted through the crow trying her hardest to make it to the back exit.

Surely it wasn't going to be easy as she hoped. With the amount of people let a lone all of the officer that hid amongst the crowed. That noisy woman surely was going to get in her way. If that happen she had plan. She would threaten to release the beast that was locked inside the emerald.
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When she was forgiven she bowed a little her expectations were getting less strict but the moment of her truth, she never said her name. She knew she wouldn't say her name and she knew a criminal wouldn't either. She waited for the moment for her to strike. When she asked about how pretty the Jewel was she did respond

"Yes, it is but sadly I don't care as long as that thief is caught," She was completely honest but she knew what might happen from the reports and expected it. she counted the seconds and the minutes until it flickered she knew it was time. her necklace went flat bright when Lady started doing her magic even though Stella was ignoring it until the lights broke.

She knew it her predictions are there. the lights she then ran through the crowd to get to the jewel. She hated crowds of people she wanted to keep the jewel safe. When she got close to it she saw that her necklace was flashing wildly. This was the first time her necklace was doing this and it was strange.

  Stella Maxtra - USA / Alfa279escaped / 137d 2h 29m 49s
[center Lady jumped a little as she felt someone bump into her. She turn to see a young girl standing before her. She tilted her head to the side as she seen the lady jump back. [+pink "Oh it is alright"] she said with a soft chuckle.

She tilted her head to the side she could hear a faint but odd sound. A sound that didn't belong here. She stood back from the young woman. As she brushed her long dark hair behind her. Lady's copper colored eyes shimmered. [+pink "Nice to meet you"] she said softly

She watched the young woman closely.[+pink "That cat's eyed emerald is certainly beautiful. Don't you think?"] she said with a smile. As she looked back towards the jewel. The beautiful jew sparkled behind the glass. Lady smiled she knew she just had to have it. It was almost time to put her plan into motion. With that cute girl in front of her it really shouldn't be that hard.

With all that people around a black was sure to cause a lot of commotion. Lady smiled softly as her copper colored eyes flashed a beautiful lavender color. The lights started to flicker, with a loud crack the lights were out.
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Once the driver stopped she knew that the people will try to crowd her but thankfully the guards were there, she wasn't much of a peoples person and it made her feel uncomfortable even for an assassin like her. She walked in sighing as she knew the beast was there little did she know her neckless had... Other things in plan and started to act as a detector of some sort. Her weapons were hidden and she loved it but here and there she will jump as someone touches her.

"I wish they signed someone else up for this I hate people!" She muttered in frustration, "When I get my hands on that Officer I'm going to strangle him."

She was also mad at the officer even though he gave her what his superiors told him to do. She walked to the jewel and noticed a female with... What seems to be... Wings or some sort on her back looking at the same gem from the corner of her eye. She knew the hungry look when she saw it but that didn't stop her from acting normal. She walked over to her chuckling nervously as she was yet again bumped, but this time she didn't catch herself and rammed the mysterious female.

"AHHHH!?" She got up and backed away from her not knowing that her neckless was flashing virally, "S-sorry I didn't mean too My name is Stella Maxtra what's your's?"
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[center [font "century gothic" After soaking in the tub with a flower scented suds. Lady smiles softly as she rise off then dries herself. She walked out of the bathroom with a smile. She stepped into her luxurious closet. Filled with dresses, and other various things. She smiled softly as he finger tips dance across hangers as she pulls out a sleeveless black dress. It cover most of her tattooed back. She had black feather wings on her back.

She smiled softly as she slipped it on. She then walked into the bedroom, she brushed her long hair that she had let down. She did her make up and smiled softly as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. It was time to head to the party that law enforcement had step up just for her. She left her apartment with a smile. It was time for the fun to begin.

She arrived at the jewelers which with crowed with people. They were everywhere. Which in her case was perfect. Lady smiled as she looked around, her copper eyes danced around the crowd, so many people yet it was easy to notice the ones with guns.

Lady smiled sweetly as she looked around the place. So many jewels, but of corse the one she wanted to see was the cats eyes emerald. She couldn't wait. She couldn't wait to get her hands on it. What most people didn't know what that cat's eye emerald was suppose to hold some sort of powers. To most humans it was meaningless but to her on the other hand. It could serve great uses. Lady Luck was a witch after all.

To most people it was a joke. People either didn't believe they were real or that they were extinct. Lady's copper eyes sparkle as she caught a glance of the emerald.
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Stella Maxtra was changing into a dress since she was going to be an undercover military officer she thought it was best not to bring her big weapons including her scythe. She changed in an orchid blue dress with the oldest possession from her family, a golden neckless that had a diamond in the center on the left and right side it was three smooth round quarts stones. She placed white gloves on and made herself looked rich and famous because he was going to be in a room why not look like she belongs there. She looks at the neckless and sighed.

"I know it lays back from family in the 1800s' but I'm worried that it might fall into the wrong hands," She placed an earpiece onto her left ear and walked out of her normal-sized house.

She got into a limo that the military ordered from her. Her red high heels showed in the light as they passed by the light polls. Her legs hid a pistol on the left and a knife on the right. She frowns knowing that this night has the feeling of something new might happen... A feeling that there was more to these reported robberies than anything. The fiend still needs to be punished but if it had a target the Jewel is next and she knew it.

"Get me there quick we don't know when she is going to strike," She barked at the driver who nods back.
  Stella Maxtra - USA / Alfa279escaped / 156d 10h 52m 29s
[center [font "century gothic" Lady Luck is a well known criminal mastermind. She is cunning and let alone beautiful. The talented woman is full of surprises and unnatural skills. Her cat like reflexes make it easy for her to steal valuable things.

What better way to catch a criminal than to set a trap. This trap had to be different. It had to be unpredictable, what better way to lure a criminal than with a rare jewel. A rare cats eye emerald had been said to be on display at one of the top end jewelers. It was said to be once worn by a queen.

A title like that would attracted almost anyone's attention, even unwanted attention. Of course the police had set this trap for a lady. A very specific lady at that. Police and law enforcement everywhere were after Lady Luck. It was crazy on how many people wanted to get a hold of her. None of them ever seem to be able too. As days past the jewelers were getting ready for this exciting event that was soon to be coming to them. Law enforcement everywhere was getting ready as well.

[#df91f3 "What fools... "] she said with a snicker. [#df91f3 Soon they will be out another valuable jewel and all for little old me..."] she said with another laugh. It was really easy fooling these useless mortals. With a bat of her eye she could have almost any one enchanted under her spell. It made it easy to steal things out from under their noses. Tonight was going to be no different.

She smiled softly as she walked to her bathroom. She might not of been human but she was still a lady after all. She loved soaking in tub with a flowery smelling soaps. After all she had to look her best for this eventful night.
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