The Outbreak

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A small group of survivors manage to survive a zombie outbreak because of their wit, strength, and most importantly, their magic. They escaped or came out of hiding in different situations.

-Nothing to mature, so no repetitive swearing
-Romance allowed but not a whole awful lot
-Have fun

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Roleplay Responses

Ash hugged Mason tightly still crying over Leah's death.
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 13d 15h 42m 20s
She got up, and tried to bring leahs body outside, but buckled under the weight.
  Sayori / Sklee / 13d 15h 42m 56s
"Shh, Ash it's okay, she's in a better place" Mason said hugging Ash trying to comfort him.
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 13d 15h 43m 55s
She finally finished carving a sentence into its leg. This is for Leah.
  Sayori / Sklee / 13d 15h 45m 3s
Ash threw his knife to the ground and walked into Mason's arms, crying.
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 13d 15h 50m 36s
She cut off one of its legs and started to carve something on it.
  Sayori / Sklee / 13d 15h 51m 53s
Ash stabbed it repeatedly getting revenge for Leah's death.
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 13d 15h 53m 10s
Sayori noticed them, and started to vomit, because frankly, I would too, and I’ve seen more disgusting things.
  Sayori / Sklee / 13d 15h 54m 6s
Ash jammed his knife right through the zombies eye.
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 13d 15h 59m 5s
[#ad1111 “Sure, why the hell not”?] She sliced open it’s stomach.
  Monika / Sklee / 13d 15h 59m 36s
Ash nodded to Monika like "Shall we do this together"
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 13d 16h 2m 39s
Monika dropped it and took out her ornate knife, ready to slice it open.
  Monika / Sklee / 13d 16h 3m 18s
The zombie flailed as Ash grabbed his knife and slowly walked up to it.
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 13d 16h 10m 7s
She finds it, and tries to bring it inside, trying to not fall at the same time.
  Monika / Sklee / 13d 16h 10m 39s
Ash was on his knees crying so hard he started choking on his tears.
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 13d 16h 12m 19s

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