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welcome to a land of mystical happenings, where the demons you thought were fake are actually real just like guardian angels and such. All those things you thought were myths are actually real and not imagined. Well here is where it all takes a turn in the subject.

the demons are waging a war on the angels and it is affecting the other mystical creatures around them.

here are the characters that can be used in the roleplay


creatures with colored wings such as white, pink, light blue, etc. theyre known to be quite charming and some more into shying away from trouble. But they are there to save the day when it is needed. Some are also fallen where they take the side of the evil secretly.


these are the trouble makers and they cause all the drama or hald of it. They also have wings but more on the darker side as black, red, or darker things. They are so secretive, but they are somewhat fun on the points.


These can shift into any animal or being and are known to be playful but protective.


I need more than 500 words please


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Roleplay Responses

His body reacted violently, and his feathers slid off, his wings revealing their leathery bag like state
  Terouy / HydreigonMaste / 15d 10h 17m 4s
Well right now i do and i choose not to be apart of it." she said poking his chest. "No one can tell this angel what to do!"
  Mc / Soft_angel / 15d 11h 22m 14s
“Well, too bad, wbcusss you have no choice I’m this war” he said
  Terouy / HydreigonMaste / 15d 11h 27m 39s
"im not in that war, id rather stay out." she seethed and crossed her arms. "you have ruined my mood."
  Mc / Soft_angel / 15d 11h 28m 32s
He shook his wings out, and a bit of dark red membrane shone through his fake feathers “what your ‘boss’ is planning for our war”
  Terouy / HydreigonMaste / 15d 12h 6m 8s
and what is that?" she asked raising her eyebrow
  Mc / Soft_angel / 15d 12h 28m 51s
“I don’t need the club now, I have all the information I need” he hissed
  Terouy / HydreigonMaste / 51d 16h 3m 0s
than come with me and we can get back to this.¨ she said pointing at the club
  Mc / Soft_angel / 52d 9h 6m 11s
“Indeed” he muttered, frowning “very boring, but very important”
  Terouy / HydreigonMaste / 55d 13h 34m 4s
smiling she went back down. ¨and you cant make it better unless you try alexander. PLUS this is a pretty boring mission dont you think.¨
  Mc / Soft_angel / 55d 13h 34m 52s
“Hell doesn’t get upgraded” he growled, getting up “and it’s none of your buisness”
  Terouy / HydreigonMaste / 55d 13h 41m 26s
looking down at him from above she smiled and twirled anther drink. ¨your not used to it?¨
  Mc / Soft_angel / 55d 13h 44m 58s
He slid onto the ground,a Nd got up “damn these newfound ways of travail” he said, growling
  Terouy / HydreigonMaste / 56d 6h 8m 27s
giggling she watched him from far above and looked over the crowd. ¨ill never understand then¨
  Mc / Soft_angel / 56d 11h 6m 14s
“Get myself a decent girl? What do you mean by- oh, she’s gone” he said, sighing. “I’m never going to understand teenagers” he muttered, flaring his wings “anyways! Time to go” he said, blasting through the crowd and out the to get to my meeting wit the big man himself” he said, grinning. “No one will suspect a thing” he said, raising his arms “no one will ever knwo what hit them, all they know is they will rue the day they believed Alexander Hale was-“ he started to say lap before he drifted in front of the monorail, and shot forwards, knocked out cold
  Terouy / HydreigonMaste / 57d 6h 57m 37s

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