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A former immortal Assassin who has resolved her taught nature for peace will have her vow sorely tested.

Eden , alias Lenali Shepärd is an unusual woman... This slave- turned- Immortal had the power to take down an entire coven and free all of their experiments (Memphas) before disappearing. It's knocking on two centuries, and the Styx Aerie had came up empty- handed since her rebellion..

Their last resort, was to go to their creator, their desperate attempt to bring her out of hiding.

Meanwhile, on the run with her three boys, Eden has one option that could prove useful in her efforts.. Get to her stronghold in Georgia... Search for Memphas, make her own coven, train and defeat The Styx Aerie. Just, that particular plan did include humans, and not only that, she'd have to create allies with alert underground humans. Mafias. Gangs. So to be able to give protection to their own species. But, this particular Kingpin is about to step into an adventure of his own... And it involves Eden!

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"There's nothing more i can do, sir... You must pay the price"

Lenali Shepard. A vampire that had fought back the throes of her kind and won the battle. But the war, was still in effect. Until then, she had to keep guard of the situation, and grabbed an alternative. She had to go undercover, along with Rajah and Nick Van Helsing, a hunter now ally, to assure humanity that the price was not as high as they would've thought with a battle that great. They became the guardians of the humans.

Lenali, for awhile now, had a mental block when it came to her art. She couldn't think of nothing else except for the Eldars and their next plan. Perhaps, they were aiming to extinguish some form of humanity, or perhaps to destroy every treaty known to their kind to defeat them. They were close, but she believed that they have plotted and schemed to get to the border of the wolves, and if they would've broken it, it would be disastrous if not, catastrophic. As far as she could tell, Lenali needed to be sure that the border hasn't been breached.

But, considering that night had come, she needed to meet up with everyone. There had been some sort of call that she had set, and considering the circumstances, they needed to keep an eye on the lands. If they keep it going, nothing could get past them... But she was going to need some help. She needed to conduct a search party.
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