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Shayne smiled in victory a slightest bit. She was happy but felt a bit guilty. Shayne kept reminding herself that he most likely would have stayed dirty if it weren't for her making up the "super scary Dath monster." Shayne knew she would have to take a shower as well, but probably at night like she always did.
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 166d 21h 35m 36s
"The Dath monster eats people!" Said Tanaka with a changed expression of fear to worry. He was worried the so called monster would eat her too, he got up and began making a bath for himself. The Dath monster was not getting him Today or ever! " The Dath monster won't ever catch me!"
  NatakaStargazer / 167d 15h 49m 27s
Shayne felt pretty bad for doing this to Tanaka, but sometime you gotta do what you gotta do. "The Dath monster loves to eat old and stinky things, such as people who don't wash up. The Dath monster waits until you go to sleep to gobble take you to where it lives where it will save you as a snack for later by freezing you." Shayne was able to keep her voice serious and concerning but also sounding honest and convincing at the same time. She was always good at it, at least, thats what her mother told her.
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 167d 21h 13m 58s
"The Dath monster? What's that?" Said Tanaka as a look of worry came on his face. Like a puppy when their owner gets hurt, he got closer tilting his head. "I-is it scary!?" He said as he was now afraid of this so called "Dath monster" He happened to be gullible enough to believe in.
  NatakaStargazer / 167d 21h 30m 10s
Shayne backed up a bit when she saw him backing up as if she was going to hurt him or something. A look of worry spread across her face as she thought of how else to clean him and got an idea. "Did you know that if you don't stay clean, a monster tries to come get you? The Dath monster."
  Tessa Ash / cookiecookie524 / 167d 21h 35m 28s
"M-mhm cause I fell very time and my nose started bleeding. It really hurted that's why I'm scared." He sniffles and hugged his legs afraid she might just snatch him up and force him into the bath. He backed away slightly thinking that could literally happen since she's very close to him.
  NatakaStargazer / 167d 21h 52m 51s
Shayne realized that he wasn't following her and went after him after seeing him in the corner of her eye. She followed him silently before realizing that he might be scared of the bath. Shayne walked over to Tanaka and found him. "Are you scared of the bath?" Shayne asked the question while couching down to Tanaka's height.
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 168d 6h 19m 47s
Tanaka walked away slowly, he was scared of baths and showers ever since last time when he fell. He went down stairs to hide in a cabinet under the kitchen island. He was quiet, he didnt want to take a bath or shower. "N-nuh baths for me." He shook his head and turns around to not see her.
  NatakaStargazer / 170d 19h 49m 14s
Shayne smiled at the messy boy. "Your welcome. Why don't you go wash up in the bathroom right there?" Shayne nodded towards the door to the left of his room while cleaning up the mess the spider made from it's death. She got the last bit of it up and went to the bathroom to flush it down the toilet and wash her hands.
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 170d 19h 56m 49s
Tanaka sat down and ate his food, he got messy quick as he heard Shayne kill the spider. Tanaka had walked up stairs in a complete mess, he ran up behind her and showed his messy self with taco sauce on him and meat on his shirt and cheeks. He smiled and spoke up. "Finished my food mommy! Thank you for it!"
  NatakaStargazer / 171d 2h 5m 52s
Shayne managed to hide her laugh, but couldn't hide her smile as she went up the stairs. It wasn't that she was making fun of him, it was just so cute and silly to her. Shayne got to the top of the stairs and walked into his room, looking for the spider like crazy since she hated spiders as well. She wasn't scared of them, but man did she hate them like god hates hell.
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 171d 2h 23m 21s
"I-it went behind the door in my rwoom! And it hiss like" Tanaka tried to hiss and instead spittled out. He huffed and pouted as he sat down. "He was big,nasty, and a meanie mommy!" He hated spiders and they hated him, he had always been a huge arachnophobe. He pointed up the stairs and kept trying to hiss like the spider once did to him.
  NatakaStargazer / 172d 18h 8m 19s
Shayne looked at him and almost laughed but was able to stop herself from doing it. Instead, she gave him a hug and wiped his tears away,"do you know where the spider is?" Shayne asked as she looked at him after pulling back from the hug she had given him. "If you know where it is, I can kill it while you eat," she said this as she nodded towards the table.
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 172d 18h 13m 3s
Tanaka woke up a couple minutes later and walked down the stairs slowly crying, he was startled as he ran around looking for you. He was wheezing and tearing hard as he tried to speak. "S-scary! S-cary! Mommy kill it! Spider b-big icky spider! On top of my face when I was sleeping like This." He laid down on the ground and do his sleeping pose as he looked at her in seriousness.
  NatakaStargazer / 172d 18h 21m 6s
Shayne hugged him back, wishing for a moment that she was given this type of love when she was a kid, but shaking the feeling off. She started to drive to taco bell since her stomach was rumbling. Shayne heard Tanaka and smiled a bit as she saw him in the mirror and smiled. She ordered some tacos, two for the each of them, and a drink, a medium sweet tea for each of them. Shayne knew she would just give him his food later, once he woke up. She pulled int the drive way and got out of the car, picking Tanaka up and placing him on his bed in his room before going to go get the food and start eating.
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 172d 18h 26m 29s

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