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Tanaka stared at the radio scared for his life, he began to get up and sneak towards the window. He peeked out of it and saw that he was the only police officer they sent for now. He began to calm down and ran back over to Shayne. "Mom....where are we going to go now.what are we going to do?" Tanaka said with worry for the future.
  NatakaStargazer / 5d 22h 16m 44s
Shayne was about to speak until she heard the radio fill with voices. She knew that the police were getting worried about their agent that hasn't returned to the station. [+maroon "We have to leave this place, they know something isn't right here."] She looked at Tanaka and smiled, [+maroon "Nothing will happen to you on my watch, and I'll make sure of that."]
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 6d 1h 56m 31s
Tanaka's puffy red eyes still poured out tears in her arms. He shivered and began to whimper. "Mom.....I dont want to die....." He said while his voice was audibly trembling. Tanaka didn't wan't to get killed for this...or tortured even worse or....maybe put with the larger experiments.
  NatakaStargazer / 6d 2h 10m 2s
[+maroon "Tanaka, it's okay. I swear, I'll be there for you for the rest of my life. And maybe one day this will all blow over,"] Shayne could barely believe her own words because she knew it wasn't likely that this would be forgotten by anyone that knew about his powers. She hugged Tanaka tightly, not caring about how wet she would get from the tears.
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 7d 5h 16m 4s
Tanaka was just a kid....a lost kid in this soon to be big hard world. What he hoped would be his first taste of many things....freedom,innocence, Might be his very last due to this important moment. Slowly he began to drop to his knees and softly cry, tears just steady flowing like running water in a faucet.
  NatakaStargazer / 7d 5h 32m 16s
[+maroon "What the heck are you talking about?"] Shayne had started talking until she heard that they wanted to hurt him. She was angry, but stayed calm since she knew that it would only make things worse. Shayne went over to him and hugged him. [+maroon "I hope you know that none of this is your fault, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that no one hurts you or even touches you."]
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 7d 5h 48m 48s
Tanaka saw everything packed, it was horrible how this once peaceful day would end just like that. But it was all his fault, it was which made him upset. He hugged her softly while looking up to her eyes with a river of sadness flowing down them. When he spoke he trembled, it was going to be life changing from here on out. [+lightblue "I HAVE POWERS AND THE BAD MEN WHO TOOK ME WAS KILLED BY MY POWERS BUT NOW THEY WANNA TAKE ME BACK TO ABUSE ME!"] He closed his eyes and cried softly, remembering those painful events he was put through.
  NatakaStargazer / 92d 18h 9m 55s
Shayne had finished packing since she didn't need much. She had already packed a suitcase full of clothes in the past for emergencies like this. She held her suitcase close to her along with a her phone. She opened up her book bag to check its contents. [i [+maroon Laptop, two iPads, wallet, gift cards, keys, a pack of gum, books, and some spare change. I should be good."]] Shayne spotted her chargers for everything along with earbuds and headphones and smiled, knowing she spotted them just in time. She put everything in the bag and sighed. She knew she wouldn't be able to use the electronics for long, which was why they needed to ditch them in a hotel. Shayne saw Tanaka and smiled, [+maroon "are you ready to go?"] Shayne stopped smiling when she saw his expression and knew whatever he had to say would be important. [+maroon "I'm listening,"] Shayne said, sitting down in a chair.
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 92d 18h 19m 47s
[i Tanaka nodded and ran to his room to pack all the things he needed, his rubber ducky, his clothes, and some books, he also picked up his drawing book and placed it into the suitcase. He was afraid...scared to be honest, it was his fault this was happening and he began to tear up.] [+lightblue "Mommy.I-i have something to tell you..."] [i He said with a shake in his voice, he was terrified to tell her.]
  NatakaStargazer / 92d 18h 33m 11s
The officer ran angrily, [+blue "come here little boy!"] The officer kept running down the stairs and made it to the living room before a loud noise was heard, causing the officer to drop dead. [+maroon "No one messes with my family."] Shayne looked at what she had done and felt guilty for a slight second before she remembered that he was going to take Tanaka. [+maroon "We have to get out of here. There will be more coming, it won't take them long to notice that he isn't coming back."] Shayne walked over to the dead officer and took his radio, speaking into it, [+maroon "10-98, subject in custody."] Few seconds later, another voice was heard, [+lime "10-4."] Shayne dropped the radio and looked back at Tanaka. [+maroon "I know this might be scary, but you need to go pack. And fast."] Shayne went towards her room and brought out two suitcases. A huge one and a medium sized one. [+maroon "Go pack what you need in here."]
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 92d 19h 2m 59s
[b Tanaka thought to himself oh fricken frick.] [i Tanaka gaining a sudden burst of speed he ran and slid in between the officers legs, but not before giving him a quick punch to his open area. He sprinted down the stairs yelling to his mom, he hid behind her legs and whimpered as the officer ran down aswell.] [+lightblue "M-mom don't let him take me away"]
  NatakaStargazer / 92d 19h 31m 50s
Shayne opened the door to see an officer there with a piece of paper. [+maroon "Yes officer?"] a slight pause passed over the two until the officer spoke. [+blue "Yes, I have a warrant to search your house for something so if you could step aside and let me in, that would be great."] Shayne looked at the officer weirdly until she nodded, knowing it might not be any of her business. She stepped aside, making room for the officer to go and check her house. The officer trashed the place trying to find the unknown object, going upstairs to Tanaka's room and opened the door and smiled when he saw him. [+blue "I found you."]
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 93d 11h 19m 42s
[i Tanaka didn't hear a word she said but knew by common sense if anything was wrong to come get her, he washed himself off and got dried off. He put back on his clothes and stood in his room looking at himself in the mirror.] [+cyan "Hmmm....I have cool hair, but why am I so short.I look 8..."]
  NatakaStargazer / 102d 11h 12m 46s
Shayne sighed of relief that Tanaka was actually calmed and happy until she heard a knock on the front door. [+maroon "I'll be right back, someone is at the door. If you need me or something is wrong, just yell out for me."] Shayne started walking towards the door in a calm manner, making sure to listen out for Tanaka.
  Shayne Wilder / cookiecookie524 / 102d 16h 7m 15s
Tanaka hopped in the bath and made alot of bubbles, he was like completely covered in bubbles as he held a small rubber ducky that happened to be on the side of the tub. [+yellow "Hehe ducky"] He squeezed it and giggled at the little noise it made, he loved squeaky noises. Something about them made him feel calmer while in the bath or shower.
  NatakaStargazer / 117d 18h 37m 1s

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