Final fantasy: Cloud Strife x OC

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"hello cloud" cora said in a sleepy voice as she rubbed her eyes
  Cora night / ceva / 19d 11h 27m 4s
"Good morning." Cloud told Cora. He yawns and sighs.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 19d 11h 28m 6s
cora yawned and tried to push cloud up so she could get up off the floor
  Cora night / ceva / 19d 11h 29m 45s
Cloud woke up and yawned. He felt better after sleeping.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 19d 11h 30m 47s
Cora woke up in the morning and snuggled into cloud a bit before waking up properly
  Cora night / ceva / 19d 11h 32m 48s
Cloud continued purring throughout the night and into the morning.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 43d 5h 39m 52s
Cora smiled as she fell asleep to the sound of cloud's purring. She didn't have anymore nightmares.
  Cora night / Ceva / 43d 6h 30m 41s
Cloud started to make a purring noise in order to soothe Cora.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 43d 6h 40m 42s
Cora was still scared so she moved cloud she was under him and snuggled him.
  Cora night / Ceva / 43d 7h 9m 40s
Cloud killed the monster quickly and fell unconscious. He had exhausted himself from the fight.
Cora hid in the corner as she was too scared to fight
  Cora night / Ceva / 44d 7h 33m 51s
Cloud felt something grip at his neck and tossed some water at whatever was grabbing him by the neck.
"i'm scared" cora wimpered. She didn't know how to fight invisible monsters.
  Cora night / Ceva / 44d 8h 8m 37s
"I don't know but it tried to choke me." Cloud told Cora.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 44d 8h 38m 27s
"where is it" cora said rubbing her neck as she stared at cloud cuz he was holding his sword in his pajamas
  Cora night / ceva / 44d 9h 10m 49s

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