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[Dosis [i "Attention passengers, the Zenith monorail is now arriving at Kaslo Station, please ready your belongings to exit the train at your earliest convenience. The next departure is-"]

[b Kaslo Station, this would be your stop, regardless of what life you left behind the big city of Yukarin was just the break you were looking for. The bright lit colors of the city lights gleaming in the last rays of sunshine filled the train windows and even from the passenger car you could see throngs of people crowding the station, waiting for their own transports.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, an all expenses paid internship working with the Yukarin security task force. You, and others like you, were considered the best in their fields-and were easily recruited for the chance to become intergalactic bounty hunters and undercover spies-provided you passed all the entrance exams and impressed your superiors during your probation period. That's [i if] you survived that long. Maybe you could even rise up the ranks and become security chief of Yukarin! Who knew? It was a new life here, and you could be whatever you wanted to be.


You heard people talk throughout the weeks leading up to this point, Yukarin officials were desperately trying to clean up the city as it had become overrun with soaring crime rates. That's what prompted the new recruitment drive, and whether it be an opportunity for fame and fortune, or an escape to a better life-you jumped at the offer. They saw something in you that maybe you didn't even see in yourself...

It seemed like a good deal after all, the program paid for housing and you would get your tactical gear handed out the first day of orientation. The only expenses you had to worry about was food and leisure, even if you didn't know when you'd have enough free time for leisure activities. One thing was for certain, your life was going to change since getting off the train, you could hardly wait!

[center [+blue ~Yukarin Guide to Better Living~]]
1. Never leave your belongings unattended, you will not be reimbursed for any lost, stolen or misplaced items or luggage. This includes offspring of any nature.

2. Yukarin is the largest city this side of the galaxy, and as such a multitude of people-from all over the universe have come to make a livelihood. You will find many manner of people within Yukarin; human, alien, android, cyborgs and more!

3. The use, possession and distribution of the drug known as [b Crimson Nebula] is now a Tier 2 offense, elevated from a Tier 3 infraction.

4. Resisting detainment or arrest has been elevated to a Tier 1 offense, lethal force from law enforcement is hereby authorized by orders from the General of Defense, H. T. Alantir.

5. Keep our city clean! Report any suspicious activity to the Yukarin's Security Precincts.

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Username: [ Osiris]
Character Name: Jaalvor Ammut
Alias/Nickname: Captain, Sir
Age: 47 human years
Gender: Male
Species: Kivrok
Skills: Immaculate tactician, brilliant strategist and trained with a long range sniper.
Short Biography: Jaalvor Ammut is a part of the Kivrok species, a very ill-tempered race of aliens that would rather rip your head off than talk to you. However, he has learned to temper the Kivrok rage within and harness its power for his own needs. He currently lives in Yukarin and is the leading enforcement officer of the 7th District Precinct, it is to be his duty-and horror-to train the new recruits his superiors were so adamant about bringing onto the force. Kivroks had no time for games or jokes, they respected results and proof of deeds more than one's own words; his superiors were certain that if anyone could whip green recruits into stoic forces of the law, it would be Jaalvor. At least he would certainly try...
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Username: [ Osiris]
Character Name: Takar'Dax Serot
Alias/Nickname: Dax
Age: 25 human years
Gender: Male
Species: Vru'Dak
Skills: Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, excellent tracking and hunting skills.
Short Biography: Life for a Vru'dak meant one of two things, you were either a hunter or a trapper; the pallid skinned alien race inhabited the frozen planet of Vru'Dawn and lived most of their lives huddled beneath the ice of a seemingly barren wasteland. They chiseled out their cities beneath dozens of sheets of ice, the planet encased in a forever winter, molded them to adapt and evolve into the beings they were today. The Vru'dak's third eye, neatly positioned in the center of their forehead allowed them infrared vision and the ability to see heat and thermal emissions given off by other life-forms and those they hunted for their trade. Dax wanted something more than Vru'Dawn could offer him, and though it was difficult to leave all he had known, he won himself the coveted prize of moving to Yukarin to perhaps make a name for himself. A name his parents could be proud of.
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Username: [ SincerelyLily]
Character Name: Yen
Alias/Nickname: N/A
Age: 25 human years
Gender: Female
Species: Shape-shifting Alien
Skills: Combat, Gambling, Survival Skills, Growing Mind .
Short Biography: Yen is one of the thousands of soldiers from the planet Tiargon. This planet is home of shape-shifting aliens-with the ability to shift between human and alien form. Yen has runaway from home after giving birth to a child conceived with the King: the female to which was in a prophecy that stated she would take the throne from her father. Not wanting her to be sacrificed, and knowing a s a Guard their relationship was forbidden, Yen leaves to start a new life afar, hoping her skills as a guard will help-even if she has to get a little dirty
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Username: [ SincerelyLily]
Character Name: Viola
Alias/Nickname: N/A
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Species: Shape-shifting Alien
Skills: N/A
Short Biography: Daughter of King Falo of Tiargon and Yen of South Palace. All she knows is darkness, as her mother kept her hidden. She's only heard her father's voice once when she was three. In order to stay as inconspicuous as possible, her mother makes her wear a cloak, hiding the bright neon blue hair that flows from her head. Power.
Picture URL: [pic]

Username: [ YoruNeko]
Character Name: Seraphina Larissa Noelani Cind
Alias/Nickname: Ember
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Species: Panteiran
Skills: Master artisan, weapons expert with a preference towards hidden weapons, profound business sense, resourceful, quick-witted, and capable of light and shadow magic
Short Biography: After finally being detained for arms dealing, Seraphina was given a choice to either face a severe sentence or join Yukarin's attempt to clean up the city. Considering she'd spent over a bountiful decade in her trade without being caught once, that severe sentence would most likely mean a severed head. She liked her consequences fruitful, nothing severe and nothing of hers severed. So, here she was, using her skills and connections to enter the other side of law enforcement. Who knows, maybe this could bring in an even bigger profit and more opportunities.
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Username: [ Killmonger]
Character Name: Nagarani
Alias/Nickname: Naga
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Medusa/Medusian - can't turn you to stone, but the snakes do nip a bit.
Skills: Engineering and repair, piloting, cybersecurity , infiltration, and sabotage. Extensive knowledge of noxious chemicals as well as having built up high resistance to their effects. Her weapon of choice is a modifiable sniper rifle.
Short Biography: Medusians are a small, uniquely snake-haired race comprised solely of women and girls. Regardless of their choice in mates, children borne of Medusians will also be Medusian. After the subjugation and colonization of their verdant home planet, Seless'tan, a number of years ago, their numbers have dwindled down to practically nothing. Worse, this rareness has led a number of those that remained to the intergalactic black market via illegal trafficking. In Naga's case, she was stolen twice; Once as a small child by marketeers, and immediately afterward by the band of capricious thieves that raised her. Naga is an engineering prodigy who has been commissioning for and trading with clientele through various proxies for years now, but took the recruitment opportunity in Yukarin to grow out her reputation without all the sneaking around.
Picture URL: [pic]

Username: [ Killmonger]
Character Name: Zechariah
Alias/Nickname: Zech
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Cyborg - once a Human, now complete with countless advanced cybernetic implementations.
Skills: Brute strength, 18-core internal processor (CPU's), scanners, and close combat. Naga has outfitted him with a number of projectile weapons/firearms, with one being in the nape of his neck, another in the back of his throat, and the rest in his torso/limbs. Computer-assisted intelligence via neural implants. His brain retains 80% of its organic integrity.
Short Biography: While he does remember the events leading up to his having been cyberized, all accounts are without time estimates; Up until he'd woken up on Naga's table, Zechariah had not been able to count, and does not recall having ever had a real name other than the slave-troup label of 'Twelve'. He'd been born to Human parents in the slums somewhere, but was considered a useless son as per the lameness in his legs and failing vision in his right eye. Abandoned, his memories after that point ran together in a mass of begging, constant mistreatment, and eventually the slave trade. Naga estimates from a number of his stories and the moral allowances of those decades that he was most likely in his early 50's by the time she found him crushed within an inch of his life in the street. In the past 9 years, Zech has experienced things he never thought to be within his reach, such as reading and counting, walking, and adventuring, and receives the best possible cybernetic maintenance and upgrades for free in exchange for companionship with his tiny savior. Note that he has been her guinea pig since that encounter and that his first cyberized body was highly unstable in comparison to the current streamlined model.
Picture URL: [pic]

Username: [ NorthernWolves]
Character Name: Vri Natek
Alias/Nickname: N/A
Age: 38
Gender: Female
Species: Techno-fused Aliens
Skills: Hacking, electronics, improvised explosives
Short Biography: Nitra wasn’t anything special from the outside. She was from a small planet with slight biome variations across the planet and a sentient race, but a closer look at this sentient race revealed the unique aspect. They were creatures that had the ability to fuse in and out of technology at will. This was not always so, and because of that, a group existed with the sole purpose of returning to the ways of the old, either with hacking or violence. Vri Natek matured in this upheaved time, even feeling the effects of being helped, which spurred her into joining the anti-hacking force. While protecting her people from nefarious viruses and other malware, Vri noticed certain inconsistencies involving arms shipment from off world to these violent groups. She began setting up a sting operation in finding the source, but each time she thought the creature was located, it turned out someone higher up was involved. Eventually, this constant jumping nailed a certain feline arms dealer and led to her arrest.
Little did Vri know she’d end up training with her.
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[i ]

Takar'Dax was still disheartened about the non-existent grass, but he was still stoked for the large living quarters, he spent quite a while just reveling in the new territory. He set about rather quickly in decorating with his small belongings, the most important items were that of his shrine to his parents. This he set up opposite the bed, so that he might give prayer and receive blessings from his ancestors for the trials ahead. The grey skinned alien knelt before the shrine for only a moment, communing with what he believed to be his parents' spirits before the scent of cooking filtered its way into his room. He knew the scent of cooking meat and after securing his room he followed his nose to the kitchen.

The other two had already gotten there ahead of him and the Vru'Dak watched them carefully, standing in the doorway to the kitchens as if moving further would set the room off in explosions. They had words, these two, he did not know the meaning of their history but he could see the way their heat signatures heightened around each other. If someone had a match... After observing the two women for a bit he concluded that explosions would be unnecessary and proceeded to enter the kitchen. He had to close his third eye inside the kitchen as the heat given off from the stoves caused the thermal signs to be unreliable. Dax looked over Seraphina's shoulder for a moment, watching her cook the fish with a learned curiosity, would it be racist of him to admit that he thought the Panteiran would eat the fish raw?

He kept his mouth shut and looked over Vri's take on dinner, nodding absentmindedly to himself before he took his turn looking through the shelves. He did not believe Yukarin would be stocked in his planet's normal diets, but he did not have trouble finding a decent substitute. Dax was highly carnivorous, and while he liked the colors of Vri's meal, he knew the strangely vibrant vegetables would cause him major problems. He once ate something called an [i onion] and his abdomen was in twisting coils for days, rejecting the strange earthy substance with pain he did not want to feel again.

[#a000ad "Have you two prior training together?"] Dax asked cheerily, it was around this time that Yen came out as well, he was blissfully under the impression that Sera and Vri were like old paired hunters. How wrong he would be. The other recruits would probably stay out all night, and while Takar'Dax wanted to explore the city he would be foolish to do so alone. Maybe one of the others here would explore with him? Yet now came the time of cooking and satisfying the roaring beast that was hunger was most important.

After letting Seraphina finish cooking her meal did Dax finally start cooking the chunk of red meat lined with a slab of fat, he knew the animal was a big game, rich in nutrients and would be sufficient in calming his stomachs demand for food. He did not season anything, because of their unknown affects on his digestive tract, and kept everything relatively simple. Within moments he had brought the steaming dish to the counter-top, what to do with the cooking dishes however gave him pause, there was no mechanism or container by which to clean the pans or soak them. What kind of kitchen was this?

Too much to mess with now, with rumbling stomachs raging at the sight of meat in front of him, he just set the pan down and hurried to grab a few bites. It was still relatively nice having a meal with other would-be hunters, it was an interaction he thought he'd be sorely missing, Dax made sure to get out of Yen's way enough for her to have some food too. He saw a few random recruits he did not yet meet enter the building, they grabbed the complimentary drinks and began helping themselves to more than their share; Dax was too busy pushing food into his mouth to bother with the hunters he did not yet know.
  Jaalvor and Takar'Dax / Osiris / 11d 12h 22m 49s

Possibly the most curious happening of today: Takar’Dax, the sole individual having in his possession a brochure of everyone’s housing. While not seeing everything, a short glance allowed enough information for Vri to draw her opinion; a hanging cloud of suspicion. It was one step in promising free items with an immaculate appearance along with some form of lawn, quite the leap towards the next step in providing such items. Without prior knowledge of Yukarin’s bureaucracy, the probability of them going through with providing lay at an exact 50/50; either they did or did not provide.

While transiting, a singular incident occurred. Nothing major, quite the opposite. Vri slightly winced, more from surprise than pain, as a charcoal-black hand dug into the right shoulder. Sera’s whispering voice followed, and based on those words, Vri would definitely not recount that story. That cat still stored plenty of high concentrated salt, which she now only began to disperse, and disperse on a specific target; Vri knew she wouldn’t enjoy being the sole one to be salted, she’d need to put up with it as that sort of behavior was typical in criminals.

Arriving at the housing, two feelings floated upwards: a no-surprised disappointment. The disappointment because of previous hope of the Yukarin bureaucracy providing the promise, the non-surprise because of knowing bureaucracies failed through providing promises. Either way, the building would be their home and one had to make of it their home.

The inside matched the outside in terms of clean design, the difference lay in coloring: Whereas the outside was painted in a single, blandish grey color, the inside contained items such as furniture and paintings brimming with an assortment of colors.

Hearing the stomach complaining, Vri meandered over towards the kitchen after putting her belongings away. The smell of cooking fish incrementally grew stronger until arriving at the door, when the only thing she could smell was cooking fish. Leaning forwards so her head and the upper-half of her chest showed in the doorway, Vri saw Sera cooking. Even though Vri didn’t want to admit her fear of the Pantherian, the feeling would not leave; Vri did not want to give any excuse for a justified reaction, she’d seen first hand what Sera could do as a justified reaction and did not seek a repeat. And that came down to two things: avoiding injury, and not blowing this chance for Sera. While Sera could be doing this for selfish reasons, a noticeable streak of narcissism from the investigation, with the right guidance there did exist a chance of making the salty cat into a proper, maybe still salty, cat.

Then another thought entered Vri’s mind as she stood, still leaning in the doorway and looking into the kitchen: since they’d be stuck together for who knew how long, might as well learn more about each other.
Straightening out, Vri performed a right angle turn into the kitchen. Walking towards the refrigerator, she paid attention in giving Sera a wide berth including the Panteiran’s tail. That tail could move, and regular domesticated cats disproved of their tail being touched; an intelligent, humanoid cat would disprove even more so.
Opening the refrigerator, Vri investigated the contents inside. For some reason, she wanted a sandwich, and the materials to construct a sandwich existed in the fridge: bread, vegetables, and pre-sliced meat. While not as heavy as a bigger meal, Vri wasn’t that hungry.

Setting down those three items a few feet to the right of Sera, Vri turned to face her. Settling into the most neutral stance she could think of, [#ff9900 “Anything else you’d like to get out of the way or ask? Or are you done with the salt dispensing for today, salty cat?”]. This was most definitely a risk, seeing as the phrase salty cat had a high probability of being taken as an insult, even though Vri’s tone had not a hint of derogatoriness nor haughtiness. But knowing which words and actions pushed what buttons would be useful, so it wouldn’t happen in a high-rush situation.
  Vri Natek / NorthernWolves / 22d 9h 4m 53s
[#f71d08 "Yes, you were."] Too hasty, that was. Although he said that he was grateful, his eyes told another tale. Seraphina's confident, unyielding eyes glared right back. [#f71d08 "As I am for you lowering your tail."] Her gratitude there wasn't a complete lie. If he had decided to strike, it was undecided who the victor would be. Both of their species were that of hunters and he seemed more fresh. However, the Panteiran couldn't cause a bloodbath here. Judging by his blood-thirst when she grabbed his translator, a similar thought must have stopped him. Regardless, he should have held on tighter if he didn't want it snatched. His haste would still get him killed, trained fighter or not. On top of that, he seemed too honorable; and in a free for all world, that alone was all Sera needed to shift things in her favor. Seraphina was so kind by giving practical life lessons. They should lessen her sentence.

Seraphina listened in when the others began to talk about housing. She heard something about it being in 9th district, but that was all. Her release didn't come with an itinerary for this thing. It was more like you better be there and not cause anymore trouble. However, Takar'Dax even received a brochure. Sera looked over it from where she stood. There was no way they'd live somewhere like that in the 9th district. Police barracks or not, that kind of place was nothing more than a target for robbery, or a target in general. Was this supposed to be a death sentence in disguise? The overzealous Vru'Dak then invited everyone to go check it out. [#f71d08 "Might as well."]

They were finally out of the precinct. So Sera put her hand on Vri Natek's shoulder and tightened her grip just enough to make a point and not leave a mark. She then whispered, [#f71d08 "Apparently, you're quite the storyteller. Do tell that tale again, [i Vri]."] She heard their names from afar, but she did hear them pretty clearly. So, she now knew the name of the fly that ruined her life. That same fly had the audacity to make her demise a happy story. Sera had to do what she needed to do here and get her business back before she completely lost it, it being both her temper and her business.

When they arrived at the compound, the outside was a lot more practical. It blended in with the surrounding buildings and the community very well. Minus the enclosed gate and the posted security guards... However, that was a necessity for an operation like this one. Seraphina showed her papers to the guard and was given a key card in return. Once inside, she felt more at home than she had in a good while. She was finally back to basic luxuries. Passing right through the lobby, Sera made her way to her room and hit the showers. She had the urge to scrub away the last few months and welcome some civilization back into her life.

After that soothing session of relaxation, Seraphina crawled onto her bed, grabbed onto a pillow as if needing a reminder that this wasn't a dream and laid there. She was back on the other side. No more prison food. No more inmates and everything that went with them. No more infested toilets and tiny, padded, metal boxes referred to as beds. There was still a curfew. There were still enforced restrictions during specific hours. However, Sera was back on the other side again. She even got to toy with a translator. She missed technology. Once she had weapons again, it'd be a wrap. She’d have her life back. She had to.

After laying there for a bit, messing with her new taser, Seraphina decided to go check out the rest of the building. The lobby still had drinks out for them. Sera didn't trust them, so she refused to take one. However, the overall arrangement wasn't horrible. So, she went into the shared kitchen, which was a nice size. It was a full kitchen with enough space for a whole staff to work. She saw so many utensils for different planetary dishes, she couldn't even recognize a lot of them. There was an entire cooler, freezer, and storeroom full of ingredients. Her mouth watered a bit at the more aquatic options, as she could practically taste the finished product. It had been months since she'd had a quality meal and she loved those. Before she realized it, Seraphina was cooking up a dish with one of the fish.
  Seraphina Noelani Cind / Yoruneko / 25d 20h 41m 24s
[size11 Yen knew that some things were too good to be true and certainly when the government was asking for your assistance, they through every trick in the book at you: financial security, place to stay free food! It was all a bunch of bullshit incentive to get you to join the program. That said, Yen didn’t doubt that they was the chance of something great coming out of working on the force; the idea of moving up in rank was especially interesting to her. Moving up in rank meant an increase in power and a bit more [I freedom] and that’s what she needed if she was going to be close with her daughter. For now, Yen had to trust she was in safe hands.

The luxurious space of living was nothing more than thick concrete buildings, though it wasn’t a terrible living situation and honestly, coming from the makeshift cabin she had in the woods, Yen didn’t really find any reason to complain. That is, sharing a space with the others would make it incredibly hard for her to sneak her daughter in. She tried to hide her disappointment, but her hair grew a bit brighter as she began to become a bit more anxious. She tried to calm down, reminding herself that she hadn’t got this far to give-up. Besides, looks were deceiving and the inside of the complex looked much better than the outside. She had taken to grabbing one of the drinks, watching as the small white cubes within the thick blue liquid bloated slowly from top to bottom. SH checked her paperwork and was able to locate her assigned room which was much larger than expected. Yen quickly check the closet, tall enough but not as wide, would be hard for Yen to stay in there – though she would have freedom if she stayed in the room.

She looked under the bed, flipping the sheet to find that it was a decent enough crawl space should she have to hide in a bind. The trouble, though, was getting her in. Yen would be training constantly and not have that much time for going back and forth if she were to meet curfew and coming into base in the morning was way too risky. She chewed on her lip, sinking on to the bed then and placing rhea bottled drink on the dresser beside her. She hated to admit it, but this was going to be tougher than she thought. She figured the best thing would be to head downstairs and hopefully try to make a friend; it would be beneficial if she could find one person to trust; but who?
  SincerelyLily / 26d 6h 58m 51s
Jaalvor turned in relatively quickly, he had mapped a few courses in the holodeck, simulating several scenarios that may or may not happen to the recruits on a day-to-day basis working in Yukarin. None of them were as dangerous as program 34-109, the siege would kill them all; but he didn't want to coddle the recruits either. Give them some danger and see who could make it out alive, that was his thought process anyways. The Kivrok's room was basic and devoid of decoration, it looked more like a jail cell than a residence.

The one thing standing out abnormally would be the large aqua tank in the middle of the room, it was here that Jaalvor would rejuvenate his body. His carapace and tentacles mirrored their oceanic home-world, the air vents along their bodies helped with air and water transition as much as bulking up the species. Kivroks were definitely strange people, if not for the federal alliance the entire universe may at one point been dominated by the Kivrok Empire. -It should belong to the Empire, but Jaalvor did not bother with politics, leave that to those who could not fight.

The red alien submerged himself rather fluidly, adjusting to beneath the water and just relaxing. Finally at peace again under the water, people never knew but being out of bodies of water for very long tends to make Kivroks extremely irritable. It was highly painful to have one's carapace dry out, but it was not like he could serve the Empire [i and] do his entire job from a fishbowl. [i 'Could you imagine? Captain Fishbowl, reporting for duty.'] Jaalvor snickered to himself before finally drifting off for some much needed sleep.

Takar'Dax smiled at Yen's introduction, nodding to Vri but his smile faltered when they tried explaining what to do about the translator, normally it would be attached around his neck, but it was broken so badly he had just been using it in his hand. It was around this time that the Panteiran snatched it out of his hand, rather deftly, but the quick motion had Dax angrily insulted. Who was this person to just grab things without asking? He bristled and his tail whipped upward like a stinger poised to strike at the annoyance.

[#a000ad "Oru'anak?!" "] He expected her to smash it to be honest, but she didn't, he was [i this] close to taking off the hand that offended him. Yet this wasn't Vru'Dawn, you couldn't do Vru'Dawn things here in Yukarin, Dax would have to learn this quickly. The feline humanoid was fixing his device, fairly easily and he narrowed his red eyes at her upon taking the translator back. Dax lowered his bladed tail cautiously before trying out the translator once he had it fastened along his neck.

[#a000ad "Mayhap I am too hasty. You have my gratitude."] It was a short apology and just as short thank you, but it was the best he could give. Everything here was so different, people were different and customs... Regardless Dax shook his head slightly before they started talking about housing, this part he [i did] know. He excitedly waved a hand trying to force out the words a little too eagerly, completely forgetting the incident that almost happened. [#a000ad "Lodgings, yes, I have seen this place."]

The Vru'Dak whirled around to his bag of things, sending his tail quickly after the motion and he pulled out one of his papers. It had a bunch of scribbled alien writing on it but it showed a relatively nice section of compact houses set with a clear view of the city skyline in the Ninth District. Apparently, the closer you get to the First District the richer and cleaner the city becomes, which meant going away from each district made it more dirty and more dangerous. Housing was two districts away from the precinct though so Dax thought it was just swell. The picture showed each house had its own little patch of grass-Takar'Dax could hardly wait to touch the green things, he was so excited.

[#a000ad "I am going over there now, you will come?"] He asked the three other recruits to join him, he wanted to see the houses. -And the grass, Vru'Dawn never had grass. Dax gathered his things as he waited for those who would join him, he didn't mind any that wanted to be on their own. Some hunters were better that way, but it was usually a fatal decision.

[center [b ~*~*~]]
What Takar'Dax found to be their housing was a blatant and definite lie, it was true the lodgings were in the Ninth District, but the entire picture was a fabrication! Their housing was nothing more than a flat and boring apartment complex on slabs of concrete, with a couple security officers on duty and key card access doors, the place did boast a bit more security in the long fence that encased the building but beyond that, it was fairly plain. Dax had to show his acceptance papers to even get in, they'd be given an assigned key card-which also explained the reason for the aforementioned curfew. Miss the curfew, gates will be locked and you will be sleeping outside.

He could hardly believe they would lie to him, he was already on board to help Yukarin, but he was... so excited to see some grass. There was none here on this lot, it was gray and cramped, nothing was lit up or vibrant in this section of the city. What an utter disappointment. Still, the inside of the house certainly soothed his hurt feelings, it was [b expensive] indoors. It looked like a millionaire set up the entire building from the inside, everything was pristine and clean, they had huge skinned rugs from woolen beasts laid out along the floors, the furniture was plush and looked to be [i very] comfortable.

Walls were decorated with copies of famous works of art and sculptures lined the halls leading into each apartment with each recruit's surname pinned to the door. Which brought up the main question-weren't they all supposed to have their own houses? Like each individual would get a house with a little plot of grass just as the picture showed? Another deception! There were already drinks laid out for them in the main entrance by the time they arrived, by who Dax didn't know, so he didn't take any. However, his displeasure was soon forgotten as he began looking around the place, giddy like a fledgling the Vru'Dak ran forward to find his apartment. Living in close quarters with other people was nothing new to Dax, Vru'Dawn was highly cramped and to be near another person was relatively comforting.

He was not comfortable, however, with the size of his own apartment... It was [b huge], bigger than anything he had ever seen! Why did people need so much space here? It was strangely daunting to see so much open space. He was even surprised at how high the ceiling was-he didn't have to hunch down at all throughout the entire building. It was already furnished too, just the same as the front lobby was, he zoomed one way to the other throughout the apartment just taking in everything he could all at once until he felt dizzy.

Yet something still bothered him, he did not know these recruits, and certainly the chief or general who's-it didn't know them either. He could be staying under the same roof as a criminal! After seeing the apartment fully and unpacking Dax would probably venture out into the city to understand it better but for now he was just comprehending the apartments. He did not mind the blue haired human and the scarred one, but it was the feline he did not really like, the one who insulted with foul hands. True, the insult was merely to fix his device-which desperately needed it-but he would have handed it to her had she simply asked to see it. [i 'What kind of culture do the Panteirans have if they all grab things from others? Is it a common trend?'] Dax subconsciously grabbed his things and placed them in a safer location within the apartment. Then he chided himself, [i 'No criminals would even be accepted... Right?'] [right [pic]]
  Jaalvor and Takar'Dax / Osiris / 30d 9h 8m 59s

If hair was used in determining diversity, then just by that, this group of recruits was off to an excellent start. While not all colors, whether on or off the visible light spectrum, were on display, the difference was noticeable. There were two individuals with black hair. Vri’s was barely glossy and a lighter shade of black whereas Sera’s had more in common with a bird humans call a raven; that left a bleached blond and bright blue/white comparable to Yukarin’s neon lights. As to hairstyle: blond boy rocked a mullet, walking neon lights pulled her hair neatly along the back, salty cat’s long and black luxurious har flower down every which way, and bionic eye girl walked with neatly down-to-neck trim.

Vri exhaled a lengthy breath; the sing-song of voices came with surprise as the translator on Takar’Dax bounced between working and broken. Fortunately the translator broke down just enough so the general message could be understood. While she didn’t know where Yukarin sold its translators, something easily learned. Vri knew of a way in repairing the malfunctioning translator, but not in front of everyone. She didn't know how those around her would react to a sudden disappearance and reappearance, and Vri definitely didn’t want to give another excuse for resentment from Sera.

As Yen, walking neon lights, offered advice in Takar’Dax’s language, Vri lifted a hand and used the second finger to tap the open left eye. Akin to phantom limb syndrome, the eye, not a limb, was there; the mind knew the flesh-and-blood one had been destroyed. In the early days of having this bionic eye, she developed a habit of tapping it for the sole purpose of confirming its existence. While the frequency had dropped, occasionally it still did occur.

Thinking that she received weird looks, Vri thought she’d explain the situation. While she heavily attempted to squish any boasting tones, Vri couldn’t help but feel overwhelming pride. An overwhelming amount of work had been put in, and many illicit gun dealers were now off of the market; and the most important of them all, Sera, had been taken down. Many dreamed of such a rare occurrence, and Vri fully understood that she survived because of sheer luck.

Before having an opportunity to answer Yen’s housing question, Sera came out of nowhere, grabbing Takar’Dax’s translator straight from his hands. While that gesture was rude, the next one revealed the intent behind the first; with her knowledge of tinkering, Sera wanted to repair it. Vri didn’t know whether this help came from wanting to help or get rid of the annoyance that was a broken translator, at least the general step was in the direction of self-improvement.

After that little show ended, Vri turned towards Yen. [#ff9900 “I thought we were living in some form of barracks. Unless you have a unique situation? “]
  Vri Natek / NorthernWolves / 30d 13h 18m 18s
With Captain Prattle gone, everyone seemed to relax. His little pack leader tale failed to impress her, so she never tensed up to begin with. Although most were now letting their guards down way too much, one night in this city should fix that. Yukarin was a very unforgiving place. In most cases, people were drugged, robbed, raped, and/or killed with many colorful combinations in between. There was a reason they were desperate enough for this to replace a death sentence. Besides, if she was stupid, it would still be one. For that horn beetle to not even warn the recruits, that showed the extent of his sink or swim mentality. Even in the daytime, the city could sense the green before they walked out of the precinct door. It was beyond stupid to aimlessly go around among the nightlife.

Normally, Seraphina's reputation would help her navigate, possibly with having to give a few inconvenient reminders… however, with no one knowing she'd been released and going around as a lawful recruit… Even she'd laugh if she went before herself like that… Well, before killing the must-be impostor. At least it would be entertaining enough that she'd make it quick. Or better yet, put the person to work for her… This idea could be promising in saving her reputation, but still needed some ironing out. It was still a stretch… Regardless, she needed a solid plan before heading out in the future.

With her new gear and uniform in her lap, Seraphina sat back up to look through it. However, in doing so, she saw a detestable fly walking by… at the sight of it, the hairs on her fur stood up. She instinctively hissed and swatted at it. How dare they put it in the same program. They must have set her up so she'll break parole. However, as she got a better look at its face, she noticed something different. Oh. Very nice. Seraphina recognized that scratch now scarring her left eye. [#f71d08 "Well that’s improvement. I should become an artist."] Knowing she left a mark that day too made the being easier to look at. From the depth of that scar, that eye must be bionic. That was rather refreshing news. She took out an eye. It was a good start.

Back to the trinket belt… It left a lot wanting… That babbling captain wasn't lying that they wouldn't have any weapons. Sera needed Sera's guns… or anything. She felt nude without a single weapon on her. Tasers came in handy, but it wasn't the same. Especially since these ones seemed to be set with limited voltage. The same applied to the other weapon-like tools. Even so, she was familiar with most gadgets stored in the belt. Despite the lack of lethality, they could still be useful one way or another. Examining one of the tasers further, she saw how she could play with it later and remove the limiter. It'll still have the gauge to keep the non-lethal options. Besides, depending on the opposing species, higher settings would be needed to do more than tickle it.

In another part of the room, someone sounded like a dying Dharmegan talking as it gargled through its own blood. Seraphina looked over to find someone trying to make friends with a malfunctioning translator. Lovely. This unruly sound was going to hurt her newly uplifted mood. Next to the one causing the disturbance was someone with bright hair and the fly. She laid back again hoping one of them would fix or break the thing. Neither seemed to happen. Well, things she'll do for some peace…

Seraphina grudgingly got up, but casually walked over there. Once she got there, she managed to take the translator from what looked to be a Vru'Dak. Using the tip of one of her claws, the Panteiran opened up the device and began her inspection. Sadly, the thing wasn't at the point of needing to be tossed. One of the connections was weak from a short wire. Seraphina turned the device off and disconnected a wire from the power source. She then disconnected the targeted wire. With the rest of the device secured in her palm, she held the wire between her index finger and thumb. With the same fingers on her other hand, she then took the side of her nails and gently put them along each side of the wire insulation. And finally, with a slight turn of the wrist, she cut the insulation enough to slide a small piece of it off and expose that much more wire. That amount was just what she needed to secure the wire properly. While she was at it, she double checked the other wires and tightened a loose one she found. She then reconnected the power source and closed it back up.

Seraphina tossed it back to the backwater creature. His species and their knack for hunting had created great business for her in the past, so she knew a little bit of the language. [#f71d08 "Turn it on and try again. Unless it's more than a hardware issue, it'll work now,"] she told him without the help of her translator. Seraphina wasn't the best at software, but she knew hardware. Since the thing was trying to translate but kept being disrupted, faulty wiring was most likely the cause. That was the reason she didn't smash the thing the moment she had it.
  Seraphina Noelani Cind / Yoruneko / 33d 18h 20m 20s
Yen was not surprised by the wide array of species, but it was incredibly overwhelming to be surrounded by them all at one single time. Not to mention, there were at least a few who she knew were on very thin ice with her people. For the most part they did good in minding their business, as isolated as possible – yet, had no problems sticking their nose in where they saw the advantage in their favor. That said, she had never come across that of a Vru’Dak and it was increasingly obvious considering how wide her eyes grew at the sight of him in full stature. She was briefly intimidated, standing much taller than before relaxing her raised brow. There was a lot of conversation going on and the lot of them were all trying to figure out who was worth getting to know. It was clear Ammut was not as impressed with hiss election and more than likely didn’t want to get involved at all. Not all of them could succeed in being the best and she was sure eventually some of them would drop like flies if not disappear and it didn’t have all to do with the training alone.

Yukarin was slowly rising in ranks as far as the highest crime rate and while it was a risk to come her, Yen knew it was the only place that they wouldn’t bother to look into. It agitated her being away from her daughter, but she told herself that sacrifices weren’t meant to be pleasant. She had faith in her abilities as well, though the last few moths she hadn’t been in combat or training and feared she may have slacked some. She was curious as to what the training would include.

Yen steered clear of the tail, watching as the spiked appendage wrapped around his foot, tucked in out of harm’s way – on behalf of anyone that came in contact with it she bet. She was curious how he was getting along just using a translator, she hated the things, it always made her feel out of sync. It didn’t take much effort though to catch his name. “Nice to meet you, I’m Yen.” She could tell he was getting all too frustrated with the translator and that would be a recurring issue that was sure to have him in a fit in less than twenty-four hours. She tried her best, but had somewhat butchered the language, explaining he’d have to switch out the main plate if he wanted help with interference.

She took to looking around the class once more than, everyone seemed ready to hunt and excited to finally show off their skills – the reasoning behind their scars and to show one another up. Who would be the last one standing though. “Have you receives your housing information yet?” Yen wanted to get checked into the home the program was paying for her and the others to live in. The city was really pumping a lot of money into this program. There wasn’t an option to fail if they wanted to clean these streets up for good.
  yen / SincerelyLily / 40d 4h 59m 44s
[i ]

Once Jaalvor was out of the classroom he could finally breathe, the overwhelming sense of dread bringing him down, what utter trash did his superiors send him, or even think was a good idea in sending? [b These] were the best of the best? A few of the recruits seemed to look alright, to be fair, but the majority would just be killed if he sent them out on any mission. His lieutenant commented on his dreary disposition but the Kivrok ignored them, they would not understand.

If the general saw the entirety of the class surely they would reconsider the whole program. Were they even paying attention? Once again he reminded himself of the few that actually looked promising, maybe they would reshape their fellow recruits into combat-worthy comrades. He told the lieutenant to take the night off, everyone was going to have a hell of a day tomorrow and he needed them to be sharp eyed. He knew a few of the recruits were soldiers before coming to Yukarin, but the city life is far different than the fields of war, there were certain 'practices' that would not be appropriate in the capital. Whatever planets they came from Yukarin was a whole new animal.

He would make it a short night he decided, everyone needing time to become acquainted with the terrain, perhaps get some first-hand experience to what life in Yukarin was like. He hoped none of them got mugged or abducted their first night here, it's happened before. Some up-and-coming hotshot talking too much to the wrong people and [b bam]! Their body is found lying in a ditch or alley, or they're never seen from again. The sour Kivrok rubbed his mantle, too much to know for now, he'd know in the morning how many new bloods he'd lose.

Consider tonight the first crash course of city survival.

Takar'Dax was taking time to look over the rest of the handed out gadgets, there were some he'd have to be trained in but knew that would happen over time. He was inspecting some sort of grappling device when he felt a tentative tap on his shoulder. It was another recruit, the one with the bio-luminescent hair, a strange prey if one was to be hunted, Dax told himself, the hair would be a clear giveaway to predators.

[i 'Hunting off Vru'Dawn is prohibited.'] His conscious told him, but it did not hurt to think on such things. At her short greeting the Vru'Dak gave a smile, standing up to greet her formally. He was a tall alien, taller than most in the room-having to duck to get into humanoid doors, everything on Vru'Dawn were large creatures-they had to be to survive its harsh and perilous climate, the pads of his feet were the size of dinner plates even, with claws to help keep traction on the snowy planet's surface and grip into the ice during a hunt. He protectively curled his tail around his leg, not wanting to strike anyone with the bladed tip-it would leave a nasty scar that would.

[#a000ad "Hello."] He mimicked her greeting with a smile and a small wave denoting peaceful intentions. Another humanoid came to greet him and he gave another cheerful wave, though his face mirrored confusion for a split second he finally understood the translator's malfunction. [#a000ad "[i Doru-mach] is Takar'Dax."] Ouch. Dax at least motioned to himself at speaking his name, hoping the two women would understand him. His translation was a bit hampered as the translator broke down mid-sentence, he grimaced and touched the translator with frustration. He tried to apologize to the two smaller humanoids, and motioned to the faulty verbal translator with exasperation. Hm, maybe one of them would know where he could perhaps purchase a new one in town? Were any of them regulars to Yukarin?

[#a000ad "Would any of you [i kalonaut] where one [i sintai] purchase a new [i Saevomagni]...? [i Saevo]-lator."] Static interference making him grow irritated, all he wanted was to ask a damn question! [#a000ad "-Translator? As you can see mine is [i lokniran]."] He had never had the need to use a translator on Vru'Dawn, therefore he never felt the need to repair it or get a new one. Oh, the err of his ways.

Oh? There was also a feline race in their class, had he noticed when they first arrived? He noticed them now as he looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to his somewhat embarrassing predicament. Their fur was a nice pelt he decided but their expression seemed-unimpressed, at best. They would probably not help him in this case. Some races called the Vru'Daks beasts and primitive creatures to hunt, track and kill other sentient species but it was unfortunately common to have unwanted criminals try to hole up on the frozen planet to escape the law. It was such criminal that took Dax's parents away from him in the dead of night, they did not even get an honorable death, by hunting down a foe and being bested. That is what made him request to join the program in the first place, he could not have his sole revenge on that prey but he would be given plenty of chances to avenge their spirits by hunting others.

He never said these kinds of thoughts however, knowing how testy people could get over morality, only a true Vru'Dak would understand the meaning of prey versus predator talk. Still... Still what? They were [b technically] going to be hunting down wanted criminals or busting a crime syndicate, no? So maybe he was among like-minded individuals after all. Dax gathered his things slowly, a few recruits had already left the training room, intent on enjoying their freedoms. The party life in this city could kill you.

In fact, now that he really looked around most of the class had left, leaving the three aforementioned aliens and Dax, none of them even bothered to mingle. He had worked with many hunting parties before, most of these 'classmates' would die if they tried to go on a hunt outright, but these three seemed to be alright. The one named Vri Natek even boasted of their hunts with the long scar that ripped across their eye. The blue haired being did not show any scars but, he thought as he smiled to them, they must be good hunters to even be selected for this job. Right? [right [pic]]
  Jaalvor and Takar'Dax / Osiris / 42d 15h 12m 25s

With no gear or weapons, one would ask why there’d be such a person amidst others wearing gear and heavily armed. More surprise would emerge upon learning this bare-bones individual wasn’t in a supervisory role, they’d come here as an active participant. No doubt, some questions arose along the lines of having such an individual whose training paled to those with the gear and weapons. But everybody here knew the capabilities of everyone and trusted that each would accomplish their duty.

Vri Natek, the bare-bones individual, waited for the signal. This bust still seemed inconceivable. Days turned into weeks as she started unraveling a chain that no one had guessed the length, nor how many branches it had. What had started with a no-name weapons trader on Nitra had begun to spread like a web around the closest planets. And when one law enforcement officer visited a foreign planet asking specific questions, the foreign law enforcement involved themselves with the same questions. Once similar problems were noticed on other planets, a repetitive process was set in motion.

This process revealed an entire interplanetary chain of arms dealers—importers, exporters, gun stores, etc.—which connected to a specific someone. This unidentified creature knew how to hide both themselves and any damning evidence. No matter the bust, this creature remained elusive, no doubt laughing in glee at constant failure.

But just as all great inventions popped up by accident, so did the major breakthrough. K’lishna, a planet previously overlooked, had originally come up blank. But through renewed activity, some suspicious signs popped up pointing to a specific abandoned building, which wasn’t so abandoned as it seemed.
Law enforcement personnel heavily trained in bust/sting operations were quickly rounded up. This ops involved two parts: first being apprehending the creature, who’d turned out to be a Panteiran named Seraphina Larissa “Ember” Noelani Cind; second, the capture of the data. While the geared up aliens completed the former, Vri would take the latter.

A short signal bleeped.

First the armed aliens broke in. Gunfire erupted before the crashing could even quit. Then Vri ran in, keeping out of the line-of-fire searching for an exposed wire or an outlet. She kept ducking as bullets sparked or twanged from constant automatic fire searching for any electronics. Sliding into a wall, Vri noticed an outlet; smiling, she touched it and disappeared without a trace.
The world of electronics was constantly abuzz with electricity running every which way. But if you knew what to look for, then differentiating became much easier. For Vri, sensing a cache of data came with practice, especially when equating data caches with the gravitational pull of ginormous stars. This gravitational pull allowed her to travel with ease. Vri found out why this one was particularly strong; this data cache contained so much in one spot, it would take some time to download this much data.

After downloading 90%, Vri noticed that the data was being sucked in and vanishing before everything else travelled into that same void. The only way to avoid an electronic black hole was immediately exiting the system.

The moment Vri fused out of the computer, a figure before her turned around; a gasp as Vri suddenly saw her nose and warm blood running down her left half of the face. The shock of suddenly losing an eye prevented Vri from reacting; and avoiding a pinning, chokehold head-butt into a wall by a taller and stronger Panteiran would have meant higher chances of survival. But because she hadn’t, Vri uselessly jerked while being held, asphyxiated and made fun of.
The Panteiran raised her intending to finish her, luckily for Vri the others busted into the room; the feline dropped her and after hitting the ground all Vri could hear were garbled words, see a blurry world, and feel a head splitting ache in her head.

She didn’t remember what happened next, blacking out the moment someone helped her up.

Vri awoke with bright light beaming around her body in a facility. Moving her left hand, she saw it instead of her nose. Seeing an awakened Vri, a nurse walked up and started asking the usual well-being questions. It was through these questions that Vri learned about the cybernetic eye installation, along with some upgrades given to it.

Taking leave so she could rest, recuperate, and get accustomed to a new eye, Vri read an advert; a free internship with the Yukarin security force. Rarely did security forces recruit in such a matter, but rumors of various crime infestations had been bouncing around. Because of all the expertise she’d acquired while with the Nitra security force and her previous bust, Vri Natek found her application accepted.

That was how Vri found herself inside a training room with different alien species all around. The ride there was definitely an interesting one, as Yukarin had built a unique place out of bright lights, tall buildings, and everything in between. Vri’s musings on the place’s appearance without the neon lights ended up being interrupted.

One of the two aliens at the front barked loudly and was authoritarian. Vri disliked hard asses and their attitudes, but this one was different; Captain Ammut knew his mission and what needed doing in accomplishing said mission. He knew what worked and didn’t and would not hesitate in getting on someone’s ass. This she could get behind.

Vri couldn’t exactly get behind not having actual guns since she was accustomed to constantly carrying a sidearm, but she was in Yukarin territory. There was no way but to follow their rules.

After the Captain called her name Vri collected her equipment, then proceeded in strolling back. While strolling back she noticed a glinting pair of familiar bright, yellow eyes. Vri stopped in her tracks, gulping nervously. The hiss and hand swat further reinforced who this Panteiran was; and the words, “Well that’s improvement. I should become an artist”, confirmed that this Panteiran could only be Serpahina. [i [#ff9900 Well this training had just gotten much more interesting]]; Vri wasn’t surprised that law enforcement used a criminal since it happened quite often, the surprise came from the coincidence of hunter and hunted being in the same law enforcement program.

After the quick stop, Vri walked off at a quickened pace, not wanting to anger the salty cat any further. While continuing the walk, she noticed an alien whose unique feature came in the form of a sharpened tail. She thought they looked somewhat lost, so Vri walked up to the five-appendage alien.

Vri paused again. Not only did this alien have five appendages but three eyes as well. But feeling that it would be rude to continue the silence or walk away, [#ff9900 “Greetings, my name is Vri Natek. What is yours?”]. Hopefully they understood, for Vri knew neither the species nor languages which they spoke.
  NorthernWolves / 48d 17h 47m 7s
A herd of loud, clanking steps burst through the door and the police raided the main level of her hideout on the planet of K’lishna. Seraphina wasn’t sure how they caught up to her arms dealing well enough to locate one of her bases, but they did. Somehow, someway, the police found her. With her men as fodder to slow them down, Seraphina used the chaos to sneak off into the backroom. She crawled under a large wooden table and lifted up a cluster of false floorboards, revealing a latched door leading down below. Using the ladder by her feet, she maneuvered down before guiding the door back in place.

Once she was in her bunker, Seraphina hurried to her tech setup to disconnect her heavily encrypted server from all locations and erase its local data. She could always access what she needed again elsewhere, but with this one compromised; it was incriminating enough with the weapons she had stored and being used by her men. The authorities didn't need to find anything else. It was still surprising that they found this base at all. No matter how she played it in her head, they had to have an informant. That irked her.

Seraphina lifted her head up, listening to what was going on above her. The fighting had ceased and she only heard unfamiliar voices. Looking back at her setup, everything had been completely wiped. It was time to go. As Seraphina turned around, she noticed a silhouette behind her. With no one supposed to be down there, she slashed at the person's face. With blood running down the unknown female's left eye, she laughed. [#f71d08 "So you must be the little fly on the wall…"] Seraphina lunged at the girl, grabbed her by the throat, and pinned her to the wall. Squeezing the flesh connecting her head to the rest of her body, Seraphina's claws dug in. [#f71d08 "See, now you're not only wasting my time, costing me money, but now your disgusting blood is tainting my floor."] Although she was only using one hand, the creature was unable to break free. [#f71d08 "You're weak, little fly. After all of the trouble you caused me, you should've stayed hidden,"] she said poking her forehead with her free hand as if trying to teach her something. The real reason was she was annoyed at the sight of the informant.

Seraphina smiled as she grabbed the girl by her jaw and lifted her up again. It was time to squash this fly. She was ready to shove her head into the wall and make a run for it when she heard the authorities make their way down there. [#f71d08 "Shit."] She immediately dropped the girl and put her hands above her head. Seraphina debated on pulling a knife out of her sleeve to at least kill the fly, but decided against it. They'd shoot her down before she could effectively do anything, including casting magic.

[#f71d08 "Hello there officers, I was just going to report this woman for trespassing."] She could hear them cautiously approach her. Even with her back to them, by the way they stepped, they definitely had their guns pointed right at her. [#f71d08 "I was so scared... when she brought those dangerous men in. I did everything I could to defend myself."] It was a whole team of 5... no, it was 7. Two were stationed in the back by the inside entrance. Her worthless underlings couldn't bring their numbers down to one or two? How pathetic. If she didn't get distracted by this fly, she would've been gone.

She could use her light magic to temporarily blind them, but she was bound to hit her in this cramped space… and the exit to the outside was by officers number 3 and 4… and by resisting arrest, they would shoot to kill without a second thought; and based on her instincts going crazy, that was what they expected her to do. This was such a pain… 1 and 2 were now right behind her. Number 5 came up, roughly snatched her raised hands, and put them behind her back before securing them. This was all that fly's fault. If it wasn't for her, she'd be on her next venture right now. Instead this barbaric defender of faulty laws was manhandling her to the stairs. Once they were up there, she'd have a chance. She just needed to— she suddenly let out a scream. Seraphina felt an electric shock pulse through her body… and then… everything… went… dark.

When she woke up again, she felt a sting on her back. Those bastards really tased her… stupid service mutts… If they thought this cell will hold her, they had another thing coming. Damn… she was put in such a tiny cell. Seraphina began to look at her surroundings. The lighting was crazy bright. The bed they had her laying in reeked. [#f71d08 "Ew. I am not touching that toilet."] And worst of all, she had a cellmate sitting on the bed a few steps away from her. [#f71d08 "If you get near me, you'll die. Understood?"] It was bad enough to be in there, but she had to share her air? This was disgusting. They even had her in prison wear! Who the hell changed her? They took all of her weapons… an assortment of 10 knives, 5 small handguns, 2 tasers, and 3 retractable batons. They were all gone, along with her clothes. Who the hell dared to lay a hand on her?!

Seraphina heard footsteps from down the hall. When the two creating those steps stopped in front of her cell, one spoke to her, [B "Ms. Cind, come with us."] Simultaneously, the other opened the cell and restrained her once more before guiding her out. Before she knew it, she was in an interrogation room. How lovely… and not long after that, an official was in the room. He accused her to be Ember, a notorious arms dealer with clients filling planets with their victims' blood, and who created a bloodtrail of her own… No matter how much she said she wasn't her and had no clue what he was talking about, he wouldn't believe it. She even shared how she was merely defending herself from that person, whom she refused to call a fly out loud at the moment. Seraphina even shared an entire story to back it up. That was when he showed their accumulation of evidence against her. No wonder he wouldn't believe her. She was done. And some of the documents were from her own files… How did that fly access this?

He offered her an ultimatum… Either join their attempt to 'clean up' the city of Yukarin or face the death penalty. They must really be desperate for people to ask her… but she was desperate to keep her life… This wasn't going to be good for her clientele. Honestly, it may have been better to have the system kill her than her clients, if they found her to be a liability… No, she knew how to handle them. She agreed as long as she could actually protect her life from 'her past'. He put stipulations on it, but overall she had to spend 90 days in prison and then start her parole training. Luckily this planet's days were shorter than what she was used to, so Seraphina agreed.

That was how she got to this hellhole. She was transported to the train and took it to Kaslo Station. It was nice to be in regular clothes again with fresh air and new faces. However, she was still going to be in a bootcamp setting; Rise when they tell you, eat when they tell you, hit the showers when they tell you, and begin activities when they freaking tell you… She was Seraphina Larissa Noelani Cind, well known as Ember. Yet, she had to take orders for 90 days on a small planet and was about to take orders again. She was one to give orders, not take them. However, at least she'll be armed again. She missed holding and modifying guns… It'd be nice if that fly could eat some bullets. If she committed a crime and ran, or was framed for a crime… that wouldn't happen. Oh well, she was almost free and currently more free than she had been in 90 days.

When Seraphina arrived at the precinct, it felt surreal that she was not only going to a precinct semi-voluntarily, but she was going to be training on the side of the law. It was gag worthy. As she entered the building, she was directed to one of the training rooms. She wasn't the first one there, but she was too close to it for comfort. She offered a nod to the others in order to show her compliance to the whole thing and went off to the side until the captain started class and explained his lesson plan. When he dismissed everyone, she leaned back and relaxed, debating on where to go.
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Yen’s eyes shot open, bright blue orbs powering up for the day. She kept her breathing even, her yes shifting like that of a chameleon before determining they were safe. She sat up, a falling into a routine she had been working on for the last month. She had been hiding with her daughter Viola in the thick bushy forests of her home planet Tiargon. It had been a hard decision to leave her family behind, but once her affair with the King became public, there was nowhere safe for her or her daughter. Yen was confused as to what she had done with the King. By the time their relationship began, she had technically come to full maturity. Still, she was the daughter of a Guard and as the only kin, it was her responsibility to carry on the tradition of being a guardsman. That mean there was no idea of a husband or a family. She was dedicated to her planet and her King.

Yen was a strong fighter; she was smart, and she was quick on her feet. Her skin along was all that was needed to show why she quickly rose up the ranks, but she would be a fool not to admit that the King didn’t help her along the way. How ironic that his own child and the mother of the child would be the cause of his fall from the throne. Viola was the child that was bound to bring their people from the hardest time of their lives; to which she would be revered as a Goddess and the King, dead from said fall from grace. For the most part, it was easy to pretend that Viola was simply a member of the family. Though undeniably her features reflected that of the King’s as she got older and as she got older it was harder to contain her.
[right [pic]]
Viola was full of adventure and she was curious. All her life she had been cramped in a small room, the only light coming from her hair which lit blue, pulsing almost. Things were going to be different, at least that what her mother promised. That morning she got up on time. She grabbed her bag, filling it with just the minimal items she had. Her hands gently pulled the maroon cloak over her head and she exited with her mother, leaving behind the old small house.

The ride had been long, and it was incredibly overwhelming for Viola on the platform as they were heading to Yukarin. She had only known of what her mother told her. Though the shiny tall buildings and neon bright lights certainly were more exciting than how Yen made it seem. They’d stopped just a little outside of the city. Yen had made arrangements for her to stay with someone from their embassy. She couldn’t bring her until she knew how to get her in without anyone noticing.

She dropped her daughter off with a friend from the embassy. Viola would stay with her until she was able to get everything figured out. Training was very important, and Yen had heard a lot about their instructor: a real hard ass. It was safer for Viola to not be with her for now and Yen knew she could always check on her. Besides, Viola was smart, and they had practiced plenty of drills.

That didn’t make it hurt any less when she had to leave to not be late. She luckily made it on time, thin hair the texture of glass noodles pulled into a ponytail. For the most part when not in a specific form, her retained a blue jellylike texture, waving in a sense as though her body and its organs were constantly shifting. She took a seat at the back of the room. What she was hearing from Jaalvor was intimidating, but nothing she wasn’t used to from her own superior. She started to take notes, setting up. a schedule in regards to curfew and mealtimes. The night was still young in some sense and it would more than likely be her last night of freedom. Yen had already grabbed her equipment, hoping she would make it to the end and actually get her gun. She looked around then, wouldn’t hurt to latch on to someone. Having a partner always came in handy in and off the field.
“Hello,” she said as she tapped the gentleman on the shoulder.
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[i ]

[#bd6000 "Are you certain there is no one else that is qualified for this task, General?"] A tall, red-skinned alien stood rigid as he spoke with a blue tinted hologram of the General of Defense, he sported several vestiges and tentacles that overlaid the hard carapace of his body. His six yellow eyes hardly blinked as he heard the words he dreaded, there was to be no one else but him.

The Captain's gravelly voice carried with his rising anger but the hologram hardly took notice, like his displeasure would make them change their minds... Jaalvor bit his tongue physically to keep himself from lashing out, his blood was boiling in his veins and it was all he could do to force out an affirmation to his new duty. He was a decorated soldier, damn it, not some half-wit's babysitter!

The Kivrok let out a ferocious snarl as he exited his office, pushing everyone out of the way in his haste to get to the one place he could let his anger out. The holodeck. Every precinct had one, it was mostly for training purposes, but input the right settings and it could practically transport you to any place in the known universe. When the Kivrok rage built up Jaalvor found it most soothing to vent his emotions in a holographic simulation preferably in a safe and enclosed environment.

He input his regular holo-program, and the doors opened revealing a deep, lush rain forest with a soft cover of fog and the light rain coating the canopies. This was not a representation of his home world, but it was one he knew very well. These forests were where he and his company were ambushed as they fought to conquer the planet for the Kivrok clan, he knew these dangers and relived them over and over again. Better that he tear apart holograms in full Kivrok rage than the sniveling recruits crying for their mothers after the first day of training.

Most holodecks were equipped with safety precautions that limited how threatening the opponents would be, and how injured the user could become. Jaalvor always disabled them for this particular program, let him feel the pain and have it make him stronger than before. He got his weaponry and equipment from the starting bay doors and entered into his past, like walking through a time machine he instantly felt back in the thick of the jungle.

Jaalvor was equipped with a Nisugai long ranged, bolt-action sniper rifle, filled with special freezing ammo designed to trap the target within themselves. The Nisugai were technologically advanced but lacked proper protection and decided to not only recruit the Kivrok clan as their defenders but also outfitted their armies with high class weapons. Which allowed the traditionally military-oriented race to further expand their empire's clutches in return for allying with the Nisugai. The ammunition would explode upon impact and would freeze the target with a very rapid cryogenic reaction.

Yet right now he hardly bothered to use the gun, his carapace expanded and seemed to stretch and fold upon itself, opening several vent chambers along his body. Kivroks, when allowing their bodies to intake more air than it normally needs are able to raise not only their vital signs but also increase their muscle mass until they become nigh unstoppable beasts of war.

Jaalvor did not waste time in being quiet, nor stealthy, he rushed into the overgrowth like a raging animal and began tearing apart the computer-generated adversaries without any caution to his own personal safety. Even though these opposing soldiers were not real, they felt, sounded and seemed real-real enough to do some actual damage if he was not careful enough. They bled and tore apart the same anyways. He saved the use of the gun for those enemies that dared run away like cowards, he roared at them to face death head-on, making sure to beat and pulverize until he could feel the rage dissipate and he was left with the calm serenity that always followed.

[#bd6000 "Computer, end program 34-109."] With a flash of white the forest and all the torn bodies disappeared leaving the vacant gray room empty save for Jaalvor, even the gear and gun vanished. There was a small trill overhead, signalling a message was being transferred to this location, he gave the clearance to relay the message.

"Sir, the new recruits are here, as you ordered upon their arrival to Yukarin."

[#bd6000 "Direct them to the third training room,"] He gave himself the once-over to make sure he hadn't taken any bullets that pierced his carapace, grumbling the last part to himself. [#bd6000 "Let us get this done as quickly as possible."]

[center [b ~*~*~]]
An expanse of ice and snow so blinding in the distant sun's light, how bleak the star's rays were, trying to reach the frozen waste that was Vru'Dawn's surface. The young adult standing upon the surface was bundled down in heavy furs, waiting for the only shuttle pod to touch down. Takar'Dax looked back towards the declining ramp to the subterranean entrance as he saw the shuttle begin its descent to the surface. The ramp was covered in layers of snow and the only person there to see him off was his mentor. It was not appropriate for a large send-off.

There was hardly anything tying him to this frozen rock anyways, Dax shielded himself from the giant flurry of ice and snow the shuttle kicked up, given a slight wave to his teacher before boarding with the small bags that contained all of his meager belongings. This was the first time Dax ever left Vru'Dawn and he would be lying if he said he was not nervous. The shuttle would take him to a carrier ship that would fly through thousands of stars to carry him and others along the way to the capital planet. He had to take a few trains to bring him from the ship docking bay to Yukarin, and he could hardly believe how many species there were inhabiting the docking bay alone.

Vru'Daks were tall creatures, gray skinned with red eyes with a sharp bladed tail that acted as a fifth limb. Dax towered over humans and smaller aliens, he kept his third eye closed-he found out on the transit that people screamed when they found out he had three eyes. How did they go their lives with only two? How did they hunt their prey if they could not see their thermal signals? Yet he was equally perturbed when he came face to face with aliens that had even more eyes than he did, these ones must be great hunters he decided.

Dax shouldered his luggage when the train finally came to a halt at Kaslo Station, and he had to move rather quickly to get out of people's ways, had they no manners in Yukarin? Dax didn't seem to move fast enough and was pushed out of the way by a very angry looking behemoth who spoke an ugly tongue-his translator deciphered it to be an equally ugly message for the Vru'Dak.

[#a000ad "How rude!"] The scarred young man watched the back of the alien before he disappeared onto the train, if they were on Vru'Dawn he would consider that person to be quite the hunt, yet he shook his head dismissively. His mentor tried to explain that off Vru'Dawn hunting was not really accepted-especially if you were trying to hunt another sentient being.

Turning away from the train and the hurried populace Takar'Dax set about trying to find a complimentary map, he had to find the... He had to rummage for his flier, the translation scrawled in sloppy hand-writing. He was looking for a [i 'pre-cinct'] in a numbered district. How many districts could one city have?

Thirty-five, Dax found out. Yukarin was far larger than he gave it credit for, it had thirty-five districts and he had to find the 7th. He tried asking directions from people but they ignored him, or could not understand his translator, one young woman was kind enough to at least point him towards the transit's customer service booth. They should be able to help him find his way, he figured.

Dax had to bend down or hunch over to reach the small window with one of their representatives, the human behind the counter reached about his elbow but they seemed nice. Once he got them to understand what he needed help with he was able to flag down a taxi, apparently his translator was malfunctioning or on its last legs because they could hardly understand his speech. He would have to see about either having it fixed or he would need to purchase a whole new one here in town.

The 7th Precinct was nestled in the heart of the city, the larger number of districts spread further throughout Yukarin, and Dax could not help himself from pressing his face against the taxi's window. The skyscrapers were nothing like the architecture of Vru'Dawn, they consisted of metal, glass and glowing illuminating neon lights. He could hardly believe his eyes such beauty existed, looking at all the signs as the sun's rays peeked in between the skyline. Even the sun was different than Vru'Dawn's, here it was large and bright, far closer than anything he had experienced before. He hoped the program would start in the morning, it would give him time to explore and he felt drawn to all the brightly lit holograms, broadcasting their tantalizing secrets and businesses that the large city could offer.

Looking at all the large buildings and their fancy lights Takar'Dax could hardly contain his excitement, he kept moving from one side of the taxi to the other, trying to see all that Yukarin would offer. How primitive and dark Vru'Dawn seemed in comparison...

He got his bags out of the taxi and paid the driver with what he was sure to be the right amount of this foreign currency and looked at the security station. This building before him held his destiny, and he knew that once he crossed its threshold he would have to prove he belonged there. There could be no mistakes, he was recruited out of all who applied back in Vru'Dawn, he swallowed his anxiety as he entered the precinct.

He had to make his parents proud, they were counting on him to bring honor to their memory, he could not let them down...

[center [b ~*~*~]]
[#bd6000 "Everyone take a seat!"] Jaalvor barked at the new recruits who finally found their way to the precinct and was sent his way, he stood beside his lieutenant and was at least relieved to see the rookies take things seriously. Jaalvor could not stand class clowns. Beside him, on two tables laid out the security equipment they would be given, each recruit was given a uniform, tactical vests and a utility belt with several instruments on clips. [#bd6000 "My name is Captain Jaalvor Ammut, I will be your instructor and your commanding officer for the foreseeable future..."]

Their holsters were vacant of any guns, however, they were not permitted any weapons until after they completed their necessary training. To be given your gun was like being given a diploma or badge, it was a big ceremony that even the general of defense presided over. Jaalvor could still remember the pride he felt at finally obtaining his gun, it validated all the bullshit he had to endure.

[#bd6000 "You were all selected because you managed to beat the rest of your peers, but let me make myself clear-I do not care what you have done, who your parents are or who you [i think] you are. From this point on your asses belong to me; you will eat when I say, you will sleep when I say, you will not even take a [i piss] without my say-so. As soon as you walked through those doors [b I] became your God!"] Jaalvor walked in between the desks as he spoke, his voice filled the room as did his immeasurable presence. [#bd6000 "You are not special here, you are weak and unimportant but through me I will make you into an unstoppable force of the law. I will tear you down and make you into the perfect soldier-the greatest officers to ever serve Yukarin. Through me you will achieve glory, through my word you will rise above the rabble and bring law and order unto this city."]

Takar'Dax could hardly take his eyes off the captain, he was not only intimidating but he [i demanded] the attention of all those around him. Dax snuck a look around the room, it was filled with other hopefuls, from everywhere in the known universe, but he did not see any other Vru'Daks so he was truly isolated here.

[#bd6000 "I will not sugar-coat our situation, Yukarin's outer districts have been falling under the control of a cartel that threatens to take over the entirety of our great city. The General of Defense has devised this program to help crack down on crime before it reaches the inner city districts, it is up to me and my lieutenant to make sure that you sorry sacks of shit are made into an exemplary task force able to put the cartel down."] Jaalvor snorted in disbelief, [#bd6000 "If any of you fail to uphold my expectations you will be discharged from the program to return to whatever backwater planet you came from. The fact that you are here in the first place is beyond my control, but I will not spare any pity for any of you."]

Dax ducked his head when the yellow eyes of the captain passed over his section of the room, he could not return to Vru'Dawn in disgrace-he just couldn't. It would be the ultimate dishonor. The captain went on with some more information, and Dax made sure to make notes on his holopad, they had a curfew assigned and a designated time to wake up, the precinct offered meals during certain time frames-if anyone missed a designated meal they'd have to go out and buy their own food. If they were late to any of their training lessons, or if they failed to show up on time to any announcements they would be disciplined.

It was a lot of information. Finally, when all the preliminary details were explained the captain returned to the front of the room and began calling people up to get their equipment. He had explained that up until the point of their graduation ceremony they were not allowed full weapons, but the belt had several apprehension tools that they would be trained to use over the course of the next few weeks. Dax was called and he hugged the equipment to his chest when he returned to his seat, looking over the gadgets he knew quite a few of them, in particular the electro-bola-it was modeled after the hunting bolas Vru'Daks used to chain their quarries.

Tasers, cuffs, projectiles and sprays comprised a lot of what they would be taught to use, the weapons they would learn to use would be in the holodecks which would run simulations that tested their skills-both mentally and physically. When everyone had been serviced their equipment the captain finally dismissed them, stating that the training and curfew would start tomorrow; for tonight he was allowing them their 'last day of freedom'. It allowed Dax to explore the wonder of the city without the fear of a curfew, so he was at least happy about that.

Maybe he could also take this time to introduce himself to some of the other recruits, the captain did not bother sticking around after everyone was dismissed. Takar'Dax could tell he was not happy about his newly assigned group of recruits, yet Dax knew he would push himself as far as he could possibly go to become a full-fledged officer of the law. He was selected for this position and he would fight tooth and claw to keep his place, he reminded himself that he still had to find someone to take a look at his translator before the real training started. It'd be an embarrassment for a response to be misconstrued in front of the captain or lieutenant... [right [pic]]
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