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[center [abel [size18 [b The Resort]]
[size15 Your university cultural studies class is paying for you to go on a ski trip in the alps. You get snowed in and have to stay a little longer.

Working on plot.]

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[center [left [pic https://i.imgur.com/kjBnRf6.png]]

[size11 Amelia stood in her room, a finger gently tapping her chin as she looked at the mess of clothing, toiletries and knickknacks scattered across her bed. [b [#E9967A "My favorite pajamas, check. Spare chargers for both my phone and switch, check. All the socks I could possibly want, check. I think that's the last of it, We're all set and ready to go Mr.Pickles!"]] The peppy blonde girl spun to look at the yellow and pink lizard that just silently sat in it's tank, if someone was to look at it just right you'd think the little reptile was smiling.

Amelia gushed over how adorable her pet was for a solid five minutes before going back to her task at hand, making sure she was completely packed for the ski trip. Under normal circumstances she wouldn't even consider doing such a thing, snow and the potential to hurt herself tumbling down a mountain was not on her bucket list. However the cultural studies class was literally going to pay her to go, she would have to be stupid to not take that. Besides she could just curl up by a fireplace with a fluffy blanket and play Animal Crossing the whole time, that actually sounded like a pretty awesome time to her.

As Amelia was stuffing everything into her suitcase her phone began to ring, a twinkling of sounds emanating from the device. The girl let out an excited cry as she practically leaped off the bed and for her phone that sat on her dresser. [b [#E9967A "Mama! I'm so glad you called, I was beginning to think that you'd forgotten."]] An older woman laughed on the other line, the sound bringing a large smile to Amelia's face. Once a week her adoptive parents called to check in, though on Amelia's instance. They didn't think they needed to however she just wanted to talk to them mostly to make sure they were okay, they were older and had recently started to have health issues. [b [#E9967A "So mama, let me tell you where I'm going...."]] Amelia then started to go into the whole ski trip and how excited she was.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/jOJS3IG.png]]

A nervous Amelia peaked around the corner of the building, watching as students began to toss their luggage onto the bus that would take them to the ski lodge. She had to take a deep breath to calm her nerves, she had always felt a little awkward and anxious being around being she wasn't familiar with so she had to prepare herself. After taking a few breaths and giving herself a whole mental pep talk Amelia was finally ready, grabbing the handle of her suitcase she moved towards the bus, looking curiously at all the different people who were already getting onto the bus.

Amelia nearly fell on her face as a younger girl bumped into her, practically unfazed as she was determined to get to whoever [i Ellie] was. [b [#E9967A "My bad..."]] She mumbled before realizing the girl was already gone. Thankfully she caught herself using her suitcase which honestly was amazing because 90% of the time she just fell, the bruises that covered her legs and arms showed just how clumsy she could be.

With a small huff she grabbed the handle of her suitcase and tossed it onto the bus, patting the carry on she had slung around her shoulder. It held her switch, a small pillow some snack and a water bottle. There was no way she'd survive the bus ride if she didn't have something to do, her games would be the perfect distraction. Before Amelia could get onto the bus though someone spoke to her, [b "Hey! Sorry about that, Minnie's such an exuberant kid that she forgets to pay attention to where she's going."]

She kind of just stared at the guy for a few seconds as she registered that he was talking about the girl who had bumped into her a few minutes ago, shaking her head vigorously. [b [#E9967A "Oh no! I was probably in her way or something, not a big deal at all."]] A large smile graced her features as she lightly laughed. [b [#E9967A "But I'm kind of standing in the doorway so I'm gonna go on in, the name's Amelia. Hope we can have fun on this trip."]] With that she turned and got onto the bus, choosing a seat that was more in the middle. Once she was all comfortable and settled she took out her switch, plugged in her earbuds and delved into her own little world.

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[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/6w4TkOF.png]][center [abel [#2F4F4F "Grayson, you need to push! Get to the ball faster or we'll never have a chance to win against the Warriors in the spring semester!"] A coach's voice rang through the crisp morning. The tall blonde in question drew in a breath before digging the heels of his cleats into the turf, as if that could help him move faster towards the advancing ball. Luckily it was a good day. And by "good day", he meant that other players on the team were also getting called out for not moving fast enough, not handling the ball well enough, and whatever else was considered below par. Their coach wasn't much for praise or talking about what you did well. Unless they won and he was talking to reporters, of course.

The scrimmage continued, slightly scrappier than how the team would play normally. It helped that the team were all friends, for the most part. With the hard running and labored breaths also came joking, shoving, and general rough housing that wouldn't be permitted during a regulation game. The Coach, standing off to the side with a whistle to his lips, which just made is critques partially muffled, allowed it. Only because it was the last practice before the players left for winter break.

Eliezer had the ball again, his gaze darting between the defenders in front of him, and the goal beyond that. Behind him, the coach's voice raised again. [#2F4F4F "McMillian, get more aggressive! Grayson just took that ball from you like he was taking it from your grandma!"] But the center only had his eyes on pushing past the defenders and hooking the ball into the right corner, their goalie's weak spot. He didn't notice McMillian, a lanky, black haired Education major coming up behind him until it was too late. McMillian dove for the ball with his right leg outstretched, left leg tucked close to his body. The top of his cleat hitting the ball, before sliding upwards and smacking into the side of his opponents outstretched calf.

As McMillian popped back up to retrieve the ball he'd just kicked out of the way , Eliezer rolled to the ground with a curse. That was definitely going to leave a bruise later. Once again, he drew in a sharp breath, digging his fingers into the turf with fustration crossing over his features for the briefest of moments. Just as quickly as the negative emotion seeped onto his features it was replaced by bitter determination. [#2F4F4F "Pay attention Grayson!"]

Eliezer got up.

[#DAA520 "Yes dad!"]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/d68HwNE.png]
[#FF00BF "ELLIE!!! ELLIE!!! YOU FORGOT YOUR LUNCH!!!"] A small voice screeched, followed by the stomping of feet as the 12-year-old ran towards the bus and her older brother. In the process, the pig-tailed blonde child bumped into another person heading towards the bus. She let of a soft oof, before scurrying back on her way, determined to reach her [i Ellie] before he climbed onto the bus. Of course, he'd heard her yelling and had already stepped away from the bus doors, but you know. Kids.

Eliezer Grayson wore a dopey grin on his face as his sister approached, instantly reaching out once she was closer and scooping her up in his arms. The darker haired young adult blew raspberries in her cheek, causing the girl to shriek, nearly dropping the bag in her arms as she laughed.

[#DAA520 "Be good for Papi, yeah, Minnie? Do your homework and eat all your vegetables?"] He intoned with a faint amount of exasperation. He had definitely told her this before. Minerva nodded vigorously in response. Gently prying the lunch pack from her grasp, he set her back down on the pavement. [#DAA520 "Go on now kiddo, don't keep Papi waiting."] With the amount of care of a bird encouraging a fledgling to stretch their wings, or a doe encouraging her fawn to stand, the history buff shooed the girl back towards their awaiting grandfather, giving the man a wave before turning back towards the bus. He paused for a second here, turning towards the other person near their mode of transportation - the person Minerva had bumped into in her race to catch her brother.

[#DAA520 "Hey! Sorry about that, Minnie's such an exuberant kid that she forgets to pay attention to where she's going."]]]
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/iaAFGBY.png]] [Abel [center Effie sat in her room, black fabric stretched over her knees. She let out an exasperated sigh as she looked at the tattered sheet, no longer in the pristine condition it had been before. What was once an expensive roll of satin was now completely ripped up, and in front of her sat the culprit. Lila, age eleven, sat sprawled in front of Effie, beaming with overwhelming pride and glee. On the small girl was her satin, now bunched up into a [i hideously] done dress. Lila was so incredibly giddy, dark hair twirling around as she made turns, adding a flamboyant [b 'TA-DA!'] after every few turns.

[b "Ef Ef! I'm [i JUUUST] like you! Look!"] Lila was shouting in an almost-yelling-almost-singing tone, her smile brighter than ever before. She quickly grabbed onto her sister's hands, pulling at them to try and get Effie to stand.[b "Let's do a catwalk, please, please, please!" ]

It was so hard to get angry at her, to reprimand her at this moment, however, Effie knew she had to draw the line, even if it was so god damn [i adorable. ] Effie pulled her sister towards her lightly, making sure she looked her straight in the eyes. [b [#FFB6C1 "Lila, you know I love you, right?"]]

[b "MHM!"] Lila nodded enthusiastically, [b "To the moon and back, then you put that on repeat!"]

Effie let out a small giggle. So. God. Damn. Adorable. [b [#FFB6C1 "You know what I also say about touching my stuff, right?"]] Effie narrowed her eyes and tried to stay serious, even if she wanted to take her sister's cheeks in her hands and kiss her little forehead.

Lila's eyes widened as if she had just now realized what she had done, and tears started to trickle down her face. [b "I'm sorry! I thought you would be happy!"] She cried out, her face now dropping into Effie's lap.

Effie let out another sigh, hugging her sister and finally letting out a small giggle. [b [#FFB6C1 "It's okay, just please remember to ask before taking my stuff, you got it, little bird?" ]]Effie lifted her sister's chin and wiped away the tears gently, knowing well that this would happen again.

Oh, how her room would be torn apart while she was away at the Ski Trip.

[pic https://imgur.com/2mZKYr1.png]

Pleather combat boots hit the gravel, a large suitcase dragging behind Effie. Her bright pink locks bounced as she strutted towards the bus, her backpack swinging slightly as it hung off one shoulder. A large, fuzzy black jacket wrapped around her lazily, her high waisted denim jeans hugging her tightly. She accompanied this with what was once a plain white t-shirt, now embroiled in an intricate flowery design and a matching choker to accessorize. Thick black frames sat against her face, shielding her dark eyes from the sun.

Tension swarmed in her stomach as she moved towards the bus, the image of leaving her siblings engraved in her head. She pushed it aside, however, knowing they would be in capable hands with her grandparents. Still, the thought was always present, and she taunted and scolded herself for taking a break, even if it was much needed.

Effie loaded her suitcase onto the bus before entering, giving a slight nod of recognition if anyone looked her way and made a comment. She chose her seat in the back, a window seat, and made herself comfortable. Thumping a large sketchbook onto her lap, she opened it, immersing herself into a sketch of a new design she had in mind.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/unLoaoc.png]][center [abel [size15 Artie sat hunched over the antique redwood desk he had been sitting in front of for the last two hours. There were at least a dozen books scattered around him each open to a specific page. His notes were piled in no particular order. Resting his chin on his elbow, he let out a sigh. His eyes searched the shelves of books surrounding him before settling on the window to his left. The sky was a soft grey threatening a snowfall. Artie desperately needed a snow day. He found himself spending most of his days in the library. He didn’t mind it though.

The Brit was so lost in thought he didn’t notice the male standing over him. It wasn’t until he heard a grunt before he came back to reality. Before him was a tall, thin male with long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. He had striking blue eyes and a distinct scar over his lip.
[b “Art, you sure look like you’re studying.”] He teased. Pulling a chair out, he sat in it backwards resting his arms on the back.

Artie narrowed his eyes and turned his body away from the boy. [b [#666699 “I was taking a break Daniel.”]] He stated in defense. Closing the old, leather bound book he had been reading, he leaned back and sighed. He didn’t want to work anymore but he knew he needed to study for his English-lit class.

[b “Are you going on the ski trip? I think today is the last sign up.”] Daniel asked, running his finger over one of the classic fiction books that sat on the desk.

Shrugging, Artie laid his head on the cold wood. He had the opportunity to go on a trip to the Alps during winter break but Artie couldn’t make his mind up. He had so much stuff to work on for his novel class but he couldn’t find the motivation. Maybe a trip would help clear his mind?

[b [#666699 “I guess so. I haven’t signed up. I should go do that now.”]] He said with a sigh. Raising to his feet, he organized his mess and packed up his things. [b [#666699 “Are we having tea later?”]] Artie asked as he slung his messenger bag over his shoulder. Daniel nodded with a smile before following his friend out of the library.


Artie had packed a suitcase and a backpack for the Ski trip. He couldn’t believe finals were over and it was the end of the fall semester. Artie was actually really excited to get a vacation. He needed a break. Gathering his things, he made his way towards the tour bus.

The class was taking a high end tour bus to the airport before boarding a private plane. The college had spent a lot of money on the trip in hopes to get enrollment up. Artie couldn't complain, he liked luxury. Artie loaded his suitcase under the bus before boarding. He picked a window seat and pulled a copy of 'Everything That Rises Must Converge.’
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