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[i Eden; the home of the priestesses and their guardian counter parts. A society, called the Divine, composed of women and men who are by birthright gifted with supernatural abilities. Similar to humans in appearance and qualities, the Divine have lived prosperously and flourished as a people for hundreds of years.

That was until they discovered the world they lived in was not as empty as they thought. They weren’t alone. Beyond the borders they’d made for themselves lived a society similar to theirs but much darker. The species called their home Valhalla, a place for warriors; a place for Berserkers. A war erupted, leaving a line of casualties in its wake.

We are the last of our kind. We will survive and we will protect what is ours.]]

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[b Characters:]

[u Neutral:]
Annalise Scythe - Life - Bash Scythe

[u Light:]
Delphine LeClair - Fire - Elias Lykaios
Lyanna Fray - Death - Ian McAlister
Coralee Strife - Balance - Ezekiel Amar
Avery Christensen - Earth - Adam McAlister

[u Dark:]
McKenna Demitrius - Conflict - Skylar Kane
Nikole Hale - Dimension - Dante Hale
Teagan Lykaios - Water - Logan Whitlock
Eris Myrick - Air - Gage Kane

Closed RP for [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=53603 EveOfExtinction], [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=46001 MidnightSun], and I.

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“Coralee? Coralee? Cora? “ She looked up and flashed a half-hearted smile at her mother who had been so eager to get her attention. Her mother was a tall, slender woman with long red, ginger hair much like Coralee’s. She flirted, laughed, and touched the arms of any and all men that had given her even the slightest bit of attention. Her very presence made Coralee uncomfortable. She could not imagine the amount of years she would be forced to endure this woman. Her eyes shifted to the necklace that lay on her mother’s neck. The one that was meant for her, but given to her mother; no doubt due to the obvious flirting.

Coralee grabbed a drink and emptied the glass just as fast. There was an advantage to being invisible. She could slip away and turn about the room without anyone to bother her. This day was supposed to be an auspicious day; one that brought unity. But she knew better. This was all just a big ruse. Coralee knew very well that the only reason this so-called alliance and peace was happening with these creatures was simply due to fear: fear of the unknown. They have no idea what this other race was capable of. If they could appease them now and assure an alliance, then should any other creatures that live in this world should come against them, then at the very least they would have powerful allies.

She traded her empty glass for a new full one and downed it just as easily as the last. Shaking her head, she again traded her empty glass for another. “Slow down princess, don’t want to wobble home,” She looked up to see a tall man with an obvious build. His muscles protruded the suit that he had on. He was strong for one that much was true but it seems her invisibility cloak removed itself without her knowing.

“I can handle it, besides I don’t live far,” she said now leaning back on the wall behind her hoping her short remark would signal that she wasn’t interested.

“Oh is it? Perhaps you can give me a tour,” he folded his arms and followed suit leaning his side against the wall next to her.

“Does that line always work for you? Or just with naïve women?”

“It was worth a shot,” he said between a smirk that became a large grin. “What happened to the necklace we so gracefully bestowed to our new friends?”

“Wrapped around my mother’s neck. Only the best for the best,” Coralee was surprised she was feeling so comfortable around these warriors. He was cocky but his attitude was similar to the men she knew. “You should go. Mingle with women who want to be flirted with. Apparently my slipping away and coming to this corner to you was an invitation to talk. It wasn’t. I’d prefer to remain the invisible girl I was before you came over to me.”

“You are far from invisible,” he said almost scanning her entire body from head to toe.

“I am. And I prefer it that way so, if you don’t mind,” she said motioning to the room filled with people all about talking and drinking. She sighed and this time just sipped the drink in her hand.

As he began to walk away she raised her hand made a small gesture and took another swig of her drink. As he walked away it looked as though something caught his foot and he tripped into one of his companions. Then again he raised his hand ever so slightly sending a drink into a women behind him. She retorted by throwing a drink in his face and marching away. His light blue suit was soaked and now looked more royal blue from being soiled in wine or champagne. Coralee chuckled and walk away from the scene. She had hoped to make a quick escape but was stopped by her red-haired mother who had a look of disgrace on her face.

“Come now Coralee. I know that was you. Take back whatever games you’re playing at. This is a party that will quite literally affect your future and mine. Where it is do you think you’re going?”

“I’m done with this celebration. All I want is to sleep. I owe you and them nothing,” She said trying to turn her back. Her mother reached out and practically imprinted her arm with marks with her nails dug in hard.

“You owe me everything now put a smile on that pretty face of yours and rejoin us.”

“Let go mother,” she said trying to pry her arm back. “Fine, just let me freshen up. I’ll be your little doll once more,”

“Good. Go. Frances please. Where were we?” Suddenly her demeanor and tone changed from extreme anger to content. She brought her own smile back and swayed through the crowd to get back to her men. Coralee rubbed her arm and walked off. She knew that her mother would be furious but that didn’t matter to her. Hopefully she would be able to sleep for a few hours before dealing with her mother’s cruelty.
  Coralee Strife / MidnightSun / 52d 1h 15m 20s
As far as Logan was concerned, boredom was the only thing to fear in this paradise of theirs. Any reason to throw a party was a good one in his eyes. He welcomed the good food, free drink, and fine company.

Lots of people he trusted had their suspicions about these visitors. If he was more the soldier type, perhaps he would have joined in their suspicions. As it was, he didn't like to waste energy on such "what ifs." If a problem arose, he would meet it and do his duty as a guardian. Until then, he would enjoy himself.

He'd hoped their new friends would join them for longer in celebration. He would have looked forward to exploring what their females had to offer. Thoroughly.

He settled for the daughter of a high ranking official within their own species that he'd dare not approach before. What better time to obtain the otherwise thought unattainable than on such a celebration as this? Her father was far too distracted by his relief in the avoidance of a war to keep a close eye on his daughter this night. When Logan finally approached her, she'd been waved off one too many times during conversation in which one of her father's companions even used the words "the men are talking."

It was an easy in. Logan simply lent her his ear. She was quick to angle her nose up at him at first, but with a little eye contact and attentive listening, she warmed up to him. He left her to reflect on the experience only after getting her to loosely promise an attempt to save him a dance. She returned to a position of being seen and not heard, dropping glances his way every so often. He made sure to steal a few glances of his own, determined to catch her eye at least once and offer a smile, to which she smiled back and turned away shyly. A good sign. When he finally asked her to dance, she did so willingly, even eagerly. Her father pulled her aside afterward of course, undoubtedly expressing his disapproval. Logan was off limits now, and this was a girl that clearly didn't like being told what to do. Her father made an excellent if unwitting wingman.

Toward the end of the night, he found himself being led away from the party and up to her bedroom. At some point during their own private festivities, when they were naked and satisfied , he took the silver bracelet with the blue gems from his wrist and slid it onto hers. To match her earrings, he'd said. She smiled and slid it up her arm until it was securely in place, falling asleep in the matching set.

Logan awoke to screams and snarls beside a pile of ash. He didn't have much time to register what was going on before the door to the room burst open. In the dark he remembered a glow of steel and fur, but he didn't stick around long enough to find out what was happening. He disappeared in a deep blue glow, reappearing before a group of fellow survivors with a gash in his arm from where a blade must have struck him... and also still completely naked...
  Logan Whitlock / EveOfExtinction / 85d 7h 9m 52s
Celebration was not a word that existed in Gage's vocabulary. Its a noun; the action of marking one's pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity. Translation: an excuse to drink; a way to bury anxiety, depressive emotions, question existence, mortality, death, etc.

Seemed like everything was in question the moment they found out they weren't alone. Immortality has a way of making you think about everything you've believed to be true; values known and taught to you by your people and your history. Then all of a sudden the known isn't even known anymore. More questions.

Now there's more of them? History now meant very little.

No... Celebration would not be the word he'd use.

He was taught that family is everything; family means everything. There was only them in the world. They must get along, relay on each other; trust each other regardless of personal belief.

If that could be debunked in his few decades of existence, whats to stop him from thinking its all wrong. Everything is wrong. They truly have no clue as to what and why. None of it ever meant anything.

Sometimes it was easy for Gage to get lost in this thoughts. No one ever paid any attention to him and if they did they'd deem him too quiet, too uninterested, too unwilling to do anything. They'd just walk away. In those moments he enjoyed that part of him. Giving in to the thought that everyday would be the same was not his style. He couldn't justify ever being ignorant. Routine; that would the break of his sanity. Being invisible had its perks. Not 12 hours later and already his people risked extinction; an apocalypse has started and he's still alive.

Finding Eris and the rest of the typical group of Darks wasn't hard, they'd even managed to gain some Light survivors along the way too. His mind thought only of Eris's safety and (honestly) his own. Hiding could only do so much. Their species collected knowledge, discovered everything they could about The Garden. They were in lightest terms farmers and developers; scientists, evolutionaries.

These were savages and hunters. They'd find them and rip them apart.
Thinking outside of their history and knowledge would be their only hope.
  Gage Kane / M4chin4 / 90d 13h 43m 9s
Skylar opened the door to his familial home only to find piles of ashes. With each pile lay a magnificent piece of jewelry. It was at that very moment he knew he was too late. There was no saving them; He was alone. The world he once knew that brought so much love and light was gone. What took years to build was resorted to nothing but ash. He ran to the room he once called his. The room was untouched and it was almost too fictitious to walk in. But he knew he had to. He had to grab any and everything he could. They couldn’t possible stay in Eden. Berserkers would surely come for those of whom survived. He grabbed extra clothes, light provisions, the daggers his father had gifted to him when he became a fully-fledged guardian and anything else his small travel bag could fit. Is this what the world had truly come to?

As he pulled the dimension open with his magic he could feel the portal growing and could sense those that lay on the other side. Pain, sorrow, revenge. He worked quickly and pushed himself through to reveal a young girl illuminated in light that could blind the heavens. She thrusted the weapon in her hand over and over again into the lifeless prey that lay before her. He knew she was in some sort of trance; survival mode and he need to move fast but with caution. If she wasn’t in control of her actions she could very well turn on him next.

“Kenna, I’m here. We need to go. McKenna? I need you to come back to me,” He slowly moved closer to her, arms up in caution in the hope that she would see it and be reassured. He looked around and noticed another lifeless body in the corner. It was her mother. He mother completely and utterly mutilated. His eyes shut tightly and his head shook before he turned back to his charge.

“Listen, I know how hard you are hurting and I am sure that Berserker deserved everything you gave him. But he’s gone now. Burning in hell I’m sure for all he and his people have done to us. I-I saw my family’s ashes. They were nothing but a pile of gems. They were ripped from me and I thought I was all alone, but I’m not. Kenna. You’re not alone. Don’t turn into one of them. Come back to us. And we will avenge everyone that had died due to their actions.”

He reached his hand out and hoped it was enough to pull her out the abyss she found herself in.
  Skylar Kane / MidnightSun / 52d 1h 14m 52s
Sparks of electricity danced around her trembling palm as she stalked away from the house in search of her own prey. She balled her hand into a fist and shut her eyes tightly for a moment to get herself under control. Her hand dropped back to her side, and she shook out the nerves as she reached the clearing.

The man she came upon had a wolf companion, and upon seeing her, the creature growled and reared, ready to lunge. Midair, McKenna lifted her hand as if to mentally grasp the creature by the throat. It struggled and landed before her in a heap with its head bowed, its body convulsing under the effects of her ability to induce pain. It clawed the ground in an attempt to back away from the invisible attacker, whimpering in pain. She released it and the creature shook itself, whined, and attempted to run away. The man snatched the thing on its retreat, gripping it by the neck and snapping it in one motion, tossing its lifeless body aside and muttering something about cowardice.

"I see your kind think little of companions."

"We've no use for the weak." He grinned that same sinister smile she'd seen when he entered their home in search of survivors. "Hence the massacre."

In her mind's eye, a figure of a man and a young boy turned to ash before her and her mother, who'd had the sense to put away the jewel she'd been gifted, begged for her life only to be answered by that sick smile as he ordered his pet upon her. Dark ichor splattered the walls. McKenna watched only the shadows of the creatures move in her frozen, shocked state. Her mother's arms flailed about in vain attempts to fend off the creature as it tore at her flesh until her silhouette became still and the man whistled to call the wolf back to his side.

He approached the body and bent over it. He plunged his hand within her chest and swished around; the sound brought McKenna a wave of nausea as he pulled at the crystal at her mother's core. The light from it had dimmed and fizzled out. "Hm… they must be pulled from the living," he said thoughtfully.

His laugh brought her back to the present, and with his first step toward her, she unleashed pain upon him. He screamed and clutched his head as he fell over, and it was her turn to smile. He writhed in pain, his body contorting this way and that, first violently, then subtly. Eventually, he managed his own smile once again.

"Weak," he repeated, struggling through the pain but still managing to get back up onto one knee and then onto both feet, though slouched over. He picked up the spear he'd dropped and it formed into a shorter blade in an instant, bringing a peculiar glow to his eyes. The amusement fell from McKenna's face, and she took an instinctual, involuntary step backward in response to the step forward he managed. "Your mind games won't work for much longer, witch."

"Fine," she smirked, dropping the mental pain. He lunged for her and beams of electricity shot from her fingers and struck him in a continuous current. The weapon fell from his hand, and he slumped beside it. She drew back the current, and he gasped for breath. A real fear seemed to pass his eyes this time. "Weak," she mused, blasting him again, causing him to scream in agony. When she cut the current, his body shook with tremors, and he turned from her, his weakened body only managing to attempt to crawl away.

McKenna dropped her hand to her side and approached his slowly retreating figure. She bent down and retrieved his weapon. In her hand, it became an ornate dagger, and it surged with electricity. She had only a moment to dazzle at the peculiarity of the shifting blade as she became overwhelmed by a sudden wave of rage. She struggled against the rage for only a moment, then she let it consume her. She let out an involuntary snarling sort of sound as she plunged the electrically charged weapon into the man’s back and conducted as much lightning as she could into the blow. He convulsed and screamed in an agony that mirrored her mother's in desperation and finality. She raised the blade and plunged it within him again and again, long after his body became motionless beneath her.
  McKenna Demetrius / EveOfExtinction / 146d 18h 8m 48s
[i Unity sounds too good to be true...]

Nikole barely made it through the festivities. She made her rounds, little flirting here, a smile there. Bowing out at her first opportunity was upfront in her mind. She didn't know if projecting herself to other parts of the gathering would help or hinder her, speed wise.

Yeah these new "people" were friendly, overly-kind, transparent, etc. It just wasn't making her want to jump on to the so called welcome ship with the rest of her species. I mean, even if she had had a voice to speak out , she wouldn't dare. Being quick whipped and offending others in private was her specialty. In reality, the lower class has always had to learn when to intervene and when to step aside for those higher in rank. What would this mean for the social classes already set in stone? Would she fall lower on the food chain or would she rise at the expense of new comers?

As grand and lavish as the Garden is, you could definitely tell the difference between light and dark; high and low. Where would these new "travelers" fall? Considering they gifted as many men, women, and children with lavish stones, they definitely boated better off then she. When offered the gift she simply muttered, "I don't do gifts, it implies I'll need to return the favor at some point. Thank you but [b no thank you]."

[i Nothing that expensive is free.]

She turned the corner away from the crowd, trying to find a hiding place. The music descending as she headed into what she thought was an empty room. To her surprise, there in the rooms center was a beautiful piece of art draped in a floor length emerald dress. Monogamy was never either of their styles but they always made room for each other in their lives.

"T, come back into the party. Delphine’s not the only one who needs to make an appearance." Before Nikole could see what she guessed would be a smirk or smile come from Teagan Lykaios face, she felt herself go cold. In a blink, she was waking up in the vessel that now and again holds her spirit. Her eyes fluttered open confused to no end. Her sudden lack of power was oddly comforting but curious. She noticed the difference almost immediately. On her ring finger lay a gold ring laced with blue stones: the gift she'd declined only an hour earlier. Waking in a crowd full of her people, she couldn't help but wonder: who put it on her finger and why was she now somehow powerless? A question best fit for her Guardian.

Searching through the crowd, she found him with his husband Elias.

"Maks" she started, trying to piece together a sentence. "I don't, I think... I mean I know. Or at least I THINK I know. Ummm..."

The empty faces caught her gaze as she mumbled through her thoughts. Last thing she wanted to do was ruin the celebrations, plus her self-doubt was deep rooted in her.

"Nope, never mind. You're having fun. Enjoy the party." Maks gave her the highest eyebrow raise, but her reassuring smile, presumably fake, convinced him to return to his Goblet and his partner.

Maybe what she'd thought was wrong. She had a knack for being wrong in the past. Maybe this was her mind playing tricks. She hadn't even realized he'd projected in the first place, returning to her body against will could probably happen... Teagan would be showered with whatever Nikole could tomorrow. She ditched her for her thoughts and anxiety. Maybe sleep would be better for her. She removed the ring from her finger, swayed her hand against the white space in front of her and created a portal to her room. Living in the lower planes weren't bad. Everything she had was hers and only hers. She rummaged through her pack finding her usual sleeping clothes, changed, and laid herself inside her sheets.

[i Sleep would help. Sleep is good. Everything will go back to normal tomorrow.]
  Nikole Hale / M4chin4 / 150d 9h 38m 23s
Teagan hadn’t recalled the last time the Garden looked so [i alive]. Every single person around her rallied to the sound of the music and to the sound their own pleasant conversations. Knowing that they weren’t the only beings that roamed this realm put some minds at ease, at least for a little while. She swirled her glass and watched as the cold liquid swayed from end to end. She could feel her powers building up inside her as the liquid in her glass moved. It was as though it was calling out to her, begging to be manipulated. The only thing that could pull her from her trance was the sound of Delphine’s voice. She smiled and raised her glass almost congratulating her on the alliance that was formed that very evening. Delphine and her family were the few that cared not for their light or dark status. Those of the light were revered for their goodness but they never cared much for titles. They were the closest thing to royalty the light has. Teagan stayed back knowing very well the “princess” needed to make her rounds. She sighed heavily. She knew that Delphine would be occupied most of the evening and the night only grew more boring in her eyes.

She made her way to the balcony looking out at the lake in front of her. For a moment it seemed as though the water itself dried up and faded; changing into a river of fire. She blinked furiously pushing the thoughts from her mind. She knew her power was evolving, but she could tell her eyes were play these tricks on her. She pushed the thoughts of destruction from her mind and took another swig of her drink.

“T, come back into the party. Delphine’s not the only one who needs to make an appearance,” She turned and was confused by the absence of a figure. She swore she heard the sound of another calling out to her. She recognized the voice but couldn’t quite place it.

“I’m officially going crazy. Great.” She said finishing her drink in its entirety. She separated herself from the crowd and slipped away towards the guest room she was going to be staying in. As she moved down the halls of what she could only describe as a decorated mansion she couldn’t help but stop and notice the several pieces of artwork that littered the walls.

[i Royals. They really do have it all.]

She almost envied Delphine for her upbringing. Not that she wasn’t exposed to it herself, but nothing as extravagant as this. She opened the door and threw off the uncomfortable footwear and unzipped her floor length gown. She walked into the guest room's bathroom and turned the sink on. She inhaled sharply as her hand touched the water. Images of others faded in and out of her mind. [i what is this?] She reached for the towel to her left but her hand found its way to the stunning statement necklace she received during the ceremony. For a moment her mind went completely silent as she held the dark gem stone in her palm. She looked down at it and pressed her thumb across it admiring its simplistic beauty. She had never owned something so magnificent. She set down the stunning piece of jewelry and turned off all the lights in the room. She couldn’t sleep unless there was absolute darkness. Her eyes shut and suddenly she was off into was seemed like soft slumber.

[i Violence. Fear. Explosions. Fire.]

Teagan went to sleep to peace and awoke to a nightmare…
  Teagan Lykaios / MidnightSun / 52d 1h 14m 29s
The festivities had been glorious, and the Garden rejoiced in the celebration of their new neighbors. They drank and danced, donning the jewels gifted to them, and the people slept soundly, secure in a forged alliance with their strong, new companions. The threat of their existence shifted quickly to a promise of continued peace beside these new creatures, along with a sense of relief in knowing they were not alone in their beautiful world.

Elias had his reservations about the warriors, given his protective nature. Delphine, of course, thought it sensible to be cautious, but her family waved off her protector's suspicions and urged her to disregard them as well and embrace the generosity and camaraderie presented to them. Delphine accepted her gifts gracefully, finding the blue-gemed necklace quite tasteful. Although there was wisdom in Elias' reservations, Delphine could glean only joy and relief from the masses from the moment her mother fastened the chain around her neck.

If she'd been allowed to sleep through the night, she might have said it was one of the most peaceful nights' sleep she'd had. The usual distracting feelings of those around her seemed pacified. Delphine could feel only a sense of calm. Hearing someone call out to her, she stirred. Delphine blinked the sleep from her eyes in a flutter of her lashes.

"Elias? What's happened?" she muttered, looking around the room momentarily, her mind trying to register so many things at once as she came out of her disoriented state of sleep. She couldn't understand why he would want her to gather her belongings. Then, the alarm on her protector's face confused her even further. The utter lack of emotion she felt coming from him was odd when they were so clearly painted on his face. When he ripped the necklace from around her neck and crushed it in his palm, a range of emotions flooded her, their sources spreading in every direction.

She staggered a moment, forced to hold back tears as the weight of the loss of a lover she'd never known overcame her. Fear and pain came in short waves from every direction. All around her, people suffered, and she seemed to suffer twice as much alongside them. She pushed those feelings aside as best she could and took a step toward him, placing a comforting hand on his arm. "I am so sorry," she told him. Though his anger toward the Berserkers outweighed his sorrow for the moment, she still felt it there underneath it all. Outweighing that still was a determination to escape, and that is what she clung to and she sprung into action, focusing on that determination to drown out the fear and panic as she began gathering essentials and contemplated for a moment if she had time to change out of the pale green nightdress and into more travel-appropriate clothes.

"Teagan was here," she warned, gathering belongings into a bag. "In the guestroom down the hall." She said this absently, not knowing if the girl was alright and not wanting to think too much about it in case she wasn’t...
  Delphine LeClair / EveOfExtinction / 162d 17h 1m 16s
[i The amulets. They weren't a gift. They weren't protection. They were reversed... They found a way to kill us... Permanently. Take what's ours; our birthright.]

The embers must have started at first light. Elias awoke to the faint screams of those perishing. Burning alive... an event hidden in fables. He could see their bodies turning to ash. They perished before they could even be woke. He knew it was possible but never put any thought into it before. As a people they studied and studied, taking every means necessary to protect themselves from sudden and permanent death.

He found a very slim comfort in knowing they would miss the torture, they died the quickest way possible. At this point that's the only thought; only bright side he could come up with. The rest of them were destined to live a torturous life if they couldn't get out. He'd begged Delphine and her family. Don't trust them. They aren't like us. They haven't evolved like us. They have no knowledge of our ways and do not deserve open arms. They knew little of their history and now they were all paying for it.

[i This is not the end. You can get out. You have to. Move. Move, Elias. You have to move.]

It didn't take long for him to push through his fear and gather his strength to do what must be done. He reached for his gear, his Grimores, his journal, and travel pack. Still sitting on his table was a cuff embroidered with unfamiliar writing and at its center was a large blue stone. He took hold of it and crushed it with his hands. Glowing with red embers, it broke into pieces. He had to move and fast. If anyone still had those pendants on, they would be next.

[i The children... Gather as many women and children as you can... Save them. Hide...HIDE.]

Maks. Maks was gone. He was immortal, turned to mere ash in the blink of an eye. Left in his wake: a ring with a blue stone. Trust is deadly. Death was cunning and he finally found a way to come after us. And where is God? Where is he when his young need protection?

Elias left the confinements of his home and pushed through to the neighboring shelters. I have to find Her. I must get him out. She has to be here. She can't be dead. He can't be dead. Elias wanted to wake up from this nightmare. He weakened his pace, noticing an identical tread at his heels. Elias could felt their eyes on his back. He turned just in time to meet the neighboring monsters gaze. It looked surprised. "It" was all he could call them. Those were his people, his family, and those monsters deserved the same.

He laced his fingers together; the space in front of him ripping in half, creating a door to his destination. Before he was met with what he knew would be certain death , he jumped through and landed in a dim lit room. He emulated as much "calm" as he could muster approaching her bedside. His effort would be appreciated but no Empath could look past his "fear"; his "panic".

"Delphine. Delphine we have to move. Grab your things."

His eyes fixated on a pendant that was around her neck, unknowing to her [b a noose] that would bring about her demise. He didn't want to scare her but nothing could stop him from ripping if off of her body and crushing it with all his might like he had done his own.

"A gift..." he spat. "A death sentence more like it." He held no emotion back once the stone lay lifeless on the floor.

[center [pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/33/0b/58/330b584f7eea1e96ff6a17108a4df177.gif]]
  Elias Lykaios / M4chin4 / 164d 8h 6m 9s

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