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Out there, somewhere is a world very much like our own. It has vast, endless and deep, blue seas. Acres upon acres of forests and woodland. Towns, villages, cities and Monarchies that seem to last a lifetime. Except in this world, humans are not the only species to walk it's land. No, in this world there are monsters, creatures and species of all various colours, shapes and sizes and they all live in, somewhat, harmony.

Amongst these species are Witches. Witches are those born with magic in their veins, it did not matter whether they were a centaur, elf or human. There were also several types of witches; there were the ones that were connected to the earth, ones that could produce fire from thin air or move objects with their eyes, there were even ones that sit by cauldrons, patiently brewing potions that could change your appearance.

Witches were a highly respected and praised race due to their contributions to society. However, there were few that hated the witches and would lie, spread rumours that the witches were working with dark, evil forests. What turned from whispers in alleyways, turned into an uproar. Over time, it was outlawed to be a witch and to practice witchcraft.

Over 100 years later and a young woman (MC) discovers that she is a witch. In a desperate attempt to protect her, her parents learn of a school where witches can live in peace and practice their magic. They send her there, but it is quite the journey and could potentially be dangerous. So, they hire Y/C to protect and escort their daughter to safety.

Is Y/C really who they say they are? Will they make it to the school safely? And what will happen as a romance begins to blossom between the two?

You can only find out if you join the Witch Trials.

Hey all! I hope you are doing well. The only requirements for this Rp that you are literate, write in third person, are okay with Rping romance, action, drama and some angst. I would really like to develop the plot with someone and have very open communication. I will always try my best to get in touch if I can't reply or when I'm going to reply.

If you are interested, please send me a PM!


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