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Kane was crying now too, "I will never forgive myself for what I did and I'm sorry and I know it doesn't fix it, fine I don't get to love you but damn it I do.....I've never felt like this about anyone before you and I can't shake it either. Call me all the names you want to call me.... just please... don't leave."

Kane wasn't the big country star Kane Brown in that moment, he was just a broken man pouring his heart out for the woman he loved, he would do anything to make her happy.

"I have no one... my family... dead.... friends just use me... and I finally find someone who I can love and see myself with and... maybe someday more... and I fuck it up because I'm a fucking addict." He said as tears poured out of him. "I can't not love you... I'm sorry I do." He said knowing she didn't want to hear it... if he hadn't checked himself in to rehab he would be dead.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 68d 19h 9m 7s
Alexandria looked at Kane. She watched as he came in and sat down on the couch. [b “Don’t tell me you love me. You don’t get to tell me you love me.”] she said. [b “I’ve been on my own practically all my life. And then one night you waltz into the club I work at, and suddenly you think I’m yours?”] she asked. She had been thinking about what exactly she wanted to say to him when she seen him. [b “You come into the club that I work at and pull me off a customer? And then take me into the room and do what you did?”] she said as the tears flooded out her eyes. [b “I was a virgin Kane.”] she cried.

[b “Oh I will keep dancing. You’re not the boss of me. You will never ever been the fucking boss of me.”] she said through gritted teeth. [b “You’re not the boss of me.”]

She took a deep breathe before she started again. [b “For some insane reason I can’t get you out of my head.”] she told him [b “You make me feel something that o didn’t even know was there]
  Alexandria / BooBear96 / 68d 19h 14m 51s
Kane was led to a living room which was known as the visiting room and was a giant open room with activities and couches and games... things they could do that would keep their minds off their addictions. "Hey." He said hugging her gently, "I'm glad you came to see me... I've been going crazy in here but don't worry, I have to be clean and sober two months before I'm released and then monitored after that... and yes I checked myself in... no one dragged me here... couldn't live with myself and what I did to you without repercussions so I'm sorry.... and I love you... I just... I crossed a line and the drugs pushed me over it and its no excuse."

His big blue eyes looking into hers, "I hope you don't hate me and I... I love that you dance... I don't want you to stop dancing unless you want to... Your amazing at it." He said blushing.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 68d 19h 23m 49s
[b “Don’t you mean he was keeping your gambling games afloat?”] she snapped. [b “I keep this club afloat. Start advertising my ass like I’ve been telling you for months now.”] She looked down at the roses and box. She sighed softly before she carried them into her dressing room. [b “I’ll be out in an hour.”] she said.

After she got to her room she sat down on her chair and read the letter. Kane Brown had wrote her a hand written letter. She was trying to hold back the tears at the end of it. [b “Hes fucking good.”] she muttered as she opened the box. Inside was the tote purse and backpack that she had said was cute when he took her shopping that day. His rehab was just outside of Nashville. She didn’t know if she wanted to go see him or not. She sighed softly before she started getting ready for the night. It was a pretty good night. She made a thousand.

The next morning she got to the rehab center at eleven am. [b “Yes maam. I’m here to see Kane Brown... I... I’m a friend.”]

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  Alexandria / BooBear96 / 68d 21h 58m 44s
“He’s not here and that’s a loss for the know his money was keeping our doors open.” Orlando said sighing, “He sent those.” He said pointing to roses and a Louis Vuitton box with a card. “Whatever he did, I think that man is sorry and in love with you.” Orlando said looking to her.

In the note Kane explained that he had checked himself into rehab and he hoped that she would forgive him and that he would be clean and sober for her...she was all he wanted.

Kane had no idea she was pregnant and she didn’t know it either but she would by the time he was released from his own personal prison aka the rehab facility that he had checked himself into.

The rest of the note explained how he loved her and why, anyone who read it would be in tears when they were finished. “If you want to visit me, and I pray that you do...visiting hours are 9 to 2 everyday, I love you.”
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 70d 1h 28m 8s
It had been two weeks since Kane walked into her club and found her dancing in another man. Kane himself turned into another man. She didn’t know what was wrong with him... but the side was kind of scary. He’d made her stay at his house that weekend, but she went back to her apartment on Monday. She had work to do. Kane kept asking her to just be his and let him take date of her, but what he couldn’t understand was that she didn’t need anyone to take care of her. Especially not a man. She was going to conquer the world all on her own.

[b “I’m booked for the night. I’m not dancing for Kane.”] she spat at Orlando as she walked into the dressing room to do her hair and makeup. [b “I’m not doing it so don’t even fucking ask me!”] she yelled. She’d be damned if he walked up and shoved her around like she was just a sack of potatoes again.
  Alexandria / BooBear96 / 103d 23h 58m 21s
That night well into the next morning he picked her up and carried her to his truck. “Sweetheart just relax.” He said wrapping his jacket
Around her. At his place he carried her upstairs and sat her on the bed before running a bubble bath for her in the jacuzzi tub and carrying her in there, getting in behind her. “I’m sorry,” he muttered kissing her neck. “I don’t know what came over me but I’m sorry. I never wanted to hurt you and I’m sorry.” He said knowing she had every right to be mad at him but in his mind he ha been punishing her and she had deserved it.

The next morning he woke up and made breakfast for the both of them. He had made sure to replace the things that he had ruined of hers. His debit card was on the counter for her to shop online as he knew she would not want to do anything today that meant walking. He was going to make sure she had what she needed because she couldn’t work in her condition today.
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 104d 19h 47m 21s
She had never been on a roller coster, or any amusment park ride before. She had never had so much fun before; not that she would ever tell Kane that. He had indeed stayed true to his word and spoiled her like no man ever had. She tried to say no to it all; but he literally would not take no for an answer... He hadnt even blinked when he swiped his debit card. They had spent a day at Gatlinburg and then he surprised her and flew her down to Miami for one night. He took her shopping and out to eat, and then they just watched the waves. It was a fun dazzle date; but again, not that she would tell Kane that.

She had gone back to work when they got back. Kane had a show, so she was actually going to get to pay attention to her regular customers. [b "Hi Zach!"] she said as she walked out on the floor. [b "I missed you baby. Where ya been?"]

She had been dancing with Zach for about an hour when all of a sudden her body was lifted off the ground. [b "What the fuck?"] she screamed. She rolled her eyes when she realized it was Kane. [b "Bajame, buffon!"] she spat in Spanish. [b "Kane, you fucker! Put me down now!"]
  Alexandria / boobear96 / 104d 20h 23m 53s
Two nights later Kane was coming to see her dance. They had spent a day at Dollywood and he had more than spoiled her with anything money could buy. Sharing a hotel room was amazing but he had yet to sleep with her, either she was stubborn or he wasn’t trying hard enough....he was pretty sure she was just too damn stubborn for her own good though.

Two Louis Vuitton purses and shoes and half of the Chanel store...lingerie from YSL, and makeup from Dior, she was set for awhile on things and he had paid her car off for her but she wouldn’t know that until she tried to pay her payment in a week. He wanted to make sure she wouldn’t worry and he had the money to do it. He didn’t care what the press or anyone thought for that matter.

Walking into the club his eyes scanned the bar for his brunette almost girlfriend. Seeing her on another mans lap had him furious in a moment and without thinking he picked her up and slung her over his shoulder, not caring about her protests and brought her to the private room, kicking the door shut behind him.
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 104d 20h 33m 25s
[b "The press are the ones that could ruin your career... I promise. It's in your best interest to stay as far away from me as you can."] she muttered. [b "Kane.. I.. I'm not good for you. You're obbsessed with my body and my ability to dance. I promise you can find a young teen thats a lot less mentally fucked than me."] she explained as her timer went off. She had been dancing on him for two hours. [b "I'll come home with you tonight."] she muttered. [b "We can both sleep later. I just need clothes.. I'm sure I could find something here."]

She shook her head. [b "I never said you weren't my type. It's not that at all."] she said. [b "I'm just not your type."] She went back to messing around with the pole, and ended up on the floor; giving him a good view of a few things. [b "I think it's best if we call it night.."] she said as she grabbed her coat.
  Alexandria / boobear96 / 104d 20h 49m 3s
“You think I care what the press things darlin’ anything you want, you name want a house, done, a car , done, a plane I have six, take your pick. 19 and 21 are not far apart, we would be fine to be seen in the press anything you want, you get. No limits sweetheart.” He said using his money and throwing it around. “Tomorrow 6 am if I have to pick you up, if you come with me....let’s say I’ll make sure it’s worth your while...and you agreed to one Kane Brown Razzle Dazzle date so that means your dating me even if only for a day.” He said smiling when she said he could touch.

“I appreciate that they paid for these for you but I’m sure you want other things than surgery....but I did say anything, ask and ye shall receive.” He said and kissed her again but this time harder and more urgent.

“Tell me...why don’t you want to at least try things with me...even if I wasn’t a I not your type?” He asked knowing he needed her.
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 104d 20h 57m 9s
[b "I'm not dating you."] she said quickly. [b "You're not helping your situation... I do have the right to refused.."] she leaned down to whisper in his ear. [b "And then you would end up with an overage woman with no tits."] she said as she kissed down his chest.

She had lived in Tennessee her entire life, but she had never once stepped out of Nashville. [b "Nope. Never been out of the City."] she said as she pulled away to look at him. [b You're so into me... Caught up with me... You want me so bad... But what do you think would happen to your image when the world finds out that you were dating a nineteen year old stripper?"] she asked. [b "These were paid for by a fifty year old CEO."] she said, pointing to her breasts. [b "This was paid for by a record label manager."] she said pointing to her ass. [b "And this."] she said, pointing to her nose. [b "Was paid for by a wall street wolf. I'm well known. It would take the press all of five minutes to find out who I am."]

She laughed when he said she was pulling a lot off. [b "That's what I get paid to do."]
  Alexandria / boobear96 / 104d 21h 9m 2s
“If we’re dating then I’m not a client.” He said seriously. “I know you don’t need me to take care of you but I said I could if you are capable of it yourself and I can see that....but I do want to spoil you... have you ever been to Gatlinburg?” He asked knowing it was close and he could rent out Dollywood for the day. He wanted to dazzle her, Dolly wood to themselves and a shopping spree for anything she wanted I. The world could do it...hell he would buy her a car or pay for her college if she kept him. He just wanted to be able to say that he was hers and she was his, that’s it.

He kissed her again, “You keep taking things off for someone who has rules.” He said knowing he was going to get his way. “Tomorrow I’ll picking you up at 6 am....or you can come home with me tonight...your choice, I mean the only living thing that lives with me is a grumpy fat bulldog.”
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 104d 21h 15m 25s
[b "You may touch."] she stated as she rotated around to face him. [b "I told you last night. I made it a rule..."] she grinned and leaned down and rubbed her chest against his. [b "To not go out with my customers. No matter if one is Kane Brown the Country Music Senastion."]

She looked at him when he said he could take care of her. That hit a nerve. [b "I'm nineteen. I can take care of myself, thank you."] she muttered as she pressed her lips to his. She didn't need anyone. She didn't need anyone to take care of her. That's why she got into the line of work she was in. She grinned as she roamed down his jaw line to his neck. [b "You're lucky your cute. I usually don't kiss customers."] she stated.

She knew he wouldn't stop until she agreed to go out with him. [b "Take me on a Kane Brown dazzle date."] she muttered. [b "Surprise me with the works."] she said as she pulled her top off. [b "I don't sleep with my clients."]
  Alexandria / boobear96 / 104d 21h 26m 20s
“If you agree to go out with me I wouldn’t have to upset your regulars.” He said as she got closer to him. “Your the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and I’m sure that I can take care of you so you never have to dance did you don’t want to...but if you wanted to, by all
Means do it because God knows I enjoy it.” He kissed her when she was close to him. “You know what you do to handled that situation last night.... I talked to your boss, your making double your pay, call
It a tip....just...go out with me...tomorrow...anywhere you want to go...we can even take the jet if we have to...I just...I want you.” He admitted watching her. He was struggling to contain himself but he was a southern gentleman.

He had to admit she looked good in her new things and he wanted her to have anything her little heart desired. He couldn’t help but to think how she would look on his bed...or in his room...
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