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[center [font "times" this is the story of a couple, trying so hard to maintain a relationship despite how the many hurdles the two faced. [b he] gave up a big record deal after [b she] was involved in a car crash. it seems like it's the end, but it's hard to say goodbye. are they saying goodbye?]]
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[size10 [center [font "times" so in my head I want to do like a kind of flashback roleplay. the posts will bounce from future and to the past. past posts will show when they first meet - like the beginning stages of their relationship and eventually lead up to the car crash. after that point, it'll be more so be future posts and determining if they stay together.]]]

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Gabriel was a bit nervous; it was her whole family he was meeting for the first time. He had told his parents about Savannah and they loved her and couldn’t wait to meet her. Gabriel felt like it would be better for them to meet each other’s parents separately and then maybe reserve a table at a restaurant for everyone to meet, considering his apartment was only so big. He placed his hand to his cheek then, smiling as Savannah walked off to answer the door. He could only hope that they would love him, or at least accept him. He knew her father wasn’t that happy about their relationship or their moving in but had tried not let it affect his judgement of her father. He was going to be as he always was, nice and respectful.

“Hey,” he said with a smile then. He chuckled as her mother brought him in for a hug. “It’s so nice to meet you guys final.” He said as everyone was ushered inside. It was pretty warm with the food cooking and the heater on just a bit. Gabriel took their coats and hung them up.

“Dinner is about done if everyone wants to meet at the table.” He suggested. Gabriel had already started to set the table.
‘Can you get the drinks babe?” He asked with. Smile as he brought the meal to the table. He had a few small appetizers as well, not really sure if anyone didn’t eat meat or didn’t like tomatoes.
“Hopefully it’s to your liking,” he said as he took a seat.

Gabriel knew that her father was bound to question him about his intentions with his daughter. Of course, sometimes musicians weren’t seen as making a choice for a viable career. Gabriel thought he was different though; his band was doing really well, and he didn’t treat Savannah like she was so jump off.
  gabriel / SincerelyLily / 2d 22h 49m 31s
- Life has just been so crazy! I'm sorry it took so long to get a post up. And I apologize for the quality of the post. It's not my best.-

She grinned when Gabriel turned around to face her. She hadn't known that he could cook, or that he even enjoyed to do so.. She herself, wasn't that great, but she loved to watch him.

When Savannah had invited her parents and brother over for dinner, her Mother, Allison had quickly accepted. She wanted to meet the guy that Savannah couldn't quit gushing about. Her Father, Micheal wasn't keen on the fact that his only daughter had all but went and fallen in love with a musician. But he had never seen her happier, so he was going to give him a chance. Cory, her brother on the other hand, could get along with just about anyone and as long as his little sister was happy, so was he.

[b "Um. My parents and my older Brother, Cory."] she told him. [b "Cory wanted to invite his fiance, but I told him we would save that for another night. I figured having the three of them over first would be better, just consdiering this is your first time meeting my family."] she said with a soft smile. [b "They're going to love you.."] she leaned up and kissed his cheek when she heard the buzzer go off. She was nervous, but that was a given right?

[b "Hii!"] she said as her family came into view. Gabriel had the door open, so she quickly hugged her mother before she ushered them into the apartment. [b "This is Gabriel. Gabriel, this is my Mother, Allison, My dad Micheal and my Brother Cory."]

Allison was ecstatic to meet the man that had all but swept her daughter off her feet. She pulled him into a hug as soon as she stepped into the apartment. [b "I'm so happy to finally meet you. Savannah talk's about you all the time."] she beamed.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 3d 4h 1m 6s
Gabriel looked over his shoulder to give her a kiss. It was so nice to be with Savannah and they seemed to get along well enough but in a few months that could change. He felt as though it would make going on tour much harder for him. He turned around then after turning the heat down to wrap his arms around Savannah. “This is my favorite view,” he said to her with a smile as he caressed her cheek with his thumb. He was glad her parents had accepted her coming to live with him. Of course they were nervous as they hadn’t met Gabriel and that was partially due to his busy schedule. However, he had offered for her family to come over for dinner and see that he wasn’t some lunatic or some bad boy. He really loved Savannah.

“So who’s all coming?” He asked her. Gabriel has then started on some appetizers to have while the bread was cooking. If there was another passion of his it was food. He’d always figured if music didn’t pan out, he could fall back on getting a degree in culinary arts.

He had poured them a glass of wine, leaning against the counter then as he watched Savannah. He couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to get so much time with her. There was so much they could finally do. Despite his practices, they practically had all the time in the world to hang out. It’d be like when they first started dating; going to the movies and to the fair. He missed day trips like that. He took a sip of his wine then, the buzzer going off. It was her parents, he buzzed them in, opening the door and trying not to overthink the situation.
  gabriel / SincerelyLily / 9d 17h 8m 58s
Savannah giggled with watery eyes as she heard him chuckle. She had no idea that he was going to be in Chicago for a month. She figured it was only a week like it usually was. [b "Oh I'm sorry. I assumed it was a week again."] she said. [b "It's just... I'm so happy.. I.. I've never had this. I've never had someone to really come home too, so the idea of it... knowing that I have it now with you.., it's just making me a little sappy emotional."] she explained.

She didn't know how her parents would react to the news about her moving. They hadn't met Gabriel yet, just for the fact that they both lead such crazy lives right now. Her Mother knew how she felt about him though. Natalie would be happy to get her spare bedroom back, even though she always said she liked having Savannah there.

The only thing that made her nervous about there new plans was that they had never really been together for more than a few days or weeks at a time. Now they would be together twenty four seven when Gabriel wasn't touring. It would be an adjustment, but this was just another step toward their future, right?

That night they had went out for dinner and just had fun. They talked about everything that had been going on since they last saw each other, and they just laughed. Knowing that she was moving in with him tomorrow, made her giddy.

She had woken up early the next day to pack everything into her duffle bags and backpacks. Most of her things were still in her parents basement because she had never had an apartment big enough for everything she had accumulated over her years. She had on a pair of leggings, and an oversized sweater with her converse on. Much different than the night they met.

[b "Okay, I think I've got everything put away."] she said as she walked out the his, their bedroom. She had piled her clothes away in the closet and some ended up in the spare bedroom closet. She hoped he wouldn't mind. She'd traded in her oversized desk for a small foldable writing table. It was fold up and slide under the bed when it wasn't being used. [b "Mhm, babe that smells really good."] she said as she walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him. [b "I like this view."]

[https://pin.it/2KFNH6f outfit]
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There was nothing wrong with being scared, this was a big step and they were still pretty young. He knew his mother would definitely find something to say as his relationship with girls never lasted long enough for her to take them seriously. However, the minute he saw Savannah at the club, he knew definitely that she was the one he wanted. Forever was scary to think about, but it was impossible and if they just remembered they loved one another. All they had to do was take things slow. He took her hands then and started the walk again. He was glad to hear that Savannah was all in and she was clearly excited about moving in with him.
“Hey hey,” he said with a chuckle. “I’ll be here for at least a month,” he told her. “We have a lot of time, but tomorrow sounds good. Besides, tonight I planned for us to have dinner,” he told her.

The night soon came and though Gabriel had the money to take Savannah out, he liked being home the first couple of days after tour. He wasn’t incredible, but he was a pretty decent cook. Gabriel lived on the third floor inside of the apartment complex. It was a two bedroom, the other room where he would have band practice on occasion and the other being the bedroom. Since he had his group over often, it was hard to keep the living room as clean, but it had a laid back 70s vibe to it. His bedroom however was clean and more likely as he had spent the first night getting it ready for Savannah.

She’d been to the apartment before, but now it was [I their] apartment. He’d been in the kitchen, wearing a dark black sweater, the sleeves pushed up and a pair of dark denim jeans. He was working on pasta sauce for the dinner he was making, music playing in the background then.
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Savannah heard him speak and she slowly nodded. [b "I just wanted to clarify... because If I'm being completely honest with you.. It's just been you. I haven't wanted anyone else since we met."] she spoke [b "When you came up to me that night, I just had this feeling that you were all I would ever need."] She smiled softly as she felt him take her hands. She nodded when he mentioned her being his girlfriend again... but then he asked something that she was not expecting. He had asked her to move in with him. Woah.

Sure, she wanted to be with Gabriel as much as possible when he wasn't touring and what better way than to live together? It would definietly beat living in her best friends spare bedroom, that was for sure. But this was a BIG step. She looked into his eyes as she listened to him speak about how he hadnt felt this way before, how he needed this.

[b "Do you think I could move in before you leave again? Like tomorrow? I want all the time with you that I can get."] she said. [b "I'm all in, Gabriel."] She didn't have a lot to her name. Natalie had let her move in when it became reality that she wouldn't be able to keep her Condo on the river and go back to school. All she really had was her desk, computer, bookshelf and clothes... not to mention a bunch of books. [b "I'm all in."] she repeated.
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He knew that Savannah was smart enough to get into the program in the first place, she’d have some stressful days, but she could get through it. She just had to focus, and he figured by helping her with a place, she could maybe put in less hours at their parents diner. Though, that was up to her and he knew that family was everything to the both of them. He took her hand in his then, interlocking their fingers.

“Yes, I guess if we were still in highschool, this is where I would ask you to be my girlfriend.” He paused in their stroll to look toward her, holding both hands. “I want you to be my girlfriend and move in with me, I think – I mean I’ve never felt this way before and I just [I know] this is what I have to do.”

Gabriel knew it was a big commitment to move in with one another. Living together could either make or break a relationship and he didn’t want anything to go wrong. It would probably at first be hard to get used to it, but Gabriel wanted to see Savannah as much as possible and what was more than that if not moving in together. Besides, it was a far off thought, but what if things got to the point of getting married? He’d never had those thoughts before, but he thought about his parents and their marriage – that was something he had always wanted to have with a girl.

“So, are you definitely all in?” He asked her.
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Boy, had she missed Gabriel. She’d cried multiple times over the span of the past few months with him being gone. Especially when she had some really bad days, and he wasn’t there to make everything better or tell her it would all be okay. And of course she hadn’t wanted to bother him or sorry him while he was out on your, so she’d hidden all that. Her girlfriends had continuously asked why she would put up and wait around on someone who was hardly ever in the city, but they didn’t understand.

[b “Ahhh!”] she squealed when she felt someone come up behind her and wrap their arms around her. [b “Oh my gosh!”] she said when she heard Gabriel’s voice. She wa grinning when she was turned around to face him. [b “Hi. Oh—“] she was cut off by his kiss. [b “Mhm. I missed you.”] The world had seemed to stop now that he was back with her. When she was with him, it was like everything stood still.

She debated on her answer for a few seconds when she heard his question about school. It had honestly been kicking her ass. It was super fast tracked, and that had taken her some time to get used too. [b “It’s going okay. Good days and bad days.”] she admitted. She looked up at him with a soft smile with his next question about getting serious. [b “I would actually love that”]

While it had always been him for her; she understood that relationships on the road were difficult. But she was in school as well, so she understood the aspect of not really having a lot of extra time. [b “So. I would just like to clarify. This means I’m your girlfriend?”]
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Gabriel had missed Savannah; text messages and phone calls or face timing just never seemed like enough. He wanted to be with her in person and just as well it was nice to have a break. He hadn’t expected to really get all too serious with Savannah, but once he found himself thinking about her when he had downtime or even just when he was on stage, he knew that maybe she was the one, maybe he didn’t have be so scared to get out there and date and now that he found the right one, he didn’t want to miss out. Gabriel had agreed to a stroll in the park. Spring was coming which was always a nice time of the year he found. He’d spotted Savanna already near a park bench. He smiled as he had the advantage to come from behind her. He hugged her close, kissing her cheek.

“Boo,” he playfully whispered as he turned her to face him. “I missed you,” he admitted as he cradled her face in his hands and lent down to give her a kiss. He was glad for moments of peace with Savannah. Sometimes when they were together there would be occasions when someone would come up and interrupt their conversation for an autograph. Gabriel had also been thinking maybe it wouldn’t be so bad for her to move in with him. It’d give her more time to focus on her studies and save her more money, plus he rarely stayed in it other than when he was back from his concerts. “How’s school been?” He asked her then. “I was thinking that maybe we start making our relationship more serious?”
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[b "Thank you!"] she said once more. [b "I'm very excited about it. It's a year program, so this time next year, I'l hopefully be an established writer/journalist and I just cannot wait."] Writing was her passion. She grew up writing silly little stories all the time. But she never imagined that it would be her career path, but then; didnt everyone want to be princess then?

She nodded as she herd him speak again. [b "Yeah, like thirty minutes ago now."] she with a cheeky grin. The sarcasm came out sometimes and she couldn't stop it. [b Oh.. Well. I'm actually not seeing anyone."] she told him. Woah. He wanted to go out to dinner with her? She couldn't hold back her smile even if she wanted too. [b "I would really like that. Yeah."] At that moment, it still hadn't dawned on her that Gabriel would completely change her life, for the better. He would give her a reason to keep pushing. [b "Yes you may."]

She started school a few weeks later as she had chose the summer program. She didn't want to wait for the Fall term. School kept her very busy, along with working at her parents diner and then bartending a couple of nights a week. She didn't really have time to miss Gabriel while he was off touring the country. Dissonance had become know all over. She looked forward to the days when the band returned to the City, as that always meant she would get to see Gabriel. While they technically weren't an official couple; there was absolutely no one else for her. He was it.

She had received a text from Gabriel one evening. They were coming back to the City for a week break and he wanted to see her. Of course. She couldn't wait. They were meeting at the park, and it was all she could do to hold back her squeals when she finally seen him.

[https://pin.it/3m4KKzo outfit]
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Savannah seemed incredibly excited and passionate about her education and that was something different in this time in the year while everyone seemed to be more into social media and being an influencer. Not to say that there weren’t that many people who went out for their education, it was just refreshing as those usually were the girls, he figured would have too much time dedicated toward their degree than a relationship.
“Well definitely congratulations, that is truly exciting,” Gabriel said as he had a sip of the champagne. “I went to school for a while, but of course realized it just wasn’t me. Not to mention, you know that music sometimes takes a lot out of you – it soon consumes your whole life. Practice and practice and more practice he said, though of course school is all about studying.

“So, I know we just met,” he told her with a smile. “But I was just thinking if you dint really – I mean if you aren’t seeing anyone. . . we could maybe go out for dinner.” It was crazy to think about having a relationship or even starting to date, considering he did tour and not always was around. Though, he liked the idea having someone to come home to or even take on the road with him, though if Savannah was going to be in school, maybe it would make it easier for them to understand such strenuous situations and being the one to work through it. “So, what do you say? Can I get your number?”

From then on, it was just dating. Gabriel would go on tours, but when in the city he would reach out Savannah, offering her backstage passes to all of his concerts. Things seemed to be getting much more serious, though he hadn’t actually made an effort to assure they were together. It was just a few short months later to which Gabriel had asked Savannah on a date, which was typical, but he had a very important question for her.
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Just yesterday, she had found out that she had been accepted into Northwestern University Master Journalism program. She had gotten a scholarship; full ride. Which was amazing, since tips from her parents diner was not going to pay tution. She had scraped enough up to complete her undergrad at Chicago State. But today, her dream became a reality. She was getting her Masters!

[b "Oh thank you!"] she said softly as she reached up to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear. Most of the time, on the rare occasions that she went out to the clubs and the bars, she was right in the middle of it. The dancing, drinking, straight partying. But this was nice. She could hear herself think, she could focus easier.

[b "I received my acceptance letter at Northwestern."] she started [b "I'm getting my Masters in Journalism.. and then I told my girlfriends and this is kind of like my celebration I guess."] She watched, slightly confused when he stood up. She grinned as she realized he was walking over to the mini bar. [b "Hmm."] she said as she seen the bottle of champagne. [b "That will definitely work."]

She smiled once more as she took the glass that he was handing her. [b "Thank you."] she said. [b "Cheers."] as she held her glass up to his, the glass clinking.
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Gabriel chewed on his pizza then, sometimes it was just nice to relax, and they had been playing more shows as of recently which was taking up a lot of time considering he was a perfectionist. He wanted just a small slip of time to himself. Especially considering that sometimes crowds would also come at them when they were leaving the club, if they didn’t get a chance to get into the band’s section.

“Savannah, beautiful name.” He had said to her with a smile. He took another bite of pizza. He wasn’t surprised she was a fan, but she definitely came off much more casual than some of his fans could get. There were times they were completely overzealous. Savannah made this seem much more casual. “Well, I like to just relax some. What’re you out for?” He asked her. He sat up then. “I mean, I’m down for a party. We actually have been working toward getting a record deal and we’re pretty close I think.” He told her as he came to a stand.

Gabriel walked over to the minibar and pulled out a bottle of champagne then. “Is this more up to speed?” He suggested as he grabbed some glasses and filled them with champagne. It was weird then, as he reached the glass up to cheers. It was funny then, not knowing that this moment would be the moment that started a future of beautiful love with Savannah.
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Her face was hot after she felt him take her hand in his. Like she was blushing [b RED]. She had never been taken backstage before; not that she usually had conversations with musicians either. She looked around after they had walked through the steel door, and then all of a sudden, she could hear quiet again. She was able to hear her own thoughts, her head was pulsing to the rhythm of the music anymore. Her mouth watered as her eyes laid on the pizza. She hadn’t ate today. Which know she knew was a bad idea as she could feel the alcohol going to her head.

She grabbed a water and a slice of cheese pizza before she sat down beside him. [b “I’m Savannah Grace.”] she explained. [b “Not to weird you out or anything, but one might even say I’m one of Dissonance’s biggest fans.”] She looked around and just took in her surroundings. [b “Is this what you usually do after a show? Just chill? I did notice you’re not out there drinking with your band mates..”]

Don’t get her wrong. She was glad that he didn’t seemed interested in getting shit faced as his mates were doing.. But then again, didn’t she come out to celebrate? Specifically to drink? She’d busted her ass getting into her dream school. This was her celebration.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 11d 22h 54m 20s
Gabriel had taken her hand in his, smiling as they walked through the throng of people until reaching the backstage door. It was definitely quieter behind that steel door and he relaxed finally. He felt like he could think properly. The setup backstage wasn’t really anything special, what’d you expect: a couch, mirrors and desks and a charging station. Pizza was laid out on a table near the couch and a cooler beside it held beer and water. Gabriel had grabbed for a slice of pepperoni, taking a seat on the couch and leaning back to drink in the woman. He blushed then realizing how rude he was for not asking her name.

“So, I guess I should’ve asked you for your name?” He suggested with burning cheeks. He could tell she was nervous and honestly Gabriel wasn’t into that sort of lifestyle. Of course, that wasn’t to say that he hadn’t had many relationships or one-night stands, but after a while it got to be complicated and he soon realized with his growing fame that some people were into you for the wrong reasons. He knew that he was in a band that would surely rise to being one of the biggest and greatest and he wanted to have a relationship with someone at his side who could handle that. Ultimately though, he wanted someone who would love him as he would love her.
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