Two Unexpected Cheaters

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[b They] met due to the newest hit romance show around the world. They were part of the main case, the star couple in, [i "The Clear Match-Ups"]. Some people even started rumors about them saying the romance went beyond the camera set.

[b He] is in a relationship with a gold digger who has leverage on him. She has full custody of their child and has ways to access his money if necessary. He has been in the acting career for as long as he could remember, but knew that this was his opportunity.

[b She] has been in a toxic relationship with the famous actor Henry Vow for about 2 years. With no way out. He has the scariest ways in revenge and wasn't afraid of anything. Scared, she decided to stay in the relationship to save herself from an awful fate.

[b They] didn't realize that the show was bringing them together, slowly but surely. And soon enough, they were seeing each other in secret since they had no other choice.


ALL ES rules apply
Romance will be a part of this rp, but not at first. It will happen gradually.
You can either play as the male or female, I will be playing the other.
Post limit of 400
Title pm: The Clear Match-Up audition form.
Send filled out template with your favorite ice cream flavor/favorite holiday at the very bottom.



Extra -optional-:
Picture -optional, must be real-:

If I play female:

Name: Amber Owens
Gender: female
Looks: blond hair with brown eyes. Wheres glasses and a watch.

If I play male:

Name: Adam Graham
Gender: male
Looks: blond hair with blue eyes. Usually seen in maroon jacket from his brother.

Pm me if interested!


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