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She smiled and asked. "You swear?" She kissed his neck and bit a sweet spot.
  Tamaki / wingedwolfy120 / 19d 16h 1m 19s
He kissed her forehead gently and held her close. "I love you. I always will."
  Tobirama Senju / TheLizardWizard / 19d 20h 12m 9s
"yes, i'm sure." she said and pulled him into a loving kiss.
  Tamaki / wingedwolfy120 / 29d 5h 21m 55s
Tobirama sighed softly as he thought of the war. Both sides had already lost so many people, so many loved ones. He wanted it to be over, though he also hated Madara with a burning passion. He found it hard to forgive the Uchiha for everything that happened. "Are you sure we're alone here?" he finally asked her as he looked down at her.
  Tobirama Senju / TheLizardWizard / 29d 8h 47m 7s
"mmm... i was thinking... here this time." she said and touched between her thighs. "we could practice for after the war when we finally get to be married." she blushed slightly and looked away slightly. "I hope that anyway... i trust your brother to convince lord madara to end this war."
  wingedwolfy120 / 41d 5h 28m 18s
He kissed her nose gently and wrapped his arms around her protectively. "Where...?" he asked.
  Tobirama Senju / TheLizardWizard / 41d 7h 39m 7s
"yes I'm sure." She said and kissed him. "I love you too."
  wingedwolfy120 / 50d 9h 17m 10s
"I have a few clones of my own watching as well, just to be extra safe..." He kissed back gently and cupped her face. "I love you so much," he whispered and brushed her cheeks with his thumbs. "Are you sure?" the Senju asked and looked around. "Right here might not be the safest choice."
  Tobirama Senju / TheLizardWizard / 50d 10h 5m 43s
"me either." she said and snuggled him closing her eyes. "i have a few clones watching the perimeter just in case." she opened her eyes looking up at him with her sharingan and kissed him softly. "i need you, tobi-kun.. please?"
  wingedwolfy120 / 50d 10h 10m 48s
Tobirama held her close and closed his eyes. He focused on her scent and how she felt in his arms, wanting to memorize it in case they weren't able to meet up again for another handful of weeks. He kissed her nose gently and sighed. "Don't worry, I wasn't followed."
  Tobirama Senju / TheLizardWizard / 50d 10h 23m 25s
She nodded and snuggled his side. "I don't think so... Besides it's not Madara-sama I'm worried...."
  wingedwolfy120 / 67d 22h 52m 47s
"It's been a few weeks...I wasn't able to get free time since all the fights going on." He kissed back then hugged her again. "Does Madara know you're leaving your clan to see me?"
  Tobirama Senju / TheLizardWizard / 67d 23h 2m 11s
"because who can keep a straight face while saying them other than us." She pointed out and kissed him." I missed you so much."
  wingedwolfy120 / 67d 23h 3m 16s
Tobirama groaned as he was tackled by her. "You make us use the weirdest passwords," he mumbled softly.
  Tobirama Senju / TheLizardWizard / 67d 23h 7m 8s
"crocodile clit." She answered back and tackled him down on the blanket with a deep kiss.
  wingedwolfy120 / 67d 23h 8m 46s

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