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She found the doors opening the moment she approached the gates. She followed the exact same route as before, her feet guiding her into the library. This time, there was a surprise. Her eyes widened at the silver platter that was set out onto the table. She made her way over, her eyes growing big at all the goodies. Fresh fruits, little sandwiches, it was a lot for her. She looked around once more, skimming the room. She stepped forward, "Thank you. This is the kindest gesture."

She picked up a sandwich and a few berries. She went towards her windowsill and picked up her book. She held it carefully, not wanting to get crumbs on the floor and on the book. She stayed there all afternoon but knew she had to leave sooner. Her father was expecting her back to help him repaint her dresser.

She finished most of the platter of food. She sat down her book and stood in the center of the room once more. She always felt eyes on her, no matter what. She looked all around, trying to find someone. "Thank you again for the food. In my village...well...my home, food is a bit scarce. Your hospitality is much appreciated." She had thanked and made her way out of the castle.

The next was an ordinary day, or so it seemed. She started the day off with a small bowl of oatmeal with her brothers. She made her way through her secret hide out. Unfortunately, she was met with the group that commonly harassed her. She quickly took a step back, attempting to get away from them as three boys gunned for her. She slammed into the chest of another boy and was grabbed by another boy. The girl, whose name she didn't even know lunged at her.

They pushed her to the ground, tearing at her clothes. The girl flipped Dorothy over, stuffing her face into the dirt. The next thing she knew, her panties slipped off around her legs and she became forced to do things she didn't imagine doing until she had found the perfect one.

After it was over, she was beaten. They kicked her in the ribs, slapped her over and over again. She even got hit in the face. She knew a black eye would form sooner or later. Her body was scrapped up from rubbing against the rocks on the ground so much. She had tears pouring out of her eyes and found her feet picking her off the ground. They carried her to the only safe heaven that she knew of.

The gates opened all on their own, allowing her to come on in. The front doors swung open with urgency as she began running through the halls. She could hardly see where she was going until she ran into someone hard. She found herself sliding onto the ground, sobbing uncontrollably in the middle of the hallway, eventually slipping into unconsciousness.
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[size12 Every day, around the same time, he would hear the mansion begin to purr. The rooms would almost become lighter and he knew, she was there. He'd go to the window and watch her come up the forbidden walkway, ignoring every warning sign there was. She'd run her fingers across the gate metal as a sort of greeting, and sit down at her same spot, right next to the roses. Even the garden seemed happier.

He, too, heard the doors creak open. His eyes widened as he hid himself in the shadows. "You're letting her in?" He grumbled but silence as she entered the castle. This was his first real, true look at her. She seemed nervous and even the house could hear her heart beating from her chest.

He stayed in the shadows, slowly following after her to see where her feet carried her. He watched as the library doors opened by themselves and he took it upon himself to slip into the second story of the library, where it was much more dimly lit. He heard the purring again as she admired the books and when she thanked the open air.

He was truly astonished that the house had grown so attached to this young lady. What was so special about her? He couldn't understand it, couldn't put his finger on it. Yet, he had to just trust that the house understood what it was doing. Perhaps his company was becoming too boring for the old girl.

He had watched her for the whole time she sat and read. When it was time to go, he could feel the sadness of the house, almost a cry. He went down to the ground level of the Library, coming to the same window sill she had sat at. He picked up the book she had sitting and smiled, Romeo and Juliet. "Classic," He said out loud, his hand dusting the cover.

He decided the next day he would provide her some fresh foods. He set out some fresh grapes, strawberries and made some sandwiches for the girl. He set them out by the windowsill where she would sit. "Hopefully she likes it." He listened as the house responding, a gentle smile forming on the hollowed man. "Yes, well, I should only provide the most adequate services for our trusted guest."
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/TrWz2G3.jpg]] That night when Dorothy went home, she felt more at peace than she had in such a long time. She was so constantly harassed. To have a few minutes or actually hours, to herself was nice, refreshing. To just sit in nature, in a peaceful place was amazing.
"Where were you today? Ma said she hadn't seen you around." Pa asked her and she tapped on her plate.

"I just went outside the village, towards the flower fields." She lied, looking down at the plate. If they'd known where she went, she'd never been able to leave the house and the hell would start once more.

"Ah, reading a bit?" He asked and she nodded.

When she went to bed, she'd already decided that she was going right back to the castle. And that is what she did.

Every single day that week, she snuck around the village, ignoring the bullies. She brought her books, some snacks and herself and sat upon the bench, reading out loud and to the roses and just the garden. She still never dared to enter the house, she enjoyed the outside much more anyway.

Her days were much brighter than they were before. She saw the roses almost sprout up at her daily morning greeting. They almost seemed to of leaned into her when she touched them. It even seemed as if the skies above the house became clearer and the sun shined just a bit more.

"I've reread this book I don't know how many times," She voiced, her finger gently caressing a petal. She ignored the fact it almost nuzzled into her touch. "I wish there were more books in this world..."

Then she heard it, the loudest creak ever. She jumped at the sound, looking all around until she noticed the front doors of the castle opening. Her eyes widened, what was this? She stepped off the bench, walking slowly towards the large doors. Was this an invitation?

She mustered up the courage to enter, her shoes making the lightest noise against the wooden floors. She was astonished at how beautiful the dimly lit castle was. The stained glass casting different colors into it, the grand staircase and the many halls. It was well kept and that surprised her from all the stories she heard. It seemed as if her feet had a mind of their own as she traveled through the halls, admiring the art and scenery before her. 

It almost felt as if she was being watched, an unfamiliar gaze upon her, her heart fluttering nervously in her chest. She stopped in front of two large doors, examining them. Before her hand could touch the handle, the doors slowly crept open revealing what seemed to be a private library. 

Her mouth came open, completely astonished. "Oh...it's..." Her voice trailed off as she stepped into the room. There were large bookcases, filled with thousands upon thousands of books. She ran her fingers across the binds, admiring the several titles that were unknown to her.
She felt tears welling into her eyes as she looked around, hoping to give thanks to someone. Unfortunately, she found no one. "Thank you," She still spoke, hoping the thanks would reach the ears of someone. She found herself pulling out a book and plopping herself down in the corner, on a window sill. Her knees pulled up so she could rest the book on her lap. She began reading it, with the largest smile she could've ever given.
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[size12 It’d been sometime since he’d seen the outside world or, stepped off this property really. Louis was bound to it when the local villages stormed the inside and out a wretched curse on it. He lived her for quite some time with his family, had been growing up in it actually. Yet, for some odd reason, he was the only one kept alive. To live out all his years watching common people attempt to burn down something they declared as evil and sinful.

It’s been years since he’d seen someone. Life was boring and the only thing he could look forward to was the castle and the library he so much adored. Otherwise, he was incredibly lonely. It was better that way. No one would get hurt and he didn’t have to hear the insults.

It became apparent when the castle let out a soft groan. “Someone’s here?” He questioned, getting up from his study. He put his glasses down on the table and slide his bookmark between the pages of his book. He walked near the window, facing the gate and that is where he saw her.

Her dress torn, her hair ratted and even from way up on the third floor, he could sense the sadness flooding her body but also, something else. Curiosity.

“Did she pass through the warnings signs?” He asked, walking out of the study and down the steps. His dress shoes clicking against the wooden planks under his feet. Despite them trying to rid this place, it was still so beautiful and he kept it in good condition.

He watched her from afar. Watched as her legs carried her around the outskirts. Watched as she sat herself on a bench and pulled her knees up to her chest. He could see now that her brown colored dress was suppose to be white.

He was skeptical of seeing her and figured this was some sort of trap. It had to be. Despite thinking so, He could hear the castle almost purr at the feeling of being treated so gently and tenderly. He wasn’t surprised. Every other person came to wreck havoc on this castle. Tear up the garden, burn it down and loot what goodies might be lying around inside.

Then, she got up to leave when night fall came. No one else had attempted to raid the castle. She hadn’t even attempted to enter for the long hours she was here for. Almost as to give space to the castle. She’d even cleaned up debris. He rubbed his chin, sitting at the dining room table as the cart wheeled around him. “What a strange girl,”

The walls shook in response and he let out a soft chuckle. “I don’t know if she will be back. Only tomorrow will tell. You enjoyed her company?” He questioned, pouring gravy over the mashed potatoes he had scooped out. “Don’t get your hopes up. We both know she is from that village. It could be a scam.”

The castle shook once more in response and he grinned. “I’ve learned to not have hope and to not trust. I suggest you do the same.”
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Dorothy’s feet dug into the mud as she ran away from the set of girls and even boys that were chasing her down. She slipped at one point, her dress getting embedded into the mud. If only it hadn’t if rained the day before, she wouldn’t of been so dirty.

She felt one of the girls grab her leg and attempt to pull her through the mud. Dorothy shook her leg and ended up losing a shoe. She jumped back onto her feet and ended up doing the one thing she could think of.

Enter the woods towards the castle. They won’t follow her there.

She ran through it, hearing them yell after her but stopping their tracks.

“You’ll be back and when you are, we will be waiting for you, slut!”

She felt tears prickle her eyes as she continued towards the castle. She wanted to get as far away as she possibly could.

The journey was a bit difficult. Her dress tore in a few places from the woods being so densely packed. She had to climb on a few boulders but when she finally reached the gate to the castle she was in awe. The journey was worth it.

Despite the decay the castle had clearly suffered, there was a beauty to it. She didn’t sense anything evil coming from it. There had been so many stories circulating around. She’s seen the castle all the way up on the hill but there were so many warning signs. It was closed off and if you mentioned it to anyone, especially Dorothys father, he’d shut you down and give you a grave warning.

“I’ll just go out back and start digging your grave.”

Little harsh, it seemed. Especially since she was past the gate now. She looked up at the castle and cocked her head. “Scary? Deadly? I’ve seen scary and deadly and you are not it.” She spoke softly, examining the castle. For as old as it was and for so many to have pilliaged it, it sure seemed like it was in nice standing.

As much as she was curious if the inside, it seemed better to let it be. She followed around the side of the castle and entered the courtyard. Everything in the area of the castle seemed so different from the village. It was darker, the skies were. The clouds blocked most of the sun and yet, flowers still grew here. She grazed her fingers over them, sniffling softly. The pain she’s endured before hand and on her trip was starting to settle in. She found herself sitting on a little bench, pulling her feet up to her chest.

It was strange. Somewhere she was suppose to fear made her feel the safest she’s ever been. Tears prickled her eyes as she looked around at all the flowers. Her hand ran over a petal, admiring the color. It was a color she’d never seen before. Darker than a normal red rose. Almost...dark like blood when it dries. The leaves and stems were darker as well but she still saw beauty in it.

“So many rumors, we suffer so greatly in silence. Alone, always.” She spoke softly, to the rose, resting her head on her knee. “How can they not see the beauty?”

She spent the rest of that afternoon and most of the evening enjoying the look of the garden and just the surrounding landscape. She even cleaned up a bit as there was some debris from whoever was here last. It was becoming dark and she needed to head home. She stepped halfway out the gate, her hand resting on the cool metal. She looked up at the castle, the beautiful stained glass windows. “I’ll be back...someone deserves to appreciate you...” she rubbed the gate with her thumb, feeling the toughness of its age as she said goodbye for the day.
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