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Arashi is a very lucky 19 year old girl. Her parents work in a very important modeling agency and do to their success all around the world Ara has the life she always wanted, parties around , celebrities coming over, and all the things she could ever want or need. But her favorite toys are the ones that where given two years ago. Twin 25 year old brothers____ and ___.As former models -&- were very famous but due to some troubles they decided to quit modeling and ended up owning Arashi's parents a lot of money, In return they offered their service in anything they wanted...which brings them into their current situation. -&- are Ara's current slaves,they do everything she please.

Although their identical twins, -&- are very different.

-: Has a sweet/shy personality and only cares in pleasing his master.He gets embarrassed easily and blushes a lot.He loves caressing and kissing, and mostly likes doing it slow and sweet..he's twin M.


Unlike his brother he's twin S. He loves teasing and only cares of pleasing himself, loves playing rough and often bites and gropes.He likes forcing and it's annoyed with the fact that they have to please her..though free sex is always welcome..he also smokes.

There might be some cibering.

Please be semi-literate
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M smiled and kissed her again leting her take off his shirt first. Then he wondered how she wanted to do it? How was he supposed to undress her?
  S & M / soulofabyss / 9y 275d 56m 13s
She got on top of him as she tugged on his shirt taking off one of the buttons.
  Arashi_ / NekoArashi / 9y 275d 1h 1m 54s
M kissed her back following her to his bed. "Thanks..." he mumbled as he kissed her again deeply. He liked foreplay unlike his brother. S gave up and sat where he was before.
  S & M / soulofabyss / 9y 275d 1h 58m 25s
She smiled kissing back lightly.She loved how he could be so sweet.She held his hand and lead him to the bed leaning him down and kissing his neck.
  Arashi_ / NekoArashi / 9y 275d 2h 4m 2s
M looked at her knowing she was trying to kiss him. He leaned down and kissed her. "Lets move on... I don't want to leave you sad..." he told her

g2g.. c ya
  S & M / SoulofAbyss / 9y 275d 4h 19m 5s
She looked at him somewhat worried, and leaned in a bit trying to kiss him, of course he was taller than her so he had to lean down.
  Arashi_ / NekoArashi / 9y 275d 4h 20m 35s
M looked at her trying to make a smile but he couldn't. "I don't like it..." he told her. S shrugged "I can do it for both don't worry..." he said
  S & M / SoulofAbyss / 9y 275d 4h 35m 38s
She frowned lightly.
"But we always done it, just the three of us."
She said softly to him.
  Arashi_ / NekoArashi / 9y 275d 4h 38m 44s
M didn't want to say he wasn't but he didn't want to have fun with her and his brother. "You know... I don't like it with someone else..." he told her. S looked at the mistress wondering why did she cared with him. He just wanted to have fun.
  S & M / SoulofAbyss / 9y 275d 5h 11m 25s
She nodded lightly, but turned around walking back to M, noticing him some what different.
"You ok?"
She asked caressing his face.
  Arashi_ / NekoArashi / 9y 275d 5h 13m 26s
M stayed where he was He didn't want to kiss her now. S on the other hand kissed her with pleasure. "Can we skip foreplay?" he asked her. He liked sex with nothing before. M sighed quietly.
  S & M / SoulofAbyss / 9y 275d 5h 20m 18s
She giggled lightly letting go of M and kissing S lightly.
  Arashi_ / NekoArashi / 9y 275d 5h 24m 12s
When S saw both of them coming in he smiled at the mistress. "Now?" he asked her with a perverted smile

M always made a sad face when she looked away from him. "I believe so..." he said with a shrug
  S & M / SoulofAbyss / 9y 275d 6h 2m 38s
She opened the door and entered still holding on to his hand.
  Arashi_ / NekoArashi / 9y 275d 6h 4m 39s
M looked at her. His face tried not to do a
  S & M / SoulofAbyss / 9y 275d 6h 14m 31s

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