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Durwen's mind had gone black a few times has they had moved through the forest he wasn't really sure what had happened , but he knew had had blacked out during their travel to were ever they were now. He slowly opened one eye and glanced around taking in everything or everyone he could see without moving his head to much. It was something he had learned from living in the streets and forest as a child don't move until you see everything close to you in the chances he would have to fight for his life. Durwen saw he was laying in a bed, which was a pleasant change from the fighting he had been doing however long ago not completely sure how long he had been blacked out for.

Not seeing anything close to him, he pushed his hands into the mattress and slowly lifted himself up pushing himself back against the headboard of the mattress so he could take in the whole room now, his movements had been slow and quiet making no noise even under all the sheets and blankets, he was still wearing his clothes so he sighed relief in that consideration of the strangers who saved him and brought him to this room. Not seeing anyone in the room close by and slowly thought back to what was happening and he wasn't completely sure. He remembered the bandits and fighting them in their camp then running as fast as he could while throwing magic back towards them making sure they didn't get to close.

Than there was the feeling of his power surging his steps growing faster than the next thing he knew had been standing in the center of that creator and the monsters had been gathering soon after that. He replayed the scene once again his movements, using his magic to cast spells at the bandits, normally one did not use his magic while running not saying it could not be done. He had found mixing wind magic with his legs made him move faster, but this had seemed different closer to the feeling he got when using maelstrom his power surging focusing on one point and releasing it towards the enem however, this time he seemed it had released his speed and ability, but he was quite sure he had never seen that forest before and the moon seemed slightly different.

Durwen shook his head clearing his mind, he was jumping at shadows it could mean something or it could be nothing at all. At that time his stomach growled and he smirked mystery to be figured out later now he needed food and to find the two people who had saved him so he could get the idea of just were he was. He stood coming to his full height and headed towards the door opening it just a creak so he could look outside, but still remain hidden seeing no one in the hallway he was about to open the door when he felt a magic presence coming towards him from somewhere close by. It had to be the girl and possibly the boy with her. Stepping back he left the door open and glancing around the room he saw a table with a basket of fresh fruit on it, he walked over to the table took out a chair and sat down pulling out an apple he bite into it waiting for his guest and savors to arrive .
  Durwen [Maelstrom] / FadingReality / 13d 1h 9m 39s
[Moments Later]

After narrowly escaping a run-in with a pack of aggro'd Shadow Wargs, Sadie and Ryan had made it back to the outskirts of Corwynt with Durwen firmly in Ryan's hold. The light from the streetlamps and the noise from the city would keep the worst of the Shadow Beasts at bay, making their current landing point safe for the time being. "So what do we do?" Sadie asked suddenly. "We can't just bring a half-conscious stranger into town - everyone will know he's not from here."

"Well what else can we do?" Ryan shifted so his weight was distributed more evenly across his shoulders. "It's not like we can just leave him somewhere. He [i did] help with the Night Foxes, and now he's barely upright. Plus, we have questions for him, remember?"

"I know." The redhead pinched the bridge of her nose and glanced up at the sky. The night, unlike her whirling mind, was passing by as if nothing was wrong. The stars twinkled above in sync with each other. "The Corwynt Hunter HQ isn't too far from here, and we wouldn't have to bring him through town to get him there. Let's get him there and lay him down so he can recuperate, and then we can figure out what's going on from there."


"Who's this?" a blond male asked curiously as Sadie walked in, Ryan and a mysterious figure in tow.

"We don't know much about him," Sadie admitted. "But I don't get a bad feeling from him. His name is Durwen. And his presence is a mystery. One we're dying to find out."
  Sadie Dalca / _BlueXephos / 27d 12h 28m 25s
They where moving once again he had felt the girl using magic, but he had not looked up instead he was focused on his feet moving them along with the boy beside him, not wanting to cause them to slow down any at all, with all the magical energy floating around he knew something or someone would come.
He slowly lifted his head now looking back and forward between the two stranger he was with, even if he was leaning against the boy who was supporting him getting him out of the wooded area, life had taught him long ago that you never trust anyone or anything, for the brief bits of their conversation he was listening to their names seemed to be Saddie Ryan, he had heard the girl yell the name out a few times.

Although he was exhausted and his body was on its way to a shut down to give him time to rest and recharger his eyes went back to Saddie, she was very adapt at using Ice magic and apparently could use wind magic as well, but he had never heard of any girl who was this good at using magic or in tune with ice magic. His eyes now went to Ryan who was asking if he was still with them and he thought about him now, his skill in fighting was indeed impressive, but he was very sure he had never seen that fighting style before and he was young. Than their were the monsters, Durwen knew he had never seen them before in his life and he could tell the monster were able to use and devour magic.

"I am guessing...I am not in the costal Islands anymore..I don't know this forest, I don't know those monsters..I have never heard of the two of you before.. Yes I am still with you." He turned his head checking behind them his senses reaching out feeling, there he could feel like coming like a so surge, magical presences from around the area of the cave and starting to move this way, as tired as he might feel and as empty as his reserves may be, it was time to move on a lot faster than this. Before Ryan and Saddie had time to ask him about the random sentence he had just spat out he turned and looked at Ryan than Saddie. "Their coming..time to kick it up a gear."

He closed his eyes tapping into whatever might be left in his magical reserves, he started pooling them together wrapping them around Ryan and himself, Saddie was to far ahead and he didn't have enough reserves to reach her, it was wind magic circling around the two of them and Ryan would be able to find the difference at once before Durwen was himself would not be getting lighter and lighter. He was using the wind magic to lift the weight off of them making it were they could now move even faster than before, Durwen had no desire to be caught by the swarm of beast that were coming and he wouldn't have enough reserves to help fight and he hated dead weight and he was going to make sure that they got out of here and now.
  Durwen [Maelstrom] / FadingReality / 33d 1h 19m 59s
"Wait hold on a second- Sadie!" Ryan was torn - His Hunter nature wanted to help this stranger, but his antisocial personality wanted this stranger as far away from him as humanly possible. "Why couldn't... Oh, just... Hang on." The brunet shifted so that one arm was wrapped around Durwen; in the event that he passed out before they returned to Corwynt, Ryan would be able to bear the brunt of the weight. "Are we far from HQ, Sadie?"

Sadie shot herself into the air quickly with a burst of wind magic, landing gracefully just moments later. "Not terribly. If we didn't have our new half-asleep friend here, we could just cut through the trees, but we should avoid picking any more fights..." She shook her head. "Let's head back to the main path..."

Without waiting for Ryan to agree, Sadie lead the way. She could hear him following behind, no doubt keeping his pace light due to his extra burden. It was almost amusing to see Durwen instantly go towards Ryan - his reaction was at least what she expected. "Hey, kid... Uh, Durwen, sorry. You still with us?"
  Sadie Dalca / _BlueXephos / 33d 20h 45m 21s
Slowly the storm started to die down mass destruction lay all around them, Durwen was still glowing a faint white, as he turned he looked at the boy and girl as strong as he might be the magic always seemed to disappear as soon as he created his storm. "W..we need to go..if that didn't kill them all..I won't be able to keep fighting." The white glow faded completely now and he was back to his normal color all, but his hair which actually appeared to be solid white in color.

He dropped down onto one knee looking around slowly the ground was ripped to shreds were the bolts of lighting had rutted up the earth, some trees had deep back marks covering them and several of the weird monster foxes lay dead all around. Noticing something he hadnt seen before a hole in the ground that was almost cave like many of the foxes laying dead at it's entrance as if they had tried running their to escape the storm he figured this must be the actual den of the monster and he had just bombed it with magic.

Slowly he pushed himself to his feet looking from the boy to the girl before jestering to himself. "Names Durwen, please to meet you i am sure, but I will pass out from magica exhaustion in about ten minutes, any questions you have will have to wait. Please lets go before someone decided to see how busted up their home." He pointed to the cave like opening in the ground and moved over towards the boy and without asking leaned on him, it was clear on his face that the spell had taken quite a bit out of him, but after seeing the damage it had done it would also make you wonder how someone with this much magical power could just simply appear and be completely unknown.
  FadingReality / 37d 14h 59m 7s
At the sound of the other's spell, Sadie just barely had time to pull Ryan towards her as she raised a thick set of vines to protect them from the elements. "From what I can tell, he's a lightning elemental." Sadie wasn't particularly talking to Ryan, but she was hoping he was listening. "Which doesn't make sense. Spellcasters are few and far between in Andal, and I would have heard of another one - specifically a lightning elemental. Something's wrong."

"Is it something we missed?" Ryan felt stupid for asking the question, but it was viable. Andal was made of four major regions and two outlying islands. It wasn't likely that they missed something, but it [i was] possible. Then again, as Sadie said, spellcasters were rare in Andal these days. Someone was bound to have noticed.

Sadie shook her head, peeking through the vines as the storm whipped around them. "Not this time. This feels different. I can't tell you how, but it does. We'll have to question him once we're done here, but we'll be [i polite] about it."

"Yeah, yeah." The brunet rolled his eyes. Be it like Sadie for her to point out his obvious flaw; his bitter attitude and his big mouth.
  Sadie Dalca / _BlueXephos / 38d 10h 48m 43s
Durwen slowly jumped back watching the ice form around about catching foxes and killing them, so the girl had been the magical presents he had sence coming toward him as the landed next to the two he hard the boy's words and slowly nodding his hand. "Listen I have an attack I am use that might do the trick, however you need to keep everything off of me. Also of it doesn't work grab me and get us out of here because it uses a lot of my magica."

Throwing the bow into the air the purple light appeared once again the bow disappearing from view as Durwen stood to his full height his hands lifting up into the air lighting bolts started firing from his fingertips into the over head sky, it looked as if he were just wasting his magic for no reason whatsoever. However you could feel the air begin to change and magic seemed to filling the space around them the sky which had been clear started to darknen even more as clouds appeared from no were slowly spinning above them his lighting bolts mixing with the clouds, it took several minutes for the clouds to form however Durwen could not focus on what was happening to the boy or girl his eyes turned white like lighting and he roared.

"Get to cover now!! MAELSTROM!" With that he brought this hands down towards the earth and with it wind and rain let lose and huge strikes of lighting seemed to zap everything beneath the clouds some of the lighting striking Durwen as well his whole body turning white as the hail of rain, wind and lighting hit the ground in the worst storm they had ever seen.
  FadingReality / 38d 21h 23m 21s
"Sadie, go for the unbound ones!" Ryan snapped. "I'll get the ones that are ensnared!" The brunet pulled out his scythe effortlessly and growled, his icy-blue eyes dark. He didn't know who this person was, or what they were doing here, but he appreared to be helping. He would allow it for now. With an easy flick of his wrist, he tossed his scythe in a boomerang-like motion, taking out three of the ensnared Night Foxes before the weapon returned to him.

Sadie took Ryan's cue to summon spikes of ice from the ground. A few of the Night Foxes were lucky - the slippery little demons they were - and escaped the wave, but the rest were impaled effortlessly with the icy impliments coming from below. With a smooth motion, she released tendrils of ice from her hands, ensnaring an extra fox in her grip and freezing it to its spot. She grabbed one of her saber daggers, which she always kept on her in case she needed them, and tossed it directly into the skull of the beast.

Though Ryan finished off his batch of Night Foxes with ease, he could see red eyes glowing in the distance. They must've stubled upon an old den, if there were this many. "There are more in the underbrush!" he barked. "We either need to take them out quickly or duck out now." With one pack, there were more, and unless Ryan's Hunters were nearby, it could tire the two of them, and their mysterious guest, out easily.
  Sadie Dalca / _BlueXephos / 40d 21h 32m 7s
Durwen felt it getting closer and closer than a voice yelled out, but not at him at the foxes, his eyes turned and saw a redhead girl standing there knives on hand, a boy behind her slashing away at more animals he had never seen before. However this is the moment he had been waiting for the foxes had also looked away hearing the new enemy some of them turning to face the girl and a smirk crossed Durwen's lips. "Hey Red, before you jump in might wanna wait a second. " He spoke only loud enough for her to hear, but not loud enough to grab the attention of the distracted Foxes.

He moved his hands together the sparks along his body converged into the palms of his hands , he than leaned forward suddenly and slammed his palms into the ground the lighting sparking along jolting out striking the aggroed foxes it was almost as if the lighting was alive leaping up and wrapping around the monsters some jumped back escaping the deadly circle of magic that was being unleashed, but the others were bore to the ground by the lighting their screams of pain were awful, but Durwen didn't stop he simply stood back to his full height looked at the two new comers and shrugged.

"There you go jump in as you please." Turning away from the captured foxes he slowly opened one hand a purple light appearing and slowly a purple and white bow formed into existence closing his fingers around the handhold he put his fingers to the empty string and pulled it back aiming at one of the escaping foxes. "Not today." Sparks light his fingertips as an lighting arrow appeared on the string and he aired the shot the arrow hitting it's mark jolting out and striking anything near by , the lighting circle around his feet keeping anything from coming near, being a spellcaster he had learned long ago shortage combat was something he didn't feel like dealing with so he had created this defense for battles such as these it wasn't fool proof, but it got him what he needed space.
  FadingReality / 41d 16h 32m 40s
Sadie often found it easier to use magic while on the run; it wasn't inconspicuous in the least, and she wouldn't bother with it in the daytime because there were a lot of folks who didn't believe magic should still be in the hands of humans. When it was just her and Ryan, or the other Hunters, however, it was fair game. Especially with it being as late as it was.

Ice magic was Sadie's favorite; she enjoyed the slight numbing feeling that flowed through her fingertips as the frozen tendrils targeted her enemies. The way the blood in her veins turned ice cold, yet didn't bother her in the least. Ice was elegant, smooth, and deadly if used correctly. It was never a wonder to the redhead why many got caught in the cold tundra of Eira, never to return.

She watched Ryan slash away at Shadow Wargs and Night Foxes - he barely stopped between enemies. Sometimes she wondered how he did it, his ice-blue eyes never moving as he effortlessly cut through his targets. She was decent with a weapon - it was required of her to be a Hunter in the first place. But she'd never be as good as Ryan was.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she came across a clearing in the center of the forest. In the center, surrounded by a pack of aggroed Night Foxes, was a human. Or, at least Sadie thought he was human. He possessed a gift, she could tell, of magic, just like she did. But this human did not know how dangerous aggroed Night Foxes could be. "Hey!" she snapped, trying to get the attention of he Shadow Beasts. "Come fight someone who knows how to deal with you!"
  Sadie Dalca / _BlueXephos / 42d 12h 23m 4s
Durwen could hear the growling of the animal once again and his eyes hardened walking a bit faster now, his ears picking up the fact the growl had turned into growls and for some reason he could sense brief hints of magic flowing from out of the darkness. Whatever this animal was it had the ability to use magic of some kind possibly. However that could not be because the only animal that could use any form of magic were dragons and they were a myth, but Durwen knew you could never truly trust in myths being just myths the magic flowing through his body had taught him that.

A small body was tossed out into the dirt of the forest floor the small boy looked up at the guards who had just thrown him bodily out of the city. Being am orphan he had no paperwork nothing to his name that proved he had been born and raised in the city, but once the orphanage owner had decided that He was unlovable and a waste of space he had kicked him out and that's where the guards had picked him up banging on the door crying to be let back in the owner had told the guards he didn't know Durwen so they checked him for papers and here was the end result a small boy bring left out in the forest alone.

Durwen remember it like it was yesterday midnight had came and he laid there cold and alone jumping ar every noise that's when it had happened a noise in the night he had jumped up and checked around him his movements had scared a poor deer the animal had jumped up to run and had scared him , he had thrown his hands up in front of his face to protect himself and that's when it felt like a fire was burning inside of his small body a spark lighting up on his arms and fingers jolting out across the grass until it struck the deer itself killing it on the spot. That was the moment he realized he was different than everyone else he had powers that had not been seen in thousands of years.

Movement caught his eye and he turned towards it his body coming to a stop as some sort of fox slowly walked into the light of his spell its fangs bared "What devil are you related too..huh" Durwen tilted his head studying the night fox standing there in front of him. Then more movement as one by one more of the monstrous foxes appeared out of the darkness all of them growling deep in their throats. "Oh I see..You seem this...you want this." He waved his finger through the air the foxes growls grew louder as their eyes followed the sparks licking their lips.

"You think this will be easy..you smell my magic and think your pack will outnumber me and you will get a decent magical meal..however.. you are mistaken I am not your normal spellcaster!" Durwen snarled at this last part as both of his hands opened the sparks lighting on each finger than running up his arms as the night foxes howled leaping forward towards Durwen and just as they did a jolt of lighting shot off of his body slamming into the fox dropping it to the ground Durwen's insane laughter could be heard ringing around the area

He suddenly moved sliding out of the path of an attacking fox his hands moving flowing in a circle as he spun around on the balls of his feet the lighting spinning off of his body the jolts lashing out hitting foxes. Many of them jumping back to avoid the lighting rushing them Durwen stopped his spinning and slammed his hands into the ground the earth cracking starting to rumble before sparks jump along the dirt a circle field surrounding Durwen keeping the foxes back he had only killed maybe five of them and there seemed to be something else coming, he could sense the magic his eyes hardening. "Time to get serious huh.." standing tall he smirked the lighting running up and down his body seeming to start to glow this would be the scene the two people would find a man standing in the center of a clearing lighting literally flowing off his body almost making him look like a mythical monster or person himself.
  FadingReality / 43d 14h 16m 44s
Ryan watched Hunters come and go as he waited for Sadie to return. He wished he had been able to skip his meeting and travel with her - the spellcaster being more interesting than whatever the King's bishops had to bitch about this week, but he had a duty to uphold.

Maybe he'd make Sadie do it next month.

"There you are." Ryan felt a weight lift from his shoulders as Sadie came into view. He knew the female was well and able to take care of herself, but with the night came a larger influx of Shadow Beasts. She could easily be outnumbered if they weren't careful. "Did you run into any trouble?"

Sadie shook her head. "No, not at all. I just sat out by the lake for a while." She flipped one of her twin daggers around - she didn't fight with weapons much, but Ryan had felt better knowing she knew how to use them. "Patrol time?"

He nodded. "Yeah. Zak and Isabelle went out to Castle Town a while ago with a cost report; they'll be back soon. I told him I'd do the patrol for him tonight." He pulled his foldable scythe off his back strap and unfolded it, the blade glistening in the moonlight. "Let's-"

Ryan was unable to finish his sentence as a bolt of lightning crashed in the center of the forest. "What the hell...?"

"That was magic." Sadie felt a shiver down her spine. "I know it. We should go check it out."

"Right." Ryan nodded to her and took off towards the sound, the redhead following after him. He wasn't sure what they'd find out there, but he wasn't quite ready to find out.
  Ryan Vasile / _BlueXephos / 44d 10h 59m 15s
Twigs snapped in the darkness of the night as Durwen rushed down an unseen path beneath his feet as behind him bandits tried their best to check back up with him. Thanks to his luck he has ended up stumbling into their camp by accident and they had not been very pleased to see him, he had acted quickly raising his hand a small spark appearing on his fingertips before jolting out slamming into the nearest bandit knocking him backwards onto two others where they sat, but before the men had stopped falling Durwen's feet had been hitting the ground.

He cursed out loud as an arrow struck a tree near him wood splittering almost into his face the pieces of bark pelting his face it was so close by, still moving he placed his hands together locking them forcing himself to keep running his body taking punishment from the tree limbs slapping his body as he run by, his only choice now was to use his magic well moving at these speed there was no way he could aim in time he would need a wide area shot and that meant lots of power his eyes hardened as he felt deep down within himself summoning every little bit of magical energy flowing through his body.

Sparks started to fly off his body, his feet seemed to get even faster than before, his blue eyes seemed to change colors to white sparks seeming to fly inside of them, his whole body starting to glow "Take this you stupid fu-!" With those words thunderstruck lighting smacked into the ground lighting up the whole area destroyed in a matter of seconds Durwen was gone the bandits stopped in their tracks mouths hanging open as in front of them all that was felt of where he had been standing was a smoking crater.

Deep in the middle of L'Brour Forest the sky suddenly light up as bright as if the sun was shining thunder rolled in the heavens as a huge lighting strike hit the forest rocking the floor of the forest, the lighting boring a hole into the ground and as quickly as it had came the light faded Durwen stood in the middle of another crater sparks still flowing along his fingertips and arms his eyes still glowing white before slowly fading back to his normal blue, his head rolling right than left finding no bandits in sight before he slowly climbs out of the crater slowly still looking around he realized he had no idea where he was exactly.

Slowly spinning on his heels he looked at the nearby landscape and he knew he did not know it whatsoever and somewhere in the forest he heard some sort of animal brawl low in its throat it was nearby as far as he could judge and he frowned. "Whatever you are.. you don't sound friendly at all.. where am i.. Great Dur. You have done it again." Shaking his head he checks the clearing once more before turning what he thinks is north and starts walking that way, moving away from the noise of the aninal or whatever it was near by, but to be on the safe side sparks light on his fingers lighting the path around him he heads to what he Hope's is the exit of the forest.
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It wasn't often Sadie ended up on the outskirts of L'Brour Forest alone.

It was a quiet night for a change; she hadn't heard the howl of a Shadow Warg or the snickering of a Night Fox yet, though that was subject to change as the evening dragged on. She sat at the edge of the lake, glancing at the reflection of the moon on the water's surface. She really wished Ryan had been able to come out with her tonight.

Standing up, Sadie brushed some loose grass off of her shorts and lifted her hands. A comfortable numbing sensation flowed through her fingers as tendrils of ice began to hit the surface of the lake below. It had been some time since she'd made sculptures. The ice spread quickly across the small area she was focused on, and she raised her hand to bring the ice with it.

With practiced patience, the ice began to take form. Sadie's green eyes sparkled as she watched her magic create art. It wasn't often she was able to use it for something other than fighting - why not make the most of it? The redhead stopped when the sculpture formed a rose - the pedals and leaves were thin and delicate-looking, and they sparkled in the moonlight. It was truly beautiful.

When her phone vibrated in her pocket, Sadie was brought back to focus.

[i Sender: Ryan]
[i Hey, where are you? It's getting late and we're due to patrol soon. xx]

Smiling, she sent a quick reply and pocketed her phone. Ryan had a cold demeanor to most people, but he was sweet when he wanted to be. With a last look at the ice rose at the lake, she released the magic as she walked away, making it appear as nothing had ever changed.
  Sadie Dalca / _BlueXephos / 44d 11h 48m 37s

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